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Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo Description

** Apple Mac App of the Year Winner ** Faster, smoother and more powerful than ever, Affinity Photo continues to push the boundaries for professional photo editing software. With a huge toolset specifically engineered for creative and photography professionals, whether you are editing and retouching images, or creating full-blown multi-layered compositions, it has all the power and performance you will ever need. Performance and power: • Live, real time editing • Massive image support (100+ Megapixels) • Panning and zooming is always live at 60fps • Open, edit and save Photoshop® PSD files • RGB, CMYK, Greyscale and LAB colour spaces • Full 16 and 32-bit per channel editing • Work with all standard formats like PNG, TIFF, JPG, GIF, SVG, EPS, EXR, HDR and PDF Unsurpassed productivity: • Full support for unlimited layers, layer groups, adjustment layers, filter layers and masks • Edit live filters, adjustments, effects, blend modes and masks non-destructively • Undo history can be saved with the document so you can always undo your changes • Record and play macros for ultimate productivity Professional image processing: • Open RAW and other images in a dedicated pre-processing workspace • Adjust exposure, blackpoint, clarity, vibrance, white balance, shadows, highlights and much more • Advanced lens corrections including chromatic aberration, defringe, vignette and best-in-class noise reduction • Paint areas or use fully customisable gradients to mask adjustments • View histograms, blown highlights, shadows and tones as well as detailed EXIF information • Focus Merge, HDR Merge and Tone mapping for advanced image processing Quality retouching and correction tools: • Intuitive selection brush and refinement makes selections simple, even down to strands of hair • Instantly remove unwanted objects with an incredibly advanced Inpainting brush • Dodge, burn, clone, patch, blemish and red eye tools • Smooth and retouch skin with built-in frequency separation • Dedicated Liquify persona gives freehand control over warps, twirls, pinch, punch and turbulence Advanced brush engine: • Huge library of painting, drawing, textures and professional DAUB® Brushes included • Create custom brushes and nozzles with full control over advanced dynamics • Combine multiple brushes together and paint in a single stroke. • Full support for Wacom and other graphics tablets, including pressure, tilt and shortcut buttons • Real-time preview of your nozzle – see what you are about to paint or erase before you do it Fast, customisable effects: • Massive collection of effects available, including blurs, distortions, tilt-shift, shadows, glows, lighting and many more • Choose to apply effects non-destructively with live effect layers, enabling you to erase away or mask effects after they have been applied Built for Mac: • Takes full advantage of the latest macOS technologies including Metal compute, OpenGL, Grand Central Dispatch and Core Graphics • Full support for MacBook Pro's Touch Bar and Force Touch trackpad • Fully optimised for 64-bit and multi-core processors • Supports regular, retina and multi-monitor set ups • External eGPU support

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Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020 Description

It’s never been easier to make your photos look amazing and turn them into treasured keepsakes. NEW Automatically colorize your photos Change up the colors in your photos or give black-and-whites new life with automatic colorization. POWERED BY ADOBE SENSEI* NEW One-click subject selection Automatically select the subject of your photo with a single click. Then easily apply an effect, or cut out your subject and add it to another photo. POWERED BY ADOBE SENSEI NEW Smooth skin automatically Make people look their best with skin smoothing. POWERED BY ADOBE SENSEI ENHANCED Guided Edits for next-level results Discover easy ways to make incredible creations and effects that you can customize to look exactly the way you want. Get step-by-step help with 55 Guided Edits, including 2 all-new options: •NEW Make unwanted objects vanish Put the focus on your subject by removing power lines, pedestrians, and other distractions. •NEW Add creative sparkle with patterns Give any photo a little something extra by adding a fun pattern. Brush on hearts, stars, and more to create a photo that looks amazing on printed cards, wall art, or social media. NEW Enjoy new Auto Creations B&W Selection, Pattern Brush, Painterly, and Depth of Field effects are automatically applied to your photos and delivered to you in the home screen, and there’s always room to add your personal touch. POWERED BY ADOBE SENSEI NEW Order photo prints, gifts, and gear (U.S. only) It only takes a few clicks to create and order prints, wall art, mugs, phone accessories, office gear, and more with the new Prints & Gifts service right inside Photoshop Elements. Choose from over 140 options.† NEW Find videos faster with auto-tagging Just like with your photos, the Organizer adds Smart Tags to your videos based on subjects like sunsets, birthdays, dogs, cats, and more. It also it recognizes people in your videos so it’s easy to tag them. POWERED BY ADOBE SENSEI Faster performance and expanded HEIF and HEVC support Experience speedier performance for everyday tasks. Also, import and edit HEIF photo files and HEVC video files. *Adobe Sensei is the technology that powers intelligent features across all Adobe products to dramatically improve the design and delivery of digital experiences, using artificial intelligence and machine learning in a common framework. †Prints & Gifts service is available in the U.S. only.

