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Antivirus Zap - Virus & Adware

Antivirus Zap - Virus & Adware Description

Antivirus Zap is a comprehensive solution that scans and removes malware and other malicious software from your Mac. It detects threats or suspicious files that are already on your Mac. Features:  - Detects and Removes malware and viruses from your Mac - Quick scan (Recommended): - Checks the most likely locations: Applications, Downloads, Desktop etc. folders - Depending on the number of files, the scan takes about 5-15 minutes to complete - Full scan: - Comprehensive scan that checks the whole system. - Depending on the number of files, it takes an hour or more to complete, perfect for an overnight scan - Custom scan: - Select any specific files or folder to scan - Perfect for suspicious files, folders and USB drives - Browser Restore Scan: - Same as the Quick Scan and also restores internet browsers by removing extensions, cookies and caches - Depending on the number of files, the scan takes about 5-15 minutes to complete - Detects not only macOS but also Windows and Linux threats. You can scan Windows bootcamp, external and network drives for malware. - Option to exclude certain file types which are unlikely to pose a threat such as image, movie and audio files - Also optionally searches for malware in archives (zip, pkg, etc.) and inside various types of files such as pdf, pkg, zip, etc. - Easy to use user interface - Frequent database updates

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App for Google Calendar - Toolbar & Desktop

App for Google Calendar - Toolbar & Desktop Description

App for Google Calendar that gives you fast and instant access to Google Calendar directly from your toolbar. Keep up to date with your events faster than ever. Just click the App for Google Calendar icon in your toolbar and sign it with your Google account, its that simple. You can either run the app with a dock icon or without. App for Google Calendar is also including a stand alone mode, run the the application with native desktop feeling, right from your dock. App for Google Calendar is still in a early version, new features will be added along the way. Legal Note: App for Google Calendar is a 3rd party app and is not 
affiliated with Google what so ever. LinkedIn and its logo is trademarkes 
of Google Inc.

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iSheets for Google

iSheets for Google Description

Create, edit, and collaborate with others on spreadsheets from your Mac. With Google Sheets you can: - Create new spreadsheets or edit any that were created on the web or on another device. - Share spreadsheets and work together with others in the same spreadsheet at the same time. - Open, edit, and save Microsoft Excel files. - Format cells, enter/sort data, view charts, insert formulas, use find/replace, and more. - Never worry about losing your work -- everything is automatically saved as you type. *Use Sheets to edit Excel files.

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MailRaider Pro

MailRaider Pro Description

The best Microsoft Outlook msg and Winmail.dat converter on the App Store. Have you got old e-mails archived somewhere? Have you ever wished that your Mac could read your old Microsoft Outlook .msg files? If so, MailRaider could be just what you need. If you need even more power then MailRaider Pro is the tool for you. In additional to all of the power of MailRaider, MailRaider Pro gives you: * The same great support that you get with MailRaider, conveniently available through the 45RPMSoftware website, via email and the support forums. * No hidden costs - pay once, and you have all the functionality that MailRaider Pro can offer, without costly in-app upgrades. * Bulk processing. Hundreds of emails to process? No problem! Just fire up the Bulk Processing tool, and relax while MailRaider Pro converts your email for you. * The option to display your email with the formatting intact, as it was originally sent, or as plain text. It's your choice. * The ability to save into a customisable XML format so that you can further process your email using tools of your own. * Spotlight and Quicklook support - if you only want to read your email then you don't even need to load MailRaider Pro. * Customisable user interface - only show the tools that you need. * Beautiful icons and an entirely 'Retina' optimised user interface. * Detailed help, covering all the functionality of MailRaider Pro, and including useful tips on how to get help on using MailRaider Pro. * Support for myriad formats: (Opening only) .msg (Microsoft Outlook) .oft (Microsoft Outlook Template file) winmail.dat (Microsoft TNEF) (Opening and Saving) .eml (Microsoft Outlook Express, and others) .rtf (Microsoft Rich Text Format) .xml (eXtensible Markup Language) (Saving only) .ics (MIME Appointment - for export to Apple Calendar) .mbox (MIME Mailbox - for saving multiple messages into an Apple Mail folder) .vcf (MIME Contacts - for export to Apple Contacts)

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Control for SmartThings

Control for SmartThings Description

Easily control all your SmartThings devices on your Mac. No matter where you are, you can monitor and control smart devices, home appliances, TVs, and speakers registered on your SmartTings hub.

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QuickPlan - Project Gantt Plan

QuickPlan - Project Gantt Plan Description

Project planning made painless. Intuitive and straightforward task maintenance on the Outline, Gantt Chart and Updating panels; Organizing tasks in real task groups and sub-projects; Simplifying team sharing by creating partial plans; Exporting to the PDF, Image and CSV files; And supports to integrate with Microsoft Project Plan, Mind Map, and WBS. * No in-app purchase, no future subscription cost. * Advanced user interface based on QuickPlan for iPad (the best iOS project planning app). * Touch Bar, and Dark Mode. * Sync between iOS and Mac devices via iCloud Drive. * Preview video: * BUSINESS SECURITY User-generated projects are stored at the user's discretion on the device or the iCloud Drive of the users. Project planning has never been so easy. NATURAL mouse GESTUREs use on a clean, and smooth user interface makes project maintenance easier, faster and more efficient than ever before. Visualize, maintain and simplify projects on Gantt charts, Outline and Updating panels flexibly and efficiently, laid out tasks, arrange your project calendar and resources, track status - it's easy than you think with a minimum of effort and learning. QuickPlan supports to export projects to Image, CSV, PDF, Microsoft Project, Mind Map (OPML), WBS files, AND to import projects from Microsoft project, WBS, Mind Map files. Project plans can be synchronized across macOS and iOS devices via iCloud Drive, and support to create a partial plan for specific project members. With QuickPlan you will gain the confidence and efficiency of being in control and maintaining your projects since the app is designed well for ease of use and productivity anyone can use it while focusing on the project, not the app. FEATURES: QuickPlan fine-tunes the best elements of Microsoft Project Plan and re-purposes them for the macOS - without the complexity - bringing INTUITIVE and discoverable project maintenance to users of all experience levels. One of the best project management apps for Apple Devices. ### EFFICIENT MAINTENANCE · Outline panel acts as a grid. · Gantt Chart panel supports mouse gestures. · Updating (property) panel. · Well designed keyboard shortcuts. · The most smooth Gantt chart app on a clean user interface. ### STRONG PLANNING · Document-based app supports multiple projects maintenance. · Organize tasks in REAl task groups and sub-projects. · Four outline levels (plus subproject, totally eight outline levels). . Gesture-based task link maintenance. . Lock project editing. . Customize project currency, charge rate, members, calendar, task layout policy. ### TREE and LIST · Display in tree and list styles. · Sorting, filtering supports in list style. ### UI CUSTOMISATION · Task column title and visibility, taskbar style, display formats, etc. ### REPORTING · Export to Image, PDF, CSV files, with powerful, customizable options. ### SYNCHORIZATION · Sync projects across iOS and macOS devices via iCloud Drive. ### SHARING · Share project as a .qpp file in your way ### TEAM · Create a new partial project which only includes tasks assigned to specific project members. · Create a new plan from a task group. · Create a new plan for a particular date range. ### INTEGRATION · Microsoft Project file (in XML format). · Mobilinked WBS file. · OPML file (mind map file used by the iThoughts app). · Copy/Drag from macOS calendar to project. · Drag events from iCal into a project. ### TRACKING · Today widget. TYPICAL SCENARIOS: QuickPlan sets ease as the primary goal of organizing your professional projects, plans, efforts, and life. · Initialize project plan, discuss, present. · Export to MS Project Plan for future work. · Strategic planning. · Import MS Project in XML format for reporting and tracking. · Discuss, schedule, and assign tasks. QuickPlan for iPad is available at QuickPlan for iPhone is available at

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iText for Skype

iText for Skype Description

Easily chat with your family & friends with iText for Skype. Key Features: - Supports Skype Messages, SMS & MMS messages - Select pictures and videos directly from the app and share easily. You can even send audio messages to your contacts - MacOS notifications supported - Send emoji, stickers, or your location - Search through conversation threads to find exactly what you're looking for Please Note: You will need your mobile phone available for the initial setup

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Word Processor for Google

Word Processor for Google Description

Create, edit, and collaborate with others on word documents from your Mac. With Google Documents you can: - Create new documents or edit any that were created on the web or on another device - Share documents and work together with others in the same document at the same time - Open, edit, and save Microsoft Word documents - Get stuff done anytime -- even without an internet connection - Add and respond to comments - Never worry about losing your work -- everything is automatically saved as you type * Open, edit, and save Microsoft Word documents

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PowerSlides for Google

PowerSlides for Google Description

Create a new presentation and edit with others at the same time. Get stuff done with or without an internet connection. *Use Slides to edit PowerPoint files.

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Compress PDF - Gerald Ni Cover Art

Compress PDF

Compress PDF Description

Compress PDF has the capability to minimize file size of PDF documents, especially useful for those PDF files with many graphics and photos. You can send smaller and faster emails, save your storage space, decrease file upload or download times after reducing file size of PDF documents. Features: • Extremely simple Simply drag and drop the PDF files into the app to get started, compression will begin immediately. You can easily send PDF as attachment directly after compression. • Rich choices of compression options: It provides 10 preset options to meet your different demands. You can choose from lossy image quality to minimal file size as you wish. • Balance between image quality and storage size Compress PDF reduces file size by compressing the images within PDF document. It uses JPEG, which is a commonly used method of lossy compression for image. So you can get high quality but small PDF file after compression. For some PDF files, file size can be reduced by 90%. Note: The app may not work for PDF files that was compressed before, your understanding will be appreciated. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected] before leaving a negative reviews, thanks for your support.

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MergePDF : Combine multiple PDF files into one - RootRise Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Cover Art

MergePDF : Combine multiple PDF files into one

MergePDF : Combine multiple PDF files into one Description

MergePDF is an ultimate tool to merge two or more pdf files into single PDF document. MergePDF can also allows to set metadata and encrypt your merged document. MergePDF do perform merging operations by preserving exact PDF contents (means structure of the file, color profiles, fonts, links, bookmarks) without losing document’s integrity and does it very fast. FEATURES: ◆ Combine multiple pdf files into single PDF document. ◆ Advanced options to to group and merge PDF outlines (Bookmarks). ◆ You can arrange and shuffle files into conversion list and get same sequential pages in merged PDF. ◆ Assign metadata description of PDF document. Set Title, Author, Subject, and Keywords properties. ◆ Set security options to encrypt output PDF. Set option to require Open Password to open and view PDF and even restrict created PDF documents from printing and copying contents without owner password. ◆ Very flexible options to add files. Simply Drag & Drop into list or Right click Open With in Finder or Drop on "MergePDF" application to add files for export beside direct Add File/Folder buttons. ◆ Easily rotate all pages of PDF files.

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Voice Memo - Raj Kumar Shaw Cover Art

Voice Memo

Voice Memo Description

Voice Memo allows you to record a message that you can send to yourself in the future using a built in alarm calendar. This is a very precise way of telling yourself in detail, what you want yourself to be doing at a specific time. Remind yourself of an important event or task using the tone of your voice to convey a stronger message. Voice messages are very effective and precise since they convey a stronger sense of urgency compared to an email. Another example of iLifeTouch building apps that make your life easier one day at a time.

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iMonitor for Nest Cam - Smart Apps Cover Art

iMonitor for Nest Cam

iMonitor for Nest Cam Description

Easily monitor and control your Nest home security cameras from your Mac. Key Features: - 1080p HD Quality Watch and record crisp HD video in more detail than ever before from your Mac. - Timeline View Easily scroll through your video timeline and watch all daily events from your Mac. - Activity Zones Highlight areas in your camera’s view where you want to receive motion and sound alerts. - Sound and Advanced Motion Detection Get instant notifications sent to your Mac. - Optional 24/7 CVR Keep & view nonstop recordings in the cloud when the camera is plugged in and used indoors (Nest subscription needed) - 2-Way Audio Listen in and talk back through the camera from your Mac. Please Note: This is a third party application and is not affiliated with Nest.

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iScanner - PDF Document Scanner - HALFBIT Ltd Cover Art

iScanner - PDF Document Scanner

iScanner - PDF Document Scanner Description

$2.99 LAUNCH PRICE FOR A LIMITED TIME! Turn your Mac into a document scanner using your web camera. Key Features: - Scan documents using your web camera - Select paper size (A3, A4, A5, Letter, Legal and Business Card) - Export scanned documents to a PDF document - Adjust Document (Brightness, Filters, Rotate, etc..) It is really easy to use for both novices and experts alike.

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Winmail.dat Viewer Pro Edition - PDF Technologies, Inc. Cover Art

Winmail.dat Viewer Pro Edition

Winmail.dat Viewer Pro Edition Description

Winmail.dat files are in fact TNEF format (Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format) sent from the senders who are using Microsoft Windows Outlook (1997, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010) or Microsoft Exchange. Winmail.dat contains all attachments and rich text message, and not all e-mail clients can recognize its format. It is the solution. Winmail Viewer Pro Edition is just the tool for the job. This app allows users to open .dat folders and to view, extract, share and save all contents. With Winmail Viewer Pro Edition’s user-friendly interface, anyone can overcome this frustrating technical issue in a matter of clicks. In addition, it also supports batch extraction of winmail.dat files directly into Download folder. Winmail.dat Viewer Pro Edition for Expert is your last winmail.dat application you would ever need. Opens .dat folders • Opens TNEF "winmail.dat" files and list all attachments (RTF, TXT, HTML,PDF,etc) contained in it including email message. • Double-click the attached files to open them, or drag and drop them on the desktop. • Winmail Extractor to batch extract all attached files from "winmail.dat" files directly into your downloads folder. • Simple and fast, decode and view winmail.dat file instantly without waiting. View, Extract, Store, and Share • Save one or all extracted attachments wherever you want. • Simply Drag and Drop out from file list to save at target location. • Quick Look or Open to view attached files into respective default applications. • You can just select and copy-paste attachments to Finder. • You can resend entire decoded email as it is with message and extracted attachments. Easy to Use • It only takes a few seconds to access your files More file format support such as MSG, PST, XPS will be integrated in future versions. Constant improvement of Winmail.dat Viewer Pro Edition is our promise to you. You will be continuously impressed by each free update equipped with new feature If you want to thank our tireless team, please write a review or recommend Winmail.dat Viewer Pro Edition to your friends! We're always here for you at [email protected]

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Prizmo 3 - Scanning & OCR - Creaceed SPRL Cover Art

Prizmo 3 - Scanning & OCR

Prizmo 3 - Scanning & OCR Description

Prizmo 3 is a scanning application with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in 25 languages with powerful editing capabilities, text-to-speech, iCloud support, and translation into 59 languages. No matter what capture device is at hand, Prizmo is the best option for scanning and performing OCR. It works with pictures taken with your iPhone, iPad, or digital camera, with documents coming from connected or Wi-Fi scanners, even with screenshots! It will help you easily scan any documents (invoices, receipts, boards, giant advertisements...) of any sizes (US Letter, US Legal, A4, and custom)... "My results were great, and it could definitely act as my only scanner. But, it really isn’t only a scanner, it can be used on anything. If you see a movie poster or an ad that you like, and would like to have documented, just take a picture, and Prizmo will help you with perspective, cropping and everything else." (by Joe Turner - MacApper) Optimized for macOS High Sierra. • Revamped user interface taking advantage of latest macOS translucency and vibrancy • Handoff support for offering simple interactions between your iPhone, iPad and Mac. • 2 extensions available from other apps: Crop & Cleanup, Recognize Text • Support for third-party exports Main Features • Specific Processing for Business Cards, Multipage Texts and Images • Input File Formats: regular photo files including JPEG, RAW, TIFF, as well as PDF files (even multipage) • Input Options: digital cameras (iPhone, iPad, DSLRs...), camera tethering, Continuity Camera on macOS Mojave, connected and Wi-Fi scanners, screenshots, snap any text from your screen • New built-in neural network-based OCR in 25 Languages: Arabic, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian (Cyrillic), Serbian (Latin), Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian. • Detection of 3 Types of Regions: texts, images and numbers • OCR Editing and Correction: add, delete, merge and reorder regions on the one hand, edit text for correcting mistakes on the other hand • Automatic Frame Detection: lay the page, snap it, and let Prizmo handle the cropping • Automatic Text Orientation Detection • Perspective Correction to Compensate Camera Point of View • Non-linear Lens Distortion Correction • Page Curvature Correction for Books and Magazines • Real-time OCR Results: moving/resizing region frames immediately updates text results • Resolution Increase: image enhancement allows OCR results where OCR is generally not even thinkable • Output Formats: image files (JPEG, PNG, TIFF), and text files (PDF with Spotlight-searchable text, RTF, TXT) - even multipage! • Prizmo Document Sharing across Macs through iCloud (native documents only) • Export to the Evernote, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and WebDAV Online Services • Cloud-based Statistical Translation into 59 Languages (neural network method requires Pro Pack, see below) • Accessibility Feedback for the OCR Processing (blank, blurry image, etc.) • Text-to-Speech for Reading Scanned Texts: over 90 voices in 26 languages with navigation settings and interactive reading progress display (available for free in macOS Preferences) • Extensions: Crop & Cleanup, Recognize Text • Handoff support • Enhanced for the Retina Display. Prizmo 3 - Pro Pack If you process many text documents, you’ll be interested in the Pro Pack. It is available as in-app purchase, and includes the following additional features: • Batch Document Processing • Automator Action for automatically performing OCR as a workflow action or smart folder • Custom Export Scripts for integrating Prizmo in enterprise workflows using custom Unix scripts and AppleScripts. • Neural network-based translation in 22 languages: see If you need fast friendly help, or if you want to send your feedback, contact us at [email protected]

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PDF to Word Pro by Flyingbee - Flyingbee Software Co., Ltd. Cover Art

PDF to Word Pro by Flyingbee

PDF to Word Pro by Flyingbee Description

== Support Microsoft Word 365 for Mac 2019 == == Compatible with the new macOS Mojave 10.14 == PDF to Word Pro by Flyingbee is a perfect & productive converter designed for Mac. PDF to Word exports PDF files to fully-formatted and editable Microsoft office Word documents with exactly preserved original texts, images, layouts, hyperlinks, tables, and bezier graphics. Main Features: + Incredibly easy-to-use. + Professional PDF Converter. + Add unlimited PDFs at one time. + Convert PDF files to fully-formatted and editable Word (.docx) documents directly. + Conversion 100% process locally. + Export PDF to Word (.docx), Text (.txt), RTF (.rtf) and HTML (.html) files. + Superior accuracy and layout, formatting retention. > Incredibly easy to use Simple workflow with an extremely neat and clear interface. • User-friendly & convenient interface. • Convenient import PDFs With drag & drop operation. • Preview a batch of PDF files within the app. • Batch convert PDFs by one button. • Easily edit or reuse the PDF content. > High efficiency and productivity Import as many PDFs as you like for converting any particular pages flexibly. • 3 Ways to add PDFs by browse, drag & drop, and open in. • Easily manage PDFs by build-in insert, rearrange, delete and open feature. • Configure any particular pages (e.g. 1,2-16,35 or all pages) to meet your needs. • 100% fast speed to process PDF file locally. > Perfect accuracy and layout, formatting retention All the elements including text, image, format and more will be preserved in Word documents. • Preserve original texts, images, layouts, hyperlinks, tables, and graphics exactly. • Preserve stroking or filing vector graphics, including lines, arrows, rectangles, and pen bezier paths. • Convert encrypted PDFs with copying and printing restrictions. • Convert Adobe PDF in Multi-languages and Version from 1.0-1.7 • Output PDF files to Microsoft Office Word 2007 Version (.docx), which can be opened by 2007 and later Microsoft Office Word apps. > And More… Meeting with our support specialist and other products. • 100% Free updates. • Quickly E-mail and Skype support response. • Support Mac OS X 10.8 - 10.14 or later. • Fully compatible with with Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, macOS Sierra and macOS Mojave 10.14. • Checkout PDF to Word for iPhone and iPad and Mac devices. Note: This version doesn’t support OCR function. The scanned PDF files will be extracted to images in Word documents, however, we suggest you using other professional OCR apps to recognize editable texts from images. Please send your PDF files to us for testing before buying our app, we will test them and inform you of the result! We are continuously developing this app, please feel free to contact us with all your questions, suggestions or problems. We will reply ASAP.

