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Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer Description

** Apple Design Award Winner ** Professional Graphic Design Software for the Mac. Affinity Designer is the fastest, smoothest, most precise vector graphic design software available. Whether you’re working on graphics for marketing materials, websites, icons, UI design or just like creating cool concept art, Affinity Designer will revolutionize how you work. It takes full advantage of macOS technologies such as OpenGL, Grand Central Dispatch, Core Graphics and is fully optimized for 64-bit and multi-core processors to squeeze every ounce of available performance from your hardware – so it’s seriously fast. Whether it’s a 100 megapixel image or the most complex vector drawing with thousands of curves, you still pan and zoom at 60fps, move objects in correct z-order and see live views of all adjustments, brushes and effects as you’re working with no compromise. Experience the best PSD import engine out there – making it easy to collaborate with other creative professionals. Along with support for PSD, PDF, SVG, AI (PDF Stream), Freehand and EPS files you get all the flexibility you need so whether you switch to Affinity Designer for all your work, or just elements of what you do, it’s completely painless. With professional color model support, full 16-bit per channel editing, real-time pixel preview, image slices, masks, adjustment layers and tablet support, Affinity Designer is a serious tool for creative professionals. Real-time performance • Panning and zooming is always live at 60fps • Live gradients, transforms, effects and adjustments • Optimized for documents of any complexity, zoom to over 1,000,000% for absolute precision • Live pixel and retina view of vector artwork, wireframe view, split screen mode • Seamless switching between tools and editing modes for frustration-free design Perfect color and output • Professional CMYK, LAB, RGB and Grayscale color models • Full 16-bit per channel editing • End-to-end ICC color management • Advanced Lanczos 3 image resampling plus Bicubic, Bilinear and Nearest Neighbor methods Truly multi-discipline • Rock solid vector tools that work just the way you want them to • Live effects, blend modes, image adjustments, and raster and vector masks for any part of your design • Use the strengths of vector and raster behaviors for the best of both worlds • The best pen tool, node tool, curve editing, geometry operations, and smart shape tools available • Flexible text handling including comprehensive support for OpenType • High quality raster tools for texturing, masking and finishing artwork. Create your own brushes too. • Optimized workspaces give focus to design disciplines including web graphics, UI/UX, print, and concept art

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Pixelmator Pro

Pixelmator Pro Description

Pixelmator Pro is an incredibly powerful, beautiful, and easy to use image editor designed exclusively for Mac. With a wide range of professional-grade, nondestructive image editing tools, Pixelmator Pro lets you bring out the best in your photos, create gorgeous compositions and designs, draw, paint, apply stunning effects, design beautiful text, and edit images in just about any way you can imagine. And thanks to its intuitive and accessible design, Pixelmator Pro is delightfully easy to use — whether you’re just starting out with image editing or you’re a seasoned pro. New Interface • The modern, single-window interface is designed exclusively for working with images on a Mac • An intuitive and accessible design makes it easy for anyone to edit images — from complete beginners to design professionals • With both dark and light appearances, Pixelmator Pro seamlessly adapts to the Light and Dark Modes of macOS Professional Tools • Enhance your existing images and create new ones using every image editing tool you could ever need • Edit nondestructively, adjusting individual changes whenever you like • Easily move, resize, and arrange objects to create stunning compositions • Adjust the colors in images with a collection of nondestructive color adjustments • Use the Core ML-powered ML Enhance to automatically improve the look of your photos • Enjoy superior support for RAW files, editing RAW images right inside Pixelmator Pro without having to preprocess them • Create digital or traditional paintings using a collection of handcrafted, fully-customizable, dual-texture brushes with full support for digital graphics tablets • Combine the built-in effects in Pixelmator Pro to create any artistic or special effects you can imagine • Save the adjustment, effect, and layer style combinations your create, use them in any of your images, and share them with others • Magically remove small imperfections or entire objects, seamlessly clone parts of your photos, and lighten or darken precise areas using a full set of retouching tools • Use the reshaping tools to easily change the shape of any object or area in your images, create striking artistic effects or make subtle changes to portrait photos • Add high-quality, customizable vector graphics designed by the Pixelmator Team • Create your own vector graphics using the Pen tool • Easily design great-looking text with a full set of typography tools • Optimize and save your images for the web, using advanced compression to shrink file sizes to the smallest possible • Batch process images using seven built-in Automator actions: Apply Color Adjustments to Images, Apply Effects to Images, Auto Enhance Images, Auto White Balance Images, Scale Images, Trim Images, and Change Type of Images Image Editing Enhanced by Machine Learning • Use ML Enhance to intelligently enhance photos with a machine learning algorithm trained on millions of professional photos • Automatically give descriptive names to the layers you add • Intelligently straighten images using the Crop tool's horizon detection feature • Magically remove objects, recreating image areas with stunning realism using the Repair tool • Quickly make accurate selections with ease using the Quick Selection tool Compatibility • Open and edit images in all the most popular image formats, including JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PSD, HEIF, SVG, PDF, GIF, BMP, TGA, and JPEG-2000 • Open and edit Photoshop images with layers • Open and edit SVG vector images • Launch Pixelmator Pro directly from the Photos app and save edits back to the original image in your library • Share your images to Photos, Mail, AirDrop and other locations right from Pixelmator Pro Built Exclusively for Mac Designed exclusively for macOS, Pixelmator Pro supports almost every major macOS feature and integrates seamlessly with macOS Mojave.

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FloorDesign Description

FloorDesign is an interior design application (floor plan) that allows you to easily design your home plan in 2D, as well as change the color or the texture of each room, and drag - drop furniture, doors, windows... onto the room from a catalog organized by categories. Main Functions of the application: - SUPPORT MULTI-LANGUAGES: English Deutsch Français 日本語 한국어 Español Português Čeština Dansk Suomi Italiano Nederlands Norsk Polski Русский Svenska ไทย Türkçe Tiếng Việt 中文(中国) 中文(台灣) - Customizable Room: Drag (create new) room object into the draw view, double click on it to edit all information of the room (walls, intersection points. measure information....) - Import House blueprint image: Import a house blueprint image into the canvas, then design your new house base on it. - Add custom items to Template list: Right click on a group of objects then select "Add to template list" to save them so that you can reuse it later. Use this function to create your own interior item from many basic shapes. - Pre-Defined Interior objects: There are many predefined nice Interior objects for you to add to the design: door, window, stair, chair, sofa.... - Basic shape : There are many shapes to add to the design, including text box, round box, line connector, callouts.... - Over 3000 Beautiful Symbols: More than that, there are over 3000 beautiful symbols to add the view. Please press the "Smile icon" button on the left to add and select any symbol you want. - Drag/Drop Image from Finder (or press Cmd-V to paste image from current Clipboard): The application allows users to drag/drop many image files directly from Finder to current editing window. - Allow to make curved wall inside Room object - User could save edited room object to templates list to reused later - When edit room object , right click on wall line to show menu with following actions : select / deselect all walls, show / hide measure arrow information, change line to curved style.... Other functions: - Unlimited Undo/Redo (shortcut key: Cmd-Z / Shift-Cmd-Z) - Copy / Paste (shortcut key: Cmd-C / Cmd-V) - Duplicate select items (shortcut key: Cmd-D) - Group / Ungroup Items (shortcut key: Cmd-G / Shift-Cmd-G) - Lock/Unlock items position (shortcut key: Cmd-L / Shift-Cmd-L) - Rotate left, rotate right (shortcut key: Cmd-J / Cmd-K) - Trim room wall - Scale size of select items - Flip select items - Customizable Color / Font / Size / Line Type - Shadow supported - Snap to Grid - Auto Align with another object when resize or move - Change display order - Export to png, jpeg, tiff, pdf image file (shortcut key: Cmd-E) - Print supported (shortcut key: Cmd-P)

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Sweet Home 3D

Sweet Home 3D Description

Sweet Home 3D is an easy to learn interior design application that helps you draw the plan of your house in 2D, arrange furniture on it and visit the results in 3D. Sweet Home 3D is aimed at people who wants to design their interior quickly, whether they are moving or they just want to redesign their existing home or office. You may: • Draw walls and rooms of your home from scratch or upon the image of an existing plan, on one or more levels. • Change the color or the texture of the walls, the floors and the ceilings, importing images of your own patterns if needed. • Drag and drop doors, windows and furniture onto the plan from a catalog of 1235 objects organized by categories, in which you can import 3D models created by yourself or downloaded from the web. • Customize the size, the orientation, the elevation, the colors and the textures of each piece of furniture. • View the changes in the plan simultaneously in a 3D view, in which you can navigate either from an aerial view point, or from a virtual visitor view point. • Create a photorealistic image of your arrangement depending on the time of the day and the light sources placed in the plan. • Create a video from a virtual path in the 3D view. • Annotate the plan with room areas, dimension lines, texts, arrows and a compass rose. • Print the home plan and the 3D view or export them in files at PDF, PNG, JPEG, SVG, OBJ standard formats, to reuse designed homes in other software.

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Live Home 3D Pro - Home Design

Live Home 3D Pro - Home Design Description

Live Home 3D Pro is the most intuitive and feature packed home design app suitable for homeowners and professional designers, a successor of Live Interior 3D. Besides offering advanced home design tools, Pro edition provides superior export quality and Elevation View mode. General • Create detailed 2D floor plans. • Beautiful real-time 3D rendering. • Unlimited floor levels. (Pro edition only) • A collection of in-depth video tutorials. • Built-in Help Assistant and free, quick tech support service. • Project Gallery with house projects and sample rooms. • Native Support for Live Interior 3D Projects. Floor Plan Tools • Draw complete rooms using Room tool. • Use Arc and Straight Wall tools for drawing walls. • Elevation view. (Pro edition only) • ‘Auto outline’ vector-based 2D representation for furniture. • View real-time measurements for walls, ceilings, and floors when drawing in 2D Plan view. • Select the necessary measurement units (inches, feet, meters, etc). • Use smart Dimension tool to set the distance between underlying objects or walls. • Precise positioning thanks to smart guides and object snapping. Real-Time 3D Environment • Adjust the lighting, add and move objects, apply materials, and more right in 3D. • All changes, made in 3D or 2D, are rendered in 3D in real time. • Walk through your 3D interior. • FOV (field of view) and parallel camera projection. (Pro edition only) • Set multiple cameras to see the house from different point of views. • Achieve natural lighting by setting up true Geo position, daytime and overcast. • Adjust light fixtures throughout your project to get realistic lighting scene. • Light editor helps to add a light source to an imported objects. (Pro edition only) • Create corner windows and complex openings using the program advanced technology. • Level of details tool allows to optimize 3D object and speed up the project. • Professional Shadow Map technique makes shadows look soft and natural. 3D Models and Materials • 2,000+ furniture and other models. • Import models seamlessly from Trimble 3D Warehouse™ (previously Google 3D Warehouse™). • Edit furniture in SketchUp. (Pro edition only) • 2,100+ supplied materials. • Drag and drop any image from the Finder to apply it to any surface as custom material. • Advanced material editor. (Pro edition only) • Set the exact size of a material tile to know how much of the material is needed for your house renovation project. • Import objects in SketchUp, COLLADA, KMZ, FBX, OBJ or 3DS formats by simply dragging and dropping them into your project. • Polygonal-based Block tool for drawing balconies, porches, and more. (Pro edition only) Roofs and Dormers • Roof Assistant with 12 customizable roof templates. • Custom shaped roofs. (Pro edition only) • Add custom segments to fully customize your roof. • 16 customizable dormers. Export and Share the Result • Export 3D views to JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and BMP (up to 16000 x 16000). • Render a realistic video walkthrough (up to Ultra HD). • Create Stereo 3D Video, 360° Video and even Stereo 3D 360° Video. • Quickly send a copy of your project via Mail, Messages or AirDrop. • Export the entire project or selected objects to COLLADA, Trimble SketchUp™, VRML Version 2.0 or X3D format. • Export to 3DS, FBX, USDZ and OBJ formats. (Pro edition only) • iCloud support.

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Patina - Paint, Draw, and Sketch with Ease

Patina - Paint, Draw, and Sketch with Ease Description

Patina® is the highest rated Microsoft® Paint replacement app in the Mac App Store. Tools and color management in Patina are simple and intuitive. You can use Patina to sketch an idea, draw a diagram, illustrate a concept, or paint a picture. The screen shots here showcase the type of artwork you can do in Patina, but Patina is great for all kinds of other personal and work purposes too. Patina can even be used as a basic image management tool for cropping, rotating, resizing, and saving photos as a different file type. (If you also have a Windows computer, check out our Sizester image resizing app at As a Mac user accustomed to attractive, well-designed software, you'll appreciate Patina's elegant interface and user-friendly design. If you've used Microsoft Paint before, you'll find that Patina is as simple to use as Paint, if not simpler, and has additional really useful features, including rotation of objects at any angle, transparent image saving, opening/importing of PDF, AI, and PSD files, and more. Unlike most other Paint-like apps that are derivations of an open source program, Patina was designed and built from scratch in the US with great care and attention to detail to be as easy to use as possible. We're confident that you'll find Patina to be the best simple painting, drawing, and sketching app in the Mac App Store. Be sure to check out the tutorial screen in the app (go to the Patina menu, then click on "Show Tutorial") and the demo video on (note that the demo video is from an earlier version of the app and doesn't include all current features). Read the FAQs on our support page if you want to learn about advanced features, such as transparent background, controlling rotation in fixed increments, smooth edges (anti-aliasing), smooth resizing (interpolation), alpha color blending, DPI settings, and more. Contact us at [email protected] if you cannot figure out how to do something. Please note that Patina is not a vector app, does not have layers, and does not allow you to manipulate already drawn objects in the same way that you can in a layout app like Pages or in a presentation app like Keynote or PowerPoint. If you have a comment or suggestion, please email us at [email protected] We greatly value and appreciate your input. Some new features are the direct result of feedback from users. Patina is Retina optimized and works great with all versions of OS X starting with 10.8 (Mountain Lion) and including macOS Sierra. If you like Patina, we really appreciate you letting other Mac users know about the quality of the app by leaving a rating in the Mac App Store for this current version, and writing a review if you have time. We offer Patina at a low price to make it available to as many people as possible, and in order to support our ongoing efforts to continually improve the app, it's really helpful if our users can rate it. Thank you for taking a moment to do that for us! Patina is crafted with care in California and Washington. Quality assurance and testing assistance by CodeFinesse. Copyright © 2015-2017 Atek, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Atek and Patina are registered trademarks of Atek, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. Apple, the Apple logo, and Mac are registered trademarks or trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Microsoft, Windows, and Paint are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Atek, Inc. and the Patina app have no affiliation with Microsoft Corporation or the Microsoft Paint software application.

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The Print Shop

The Print Shop Description

America’s favorite desktop publishing software for over 28 years is all new! The Print Shop is the ultimate creative tool for home, school, and work. Packed with intuitive layout and editing tools and an incredibly easy-to-use interface, The Print Shop makes it a breeze to create greeting cards, banners, scrapbooks, business cards, brochures, calendars, collages and so much more! Start your project with one of over 4,300 inspiring templates or start from scratch to make a truly unique creation. Put your friends and family into your work by importing photos directly from iPhoto. Add the perfect flourish to any project with more than 155,000 pieces of clip art – the intuitive search feature makes it easy to find exactly the piece you’re looking for. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Additional clip art, images and templates are available for in-app purchase. Do you have a small business? The Print Shop includes 5000 royalty-free images and over 400 royalty-free templates, all of which can be used for commercial purposes at no additional cost. Can’t find the royalty-free image you need? Additional royalty-free images and templates can be purchased via in-app purchases. The Print Shop is perfect for home hobby projects, school projects and even commercial design needs. With The Print Shop, the only limit is your imagination! Features & Functions: 5000 royalty-free, commercial-use images. The new search tool allows you to easily search for images that can be used royalty free for commercial purposes. 400+ royalty-free, commercial use templates. Including templates for calendars, business cards, labels, newsletters, signs, envelopes, greeting cards and more. Additional images and templates are available via in-app purchase so you’re never without the perfect art for your project. Address Book Manager: Manage your mailing lists for labels, envelopes, letters or any mail project. Import or enter your contacts and create separate contact groups for your home and business needs. Powerful new text-handling capabilities! Text can be attached to a line or used to fill a shape. Even more control over your photos: There’s integration with Mac iPhoto for direct import of photos from your iPhoto library. Edit photos, add text, and create stunning artistic effects with One Click photo editing. Use a photo to fill a shape. Re-color photos with a wide selection of color overlays. Line Tool Editor: Add points or curves to your lines to create distinct custom lines. Guide Manager: Create custom guidelines for any project to easily place text and images or create your own templates for future projects. 4,300+ Readymade Templates: The Print Shop includes easily searchable ready-made templates by professional designers to make your project quickly and easily. Avery® Templates: Ready-made and blank projects added to work easily with Avery® templates Easy to use Design, Text and Layout Tools. Drag and drop photos, text and design elements with incredible ease. Robust Headline Tools: Add headlines that make an impact with pictures, 3D depth, drop shadows, outlines, gradients and more Easy to Share: Print at home, email or publish your creation on the web Integrated Professional Printing: Directly order your project from an online photo site to get "store-quality" printed designs shipped right to your doorstep. Millions of Design Possibilities Greeting Cards Calendars Postcards Scrapbooks Signs Puzzles Menus Gift Tags Crafts To Do Lists Newsletters Banners Business Cards And more! And definitely be sure to check out our clip-art collections, all ROYALTY-FREE! These themed packages all work well with Print Shop, and will help you elevate all of your projects to ART! *NOTE: this version is not compatible with any previous version of The Print Shop

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Printworks 2

Printworks 2 Description

Printworks 2 is your all-purpose page layout and desktop publisher for Mac. And by all, we mean all. From brochures and flyers to CD labels and beautiful, professional business cards. What can Printworks 2 do for you? Page Layout Brochures, flyers, catalogs, newsletters, menus, letterheads, posters Discs & Media CD and DVD labels, covers, tray inserts, folding booklets, VHS covers Cards Galore Business cards, name badges, placeholder cards, CD and DVD cards, discount cards Labels & Envelopes Address labels, envelopes, shipping labels, barcode labels, file folder labels, UPC and other barcode labels Other Projects Calendars, greeting cards, postcards, certificates, invitations, thanks you notes ____________________ What's New in Version 2: • Spread Mode • Customizable Grid • Precise Guide Positioning • Form Creation • Evolved Text Box Linking • Artistic Headings • Depositphotos Integration • Layout Changes • Google Maps Integration • Pica and Pixel Units • Reworked Resize Mode • Support for Touch Bar ____________________ Key Features: • 500+ professionally designed, fully customizable document templates • Take advantage of over 2,000 included clipart images (additional 40,000 via In-App Purchase) • Spread text from column to column or page to page with flowing text boxes • Create artsy document headings and text art with the Heading Editor • Type text along the edges of a disc using the Circular Text tool • Configure text style templates that can be applied with just one click • Insert and edit tables right inside your Printworks document • Design your documents using extensive design, layout, and text formatting toolkits • Create master pages that work as background design templates for multi-page documents • Edit photos with over 80 image filters using the built-in image editor powered by Image Tricks • Manage complex designs thanks to the app’s layer-based workflow • Lay out your document using permanent guides, smart guides with object snapping, and automatic grid • Automatically print out labels for multiple contacts with the mail merge feature • Quickly populate business cards with contact information imported right from Apple Contacts • Import photos and album information directly from iPhoto or Aperture • Import a list of music tracks right from iTunes for music discs • Generate QR Code, UPC-A/E, Code 39, and other barcodes with embedded data from a text file • Support for thousands of popular label and card papers by Avery, Neato, Memorex, and others • Support for multiple direct-to-disc printers • Set up bleeds, DPI, and cut marks • Export to TIFF, JPEG, EPS, and PDF to send to a print shop

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Live Home 3D - Interior Design

Live Home 3D - Interior Design Description

The most intuitive and feature-rich home and interior design app. Layout floor plans of any complexity and experience your house design with interior 3D visualization and walkthrough your future home. General • Create detailed 2D floor plan layouts. • Beautiful real-time 3D rendering of house design or apartment. • Build up to two stories with a loft (unlimited with Pro Features in-app purchase). • Project Gallery contains floor plan and interior design ideas (kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, etc). • Share your interior and house designs between iOS, macOS or Windows 10 devices. • Free access to video tutorials, online Help, Quick Start Guide and quick technical support. Floor Plan Tools • Trace the imported floor plan or draw your own house plan from scratch using the Straight Wall, Arc Wall, or Room tools. • Customize the 2D representation of your furniture. • View real-time dimensions for walls, ceilings, and floors when drawing in 2D Plan view. • Use smart Dimension tool to set the distance between underlying objects or walls. • Precise positioning achieved thanks to smart guides and object snapping. • Diverse measurement units supported (inches, feet, meters, etc). Real-Time 3D Environment • Walk through your 3D interior design. • Add and move furniture and other objects, apply materials. • Set multiple cameras to see the house or its interior from different angles. • Achieve natural lighting by setting up true geolocation, daytime and overcast. • Adjust light fixtures throughout the house to get realistic lighting scene. • Create corner windows and complex openings. • Soft and natural shadows. 3D Models and Materials • 2,000+ furniture and other models for diverse home design styles. • Import thousands of free models from Trimble 3D Warehouse. • 2,100+ supplied materials. • Drag and drop any image from the Finder to apply it to any surface as custom material. • Set the exact size of a material tile to know how much of the material is needed for your house renovation project. • Import objects in SketchUp, COLLADA, KMZ, FBX, OBJ or 3DS formats by simply dragging and dropping them into your project. Roofs and Dormers • Roof Assistant with 12 customizable roof templates. • Add custom segments to fully customize your roof. • 16 customizable dormers. Export and Share the Result • Export 3D views of the house design to JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and BMP. • Render a realistic home interior and exterior walkthrough videos. • Create Stereo 3D Video, 360° Video and even Stereo 3D 360° Video. • Quickly send a copy of your home design via Mail, Messages or AirDrop. • Export the entire home design project or selected objects to COLLADA, Trimble SketchUp™, VRML Version 2.0 or X3D format. • iCloud support. Upgrade to Pro with In-App Purchase to get more • Unlimited floor levels. • Elevation view. • Custom shaped roofs. • Polygonal-based Block tool for drawing balconies, porches, and more. • Export to 3DS, FBX, USDZ and OBJ formats. • FOV (field of view) and parallel camera projection. • Export quality extended to Ultra HD for movies and 360° Panoramas, and to Hi-res (16000x16000) for still shots. • Advanced material editor. • Light editor helps to add a light source to imported objects.

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GraphicConverter 10 - Lemke Software GmbH Cover Art

GraphicConverter 10

GraphicConverter 10 Description

GraphicConverter 10 is the universal tool for browsing, enhancing and converting images. Simply drag a folder onto GraphicConverter 10 to view your pictures. The slide show for viewing and sorting images is a big hit among users. Use standard tools to edit images or display the most important controls in the window. Professional users love GraphicConverter 10 because of it’s wide range of functions for handling meta data like Exif, IPTC, XMP and GPS. Want to copy the filename into the IPTC description? GraphicConverter 10 will take care of this for you. You can open over 200 graphic file types and save images in over 80 formats. A simple multiple conversion mode takes care of batch runs. Want to use a batch function to alter the image size or change the color mode to CMYK? Dozens of batch functions are available. GraphicConverter 10 has everything you would expect from a versatile image processing application for your Mac. Simple usage and far-reaching options await you along with stability and reliability. In the press, GraphicConverter has been described as a “Swiss Army knife” and as an “all-round wizard for image editing on Macs”. We could not describe it better. New features of version 10: Collage Would you like to put together a collage of the best photos from your vacation? No problem with the new Collage function. Select the image files in the Browser and open the Collage window where you will find basic layout functions. It is so easy to use that even your children could do it. That’s a promise. Face Recognition You will notice how useful Face Recognition is, for example, when you want to print your best family photos for an annual album. Simply enter the names of people you want to add. GraphicConverter does everything else for you and will display the pictures in the Browser. You want to add your children’s best friends too? Simply enter their names and the job is almost done. Picture Package We all know the situation. You want to print several copies of a portrait or a passport photo on one sheet of paper. This is very easy now thanks to the new Picture Package function. Select the picture, open Picture Package and off you go. It is childishly simple and versatile. Also, it allows you to use valuable photo paper in an ideal way. And much more…

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Live Desktop - Live Wallpapers - George Sargunaraj C Cover Art

Live Desktop - Live Wallpapers

Live Desktop - Live Wallpapers Description

Live desktop - Animated Live Wallpapers and Themes. ■ Featured by Apple in "Our Top Picks for MacBook Pro" ■ Featured by Apple in " Apps that we love" ■ Beautiful New TouchBar Support for New MacBook Pro ■ Featured on Product Hunt, Life Hacker, Macrumors, Redmondpie “If you’re bored of that useless, still image for your desktop wallpaper, Live Desktop is a Mac app that gives you a selection of animated themes to choose from - Life Hacker.” *** Thanks for the thousands of downloads.Live Desktop is an unique experience to your desktop. Try it for a price of coffee, and we are sure, you wont regret it. We are happy to hear from you. Let the world know what is good and let us know what is bad in the app. :slightly_smiling_face: *** *** Beautiful TouchBar Support for MacBook Pro Live Desktop is an awesome app which makes the Mac desktop come alive with stunningly live HD quality and animated themes instead of the boring wallpapers and background images. Demo Video : Bring your Desktop to Life Live Desktop makes the Mac desktop alive with amazing live themes and wallpapers. Say good bye to boring wallpapers and background images experience the way desktops for Mac should be. Awesome Live Themes Experience a waving flag, pristine water wall, ripling river, sandy beach, roaring lion and even rain water drops on your Mac screen. All themes, images and wallpapers are live, animated and are HD quality. Experience Live Audio Most of the live themes and wallpapers have audio integrated in them. Just click on a button to enable or disable audio in the Live Themes and wallpapers. Great Companion for Creators Live Desktop is a great companion for creative professionals who wish for a totally different environment to encourage the flow of thoughts, ideas, art or words. Live Desktop takes you to a different environment in a click. Beautiful App to Control Themes Live Desktop provides a beautiful interface to view all the live themes and also the option to download other new themes that are not available locally. Seamless New Themes Addition In addition, additional themes are added continuously as they are created. New themes will reflect automatically in the app and there is no need for an app update. Launch on Start You can configure the Live Desktop app to launch on start and is ready to use on menubar it can also be activated in a single click or configured hot key stroke. We are coming up with more Live themes in next version. WE ARE JUST A CLICK AWAY If you have questions about the app or face an issue while installing, configuring, updating or using the app please send us an email at [email protected] usually respond within minutes of receiving the issue report. Almost all of the issues that are reported are resolved in the same day. We have no way of contacting you or resolving the issue you are facing if you post an issue as a review. Privacy Policy Click on the below link to read our Privacy Policy.

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Pixelmator - Pixelmator Team Cover Art


Pixelmator Description

​Full-featured and powerful image editing app for the Mac. Pixelmator takes full advantage of the latest Mac features and technologies, giving you speedy, powerful tools that let you touch up and enhance images, draw or paint, apply dazzling effects, or create advanced compositions with ease. Once your images are ready, save them to popular image formats, share them via email or social networks, print them, or instantly add them to your Photos library. All right from Pixelmator. The new Pixelmator 3.8 Phoenix is designed to integrate seamlessly with macOS Mojave's fresh and modern look, macOS Continuity features, like Handoff, iCloud Drive, and Continuity Camera, and it works wonderfully together with Pixelmator for iOS. A powerful, pixel-accurate collection of selection tools • Quickly and easily select any part of an image • Edit and apply special effects to parts of your pictures • Select and remove unwanted elements of your photos • Cut out objects from one image to place in another Top-notch painting tools • Paint with Pixelmator as you would on canvas • Use different brush sizes, shapes, hardness, and blending modes • Adjust brush settings to get just the look you want • Cover any area with beautiful gradients and color fills Retouching tools • Correct wrinkles and repair scratches • Make flaws vanish from your photos, remove or rearrange objects in a composition • Blur, sharpen, lighten, or darken specific areas • Reshape areas to subtly improve or give images a completely unexpected look • Combine different tools and effects for an endless number of ways to refine your images Drawing tools • Easily add, create, combine, and edit shapes • Quickly add lines, circles, rectangles, polygons, and many more custom shapes • Effortlessly apply shadows, fills, and strokes for more advanced shapes • Create buttons, icons, web page elements, illustrations, and much more A real effects machine • Play with over 160 breathtaking effects • Combine different effects for unique, near-effortless artistic creations An elegant collection of professional-grade color correction tools • Adjust exposure, hue, saturation, shadows and highlights, brightness, contrast, and much more • Replace and remix colors • Dramatically improve less-than-perfect images with one click Layer Styles • Easily add non-destructive layer effects like shadows, outlines, color, gradient fills, or reflections • Combine a set of effects to create and save your own unique layer style presets • Or just use any of the Pixelmator Team-designed layer style presets • Apply any of the layer style presets using drag and drop Compatibility • Launch Pixelmator directly from Photos and save edits back to the original image • Open and save images using PSD, JPEG, PNG, HEIF, TIFF, PDF, and many other popular formats • Open and save Photoshop images with layers • Open and save 16-bits per channel images iCloud, sharing, and saving for the web • Let iCloud automatically store your edited images and seamlessly sync your work across all your Macs • Skip manual saving of your documents thanks to Auto Save • Email your photos right from Pixelmator • Publish your images to social applications like Flickr, Twitter, and Facebook • Optimize and save images for use on your web pages, blogs, photo albums, and more Editing extensions for the Photos app: • Retouch photos with powerful Pixelmator retouching tools right inside the Photos app • Reshape images with Metal-based Pixelmator distort tools without leaving Photos Built exclusively for Mac Pixelmator uses a number of macOS features and technologies like Cocoa, Metal, Core Image, Grand Central Dispatch, 64-bit, FaceTime camera, Automator, Full-Screen, built-in Sharing and much more. And Pixelmator’s beautiful interface and image editing engine are fully optimized for the MacBook Pro with Retina display. Apple Design Award Winner Best of Mac App Store 2011: App of the Year 2011

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Graphic - Picta, Inc Cover Art


Graphic Description

Graphic is a powerful feature-packed vector drawing and illustration application for macOS. "Lightweight vector drawing; easy to use; 9/10" - Featured in "Amazing Mac Apps", "...very powerful at a very decent price" - iCreate Magazine Graphic has all of the tools you need to create everything from detailed technical illustrations to beautiful works of art. Create intricate designs quickly and easily, and continue working on the go with Graphic for the iPad. Create resolution-independent illustrations that can be pasted into Pages documents, included in Keynote presentations, or used together with iBooks Author. Import/Export - Import SVG, PDF, EPS, and Photoshop PSD files. - Export designs as SVG, PDF, PNG, PSD, JPEG, GIF, and TIFF files. - Copy selected objects as PNG, PDF, SVG, CSS properties, and Core Graphics code. - Export icons, bitmap and vector images directly into Xcode xcasset folders. - Export layers and tagged objects automatically as individual files. Photoshop PSD Import/Export - Import layered PSD files with vector paths and effects. - Shape layers are imported as editable vector paths. - Layer effects are imported as fully editable drop shadows, inner shadows, glows, etc. - Export designs as layered PSD files. Professional Drawing Tools - Full-featured Bezier Pen tool for creating custom shapes. - Brush and Pencil tools for fluid drawing and sketching. - Essential set of shape creation tools. - Boolean path combinations. - Path multi-point selection and editing. - Join, connect, and disconnect paths. - Rotate, Scale, and Shear transform tools. - Compound Paths. - Convert Anchors tool. - Eraser tool. - Scissor tool. - Dimensioning tool. Layer Styles - Apply multiple strokes, fills, and effects to any object. - Apply inner shadows, drop shadows, and glow effects to objects. - Arrange the order of fills, strokes, and effects using drag and drop. - 24 vibrant blend modes, including Multiply, Overlay, Linear Burn, Vivid Light, etc. - Set blend modes for layers, shapes, fills, strokes, shadows, and glow effects. Many other powerful features, including: - Shape Libraries. - Appearance Styles. - Text on Path. - Multi-style Text. - Layers and Groups. - Smart Alignment Guides. - Labels and Dimensioning. - Canvas Scale, Rulers, and Units (mm, cm, inches) - Canvas Styles. - Snap to Grid / Snap to Point. - Align and Distribute objects. - Duplicate and Transform. - Linear, Radial, and Angle gradients. - Image masking. - Convert Text to Paths. - Inner and Outer Strokes. - Outline Stroke. - Duplicate and Transform. - RGB, HSB, and Hex Color Pickers. - Pixel-Preview Mode. - Import PDF files and annotations. - Export as vector-based PDF and SVG files. - Plugins / Powerful scripting API. - ColorSync Color Management. OpenGL-optimized Drawing - Fast rendering of very complex projects. - Multi-threaded drawing ensures lag-free scrolling and zooming.

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Acorn 6 Image Editor - Flying Meat Inc. Cover Art

Acorn 6 Image Editor

Acorn 6 Image Editor Description

# Mac App Store Best of 2015 The Image Editor for Humans. Everyone needs to edit photos at some point, but not everyone has the time to learn complicated super pricey photo editing software. This is why we created Acorn. Add text and shapes to your digital pictures. Combine images together to create a photo collage. Work with layers to touch up your favorite photos or make something entirely new from scratch. Do all this and more with Acorn! Latest Features Highlights * Text on a path. Create a path with any of Acorn’s shape tools, then add text! * Enhanced clone tool to clone across layers, images, and even clone group or shape layers. * Updated web export window includes the ability to zoom, pan, scale, convert color profile, and retain or remove image metadata * Smart layer export, Acorn’s alternative to slicing, has a new configurable palette to export your layers from 1x-5x. What can Acorn do? Here’s a glimpse at a handful of Acorn’s capabilities: * Remove image backgrounds using the magic wand selection tool or instant alpha eraser tools * Combine images together to create collages or photo layouts * Create logos and other vector designs using the path text tool or circle text * Correct blemishes or image imperfections using the clone tool * Easily adjust the contrast, highlights, shadows, and midtones in your images using levels and curves * Lighten or darken images using blending modes, filters, or touch-up tools Powerful Image and Layer Capabilities * Over 25 different non-destructive blending mode options * Unlimited layers and group layers * Layer masks for nondestructive editing * Transform, rotate, move, lock, merge, delete, and duplicate your layers * Snap to grid, guides, selections, shapes, layers, and the canvas * Supports image depth of 8, 16, and 32 bits per channel Filters, Layer Styles, and Effects * Unlimited combinations of layer styles and non-destructive filters possible * Save and modify your filters later * Create filter presets * Tilt shift, vignette, drop shadow, distortions, & blurs * Over one hundred additional effects * Non-destructive curves and levels to adjust individual color channels The Tools You Need * Customizable clone, stamp, dodge, burn, blur, eraser, and smudge brushes * Built-in brush designer for control of softness, spacing, and dozens of other brush refinements * Drag and drop to import photoshop brushes * Multi-stop live gradients * Rectangle, elliptical, freehand, polygonal, and magic wand selection tools for making precise selections * Convert selection to shape * Quickmask mode to paint on a selection * Custom color picker Vector Prowess * Stars, arrows, bézier curves, circles, lines, and rectangles * Shape processor to move, tweak, generate, and adjust shapes in a stackable non-destructive interface * Boolean shape operations include union, intersect, difference and exclude. * Convert text to bézier paths for finer control of your text * Snap shapes to pixel boundaries for precise alignment Sharing & File Support * Photos extension to edit your images from Photos * Share images to Photos, Facebook, Twitter, and more * Import JPEG, JPEG 2000, PNG, TIFF, GIF, PDF, PSD, BMP, PSD, RAW, PICT, SVG, TGA, ICO, and AI (with PDF compatibility turned on) * Export JPEG, JPEG 2000, PNG, TIFF, GIF, PDF, PSD, BMP, SVG, TGA, & ICO * Export TIFF and JPEG with CMYK color profile Professional Features * RAW image import of 32, 64, & 128 bit images * Create layered screenshots of every window you have open on your computer * Web export with wide gamut detection * Automatable + scriptable. * Perform batch image editing using Automator, AppleScript, and JS * Editable image metadata * Touch bar support Acorn’s offers extensive online documentation, tutorials, a forum, and responsive support staff. You don’t have to learn by yourself. If you ever run into any issues, please let us know by writing to [email protected]

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Art Text 3 - Belight Software, ltd Cover Art

Art Text 3

Art Text 3 Description

Art Text 3 is graphic design software specifically tuned for lettering, typography, text mockups and various artistic text effects. Supplied with a great variety of ready to use styles and materials, selection of textures, icons, fonts and backgrounds, special designed effects and shape transformations, Art Text guarantees striking appearance of your badges, logos, cards, flyers and presentations. Both professional designers and amateurs will be amazed by the exceptional ease of creating sophisticated effects such as realistic 3D text with any natural material on it - wood, rust, shatter glass, or even chocolate, soft shadow and glow, graphics painted by oil or watercolors, aged and grunge style, and many more. • Customizable Templates 70+ ready made templates will help with logo design, produce beautiful word art, web elements and picture captions. • Fill Tools 100 gradient presets, 540+ textures and 140+ shading materials. • 2D Effects Adjustable shadow and glow effects, over 30+ masks. • Graphic Content 750+ vector icons, symbols and shapes, 32 flash, flare, sparkle and light trace objects, 570+ backgrounds and textures. • 3D Materials Customize 3D materials using 200+ textures, 140+ bump map surfaces, 80+ environment map textures. • 3D Effects Apply soft-edged shadow or glow to 3D objects. Use optical effect tools to make background objects out of focus. • Geometry Transformations Apply 24 transformation shapes to 2D or 3D texts to bend, warp or give the text a wavy shape. • Sharing the Result Share the art on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with just one click, or export to an image file to use virtually anywhere.

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Paint X Premium - Hong Chen Cover Art

Paint X Premium

Paint X Premium Description

Paint X is a Morden and Elegant painting application to draw, color, or edit pictures. You can use Paint X like a digital sketchpad to make simple pictures, creative projects, or to add text and designs to other pictures, such as those taken with your digital camera. This tried-and-true program is easier to use and fun, too. The realistic digital "brushes" will bring your pictures to life in shades of watercolor, crayon, and calligraphy etc. And the toolbox & Inspectors (the area at the left of the main window that shows what a program can do) displays choices out in the open rather than in menus. Efficient tools: • Pencil tool, Eraser tool, Airbrush tool, Fill tool, Text tool, Color picker tool, Rectangle selection tool, Free-form selection tool • Ten built-in paintbrushes: Pixel brush, Calligraphy brush, Watercolor brush, Ball-pen brush and so on • Over 40 ready-made shapes: Line, Curve, Oval, Five-point star, Heart, Cloud, Smile and so on Drawing functionality: • Rotate/Resize shapes or selection freely • Flip the image horizontally or vertically • Crop image by selection • Paint with a transparency color anywhere • Stroke/Fill shapes with respective colors • Add your own colors to the builtin color panel • Cut/Copy/Paste image • Paste from an image file Other features: • Canvas/Image size is adjustable • Support Drag and Drop operation • Support Zoom In/Out feature • Support multiple image windows opened at the same time • Support printing • Support file formats: png, tiff, bmp, jpeg, gif and much more ... Take your time and enjoy it! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions. Email: [email protected]

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Paint Pro - Yong Chen Cover Art

Paint Pro

Paint Pro Description

Paint Pro is an easy-to-use drawing tool and image editor which can help you to draw pictures and edit your existing photos. With it you can sketch and crop, rotate, scale images very easily. At the same time, you can and text onto images as you want. The app also supports layers, so you can re-edit them freely. Key Features: - Support retina display. - Open and save images in TIFF, JPEG, PNG, BMP and many other popular formats. - Support all kinds of tools, including fill, eyedropper, line, curve, rectangle, ellipse, text and so on. - Support curved texts. - Support layers. - Easily add, edit and re-edit shapes, text and images. - Full support for undo/redo/cut/copy/paste operation. - Support transparency. - Support shadow, gradient and reflection. - Rotate/Crop/Resize/Flip images. - Support grid and rulers. - Quickly and easily select any part of an image. - Cut ,copy and move parts from one image to another. - Select and remove unwanted elements of your images. - Paste images from/to all other apps including Pages, Keynote, Safari, iBooks Author and so on. - Save images with layers and re-edit them in the future. - Print images directly. Note: If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us with our support email: [email protected]

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Home Design 3D Outdoor&Garden - Anuman Cover Art

Home Design 3D Outdoor&Garden

Home Design 3D Outdoor&Garden Description

Bring all your outdoor design projects to life! CREATE, DESIGN, FURNISH AND DECORATE EASILY YOUR GARDEN AND SHARE IT WITH A COMMUNITY OF MORE THAN 35 MILLION OF USERS WORLDWIDE! Build your multi-level garden now! With its new 3D rendering, Home Design 3D Outdoor will help you fulfill your design dreams quickly and easily, whatever your idea: design your garden, come up with your ideal outdoor space, create a play area, organize your open-air wedding and more! - Create the project of your dreams in just a few steps! - Simple, quick and powerful. - Intuitive interface for a highly ergonomic user experience. - Create your garden using the exact dimensions of your fences. Mark out the different areas on the ground and include your house. - Just drag and drop 2D or 3D items. Simply edit the dimensions to meet your needs. - With over 100 items tailored to outdoor design, you will have a wide range to choose from, in all styles: garden furniture, trees, flowers, swimming pools, greenhouses, fences, etc. - See the result instantly in 3D. - Make it unique! Choose from the thousands of different textures for your own personal project! - No more mistakes thanks to the Undo/Redo feature!