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Invoice Professional - Sockii Pty Ltd Cover Art

Invoice Professional

Invoice Professional Description

Invoice Professional enables small businesses to quickly create tax invoices, quotes and statements on the go. Invoice Professional allows you to manage and create a list of client/customers and products. With clients/customer management in Invoice Professional, you have the the ability to store their contact details, billing and shipping addresses and a photo. Products can be stored and managed easily with SKU/UPC, descriptions, photo and price. KEY FEATURES - Customisable company logo - Customisable invoice number format. - Customisable invoice field naming. - Easily create invoices. - Easily create quotes. - Easily create statements. - Easily create clients. - Search feature for invoices, clients and products. - View and filter invoices by date ranges. - View and filter invoices by paid/unpaid/past due date. - View and filter statements by date ranges. - View and filter statements by paid/unpaid/past due date. - Keep a list of your products. - Keep a list of your clients. - Partial payment supported. - Print out invoices and statements. - Export invoices, quotes and statements out as PDF. - Export invoices out as CSV. - Email invoices, quotes and statements as PDF via Email. - 28 Invoice templates to choose from. - Supports multiple companies/businesses (Requires In-App Purchase) [SUPPORT] Visit us at Email us at [email protected] If there are any features you would like to see in Invoice Professional, please let us know. We are always happy to listen and fulfill the needs of our users. Please write to us instead of reporting bugs and issues as a review. As we cannot, no matter how much we wish we could, reply to users who post a review!

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Bee Invoicing - Nicola Gill Cover Art

Bee Invoicing

Bee Invoicing Description

Bee Invoicing is a very easy to use application that simplifies invoicing. It is ideal for small businesses and contractors. It is inexpensive, with no monthly fees. Use on its own or in sync with Bee Invoicing Mobile for iPhone and iPad. Bee Invoicing lets you print and send invoices and quotes in PDF format, plus track customer payments and view balances still due on invoices. With Bee Invoicing, you'll be able to easily track all customers, projects, invoices, quotes, and time, and can even generate packing lists and customer statements! Best of all, Bee Invoicing lets you get started quickly by importing Items from a spreadsheet, and Customers from your Contacts. Need to always be able to get to your information, at any time? You'll be happy to know that all Bee Invoicing data is stored locally on your computer. The main points: 1. Print and send Invoices and Quotes in PDF format. Multiple layouts available. 2. Sync your Bee Invoicing data between multiple Macs and iOS devices using your iCloud Account. 3. Generate PDF Packing Lists and Customer Statements. 4. Track Customer Payments and view Outstanding Balances on your Invoices. 5. The Dashboard gives a big picture outlook of your company using statistics and charts. 6. Track your customers, projects, invoices, quotes and time. 7. Items: Create them one at a time or import from a Spreadsheet. Categorize Items by Product Group. 8. Customers: Create them one at a time, or Import directly from your Contacts 8. Tag important entries. 10. Data stored locally on your computer. 11. Simple to use and easy access to all of your data. 12. Support for multiple Companies 13. Flexibility with Currencies, Invoice numbering, Tax rates, Discounts, Shipping and much more! 14. Receive all future software updates free. No monthly fees! Help - you probably won't need it, but if you do we have included detailed help pages with the app, and a series of online video tutorials to help you on your way. And now there is Daisy the HelpBot who is available 24/7 to guide you through your invoicing questions.

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Winmail DAT Explorer - your Winmail.dat viewer - GrandSoft Ltd. Cover Art

Winmail DAT Explorer - your Winmail.dat viewer

Winmail DAT Explorer - your Winmail.dat viewer Description

***SPECIAL PRICE FOR A LIMITED TIME*** Always have trouble opening Winmail.dat files from Microsoft Outlook senders on your Mac? Winmail Explorer is a clean and intuitive viewing tool that helps you access your Winmail.dat files. Major features: - Show and open all Winmail.dat attachments and other TNEF-encoded files - User-friendly and efficient design: drag and drop to open multiple Winmail.dat files at once - Preview: Quick Look the content of your attachments If you have any technical enquiries, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

© 2015 GrandSoft


Legal Contracts - Business Document Templates - onSoft Cover Art

Legal Contracts - Business Document Templates

Legal Contracts - Business Document Templates Description

Instantly create legally binding agreements to protect yourself and your business. Simply replace a few words to fit your needs, sign on the dotted line, and you’re done. Create contracts to ensure fair payments, hire new employees the right way, protect your business and ideas with non-disclosure agreements, and make sales and purchases the right way. ● Get 175 template documents that you can easily edit and finalize using MS Word. Keep innovative ideas safe, protect your business from legal situations, and solidify new business relationships the right way. ● 4 major categories cover nearly all business interactions, including consulting, employment, NDA, and sales & purchasing. Freelance workers and global corporations alike need the security and legal safety of these documents. ● Simply change the clearly marked keywords with your business’s details to instantly personalize every document and contract. ● Ideal for HR departments, freelance contractors, sales teams, purchasing operations, management, executive offices, and anyone else who needs to create a reliable, thorough legal document. ● Increase efficiency and reduce overhead spent on drafting these everyday agreements. Save hundreds of dollars on fees by handling your contracts internally. “There’s no need to recreate the same documents again and again. Anyone in business will benefit from these templates.” iSource “Working in freelance presents a lot of challenges, from ensuring that fees are paid to making sure your contracts are accurate and binding. These templates take care of all that instantly.” MacTrast Download your legal documents and contracts now, and protect what matters. ______________________________________________________________________________________ * Legal Contracts - Business Document Templates requires MS Word, or Pages 5.0.

© onSoft 2016


Simple Date Calculator - Hong Wee Teo Cover Art

Simple Date Calculator

Simple Date Calculator Description

Simple Date Calculator lets you calculate the duration between 2 dates and also let you add/subtract date components from a date. The calculator takes day light saving (based on system time zone) into consideration when calculating the difference of 2 dates. For support or feedback: [email protected]

© Hong Wee Teo


Percentage Calculator - App Developers Ltd Cover Art

Percentage Calculator

Percentage Calculator Description

Percentage Calculator is a simple to use, 8-in-1 percentage calculator. Simply select the percent calculator mode you require and enter two values to complete your calculation quickly and easily. The percentage calculations available allow you to easily calculate the percentage of a number, the percentage of one number out of another, the percentage difference between two numbers, to add and subtract percentages to a number and several other options. Percentage Calculator makes calculating percentages for business or personal use as quick & easy as it possibly can be.

© 2015 Create Solutions (UK) Ltd


PDF Reader Pro-Your PDF Office - PDF Technologies, Inc. Cover Art

PDF Reader Pro-Your PDF Office

PDF Reader Pro-Your PDF Office Description

PDF Reader Pro is a PDF powerhouse that will fulfill all your document needs. Building on solid features such as annotation, form filling, bookmarking, outlines, PDF pages editing and converting, PDF Reader Pro allows you to maneuver through your PDF files. PDF Reader Pro Edition offers even more —combining multiple documents, splitting your PDF into several files, inserting pages from another PDF and PDF files. Ever feel tired of reading large files? Try Text-to-Speech(TTS) and let PDF Reader Pro Edition read the doc to you with six different languages. You can simply sync your files with Dropbox to make the best use of PDF Reader Pro. Carry just your PDFs and make your presentations with them under the Presentation Mode, work becomes effortless and more productive with lighter PDFs! PDF Reader for Professionals is your last PDF application you would ever need. READ ・ Reading modes - Multi-tab viewing, full-screen, page-fit, horizontal or vertical orientation, auto flow ・ Presentation - Slideshow Mode to present your PDF as PPT. ・ Night mode - Night mode supported for long time reading to comfort eyes. ・ Create and Edit outlines to easily navigate through the whole file ・ Bookmark specific pages or sections of PDFs. ANNOTATE ・Classic tools - Annotate your PDF with highlight, underline, strikethrough, note, freehand, text box, anchored note, rectangle, circle, line and etc. ・Continuous Annotations - Add Comments Continuously. ・Sign - Create multiple signatures for any situations with trackpad, keyboard or images. ・Stamps - Customize your PDF with custom, image and dynamic stamps. ・Link - Add hyperlinks to redirect other destinations, and edit your links as you like. Fill FORMS ・ Work with static PDF forms created in Adobe Acrobat. ・ Fill out any PDF forms with interactive fields such as text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, combo boxes, list boxes and etc. CONVERT ・ Convert PDFs to iWork, MS Word, Text, JPG, PNG and HTML ・ Directly transform images imported from scanner or iOS device to PDF PAGE EDITOR ・ Merge & Split - Split documents into multiple documents or combine multiple pages into a new one. ・ Extract - Extract the desired pages to create a new PDF. ・ Append - Insert another file (entire files or specific page ranges) into the existing file ・ Rotate, delete, replace, and crop pages PDFS EDITING ・ Watermark - Add fantastic watermarks to keep your documents safe and professional. ・ Header & Footer - Label each page of your PDF document with fully customized page numbers. Change anything desired: font type, size, color and position in the bundle. ・ Bates number - Identify and retrieve information from your legal documents. Add a unique prefix or suffix which can be a set number, case number, firm name or date. ・ Background - Change the background (color or image) of the PDFs to comfort your eyes after long-time reading. ・ Flatten - Flatten PDF to make the contents static. ・ Booklet - Booklet puts your pages side by side re-sorted for booklet printing, no matter what printer you have.. ・ Poster - Poster divide large PDF page(s) into multiple smaller Pages. ・ Multiple - You can print more than one page of a PDF on a single sheet of paper. SECURE FILES ・ You can also password protect sensitive documents and authorization to edit, copy, modify or print PDFs COMPRESS ・Reduce PDF size to make your documents much lighter SHARE ・ Upload files to Dropbox with one click LISTEN (Text-to-Speech) ・ Select a passage or document to be read aloud by the TTS engine Have any feedback, comments or issues? Please contact us directly at [email protected]

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BitMedic® Pro Antivirus - Pocket Bits LLC Cover Art

BitMedic® Pro Antivirus

BitMedic® Pro Antivirus Description

■ #1 Secure Real-time Antivirus & Adware App by USA based company. ■ AV-Comparatives Tested & Awarded. OPSWAT Anti-Malware Certified. ■ The ONLY macOS antivirus app to be awarded, tested, and certified. FREE lifetime updates and support. NO MONTHLY FEES OR HIDDEN COSTS. "BitMedic combines a sleek graphic design with very practical, easy to use controls." - AV Comparatives ≈ Awards and Certifications ≈ AV-Comparatives Approved Award - Required minimum score of 99.0% OPSWAT Anti-Malware Certified - MacOS is considered one of the most secure operating systems available, but is also vulnerable to hackers and malware. Protect your Mac and sensitive information. New threats target not only your Mac security, but your personal information and identity. BitMedic® Antivirus was designed specifically for the Mac and offers a full suite of protection. ≈ Features ≈ ◎ Dashboard - Easy to see action items needed to keep you secure and protected ◎ Antivirus Scan - Award winning database offers both quick and deep scans ◎ Adware Cleaner - Remove adware and browser add-ons that hijack your navigation ◎ Custom Scan - Conveniently drag & drop scanning ◎ Browser Privacy - Clean sensitive information stored in your web browser ◎ Quarantine - Stats and result log of your scans ◎ Automation - Schedule automatic scans and turn on 24/7 real-time monitoring. Supports whitelisting and USB external drives. *Compare to competing antivirus apps that have NOT been tested and certified by reputable sources. There have been data leaks from non-reputable antivirus apps sending data to foreign servers in the news. Avoid non-certified and non-tested antivirus apps. BitMedic® is tested, certified, and awarded. Our database is updated to detect 100% of macOS malware with 0 false positives. ≈ Other award winning apps in our family ≈ ◉ #1 Disk Cleaner - ◉ Duplicate File Cleaner - ◉ DiskZilla® 8 in 1 - For any questions, suggestions, or bugs, please email us at [email protected] We want to hear your thoughts and make improvements to future versions of this app to bring you the best. If you appreciate our work, please leave us any feedback on the App Store. Thank you for all the support. :) BitMedic® is a registered trademark of Pocket Bits LLC. San Diego, CA USA.

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Control for Google Home - Nixon Apps Cover Art

Control for Google Home

Control for Google Home Description

Control your home devices with just a tap. Simple as that. The app gives you shortcuts for the things you do most, like playing music or dimming the lights when you want to start a movie. Control it all with just a tap Key Features: - Control all your Home Devices - Adjust settings (adjustable settings depends on your devices) - Set and manage your device schedules - View device statistics (power usage, uptime, etc) * Some features may not be available in all regions.

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Skua for Google Docs - Laurent Hemonet Cover Art

Skua for Google Docs

Skua for Google Docs Description

Skua for Google Docs is the only Mac app for Google Docs to let you create, edit and manage efficiently your Google Documents, thanks to our advanced documents management technology. BENEFITS OF SKUA FOR GOOGLE DOCS: • Instant access to Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Draw, Forms via your Mac's menu bar or Dock. • Document window size, position, state remembered between restart. • Work on multiple documents simultaneously in multiple windows or tabs. • With macOS Sierra, enjoy our Advanced Tabs feature. • Open .gdoc, gsheet, … from your synced Google Drive folder. • Download, upload, convert your documents. • Create, View, Share your Documents. • Print your Docs. • Open Google Docs links in Skua for Google Docs from anywhere with the share menu. • Window opacity control. • Window float on top feature. • Global keyboard shortcut. • Full Screen/SplitView support. • Built with the latest available technology for an amazing experience. • Ability to run app via both the menu bar and the Dock. Try Skua today. An Internet Connection is needed to use Skua for Google Docs. Offline mode not supported. Skua for Google Docs is not affiliated with, associated to, nor endorsed by Google in any way. Google, and the Google Logo are trademarks of Google Inc. We've worked hard to make Skua for Google Docs as simple and efficient as possible for you to use. We would love to hear your thoughts via email and make any improvements to future versions of this app. We intend to have an active development cycle powered by your feedback, love and support!

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Jump Desktop (RDP, VNC, Fluid) - Phase Five Systems Cover Art

Jump Desktop (RDP, VNC, Fluid)

Jump Desktop (RDP, VNC, Fluid) Description

Enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere. Jump Desktop is a remote desktop application that lets you securely connect to any computer in the world. Compatible with both RDP and VNC, Jump Desktop is secure, reliable and very easy to set up. Jump Desktop also supports our own, high performance, next generation remote desktop protocol called Fluid Remote Desktop. * Easy setup and reliable: Jump Desktop is very easy to configure; anyone can do it! Just visit: on your PC or Mac, click the ‘Automatic Setup’ link and follow step-by-step instructions. You’ll be up and running in no time. * Secure: Jump encrypts the connection between computers to ensure privacy and security. Automatic connections are always encrypted by default. Supports NLA, TLS/SSL encryption for RDP. SSH Tunnelling and SSL/TLS encryption for VNC. Fluid Remote Desktop uses DTLS for secure connections. * Supercharged Productivity: Use Mac keyboard shortcuts in Windows. Seamlessly switch between computers without changing the way you use the keyboard. Vastly improves productivity. Fully customizable: Configure your own shortcuts or use the built-in defaults. No other app comes close. * Powerful Collaboration Features: Collaborative screen sharing lets many users connect to the same desktop. Each user gets their own mouse cursor and can click and point without fighting over the same cursor. Great for editing documents with coworkers, tweaking designs with remote team members, creating presentations together, and teaching Grandma how to clean out her email. * Remote Support Connect and help anyone by asking them to install the free Jump Desktop Connect app and share a simple URL with you. It's simple, quick and very powerful. * Integrated into macOS Quickly search and launch computers directly from Spotlight. Full support for tabbed windows. Tightly integrated into macOS's power saving technology to give you the best battery life on the go. * Super fast and beautiful: Our next generation high performance Fluid Remote Desktop is optimized for low latency secure screen sharing. We also have our own in-house implementations of VNC and RDP protocols. Multi-core, hardware accelerated rendering for zippy performance. Optimized for MacBook Pros and iMacs with Retina display. Features: * Multi-protocol: supports RDP, VNC and Fluid Remote Desktop * Collaborative screen sharing * Remote support * Full international keyboard support for RDP, VNC and ARD * Dictation support (Mountain Lion and later) * Tabs (macOS Sierra and later) * 3 different ways to zoom and pan the remote screen (really useful when controlling multi-monitor remote systems from laptops) * Easy and secure setup: Automatically configure your PC or Mac for remote access without worrying about your router settings. Set up as many computers as you like and manage them all using your Google account (optional) * Built-in SSH tunneling for RDP and VNC connections RDP features: * Tested on: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Server 2003, Server 2008, Server 2008 R2, Server 2012/R2/2016, SBS Server, Windows 10 * RD Broker and Load balancer support * RD Gateway support * Dynamic resolution updates (Win 8.1/2012 R2+) * Desktop Scaling (Win 8.1/2012 R2+) * Multi monitor support * Secure: 128-bit RDP, TLS/SSL, FIPS and NLA authentication supported * Printing redirection support (including a optional , super-fast server side-driver) * Audio streaming * Console sessions * Folder sharing * International keyboard layouts VNC features: * Tested with macOS 10.5+, TightVNC, RealVNC, UltraVNC, Linux (Ubuntu Remote Desktop) * Secure: Supports SSH tunneling as well as SSL encryption (SSL only available when using automatic setup) * Black and white, Grayscale, 8-bit and 16-bit color modes to help manage bandwidth * Clipboard syncing * Multiple monitor support

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1Doc for Microsoft Office 365 Online - kai zeng Cover Art

1Doc for Microsoft Office 365 Online

1Doc for Microsoft Office 365 Online Description

** Using Microsoft Office Has Never Been Easier! Quickly create and edit Microsoft Office 365 documents — including Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents — on your Mac! ** Features the Best Video Tutorials, Guides and Templates Available for Microsoft Office! === Features === • Quickly create, edit and print Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. • Watch a set of video tutorials to learn the basics of Microsoft Excel. • Includes a keyboard shortcuts guide for Microsoft Excel. • Select free templates for Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint to create beautiful documents. • Access Microsoft Outlook to manage your emails and calendars. • Create notes in Microsoft OneNote online. • Enjoy the ease and freedom of working with your documents on the go. === User Guide === ** You will need a Microsoft account in order to use this app to create Microsoft Office documents. Creating a Microsoft account is free online. ** To sync your documents automatically from OneDrive to your Mac, please install the "OneDrive" Mac App from the App Store. - To create a Word document, please run the app. Then select 'File' > 'New' > 'Word Document' from the menu. - To create a Excel document, please run the app. Then select 'File' > 'New' > 'Excel Spreadsheet' from the menu. - To create a PowerPoint document, please run the app. Then select 'File' > 'New' > 'PowerPoint Presentation' from the menu. - To create a Word document from Template, please run the app. Then select 'File' > 'New From Template' > 'Word Document' from the menu. - To create a Excel document from Template, please run the app. Then select 'File' > 'New From Template' > 'Excel Workbook' from the menu. - To create a PowerPoint document from Template, please run the app. Then select 'File' > 'New From Template' > 'PowerPoint Presentation' from the menu. NOTICE: This is an unofficial tool app that helps users create Microsoft Office documents online. You will need a Microsoft account in order to use this app to create Microsoft Office documents. Creating a Microsoft account is free online. This app is not produced by, endorsed by or affiliated with Microsoft Corporation. This app does not provide third-party software. Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, and OneDrive are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

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WPS Reader - Read WPS Files and Convert to PDF - Enolsoft Co., Ltd. Cover Art

WPS Reader - Read WPS Files and Convert to PDF

WPS Reader - Read WPS Files and Convert to PDF Description

***** Launch Sale for a Limited Time! Normal price: $19.99 ***** Enolsoft WPS Reader is a fast Works WPS viewer for Mac users to easily open and read Microsoft Works WPS documents on Mac, as well as convert Works WPS to PDF, RTFD, and TXT format for further edit or transmit. Features Highlight: * Open and read Works WPS files easily on Mac. * Support tab view, you could open and read multiple .wps documents at a time easily. * Support full screen reading. * Single, continuous, and 2-up page mode to read WPS document. * Zoom-in, Zoom-out, or Rotate options enable a comfortable reading experience. * Quick page-turning supported: Go to First Page, Previous Page, Next Page or Last Page. * Add and manage bookmarks: Group bookmark by files, and recent bookmark list for easy and faster access in future, rename or open directly. * Maintains reading history. Go to Back and Forward reading page. * Sidebar with Table of Contents, Thumbnails and Search panel. * Text search in full text or copy text to Clipboard. * Convert WPS to more popular PDF, RTFD, and TXT format on Mac for further editing or sharing. * Convert WPS documents to Image formats: JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, and GIF etc. * Extract images from WPS to popular image formats like JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, and GIF. * Convert or Extract the single page, all page or the selected page of WPS documents. * Print the opened WPS files with one click. * Yes, it works with OS X El Capitan(10.11)! Microsoft Works WPS file version supported: - Microsoft Works 2.0 and 2.0a, 3.0, 3.0a and 3.0b, 4.0, 4.0a, 4.5 and 4.5a, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 8.5, 9.0, Microsoft Works 2000 for Windows. - Microsoft Works 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 for Mac OS. - Microsoft Works 1.05, 1.12, 2.0, 2.00a, 3.0, 3.0a and 3.0b for MS-DOS. Other Microsoft Works Documents supported: - Microsoft Works wks, xlr, wdb, wtf files. - Lotus wk1, wk2, wk3, wk4, wk5 files. - Quattro Pro Wq1, Wq2 files. Like us on Facebook at Follow us on Twitter at Share us on Google+ To get the latest giveaway and updates news.

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Contacts Journal CRM - zaal LLC Cover Art

Contacts Journal CRM

Contacts Journal CRM Description

Contacts Journal is a powerful tool that will transform your business and personal relationships: save notes of important meetings, set follow ups and meetings, create custom contact fields, and attach important documents to each of your contacts. Available on the Mac, iPhone and iPad, with seamless iCloud syncing across all devices. ** Featured by Apple in "Best New Apps" on the Mac App Store ** USE CONTACTS JOURNAL TO: • keep track of your relationships with customers, clients or any professional acquaintances • manage your leads and sales pipeline • add value to your professional networking • be prepared for your next meeting • effectively manage tasks and appointments • keep a call log • see a map of all your contacts, with color-coding options • store important contact data using customizable User Fields • find contacts by name, groups, company, address, or custom data • [NEW] collaborate on your CRM with colleagues with Contacts Journal For Teams! OUR CUSTOMERS INCLUDE: • sales teams • small business owners • independent contractors • personal productivity hackers • professional like lawyers, real-estate agents, teachers, nurses etc. As long as you are someone who interacts with many people, professionally or personally, Contacts Journal will keep you on top of things. Don’t keep it all in your head, or locked up in a spreadsheet or legacy system – use Contacts Journal to track your interactions with the people who matter. KEY FEATURES: • Import and link contacts directly from the Contacts app • Create Private Contacts and Private Groups to keep information separate from your Contacts app • Create Email Templates with personalization tags, to send prepared emails quickly but with a personal touch • Define and create your custom fields, and attach custom data for each contact • See all your contacts and notes on a single Map view • Attach Files to your contacts; import using file picker, or drag and drop documents into app • Drag emails from the Mail app and attach to contact • Add ToDos with alerts in Notification Center for important follow-ups • Create events in Calendar app for your ToDos • Call (using Skype, Facetime Audio, or iPhone over WiFi), message or email your contacts directly from the app • Export your data for reporting by email, CSV, or PDF • No recurring billing, no hosted service. Works great offline • Enable CloudSync option for automatic, seamless syncing between Mac, iPhone and iPad apps, using your iCloud account • DropBox sync also available CONTACTS JOURNAL FOR TEAMS: - Share your Contacts Journal data with others using iCloud accounts - Real-time, automatic syncing between multiple users - Create multiple teams to share different information with different users Contacts Journal for Teams subscription is available through the Contacts Journal iOS app. You can use the Mac app to join an existing team that you created yourself, or were invited to. Please note: • Contacts Journal for iOS is sold separately • Try out our Lite version of Contacts Journal Mac app to see if it fits your need; now available from our website Please send us your suggestions, and tell us what new features you would like to see. Contact us at [email protected]

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Invoice Maker - Rain Ruus Cover Art

Invoice Maker

Invoice Maker Description

Need an invoice template? Don't waste time in Word or Excel. Create & send professional invoices in seconds! Invoice Maker is the most advanced, simplest, easiest and professional invoice creator in the market today! The complete software has been designed and programmed with the user in mind. With just few clicks you will be producing very professional looking PDF invoices ready to be printed on paper or sent with e-mail. It is perfect for you if you are freelancer or professional who dont need to spend a lot of time on creating invoices.

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PDF Editor Pro - for Adobe PDF Annotate, Fill Form - Global Executive Consultants (Shanghai) Ltd Cover Art

PDF Editor Pro - for Adobe PDF Annotate, Fill Form

PDF Editor Pro - for Adobe PDF Annotate, Fill Form Description

PDF Editor Pro is a must-have app for anyone who reads, annotates or edits PDF documents on Mac.PDF Editor Pro is for those who want to go beyond PDF Editor to create interactive forms, add and edit tables of contents, and create new PDF page, rearrange any page, split and merge PDFs, add, edit and delete PDF bookmark ! √ Full Editing • Edit PDF documents including adding, deleting, moving, or modifying text. When editing PDF text, the auto-matching system will detect the font in the text block and match the newly added text automatically. • Mark up and annotate. There are lots of drawing tools such as highlight, underline, strike through, sticky note, hyperlink, text boxes, rectangles, arrow, line, oval, clouds, customized colors, line weights etc. • Manage your PDF files easily. Insert, extract, rotate or delete PDF page. • Edit content directly - With PDF Editor Pro, you can edit content, change anything what you want, insert rich table and text block, even insert hyperlink. • Formatted text - With PDF Editor Pro, you can use built-in editor to change any text's font, color, alignment, etc. • Rich image effect - With PDF Editor Pro, you can use many kinds of image effect to optimize your PDFs. • Paperless Workflow - Reduce the amount of paper in your office. Scan documents directly into PDF Editor Pro and then use PDF Editor Pro's OCR(Optical Character Recognition) on the scanned text, so you can search, edit, and copy it. • Protect PDF - Set a password to protect PDF from being opened by unauthorized users. - Apply Permissions. Restrict users' access to PDF printing, copying, editing, and extracting by setting permissions for your document. • Watermark & Signature - It allows inserting watermark (text or image) for your own copyright. - Watermarks in original PDFs can be removed. - Watermarks can be personalized by typing text, handwriting, a photo or a camera shooting. - Digital signature is supported.

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WPSConvert - for MS Works - RootRise Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Cover Art

WPSConvert - for MS Works

WPSConvert - for MS Works Description

WPSConvert is a fast and easy way to batch convert Microsoft® Works documents into Microsoft Office documents, PDF and RTF formats. If you receive Microsoft Works documents as email attachments or you switched from Windows to Mac and wants to open and read Works documents? The easiest way to circumvent this problem (short of using Windows) is to convert Works file to either Microsoft Office documents (docx, xlsx), PDF or RTF using WPS Converter. FEATURES • Convert Microsoft Works Word Processor files (.wps, .wpt) and Microsoft Works Spreadsheet files (.xlr, .wks) into Microsoft Office Word format (.docx) and Microsoft Office Excel format (.xlsx) respectively. • WPSConvert can convert Microsoft Works file formats into PDF and Rich Text Format (.rtf) files. • WPSConvert retains layout, images and graphics into target format. • Very flexible options to add files into conversion list. Simply Drag & Drop into list or Right click Open With in Finder or Drop on WPSConvert application to add files for export beside direct Add File/Folder buttons. • An advance option to maintain source directory hierarchy at destination with converted files in respective folders. While conversion WPSConvert automatically creates intermediate directories of source file path in target folder with converted formats. • Source as destination folder to output documents beside original document in same folder on your computer. Note: The WPSConvert is a standalone application running natively to convert Works documents into targeted format securely right on your computer, you don’t need internet connection or to install any third party application or other plugin to convert a document. * Microsoft is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation, registered in the U.S. and other countries.

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PDF Printer - xu jianwei Cover Art

PDF Printer

PDF Printer Description

Easy to print documents to PDF and share them with right from your Mac to iPhone or iPad for better reading experience! PDF Printer lets you transform any file into a PDF document whenever you need it easily. Everything from a multi-million contract to a web page you want to read later can be saved as a PDF in several taps. PDF Printer run as an virtual pdf printer, so you can add it to our mac in the system preferences, then print any documents to pdf directly. You can double click to open any document, then tap "Print”, select “PDF Printer” in the printers list, at last print to pdf in realtime, it will be opened automatically . The process is 100% secure since conversion is done locally on your Mac. Your documents never leave it and it does not require internet connection. Also, the app let's you organize your PDF documents in different folders and it automatically classifies your documents separating emails, web pages and other prints. You can easily print web pages to PDF from Safari. This allows you to view saved pages later in the same form as they were displayed in your browser, even if you are not able to connect to the Internet by some reason. Moreover, you can save any web page to PDF and then copy it to another device using iTunes, for example to your Mac for detailed analysis. Also you can send saved pages instead of just URLs to be sure that recipient would see them just the same way as you in your browser. With PDF Printer you can make PDFs from: > Email Attachments > iWork and MS Office documents > Web pages > Photos > Documents on Dropbox, Google Driver and other online storage. The printed PDF files could be opened in iBooks for best reading experience. Also, you can send PDFs by e-mail, open in other apps and even transfer to iPhone or iPad over USB using iTunes File Sharing. Support print the following formats to PDF: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, RTF, RTFD, TXT, HTML, JPG, PNG, Safari webarchive Come on, what are you waiting for? This one does it all, from anywhere you and your need. Download it now.

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Invoice Easy - Xiaolu Li Cover Art

Invoice Easy

Invoice Easy Description

The extremely easiest way to create professional invoices with just 3 steps in minutes. Features: - 4 professional base invoice templates to select from - WYCIWYG. Very intuitive to use - Can save unlimited number of invoices - Directly exported to PDF or just print from the app - Insert your own logo or decorative pictures to impress your customers (support insite dragging and resizing) - Fine control of your invoice, like currency symbol, taxable, dates autofilling...

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MSG Viewer for Outlook Pro - Element26, Inc. Cover Art

MSG Viewer for Outlook Pro

MSG Viewer for Outlook Pro Description

FULLY LICENSED VERSION OF MSG VIEWER FOR OUTLOOK including complete conversion of MSG files, batch processing, and all features. ** This version is identical to the free version with the in-app license purchase, and allows for the convenience of a one-click download. Looking to open those frustrating Microsoft Outlook MSG, OFT, and Winmail.dat files on your Mac? We've got you covered. MSG files are often generated by the PC version of Microsoft Outlook. This proprietary format is easily read on other PCs, but it is unrecognizable on Macs - even if you are using Microsoft Outlook for Mac or Apple Mail. MSG Viewer for Outlook works like magic by converting the unrecognizable format into the email that your friend or coworker intended to send you - and it all happens in a split second. With this easy-to-use program, you'll be able to open all of those MSG files seamlessly in your favorite Mac email clients. Batch processing and conversion of Outlook MSG contacts (.vcf) is also supported.

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Wizard Pro - Evan Miller Cover Art

Wizard Pro

Wizard Pro Description

Wizard is a new Mac app that makes data analysis easier than ever. No programming, no typing — just click and explore. Wizard includes a full set of tools for doing professional research, yet its friendly interface makes statistics accessible to beginners. (This is the Pro version; if you don't need the features marked PRO below, check out the standard version, also on the App Store. Note that PRO features are also available as In-App Purchases from the standard version.) ⁓⁓⁓ Featured by Apple! "New and Noteworthy" and "@Work: Apps for Business" ⁓⁓⁓ "You can be looking at statistical analyses less than a minute after importing your data." —MacFormat Magazine (UK) It's true: within minutes of importing your first data set into Wizard, you'll be generating graphics, uncovering correlations, producing p-values, building models, and sharing insights with colleagues. Most customers find that the program pays for itself in just a few days of use. Explore Wizard's delightful feature set, including... QUICK VISUALIZATIONS Wizard will start graphing your data as soon as you click on it. It uses native Mac graphics to give you crisp visual summaries — box-plots, scatterplots, histograms, survival curves, and more — in a fraction of a second. EASY STATISTICAL MODELING Build sophisticated statistical models in seconds with Wizard's intuitive modeling interface. Regression estimates are instantly recomputed as you play around with the controls and experiment with new specifications. MAC FRIENDLINESS Wizard supports drag-and-drop, multi-level Undo, and other interface conveniences that Mac users expect from their software. An interactive tutorial will help you get started. DATA TRANSFORMATIONS Dozens of functions are available to help you get data into the form you want. Compute quantiles, perform day-of-week calculations, multiply columns together, and more. EXPORT EXCELLENCE Export colorful graphics as web-friendly PNG or print-quality PDF. If you're surrounded by PC users, export your models as interactive spreadsheets that can be used to run "What if?" scenarios in any version of Microsoft Excel. LIST OF STATISTICAL TESTS Wizard supports the most common statistical tests and models, including... Univariate Tests + Shapiro-Wilk test of normality + 1-sample Kolmogorov-Smirnov (normality and uniformity) + Pearson's goodness-of-fit (equal proportions) Bivariate Tests + Pearson's goodness-of-fit (chi-square) + t-test (paired and unpaired) + ANOVA (1-way, 2-way, and repeated measures) + Correlation and R² + Median tests: Mann-Whitney and Kruskal-Wallis + NEW: Wilcoxon signed-rank and Friedman tests + Survival analysis: Log-rank test + 2-sample and N-sample Kolmogorov-Smirnov Multivariate Models + Linear regression (OLS) + Weighted linear regression (WLS) + Poisson and geometric regression + Logistic regression (Logit) and Probit + Multinomial Logit and Ordered Probit + Negative Binomial (NegBin-2) + Cox Proportional Hazards Regression Features + Fixed effects + Robust standard errors + Clustered standard errors + Joint significance tests (Wald tests) + Odds ratios + Residual analysis + Sensitivity/specificity analysis (ROC curves) + Censoring of survival data (Cox models) + Interactive prediction assistant + Copy models as R commands + PRO: Copy models as Stata, SPSS, or SAS commands LIST OF FILE FORMATS AND DATABASES Although you have the option to enter data manually, more likely you'll want to import data from one of the following sources: File Formats • Excel (.xls/.xlsx) • Numbers ('09 and later) • R workspace files (.RData and .rds) • JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) • SQLite • DBF and MS-Access • Plain text (Comma-, tab-, and custom-delimited values) Database Servers • MySQL • PostgreSQL PRO File Formats • SAS binary (.sas7bdat), transport (.xpt), and script (.sas) files • SPSS binary (.sav), compressed (.zsav), portable (.por), and script (.sps) files • Stata binary (.dta) and dictionary (.dct) files

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iCRM for Salesforce - iEnterprises, Inc. Cover Art

iCRM for Salesforce

iCRM for Salesforce Description

Easily upload your mac contacts to Enterprise Edition and update them in a convenient macOS native app experience when using VIA the included macOS Browser for from iEnterprises. The app can be docked on the taskbar on your mac thus giving you instant access to the contact integration as well as a native mac experience with The app is a built for macOS and provides functionality that makes it easy to upload your mac contacts to Enterprise Edition. It also provides a browser that is specifically designed for CRM applications such as The application uses the built in security. So Just login using the normal and secure login procedure and you and start integrating your mac contacts with Enterprise Edition today. Also available via in-app purchase is the ability to automatically synchronize Mac Calendar events to Salesforce Enterprise Edition, as activities against Salesforce contacts. NOTE: A Salesforce account is required to use this application, contact and calendar upload is only available on accounts that have REST API's enabled. Some editions, such as Professional Edition do not have this functionality, please check your Salesforce account before purchase.

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Business Card-Easy Creator - Aide Li Cover Art

Business Card-Easy Creator

Business Card-Easy Creator Description

***Get Our App with over 60% OFF*** This is very good app which makes your Business Card in a few minute!! About 400 professionally frames.You can save image as more than 300 dpi and color mode CMYK. How to use: Add image: you can directly drag the picture into the business card, or use the shortcut keys; Add text: you can directly drag the text into the business card, or use the shortcut keys; Edit the text: click the right mouse button, all the functions are in the right menu. You can add text with Multiple Fonts. And add multiple images.