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Pencil Sketch Pro - Stony Labs, LLC Cover Art

Pencil Sketch Pro

Pencil Sketch Pro Description

"Pencil Sketch Pro" automatically converts your picture into a sketch, with style! Now you can become an artist and create your own graphite drawing like a real professional! Simply load a picture and the sketch is created within seconds. - Realistic sketching feel! - Supported image formats: TIFF, JPEG, PNG. - No output size restriction. - Save, print and email. - Sketch on 32 beautiful notepapers. - Sketch on anything - Load your own notepaper or background. - Crop, zoom and pan. Sketch anywhere you want. Examine your artwork easily. - Use built-in ImageEdit panel to adjust original picture’s exposure, contrast, saturation, white balance, sharpness before sketching. - 3 different sketching styles: lines, dots and curves. - 3 different edge effects for your sketch: Hatched, gradient and none. - Control 7 levels of line intensity by an easy-to-use slider. - Control 7 levels of color saturation by an easy-to-use slider. Pencil Sketch Pro is the summation of many popular mobile apps of ours (below). Now you can own them all at once on your desktop at a low price. Best deal ever! Pencil Sketch (iPhone/iPod) Pencil Sketch HD (iPad) Pencil Sketch Color (iPhone/iPod) Pencil Sketch Color HD (iPad) Dot Sketch (iPhone/iPod) Dot Sketch HD (iPad)



Templates for Photoshop - Graphic Fiesta Cover Art

Templates for Photoshop

Templates for Photoshop Description

This app contains 60 Templates for Adobe Photoshop. To create an awesome Photoshop document, just browse through categories, find the template that you like, open it with Adobe Photoshop and edit the template. It's that easy to create your own, beautiful Photoshop documents! You will receive: -10 Flyer Templates. -10 Business Card Templates. -5 Tri-fold Brochure Templates. -5 Bi-fold Brochure Templates. -5 Certificate Templates. -5 Résumé Templates. -5 Tri-fold Food Menu Templates. -5 Fullsize Food Menu Templates. -5 Invitation Templates. -5 Greeting Card Templates. Main features: -All Templates are Print Ready/CMYK/300 DPI. -All Fonts in the Templates are from Adobe Typekit. -Images in the Templates can be easily replaced via Smart Object layers. The Templates come in these sizes: -Business Cards are 3.5x2 inches + bleeds. -Brochures are US Letter (8.5x11 inches) + bleeds. -Flyers are A5 (5.83x8.27 inches) + bleeds. -Certificates are US Letter (8.5x11 inches) + bleeds. -Résumés are US Letter (8.5x11 inches) + bleeds. -Tri-fold Food Menus are US Letter (8.5x11 inches) + bleeds. -Each page of Fullsize Food Menus is US Letter (8.5x11 inches) + bleeds. -Invitations are 5x7 inches + bleeds. -Greeting Cards are 5x7 inches + bleeds. *Adobe Photoshop CS4 or later is required to use the Templates.

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TurboMosaic 2 Home Edition - Photo Mosaic Maker - SilkenMermaid Cover Art

TurboMosaic 2 Home Edition - Photo Mosaic Maker

TurboMosaic 2 Home Edition - Photo Mosaic Maker Description

Fully-featured, easy-to-use photo mosaic maker for Mac. FEATURES • Make “true” photo mosaics • Use Square or Rectangular tile cells (4 : 3, 3 : 4, 3 : 2, 2 : 3, 16 : 9, 9 : 16) • Use Hexagonal or Circular cells • Increase or decrease the number of tile cells • Select from a wide range of output sizes • Specify custom output sizes • Landscape or portrait mosaics • Set spacing between cells and a background color to show through this space • Optional main photo overlay • Optional cell colorization • Export mosaic as JPEG, PNG, or TIFF to send it to a print shop or to print it from the local printer • Share photo mosaic on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Email, and AirDrop • Export mosaic to Photos app • Set mosaic as Desktop Picture • Save project to edit later FEEDBACK & SUGGESTIONS We love to hear from our users. You might have a suggestion for a feature or you might like to report an issue you faced. Please email us at [email protected]

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Factory for Stationary(Template,Material) - Aide Li Cover Art

Factory for Stationary(Template,Material)

Factory for Stationary(Template,Material) Description

At present, we have designed 2000 sets of nice stationeries vector materials, which can be divided into the following types: AI format EPS format PSD format Pages format The stationeries can make the words more vivid and infectious. The stationeries can be divided into the following types: holidays, life, culture, business,and so on. We will update the new stationeries continously. Thanks for your kind support.

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Learn For AutoCADArch - Jason Stafford Cover Art

Learn For AutoCADArch

Learn For AutoCADArch Description

This is a Excellent Application on Learning AutoCAD Architecture, Video Training Course. AutoCAD is the leader in CAD drafting, and architects around the world use AutoCAD Architecture for modeling their buildings. In this course, These Videos will take you through the tools and techniques used by professional architects to build amazing structures with this product. Learn how to lay out simple floor plans with wall objects, which automatically form clean joints, and add windows and doors that intelligently cut wall openings. Then discover how to change the style of walls and the graphics to display all types of drawings—from small scale to large, 2D to 3D—with the click of a button. Paul will also show you how to create documentation like site plans, elevations, and sections, complete with schedules and tags.

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LearnForAutoDeskFusion360 - Jason Stafford Cover Art


LearnForAutoDeskFusion360 Description

This is a Excellent Video Training Course on Learning AutoDesk Fusion 360 Autodesk Fusion 360, a cloud-based industrial and mechanical 3D design tool, to realize their visions. Fusion 360 was developed for small start-up companies who want a more advanced solution than Autodesk 123D, but don't need or cannot invest in a more sophisticated modeling product like Autodesk Inventor or SolidWorks. Render your 3D know-how from rank beginner to confident practitioner in this intro course. * Learn to create "smart" 3D models using Autodesk Fusion 360 * Understand installation, subscription, and the interface * Master the differences between solids, surfaces, and sculpting * Explore the materials library and how to change the appearance of a 3D model * Practice building 3D parametric bodies and sculpting freeform models * Understand bodies, components, joints, and how to create assemblies of parts * Learn how to share your files in the cloud, collaborate with a team, and export to a 3D printer

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MyDraw - Nevron Software LLC Cover Art


MyDraw Description

MyDraw is an advanced diagramming software and vector graphics drawing tool. This diagram software includes powerful features to help you create flowcharts, org charts, mind maps, network diagrams, floor plans, family tree diagrams, general business diagrams, drawings and others. Following are the major features of the application: • Familiar User Interface - the user interface uses the familiar Ribbon UI that you recognize from the MS Office Suite. • Support for Themes and Shape styles. • 100+ Diagram Examples and Templates - the software includes many ready-to-use templates for flowcharts, organizational charts, flyers, certificates & business cards, family tree diagrams and many other diagram types. • 700+ Diagram Shapes and Symbols - more than 700 predefined shapes organized in 25 shape libraries. You can directly drag and drop them into your drawings. MyDraw also lets you to create your own custom shapes. • MS Visio Compatibility - MyDraw is the best Microsoft Visio alternative for macOS (Mac OS X). You can use it to view, edit and save your Visio Drawing (VSDX) and Visio 2003-2010 Drawing (VSD, VDX) files. MyDraw can also be used a Visio viewer. You can also import and export Visio Stencils (VSSX) and Visio 2003-2010 Stencils (VSS, VSX). • Visio-like "smart" shapes - MyDraw provides support for dynamic diagram shapes based on formulas. • Powerful Drawing Tools - MyDraw comes with a large set of drawing tools which help you easily create any shape you need and style it to match your company's corporate identity or your personal demands. You can freely draw shapes using the NURBS tool (i.e. freehand drawing), or use the composing functions (Union, Intersect, Subtract, and Exclusive Or) to create new shapes from the basic ones. Additionally, you can combine simple shapes into groups and create advanced complex shapes. Save them in your own library for future reuse and edit them at any time. • Advanced Printing and Export Options. MyDraw can export your diagrams to a wide range of raster (PNG, JPEG, and BMP) and vector images (EMF, SVG, DXF) as well as to PDF. • Automatic Diagram Layouts - the diagram comes with lots of automatic layouts to help you quickly arrange your diagrams. Each layout type provides many options that let you to customize the layout to your specific requirements. • Powerful Rich Text Support - the diagramming software has powerful support for rich text and text formatting. You have full control over the text font, text styles, paragraph alignment, bullets and numbering, images, etc. • Advanced Table Support - support for tables with master cells, multi cell selection, text orientation etc. • Spell Check and Proofing Languages - MyDraw includes a Spell Checker which is compatible with Open Office dictionaries (Hunspell Spell Check Dictionary .OXT files). You can change the proofing language • Import of map data from ESRI shapefiles. • Support for creating and inserting in your diagrams more than 30 types of linear (1D) and matrix (2D) barcodes like EAN-13, UPC, UPC-A, Code-39, Code-128, ISBN, PDF417, Data Matrix, QR Code, etc. • User Interface Localization - you can switch the user interface to a preferred language. English, Bulgarian, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish are currently supported. • GEDCOM Format Family Trees - the software supports importing from and exporting to GEDCOM format. This makes it the perfect tool for drawing family tree diagrams. • Mail Merge - MyDraw comes with built-in mail merge functionality. Create your diagram, insert a merge field and connect your diagram to a contact database. When the fields are matched you can select to either save copies of your diagram or each value of your database or to directly send emails to all recipients. • The same application is also available for Windows with exactly the same features and functionality, which makes it easy to edit your diagrams on a Windows machine when you need to.

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ViaCAD 2D3D 10 - Encore Cover Art

ViaCAD 2D3D 10

ViaCAD 2D3D 10 Description

Precision 3D Design for Beginners, Experts, and Everyone In-between Intelligent, easy-to-use design tools coupled with an unbeatable price to performance ratio makes ViaCAD 2D/3D™ the ideal choice for CAD designers everywhere. Usability ViaCAD 2D/3D offers an amazing marriage of 2D and 3D design tools to turn your ideas into reality. Quickly toggle between 2D and 3D views and create files for popular 3D printers, 2D/3D architectural plans, mechanical plans, electrical schematics, furniture designs, and anything else you can dream up. ViaCAD 2D/3D will even automatically convert imported 3D models into 2D drawings and you can then quickly create detail, section, and auxiliary views - all while working in 2D. Creating 3D models is easy with ViaCAD™, regardless of the design's complexity. The LogiCursor™ will guide your cursor to help you create drafting documents or even align points in 3D. Editing is as easy as drag and drop with the Gripper™. •The Gripper provides click and drag style editing for moving, copying, scaling and rotating parts of the drawing, even faces. •Push/Pull Modeling delivers intuitive editing of your 3D models, allowing 3D surfaces to be editing with your mouse and cursor. •Customizable Grids can be configured as rectangular, polar (circular), and even Isometric. •The LogiCursor™ allows drawing precisely with your mouse and cursor in both 2D and 3D, aligning your cursor with existing points in your drawing. Powerful Solid Modeling ViaCAD provides solid modeling technology found in much higher end products. There is a unique tie between 2D and 3D; which means you can edit 2D profiles used to create 3D objects and the 3D shape will automatically update. •Feature-based History Tree for editing •Powerful 3D editing tools such as blending, chamfering, and shelling •A complete design tool with extrusions, Booleans, surface modeling for more complex smooth surfaces •Precise geometry suitable for ‘concept to manufacturing' •Tools to create 3D from 2D shapes 2D Drafting and Documentation A complete set of 2D drawing tools is provided for drafting documents and sketching schematics, floor plans, mechanical designs and more. •26 industry-standard dimension styles •275+ tools for 2D drafting and editing •Tools to create Section Views to highlight important drawing features •Automatically generate 2D drawings from 3D models •Bill of Materials New in v10: All new features and tools from ViaCAD 2D plus: •Enhanced Usability easing introduction into 3D modeling (Customize, Gripper, Selections) •New Tools for Makers and DIY creators (3D Print tools, Mesh Subdivision tools, Snap to Solid) •Improved Performance (Multithreaded Workflows) •More ways to Share Data (3D PDF, KeyShot Live Linking, SketchUp™ Import/Export 2016, SAB) •Improved Visualization (Faster 3D displays, Transparent Sizable Cutting Planes) •3D printing tools to prepare and validate designs to be 3D printer ready •New and Improved Draw Views and Bill of Materials Compatibility ViaCAD is built with professional level technology providing speed, precision, and compatibility. Using ACIS®-based geometry means you are creating with the same technology used by others using software costing thousands of dollars. •Includes 19 file formats to share your designs •Compatible with AutoCAD® 2017 DXF/DWG •Includes STL export for 3D Printing •KeyShot Live Linking •SketchUp™ 2016 3D Print Tools ViaCAD now includes 3D printing tools to prepare and validate designs to make them 3D printer ready. •3D Print Check •Surface Normals Check •Overhang Analysis •Wall Thickness •Preview Slices •Auto Position •Support Structure •Show Printer Volume •Printer Definitions We Have Your Back With our tutorials, free technical support, and active forum, you'll always know a helping hand is close by.

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Web Image Grab - Stony Labs, LLC Cover Art

Web Image Grab

Web Image Grab Description

Download a lot of images from the internet? Tired of repetitive “right click, copy and paste/save” one by one? Web Image Grab solves the problem for you by automatically collecting images from the page you visit on the fly. No extra work is required on your part. Just surf as you normally would. Images are already set aside. Simply browse and select image thumbnails of interest and click save. Done. Simple, effortless. It just works. Web Image Grab is a must-have tool that you’ll find powerful and indispensable. Don’t forget to check out for more apps! ————————————————————————————— Disclaimer: All images downloaded from the internet are copyrighted and property of their respective owners. Contact website or image owners for permission to use, reproduce, modify and distribute downloaded content.



Sketches Expert - Templates for Pages - Alungu Cover Art

Sketches Expert - Templates for Pages

Sketches Expert - Templates for Pages Description

Capture your most precious memories and relive the best times with unique scrapbooks by Alungu! The Sketches for Pages collection offers 50 quirky and fun scrapbook templates for Apple's Pages—a great way to preserve and share your photos or give someone a gorgeous gift. The 50 templates provide a variety of ways to display your photos and show off your creativity with stylish and modern embellishments. Whether you've just taken up scrapbooking recently and would appreciate some help with balancing the layouts, or you're a seasoned aficionado looking for fresh ideas, Sketches for Pages is the tool for you. The templates include media placeholders, text boxes for titles and journaling, and lots of funky elements to perk up your scrapbooks. As in all our templates for Pages, you can effortlessly edit the stock designs to make them your own: add your photos and text, change colors, resize shapes, and copy elements from one design to another to create unique combinations. * Requires Pages'09 or later

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Greeting card for Pages - shengcheng Yi Cover Art

Greeting card for Pages

Greeting card for Pages Description

Greeting card templates. Now we have 42 professional pages greeting card templates Greeting people in the face of the festive date or event, said another A card greeting, people usually gift cards include day birthday, Christmas, New Year's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day and other days. Greeting cards generally have some words of blessing. In different festivals brought a different blessing thank you

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PhotoResize - RootRise Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Cover Art


PhotoResize Description

PhotoResize is fantastic tool to resize and rename thousands of images and photos at lightning fast speed. It offers features like resize using flexible editing controls with sharpness and resolution settings and rename set of images by adding prefix, suffix and number sequence. In addition PhotoResize preserves metadata properties (EXIF, RAW, TIFF, etc.), Creation and modification date and time. It also maintains file-folder structural hierarchy in target folder. Extensive preset management makes PhotoResize very easy-to-use and faster batch image resizing for formats like JPEG, JPEG2000, PNG, TIFF, BMP and many more. Supports RAW image types from most of all DSLR cameras. KEY FEATURES: ◆ Simple and easy-to-use user interface. ◆ BATCH PROCESSING: Easy steps to resize hundreds & thousands of images/photos at lightning fast speed 1) Add or Drop images/folders. 2) Select desire options. 3) Choose target folder and Resize/Resize All. ◆ RESIZE: Batch resize images to make it fit into a particular spot, if you need to save disk space or download an image more quickly. The reduced resampled images will contain less detail than the original. - Easy resizing methods like Fit to Width, Fit to Height, Fit to Rectangle, Crop to Rectangle, Stretch to fill Rectangle, Fit to fill rectangle, Crop to fill rectangle for different resizing requirement. - Flexible options to enter resize dimension values in Percent, Pixel, Inch, CM, MM and Points. - You can retain or set new image resolution. - Sharpen option to apply sharpness while reducing to overcome fading blurriness and preserve hard edges. - Option to allow or prevent up-scaling images. - Default set of common resizing presets. - You can customize your favorite resizing options and save as new preset for efficient reusability. ◆ RENAME: Give new names to your photos. Rename by giving entire new filename or add prefix-suffix to the original filenames. Flexible choice allows adding number sequence at start or end of the filename, varying starting digit and number of leading zeros. ◆ Finder like sorting of images into the list. Click on Image File Path or Size(Pixel) column header to sort respectively. ◆ Direct drag and drop out selected items from file list into target folder in Finder to get your resized images. ◆ Preferences option to maintain source folder structure hierarchy at destination. ◆ Preserves source image metadata properties like, EXIF, TIFF, GPS, RAW etc. ◆ Preferences option preserve source image Creation and Modification date. ◆ Preferences option to set destination folder. It set forever.. even after relaunch. ◆ Source image formats supported are JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, JP2, GIF, PSD, ICNS, TGA, EXR, ICO, XBM, SGI, PNTG, and RAW image types (like .raw, .nef, .cr2 etc.) from most of all DSLR cameras are also supported. You can refer User Manual from menu "Help -> PhotoResize Help" for any assistance, Contact Support.

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Publisher Plus - PearlMountain Technology Cover Art

Publisher Plus

Publisher Plus Description

*** 60% Off Time Limited Offer! Highly recommended by Apple! *** Publisher Plus is a powerful desktop publishing and page layout app for both business and home use. Publisher Plus empowers you to quickly design and create any type of deluxe and professional looking prints that you might need. It can’t be any easier to create flyers, brochures, business cards, newsletters, adverts, reports, calendars, posters, booklets, etc. than with this app. The new version now adds support for object/text style profiles, enhances text editing features, improves print settings, comes with new smart shapes, integrates with iCloud, features a brand new UI and also brings many other improvements and bug fixes. ----------------------------------------------- HIGHLIGHTED FEATURES ----------------------------------------------- Professional templates and decorations •170+ professional templates for flyers, brochures, newsletters, adverts, reports, calendars, posters, booklets, and more. •Hundreds of delicate clipart. You can also search the web for images inside the app. •230+ professional backgrounds. •40+ photo frames and masks. •Additional template packages are available in the Store for free. Page setup •Customize page size and orientation (landscape and portrait) of the page. •Support customizing page margins. •Create and edit multiple pages. A variety of objects •Photo objects from iPhoto or from any folder in Finder. Support almost all formats like JPG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, PDF, EPS, AI, SVG, etc. •Apply delicate clipart to make the page looks amazing. •Insert text object and edit the color, font, size, margin, columns, line spacing, text wrap, bullets/lists and more. •Add various preconfigured shape objects or create custom shapes. •Add calendar to create custom calendars. Editing features: •Apply any object style to other objects in just one click. •Set up text styles for any document just once and apply them with only one click. •Reposition & resize, rotate any object at ease. •Personalize opacity, mirror effect & flip of the objects. •Select 230+ preset backgrounds or customize background with your own images. •Add color fill/pattern image fill, stroke, shadow or reflection to any object. •Select multiple objects to align, center and make same size of the objects as a whole. •Lock/Unlock, Group/Ungroup objects for easy operation. •Auto snap between one object and another, and between an object and the page margin as well. •Crop photo or manipulate the frame easily. •Apply frames, mask, filters, etc. to photos and it is easy to adjust image colors. •Manage layers of different objects. •Support undo/redo, copy/paste/duplicate and other common editing features. •Support zooming in/out on the page, and Fit Width/Fit Page to view the page. •Support displaying rulers in the editing panel for better alignment of objects. Export, print and share conveniently •Print the pages directly with improved print settings like printing by Scale to paper size and Tile, etc. •Export the pages as PDF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, and PSD. •Share the pages via Email, Message, Airdrop, Twitter, Facebook and Flickr.