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Retail Inventory-Order Manager - Hu YuanFei Cover Art

Retail Inventory-Order Manager

Retail Inventory-Order Manager Description

RetailInventory is an inventory management helper that focuses on small and medium-sized businesses and businessmen. It enables users to keep abreast of the inventory status, sales revenue and procurement costs of all products in order to improve the efficiency of capital use and enable you to quickly respond to market changes. The main function: - Latest inventory statistics, for eye-catching warnings for products below inventory - Product information includes sub-categories, specifications, images, units of measure, product number, purchase price, sales price, maximum inventory, and minimum inventory alert settings - Product purchase and statistics - Product sales and statistics - Custom product parent category - Custom product subcategories - Customize suppliers and customers - Custom business account - Purchasing and sales order management - Supplier and customer order management - Statistical net profit, latest stock, total sales amount, total purchase amount - Support multiple conditional searches, quickly search for data, etc. - Preset categories, specifications, units, accounts, suppliers, customers can be quickly selected - Total quantity and total amount of sales and purchases of statistical products - Counting orders from suppliers and customers - Statistical product inventory and profit - Cost of sales statistics, sales profit statistics - Set password protection invoicing data - Export CSV data (orders, customers, suppliers, products)

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InstaCards - Business Card - BraveCloud Cover Art

InstaCards - Business Card

InstaCards - Business Card Description

With InstaCards - Business Card you can easily design a fancy and organized contact card for you or your company without wasting much time. We bring to you 300 beautiful and exclusive templates to create your business card. You can find an amazing variability of templates and you'll certainly find the perfect one for you! Using one of the templates, you'll easily add your information using the text font and color you like to perfectly match with the template you chose. You can also add your logo to your card and create a QRCode. With a very easy to use interface, you'll create a fancy card and you don't need to be a designer to do it! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Enjoy our amazing features: •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• • 300 Business Cards. • Text with multiple fonts and colors. • Add Images and Logos. • Add QR Code. • Add Text with multiple fonts. • Share on social media. • Print images. • Save Images with PNG, JPEG, JPEG2000, TIFF and BMP formats. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• How to use: •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 1. Select the business card you want in Image Options on the left of the app. 2. You can add your image or logo on the right of the app, using the [+] button on Selected Image box. 3. Set the Transparency of your image using the slide, click [ Match Background ] button if you want to match with the background and use the Backward and Forward arrow buttons if you want. 4. To add text on your card, click the [ Add Text ] button, click and drag the text to change its position and write on Text box. You can resize the text to fit the desired location of your business card, simple take your mouse over it. 5. Change the Font Size, Font, Alignment (L, C, R), Backward/Forward and Text Color if you want bellow the Text box. Click [ Delete Text ] to delete the selected text. 6. To add a QRCode, click [ Add QRCode ] button, type the message you want to be on QRCode and select the Correction Level. 7. Click [ Save ] to save your card and select the format you want. 8. To instant print your card, click the Printer button. 9. To share your card on social media, click Share button and select the social network you want (Facebook, Twitter, E-mail and more).

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Signature - Raj Kumar Shaw Cover Art


Signature Description

Signature allows you to use your Magic Track Pad, Wacom Tablet, and built in multitouch Track Pad to sign, seal and deliver important documents and emails. Signature is controlled from your Status Bar. Click on the icon and you are ready to sign away. Finally an app that allows users to sign documents on the go. Simply use the smart frame to sign and create signature there. Save your Signature or simply post it to your clip board and use it daily to eliminate a huge paper trail. Signature has many features.... + Easy to place a signature on many platforms/documents + Environment friendly app leaving no paper trail + No scanner needed + Sign in black or color + Resize your signature + Easy to use by everyone + No Dock icon + Clean up your signature graphically + Transparent background + not just signatures, notes, doodles/sketches are possible Signature is another example of how iLifeTouch makes your life easier one day at a time. Press Shift + Escape to come out of the canvas.

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ProCam for Logitech Webcams - Appinga Apps Cover Art

ProCam for Logitech Webcams

ProCam for Logitech Webcams Description

Logitech Webcam Settings allows you customize all available settings of your webcam, including exposure time, contrast, saturation, white balance, & many more. And you can adjust zoom, pan, tilt, and camera focus as well. * It supports both all Logitech webcams, built-in webcams like Built-in iSight, FaceTime / FaceTime HD Camera, and external USB webcams.

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MenuTab for Yahoo - pick tim Cover Art

MenuTab for Yahoo

MenuTab for Yahoo Description

THE ULTIMATE YAHOO MAIL APP FOR YOUR MAC MenuTab for Yahoo is an incredibly slick and gorgeous app for quickly accessing your Yahoo email account directly from your Mac’s menu bar. Features: - Anywhere, MenuTab for Yahoo always available on MenuBar. - Email notification. - Resizable window, Mobile& Desktop model. - Configurable hotkey to show/hide window. - Slick touch gestures support. - Support Yahoo chat, note, calendar…. Legal notes; - MenuTab for Yahoo is 3rd party application for Yahoo and no way endorsed of affiliated with Yahoo Corporation.

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TapeCalc - LLC Cover Art


TapeCalc Description

TapeCalc emulates a time tested model of a classic tape based calculator with all the modern conveniences expected in a modern desktop utility. Features Include: -Basic Math Functions (Add/Subtract/Multiply/Divide/Percent) -Calculator Mode -Ten Key Mode -Saveable Tape Display -Editable Tape Display -Print Tape Display -Export Tape to CSV/HTML -Specify a Displayed Decimal Amount -International Number Formats (ie 3000,33)* -Auto Add Decimal -Always On Top -Sounds *Number Format is Based on the OS Settings For any questions or problems please contact [email protected] before leaving a review as we can not contact you from a review.

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Remotix VNC, RDP & NEAR - Nulana LTD Cover Art

Remotix VNC, RDP & NEAR

Remotix VNC, RDP & NEAR Description

Here is what Remotix users say: "Remotix is just absolutely amazing, I use it all the time. It allowed me to log onto my work computer from my personal computer and there was hardly any lag at all, my internet isn't the best and even apps like this still manage to run with zero problems!” Matt Falconer, Mac App Store "This app is very fast and has already saved me a couple of times because I have left something on the wrong computer. Love it, well worth the money." Mark.L13, Mac App Store Highlights • Introducing NEAR - low-latency, adaptive, H.264 based remote desktop protocol • Apple Screen Sharing, VNC and RDP, including RD Gateway • Connect from anywhere with Remotix Cloud technology • Discover nearby computers using Bonjour, NetBIOS and LAN scanners • Observe multiple computers at once • Secure connections via SSH tunneling • Stored computers are synced to all your devices via Remotix Cloud or iCloud • Master password protection • Wake-On-LAN • URL schemes to launch Remotix from third-party apps If you are connecting to Mac or PC with NEAR: • Hardware accelerated H.264 based remote desktop experience; • Three quality modes, including “smooth” - for video & games. • Automatically adapts to changing network conditions; • Clipboard synchronization; • Remote sound transfer; • Login using system credentials or personal access code; • Curtain mode & remote screen locking (Mac only). If you are connecting to Mac with Screen Sharing: • Drag-n-drop to share files between your Mac and remote Mac • Automatically keeps your Mac pasteboard synchronized • Best performance on average or slow internet connections with Apple adaptive codec • Multi-display configuration selection, combined or each display individually • Dramatic improvement of interaction speed with server-side picture scaling • Ask to share the screen or authenticate by OS X username & password • If there is someone logged in, select whether to ask for sharing or to start separate session • Curtain mode & remote screen locking • Remote multi-touch If you are connecting to Windows over RDP: • RD Gateway & load-balancing configurations • On-the-fly resolution and scale change • Rich clipboard with text, RTF and HTML • Sound playback & recording • Your Mac files are available as a folder within RDP session • Automatic connection setup for the best performance over 3G or LAN • Secure NLA authentication If you are connecting to Linux or Windows over VNC: • Works well with VMWare, UltraVNC, TightVNC, RealVNC, TigerVNC and x11vnc servers • Copy and paste with automatic clipboard sync • Microsoft Windows Logon authentication (UltraVNC) • VeNCrypt TLS authentication (ProxMox, TurboVNC) • x11vnc -ncache mode support

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PDF Form Filler Pro - Sylvia Jessica Cover Art

PDF Form Filler Pro

PDF Form Filler Pro Description

No More Printing!!!!! Quickly fill and sign any PDF agreement or form! Running a business requires filling forms and signing agreements over email - that can be a major hassle! Usually it means printing, filling out the details manually, and then scanning your document to PDF... What if you could do it all on your Mac? PDF Form Filler helps you open and write on PDF documents. You can fill out any PDF form document, drop in graphics, scribble with the mouse or a tablet, save and print. Features: ◎Add text anywhere in any font and size. The text is added as native PDF text ◎Add your scanned signature, or any other image, with full control of size and orientation ◎Scribe your signature with the mouse or trackpad. ◎Save as new PDF, or Print - up to you

© 2015 DS Soft Inc.


Email Archiver Pro - Palmer Andersen Cover Art

Email Archiver Pro

Email Archiver Pro Description

Email Archiver Pro creates a future-proof, accessible, searchable, archive of all your emails in up to 5 accounts. Preserve and protect all inbound and outbound email messages (as well as attachments and metadata) with Email Archiver Pro today. Archiving made simple. Archive up to 5 email accounts and folders with the press of a button. Find stuff easily. Email Archiver Pro turns all your emails (or just the folders you select) into searchable PDF’s with attachments. Reduce bulk in your inbox Email Archiver Pro frees up space and allows you to make sure your conversations are backed up and easily searchable. Email Archiver Pro Includes: 5 Email Addresses or folders Unlimited Emails Unlimited Attachments

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XPS Opener – View & Convert XML Paper Specification Documents - YIN XIAO QI Cover Art

XPS Opener – View & Convert XML Paper Specification Documents Description

Want to view Open XML Paper Specification documents (.xps & .oxps) on your Mac? Now you can! XPS Opener is the easiest and the most elegant way to view Open XML Paper Specification documents (.xps & .oxps) on your Mac, and to convert them to PDFs or images in various formats for sharing. It has a number practical features to make sure that you not only will get the best reading experience possible, but also can convert or even work on them. Feature List * The smoothest reading experience. * Drag and drop files into XPS Opener, or open them directly. * Two viewing styles: With Thumbnails / Contents Only. * Three page view modes: Single Page / Two Pages / Continuous Scroll. * Supports zoom-in, zoom-out, and rotation. * Bookmarks supported. * Full text search, instantly locate what you are looking for. * One click to print out Open XML Paper Specification documents (.xps & .oxps). * Convert Open XML Paper Specification documents (.xps & .oxps) to files in PDF for sharing. * Convert Open XML Paper Specification documents (.xps & .oxps) to files in JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, and GIF. * Extract images from those files and export them to pictures in JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, and GIF. If you have problems or questions about XPS Opener, please send an email to [email protected] for tech support.

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iTaskX 3 Project - Techno-Grafik Christian Lackner eU Cover Art

iTaskX 3 Project

iTaskX 3 Project Description

iTaskX gives you all the tools that sharpens the big picture or rich details about your project without heavy overload or complexity. Effortlessly capture dates and costs, assign, import, or evaluate resources, vary calendars, anticipate slack time or personalize its look, feel, and functionality. iTaskX is the perfect tool for project managers, architects, business analysts and project contributors from any industry. And work effortlessly with people who use Microsoft Project. Exchange data through standard file formats like XML, MPP, CVS or ICS, or saving any view as a PDF, JPG, EPS, PNG or TIF - iTaskX provides unmatched compatibility with Microsoft Project, Excel, Word, Numbers, Pages, Kalender.... An elegant interface design that feels entirely fresh, will help you to control every detail of your project. But it’s not just about how much better they look. It’s also about how much better they work. iTaskX supports over 300 functions. And it’s built with sophisticated tools that make using them way simpler than you’d think. With a few clicks, iTaskX helps you answer questions like: • What is to be done? • Who will complete the task? • When must it be done? • How much will it cost? • What happens if work isn’t completed on time? iTaskX helps you achieve your project goal on time and on budget.

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Side Mirror - for Presenters - Fickle Bits, LLC Cover Art

Side Mirror - for Presenters

Side Mirror - for Presenters Description

Doing a presentation, but don't want to mirror your displays? Stop looking over your shoulder! Side Mirror gives you a preview window of what's happening on the other display so you can do live demos without having to crane your neck back at the projector screen. Not mirroring your display offers some advantages during presentations: - Have a set of notes you can refer to - Keep a list of code snippets to copy/paste - Keep a folder of presentation files you need quick access to in an open Finder window Side Mirror is an essential tool for: - Presenters - Educators - Live Demos Take Side Mirror for a spin today!

© 2017 Fickle Bits, LLC


Revolver CD Cover - Vladimir Pom Cover Art

Revolver CD Cover

Revolver CD Cover Description

Revolver CD Cover offers professional-looking design for CD, DVD, and Blu-ray labels. Revolver initially developed a design for non-designers and people who have no graphic design skills. The program was intended for administrators and account managers who act as the middlemen in a client-designer partnership. The workflow is very easy, reduced to three simple steps. All you have to do is to choose a template and a type of disc cover, to set your text, and to choose the type of printer paper. That's all. The design tools are easy to use also. Ready-made background templates and clippart let you diversify your model. We automated everything that might complicate your work. You can still change the options if you want to move on and delve into the world of graphic design. We prepared a lot of great designs for all varieties of boxes, discs, and booklets. Each template isn't just a set of text or images, but a complex system of interconnected design elements. Our best feature is Revolver Slot Background Design Generator Tool, which gives you more than a million-and-a-half variants of original background designs. We turned the boring part of creating a beautiful background into fascinating entertainment. That's true! We inserted the principle of a slot machine into the generation of backgrounds. Everyone knows how a coin slot machine works. We bring the excitement of variants obtained by chance to concept of creating design backgrounds. You can pull the lever and get a lot of surprising background variants - everything is up to you! Main features: • easy and intuitive dvd label maker interface. • label paper formats overview (Avery, APLI, A-One, Canon, Data Becker, Decadry, Epson, Fellowes, Herma, Memorex, Neato, etc.). • custom cover designed labels and formats support. • clipart and background image libraries, thousands of professionally designed label layout templates. • cover templates for jewel case, DVD disc case inserts, booklets, MiniCD and other media. • Import playlists from iTunes, Finder, Text File, etc.
 • Insert JPEG, TIFF, PDF, PNG and other format images.
 • Support print two different disc labels at once, on a single sheet. • Epson EasyPrint support for direct to CD/DVD disc printing on Epson printers.
 • more than 1,500,000 background design variations.

© RevolverCG Software


FileXChange - iStArtApp Cover Art


FileXChange Description

FileXChange for Mac is the handy and powerful file-sharing platform that allows you to manage, organize and exchange files between your Mac and your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch). Use FileXChange for Mac to easily browse, upload and download files on your iOS device, and to manage them with a simple click. With its intuitive interface, FileXChange for Mac implements file transfer through WiFi or using the iPhone hotspot function*. Thanks to its optimized wireless communication protocol, file transfer is fast and does not require a cable connection nor the installation of iTunes. MAIN FEATURES: • Intuitive interface • File transfer between iOS and Mac through WiFi 
• File transfer between iOS and Mac using the iPhone hotspot function 
 • File browsing on the iOS device 
 • Fast file transfer 
 • No cable needed 
• iTunes NOT required 
• User manual In order to exchange files with your iOS devices, download FileXChange for iPhone and iPad from the AppStore: 
• FileXChange for iPhone and iPod Touch: 
• FileXChange for iPad: FileXChange for Mac: SHARE YOUR FILES THE EASY WAY! *Please note that the hotspot transfer function is available for iPhone 4 (or later version), and for third-generation iPad (or later version).

© 2012 iStartApp


2DoList - Task, Reminder and Calendar - Raj Kumar Shaw Cover Art

2DoList - Task, Reminder and Calendar

2DoList - Task, Reminder and Calendar Description

2DoList is a simple todo application for Mac where users can add tasks with reminder on an intuitive calendar interface. All you need to do is click on a date which will take you to the Task View of the App from there you can add todos for a given day. You can also attach a reminder with each task or todo item and get alert in Notification Center. The intuitive UI of this app enables you to add tasks effortlessly. One can also open the app from Status Menu Bar icon. It comes very handy to be able to add tasks from Menu Bar without having to open the app on the Desktop. App Highlight: -Easy-to-use App user interface. -Click on a date from the calendar to open the Task View. -Right click on a date from the calendar to open a small pop window from where users can add task. -Open App from Status Menu bar. -Get alert in Notification Center on Task reminders. So, download 2DoList today and organize your day in an easy way.

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Transcribe Helper - Access Informatics Cover Art

Transcribe Helper

Transcribe Helper Description

The app makes it easy to play a recording of an interview while typing up a transcription of what was said. Using a set of keys that are not normally used in transcription, a typist can pause, go back, replay and even play at a slower speed without changing the pitch. The keys to control play are configurable and the amount of slow down and number of seconds to skip backwards can be set. A timestamp of how far through the recording can be inserted into the text. Resulting text can be exported to plain text. The document includes the audio recording so the original doesn't need to be kept after importing. Application help has more detailed information including how to use macOS dictation.

© 2018-2019 Peter Marks


Super Bundle - Templates for Microsoft Office - Global Executive Consultants (Shanghai) Ltd Cover Art

Super Bundle - Templates for Microsoft Office

Super Bundle - Templates for Microsoft Office Description

The bundle of highest-quality-design templates for Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Creating premium quality design documents using Microsoft Office become so easy like never before. *** Bundle for MS Office Templates*** * Requires Microsoft Office 2008 or later. Bundle for MS Office Templates is a pack of templates for Microsoft's Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for your Mac. You can get a great number of different themes. Go Docs for MS Office provides you with hundreds of professional designs for Word documents, scores of spreadsheet templates for Excel, dozens of impressive slideshow themes for PowerPoint. Save time and achieve the best results with Pack for MS Office!

© Global Guide


WinMail DAT Viewer Pro - LawBox LLC Cover Art

WinMail DAT Viewer Pro

WinMail DAT Viewer Pro Description

Need to view a winmail.dat file on your Mac? Now you can! ••• DISCOUNTED FROM $24.99 TO CELEBRATE THE LAUNCH OF WINDOWS DOCUMENT VIEWER PRO! ••• WinMail DAT Viewer is the easiest, fastest, most reliable way to extract, view, and save the contents of winmail.dat files. It's completely frustration-free: just double-click the win mail.dat file and you're instantly presented with a list of its contents. Double-click the attached files to open them, or drag and drop them on the desktop. In most circumstances, you won't even need to leave your Mail program. Technical support is included, and our email response time is measured in lickety splits.

© 2014 LawBox LLC


Inbox for Outlook - zhong guilan Cover Art

Inbox for Outlook

Inbox for Outlook Description

Inbox for OUTLOOK that gives you fast and instant access to Outlook, Hotmail and/or Live mail directly from your toolbar. Keep up to date with your mail faster than ever. It is the ideal app for instantly accessing your Outlook email accounts (including Hotmail) without having to open your web browser. Just click the icon in your toolbar and sign it with your Outlook/Hotmail/Live account, its that simple. You can either run the app with a dock icon or without. After downloading, simply click on the icon in the top menu bar whenever you want to check your email account and you will be presented with a beautiful little window containing a mobile interface. It allows you to overcome email overload by increasing the speed at which you can access and respond to your emails. Legal Note: Inbox for Outlook is a 3rd party app and is not 
affiliated with Microsoft what so ever. Outlook & Hotmail and its logo is trademarkes 
of Microsoft Inc.

© Inbox for Outlook


VSD Viewer for Visio Drawings - Nektony Limited Cover Art

VSD Viewer for Visio Drawings

VSD Viewer for Visio Drawings Description

VSD Viewer - professional Visio Drawings viewer for macOS. Preview, navigate, show hidden layers, preview Shape Data, follow hyperlinks, print, save to PDF, and share MS Visio drawings on your Mac. Visio Themes supported now. VSD Viewer opens documents of ALL Visio drawing formats - binary VSD 2000-2013, and XML-based VDX/VSDX. VSD Viewer opens complex formatted Visio Drawings, renders all the drawing content including: regular shapes with formatting, rich formatted texts, graphic objects and images, windows metafile images, OLE objects, layers, and even allows you to preview multiple Shape Data tables and SWITCH LAYERS visibility to preview drawings with details! VSD Viewer with ease operates multipage documents, renders background pages, allows preview pages using page thumbnail view. VSD Viewer allows you to save your drawings to Adobe PDF for further sharing. By using VSD Viewer you can freely distribute Visio drawings and diagrams to team members, partners and customers. It's particularly useful for workgroups that need to collaborate their visual documentation in a multi-platform environment. BASIC OPTIONS • Open and preview any MS Visio 2000 – 2013 drawing of VSD format and VDX/VSDX file formats • Scroll, zoom and navigate documents • Navigate multipage documents • Preview documents with backgrounds • View formatted objects (lines, arrows, fill types, colors, gradients, opacity, etc.) • View objects with formatted texts (fonts, colors, styles, text subscript and superscript) • View drawings with themes • View objects with tabulated text (texts with frames and tables) • View documents with hidden objects • View objects outside page boundaries • View original dimension units • View guides for documents • Print and Save to PDF your drawings ADVANCED OPTIONS • View and follow hyperlinks • Search text within drawings • Preview drawings with layers • Switch hidden layers visibility* • View documents with embedded OLE-objects**! • View documents with embedded metafiles - EMF and WMF**! • Print and Save to PDF your drawings SHAPE DATA MODE • Preview objects' Shape Data • Enable Shape Data mode to preview assigned data • Print & Save to PDF drawings with enabled Shape Data VSD Viewer is a solid tool to preview complex Visio drawings. VSD Viewer is available for iPad and iPhone on iTunes Store too. *The option allows you to preview professional drawings switching layers visibility, print documents with visible and hidden layers as well. **VSD Viewer renders even embedded metafiles images and even ***OLE Objects. Current versions restrictions: • Objects shadows are not displayed VSD Viewer requires OS X 10.9 or later. VSD Viewer opens: • MS Visio 2000-2013 Drawings of VSD, VDX, VSDX, VSDM, VDW formats, • MS Visio Stencils of VSS, VSSX, VSX, VSSM formats, • MS Visio Templates of VST, VSTX, VTX, VSTM formats. We are constantly looking for a chance to make our product better and even more valuable for professionals. Your ideas and feedbacks are highly appreciated at [email protected] Looking forward hearing from you! Microsoft, Visio are registered trademarks of Microsoft corp. macOS Mojave compatible. NOTE: If you have any comments, general or technical issues, please contact us directly at [email protected], we will respond within one business day.

© VSD Viewer by Nektony


Mail+ for Outlook - pick tim Cover Art

Mail+ for Outlook

Mail+ for Outlook Description

Build for Email addict! Mail+ for Outlook gives you fast and instant access to Outlook, Hotmail and Live mail directly from your MenuBar. Features: - Anywhere, Mail+ for Outlook always available on MenuBar. - Email notification. - Resizable window, Mobile& Desktop model. - Configurable hotkey to show/hide window. - Integrate with Skype, OneDrive, Microsoft office online.. - No Ads. Legal notes; - Mail+ for Outlook is 3rd party application for Outlook and no way endorsed of affiliated with Microsoft Corporation.

© 2015, MacAppsters studio.


Sync Folders Pro - VADIM ZYBIN Cover Art

Sync Folders Pro

Sync Folders Pro Description

Sync Folders Pro is an easy-to-use app for beginners, has the ability to fine-tune synchronization settings for the most exacting professionals. Sync Folders Pro is perfect for backups to external storage devices including: USB, memory cards, disks on remote computers within your network, folders on Cloud services (Dropbox, etc.) With each re-backup, the app finds and copies only new files and new file versions, thereby reducing backup time and extending the life of your storage devices. Update to Pro+ (website version) and create a bootable clone of your hard drive and you can use it if your main drive is crashed. The app can synchronize multiple pairs of folders at the same time "on the fly" using our "REAL TIME SYNC" technology, on a schedule or manually. The Sync Folders Pro also provides robust tools to filter files and folders so that you sync exactly what you want. Do you have terabytes (TB) of data to sync? No problem! Sync Folders Pro has been optimized to work with extremely large number of files. Sit back and relax, your data is being automatically synced! The app supports bidirectional synchronization! Read the App Store reviews from 22 countries on our website! Customers are excited about the application, and we pride the customer support service. Please, contact us with any questions, we are very happy to provide quick answers and make the app better for you. Install another our great product, VPN Server Configurator, and you can synchronize folders on a remote Mac from anywhere in the world! Learn more at Do you have questions? Please watch our helpful video tutorial on our website. FOR BEGINNERS - Select 2 folders to synchronize. - Select the synchronization mode, or use the default mode. You do not need to worry about other settings, they are set to the recommended. - Click the "Sync current task" button and your folders will be synchronized! FOR BUSINESS Set up an instant synchronization of documents between employees of your organization using the "Real Time Sync" mode. Employees will always have the latest version of the documents for work. This mode allows you to instantly sync documents in folders with a large number of files. It works for 10.8 and later. FOR PROFESSIONALS - 9 modes of synchronization. - 4 file comparison modes allow to synchronize files on the storage devices with different file systems (OS X, FAT32, etc.) - Ability to select what package types synchronize as files, and which as folders. - You can transform the app to the convenient file manager using powerful filters for files and folders and writing your own copy script. - Synchronization over the network. The ability to automatically connect network folders before synchronization. - The ability to disconnect network folders after synchronization automatically. - Protection for unauthorized disconnect storage devices (folders) during synchronization. - Saving the last/all versions of files to be deleted. Using this mode, you can always restore deleted files, even if folders have synchronized several times. - Quick view the latest changes in synchronized folders. - Ability to log events. You can filter events by type, task, status. Ability to export the event log to an external file. - Ability to send event log by e-mail in case of synchronization errors. - Synchronization of subfolder attributes. - Writing your own copy scripts, for example: - Copy all non-synced files to selected folder before copying. - Copying files using Unix commands: cp, rsync ... Many thanks to falconexe for his ongoing help with the English translation!

© GreenWorldSoft


Docs² | for Microsoft Office - Docs Squared, LLC Cover Art

Docs² | for Microsoft Office

Docs² | for Microsoft Office Description

–– SAVE BIG TODAY WITH DOCS² | THE SMARTEST BUNDLE FOR MICROSOFT OFFICE! –– • Start working smarter, online and on the go with the Office apps that you know and love. • Quickly create Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, or email with Outlook. • Complete with the best documents, guides and templates for Office. Get Docs² for everything you need to begin quickly creating Microsoft Office docs! Work smarter with great videos to guide you through the essentials, a convenient document browser to edit and share files online with your favorite apps, plus free templates to help you create beautiful docs. All together in the smartest bundle for Microsoft Office! FEATURES – Explore the essentials of Microsoft Office with helpful videos & content to guide you. – Create and share docs online with convenient shortcuts for your favorite Office apps, including: –– Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote & OneDrive. – Discover free templates to create beautiful documents. – Save your favorite docs in OneDrive to work with other apps and devices. QUICKLY LEARN TO: – Create Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. – Update your calendar and manage mail with Outlook. – Edit and add comments to documents. – Save, print, publish and share documents. – Add charts, pictures, animations and effects. – Insert a table of contents, headers, and footers. – Create and print custom labels and PDFs. – Work with documents while on the go. – And so much more... DEVELOP YOUR SKILLS WITH THE BEST DOCUMENT BROWSER – Enjoy streamlined steps to work with documents in OneDrive.  – Work with the most popular document types and formats. – Avoid frustrating file incompatibility, and "View Only" headaches of other apps. – Go split screen or full screen and work without distractions. – Type what you want to do, and the new Tell Me feature will show you how! SAVE YOUR WORK ONLINE FOR USE ACROSS YOUR DEVICES – Because working without the cloud is so 1999... – Simply save your files to OneDrive to edit them everywhere. – Automatically sync documents for use across your devices. – Easily share your documents with friends and colleagues. – Enjoy greater freedom with online and mobile editing. EXPLORE HUNDREDS OF PROFESSIONAL QUALITY TEMPLATES – Browse a free treasure trove of time saving templates. – Select the perfect layout or theme, and edit online or save offline. – Start creating beautiful documents in no time! LEARN FROM THE MASTERS – The included guides show you everything you need to be more productive, discover key features, and learn to get things done fast. Download now to get jump-started! ____________ NOTICE: Microsoft Office 365, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, and OneDrive are property or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Docs² is a property and trademark of Docs Squared, and is neither produced by, endorsed by, nor affiliated with Microsoft Corporation. Access to Microsoft Office functionality and templates is available for free through Microsoft Office Online, or you can work offline with even more features via an Office 365 trial subscription. © 2013-2018 Docs Squared, LLC. All rights reserved.

© 2013 - 2018 Docs Squared, LLC. All rights reserved.


Autograph - Ten One Design Cover Art


Autograph Description

Finally, Go Paperless! Autograph an email or document using your trackpad in seconds. It works in Word, Pages, Filemaker Pro, Mail, iChat, and many other applications. - Completely paperless handling of contracts, forms, or anything that requires signature - Automatically pops your signature into the active document. Makes scanning feel so obsolete. - Quick hotkey activation. Command-Option-A by default, but you can choose anything. - 3-finger swipe to undo/redo. We know you don't make mistakes, but this is fun anyway. - Accurate, biometric signatures mean you'll recognize that scrawl of yours. - Wacom tablet, Magic Trackpad, and built-in multitouch trackpad support. Make sure Autograph will work on your machine! Autograph requires a multitouch trackpad, Magic Trackpad, or Wacom tablet. MacBook Pro machines after March 2008, MacBook models after October 2009, and all MacBook Air trackpads are compatible. We're available to answer any questions at [email protected] We'd love to hear from you!

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Tap Forms Organizer and Secure Database - Tap Zapp Software Inc. Cover Art

Tap Forms Organizer and Secure Database

Tap Forms Organizer and Secure Database Description

+++ This is the legacy version of Tap Forms. Tap Forms Organizer 5 + Secure Database is the new version which has many new features. If you have OS X 10.11 or newer, purchase version 5 instead of this version. +++ Tap Forms is a very powerful organizational tool designed to help you keep track of all your life's most important information. +++ Mac Format Magazine (March, 2014) - Simple to use Databases: "Tap Forms is the clear winner by a mile. The user interface is beautifully Mac-like, the structuring of data is similar enough to Bento that it offers only a shallow learning curve, it offers a direct import of Bento templates, and the iOS companion app is great." +++ Tap Forms for iPhone, iPad and Mac each sold separately +++ Use Tap Forms to track your inventory at work and manage your household items at home. Great for insurance and accounting purposes! It's even great for managing your holiday gift lists or keeping track of all your expenses and to-dos. If you're a master chef in the kitchen, you can use Tap Forms to manage your entire library of delicious cuisines. Are you a movie buff but you have too many movies to keep track of? That's easy, since Tap Forms can help you categorize, rate, and manage your entire movie collection. Never forget who you've lent your movies to ever again. And with built-in support for iCloud, now you can keep all your Tap Forms data on your iPhone and iPad in sync with your Mac. So when you're out at the store trying to remember if you already own a copy of The Terminator, just look it up on your iPhone using Tap Forms for iOS! Speaking of looking up stuff, Tap Forms now has Saved Search Rules. With Saved Search Rules, you can create any number of filters that helps you find and sort through thousands of pieces of information as quickly as you can tap a button. It's your data just the way you want, in an instant! Note: iCloud sync requires Tap Forms 3.9.2 for iPhone, Tap Forms HD 3.9.2 for iPad and iOS 8. Each sold separately. TOP FEATURES • Bento template importer • iCloud or Dropbox sync with Tap Forms for iOS and Mac • Label printing engine includes over 1000 Avery® label templates • Create your own label sizes • Print 24 different types of barcodes including ISBN, UPC, Code 39, QR code, EAN, and more! • Layout designer for building custom form layouts • Advanced search rules with multi-field record filtering • Pick lists for quick data entry • Strong AES-256 bit encryption • Import & Export standard CSV and XLSX files from Excel, Numbers, or other systems • Print record details • Lightning fast search • Share form templates with friends, family, and co-workers Store 23 different types of information: • Link to form (relational links between forms) • Inverse relationships • File Attachment with multi-file support • Email address • GPS location • Contact • Text • Date • Time • Date & time • Number • Rating • Web site address • Check mark • Note • Audio notes (record on iOS, playback on Mac) • Photos • Drawings (draw on iOS, view on Mac) • Phone number • Section headings • Calculations Includes more than 33 built-in forms, such as: • Audio dictation • Bank accounts • Clients • Client call log • Credit & debit cards • Daily journal • Expenses • Frequent flyer numbers • Health insurance • Homework assignments • Loyalty cards • Personal health cards • Security alarm codes • Serial numbers • Vehicle insurance • Website accounts • And More...

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iTeleport: VNC & RDP - iTeleport Inc. Cover Art

iTeleport: VNC & RDP

iTeleport: VNC & RDP Description

Access other computers from your Mac. iTeleport is the most fully featured, easy to use and robust remote desk top app that supports Mac, Windows PC, Linux and all VNC servers from your home, office or anywhere in the world + Enjoy blazing fast connections to your Mac (OS X 10.7+) with our most recent update! + iTeleport gives you full control of your computer's mouse, touchpad and keyboard, and provides a rich visual display of your computer screens, without any screen resolution limit. All communication is encrypted when using iTeleport Connect on your remote computer + Connect to 1, 5 or 20 computers – iTeleport gives you UNLIMITED access + Easy Mac, Windows PC and Linux set up for VNC + 24/7 Customer Support User reviews: "The best remote desktop access app I've used." ***** "I maintain a dozen computers belonging to family and friends with this app and it works great***** "I've used most of the remote control apps on IOS, and iTeleport is always the one I keep coming back to" ***** OTHER FEATURES * Control any application on your Mac or Windows PC from anywhere in the world * Optionally use the free iTeleport Connect app to automatically configure your remote computer (download from * Use multi-touch gestures to zoom, pan, and scroll * Access the files on your computer from anywhere * If you're a parent, watch over your child's online behavior to make sure they're safe * Help your friends, family or customers by providing remote computer support * Supports Mac (Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard, Tiger, Vine Server) and all Windows editions (with free VNC servers: TightVNC, UltraVNC, and RealVNC). Also supports Linux VNCServer and Vino, as well as AMX Touchscreen Interfaces. * Supports multiple monitors on Windows and Mac (including Lion) with Mac authentication * Wake-on-LAN support allows you to wake computers from sleep under some conditions. For details, see * SSH Encryption support for all platforms. For details, visit You can even use iTeleport when you don't have an Internet connection, and want to control another local computer over WiFi. iTeleport now and get connected! Visit for setup instructions and usage tips.  If you experience ANY problem with the app, PLEASE contact us at [email protected] and we will work with you to resolve the issue and will fix it as soon as possible. Thanks! We TRULY appreciate your support.  The iTeleport Team

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MailRaider - 45RPM Software Cover Art


MailRaider Description

Are you a Switcher? Have you got old e-mails archived somewhere? Have you ever wished that your Mac could read your old Microsoft Outlook .msg files? If so, MailRaider could be just what you need. Of course, it doesn't do everything (if it did everything then there'd be no need for MailRaider 2 Pro), but if all you need to do is open Outlook files, retrieve their attachments, and convert them into more accessible formats then look no further. MailRaider 2 is the best value software for opening Outlook messages on the whole App Store. Please note - if you need to preserve formatting, use Spotlight (to search inside your msg files from Finder) or use Quicklook (for a quick preview of your msg files), you need MailRaider Pro. The standard edition of MailRaider does not have this functionality - it displays email as plain text only. If you discover an Outlook .msg file that MailRaider won't open, please get in touch. Sadly, leaving a grumpy review here won't solve the problem. If you're serious about getting your problem solved then you're going to need to send me a problem report (full instructions for doing so are in the extensive MailRaider help files). I do respond to bug reports, so don't worry - you aren't wasting your time.

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iDocs for Microsoft Office 365 - pick tim Cover Art

iDocs for Microsoft Office 365

iDocs for Microsoft Office 365 Description

iDocs is magic and easy-to-use app help you easier to create Microsoft office 365 documents in your your Mac. Features: - Create Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. - Sync documents in OneDrive's Documents folder to local. - Keep track all changes of online documents and automatic update on local. - Calendar and manage email with Outlook. - Work with documents while on the go. - Easily share your documents with friends and colleagues. - Enjoy the freedom that comes with online and mobile editing. - Simply upload your files to OneDrive to edit them everywhere. - Save your favorite docs online to work with other apps and devices - Add charts, pictures, animations and effects. - And so much more... ___________________________ NOTICE: Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, and OneDrive are property or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. iOffice is neither produced by, endorsed by, nor affiliated with Microsoft Corporation

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DockPhone - Raffael Hannemann Cover Art


DockPhone Description

Just keep your iPhone in your pocket. DockPhone lets you make calls right from your Mac. Speak freely via the microphone of your computer. We developed DockPhone because we wanted to have a real phone app on the Mac. As known from TechCrunch, LifeHacker, MacRumors, ifun and others! To start a call, type or speak any number or a name. DockPhone lets you search in your contacts, or dial arbitrary phone numbers. Hit the Dial button and enjoy your phone call. NOTE: Make sure you meet the requirements listed below. Otherwise DockPhone won't work for you. We have listed several troubleshooting tips on our Help site (see the links on the right). You will also find contact information to receive additional support! Oh, and check out the beautiful Today widget you'll get with this app! Re-dial your most recent contacts with just one click! ________________ Requirements: This app requires to have both iOS 8.1 on your iPhone and OS X Yosemite (10.10) on your Mac installed. Your devices must meet the Continuity requirements to work with this app: - iPhone with iOS 8.1 or newer installed - Mac with OS X Yosemite installed - FaceTime activated with the same iCloud account on both the Mac and the iPhone - FaceTime set as the default for calls Warning: - Your iPhone carrier may charge for the phone calls.