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iStudio Publisher - iStudio Software Limited Cover Art

iStudio Publisher

iStudio Publisher Description

**** As featured by Apple in “Apps for Designers” **** Desktop Publishing for Mac. A powerful, intuitive page layout application, perfect for anything you want to design and print. iStudio Publisher makes it easy to create stunning, professional quality documents, including newsletters, brochures, adverts, flyers, booklets, invitations, menus, reports, posters, greetings cards, and yearbooks. Start with a professionally designed template or a custom sized blank document. Anyone can master iStudio Publisher quickly, regardless of age or experience. New to desktop publishing and page layout? Our video tutorials and Rapid Start Guide will get you up and running within minutes. Experienced? You'll love iStudio Publisher’s sophisticated features, such as writing text along any path, text flow linking, two-page spread editing, booklet making, drag and drop page duplication and reordering, tools for complex shape construction, and comprehensive built-in help. The user interface places everything in easy reach, so you spend more time creating and less time finding elusive features. It has all the tools you need to design great looking documents, whether for professional artwork or school homework projects. Comprehensive Inspectors hold everything to manage your layout and to format shapes, text and images. The result is an uncluttered desktop that’s a pleasure to use, with more space for getting the job done. **** Questions or technical queries? Please contact us via our support email **** iStudio Publisher has all the features you'd expect from a layout package: • Shape size and alignment • Stroke style, color fill and image fill • Shadows • Character and paragraph styling • Text columns • Text wrapping • Support for Apple dictation • Quick Look document preview • Tabbed document windows It also has some great sophisticated features: • Master pages • Custom page sizes • Font sizes up to 9999 pt • Contextual info bar showing all key modifier combinations • Keystroke constraints for shape editing • Comprehensive hyperlink support • Page duplication and reordering • Separate thumbnails window – drag and drop document organisation • True spread editing – place content across the fold • Automatic page numbering • Bleed and crop marks • Export documents as PDF booklets and readers spreads • Flow text between shapes and lines, across pages and spreads • Multiple document views, with independent zoom and view settings • Working space at the side of document pages, which isn't printed • Smooth pan and zoom up to 10,000% • Text in any shape, at any angle • Text along any line or curve • Powerful control over shape corners • Set multiple shape properties simultaneously • Insert multiple plain text, RTF and media files (image/PDF/AI) simultaneously using drag and drop • Adjustable snap grid • Independently set opacity for stroke, fill, image and text • Text inset for any shape • Multiple text columns in any shape • Sophisticated text inset and outset – smooth contours around complex shapes • Rulers that auto scale and auto label • Live preview mode • Auto save • Show baselines, text glyph outlines and text wrap runarounds • Stretch text horizontally and vertically Tools to help you design: • Comprehensive Shape Library • Powerful Head Up Display shape creation • Reshaping Tool – edit any shape's nodes and curves Powerful image manipulation and cropping: • Change DPI • Comprehensive scaling and fitting options • Align, flip and rotate images within shapes • Image tiling – create a repeating pattern from a single image Compatibility and sharing: • Insert plain text, RTF and media files, using drag and drop or copy and paste • Insert a wide range of media types including JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, PSD, PDF, EPS and AI • Export PDF, booklet PDF, PDF with readers spreads, EPUB and RTF files iStudio Publisher does not include support for Chinese, Japanese, or Korean (CJK) text input.

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Home Design 3D GOLD - Anuman Cover Art

Home Design 3D GOLD

Home Design 3D GOLD Description

With Home Design 3D, designing and remodeling your house in 3D has never been so quick and intuitive! Accessible to everyone, Home Design 3D is the reference interior design application for a professional result at your fingertips! Build your multi-story house now! CREATE, DESIGN, FURNISH AND DECORATE EASILY YOUR HOME AND SHARE IT WITH A COMMUNITY OF MORE THAN 35 MILLION OF USERS WORLDWIDE! Whether you want to decorate, design or create the house of your dreams, Home Design 3D is the perfect app for you: 1.DESIGN YOUR FLOORPLAN - In 2D and 3D, draw your plot, rooms, dividers - Change the height or the thickness of the walls, create corners - Add doors and windows with fully-resizable pieces of joinery 2. FURNISH AND DECORATE - Design and decorate both the interior and outdoor of your home - Make your choice from over a thousand of pieces of furniture and accessories, customize your decoration and express your style, from the most classical to the trendiest! - Edit any object, by changing its size, color, position and altitude on the walls - Duplicate your favorite items thanks to the copy/paste function - Use the undo/redo feature at anytime if you want to go back - Use the eye dropper to find an existing color in the plan - You can also import picture as texture and apply them everywhere 3. VISUALIZE AND VISIT YOUR CREATION - Visit your creation in real-time 3D as if you were inside it thanks to our brand new photo-realistic 3D rendering - Discover your home, your outdoor and even your neighborhood - Admire the result day and night, the compass function will show you where exactly the light will fall at different times of the day 4. IMPORT/EXPORT AND SHARE - Import any plan and display it on the background of the project - Export and continue your projects on your other devices thanks to the cross-platform compatibility - Share your projects via e-mail, Dropbox, OneDrive and many more file hosting services! - Share your best creations with the Home Design 3D community on! No internet connection required Illustrated tutorial available Calling all professionals! We can make it possible to see your products in Home Design 3D, or develop a unique version of the app for your needs. Contact us at [email protected] _________________________________________ Follow us on Twitter @homedesign3d Join us on Get inspired on our Pinterest boards/homedesign3d/ Follow us on Instagram @homedesign3d_off

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Disc Cover 3 - Belight Software, ltd Cover Art

Disc Cover 3

Disc Cover 3 Description

Disc Cover is your one-stop application for designing and printing labels, multipage booklets, cover art, jewel case inserts, and much more for CDs, DVDs, and Blue-ray discs. Some ideas for using Disc Cover: ● Decorate a music CD with your favorite iTunes Playlist. ● Make a home video DVD case more memorable. ● Create a disc of cherished photos from iPhoto or Aperture. ● Design a presentable case for a business presentation. ● Label backup archives in a systematic way. Disc Labels and Covers in Minutes! Disc Cover comes equipped with over 250 template sets that include matching disc labels, covers, jewel case inserts, and spines that can be customized in just seconds with the easy-to-use Assistant. Want to start from scratch? Just choose a layout and take advantage of the vast clipart collection, 60 photo collage templates, 120 background designs, 100 image masks, and Disc Cover's flexible design tools. iTunes Playlists, iPhoto Albums, and More Disc Cover seamlessly integrates with only the best Mac OS X applications. Import track info and lyrics from your iTunes library, photos from iPhoto and Aperture, as well as video from iDVD projects, iTunes, and QuickTime movies in the Finder. You can also import data from music CDs, your Toast Titanium projects, tab-delimited files, and more. LightScribe and Labelflash Direct Disc Labeling Burning your design straight to CDs and DVDs from LightScribe and Labelflash™ has never been simpler. Disc Cover was even the first Mac OS X disc labeling program to support [email protected] technology. So you won't be surprised when you hear that Disc Cover offers a collection of designs optimized for LightScribe media. NOTE: HP discontinued support for LightScribe in 2013. The latest driver is not compatible with OS X 10.11 El Capitan. Tons of Paper Layouts for Great Results Disc Cover supports tons of label paper formats from the most popular manufacturers, including Avery, Neato, Memorex, and others. If you don't find the layout you need, use the intuitive custom layout dialog. Direct-to-Disc Printers Printing right to the top of your discs with the help of a direct-to-disc printer is also no problem. Disc Cover is compatible with printers from HP, Epson, Canon, and other manufacturers.

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Swift Publisher 5 - Belight Software, ltd Cover Art

Swift Publisher 5

Swift Publisher 5 Description

Swift Publisher is a page layout and desktop publishing app for designing and printing fliers, newsletters, brochures, calendars, letterheads, booklets, and much more. _________________________________________________________________________ What's New in Version 5 • Two-Page Spreads • Customizable Grid • Heading Presets • Form Templates • Precise Guide Positioning • Google Maps Integration • Enhanced Layer Management • Depositphotos Integration • Touch Bar Support _________________________________________________________________________ Key Features: Page Layout • View and edit pages side-by-side with two-page spreads • Use master pages to quickly create uniform pages for any project • Unlimited layers to create complex designs while keeping the canvas uncluttered • Customizable grid for precise document layout • Adjustable and smart guides help aligning design elements • Print multi-page booklets with the program taking care of page order for you Working with Texts • Create multi-column layouts with flowing text boxes • Set up customizable text styles and apply them with one click • Horizontal, vertical and circular text support • Wrap text around pictures or other objects Design Tools • Apply linear and radial gradients, draw freehand shapes, apply strokes, and more • Edit photos and with Core Image filters using the built-in image editor • Add a shadow and stroke to any design element • Crop, rotate, resize, tint, tile, and control the transparency of pictures Graphic Content • 300 pre-designed templates • Library of over 2,000 clipart images • Integration with Depositphotos online photo bank • Apply one of over 100 image masks to any picture • Professionally designed 2D & 3D heading styles • Use adjustable Smart Shapes as frames for your images Sharing • Export to TIFF, JPEG, EPS, and PDF • Set up document bleeds and DPI • Convert text to curves to avoid problems with missing fonts • Share to Facebook and Twitter with just a few clicks

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Picture Collage Maker 3 - PearlMountain Technology Cover Art

Picture Collage Maker 3

Picture Collage Maker 3 Description

* * * 60% Off Time Limited Offer! Highly recommended by Apple! * * * * * * Download now! Get 180+ preset templates and 130+ extra templates for FREE. * * * Picture Collage Maker 3 is a powerful and easy-to-use photo collage creator to create photo collages, scrapbooks, greeting cards, photo calendars, photo albums and posters quickly. You are able to immortalize your special moments by sharing these self-made collages with your friends and families. With its 180+ delicate templates, you can make magnificent artworks from photos of any occasion such as Travel, Birthday, Graduation, Baby Announcement, Wedding, Anniversary, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. What’s more, you can choose various photo effects, and apply fantastic decorations like clipart, frames, masks, backgrounds, shapes and text to make your collage stand out. After your masterpiece is finished, you have options to export it, print it or share it via E-mail, Message, AirDrop, Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr at will. "Really Professional - This app is really good and is HD quality and provides many awesome things such as different borders, text and it makes it look so professional and personal…" ----------------------------------------------- BENEFITS ----------------------------------------------- * Share self-created collages and scrapbooks with families and friends. * Create marvelous cards as special gifts. * Record special memories eternally by elaborated albums. * Make custom posters for decorating, advertising and drumbeating, etc. ----------------------------------------------- HIGHLIGHTED FEATURES ----------------------------------------------- * New key features in 3.5 • Add shape object. • All-new text object. • Brand new GUI. • Fully supports the retina display. * 180+ professional templates and hundreds of art resources • 180+ professional templates are provided. 130+ extra templates are FREE for download. • Various templates help you design professional-looking photo collages, greeting cards, scrapbooks, posters, disk covers, photo calendars, and photo books, etc. • Templates are suitable for any occasion – Travel, Birthday, Graduation, Baby Announcement, Anniversary, Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Wedding, and so on. • Provides 180+ backgrounds, 730+ clipart, 140+frames, and 80+ masks. * Create personalized collage with your photos • Drag and drop photos in collage. Import photos directly from iPhoto, Aperture, Lightroom, etc. • Add and edit multiple pages to create photo albums and scrapbooks with numerous pages. • Free to duplicate pages and customize page margins. • Move, rotate, and resize photos with a few mouse clicks. • Crop photos to make them fit well within frames. • Zoom in/out on editing area to view details of collage. You can also edit collage in full-screen mode. • Lock/Unlock objects. • Group/Ungroup objects. * Decorate collage with embellishments • Add shape objects to collage. • Apply photo effects/filters, reflection to beautify photos, and easily adjust image colors. • Customize the background with solid color, gradient/advanced gradient color, patterns or your own image. • Add Fill, Stroke, and Shadow, etc. to objects. • Apply special frames/masks, and clipart inside the app or online, etc. to personalize your collage. • Import your own clipart resource and masks to personalize amazing collage. • Add and customize text - apply Fill, Glow, Outline, etc. to make texts unique. • Add calendar to create personalized photo calendars. * Export and share collage • Save collage as image formats – JPG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, GIF, PSD. • Save collage as PDF file. • Export collage to iPhoto directly. • Set collage as desktop wallpaper. • Share collage with friends and families via Facebook and E-mail. Share collage to Message, AirDrop, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr within the app on Mac OS X 10.8. • Print collage directly.

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Hype 3 - Tumult Cover Art

Hype 3

Hype 3 Description

Create stunning animated and interactive web content with Hype. Hype’s HTML5 output works on all modern browsers and mobile devices like iPhones and iPads. No coding required. *** Hype Professional In-App Purchase upgrade now available! *** Hype is used by leading designers to create animations which add a “wow” factor to web pages, infographics, presentations, digital magazines, ads, iBooks, educational content, app prototypes, portfolios, animated GIFs, videos, entire websites, and much more. Hype won the 2011 Macworld Editors’ Choice Award. From prototype to production, anyone can create rich interactive media with Hype. Quickly Animate: • Easy to use keyframe-based animation system • Record mode watches your every move, automatically creating keyframes as needed • Create natural motion curves with bézier paths • Make scenes for organization and flow • Use the power of multiple simultaneous timelines to run animations Add Interactivity: • Action handlers kick off and control timelines, transition between scenes, or run custom javascript • Visually build action handlers to respond to taps, clicks, and animation events Create Stunning Content: • WebKit-based WYSYWIG “what you see is what you get” scene editing • Intelligent guidelines, arrangement, and sizing tools • Easily integrate video and audio for stunning multimedia documents • Cutting-edge effects: blur, hue shift, brightness, saturation, shadows, reflection, and 3D transforms • Add Google Fonts to your projects or use your own CSS web fonts • A flexible layout system resizes your content to fit any screen • Retina image support Perfect for Mobile: • Hype’s HTML5 output works great on mobile devices • Easily add swipe and touch actions • Bind drag events to timeline positions for rich interactivity • Preview your projects on iPhones and iPads with the free Hype Reflect companion iOS app • Hype Reflect’s Mirror Mode shows edits live as you make them Extend with Code: • Edit the Inner HTML of any element • Integrated JavaScript editor for writing custom functions triggered by user actions • Use Hype’s JavaScript API to control scenes, timelines, and more Export to HTML: • Outputs state-of-the-art HTML5, CSS3 styles, and JavaScript • Content works across all browsers from IE 6 up to the latest Chrome • Self-contained directory holds all resources and JavaScript for your document • Integrate into existing pages by copying and pasting 3 lines of HTML • Great for ads and fast on mobile: A minimal document is only 24 KB (compressed) and 3 network connections Hype also Exports: • iBooks Author widgets • Videos • Animated GIFs Because We Love macOS: • Written in Cocoa exclusively as an macOS app (supports 10.8 through 10.12) • Adopts new macOS features and is gorgeous on Retina displays =================== Hype Pro is available as an in-app purchase and adds powerful features to Hype 3: • Responsive Layouts • Physics • Symbols for creating reusable elements • Persistent Symbols for master content • Waypoints • Dark interface theme • Editable timing functions • Grid system • Rearrangeable interface • Templates • Behaviors • More Export options: OAM Widgets, APNG, video options, Advanced Export, and Export Scripts Unlock Hype Pro via the Hype > Upgrade to Hype Professional menu item.

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Squash — Web Image Compression - Realmac Software Cover Art

Squash — Web Image Compression

Squash — Web Image Compression Description

"In my tests, the detail looked just as good in the compressed images as in the original. There are no visible compression artefacts." — 9to5Mac Squash is a simple, powerful app for compressing and converting images for the web and more. Squash Features: - Drag and drop simplicity, single or multiple images supported - Reduce file size of images and photos for faster uploading - Compress JPG, and PNG without losing image quality - Convert PNGs into JPGs - convert PSD's, RAW, and TIFF files into JPGs - Optionally remove private JPG meta data - Batch convert a folder full images - Custom prefix file names for converted images Why Use Squash? - Reducing the size of files for sending as email attachments. - Optimize images for websites and email campaigns so they load instantly online. - Slow internet? Drop images on Squash to save time when uploading to Facebook or Twitter! - Converting TIFF and RAW files into JPG's so they are web friendly. - And so much more.

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Contrast — Color Accessibility - Nothing Magical Inc. Cover Art

Contrast — Color Accessibility

Contrast — Color Accessibility Description

Make sure the text you're designing isn't too light in your interface designs with Contrast. Combine this simple little menu bar app with your favorite design tool and design with accessibility in mind. Enter hex codes manually or use the built in color picker for sampling colors directly from your designs. Tear the app from the menu bar and use it as a floating window wherever you'd like. It'll stay on top of your active design tool for quick access to the WCAG contrast scores.

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Quick Resizer - Midwestern Mac, LLC Cover Art

Quick Resizer

Quick Resizer Description

Quick Resizer is the fastest and simplest app for resizing your images. Resize one or more images by dragging them on the app or opening them from within the app. PNG and JPEG files are supported, and the resized images will be optimized for use on the web. Simply drag your image file (or files—batch resizing is simple!) on the app, set the size and constraint for the resizing, and hit enter! You can also set the app to quit automatically after processing images, change the JPEG compression quality, and decide whether to sharpen images when they are reduced in size. Please send any questions to our support email address, and let us know what we can do to make this app better.

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Infographics Maker - Templates - Jumsoft Cover Art

Infographics Maker - Templates

Infographics Maker - Templates Description

Infographics Maker for Pages contains a massive collection of thousands of data visualization tools to illustrate and enhance your Apple Pages documents! Every single item is crafted to perfection to be visually captivating and easily customizable. Infographics Maker for Pages has items for virtually any occasion, from charts and diagrams to editable city, state, country, and region maps, accompanied by a broad selection of national flags and symbols, it has never been easier to explain business results, intricacies of an industry, or focus on a national specifics of any country! All images include transparent backgrounds that allow placing them over colored and/or patterned backgrounds. Many elements are designed in shapes, so you can easily customize them to your exact needs. Infographics Maker is designed to be used with Apple Pages, but you can also adapt the images for Apple Keynote, Numbers, iBooks Author, and other applications. *** Apple Pages 6.0 or later is recommended.

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Paint with Fun - Aravindhan Parasuram Cover Art

Paint with Fun

Paint with Fun Description

#### Introductory Offer #### Only $0.99 original Price $3.99 ###################### Paint with Fun is an wonderful painting application for OS X which is similar to Microsoft Paint. Tools: ------ -Brush tool, Eraser tool, Air Brush tool, Fill tool, Eyedropper tool,.... Shapes: --------- -Straight lines, curves, Rectangles, Ellipses, Polygon, Star, Chat Icon,... Text: ----- -Customize font, size, color of text. Palette: -------- -Set the foreground and background color for tools.

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Artstudio Pro: Draw Paint Edit - Lucky Clan Cover Art

Artstudio Pro: Draw Paint Edit

Artstudio Pro: Draw Paint Edit Description

Introducing Artstudio Pro, the most powerful painting and photo editing app available for both macOS and iOS . The successor to our famous ArtStudio app has been redesigned bringing many new features and improvements taking full advantage of the latest technologies Metal, iCloud Drive, and optimized for 64-bit multi-core processors to achieve the smoothest possible workflow. Hundreds of assets are included and users have the ability to import resources in the most popular formats (ABR, TPL, PAT, GRD, ASE, ACO) giving instant access to millions of brushes, patterns, gradients, color swatches and fonts. It will boost your creativity and help you bring your ideas to life quickly and easily. New engine The powerful GPU accelerated ArtEngine developed by Lucky Clan is 5-10 times faster than the previous engine. It allows working with multiple documents, supports large canvas sizes and an unlimited number of layers. Incredible optimization ensures smooth work even with large canvases. • Multiple open documents • Canvas size: 256Mpix • Unlimited layers • 27 tools: Move, Select, Crop, Eyedropper, Paint, Wet Paint, Eraser, Bucket/Pattern/Gradient Fill, Smudge, Dodge, Burn, Sponge, Text, Heal, Clone, and more Flexible layer system Artstudio Pro introduces a new layer system with grouping, non-destructive layer effects, and adjustment layers. • Groups • Masks, clipping masks • Adjustment layers • 9 layer effects: Bevel/Emboss, Stroke, Inner Shadow, Inner Glow, Outer Glow, Color/Gradient/Pattern Overlay, Drop Shadow • 27 blending modes • Text layers • Transform multiple layers simultaneously Advanced Brush engine Perfectly optimized, lag free mechanism generating smooth, real looking strokes, making the most of the stylus. • Brush size up to 4000x4000 • 64-bit painting with pattern, double stamp, wet brush, dynamics • Brush editor with 80 customizable settings • Over 100 built-in brushes divided into a few groups: Painting, Sketching, Markers, Inking, Dots & Specks, and more • Symmetric painting with custom symmetry line Professional photo editor Photo editing options developed in cooperation with professional photographers. Each feature was tested in several scenarios and light conditions. • 15 adjustments available as non-destructive layer or simple adjustment: Brightness/Contrast, Levels, Curves, Exposure/Gamma, Shadows/Highlights, Vibrance, Hue/Saturation, Color Balance, Temperature/Tint, Black and White, Gradient Map and more • 4 auto adjustments: Auto Contrast, Levels, Lightness, Saturation • Dozens of filters with realtime preview and the ability to generate seamless patterns • Inpaint, Elastify (Liquify) ,Lighting, Depth Of Field, Denoise • Retouching tools: Heal, Dodge, Burn, Sponge and more • Image resize, Canvas resize • Crop using special tool, crop from selection, trim transparent areas Import/Export We have implemented many parsers from the most popular assets/images formats and we are especially proud of our ABR/TPL parser which not only reads brush stamps and patterns, but also most settings which are converted to Artstudio Pro brush engine values. Import • Images - PNG, JPEG, PSD, HEIC, TIFF, GIF, most raw formats • Brushes - ABR, TPL • Color swatches - ASE, ACO • Patterns - PAT • Gradients - GRD • Fonts - TTF, OTF Export • Images - PNG, JPEG, PSD, TIFF, PDF Other features • Full iCloud integration • Screen recording • All features available on macOS, iPad and iPhone • Selection displayed as marching ants, quick mask or invisible • Snapping to guidelines, dynamic guidelines, grid • Perspective grid assist • Mirror (flipped) view • Canvas rotation Minimum System Requirements Artstudio Pro for macOS requires a Mac running macOS 10.11 El Capitan or above

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Quick Paint - Sylvia Jessica Cover Art

Quick Paint

Quick Paint Description

Quick Paint is an easy-to-use, beautiful graphics painting app that provides basic drawing tools like MS Paint. It can help you create stunning new images and edit your existing photos. • Draw with Paint as you would on canvas • Use different brush sizes, shapes, text tool and so much things. • Open and save images using many other popular formats,including BMP, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, and GIF. •Full support for transparency is available for image formats that support an alpha channel (currently PNGs and GIFs). •You can paste images copied from many common Mac applications, including Microsoft Office and Apple iWork.