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Privacy Protector - Scan & Remove Threats - FIPLAB Ltd Cover Art

Privacy Protector - Scan & Remove Threats

Privacy Protector - Scan & Remove Threats Description

Privacy Protector is a powerful and effective way to securely get rid of files and data that may invade your privacy and act as potential threats to your Mac. You can use this app to remove a host of sensitive information that can be used to track your activities. Specifically, it clears your cache files, cookies, browsing history, and more, all at the click of a button. Privacy Protector uses the highest industry encryption standards to ensure that data removal is thorough, yet safe and secure. You can manually adjust the level of security you want in the deletion process, with the ability to overwrite files with up to 35 passes to ensure complete removal of sensitive information. Moreover, removal of data not only ensures you maintain your privacy, you also gain back valuable disk space upon cleansing your system. Use Privacy Protector for the following: • Internet Browsers: Remove Caches, Cookies, History, Downloads, Forms, Recent Searches, Web Storage, Last Session Information and much more • QuickTime Player: Remove Caches, Download Quarantine History, Recent Items • Finder: Remove Download Quarantine History, Recent Items • Preview: Remove Recent Items • Empty Mail Downloads • Remove Flash Cookies All of the above fields can be individually toggled on/off depending on exactly what you wish to delete. We've worked hard to make Privacy Protector as simple and efficient as possible for you to use. We would love to hear your thoughts via email and make any improvements to future versions of this app. We intend to have an active development cycle powered by your feedback, love and support!

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Ninox Database - Ninox Software GmbH Cover Art

Ninox Database

Ninox Database Description

Ninox is an easy to use database app for Mac & iOS. Create custom business apps for you and your team. Organize everything, improve your workflow and become more productive. Ninox empowers you to build custom apps without a single line of code. Our platform is used by individuals, startups, agencies, small businesses and enterprises in a wide range of industries. Unlimited use cases: CRM, events, invoicing, inventory, real estates and many more. BEST OF THE APP STORE DATABASES "I found it easy to create databases and tables, to import and export data, design appropriate layouts, powerful filtering for fields and also a very good formula field. Easily the best of the App Store databases." - Alan W - SO MUCH MORE THAN A DATABASE "This really is an outstanding product. More than “just” a database, it’s an entire application development platform." - Andy M - — OPTIONAL: NINOX CLOUD TEAM SUBSCRIPTION — As an add-on you can subscribe to Ninox cloud and create a team account. Invite your team mates and start collaborating. Changes from one device will be immediately published to all other users. Your data is always available - even when there is no interent connection. ► TEMPLATES • Inventory • Invoices and Accounting • Meetings and Events • CRM • And many more! ► CUSTOMIZE TO YOUR NEEDS • Create forms, field and triggers • Smart relations between tables • Build calculations with visual formula editor ► REPORTING • Multiple views to slice and dice your data • Group records by any criteria • 7 built-in chart types ► COLLABORATE WITH YOUR TEAM • Invite others and set permissions • Calendar • Real-time sync across devices ► EXPORT & IMPORT • Export to CSV / Excel • Import CSV files • Import Contacts • Import Bento files ► DATA FIELDS • Rich text • Choice • Date/Time • And 15+ more! Minimum System Requirements • OS X v10.10 or later • 50MB of free disk space • 4GB RAM SHARE DATA ACROSS ALL YOUR DEVICES With this one-time purchase you can install Ninox on multiple Macs and sync data with iCloud. If you want to sync data with your iPhone, you can get Ninox for iPhone on the iOS App Store for free. To sync data with your iPad, you can get Ninox for iPad on the iOS App Store which requires an in-app purchase. SUBSCRIPTIONS FOR TEAMS To share your databases with other users of Ninox, subscribe to Ninox Cloud within the app. - We offer subscriptions for different team sizes. Only one of the team members needs to have a subscription. - You can choose either a monthly or an annual subscription. - Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. - The subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. - Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. The costs for the renewal depend on the chosen team size and subscription length: US$ 9.99 (1 user, 1 month), US$ 99.99 (1 user, 1 year), US$ 29.99 (5 users, 1 month), US$ 299.99 (5 users, 1 year), US$ 59.99 (10 users, 1 month), US$ 599.99 (10 users, 1 year), US$ 99.99 (25 users, 1 month), US$ 999.99 (25 users, 1 year). - Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase. - Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable. - Privacy Policy: - Terms of Use: ABOUT NINOX Ninox is the leading business App for Mac and iOS in more than 50 countries. Ninox Database specializes in database application development and helping teams & organizations create, connect and collaborate with databases in a human friendly way. For any question you might have, please don't hesitate to send us an email: [email protected] We are always happy to help!

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iWord - Fantastic Word Processor for Multiple Document Formats - Zongyang Zhang Cover Art

iWord - Fantastic Word Processor for Multiple Document Formats Description

iWord is a beautiful, easy-to-use word processor that is designed to make writing convenient, efficient and comfortable. iWord is ease, fast and uncluttered. It starts up quickly, has a live word count, easy on the eyes and you can export all the common formats: .pdf, .rtf, .doc, .docx .txt and more . To create the tables and insert the pictures make your document more rich and colorful. Automatic save function let you don't have to worry about losing data. Features Writing with ease •Focus Mode(Full Screen) can give you the pure pleasure of writing. •A floating windows option (like Stickies has) •A zoom-slider to easily change the view scale • alternate colors option (e.g., white text on gray) Great word processor • Paragraph and character styles • Automatically format bulleted or numbered lists • Flexible structure for creating any type of document with section, layout, and page breaks • Table of contents • Word processing utilities including word count and automatic page numbering Compatibility and sharing • export Microsoft Word documents • Export PDF files • Import and export RTF documents, TXT Documents • Support for all image formats (.jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png and more) Powerful writing tools • make template documents with boilerplate text •Date-stamped backups • free-form headers and footers • full screen editing • date-stamped backups • selection of text by text style, paragraph style, color, etc. • find panel allows regular expressions (pattern matching) • Automatic save function let you don't have to worry about losing data. • iWord is able to automatically format bulleted or numbered lists to make your documents crisp and clear. • Find and Replace feature in iWord make your documents easily search

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Smart Recorder - The Voice Recorder - Roe Mobile Development Cover Art

Smart Recorder - The Voice Recorder

Smart Recorder - The Voice Recorder Description

Smart Recorder is a full featured audio recorder. It is ideal for recording classes, meetings, memos, lectures, to do lists and even your kids. It allows the typing of textual notes as time based tags while recording. During playback, you can change the speed to quickly skim through less interesting pieces of a meeting. iCloud allows you to easily exchange recordings with Smart Recorder on iOS. •Time based tags allow you to quickly jump back to important portions of a recording. •Auto pause suspends recording when there is no sound. Recording starts again when talking resumes—perfect for conference room meetings. •Multi speed playback allows you to skim uninteresting conversations quickly. •A forward arrow skips 30 seconds of the recording. •A back button allows you to repeat the last 30 seconds of the recording. •You can append to existing recordings. •A slider allows you to quickly navigate to any part of a long recording. •Smart Recorder provides an export function that creates an HTML file with your tags and an audio file of a format of your choosing. (Use the preference window to change the format). Smart recorder provides a rich set of system settings to control its behavior: •There is a setting that controls the number of seconds the forward and back buttons move you if 30 seconds is not appropriate. •The sampling rate can be set anywhere between 8000-44,100Hz. A lower sampling rate saves disk space while a higher rate gives better audio quality. •You can set the noise (or quietness) threshold at which auto pause activates.

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Fast Word - Edit Word/html/odt/text documents - Lee Gula Cover Art

Fast Word - Edit Word/html/odt/text documents

Fast Word - Edit Word/html/odt/text documents Description

Fast Word is a magic, easy-to-use word processor that can make the writing and the picture have perfect layout, support Retina resolutions and export all the comman formats: .pdf, .rtf, .doc and more . To create the tables and insert the pictures make your document more rich and colorful. Automatic save function let you don't have to worry about losing data. Features Advance word processor ● Simple interface that starts up quickly ● Paragraph and character styles ● Automatically format bulleted or numbered lists ● Flexible structure for creating any type of document with section, layout, and page breaks ● Table of contents Perfect page layout ● Free form layout ● Free text layout Powerful writing tools ● make template documents with boilerplate text ● free-form headers and footers ● alternate colors option (e.g., white text on blue) ● split-window editing ● full screen editing ● date-stamped backups ● selection of text by text style, paragraph style, color, etc. ● find panel allows regular expressions (pattern matching) ● Word processing utilities including word count and automatic page numbering ● Automatic save function let you don't have to worry about losing data. ● GoWord is able to automatically format bulleted or numbered lists to make your documents crisp and clear. ● Use special characters to make documents more expressive and unique. ● Find and Replace feature in Quick Word make your documents easily search Compatibility and sharing ● export Microsoft Word documents ● Send as a mwd, Word, or PDF file directly to email ● Export PDF files ● Import and export RTF documents, TXT Documents ● Support for all image formats (.jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png and more)

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Construction Cost Estimator - Wasatch Digital Media, Inc. Cover Art

Construction Cost Estimator

Construction Cost Estimator Description

Construction Cost Estimator helps contractors and service companies quickly create on-site estimates for construction and repair projects. You can save time and money by creating the estimate on the spot and then emailing it to the customer as a PDF or printing a hardcopy. Each cost item is broken down into Material, Labor, Other, and Subcontract costs. You can save frequently used cost items in your own custom costbook, or you can purchase 3 different Craftsman costbooks within the app that contain detailed costs for over 30,000 common construction items. Just search for a cost item, enter the quantity, and add it to your estimate in 3 easy steps! FEATURES • Fast and easy user interface for creating cost estimates • Customize multiple types of PDF reports to email to to customers, subcontractors, and internal staff • Add the logo and contact info for your company to create professional-looking estimates • Costs are organized by Phases, Areas, and Categories that can be customized for each project • Enter your overhead, profit, and tax rates for each project • The app provides full support for international currencies and units CRAFTSMAN COSTBOOKS You can save common cost items in your own custom costbook, and you can purchase 3 different Craftsman Costbooks within the app via in-app purchase for $49.99 each. The costbook data is only valid in the US and Canada, but the costbooks are also available for purchase internationally. • National Construction Estimator • National Home Improvement Estimator • National Renovation and Insurance Repair Estimator Each costbook contains thousands of common construction items, and the costs are localized to your US Zip Code or Canadian Postal Code. The Craftsman Costbooks are really helpful if you need to provide a cost estimate for work that you haven't done before, or if you need to do a sanity check on cost estimates from subcontractors. You can also copy cost items from the Craftsman Costbooks to your own custom costbook, and then change any of the numbers. WHO USES CONSTRUCTION COST ESTIMATOR? The app is used by many types of contractors, estimators, and service companies, such as: General contractors, electricians, plumbers, builders, landscapers, roofers, painters, carpenters, heating and air conditioning, flooring, siding, tile, concrete, asphalt paving, bathroom and kitchen remodeling, deck builders, handyman services, pest control, real estate flippers and rehabbers, insurance repair estimators, and more! ----- See more screenshots and a sample PDF estimate at: ----- I am dedicated to responding quickly to support requests. If you have questions, problems, or feature requests, please send me an email using the Support link below. -----

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Viewer for Access Database - John Li Cover Art

Viewer for Access Database

Viewer for Access Database Description

Open Microsoft Access database on your Mac with this App, you can view data easily with Filter, Sort, Paging, and export data or schema to other databases. With the In-App Purchase 'Edit Data' and 'DB Creator' you can even edit it directly on your Mac, create new databases and new tables. ( We have a new pro version without any in-app purchase, the App name is 'ACCDB MDB Database Pro, you can buy that version if you don't like in-app purchase. ) Support Access Database Version: - Microsoft Access 2000 - Microsoft Access 2002 - Microsoft Access 2003 - Microsoft Access 2007 - Microsoft Access 2010 - Microsoft Access 2013 You can view App demo video on our youtube channel at Features: - Support mdb and accdb Microsoft Access database format. - View table data with paging list - 10+ data view UI control (include Map, Date Time, Checkbox, Rating, Color, Dropdown, Multi-select ...) - Html View with customisable template, you can build beautiful reports with your template - Filter/Search table data on column - Sort table data by click on the column header - Choose tables to show and columns to show - Drag drop rearrange column order and change column width in main table - Sow cross table data value by ID ( use the Data Picker Setting ) - Zoom data via change data font size - Open MDB(Jet) format Access Database - Open accdb format Access Database - Full screen support - Export table data to CSV format with many options - Export table data to Excel file - Export table data to Insert SQL, support access,mysql,sqlite,oracle,postgresql,sybase. - Export database schema (DDL), support access, mysql,sqlite,oracle,postgresql,sybase. - Big database support, tested on 300MB size database, table rows over 2 million - Works great with companion mobile app 'Access Database Manager' for iPhone and iPad In-App Purchase 'Edit Data' Features: - 10+ data edit UI control (include Map, Date Time, Checkbox, Rating, Color Picker, Dropdown, Multi-select ...) - Update table row data - Delete table row data - Add table row data - Cross table ID,Value single or multi-select using the Data Picker In-app Purchase 'DB Creator' Features: - Create Database - Create Table - Create contacts table by import Contacts - Import CSV data to table or append to existing table In-App Purchase 'Map View' Features: - View Geolocation on map Support two format: 1. Latitude and Longitude column data; 2. any column contain this format geolocation: {lat:11.123,lng:34.56} - Auto update Geolocation by search address Select address column to search, and select save to column to save the found geolocation. Please select the column which have enough length to save Latitude and Longitude. In-App Purchase 'Html View' Features: - Html View Data - Customisable Template - Save Template - Save the result Html to file ( Then you can print it or email it ) - Sample template Pie Chart, Line Chart, Bar Chart included In-App Purchase 'Instant Web Server' Features: - Publish Access data on local network with one single click, view and add data on any web browser from mobile devices or computers - Easy setup template for list page and detail page - Build-in form to add data - Configable URL Path, template and server port - Build-in 10+ Html Table Template In-App Purchase 'App Builder' - Build customised User Interface for your database - Bind database table row data to user control - Support Rows Table List, Row detail data controls, search field If your database don't have password, but still can't open, it maybe encoded. You can use MS Access feature 'Encode/Decode database' to decode it, then open with our App.

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Msg Viewer Pro - Quiana Liu Cover Art

Msg Viewer Pro

Msg Viewer Pro Description

Msg Viewer Pro: the best, easiest, fastest, and reliable way to view Microsoft Outlook *.msg, *.oft, winmail.dat(Microsoft TNEF) and *.eml files. Msg Viewer Pro is also available on iOS. KEY FEATURES: ◆Easy to use, just double-click the msg file to view the contents quickly. ◆View detail information, such as message header, txt body, rtf code body, html code body. ◆Search given content within document ◆Printing ◆Export MSG format to EML, VCF, PDF, HTML, RTF, or TXT. ◆Export EML format to PDF, HTML, RTF, or TXT. ◆Press Space key to quick look the attachment, or double-click to open the attachment in external applications. ◆Save attachments to Downloads folder or selected folder. ◆Quick Look for *.msg files. ◆Spotlight search. SUPPORT: Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about using our products at any time. Email: [email protected]

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PDF Converter with OCR - Enolsoft Co., Ltd. Cover Art

PDF Converter with OCR

PDF Converter with OCR Description

Enolsoft PDF Converter with OCR is an efficient tool that works for your convenience and is wholly suited to get the contents from the scanned PDF or image as well as native PDF files. It enables you to convert PDF to totally editable and searchable documents, including PDF, .pages, .key, .pptx, .doc, .docx, .xlsx, .epub, .html, .text, .rtfd and 5 image formats. It’s a powerful and multifunctional PDF file converter. ==== KEY BENEFITS ==== √ Convert scans including PDFs and images into editable and searchable PDF file. √ Extract text, tables from scanned PDF for editing. √ Convert both native PDF and scanned PDF files to Word, Keynote, Excel, Text, Pages, PowerPoint, Rtfd, ePub, HTML and Image. √ Convert images (PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, TIFF) to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Text, Pages, Keynote, Rtfd, ePub, HTML and other image formats. √ Superior OCR accuracy. √ Easy, fast and accurate. No Adobe Acrobat Needed! √ Fully compatible with macOS High Sierra 10.13. ==== KEY FEATURES ==== * Advanced OCR technology OCR support enables you to export scanned document including image and scanned PDF to fully editable PDF, Text, Rtfd, Microsoft Word, Excel, Keynote, Pages, and HTML. The high OCR accuracy guarantees the text, graphics, and layout quality. * Maintain Perfect Formatting Converted documents look exactly like the original and are easier to edit than ever before, complete with columns, tables, bullets and graphics. * Support All Your Favorite Applications Supports the widest range of output formats including HTML, Pages, Keynote, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Rtfd, Text plus many more formats. * Work with Encrypted PDF documents To convert encrypted PDF, you need to type in the corresponding password before starting the conversion. * Recognize Over 150+ Languages -It includes the recognition of languages, including: English, French, Italian, Chinese, German, Russian, Czech, Turkish, Portuguese, Polish, Romanian, Ukrainian, Greek, Croatian, Bulgarian etc. -It supports PDF files that composed in multiple languages conversion by select the option “Choose Multiple Languages" first. * Batch Convert PDF Document or Partition Conversion Supported - Drag-n-drop multiple PDFs once to PDF Converter With OCR, you can batch convert over 200 PDF files at one time. - Select the specified pages (e.g. 1,3-10,21 or all pages) you want to convert. * No Acrobat Needed It contains no adware, spyware or any other malicious components. You don't need to install any version of Adobe Acrobat to perform all the operations. * Easy to Use The app is specially designed with learn-ability and usability in mind. You don't need any previous experience to OCR the PDF, after import the PDF file, the program will mark out the texts, images and tables on each PDF page automatically, or you could select manually for more accurate conversion. ==== FOLLOW US ==== Like us on Facebook at Follow us on Twitter at Share us on Google+ at To get the latest giveaway and updates news.

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X Word - for Microsoft Word Edition & Open Office Format - Future time Cover Art

X Word - for Microsoft Word Edition & Open Office Format

X Word - for Microsoft Word Edition & Open Office Format Description

Description Quicker, simpler and easier, X Word as a fantastic word processor meets every essential need of your daily word processing tasks. To create the tables and insert the pictures make your document more rich and colorful. With the iCloud built right in X Word, the documents you create are kept up to date across all your devices. Features Perfect page layout ● Free graphics layout ● Free form layout ● Free text layout Powerful writing tools ● alternate colors option (e.g., white text on blue) ● full screen editing ● date-stamped backups ● selection of text by text style, paragraph style, color, etc. ● find panel allows regular expressions (pattern matching) ● View your files in the most comfortable layout by setting-ups in the “View” tab. ● Word processing utilities including word count and automatic page numbering ● Automatic save function let you don't have to worry about losing data. ● X Word is able to automatically format bulleted or numbered lists to make your documents crisp and clear. ● Use special characters to make documents more expressive and unique. ● Find and Replace feature in Magic Word+ make your documents easily search Compatibility and sharing ● export Microsoft Word documents ●Export files to HTML with/without styles, PDF, RTF/DOC with pictures. ● Support for all image formats (.jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png and more) X Word is a fully and powerful featured on the MacBook Pro's new Retina display.

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Moon Invoice - Estimate, purchase order, timesheet - Moon Technolabs Pvt Ltd Cover Art

Moon Invoice - Estimate, purchase order, timesheet

Moon Invoice - Estimate, purchase order, timesheet Description

Moon Invoice is unique and 1st invoice app with iCloud sync for Mac OSX and iOS for small businesses and individual — Best Selling Records at many app stores — ● Main Features: - Create invoices, estimates, purchase orders, customers, vendors and payment receipts - 22 Professional PDF templates - Multiple Company/Business support (up to 3) - PDF preview within app before sending to client - Option to customize PDF layouts and alignments based on your needs - Support up to 2 Signatures with name, title and date options - Manage payment with multiple payment options, easy to generate payment receipt in PDF format - Home tab with summary info, line, bar and pie charts, quarter view with quick filters - Easy to create customer/vendor from address book - Instant search and filter options for customers, vendors, invoices, estimates and purchase orders - Create Invoice from basecamp time logs - Timesheet with projects/tasks and advanced filters - Paypal button support - Account standing details of customer like outstanding, paid etc - Easy to create invoice from Timesheet - Option to convert estimate to invoice - Multiple taxes support and easy to calculates total taxes with date filters and quarters wise - Option to customize PDF template by your own image and colors - Option to customize email format for invoice, estimate, PO and payment receipt - Stock balance display for each product based on purchase orders and Invoices - Statement generate for customer/vendor with date filters - App work for both service and product based invoices - Discount options on item or invoice - Resizable Window & Full-screen support - Option to set prefix for invoice/estimate/p.o. number e.g. INV14001 - Offline use and sync later with iCloud - Backup/restore options - Allow importing products & tasks from CSV file - Manage product stock manually or automatically based on Invoices and P.O. - Almost all currencies which supported by Mac OSX - Fully editable all titles/captions of pdf and app ● Why this app? - No need to signup and you can go with one time fees - Local storage or with iCloud with multiple devices sync cross platform (iOS, Mac OSX) - Create unlimited invoices, estimates etc, as there is not any limit from app side, as it depends on your iCloud storage - Very user-friendly, simple and easy to use, no need any extra accounting knowledge to use ● Most welcome for any suggestion or feedback to make better and enhance app

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Invoicing - ExLibris Cover Art


Invoicing Description

Create professional invoices easily in few clicks with 'Invoicing' ! • Suited for small companies and independant workers • Print your invoice or save them in PDF version • Easy tax calculation • Manage your customer information by importing contacts from your Address Book • Generate custom reports to follow your commercial activity

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Screens 4 - Edovia Inc. Cover Art

Screens 4

Screens 4 Description

Access your computers from wherever you are! Screens lets you connect back to your Mac, Windows, Linux PC or Raspberry Pi and control it from the comfort of your living room, the corner coffee shop or anywhere in the world. Work on that spreadsheet you left at home, perform software updates on your server ten thousand miles away, help your dad configure his computer in your hometown. Screens is fast, secure and reliable. KEY FEATURES • Curtain Mode Keep your Mac desktop hidden while accessing it. • File Transfers Share files between Macs via drag and drop. • Connect Safely Screens can connect back to your computer through a secured connection. • Connect from Everywhere Install Screens Connect on your Mac or Windows PC and make it easily reachable from anywhere in the world. • Session Selection Connect as yourself or share a session with another Mac user. • Multiple Display Support Your Mac has several displays? Screens lets you select an individual one or show them all at once. • Clipboard Sharing Exchange rich text, URLs, images and more via your local or the remote clipboard. Screens can also keep them in sync. • Touch Bar Support Adaptive and handy shortcuts accessible right at your fingertips. • Groups Gather your saved screens as groups and keep everything in order. • Help Out Your Friends, Relatives or Colleagues Have them download our free Screens Express utility and gain access their Mac to help them troubleshoot issues, update apps, etc. MORE FEATURES • One Click User Password • Synchronize your content via iCloud or Dropbox • Adaptive Quality • URL Schemes Support (RFC 2396) • SSH Key support • Observe and Control Modes • Hot Corners Support • Send commands to your computer before disconnecting • And so much more! SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS • A VNC Server, such as UltraVNC or TightVNC, is required to connect to a Windows PC. • Windows, Linux PCs and Raspberry Pi can only send or receive text and URLs. • Screens will not receive any sound from your computer. This is a limitation of the RFB protocol the app is using. • Screens Connect requires OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard or later. You will need to create a free Screens ID. See Screens’ User Guide for details.

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Tap Forms Organizer 5 Database - Tap Zapp Software Inc. Cover Art

Tap Forms Organizer 5 Database

Tap Forms Organizer 5 Database Description

Your digital filing cabinet for life’s scattered details. Now with macOS Mojave and Scripting support! Accounts, recipes, expenses, inventory — life is full of things that we don’t want to forget or misplace. Tap Forms 5 helps you organize all kinds of things in one place — secure, searchable, and accessible on your Mac (iOS + Apple Watch app sold separately). How can one app organize everything? Because not only can you use and customize the 33 built-in templates but you can create your own “forms” for inputting any kind of information, even if that information includes pictures, doodles, audio recordings, calculations, file attachments, ratings, or even links to other forms. This makes it almost like building your very own customized organization app. +++ Mac Format Magazine (March, 2014) - comparing Tap Forms to other organizational programs: "Tap Forms is the clear winner by a mile. The user interface is beautifully Mac-like, the structuring of data is similar enough to Bento that it offers only a shallow learning curve, it offers a direct import of Bento templates, and the iOS companion app is great." • Capture your way: add a picture, type some text, attach a file — there are 25 different types of information that can be captured with Tap Forms. • Organize your way: Create and design custom forms exactly how you want to for optimal organization. Get started with one of our ready-to-go form templates, or easily make a custom one from scratch with our integrated form building tools. • Store confidential data with confidence: Tap Forms' security settings let you optionally require a password, and even auto-lock when idle for a custom period of time. Using AES encryption, you can rest easy knowing your data is safe and secure. • Import, Export, Share: It’s easy to import your data from existing files, so getting started is a breeze. Import your data from text, CSV, Bento and more. Exporting allows you to share with Mac, Windows, and Linux users. Advanced Features: • Scripting support. You can now create JavaScripts to perform all kinds of operations on your records. • Sync with Tap Forms for iOS and Mac using iCloud, IBM Cloudant, Nearby (WiFi), or with your own Apache CouchDB sync server. • Layout designer for creating custom form layouts • Advanced search rules with multi-field record filtering • Lightning-fast search • Share form templates with friends, family, and co-workers • Import & Export standard text, CSV and XLSX files from Excel, Numbers, or other systems • Print 24 different types of barcodes including ISBN, UPC, Code 39, QR code, EAN, and more! • Label printing engine includes over 1,000 Avery® label templates • Print record details • List, multi-column, calendar, map, and photo grid views. Store 25 different types of information, such as: • Scripts • Tables • Link to form (relational links between forms) • Inverse relationships • File Attachment with multi-file support • Email address • GPS location • Contact • Text • Date • Time • Date & time • Number • Rating • Web site address • Check mark • Note • Audio notes (record on iOS, playback on Mac) • Photos • Drawings (draw on iOS, view on Mac) • Phone number • Section headings • Calculations • Signature (capture on iOS, view on Mac) Includes more than 33 built-in forms, including: • Audio dictation • Bank accounts • Clients • Client call log • Credit & debit cards • Daily journal • Expenses • Frequent flyer numbers • Health insurance • Homework assignments • Loyalty cards • Personal health cards • Security alarm codes • Serial numbers • Vehicle insurance • Website accounts • Wine collection

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PDF Reader Pro - Doc Expert - Kdan Mobile Software LTD Cover Art

PDF Reader Pro - Doc Expert

PDF Reader Pro - Doc Expert Description

Building upon the global success of 50 million+ downloads of PDF Reader series, Kdan Mobile has taken a step forward to migrate the technology to Apple’s Mac platform. Covering all the essentials and more, PDF Reader is one of the world’s leading PDF solutions across any Apple device. Its expert features allow you to view, annotate, combine, compress, organize and sign PDFs with ease. Now you can efficiently work with PDFs on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. AWARDS AND RECOGNITION - Featured as one of “Best PDF reader for Mac of 2018” apps on Techradar. - Productivity: Top 10 free app in USA, Germany, China, Brazil, UK and many other stores. KEY FEATURES VIEW FILES • View multiple PDFs as tabs • View BOTA (Bookmark, Outline, Thumbnail, Annotation Summary) • Auto Flow • View PDF in single page or two pages view. • Change PDF background • Night reading mode ANNOTATE PDF • Highlight, underline, and strikeout text • Add shapes, sticky notes, and text boxes • PDF Signature & form filling • Add stamps indicating time and date information • Insert hyperlinks to external websites, target pages, and email address MANAGE FILES • Two operating modes – File Viewer & Management • Create PDF from connected scanner and iOS devices • Create shortcuts to import local folders connecting with PDF Reader • Organize PDF files with tags • Compress PDFs TRANSFER FILES • File sync among all PDF Reader series using iCloud, Dropbox, and Kdan Cloud PREMIUM PDF FEATURES • OCR Converter • Batch encrypting PDF documents • Apply bates number to PDF pages • Customize PDF with headers, footers, and page numbers • Rotate, rearrange, add, & delete PDF pages • Add PDF watermark, merge & split KDAN CLOUD SERVICES – SIGN UP FOR FREE • View PDFs online by sending file links. • Upload and manage files directly from your browser. • Send download links from the web with password protection. SUBSCRIPTION PLANS - Kdan cloud: $2.99/month or $9.99/year (includes 500 GB cloud storage) Subscriptions will be charged through your iTunes account at the confirmation of purchase. Your subscriptions will automatically renew unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of current subscription period. Your iTunes account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, for the same duration and at the present subscription price. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during an active subscription period. You may manage your subscriptions in your iTunes Account Settings after purchase Terms of service: Privacy Policy: WE’D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU! Follow us on Twitter: @kdanpdfreader Follow us on Facebook: PDF Reader CAN WE GIVE A HAND? Got a question? Contact us at [email protected] or check out https//

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PDF Editor Pro - Wondershare Software Co., Ltd Cover Art

PDF Editor Pro

PDF Editor Pro Description

An unbeatable PDF editor in your business! *** Time-limited special offer 40% Off (Original Price $99.99) *** Why Choose Wondershare PDF Editor Pro? It is a powerful and easy to handle PDF tool. It allows editing your PDF from any documents, web pages, or even a scanned document. You can easily add, delete, move text and images within a PDF. It also allows you to leave notes and annotation. What's more,it's a great converter to convert a PDF to Office suite. It is an affordable alternative to Adobe Acrobat. Key Features: √ Fast Conversion with OCR • Easily convert PDF to Word, Excel, PPT, Text, Image, HTML, EPUB. • The advanced OCR technology is design to digitize scanned PDF, making it possible to convert scanned PDF to editable files. √ Full Editing • Edit PDF documents including adding, deleting, moving, or modifying text. When editing PDF text, the auto-matching system will detect the font in the text block and match the newly added text automatically. • Mark up and annotate. There are lots of drawing tools such as highlight, underline, strike through, sticky note, hyperlink, text boxes, rectangles, arrow, line, oval, clouds, customized colors, line weights etc. • Manage your PDF files easily. Insert, extract, rotate or delete PDF page. √ Fill Out/Create/Merge/Split PDF • Fill out the original PDF forms easily. • Create a new PDF from web pages, images or text files. • Combine different PDF into a single one or split a large PDF into small ones. √ Sign & Remove Watermark • You can scan your handwritten signature into an image and import it as a stamp to any of your electronic PDF files. • If you don't want the watermark on your PDF, just remove it with PDF Editor Pro! • Predefined and customized stamp types help users to give and share feedback much more easier, such as "Reviewed", "Approved", "Confidential" and more. √ Encrypt PDF files • You can set a password to protect confidential PDF files from being opened by unauthorized users. √ Support emailing and printing edited PDF directly. √ Yes, it works with OS X 10.6.6 or later! ------------------------------------------------------------------ Need help? Please contact us and we'll feedback to you ASAP. Suport: Facebook: Email: [email protected] If you love this app, do not hesitate to leave a review.

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Desktop Clock - Raj Kumar Shaw Cover Art

Desktop Clock

Desktop Clock Description

Desktop Clock is a simple way of knowing exactly what time it is. The look and feel of the clock is very user friendly with many add ons that are always in plain view. This is another app from iLifeTouch that will make your life easier one day at a time Features * Keep track of your city * Add three additional timezones * Option to have on top * Option to resize clocks * 8 Styles clocks

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VSD Viewer Pro - LawBox LLC Cover Art

VSD Viewer Pro

VSD Viewer Pro Description

Need to view a Microsoft Visio document on your Mac? There's an app for that. Finally, you can view the contents of Visio VSD, VSS, VDX, VSX, VSDX, and VSSX email attachments without having to ask a friend to borrow their Windows laptop! VSD Viewer Pro converts Microsoft Visio Stencil and Drawing documents into PDF and a wide variety of image formats. Drag and drop files into VSD Viewer Pro, or open them directly. Once you've exported your VSD document, you can share the results with any Mac – no additional software necessary!. VSD Viewer Pro is NOT an editor: it converts your Visio documents into a format that can be read on your Mac. Please see the screenshots for representative examples of converted content. VSD Viewer Pro is not endorsed, supported, sanctioned, approved, or manufactured by Microsoft Corporation, or Microsoft, Inc.. Technical support is readily available from: [email protected] If you can find a Visio document that VSD Viewer Pro can't view, send the file to [email protected] We'll analyze the document and respond right away! Note: if you experience problems with VSD Viewer Pro (or any other app) constantly updating itself, check out the discussion at the following link for possible solutions:

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Vitamin-R 2 - Cover Art

Vitamin-R 2

Vitamin-R 2 Description

▷ 4.5/5 Stars, Macworld May 2015 Recapture the Lost Art of Joyful Concentration. Overcome Procrastination. Get Motivated. Vitamin-R creates optimal conditions for your brain by structuring your work into short bursts of distraction-free, highly-focused activity alternating with opportunities for renewal, reflection and intuition. The built-in task logging and analysis features create positive momentum towards productivity by providing you with visible feedback on your progress and achievements. ▷ Slices Up Daunting Tasks into Manageable Chunks Vitamin-R breaks down large, vaguely defined tasks into a series of short "time slices" of between 10 and 30 minutes, each with a specific, easily reachable and actionable objective. ▷ Keeps You Focused Vitamin-R features an array of highly configurable visual, audio and speech notifications that prod you back to your task as soon as your attention starts to wander. ▷ Gets You Started, Keeps You Motivated Vitamin-R allows you to break through the resistance of procrastination and create a positive feedback loop of small achievements that get you closer to your ultimate aims. ▷ Effective Task Switching Task switching is a big, but often unavoidable productivity killer. Vitamin-R makes it as efficient as possible and the built-in "breadcrumbing" technique helps you pick up where you left off. ▷ Productive Breaks Regular breaks are not for slackers. In fact, they are especially important for people who work with high focus. Vitamin-R's timed breaks make sure that your renewal break does not turn into a free afternoon and the "priming" technique allows your intuition to work overtime before you even start on an objective. ▷ Find Your Rhythm Each one of us is different. Find out what works best for you and unlock the key to true productivity. Vitamin-R provides the tools to gain improved awareness of your preferred work methods and rhythms. Armed with this new knowledge, you can eliminate unproductive work patterns. ▷ Get It Out of Your Head Quickly Did you know that your short term memory can only hold 4-6 "chunks" of information? The slightest interruption and it's all gone and you have to start from scratch. That's why Vitamin-R provides you with the "Now & Later Board", complete with FastType magic, to give you a place to quickly dump all those things that go through your head and allow you to quickly return to your task. ▷ Make It Your Own Vitamin-R plugs into your life rather than trying to take it over. You can use it occasionally to overcome procrastination or mental blocks or re-organize your entire working life around the concepts that it embodies. ▷ Works with OmniFocus, Things & The Hit List Vitamin-R integrates with traditional to-do list managers rather than trying to replace them. ▷ Block Out Noise The built-in noise machine can block out irritating coworkers and create energizing soundscapes. ▷ Eliminate Distractions Vitamin-R helps you reduce distractions by automatically eliminating desktop clutter and hiding unrelated applications. ▷ Syncs with all your Mac OS X and iOS Devices Vitamin-R for Mac seamlessly syncs with the iPhone version and multiple Macs via its simple Dropbox integration, so you can log your time slices wherever you are. ▷ Ideal for Pomodoro Technique Aficionados Vitamin-R provides everything you need to implement the Pomodoro Technique: sophisticated timer, log book and analysis component. ▷ Attention Deficit Disorder While Vitamin-R was never specifically designed with ADHD "sufferers" in mind, many ADHD-ers have found its approach to focusing attention invaluable.