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Highlight Color - BraveCloud Cover Art

Highlight Color

Highlight Color Description

••• 60% Off Time Limited Offer ••• Highlight Color is a great tool for everyone who likes to give stylish effects on their photos. This app uses the grayscale effect and highlight portions of the picture on its original color. The Highlight Color is perfect for you who want to color specific parts of pictures. It is simple and makes it easy to use, so you do not have to be an image editing expert. Add a personal touch and you won't need to waste time with complicated professional applications. * Highlight effect: Selecting a specific spot you can highlight that place with its original picture while the rest of the picture remains in black and white. * Export Images: Select the format you want: you can choose between PNG, JPEG, JPEG200, TIFF and BMP. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Enjoy our features: •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• • Grayscale filter on the chosen image. • Coloring Tool. • Brush Set. • Option to change the size range to save the image. • Zoom. • Export to PNG, JPEG, BMP and TIFF. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• How to use: •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 1. To load an image, go to File > Open. 2. Select the image and open the application. 3. Use the 'size' bar to set the brush size to color. 4. Edit the parts you want. 5. Use the SAVE tool next to the brush adjustment bar to save the image. 6. Select the picture format and the desired size. 7. Save. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• If you need help? •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Do you need any help? If you have any doubt or trouble with our products and company, like to make a suggestion or submit a request for a new feature, you can use the following tools: Go to our website: ••• There you can find: • Frequently Asked Questions • List of applications • Tutorials and more… You can also send an email to: ••• [email protected] We’ll respond as soon as we can. Your contact is very important and with it we can constantly improve our apps.

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LogosKit for Adobe Illustrator - Graphic Fiesta Cover Art

LogosKit for Adobe Illustrator

LogosKit for Adobe Illustrator Description

This app contains 90 Logo Templates for Adobe Illustrator. Every time you want to create an awesome logo, just browse through the templates in this app, find the logo that you like, open it with Adobe Illustrator and make any changes if necessary. It’s very easy and we think you are going to love all the logo designs. Moreover, Illustrator logos are vectors, so they can be easily resized and they will retain the same high quality. Main features: -90 awesome logo designs. -Fully editable in Adobe Illustrator. -Scalable vector graphics. -Perfect for print, web, mobile apps, etc. *Adobe Illustrator CC or later is required to use the Logos.

© Graphic Fiesta


Sculptura - Halfspace LLC Cover Art


Sculptura Description

With an advanced clay engine and artist-tested tools, Sculptura gives you the premier digital sculpting experience on macOS. Key features: • A high-resolution clay sculpting engine. Never worry about meshes or triangles. Cut holes freely. • Full GPU acceleration. Sculptura accelerates every part of sculpting using Metal. • Powerful, intuitive sculpting tools. Tested by professional artists. • Long undo history. Sculpt without worry. • Beautiful real-time rendering. Your sculpture looks great throughout the process. Tools: • Carve — subtract or add material • Deform — push or pull • Smooth — slow or fast • Cut — cut out a polygon • Cylinder — add or subtract • Sphere — add or subtract • Pinch — contract material • Flatten — make a plane • Resize — resize your entire sculpture • Move - reposition material Additional Features: • Artist-created templates for starting points and inspiration • Import and export Alembic, OBJ, STL, and USD files • Easy-to-use materials and lighting • Symmetric sculpting • Quickly change viewpoints • Surprisingly small files • Never worry about saving with Auto Save • Turn on iCloud and access your Sculptures from your Mac and iPad • Touch Bar support Minimum hardware: Late 2013 Mac. Discrete GPU recommended. Graphics tablet recommended. Sculptura is also available for iPad!

© 2018 Halfspace LLC


DXF Simple Viewer - Victor Bovio Cover Art

DXF Simple Viewer

DXF Simple Viewer Description

DXF Simple Viewer is a great light app to quickly view DXF and DWG files. Features: - Open DXF files, both ascii or binary supported. - Load files with 2D and 3D entities. - Also open most DWG files. - Export to PDF, PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP. - Load from a ZIP or RAR file one or multiple DXF or DWG files. - Toggle show/hide layers and change colors. - Graphic operations for Panning, zooming, rotating (3D). - View your model in Orthogonal or Perspective mode (3D). - Open multiple files, view in fullscreen, print them. - Retina Macs fully supported. Please contact us for support, questions, feature request or any other inquiry. [email protected]

© BovioSoft


Alpha Blender PRO - Pavel Kosykh Cover Art

Alpha Blender PRO

Alpha Blender PRO Description

Fast and simple application to cut shapes or background from images. You can use the resulting images for web design, collages, etc. Features: - You can tune intensity, hardness and size of brush - Cut any shapes you need - Save result to PNG - Use zoom to work with details - You can use hotkeys for more efficient work - Simple and clean interface - Unlimited image size - Saves history of user actions

© (c) Pavel Kosykh 2017


Frames Magic - Collage & Greeting Cards - BraveCloud Cover Art

Frames Magic - Collage & Greeting Cards

Frames Magic - Collage & Greeting Cards Description

••• 65% Off - Limited Time Offer ••• Have cool and great collages is not for everyone. Frames Magic - Collage and Greeting Cards allows you to create awesome and cool pictures to post and share with your friends on social networks. Frame Magic - Collage and Greetings Cards delivers you 50 incredible frames to combine your pictures and create beautiful and unique collages. With a easy to use interface you can be your own designer and create, combine and have the best results. * Image Edition: Enhance the quality of your pictures using Auto Enhance, Saturation, Brightness and Contrast. * Text on photo: Allows you to add text on images. Add captions, quotes or anything else you can imagine just with the right click. * Adding Images: Allows you to add a image or with a right click to add one or more pictures. * Backward & Forward tool: With just a button or just a right click you can set your image through the frame. * Canvas Adjustment: With this tool you don't need to be adjusting your image to the canvas size, with just a click on the button or just a right click you can match the canvas to your picture size. * Export Images: Select the format you want: you can choose between PNG, JPEG, JPEG200, TIFF and BMP. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Enjoy our amazing features: •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• • 50 Incredible Frames. • Auto Enhance • Saturation • Brightness • Contrast • Add Text with Multiple Fonts • Add multiple images • Simple and easy interface • Backward & Forward tool • Adjust Canvas tool • Convert Images: PNG, JPEG, JPEG2000, TIFF and BMP • Save and Export your pictures to anywhere • Zoom Be creative, combine and have the best collages with Frames Magic - Collage and Greeting Cards •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• How to use: •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 1. Select the desired image size or open with image to create a new image with its size. 2. Click on Add Image to insert new images. Click on the desired image to edit. 3. Adjust the settings like you want (Auto Enhance, Saturation, Brightness and Contrast). 4. Select the desired frame on the left panel. 5. Select and adjust the desired image to set through the frame. 6. Clicking on the button on the menu or just with the right click use the Backward & Forward tool to set it through. 7. Click on Add Text to insert texts. 8. Export your image. Click on the button in the bottom corner of the right side. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• If you need help? •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Do you need any help? If you have any doubt or trouble with our products and company, like to make a suggestion or submit a request for a new feature, you can use the following tools: Go to our website: ••• There you can find: • Frequently Asked Questions • List of applications • Tutorials and more… You can also send an email to: ••• [email protected] We’ll respond as soon as we can. Your contact is very important and with it we can constantly improve our apps.

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IsoOrthoHybridGraphGenerator - WorksByBurkes Cover Art


IsoOrthoHybridGraphGenerator Description

IsoOrthoGraphPaperGenerator creates a hybrid isometric/orthographic graph paper to your specifications. If your printer can print it, you can create it!

© 2015 - 2019 Margaret Burke


ZeldDesigner - Kevin Kieffer Cover Art


ZeldDesigner Description

ZeldDesigner is a simple to use yet powerful 2D vector drawing application for creating illustrations, schematics, diagrams, artwork, and more. Draw, edit, and combine shapes, with a variety of line strokes, fill colors, and fill gradients to create impressive, complex illustrations. Vector drawings are described mathematically, rather than using bitmaps, allowing them to be scaled to any resolution for display and printing. ​ ZeldDesigner provides primitive shapes, measurement tools, word art, and image manipulation. Shapes can be combined by joining, intersecting, and subtracting. Alignment and distribute tools provide automatic and precise layout. Draw new shapes using lines, curves, and freehand. Paint new shapes with tools from the Shape library. Features include: Move, resize, rotate, shear, flip, transparency, group, and adjust Z-plane layer of elements on canvas. Align and distribute elements relative to each other (horizontal, vertical, centered, grid, radial, ramp). Combine shapes by joining, subtracting, intersecting, and exclusive joining. Edit shape control points, add and delete verticies, insert line segments, quadratic curves, and cubic curves. Set stroke thickness, dash-pattern, line color, and line style. Set fill color, or paint with linear, radial, conical gradients, or pattern/image fill. Set shape stroke, including basic stroke, shape-stroke, and double-line stroke. Insert primitive geometric shapes, images, text, word art, symbols, lines, measurement arrows, links, and callouts. Edit images using crop and perspective transform tools, background removal, color/hue adjust, contrast/brightness, and other filters. Draw tools include: line, orthogonal line, freeform, freeform with smoothing, quadratic and cubic curves. Adjust canvas ruler scale to cm, inch, pixels or custom for scaled drawings (including support for English fractional units). Open, edit, and save SVG files. Export to PNG images. All new Logistics module has complex shapes for shipping and labels, as well has generated 1D and 2D barcodes (QR Codes, UPC, Code128, PDF417, Aztec, and more).

© 2018-2019 K. Kieffer


House Design - Scott Meyers Cover Art

House Design

House Design Description

House Design is an intuitive interior design app that lets you build the house you've always wanted, right on your Mac. Key Features: • Create detailed 2D floor plans • More than 300 items and materials • Export image to photos • Easiest and efficient operation ever in Mac • Auto compute room size • Intelligent room recognition • Print and Export As Image, PDF

© 2018 iosimple inc.


SimpleCAD - Tien Thinh Vu Cover Art


SimpleCAD Description

SimpleCAD is an easy, simple to learn 2D Computer Aided Design program (CAD) made to meet all of your basic design needs. SimpleCAD is more than just a vector paint program, because you could move, copy, edit, scale, rotate and offset… objects. Main Functions of the application: - SUPPORT MULTI-LANGUAGES: English Deutsch Français 日本語 한국어 Español Português Čeština Dansk Suomi Italiano Nederlands Norsk Polski Русский Svenska ไทย Türkçe Tiếng Việt 中文(中国) 中文(台灣) - Basic draw items: including freehand lines, line, polyline, orthogonal line, tangent line, parallel line, rectangle, polygon, circle, arc (NOTE: native ellipse is not supported, only support ellipse created by polyline object). Text box, callout box, picture box (imported from image file), measure items… - Modify functions: move, erase, copy, mirror, offset, rotate, scale, stretch items' vertices, lengthen, trim, extend, break, chamfer, fillet and explode polyline, join, array, polar array... - Auto Snap point setting: Snap to grid, end points of objects, on entity, center of arc - line - circle, middle point of arc - line, intersections, snap to top, left, right, bottom edges of a circle, arc - Multi layers: you could create new layer to draw more items. Layers could be shown, hidden independently. - Add image: You could add any image file (support file type: svg, svgz, gif, jpeg, png, bmp, pict, tiff) to display as an item inside the application. Image file could be shown in following modes: Stretch / Fit inside bound / Fit outside bound. The application also allows to DRAG/DROP many image files directly from Finder (or press Cmd-V to paste image from current Clipboard) to current editing window to add them to the diagram. - Add items (block) to Block Template list: Right click on selected items then select "Add to template list" to save the block to template list so that you can reuse it later - Customizable background: Background color, total size of the diagram could be changed during editing. Background color also can be set to transparent. - Open/Save to "*.AAD" file: AAD (*.aad) is the new file type created only for this application. Press "Cmd-S" to save current diagram to an AAD file so that you could load it later for editing. - Capture to clipboard: Press "Cmd-9" or click on Capture button to export current diagram image to clipboard, then you could paste that image to another application. Example: Open [Preview] application, press "Cmd-N" to paste above captured image to view or to save to an image file. Of course, you could paste that image to Excel, Word application too. Other functions: - Supports Metric or English units (you could change it in the Preferences dialog) - Unlimited Undo/Redo (shortcut key: Cmd-Z / Shift-Cmd-Z) - Support Thumbnail view - Copy / Paste (shortcut key: Cmd-C / Cmd-V) - Group / Ungroup Items (shortcut key: Cmd-G / Shift-Cmd-G) - Lock/Unlock items position (shortcut key: Cmd-L / Shift-Cmd-L) - Change display order - Export to png, jpeg, tiff, pdf image file (shortcut key: Cmd-E) - Print supported (shortcut key: Cmd-P)

© 2018 Vu Tien Thinh


CollageFactory Pro - Photo Collage Maker & Greeting Cards Creator - SOFTEASE TECH CO., LIMITED Cover Art

CollageFactory Pro - Photo Collage Maker & Greeting Cards Creator

CollageFactory Pro - Photo Collage Maker & Greeting Cards Creator Description

CollageFactory Pro is a powerful combination of photo collage maker and greeting card creator. With CollageFactory, you can make photo collage and holiday e-greeting card effortlessly. As a blend of mac photo collage maker and greeting card maker, CollageFactory has lots of templates that will transform photos into amazing collage or magical greeting card. Also, it is a nice choice to make scrapbook, poster and more. KEY FEATURES: • 100+ unique greeting card templates. - Christmas Card - Happy New Year Card - Thanksgiving Card - Valentine's Day Card - Birthday Card - Halloween, Easter Day, Wedding, Mother's Day, and more… • 5 different styles of collage layouts and 50+ templates - Free Style Collage - Grid Collage - Classic Collage - Focus Collage - Heart Collage - 50+ built-in collage templates • More flexible editing function - Add text on your card & collage - Customize the background with image, pattern or color - Apply frame / mask to photo - Customize the collage or card size - Enable to save project for further editing • Export the collage or card to JPEG / PNG / TIFF • Send collage or card via email

© 2014 Softease Tech Co., Limited


Typeface 2 - Floor Steeg Cover Art

Typeface 2

Typeface 2 Description

Typeface is a beautiful font manager that helps you pick the perfect font for your designs. Good typography is one of the most important aspects of design. But it is often hard to find the font that conveys just the right emotion, especially if you're not sure yet what you're looking for. With a minimal interface and total focus on your fonts Typeface tries to make browsing your collection exciting and easy, such that you'll always find just the font you need. FOCUS ON YOUR FONTS • Perfectly rendered previews • Live customization of preview text & size • Intuitive & minimal UI design that doesn't distract • Light & Dark theme for day and night IN-DEPTH ORGANIZATION • Easy to use & flexible tagging system (combine, subtract, invert & nest) • Powerful search & filters (weight, width, slant and style) • Smart sidebar (auto collapse, tag highlight, drag & drop) • In-place font activation & deactivation IMPROVE YOUR WORKFLOW • Collect font candidates using the Quick Collection • Review your choices and refine your selection • Share the results with colleagues and clients on PDF • Store the selection by attaching tags REVEAL EVERY DETAIL • Compare fonts using A/B font overlays • Inspect supported unicode characters • Get detailed font info • Show font family members AND MUCH MORE • [NEW] 2000+ free fonts from the Google Fonts catalog • Support for ttf, otf, dfont, ttc and PostScript Type 1 font suitcase • Auto synchronization of imported directories • Import Font Book collections • Collapsed family view • Auto hide fonts that are missing characters • Auto font style classification • Print to paper and export to PDF • Auto size previews • Letter s p a c i n g • Outlined previews • Metrics overlay • Standard & discretionary ligatures • Export & Import tags to json • Many keyboard shortcuts • Import Typekit fonts • Auto activation (beta) • Tagged and Untagged meta-tags Still reading? Check out for more info, handy tips & support. Follow @typefaceapp on Twitter to get the latest news. Have fun designing!

© 2018 criminalbird


Flowchart Designer - Zhang Guangjian Cover Art

Flowchart Designer

Flowchart Designer Description

Flowchart Designer is a lightweight flowchart editor. With lots of preset shapes and the smart connector, you can create a flowchart easily. And, if you like, you can use it to create other diagrams, such as illustration diagrams, mind maps, and so on. Features: - Dozens of ready-made shapes; - Create complex shapes by group basic shapes; - 4 styles of smart connector; - Customize shapes' fill / stroke / shadow / gradient / text effect; - Create shapes from image files; - Snap to grids or objects; - Export to many image formats : Pdf, Png, Jpeg, Tiff ... If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at Email: [email protected] Enjoy !

© 2015 Zhang Guangjian


Shapes 4 - Celestial Teapot Software Cover Art

Shapes 4

Shapes 4 Description

Shapes is a simple, elegant diagramming and vector graphics app. Shapes gives you all of the most important features you need in a diagramming and vector design tool without all the extra cruft, at an affordable price. Shapes has support for "connected" lines. When resizing lines, the lines magnetically snap to other shapes. Then, as you drag the connected shape around the canvas, the connected lines adjust themselves as well. Shapes offers "smart" paths which can be used for connecting boxes and shapes with smooth, curvy lines without requiring lots of fussy fiddling. Shapes also includes a powerful Bézier Path tool for creating vector graphics of nearly any shape or description. Additionally, Core Image Filters like "Pointillize", "Pixellate", "Gaussian Blur", "Sepia Tone", "Twirl Distort", and more can be combined and applied to any vector shape or image on the canvas. Shapes is great for Programmers and Web Designers looking for a simple tool for rapidly designing flowcharts, laying out wireframes, or visualizing model relationships without getting lost in a sea of confusing extraneous and confusing features. Shapes is also a swell vector graphics tool for designing icons and other graphics using bézier paths. Shapes lets you get to work quickly by giving you just the basic tools you need in a slick, single-window user interface. Shapes is a thoroughly Mac-native app offering QuickLook support, Fullscreen Mode, Version Browsing and iCloud Document Storage. Export your compositions in common image formats like SVG, PNG, JPEG, TIFF or multiple-page PDF.

© Todd Ditchendorf


TEXTify - Xiaoqian Lai Cover Art


TEXTify Description

TEXTify turns your images into beautiful and unique typographic artwork. • 50 built-in template images • Open, Paste, Drag & Drop interface for your own photos • Customizable words, font names, font sizes and colors • Four kinds of colorize way • Support all system fonts and 4 special fonts • Surprise Me: Random font selection • Real-time preview • Optimized for the Retina Display • Maximum image size up to 4096x4096 • Support OS X 10.7 or later (Lion, Mountain Lion) Save your artwork as multiple formats: • PDF (Vectorized, You can edit it later) • JPG • PNG • TIFF Share your artwork via (Mountain Lion): • Facebook • Twitter • Sina Weibo • EMail • Message • ... Come and create your first unique typographic artwork. If you have any problems or suggestions, please contact us: • Email - [email protected]

© 2013-Now LeafApp Team


CD DVD Cover Pro - Disc Label - ZHANG FENG Cover Art

CD DVD Cover Pro - Disc Label

CD DVD Cover Pro - Disc Label Description

CD DVD Cover Pro - Disc Label is a professional tool to design cd label, dvd label, cd cover, dvd cover, cd case, dvd case, cd booklets, dvd booklets, jewel case and so on. CD DVD Cover Pro - Disc Label can decorate a music CD, design home video DVD case and design a professional case for a business presentation . Use your own photos to create personalized CD and DVD designs. In the app, you can browse your local photos and choose a photo to insert into your design. You can even select multiple photos and create a montage . The app is easy to design for DVD Covers, label, jewel case, booklet, cover art and much more for CDs, DVDs, and Blue-ray discs . CD DVD Cover Pro - Disc Label add text ( including circular text “great for CDs and DVDs” ), photo for your design . Add shadow, rotate, crop for your design element . #### The Best advantage #### CD DVD Cover Pro - Disc Label is a professional tool to design cd, dvd label, cd, dvd cover, cd, dvd case, cd, dvd booklets and so on. 1:1 size show on your computer screen. Easy to be used and meet all users need . Not worry the app not fit your paper or disc . #### Main Features: ##### 1. Easy and intuitive dvd label maker interface. 2. Custom cover designed labels . 3. Clipart and background image libraries.
4. Cover templates for jewel case and DVD disc case inserts and booklets, MiniCD, and other media.
5. Text wrap around objects, label outlines. 6. Insert JPEG, TIFF, GIF and other format images. 7. Add shadow, rotate for your text and photo . 8. Adjust the level of display elements 9. Print to a wide array of label and paper types. 10. Export to image . 11. Support save your label as a document file. 12. Support print multiple different disc labels at once, on a single sheet. Note: If you have some problems,Please send an email to [email protected] I will solve these issues as quickly as possible.