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PDF to JPG Pro - RootRise Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Cover Art

PDF to JPG Pro

PDF to JPG Pro Description

PDF to JPG Pro is as simple as effective conversion tool for fastest ways to batch convert PDF documents into best quality images. PDF to JPG Pro has advance feature to set watch folder, where any incoming PDF documents will convert into images automatically in background. PDF to JPG Pro converts each PDF page as image and support to extract out raster images from PDF document. Supported image formats are JPEG, JPEG2000, PNG, TIFF, GIF and BMP and others. * * * PDF to JPG for iOS (iPad, iPhone and iPod) is also available on the iTunes App Store. * * * WATCH FOLDER: A Pro version automation feature. Individuals, business or organizations are challenged to perform repetitive task like PDF to Image conversion. PDF to JPG Pro solves it with powerful, time saver watch folder automation feature. Set watch folder options and conversion settings. Where any incoming PDF files into assigned watched folder invokes PDF to image conversion in background and automatically gets converted as images into target folder. - Very simple to use, Its a time saver. Set Watch Folder options once and run application in automation mode forever. FEATURES: - Batch conversion of hundreds of PDF files at lightning fast speed. - Option to extract images out of PDF documents. (PRO FEATURE) - Add PDF files recursively from sub-folders into conversion list. - An advance option to maintain source directory hierarchy at destination with converted images in respective folders. While conversion PDF to JPG automatically creates intermediate directories of input PDF path in target folder with converted images. - Conversion options to choose from Destination Image Types, Color Model, JPEG image Quality, Image Resolution and Page Range. - Smart Color Model option. Convert PDF into images using RGB, CMYK and Gray color model. (PRO FEATURE) - JPEG quality control. Set JPEG quality from lossless to least for JPEG and JPEG2000 image format. It allows you to control output image size and viewing quality. - Image Resolution option supported for JPEG, PSD, PNG, TIFF and BMP image formats. - Output Image size options in Width and Height. Convert each page image exact fit into provided Width and Height values. Keep Width and Height field empty for automatic conversion only using provided Resolution. - Pixels, Points, Inches, cm and mm are supported unit types for Width and Height. - Support to convert password protected PDF documents using correct password. - Simply drag and drop out PDF file paths from conversion list in applications like Finder, Preview and other applications to start conversion. PDF to JPG Pro will convert dragged PDF files into selected destination images format at dropped destination. - Very flexible options to add PDF files. Simply Drag & Drop into list or Right click Open With in Finder or Drop on "PDF to JPG" application to add files for conversion beside direct Add File/Folder buttons. - Option to create separate folder for each PDF file in target to store converted output images. SUPPORTED DESTINATION IMAGE FORMATS: - Adobe Photoshop document (*.psd) - GIF Image (*.gif) - JPEG 2000 Image (*.jp2) - JPEG Image (*.jpg) - OpenEXR Image (*.exr) - Mac OS icon image (*.icns) - PNG Image (*.png) - Portable Document Format (*.pdf) - TGA Image (*.tga) - TIFF Image (*.tiff) - Multi-page TIFF Image (*.tiff) - Windows Bitmap Image(*.bmp) You can refer User Manual from menu "Help -> PDF to JPG Pro Help" for any assistance Or Contact Support.

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Document Converter - RootRise Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Cover Art

Document Converter

Document Converter Description

Document Converter offers to batch convert various document file formats into Microsoft Office formats, OpenOffice formats and RTF. Easy to use and robust Document Converter is very helpful to convert old or unsupported document formats on Mac OS into newer well known supported document formats. Do you receive old or unsupported documents as email attachments on you mac? Are you switched from Windows to Mac and found plenty of files not opening on your Mac? Do you have lots of old format files and wants to migrate all to newer formats? The easiest way to circumvent these problems is to convert all such files to either Microsoft Office documents (.doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx, xls, xlsx), OpenOffice documents (.odt, .odp, .ods) or RTF files using Document Converter. FEATURES • Converts following word processor document formats into Microsoft Word document (.doc, .docx), OpenOffice document (.odt) and RTF. - Microsoft Word Document (.doc, .docx) - Microsoft Works Word (.wps) - OpenOffice Write Document (.odt, .ott, .fodt, .sxw, .stw, .sxg) - Plain text files (.txt, .text, .log, .xml, to name a few) - Source code files (.m, .mm, .c, .cpp, .h, .java, to name a few) - Script code text files (.sh, csh, .py, .php, to name a few) - Rich Text Format (.rtf) - WordPerfect 1-11 (.wpd, .wp) - Lotus Word document - ClarisWorks/AppleWorks document (.cwk) - AbiWord document - Hangul 97 word processor document - HanMac Word-K/J - LightWayText for Mac 4.5 - WriteNow document and more • Converts following presentation formats into Microsoft PowerPoint presentation (.ppt, .pptx) and OpenOffice Impress presentation (.odp) - Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation (.ppt, .pptx) - OpenOffice Impress Presentation (.odp, .otp, . fodp, .sdd, .sti, .sxi) and more • Converts following spreadsheet formats into Microsoft Excel workbook (.xls, .xlsx) and OpenOffice Calc worksheet (.odt). - Microsoft Excel Workbook (.xls, .xlsx) - OpenOffice Calc Spreadsheet (.ods, .ots, .sxc, .stc, .uos) - Lotus 1-2-3 Worksheet file (.wk1, .wk2, .123) - Microsoft Works Spreadsheet (.wks) - Quattro Pro 6 - OpenOffice Formula file (.odf) - ClarisWorks/AppleWorks spreadsheet and database document (.cwk) - Comma Separated Values text file (.csv) and more • Retains complete layout, images and graphics into converted target format. • Very flexible options to add files into conversion list. Simply Drag & Drop into list or Right click Open With in Finder or Drop on "Document Converter" application to add files for export beside direct Add File/Folder buttons. • An advance option to maintain source directory hierarchy at destination with converted files in respective folders. While conversion Document Converter automatically creates intermediate directories of source file path in target folder with converted formats. • Source as destination folder to output documents beside original document in same folder on your computer. • Options to keep original file creation and modification date in converted files. Note: The “Document Converter" is a standalone application running natively to convert documents into targeted format securely right on your computer, you don’t need internet connection or to install any third party application or plugin to convert a document.

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Text Extractor - Extract text from PDF & Image with OCR - Gerald Ni Cover Art

Text Extractor - Extract text from PDF & Image with OCR

Text Extractor - Extract text from PDF & Image with OCR Description

Text Extractor helps you turn scanned PDF documents, digital images into searchable and editable text content. It can eliminate your retyping effort by the advanced OCR (Optical character recognition) technology, which can recognize text from image accurately and extract text content efficiently. **Free demo version is available on our official website** Key Features: * Convert PDF and image into searchable and editable text content It's frustrated if you got an scanned PDF or image file, you'll have to retype them over manually if you want to get the information. With Text Extractor, you can unlock text content, easily get and use the information locked in PDF files. * Advanced OCR Feature When you scan a paper document and save it as PDF or image file, actually the whole content will be captured as image instead of text and font information, OCR tech is used for text recognition. Accuracy is the core of an OCR app, Text Extract's recognition accuracy can reach up to 90% if the source file has high quality. Save your time from correcting error after conversion. * Intuitive interface, easy-to-use OCR conversion is not an easy task, but with the easy-to-use interface, you can finish extraction in fewer steps. 1. Open a PDF or image file, 2. Select document language, 3. Click 'Extract' button to start OCR recognition, 4. Done, you can copy the text to clipboard or export it as .txt file. * Wide Range of Supported Languages Text Extract can detect 10 languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Swedish, Russian, Polish, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese. * Efficient Conversion At Greater Speed Text Extractor efficiently converts large PDF documents and images into editable and searchable text, and deliver the converted text content faster. If OCR is not enabled, it takes less than 1 sec to extract each page. And it lets you edit and modify the extracted text content directly in the built-in text editor, you can copy the content into clipboard and export as plain text (.txt). * Here are something you can do for improving OCR results: - Please increase the resolution to 300 dpi for standard printed text, and higher for small font, - Rotate the page to the correct orientation before performing OCR. - Choose the correct document language, - Select the areas you don't want to extract can increase conversion accuracy and efficiency, such as image and charts etc. If you have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact our support team via [email protected], thanks!

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HTML Email Signature - Outlook - Element26, Inc. Cover Art

HTML Email Signature - Outlook

HTML Email Signature - Outlook Description

Neither Microsoft Outlook 2011, 2016, 2019, nor 365 for Mac offer creation of email signatures from HTML. Only a rich-text editing box is provided, without the ability for more customization. HTML Email Signature - Outlook enhances these capabilities by allowing customized creation of email signatures from HTML. Simply type in a name for your signature, add your HTML, and your signature is created! A button to preview the HTML is also available. ** READ BEFORE PURCHASING ** - Valid HTML must be provided. This is not a design utility. Issues with formatting and/or appearance of the final signature are directly tied to the HTML code. - An installed version of Microsoft Outlook (2011, 2016, 2019, 365) is required for this application to function.

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PDF Guru Pro: Edit & Read PDF - Kun Wei Cover Art

PDF Guru Pro: Edit & Read PDF

PDF Guru Pro: Edit & Read PDF Description

Fast and clean tabbed style PDF reader & editor, which make reading & editing enjoyable and efficient. Key features: * Tabbed style window; * PDF Pages Editing; * Provides themes, including night mode; * Annotate PDF; * Split view; * Outline editing; * In-document bookmarking; * Tabbed style sidebar; * Clean and powerful toolbar; * Powerful searching capabilities; Please feel free to drop us an email ([email protected]) if any question.

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Legal Contract & Document Templates - All-In-One Personal & Business Documents - Hoi Yan Mak Cover Art

Legal Contract & Document Templates - All-In-One Personal & Business Documents Description

In the 21st century, verbal talk is no longer sufficient, whether it is related to personal or business dealings. Everything must be in black and white to avoid misunderstandings that may lead to potential disputes later. With Legal Contract & Document Templates, you can save time and money via instant access to hundreds of simple to use/edit, personal and business contracts. Templates are sorted by the following categories: - Business Partnership Contracts - Child Care Contracts - Contracts For Children - Debt and Loans - Employee Agreements - Event Contracts - Health and Medical Contracts - Household Services Contracts - Job Contracts - Miscellaneous Contracts - Personal Relationship Agreements - Professional Services Contracts - Real Estate Contracts - Rental Contracts - Sales Contract - Will ---Features--- * Over 200+ easy to use personal and business contracts * Simple User Interface to edit, print and save templates * Documents can be saved in Word or PDF format Disclaimer: The contents of this app are designed for reference purpose only and does not constitute any form of legal service. The publisher of this app will not be liable for any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly from the use of this app. Users are advised to seek competent legal advice.

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Easy Invoice - Starfish Cover Art

Easy Invoice

Easy Invoice Description

Easy Invoice is a simple and flexible invoicing app. It is the perfect companion for freelancers and professionals who don't need to spend a lot of time on creating invoices. If you send a limited number of invoices every month, and don't want to spend a lot of time with complex invoicing applications, Simply Invoice is the solution! It is quick and easy to create an invoice and keep it organized. Simply Invoice starts from the last invoice created and suggests to either keep or change the previous data, helping to streamline creating new invoices. Like a text editor, it doesn't use rigidly structured fields, so it is applicable to many different countries and professions. All fields are customizable colors, typefaces and font sizes. To help keep invoices from being overwritten, you can lock invoices. Invoices can also be unlocked to make changes to later on. This app actually dos not make counts, we plan to add in the next version, If you have feedback, comments or requests, please contact us using the support URL.

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TN5250 - MochaSoft Cover Art


TN5250 Description

The AS/400 - also called the "IBM iSeries," is a midrange server from IBM, designed for the business world. TN5250 is a terminal emulator which provides access to an AS/400. Before buying try the free TN5250 Lite version.  FEATURES: - Supports all standard 5250 emulation features - Alternate screen size (24x80 or 27x132) - SSL/TLS (Secure Socket Layer) - Zoom and scroll as the Safari browser - Auto login - Support for 10 different EBCDIC code pages - Colors can be customized - Device name support - Hotspots

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OLM Converter Pro - AppEd - Gladwev Software Private Limited Cover Art

OLM Converter Pro - AppEd

OLM Converter Pro - AppEd Description

Powerful, reliable yet easy to use Email Migration Tool for Outlook:mac 2011 OLM files. Have you been using Outlook:mac 2011 for a long time and have tons of emails, contacts and calendar events in it? Planning to switch your email application but afraid of losing your valuable emails or a long list of contacts or appointments in Outlook? OLM Converter Pro is definitely the best choice to migrate your Outlook:mac 2011 emails, contacts and calendar events to Apple Mail, Address Book, iCal, Microsoft® Entourage 2004/2008, Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox or other software application on variety of platforms. [Note : We have also released an advanced utility "OLM Converter Ultimate" on AppStore, which is capable of handling Outlook:mac native database/identity as well as OLM files. Recommended.] * Convert emails, contacts and calendar from Outlook:mac 2011 OLM file to Apple Mail, Address Book and iCal It is completely hassle free way and saves you a lot of time in migrating from Outlook to Apple Mail. Your folder’s hierarchical structure will be migrated as it is. Attachments will be preserved. And yes! non-English content is also converted faithfully. * Convert Outlook:mac OLM emails to Thunderbird/Postbox Move your emails to Thunderbird or Postbox (any platform) flawlessly. * Convert OLM Emails/Contacts/Calendar to Entourage Looking for a solution to migrate back to Microsoft Entourage? Only OLM Converter Pro lets you export your data from OLM files to Microsoft Entourage Archive 2004/2008. * Convert OLM file to standard MBOX or EML OLM Converter Pro has been designed very carefully to provide you a single solution for your Outlook:mac email migration needs. It can export your OLM files to industry standard MBOX files or EML files too. MBOX and EML files can be handled by many e-mail client applications on variety of platforms including smart phones/tables. * Preserves text in all languages It preserves non-English content (Data in languages other than English such as European or East Asian languages). Whichever country you live in, whichever language you speak or write or all possible languages your emails might have, OLM Converter Pro is ideal choice for you! * Preserves message attachments and nested messages Worried about your heavy email attachments? Leave it to us. It can process all sizes and types of attachments as well as nested emails . Or do you have doubts because your OLM file is very big? There is absolutely no file size limitation (tested with ~24 GB of single OLM file). It’s proven reliability and performance keeps OLM Converter Pro ahead of competition. * Export OLM Contacts to Address Book or vCard (.vcf) You can import these vCard files into Address Book or any other vCard compatible application. It can process contact photo, notes and more than 50 Contact fields (effectively everything in OLM Contact data) to ensure no data loss. You can also merge all contacts into a single vCard file for better portability and data backup. * Convert OLM Calendar to standard iCalendar (.ics) Export your Outlook 2011 Calendar Events to standard iCalendar files. You can import .ics files into iCal or any other iCalendar compatible application. You can also merge all calendar events into a single .ics file for better portability and data backup. * Multiple OLM Export in one click You have many OLM files backed up on a disk or from different machines. Add all of them to OLM Converter Pro and export all mails/contacts/calendar in one go. Even if you are not a computer expert, you will still find it easy to use. * High performance Utility. Forget about multi step and tedious Windows or Java based solutions for OLM file conversion and save a lot of time. Do it yourself and just get it done like a Pro! ▪ Notes: OLM file format is archive format for Outlook:mac 2011. Windows based Outlook uses PST file for archiving purpose. Please use "PST Converter Pro" to convert your PST file.

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Pack for MS Office - FENGMEI QIN Cover Art

Pack for MS Office

Pack for MS Office Description

Pack for MS Office is a pack of templates for Microsoft's Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for your Mac. You can get a great number of different themes. Pack for MS Office provides you with hundreds of professional designs for Word documents, scores of spreadsheet templates for Excel, dozens of impressive slideshow themes for PowerPoint. Save time and achieve the best results with Pack for MS Office! Features • Templates for MS Word The handy Templates for MS Word pack supplies hundreds of easy-to-use templates for creating business and personal documents with MS Word. It provides a comprehensive selection of designs, from newsletters and brochures to cards and resumes. Each and every layout features quality design and great usability. • Templates for MS Excel The high-quality Templates for MS Excel collection offers scores of diverse and practical templates for MS Excel. Use them for your business or personal needs to make your daily tasks a lot more manageable. Personalize the templates to your requirements: create tables, make calculations, draw diagrams, and insert images, attending to your job efficiently and without trouble. • Templates for MS PowerPoint The impressive Templates for MS PowerPoint set consists of dozens of high-quality designs for PowerPoint presentations. More than just good-looking backgrounds. This allows you to choose the best layout for your information, whether it is mostly made up of bullet points, contains a mix of text and illustrations, or presents multiple graphs and tables. * Requires Microsoft Office 2008 or later. Contact us: [email protected]

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Privacy Guard - Pocket Bits LLC Cover Art

Privacy Guard

Privacy Guard Description

SALE! $29.99 -> $14.99 FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! ■ #1 Fastest algorithm for secure deletion on the Mac App! (Up to 35 passes!) ■ United States Department of Defense Method for secure deletion (DoD 5220.22-M) ■ Featured on EatAppleNews, Brothersoft, and many more! “Didn’t know my web browsers put so much stuff on my computer while I was on their site. I kept seeing ads for golf clubs! Wish I found this app sooner. It cleaned almost 2 GB of junk eating up my hard drive space! More importantly, no more golf ads to tempt me!”. “With Apple removing the refresh button on Safari, I didn’t know how to get rid of all the accumulated trash. Privacy Guard scanned and removed all the junk that was building up from all the temporary internet files. I use it regularly now to speed up my web browsing. ” Securely remove all that bulk that is weighing down the speed of your Mac. If your web browser is starting to run clunky, it’s because of pesky files that violate your privacy and allow targeted advertisements to collect data on you. Privacy Guard deep scans your Mac to find and remove files that track your location, browsing history, cookies, flash cookies, and other temporary files to stop spammers and advertisers from spying on your system. ≈ 3 levels of SECURE deletion ≈ ◎ Quickly and SECURELY overwrite your threats with one pass ◎ Overwrite your threats with US DoD 7-pass government standard ◎ File recovery won't be an option with the MOST SECURE 35-pass Gutmann method ≈ 1-Click to clean THREATS in ≈ ◎ Web browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc) ◎ Flash Player (Cookies) ◎ Mail Downloads ◎ Preview (Recent Items) ◎ QuickTime Player (Cache, Download Quarantine History) Privacy Guard secure deletion covers your tracks, browsing history, and private information. Sensitive data that is deleted normally is still easily recoverable. Privacy Guard prevents lurkers and snoopers from recovering this private information by using proprietary advanced algorithms that make data recovery impossible. Privacy Guard secures your privacy at the utmost highest level of standards. ≈ Other award winning apps in our family ≈ ◉ BitMedic AntiVirus - ◉ Adware Cleaner - ◉ Sleep Alarm Clock - For any questions, suggestions, or bugs, please email us at [email protected] We cannot respond directly to user reviews, so we encourage you to email us directly for the fastest response. We want to hear your thoughts and make improvements to future versions of this app to keep you happy. We plan to make active updates powered by your love and support! Every bit helps! :)

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Templates for PowerPoint (Microsoft) - Lee Gula Cover Art

Templates for PowerPoint (Microsoft)

Templates for PowerPoint (Microsoft) Description

*Requires Microsoft Office 2008 or later, which has to be purchased separately. Templates for PowerPoint (Microsoft) set consists of high-quality designs for PowerPoint presentations. You can get dozens of great-looking presentation templates (80+ templates) for PowerPoint. Save time and achieve the best results with Templates for PowerPoint (Microsoft)! Features: * Professional Templates (great-looking) * Unique Designs * Lots of categories * Very Handy * Totally customizable * Saves Time Most elements in Templates for PowerPoint (Microsoft) can be effortlessly recolored, moved, or removed. Type or paste your own text, add or remove text boxes and change the fonts, even modify illustrations if you wish. Replace stock images with your own illustrations. Make your work easier with Templates for PowerPoint (Microsoft)! Feel free to drop me an email if any problem: [email protected], i'm sincerely happy to help you.

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