© 2017 Software UT


Fuel for Pages - Infinite Loop Apps Cover Art

Fuel for Pages

Fuel for Pages Description - All the templates in the app and even more! *** All future updates are free *** FUEL FOR PAGES Fuel for Pages is an amazing add-on for Apple’s Pages app. It provides 600 templates in 11 categories. - Brochures - Business Cards - Calendars - Cards & Invitations - Envelopes - Flyers - Forms - Letters - Newsletters - Reports - Resumes DIFFERENT PAPER SIZES All templates are available in US Letter and A4 sizes, except for envelopes, which come in their specific size. Paper size is selected automatically, depending on your region. EASILY CUSTOMISABLE Once opened in Pages you can apply your own colors, change fonts, pictures, etc. IMPORTANT: PAGES REQUIRED Pages - Apple’s word processor is required, so make sure you have Pages app. In order to open any of the templates, you need to have latest version of Pages installed on your computer. You can download Pages from Mac App Store. Only reason why you cannot open a template is not having Pages installed on your computer! Want to share some feedback, need help, or want to give us some praise? Tweet @templatesHero Facebook

© 2018 MB Modernios Aplikacijos trading as All rights reserved.


Whiteboard - Sketch, Doodle and Share - Daeo Corp. Software Cover Art

Whiteboard - Sketch, Doodle and Share

Whiteboard - Sketch, Doodle and Share Description

A simple whiteboard app designed to make sketching and drawing quick and easy. - Built in "undo" and "redo" for when mistakes happen. - Draw on the whiteboard in "Marker" mode. - Erase the whiteboard in "Eraser" mode. - Choose from 3 tip sizes and 3 levels of tip hardness. - Pick any color to draw with and adjust the transparency/opacity. - One click to erase the whiteboard with the "Clear" button. - One click to save or share your whiteboard. This is not a replacement for image editing software like Photoshop. This is a simple app that makes white boarding quick and easy. Enjoy!

© 2015 Daeo Corp.


Logo Design Studio Pro 2 Lite - Macware, Inc Cover Art

Logo Design Studio Pro 2 Lite

Logo Design Studio Pro 2 Lite Description

********* Introductory Price of $2.99 for a limited time! Regularly priced $9.99 ********** Create your logo or brand in minutes with Logo Design Studio Pro 2 Lite! From the makers of the #1 selling logo software for over 15 years, Logo Design Studio Pro 2 Lite lets you design a new logo with flexible design tools and easy to use interface. Need your logo on a bumpersticker? Need your logo on a billboard? No need to re create your logo. All the graphics in Logo Design Studio Pro 2 Lite are vector based allowing them to scale up and down without losing their sharpness and clarity. All files exported in SVG format remain fully editable by Logo Design Studio Pro 2 Lite. Features include: - Bézier editing visually shows adjustable nodes you can move or delete in order to change the look of shapes, text and curves - Powerful Boolean operations allow you to quickly create complex new shapes by adding and subtracting shapes and text together - Full support for SVG files, including import and export - Dynamically add text as an outline of any line or shape; fill a shape with text; or create a unique text shape using Bézier editing - When drawing freehand on the canvas, the Bézier pen automatically smoothes any choppiness to create a natural look to your drawings - Import and export your logo in all popular formats (SVG, PDF, PSD, JPG, TIFF, BMP and more) including transparent backgrounds - Advanced color control options, and linear & radial gradients help sharpen your look - Full layer support - Easy alignment tools Logo Design Studio Pro 2 Lite includes: - 15 editable logo templates - 75 common vector objects - 5 commercial use fonts

© 2017 Macware, Inc.


Simplified! Adobe Photoshop Edition - Tony Walsh Cover Art

Simplified! Adobe Photoshop Edition

Simplified! Adobe Photoshop Edition Description

Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard graphics software used by designers and computer users around the World. Photoshop is used by millions to enhance images, design everything from flyers to posters and so much more. The software has literally hundreds of functions and techniques to learn. This app will help you learn the basics and act as a reference tool on "How do I do Something" The collection of 228 training videos will soon get you up to speed. mark a lesson as a favourite and give it a rating and your own note so that you can easily come back later for a quick refresher! Lessons include: File menu in Photoshop Image menu options in Photoshop Layers in Photoshop Marquee selection tool in Photoshop Elliptical and Rectangular Marquee tool in Photoshop Anti-aliasing to the edges of a layer Using feather option in Photoshop Using Lasso tools in Photoshop The options of Lasso tools Magnetic lasso tool in Photoshop Using Lasso tools in Photoshop Magic Wand Tool in Photoshop How to use Text tool in Photoshop Rectangle Tools and shapes in Photoshop How to work in Photoshop Feather Selections In Photoshop Photoshop Filters How to Add a Background on Photoshop How to Merge Two Photos Together With Photoshop Overlay layers in Photoshop 7 Converting Black And White photos to Color In Photoshop Converting Color Photos To Black And White In Photoshop View option in Photoshop Using the Select Menu controls in Photoshop Editing wedding photos in Photoshop Making Image Clearer In Photoshop Photoshop Window menu bar The Complete beginners guide to Adobe Photoshop Course overview breakdown Interface Introduction to Adobe Photoshop Ep133 Adobe Photoshop for Beginners Panels Workspaces in Adobe Photoshop Ep233 Adobe Photoshop for Beginners Raster Image principles in Adobe Photoshop Ep333 Adobe Photoshop for Beginners Image size Dimension Resolution in Adobe Photoshop Ep433 Adobe Photoshop for Beginners Layers in Adobe Photoshop Ep533 Adobe Photoshop for Beginners Common file types in Adobe Photoshop Ep633 Adobe Photoshop for Beginners Colour in Adobe Photoshop Ep733 Adobe Photoshop for Beginners 10 Handy Tips for beginners to Adobe Photoshop Ep833 Adobe Photoshop for Beginners Making selections in Adobe Photoshop Ep933 Adobe Photoshop for Beginners Copy paste in Adobe Photoshop Ep1033 Adobe Photoshop for Beginners Transform tools in Adobe Photoshop Ep1133 Adobe Photoshop for Beginners Using brushes in Adobe Photoshop Ep1233 Adobe Photoshop for Beginners Eraser tool Layer masking Ep1333 Adobe Photoshop for Beginners Shape tool in Adobe Photoshop Ep1433 Adobe Photoshop for Beginners Type principals in Adobe Photoshop Ep1533 Adobe Photoshop for Beginners Layer styles in Adobe Photoshop Ep1633 Adobe Photoshop for Beginners Paths the Pen tool in Adobe Photoshop Ep1733 Adobe Photoshop for Beginners Smart objects in Adobe Photoshop Ep1833 Adobe Photoshop for Beginners Colour adjustments in Adobe Photoshop Ep1933 Adobe Photoshop for Beginners Adjustment layers in Photoshop Ep2033 Adobe Photoshop for Beginners Filters in Photoshop Ep2133 Adobe Photoshop for Beginners Blending modes in Adobe Photoshop Ep2233 Adobe Photoshop for Beginners Saving in Photoshop Ep2333 Adobe Photoshop for Beginners Setting up a document Ep2433 Adobe Photoshop for Beginners 3D paper type effect Ep2533 Adobe Photoshop for Beginners Rainbow clouds illustration Ep2633 Adobe Photoshop for Beginners Manage complexity and working smart Ep2733 Adobe Photoshop for Beginners Decorating an origami paper bird Ep2833 Adobe Photoshop for Beginners Create a origami bird logo Ep2933 Adobe Photoshop for Beginners Using type in Photoshop Ep3033 Adobe Photoshop for Beginners Save for print in Adobe Photoshop Ep3133 Adobe Photoshop for Beginners Adapt a print design for a web banner Ep3233 Adobe Photoshop for Beginners Save for web in Adobe Photoshop Ep3333 Adobe Photoshop for Beginners and more.

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PartyFlyers - Jason Stafford Cover Art


PartyFlyers Description

Save A lot of Time and Make Money With Party Flyers. 100% Licensed and 100% Royalty Free* Over 7GB of Templates. No Need To Start From Scratch or Re-Invent The Wheel Make Your Next Event or Party Look Highly Professional, When you are trying to throw a event. Having a professional flyer can draw more people in and especially when your trying to maximize profits. If your a graphic designer you can also charge people for flyers without having to spend hours Re-Inventing the wheel. PartyFlyers Software are Perfect For Graphic Designers Club Owners Club Organizers Photographers Video and Movie Projects *Please Note You will Need a Image Editor To Edit These Flyers and Add Your Own Information. We Strongly Recommend Adobe Photoshop, But You can also use Image Editing Software Like Corel, and Pixelmator For MAC OSX *Results Vary

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Art Model - 3D Pose tool - Tomi Nevalainen Cover Art

Art Model - 3D Pose tool

Art Model - 3D Pose tool Description

Pose and morph two models simultaneously in the scene. Creating poses is super simple, just tap control point and drag a target limb with your mouse to the desired position! No more painstaking joint rotation. Poser app comes with realistic looking 3D male and female models. Art Model is also a powerful morph tool. Morphing system gives you the ability to create an unlimited range of unique models. You can transform your model from child to an adult, skinny to muscular or make it fat, pregnant, creature etc. Besides full body morphs, you can also create individual morphs for specific body parts like chest / breast, arms, legs... Now you can enrich the scene with props! You can add chairs, tables, weapons and geometry shapes to scene. You can also attach props directly to models hands. Props then follows hand movement. Ideal poser app for character designing, as human drawing guide, for illustrations or storyboarding, or anyone who wants to focus on improving their drawing skills. Features: -Pose one or two realistic male and female models in same scene. -Fast pose creation: Drag limbs to desired position. -Morph system allows you to create unique models. -Full body morphs and individual morphs for specific body parts. -Add props to the scene. You can add chairs, tables, weapons and geometry shapes to scene. -60 preset poses -Basic hair -White and black skin colour -Freely rotate the lights -Save and load poses and morphs. -Save poses and morphs as transparent image files to your Pictures -folder Camera zoom (option 1): Scroll mouse wheel. Camera zoom (option 2): Hold Left Alt + Right mouse button and move mouse up/down. Rotate camera: Hold Left Alt + Left mouse button and move mouse around. Pan camera: Hold Right mouse button and move mouse around. Preview video:

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Disketch Plus - NCH Software Cover Art

Disketch Plus

Disketch Plus Description

Disketch Plus Disc Label Software Use Disketch to create CD and DVD labels as well as cover images for jewel cases. You can set a simple background color and organize artist information along with track lists. Disketch allows you to put a personal touch with your own photos and artwork. Easily import your media then arrange the images and text! Disketch Disc Maker will help your discs stand out from the crowd! This user friendly CD label maker lets you put your own creative touch on your CD and DVD discs. Features: * Create CD, DVD or Blu-Ray disk labels * Import your own photos to create personalized disc backgrounds and covers * Print on sticky labels, or directly onto printable discs * Easily move and layer text and images to design labels * Choose from a variety of text styles * Easily format, resize and align your text * Import track names directly from a CD in your disc drive * Change the background color of the disc * Manually adjust the printing position on a page

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Brochure Lab - Templates - Jumsoft Cover Art

Brochure Lab - Templates

Brochure Lab - Templates Description

Boost the chemistry between your customer and you! Jumsoft’s Brochure Lab for Pages provides you a powerful collection of brochure templates to give your product or service a beautiful and professional presentation it truly deserves! With more than 150 fabulous templates, you will surely find the perfect match for your product or service to impress your partners, clients, or prospects with plenty of alternatives available at hand! All templates are fully formatted in customizable sections for your convenience. Every object in the templates can be easily reshaped, moved, or removed, colors can be changed. Type or paste in your own text, add or remove text boxes, and choose the font to your liking - the power of customization is in your hands! Adding photos or pictures is as simple as dragging and dropping them onto the document! It’s the level of quality and ease of use you have grown to expect and love from Jumsoft! * Requires Apple Pages 6.0 or later

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Wordify 2 - Cover Art

Wordify 2

Wordify 2 Description

Introducing Wordify 2 – Turn images into beautiful typographic artwork. Redesigned from the ground up the all-new Wordify 2 is now smarter, faster, easier and more Mac than ever before. Smarter • Automatic image optimization for the best possible results • Magic Words: Magically infer words from your input image with the help of machine learning and computer vision • Location Words: Automatically infer words from your image’s location data (if available) • Portrait Mode: Use Depth information from Portrait Mode photos taken on compatible iPhones to remove distracting backgrounds Faster • Everything you do in Wordify 2 is now realtime and instantaneous • Beautifully rendered WYSIWYG preview of your final artwork right within Wordify 2 • Powered by Core Image & Metal for maximum performance Easier • Streamlined and elegant dark single-window user interface • Great TouchBar support on compatible MacBook pro models • Support of Full-Screen, Split-Screen, Split-View, undo/redo, intuitive keyboard shortcuts, cut, copy & paste and much more More Mac • Export your artwork to the following file formats: PDF (fully vectorized and editable), PNG, TIFF and JPEG • Use images in supported formats like JPG, JPEG-2000, PNG, GIF, TIFF, PSD, TGA, ICNS, Open EXR, different camera RAW formats and many more • Share your artwork via AirDrop, the Photos app, Mail, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and more – directly from Wordify 2 • Support of Drag & Drop, cut, copy & paste with other applications on your Mac • Capture photos right within Wordify 2 using the FaceTime camera (if available) • Fully optimized for Macs with a Retina Display System Requirements Wordify 2 requires macOS High Sierra (10.13) and a Metal-compatible Mac to run. Learn more at If you have questions about Wordify 2 be sure to check out our answers to commonly asked questions at

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Screen Ruler - A Desktop Ruler - mobileFlavour Cover Art

Screen Ruler - A Desktop Ruler

Screen Ruler - A Desktop Ruler Description

Screen Ruler is an app that lets you measure everything on your minitor. It allows you create multiple rulers on your screen. It is incredibly useful such as web design, computer graphics and desktop publishing. Key features: • Multiple ruler creation • Measuring distance between 2 points • Support Keyboard to use Arrows or 'W','A','S','D' Keys to move , Delete Key to remove ruler • Support Mouse Wheel to change the background opacity of ruler • Easy to use, simple and fast in horizontal or vertical measuring • Rulers without shadow • Auto detect screen change to update unit scale • Floating on top of the screen • Customizable color and transparency • Pixels / Inches / CM units support • Anchor (0, 0) positioning on 4 corners • Marking settings and visibility • Launch on start

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Certificate Templates by iCert - CONTENT ARCADE (UK) LTD. Cover Art

Certificate Templates by iCert

Certificate Templates by iCert Description

Certificates Template app to create certificates for MS Word in minutes. Certificate Templates by iCert is a certificate generator app, which you can use to make your very own certificates for any purpose. Choose from over 50 certificate template, add customized text and print. Simple as that, no designing or special skills are needed! Choose from 50 plus impressive templates Our certificates maker app has a wonderful collection of over 50 certificate template. All the templates are created by professional graphic designers to meet your needs. Certificates for different occasions A large template selection includes template designs for: professional, corporate, classic, sports, formal, modern and many more. Certificate maker for MS Word The certificates maker app is quite straightforward, and you don’t have to learn anything new, in order to use it. This certificate generator and certificate editor for Word uses Microsoft Word to edit and make new certificates. Highlights of Certificate Templates by iCert app: It's simple and easy to use certificate editor app High-quality template designs Customize templates by adding your own text Certify or acknowledge someone for something Your go-to certificate design templates maker app Works offline, you will not need internet No need to waste your time or money by hiring a professional to design certificates for you or making a professional certificate yourself. Download Certificate Templates by iCert for Mac today and start creating beautiful and high-quality certificates within only a few minutes. We will keep updating and adding fresh templates to the app. If you come across any issue or want to share with us your query or suggestion, then please write us in a review so that we can fix it. Don’t forget to give us five stars!

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PixelMix - Double Exposure Effect - BraveCloud Cover Art

PixelMix - Double Exposure Effect

PixelMix - Double Exposure Effect Description

••• 60% Off Time Limited Offer ••• The regular apps to image edition can't make the best effects you need? Are you searching for an app to make beautiful double exposure effects on your images? With PixelMix - Double Exposure Effect you can do this very easily! PixelMix - Double Exposure Effect allows you to add various images on a background and you can adjust them to get the most amazing exposure effects, selecting the size and the position they'll stay on the background. And not just that! You can also increase the quality of your image with our amazing correction effects, like Auto-Enhance, Black and White, Saturation, Brightness, Contrast, Exposure, Gama and Hue. • Adding Images: You can add a image to the background and various images to make the effects. • Double Exposure effect: You can choose the transparency of the image you wanna use on Strength bar. • Color Correction: Enhance the quality of your picture using the tools Auto-Enhance, Black and White effect, Saturation, Brightness, Contrast, Exposure, Gama and Hue. • Light Adjustment: Using the exposure tool, it’s possible to increase or decrease the light effects of the picture. • Share on social media: With just a simple click, you can share your photo directly in social network. • Print images: You can print your new image with just one click. • Export Images: You can save your image with the formats PNG, JPEG, JPEG2000, TIFF and BMP. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Enjoy our features: •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• • Double Exposure effect. • Auto-Enhance. • Black and White. • Saturation. • Brightness. • Contrast. • Exposure. • Gama. • Hue. • Easy to use interface. • Export the pictures to anywhere you want. • Share on social media. • Easily print your photo. • Save images with PNG, JPEG, JPEG2000, TIFF or BMP formats. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• How to use: •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 1. When you run the app, you can select the image you wanna use as background. 2. To add new images to make the exposure effects, click [ Add Image ] button. 3. Select the image you want and click the circular arrow on the corner to change it position. 4. To change the size, select the image and click on the double arrow. 5. Click [ Delete ] if you don't wanna use that image anymore. 6. Adjust the settings like you want (Auto-Enhance, Black and White, Contrast, Brightness, and more) in Tune Options area. 7. If you wanna change the background image, click on [ Change It ]. 8. Use the [ Defaults ] button if you wanna use the default settings of your image. 9. Click [ Save ] button to save your image, choosing between PNG, JPEG, JPEG2000, TIFF and BMP formats. 10. To print your image, you can click on the Printer button. 11. To post your photo on social media, you can click on the Share button and choose the social network you wanna post. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• If you need help? •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Do you need any help? If you have any doubt or trouble with our products and company, like to make a suggestion or submit a request for a new feature, you can use the following tools: Go to our website: ••• There you can find: • Frequently Asked Questions • List of applications • Tutorials and more… You can also send an email to: ••• [email protected] We’ll respond as soon as we can. Your contact is very important and with it we can constantly improve our apps.

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Essential Training for InDesign CC 2015 - Jun Xu Cover Art

Essential Training for InDesign CC 2015

Essential Training for InDesign CC 2015 Description

InDesign is an essential tool for designers, ad agencies, magazines, newspapers, book publishers, and freelancers around the world. It's used to build everything from traditional print publications to interactive PDFs, digital magazines, and ebooks. This course presents a thorough explanation of the core features and techniques that make this page layout application so powerful, fun, and easy to use. Want to learn InDesign in just 20 minutes? Watch the first chapter, which concentrates on the most essential skills: editing text, adding graphics, moving objects, and creating PDFs. Once you're ready to move on, InDesign insider David Blatner will show you the rest of what InDesign has to offer. Learn how to navigate and customize the workspace, manage documents and pages, format text and graphics, experiment with color and gradients, draw and transform shapes, create interactive documents, package your designs for print, and much more. Contents of Essential Training for InDesign CC 2015: 1. Learn InDesign in 30 Minutes 2. Working with InDesign Documents 3. Creating a Document 4. Managing Pages 5. Text 6. Graphics 7. Formatting Objects 8. Color 9. Frames and Paths 10. Managing Objects 11. Transforming Objects 12. Character Formatting 13. Paragraph Formatting 14. Styles 15. Tables 16. Interactive Documents 17. Packaging,Printing,and Exporting

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OverC - Ilya Kulebyakin Cover Art


OverC Description

OverC — is the next evolutionary step in interface design. Are you working alone or in a team? Using Sketch or Framer X? It doesn't matter. Use best practices for team development! OverC lets you: - work in a Version Control System: git, Mercurial or any other; - keep your project history: see who did what and when it happened; - create branches for parallel work on different tasks; - merge changes and switch between different project versions. How does it work? When you add a new project, OverC creates a bundle, which is compatible with VCS. After your project or bundle changes (it can happen when you change brunches), its counterpart gets updated.

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Make It Simple! Adobe Illustrator Edition - Tony Walsh Cover Art

Make It Simple! Adobe Illustrator Edition

Make It Simple! Adobe Illustrator Edition Description

Adobe Illustrator is used by Professional Designers, Artists and computer users to create Vector Images. These images will then be used for company logos, promotional uses or even personal work, both in print and digital form. So what is Adobe Illustrator used for? It is typically used to create illustrations, charts, graphs, logos, diagrams, cartoons of real photographs, and more. While the program may be difficult to understand initially, the final product will be well worth the learning curve. Learn how to get the best from Adobe Illustrator with this collection of MORE THAN 900 Tutorial Video Lessons. These days many people can create stunning graphics using Photoshop,Indesign and also Illustrator. Each piece of software has its own set of features and functions that take a little mastering. Use this app as a "Video referencing library" where you come back to have a refresher lesson or look to find a new function to master. App Functionality: ** Edit the video title, subtitle and keep your own set of user notes. ** Move the video around it's group and even change it's group. ** Make videos your favourites and give them your own rating ** Search by title or notes ** View by favourites or rating ** View by history the last ten played or visited videos Lessons include: Chapter 3 Controlling Adobe Illustrator Part 1 Introduction Chapter 3 Controlling Adobe Illustrator Part 2 Working Toward Printing Chapter 3 Controlling Adobe Illustrator Part 3 Working Toward The Web Chapter 3 Controlling Adobe Illustrator Part 4 Controlling Multiple Document Chapter 3 Controlling Adobe Illustrator Part 5 Using View And Navigation Features Chapter 3 Controlling Adobe Illustrator Part 7 Controlling What You See Chapter 3 Controlling Adobe Illustrator Part 8 Defining Default Measuring Systems Chapter 3 Controlling Adobe Illustrator Part 9 Creating Multiple Views Chapter 3 Controlling Adobe Illustrator Part 10 Hiding And Locking Illustrator Objects Chapter 3 Controlling Adobe Illustrator Part 11 Generating Multiple Illustrator Art Boards Chapter 3 Controlling Adobe Illustrator Part 12 Resizing An Art Board From Center Chapter 3 Controlling Adobe Illustrator Part 13 New Tricks With Guides Chapter 3 Controlling Adobe Illustrator Part 14 Generating A Customized Tool Panel Chapter 4 Selecting And Manipulating Illustrator Objects Part 1 Introduction To Selection Chapter 4 Selecting And Manipulating Illustrator Objects Part 2 Controlling Selection With Prefer Chapter 4 Selecting And Manipulating Illustrator Objects Part 3 Group And Direct Selection Tips Chapter 4 Selecting And Manipulating Illustrator Objects Part 4 Using The Lasso Tool Chapter 4 Selecting And Manipulating Illustrator Objects Part 5 Selection With The Magic Wand To Chapter 4 Selecting And Manipulating Illustrator Objects Part 6 Selection Via Attributes Chapter 4 Selecting And Manipulating Illustrator Objects Part 7 Working In Isolation Mode Chapter 4 Selecting And Manipulating Illustrator Objects Part 8 Resizing Tricks Chapter 4 Selecting And Manipulating Illustrator Objects Part 9 Object Rotation And Smart Guides Chapter 4 Selecting And Manipulating Illustrator Objects Part 10 Working With Distort Tools Chapter 4 Selecting And Manipulating Illustrator Objects Part 11 Creative Uses Of Duplicate Option Chapter 5 Adobe Illustrator And Color Management Part 1 Introduction To Color Management Chapter 5 Adobe Illustrator And Color Management Part 2 Designing With The End In Mind Chapter 5 Adobe Illustrator And Color Management Part 3 Managing Colorsync Settings Chapter 5 Adobe Illustrator And Color Management Part 4 The Improved Illustrator Swatches Pane Chapter 5 Adobe Illustrator And Color Management Part 5 Creating Process And Global Colors and more

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Portfolios and Self Promotion - Nonlinear Educating Inc. Cover Art

Portfolios and Self Promotion

Portfolios and Self Promotion Description

Self-promotion is key to any graphic designer's success. But before you go out into the world there’s a bunch of stuff you must have in your toolbox. This course gives you everything you need to know to jumpstart your career.

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Paint - Zongyang Zhang Cover Art


Paint Description

9.99$->4.99$-----50% off sale for a very limited time!!! Paint is a beautiful graphics painting app that provides basic drawing tools like MS Paint. You can open an exist image file or create a new one to get started. • Draw with Paint as you would on canvas • Use different brush sizes, shapes, text tool and so much things. • Open and save images using many other popular formats,including BMP, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, and GIF. •Full support for transparency is available for image formats that support an alpha channel (currently PNGs and GIFs). •You can paste images copied from many common Mac applications, including Microsoft Office and Apple iWork.

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Doc Bundle - Templates for MS Office - UAB Macmanus Cover Art

Doc Bundle - Templates for MS Office

Doc Bundle - Templates for MS Office Description

Doc Bundle app is the collection of 1355 templates for Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. 1110 attractive templates for your Word documents. 130 static and 25 motion themes for your PowerPoint presentations. 90 great templates for Excel. All-in-One app. 1110 Templates for MS Word will provide you with professional-quality elements, amazing backgrounds, marvelous fonts and unique layouts. Creating a gorgeous document with the templates is really simple. Just select the template and replace the placeholders and the text boxes with your own content! 25 Motion Templates for MS PowerPoint will allow you to create professional-quality presentations with outstanding video backgrounds that will truly amaze your audience. Moving backgrounds will not stop all the time during your presentation and the crowd is going to love this! 130 Static Templates for MS PowerPoint will provide you with amazing backgrounds, unique layouts and professional-quality elements, allowing you to create captivating presentations effortlessly. 90 pre-designed templates for Excel are ready-made solutions of spreadsheet design. They will turn your ordinary workbooks to colourful and lively ones. All MS Word and Excel templates come in A4 and standard US letter sizes, so you will be able to find the perfect template for any kind of document and spreadsheet. All the templates are high-quality and can be used in standard (4:3) and resized to widescreen (16:9, 16:10) size ratios, so everyone will find the perfect size for any display or projector. Microsoft Office 2011 or later is necessary for using the templates.

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Paint FX - Kejian Jin Cover Art

Paint FX

Paint FX Description

Paint FX is a paint app with the photo effects tool for Mac similar to Microsoft Paint. It provides users the basic tool to draw quickly. It also allows the user to change the image canvas size. Therefore, it will allow you to combine multiple images into one image. You can also crop a photo, add some text to an image or quickly apply some preset photo effects with this app. Moreover, you don't need to apply effects to the full photo anymore. With this tool, you can apply different effects selectively within the same photo. It let you control where to apply the effects and which effect in the different part of the photo. It is intuitive, simple and easy to use. Features: - Paint/Drawing with the precise brush - Paint Effects onto Specific photo areas - change canvas size for the photo - Combine multiple photos into one - Apply different effects selectively within the same photo - Basic shapes tool - Line, Bezier Curve drawing - Add text on the image - Color Splash Effects and more Apply different effects in different part of image: - Black and White Effects (Color Splash Effects) - Sopia Tones Effects - Inverse Effects - Sketch Effects - HDR effects and more Please write good feedback if you like it. The feedbacks in previous version are not true. There are many choice of colors similar to any other drawing application.

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SketchMee - Studio Mee Cover Art


SketchMee Description

SketchMee is the most advanced automatic pencil sketch generator in the world, but very easy to use and super fast. Sketches are actually drawn, stroke by stroke, on a blank paper. SketchMee was selected by Apple as a main front page feature app in Mac App Store, March 2011. The successful SketchMee apps for iPhone and iPad have redefined what's possible to achieve in computer generated art with just a few taps, leaving even desktop computer software behind. Until now, that is. SketchMee on a Mac brings the technology to a whole new level. The processing power enables the algorithms to shift into higher gears and generate new and incredible results. What became possible surprised even ourselves during development! EASY TO USE All you need to do is to open an image file. It is then automatically processed with the great default settings. Then just save the result. The somewhat more advanced user may want to change some settings in the control panel. A small number of well balanced, very powerful controls are available for you to try out. A good way to start experimenting is to try the 10 built-in presets on your photos by pressing Cmd-1, Cmd-2 etc. And should you find your own favorite settings, store them as new presets. If you want to use only a part the input image, just click "Crop Input…", select a width-to-height ratio, zoom, pan, and crop. Reset crop at any time to restore the original input image. UNIQUE FEATURES Traditional image filters just produce an image the same size as the input, but not SketchMee: A sketch is made up of thousands of mathematically defined pencil strokes, layered in clever ways to achieve the correct amount of shading in every part of the image. This powerful approach enables some unique features: • Regardless of the size of your input image, your sketch can be saved as a 16 megapixel, perfectly sharp, high quality JPEG, fit for any use. • Even if you crop your sketch heavily (click "Crop Output…"), you can save the remaining sketch fragment as a sharp, full resolution, 16 megapixel JPEG. • Zoom in as deep as you like to inspect the strokes. They appear perfectly crisp at any zoom level. HIGH SPEED SketchMee performs the highly complex processing in parallel, making full use of every processor core in your Mac. Both when analyzing the input images and when rendering the finished sketches to screen at any zoom level, all to keep waiting times at a minimum. Processing is often finished in seconds! GO PRO? SketchMee Pro is now also available. It enables some very powerful features attractive to professional or advanced users, the main additions being *extremely* high resolution output, layered Photoshop PSD output, and vector PDF output! Also available in the Mac App Store.

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Publisher Lab - Templates - Jumsoft Cover Art

Publisher Lab - Templates

Publisher Lab - Templates Description

Jumsoft’s Publisher Lab for Pages is a powerful companion to supercharge your personal and business Pages documents! Make use of thousands of professionally-designed templates with limitless customization opportunities. Creating exceptional work with Pages has never been quicker and easier! Publisher Lab for Pages offers a wide range of customizable and interchangeable template categories: Ads & Flyers, Books & Albums, Brochures & Catalogs, Business Cards, Cards & Invitations, Newsletters, Posters - just to name a few. As if it weren’t enough, our design team issues regular content updates to make sure that you never run out of the best template designs available on the market! Be prepared for anything with Publisher Lab for Pages. * Requires Pages 5.6 or later

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iConvert Icons - Ridgedale Ventures Inc Cover Art

iConvert Icons

iConvert Icons Description

Creating your own custom icons for your desktop and mobile apps just got easier! iConvert Icons is now the easiest way to create and convert icons from almost any format. With it's unique auto-detection feature, you can simply drop images, apps, folders with custom icons, and of course other icons right into the conversion window. All you need to do is choose the location where you want the newly converted icons saved, and iConvert Icons will handle the rest! ​●●● For Mac & Windows Users ●●● Easily customise your desktop app and folder icons, including support for: ● Mac folder icon - icns (Standard and Retina) ● ​Windows icons file - ico (32bit, 8bit, 4bit and 1bit) ●●● For Developers ●●● Create all required icons sizes for your development projects instantly including: ● Mac Xcode iconset (Standard and Retina, includes asset catalog) ● iOS app icons (Standard, Retina, icons for iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch, iPad Pro) ● Android app icons (All icons for xxxhdpi, xxdpi, xdpi, hdpi, mdpi, ldpi) ● Website Favico (32 bit and 8 bit) ●●● EXCLUSIVE FEATURES ●●● ● Auto-detection of icon formats during conversion ● Fast drag and drop batch conversion: Drop 1 icon or drop 10,000, it works the same way! ● Convert both ways, to and from all popular icon formats ● Create icons from SVG and EPS vector icons ● Support for pretty much every input format: PSD, PNG, TIFF, JPEG, and many more ● Extract icons from .icontainer archives - converting directly to the format you need ● Includes support for converting both to and from Xcode .iconset folders ● Out-of-the-box optimised with presets for most popular requirements QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS? Contact us using the support link.

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Labels & Addresses - Belight Software, ltd Cover Art

Labels & Addresses

Labels & Addresses Description

Holiday Special 50% OFF [Regular Price 49.99 USD] Have a large address mailing list? Let Labels & Addresses help! Labels & Addresses is a home and office tool for designing and printing address labels, envelopes, and greeting cards. It is also a powerful tool for generating industry standard barcodes. What can Labels & Addresses do? ● Speed up mass mailings. ● Design greeting cards for all occasions. ● Produce price tags with barcodes. ● Create packaging labels. ● Print various labels for home and office use. Import from Address Book, Numbers (iWork '09), Entourage, Excel, and More Labels & Addresses is seamlessly integrated with and can import contact information from Address Book, Numbers (iWork '09), Entourage, Excel, FileMaker, vCards, and tab-delimited text files. Simply import, choose a contact, and the address fields populate themselves. Mail Merge The mail merge feature makes it easy to create labels or envelopes for multiple contacts in just one batch. Create a print list from imported contacts and let the program do the rest. Postal Barcodes and Formatting for 50 Countries Labels & Addresses supports Intelligent Mail, USPS POSTNET, Canada Post, and Royal Mail barcodes on labels and envelopes to ensure fast delivery. The program can also format addresses for over 50 countries. Industry-Standard Barcodes Creating barcodes for product inventory is fast and simple in Labels & Addresses. It supports Code 39, Code 128, EAN-8/13, UPC-A/E, ISBN, and Data Matrix barcodes. Data can be easily imported from columns of a text file. Supported Label Layouts and Label Printers The program comes packed with a library of hundreds of supported label paper layouts and envelopes from Avery, APLI, A-One, Siegel, and many others. If you don't find the one you need, quickly create a custom template. Labels & Addresses also supports many popular label printers, including DYMO, LabelWriter, Seiko SLP, Brother QL, Zebra ZPL and EPL. Templates, Clipart, and More Open up the Assistant and choose one of many templates for return address labels, greeting cards, envelopes, and more. Want to design your own? Take advantage of over 1,000 clipart images and the various design tools.

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Comic Life 3 - plasq LLC Cover Art

Comic Life 3

Comic Life 3 Description

"Comic Life is one of our favorite apps!" -TUAW " * * * * " Macworld "Awesome!... It's intuitive and it has a wider selection of title treatments and templates - love the retro look!" - Chris Shoemaker, Co-Founder of Freshi Media "Wow!...I'm totally impressed. With so many options at my disposal, I feel like I have ultimate control of the way the page gets rendered... " - Anthony Rezendes, Cranium Comics "I am so excited about Comic Life 3 for Mac." - Kelly Croy, Editor of Wired Educator ---------------------------------------- Turn your photos into amazing comic pages or create an entire comic book with Comic Life. Start with fully customizable templates or build your own pages with speech balloons, comic lettering, and photo filters so slick they can make your grandmother look like a superhero. Comic Life isn't just for creating comics. You can retell a family vacation or capture a special day using your photos. It's simple to do: just drag photos onto the page and add your text in speech balloons and captions. Filter your images and add in some halftones or speedlines for more action. With Comic Life you'll never look at your pictures the same way again. ------------------------------------ The app that started a revolution. Comic Life burst onto the Mac scene in 2005 and caused a sensation winning both an Apple Design Award (for Best Product New to Mac OS X) and a Macworld Eddy. Now there's a bunch of new features: * Brand new filters for even better comic photo styling * Instant Alpha for creative photo layouts * Script editor for writing your story and simple drag and drop for adding script text to your comic page * New templates to get you going quickly * 3D lettering effects * Advanced graphics options: brush strokes, cool fill effects and opacity controls * New editing interface with groups, rulers, 2 up display It's the perfect addition to your Mac.

© 2005-2018 plasq LLC


Vintage Scene - JixiPix Software Cover Art

Vintage Scene

Vintage Scene Description

VintageScene is your one stop shop for making photos look "old-school" or "retro". Vintage Scene is the best special effects software for photography enthusiasts, turning a new or recent photo into an old photo, one that looks like it was taken many years ago. This unique algorithm automatically combines several classic effects: sepia tone, grain, darkened edges, distressed paper, along with the look of fade that with time has left behind an image with only bright blacks and darkening whites. Vintage Scene is easy to use but gives the user control to change each component for a unique look on each photo. Includes hundreds of possible combinations, a visual preset system, and the ability to create your own presets for re-use. Built with power to produce high resolution images this app will apply the most sophisticated photo filters to your images. Vintage Scene quickly and easily creates compelling photos for graphic artists, photographers, & hobbyist who rely on a high quality end result.

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GIF Animator - Make Fire Interactive Cover Art

GIF Animator

GIF Animator Description

GIF Animator is Mac user's best choice for creating amazing animations, avatars, banners and userpics. With this app you can easily convert Video to GIF, or create GIF animation from set of images with a few clicks. ▼ Key features: ● Compiling animation from imported frames ● Importing frames from: video files, PSD layers, animated images, static images ● Automatic frame scaling ● Editing GIF files: add/remove/order frames, configure GIF settings ● Animation testing ● Drag and Drop support ▼ GIF Animator supports variety of import file formats including: ● image formats: GIF, JPG, PNG, JNG, MNG, TIFF, BMP, TGA, PSD, PCX, MAC, PCT ● video formats: AVI, M2V, M4V, MP4, MOV, MPEG, WMV

© Make Fire 2012


xDiagram - Tien Thinh Vu Cover Art


xDiagram Description

xDiagram application could help you make nice diagram graphic documents or UML documents quickly by keeping lines connected to shapes even when they're moved. Functions of the application: + Support VISIO formats: VSDX, VSDM (Microsoft Visio Format) + IMPORT old VISIO formats: VSD, VSS (Import only) + Support many other formats: svg, png, jpeg, multi-pages tiff, pdf... + Sync document files to iCloud + SMART LINE / CONNECTOR: Smart Line if attached to a shape will automatically change position every time when the main shape is moved, resized. + BASIC SHAPE (new): There are 92 shapes to add to your diagram. You could add/change text to display inside the shape. Drawing UML activity diagram will be easier using these shapes. + PRE-DEFINED IMAGES (new): There are 1056 predefined nice images shapes for you to add to your diagram. Shape types are as following: - Computer - Network - Office - Life - Traffic + OVER 2000 BEAUTIFUL SYMBOLS: More than that, there are over 2000 beautiful symbols for you to add to the diagram. + ADD IMAGE: You could add any image file (support file type: gif, jpeg, png, bmp, pict, tiff) to display as an item inside the application. Image file could be shown in following modes: Stretch / Fit inside bound / Fit outside bound. The application also allows to DRAG/DROP many image files directly from Finder or pasted image from clipboard to current editing window to add them to the diagram. + GENERATE UML CLASS DIAGRAM from C++/JAVA SOURCE: By dragging C++ header(*.h) or Java files, folders into the diagram window, the application will auto-generate UML class diagram for you. (Accurate rate: 90%) + ALIGN MULTIPLE ITEMS: Select many items then do right-click mouse to select alignment options as following: (also allow to auto-align with another objects) - Left - Right - Top - Bottom - Center (Horizontal or Vertical) - Distribute .... + OPEN/SAVE to "*.UMD3" file: UMD3 (*.umd3) is the new file type created only for this application. Press “Cmd + S" to save current diagram to an UMD3 file so that you could load it later for editing. + EXPORT TO IMAGE FILE: Press "Cmd + E" to export current diagram to an image file with format of VSDX, SVG, PDF, TIFF or PNG or JPEG. + SUPPORT PRINT: Press "Cmd + P" to print current document. + CAPTURE TO CLIPBOARD: Press "Cmd + 4" or click on Capture button to export current diagram image to clipboard, then you could paste that image to another application. Example: Open [Preview] application, press "Cmd + N" to paste above captured image to view or to save to an image file. Of course, you could paste that image to Excel, Word application too. ----------------- Other functions: - Unlimited Undo/Redo (shortcut key: Cmd-Z / Shift-Cmd-Z) - Copy / Paste (shortcut key: Cmd-C / Cmd-V) - Duplicate select items (shortcut key: Cmd-D) - Group / Ungroup Items (shortcut key: Cmd-G / Shift-Cmd-G) - Lock/Unlock items position (shortcut key: Cmd-L / Shift-Cmd-L) - Rotate left, rotate right (shortcut key: Cmd-J / Cmd-K) - Press Cmd+T to move, resize group of items temporary - Short cut key CMD+B, CMD+I to change text to Bold or Italic - User could drag right mouse on a current shape to create a new attached object with line - Double click on the canvas to create a new text box item - Allow to switch current select object to another shape type - Allow to change selected items display order - Scale size of select items - Path boolean operations supported - Flip select items - Shadow supported - Snap to Grid - Auto Align with another object when resize or move - Change display order - Export to png, jpeg, tiff, pdf image file (shortcut key: Cmd-E) - Print supported (shortcut key: Cmd-P) - Customizable color / Font / Size / Line Type - Support gradient fill to shapes - Customize measure unit and scale (point, cm, mm, inch….) - Allow to Export image in 300dpi - Allow user to select items then save them to Favorites list to reuse later

© 2019 Vu Tien Thinh


iPaint - smartieAnts Inc. Cover Art


iPaint Description

iPaint is easy. iPaint provides a simple and clean unobstructed canvas for you to be creative. iPaint has three brushes and nine colors. iPaint is the easiest paint application for the Mac. Bring out the artist inside you and let your imagination run wild with iPaint.

© 2010 smartieAnts Inc.


Icon Slate - Jeremy Marchand Cover Art

Icon Slate

Icon Slate Description

Icon Slate lets you easily compose, import and export icons in many formats for desktop and mobile. • Multi-formats Import and export .icns (Retina), iOS (iOS 9, Retina, Retina HD), Apple Watch, .iconset, .ico (Windows 256x256, Favicon), Android, custom sizes (.png, .tiff), .iContainer files and Folder. • Customizations Customize sizes and filenames to use for each formats. Save format configurations. PNG Optimization. • Simple Drag and drop one or several images to compose your icon. • Quick Create icons quickly by using copy mode (Copy to empty or filled sizes) and operation mode (Cover filled sizes, Trim transparent pixels). • import and export Manage multiple icons in a project. Batch import and export. • Integration Convert icons directly in Finder (Services). Add the convert tool in your automator workflow. Use Icon Slate in Bohemian Coding's Sketch (plugin). • Preview Built in preview in Dock. Adjust the background color to check the rendering of your creations above different backgrounds. Preview the icons with five different icon layouts (default, iOS >7, Apple Watch, iOS 6 and iOS 6 with gloss effect). • Optimized for latest OS X iCloud, Retina UI, Version, Auto-save, Fullscreen and QuickLook.

© 2011-2015, Jeremy Marchand


Diagrammix - Deep IT Pro Cover Art


Diagrammix Description

Diagrammix is a tool for efficiently building attractive diagrams. Compatible with the latest 10.13 and earlier! What are the main features of the app? - Several unique styles to create professional looking diagrams. - Simplicity of use. - Context-oriented menus for changing appearance of shapes. What kind of diagrams are supported? - Flowcharts, - UML class and sequence diagrams, - data flows, - workflows, - organization charts, - structured charts, - network diagrams, etc. How to extend the shapes library? Use to import sets of shapes from the following categories: android, architecture, badges, film & TV, iPhone, Macintosh, maps, miscellaneous, networks, people, programming, science, symbols, user interface. You can also drag and drop to a diagram any image and save it with Image Manager for re-using. How to connect shapes? Drag any shape from the palette and drop it to the drawing. Then create a connection: select source shape, press 'c' shortcut or click 'Connector' from the popup menu, drag line to a target shape, drop it at any point. That's it! You can also connect a line to special sticky spots on the shapes. How to enter a text to a shape or connector? Just select a shape or connector and press 't' shortcut or click 'Text editor' from the popup menu. How to show popup menu? Double click shape or connector. How to create my own style? Create a document with "Customizable style". How to put a diagram in other app? Diagram can be saved in a number of formats including JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PDF or copied to text processors via a clipboard. How to print? There is standard printing dialog, but also Diagrammix has a special layer "Pages" for a Print Preview and Page layout. Each page can be scaled to the target paper size from File>"Page size" panel. Select a page with Cmd to add it to a printing range. Other uses in addition to diagramming? - Image annotation: attach annotation to photos, screenshots. Move image, annotation will move as well. - You can create tables that can be connected to each other. - Free form of mind mapping: any direction of the tree, any count of source nodes, any connections between nodes and lines. - Creation of user interface prototypes with imported UI elements sets. Where is the user manual and more examples? Visit our "Deep IT Pro" web site. It is highly recommended to use a shortcut keys. Doing so will dramatically increase your productivity. - 'c' - start connector from selected shape; - 't' - open text editor for selected shape or connector (double-click mode for editing is also available); - 'Esc' - close text editor; - 'p' - open appearance options panel for selected shape or connector; - Cmd + 1, 2, 3, 4 - from selected connector make a straight, polyline, smooth, orthogonal connector respectively; - Cmd + 6, 7, 8, 9 - copy, apply, reset style of selected shape or connector. Detail list of features: - well thought out usability; - specially designed attractive elements and connectors grouped in styles; - 23 shapes for flow charting in 10 styles; - built-in clipart (more then 500 shapes); - built-in support for UML class diagrams; - set of shapes to create your own style (customizable style); - ready-to-connect elements; - quick connector: just select a source shape, press 'c' and drag a line to a target shape; - straight, polyline, smooth Bezier and orthogonal connectors; - automatic and manual stickyspot placement for attaching connectors to a shape; - shapes automatically change size to correspond with inner text; - several layout rules for a text on a connector; - tables; - layers; - color scheme editing; - guides and smart guides; - groups and editing a text inside groups; - import stencils from; - Retina, iCloud, Sandboxing, Versions and Fullscreen are supported. - export to PDF, PNG, JPG, TIFF, SVG. Follow us in Twitter: @Diagrammix Facebook:

© Deep IT


TouchDraw - Elevenworks LLC Cover Art


TouchDraw Description

TouchDraw is a vector drawing application for the Mac. Just as with our iPad version, TouchDraw is a retina optimized application that gives you everything you need to create structured 2D vector graphics such as flow charts, graphs, diagrams, illustrations, logos and floor plans just to name a few. TouchDraw for the Mac is fully compatible with the iPad version and files can be freely exchanged between both versions. TouchDraw differs from a paint program in that objects are always managed independently of the drawing they're in. You can move a figure around, change it's shape, change it's color, group it, without affecting other shapes that are around around. Feature List: Retina Optimized Shape Libraries * Create your own libraries of re-usable shapes, or use one of the bundled libraries. The following libraries are included with TouchDraw - Common networking shapes - Basic Flowcharting - Basic Architectural shapes - Basic Icon Library - Balloons and Callouts - Simple Shapes (hearts, diamonds, arrows, etc...) - Import, Export and Sharing * Export your drawings via the following formats: - Bitmap Image (JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF) - PDF - SVG - Visio (VDX/XML Drawing format only) * Import drawings in the following formats: - SVG - Visio (VDX/XML Drawing format only) - EMF (Windows Enhanced Metafile) - WMF (Windows Metafile) * Support for inserting images into TouchDraw in the following formats: - JPEG - PNG - GIF - TIFF - BMP Standard Features * Lines * Squares/Rectangles * Rounded Rectangles * Circles/Ellipses * Polygons * Path Tool - Easily create complex curves, shapes and paths * Freehand Tool - Turn freehand lines into smooth curves * Image Tool - Add images from your photo library to your drawings. * Text Tool - Support for font, style, size and alignment configuration * Grouping/Ungrouping * Locking/Unlocking * Rotation * Unlimited levels of zoom * Dynamic canvas size - No artificial limits on the size of your drawings * Grid & Rulers - Unit aware grid support with optional snap to grid support. - Visual feedback to your current location within a drawing. * Alignment (align left, align right, etc...) * Ordering (move to front, move to back, etc...) * Shadows * Line decorations (arrowheads, etc...) * Layers - Organize your drawings into multiple layers. * Printing Advanced Tools * Connectable graphs - Support for creating flow charts and other diagrams. * Convert text to paths * Boolean Path Operations * Add, subtract, intersect or exclusion

© 2016 Elevenworks LLC


Business Card Composer 5 - Belight Software, ltd Cover Art

Business Card Composer 5

Business Card Composer 5 Description

Business Card Composer is an award-winning design application for creating and printing business cards, name badges, and more. Key Features: Over 750 Customizable Templates Business Card Composer comes packed with 750 professionally designed templates for horizontal, vertical, folded, double-sided, and CD-R business cards. Integrated with Apple Address Book Contact information can be pulled right from Address Book and placed on your business card in just one click. Photos from Address Book, iPhoto, and Aperture Associate the card with the face. Import your favorite portrait from Address Book, iPhoto, or Aperture and dress it up using Business Card Composer's editing tools. Design Tools You have complete control over every aspect of your business card with the wide design toolkit that ranges from shadows and masks to the program's powerful image editor that utilizes Core Image filters. Tons of Paper Layouts Inside is a collection of hundreds of supported papers from Avery, APLI, Decadry, and many other popular manufacturers. So you're sure to find the one you need! Flexible Printing It goes without saying that Business Card Composer lets you print multiple copies of a card. But the neat part is that you can also print one design for multiple people or more than one design all in one batch.

© 2016 BeLight Software, Ltd.


LetterMpress - Bonadies Creative Inc. Cover Art


LetterMpress Description

First released for the iPad, the Mac version of LetterMpress takes you a step up in resolution and control for creating authentic looking letterpress prints. The Mac version includes: • Full-screen and resizable desktop view. • Prints can be created as high as 8192 pixels. That’s over 26” at 300 dpi! • Up to 4x the output resolution of the iPad. • Menus, mouse actions, and keyboard shortcuts for moving, scaling, and rotating objects on the press bed. ____________ LetterMpress is a creative environment that lets you design beautiful compositions with vintage wood type and art cuts on a virtual hand-driven printing press. LetterMpress gives you the experience of producing your designs on a letterpress — placing and arranging type on the press bed, inking, and then turning the hand crank to make a print. Every step in the printing process is replicated on the Mac, to give you an authentic, interactive experience. Try something new. Experiment. Have fun! You’ll soon see why the art and craft of letterpress is becoming so popular. LetterMpress is easy to learn and fun to do, but it’s not a toy. Create designs with authentic wood type and vintage “art cuts.” You can mix custom colors and make multiple impressions on a single sheet. The specially designed studio environment lets you create and save several variations. Once you have created your prints you can print, copy, or export. The files can be opened or imported by most popular graphics applications, allowing you to integrate authentic wood type and art impressions into your design palette. With LetterMpress you can create: • Fine art posters • Event posters and mailers • Invitations • Music CD covers • Greeting cards • Scrapbook covers and interior pages • Signage • Calendars • Framed wall art, and more... Type and art that comes with LetterMpress is royalty-free for personal and commercial use. For technical support, please email: [email protected]

© mpressInteractive, LLC


Infographics Lab - Templates - Jumsoft Cover Art

Infographics Lab - Templates

Infographics Lab - Templates Description

Infographics Lab for Keynote contains a massive collection of thousands of data visualization tools to illustrate and enhance your Apple Keynote presentations! Every single item is crafted to perfection to be visually captivating and easily customizable. Infographics Lab for Keynote has items for virtually any occasion, from charts and diagrams to editable city, state, country, and region maps, accompanied by a broad selection of national flags and symbols, it has never been easier to explain business results, intricacies of an industry, or focus on a national specifics of any country! To make things even easier - we have included a number of professionally designed slideshow presentation templates to kickstart your work! All images include transparent backgrounds that allow placing them over colored and/or patterned backgrounds. Many elements are designed in shapes, so you can easily customize them to your exact needs. Infographics Lab for Keynote is designed to be used with Apple Keynote, but you can also adapt the images for Apple Pages, Numbers, iBooks Author, and other applications. * Requires Keynote 6.6 or later.

© Jumsoft


House Design Pro - Scott Meyers Cover Art

House Design Pro

House Design Pro Description

House Design Pro is an intuitive interior design app that lets you build the house you've always wanted, right on your Mac. Key Features: • Create detailed 2D floor plans • More than 300 items and materials • Export image to photos • Easiest and efficient operation ever in Mac • Auto compute room size • Intelligent room recognition • Print and Export As Image, PDF • 3D preview

© 2018 iosimple inc


DeltaCad - Midnight Software Cover Art


DeltaCad Description

DeltaCad® - World's easiest CAD program!!! DeltaCad® is a powerful, easy to learn CAD (Computer Aided Design) program designed to meet all of your CAD needs. It can produce accurately scaled architectural or mechanical drawings, or just pretty pictures to paste into your favorite word processor. DeltaCad is more than just a paint program, because you can edit, scale, move, rotate, copy, etc. individual objects, not just paint pixels. DeltaCad allows you to zoom in to draw fine details or zoom out to see the whole drawing. DeltaCad can be extended, by writing your own custom macros in the AppleScript programming language. You can use macros to automatically create objects, or to read in data, which you have drawn. DeltaCad can be used for Drafting, House plans, Decks, Landscape design, Newsletters, Brochures, Flyers, Graphs & Charts, Presentations, Instructions, Office or Furniture Layouts, Technical Illustrations, Business Cards, Forms, Signs, Labels, Organization Charts, Flow Charts, Home or School projects, Maps, Schematics, Pretty Pictures, etc. DeltaCad includes the following features: 1. Simplified user interface makes it easy to learn and use. 2. On-Screen instructions help guide the user. 3. Draws accurately scaled pictures with absolute precision. 4. Draws points, lines, circles, ellipses, arcs, splines, text, curved text, spline text, dimensions, squares, rectangles, triangles, or any misc. shape (Filled or Empty). 5. Reads and writes .DWG, .DXF, and .DXB files for compatibility with other CAD programs. 6. Pastes pictures into your favorite word processor. 7. Create your own symbols. 8. Calculate length and area. 9. Contains a full featured AppleScript macro programming language. 10.Creates solid, hidden, center, phantom, cutting, break, stitch, arrow, or double arrow lines, or many different cross-hatch patterns. 11.Easily Zoom in and out and move to any part of the drawing. 12.Automatic object snapping makes it easy to create drawings exactly to scale. 13.Edit, move, copy, mirror, rotate, scale, change color, change line type, change cross-hatch pattern, change line weight of any object. 14.Undo or Redo the last 50 operations. 15.Edits any two lines to create a corner, radius, or chamfer. 16.Draws on up to 256 layers. 17.Comes complete with many sample drawings and symbol libraries. 18.Supports Metric or English units in decimal or fractions. 19.True 64 bit program for improved performance. 20.Print Preview shows what the print will look like. 21.Rubber banding helps show how objects will look as they are being drawn. 22.Objects may be grouped into a single object to save memory, and simplify the drawing. Groups may be easily edited, ungrouped, or copied to other parts of the drawing. 23.Create Bill-of-Materials from grouped objects.

© 1994 Midnight Software, Inc.


Logoist 3 - Synium Software GmbH Cover Art

Logoist 3

Logoist 3 Description

From simple logos to elaborate designs – it only takes an instant to create impressive images and vector graphics with Logoist 3. Our versatile app provides you with everything you’ll need to put your creative ideas into practice or find fresh inspiration – and it’s suitable for professional graphic designers and llustrators as well as first-time users alike! Logoist 3 comes with a wide range of templates and is easy to use even if you have no experience working with vector apps. Its wide range of templates makes it incredibly easy for beginners to get started, and provides professional users with powerful tools that no other app on the market offers. Logoist 3 offers comprehensive galleries for shapes, styles, presets, clip art, and effects. Work with and combine pre-created elements or create any type of shape with versatile path editors – Logoist is unbelievably easy and fun to use and offers a clean user interface as well as powerful tools. When time is short, simply use one of the template assistants to create post cards, collages, and logos in a few steps. Edit and further refine your designs as you please and export your artwork in a variety of file formats, including JPG, PNG, PSD, SVG or EPS. Have a look at the screenshots – all designs were created using Logoist 3, an app where even the addition of lighting effects and intricately chiseled ornaments is as easy as child’s play. Logoist 3 is based on one fundamental principle: Use simple shapes to create complex designs and refine them by adding color, color gradients, effects or ornaments and embellishments such as fire, snow, grass, jags, cracks, and many more. Logoist 3 is the best tool for all your creative ideas. Logoist 3 in a Nutshell - Clean, fully configurable user interface including light and dark mode - Dozens of combinable styles, effects and filters - Thousands of clip art with a large variety of themes included - Hundreds of fully customizable style templates included - Combine different shapes to create complex designs - Non-destructive boolean operations (union, subtract, difference, intersect) while preserving all vector information - Flexible group management and innovative layer management features - All filters and effects are non-destructive and can be modified anytime - All vector graphics, pixel graphics and effects are fully combinable - Graphics acceleration through Metal 2, Core Image and Core Animation - Touch Bar support – fast grouping, undo/redo action actions, switching between graphic modes, and direct color selection - Developed exclusively for macOS - Suitable for pixel graphics, web, and resolution-independent print products - X-ray mode for editing complex object and layer structures - Pixel mode to create pixel-accurate designs - Graphics import file formats: SVG, PDF, PNG, JPG, HEIF, TIFF - Vector export file formats: PDF, SVG, EPS - Image export file formats: PNG, JPG, Photoshop PSD including layer information, layers as separate PNG files - Batch export: Export multiple formats and resolutions simultaneously, perfectly suited to create artwork for websites or apps - File sync via iCloud - Easy to share and publish images via e-mail, iMessage, Facebook, Twitter...

© Synium Software GmbH Germany


Super Vectorizer - Image to Vector Graphic - XiuXia Yang Cover Art

Super Vectorizer - Image to Vector Graphic

Super Vectorizer - Image to Vector Graphic Description

*** On Sale. Original $29.99. Get it NOW! *** *** Don't forget to download "Super PhotoCut" which changes photo background within 1min. 50% OFF! *** Super Vectorizer converts raster bitmap images like JPEG, BMP and PNG to scalable vector graphics with a few simple clicks. It automatically traces high quality vector files from images and supports tracing of not only color and grayscale images, but also black and white as well. "Its strong points are accurate line traces and color separations. It does use bezier curves to replicate round edges, which is an essential feature not often found in vecorization apps in this price range." - commented by C71 You can watch the video reviews via "support link" as a more in-depth example. Key Features: • One-click vectorization. • Supports up to 32 colors. • Automatic tracing images of lots of formats: JPG,BMP,PNG,GIF,PDF,PSD,PNT,RGB,ARW,BMPF,CUR,CRW,CR2,DCR,DNG,EPSF,EPSI,EPI,EPS, JPG,BMP,PNG,GIF,PDF,PSD,PNT,RGB,ARW,BMPF,CUR,CRW,CR2,DCR,DNG,EPSF,EPSI,EPI,EPS,EXR,EFX,ERF, FPX,FPIX,FAX,FFF,GIFF,G3,HDR,ICNS,ICO,JP2,JFX,JFAX,JPE,JFIF,JPF,MPO,MAC,MRW,MOS,NRW,NEF,ORF,PICT, PIC,PCT,PS,PNTG,PNGF,PEF,QTIF,QTI,RAW,RAF,RW2,RWL,SR2,SRF,SRW,SGI,TRIC,TIFF,TGA,TARGA, ... • Options for vectorizing images by Edge or Color or Grey Color. • Ai, SVG and PDF vector output Feedback: Any suggestion will be appreciated, support email: [email protected]

© Photo-in-Art Studio


iQR codes - QR Code Art Studio - Marek Hrušovský Cover Art

iQR codes - QR Code Art Studio

iQR codes - QR Code Art Studio Description

Mac App Storm: "Easy QR generator with lots of creative design options." 10/10 ••••••••• DEMO available ••••••••• (or click support) QR beginners do not need any guide to use this professional tool. iQR is an easy way how to breathe life into the world of squared QR codes with unique graphic styles. With generated QR code you can customize its roundness, unique graphics style, color style, shadow or even a logo within few clicks. iQR also takes care of customization of control points and error levels which are a must for good readability of your QR code. All this is exportable to clipboard, PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP or SVG,PDF. Customization effects are preserved with the transparent background (PNG,TIFF,PDF,SVG). Now it is time to say astalavista to classic QR codes. What can I do with iQR? •   Generate classic & customized QR codes without internet connection. •   Customize the look of QR code. (12 QR graphic styles, roundness, 8 Eye graphic styles, 6 colors overlay styles, shadows... ) •   Save entire project for later use. •   Create Multiple custom QR codes (batch processing generator,bulk generator). Perfect for e-shop and real estates. (In-App purchase) •   Drop and customize your logo (support for semi-transparent PNG,TIFF images, SVG/EPS logo support). •   Embed logo with 4 overlay options. •   Import contact from or vCard file •   Immediately see if your QR code is readable •   Control the QR code output resolution. •   Ensure readability by highlighting control points. •   Enhance error level of QR code. •   Shorten web link URL inside application (,, - dynamic URL). •   Copy QR code to clipboard. •   Support all common formats (PNG & TIFF & PDF & SVG with transparency option, JPEG, GIF, BMP). DPI options. •   High resolution output image (up to 4 000 px). •   Print QR code with advanced printing options. Dynamic QR code generator •   Print it and change website in it later •   Shortening domain "" •   Lifetime validity •   Change content as many times as you want What you get with iQR? • New graphic styles in upcoming updates. • Customer support available through our website. Need to generate QR codes from your Contacts in Bulk? -> Try our new Contacts to QR codes application. QUESTIONS? COMMENTS? ISSUES? FEATURE request? Simply click on SUPPORT.

© 2012 Marek Hrušovský, Jakub Škopek


Deskscribble - green&slimy Cover Art


Deskscribble Description

Deskscribble not only allows you to draw on top of your desktop and ontop of all open windows, it is also an easy to use whiteboard, blackboard and you can even use it for your own and your kids' scribbles. Deskscribble is perfect for: • Presentations • Visual demonstrations • Desktop highlighting • Annotations • Writing notes • Scribbles • Kids doodles • and much much more… Deskscribble also supports Wacom tablets!

© 2012 Dietmar Kerschner, Andreas Monitzer


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