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Waterlogue Description

Turn your photos into beautiful watercolor art with just one click. Waterlogue captures the essence of your photos in brilliant, liquid color. Simply import a photo and watch as Waterlogue paints your image. • Paint with one-touch pre-set styles or fine-tune your painting with new detail controls • Create and save your own custom styles • Create life-like paintings with new realism and portrait settings • Paint with new drawing, palette and tint options • Exciting watercolor papers and textures • Unlimited undo and redo feature allows you to experiment fearlessly • Create beautiful, high resolution, frameable art • Share your Waterlogues on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter SUPPORTS: • macOS 10.14 (Mojave) or later • GPU acceleration with Metal 2 and Core Image • Dark mode support From Tinrocket, award-winning creator of apps to inspire creativity: Waterlogue, This by Tinrocket, and Olli by Tinrocket.

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Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro Description

***** 95% OFF : SPECIAL OFFER FOR LIMITED TIME (Original price $18.99) ***** ***** GET IT NOW ****** Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is an ultimate photos fixing tool that smoothly scans and deletes duplicate or similar photos depending on the matching level you choose. This captivating tool works with photos from Photos and iPhoto, along with photos from external storage and your system’s hard drives as well. Free up ample of disk space by deleting a large number of similar and duplicate photos in just a click! Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro works like a charm and has the ability to detect duplicate and similar photos wherein: •You click photos of the same scene in quick succession to capture the perfect shot •Your photos are scattered all over the system, external storage devices, Photos and iPhoto and hard drives •You clutter the system by creating backups of pictures and now want to remove the junk Why use Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro? •Drag-and-Drop Folders/Photos Simply drag and drop folders to easily scan for photos inside them. You can add more photos from your Photos and iPhoto library and other folders as well. •Custom Comparison Settings You can fully customize your comparison settings out of the available methods by adjusting the settings according to your requirement, regardless of the image size or format. •Speed Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is extremely fast when it comes to scanning and comparing a large number of photos within seconds. This is due to the powerful algorithms injected during the development of this tool that make the search of duplicate photos extremely fast, giving excellent comparison results. •Efficiency / Real-time Results Without re-comparing photos, you can re-group the comparison results by changing the matching level on the slider in real-time. •Auto-Mark Duplicates Use the Auto-Mark feature to mark all duplicate photos in every group except one, depending upon the preferences. •Compact Viewing The interface of Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is designed in such a way that all occurrences of photos are classified into different groups and are viewed as large photos group in each line. •Quick Look Before moving ahead and deleting photos, you can have a clear look at them instead of opening them individually, using this feature.

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ShutterCount Description

*** The original and only Mac shutter count reader that works with all new Canons *** ShutterCount displays the number of shutter actuations (the shutter count) of your Canon EOS, Nikon or Pentax digital camera - see the complete list of supported models below. The shutter count is read directly from USB or Wi-Fi connected Canons, and from image files for Nikon and Pentax cameras. With ShutterCount you can easily check whether a newly purchased camera is really new, or check how heavily used a pre-owned item is. And you can save a trip to a service center by doing the reading for yourself. ShutterCount provides unlimited readings for your cameras. The app displays the count for still photos by default - purchase the optional Live View Pack to get additional counters that also cover videos. The Live View Pack is available as an in-app purchase for select Canon models. History logging allows you to track camera usage. Logs are stored in CSV format that can be imported into Apple's Numbers or Microsoft Excel for further processing. The optional Plus Pack enables graphing, forecasting, history deduplication and Canon EOS camera management (date/time sync, owner name editing, copyright info setting, outdated firmware warning, IPTC export/import). The Plus Pack is available as an in-app purchase. Certified cameras (direct connection): • Canon 1D4/1DC/1DX/1DX2/5D2/5D3/5D4/5DS/5DSR/6D/6D2/7D/7D2/40D/50D/60D/60Da/70D/77D/80D/90D/100D/200D/200D2/250D/450D/500D/550D/600D/650D/700D/750D/760D/800D/1000D/1100D/1200D/1300D/1500D/2000D/3000D/4000D/8000D/9000D/M6II/M50/R/Ra/RP; Kiss F/M/X2/X3/X4/X5/X6i/X7/X7i/X8i/X9/X9i/X10/X50/X70/X80/X90; Rebel SL1/SL2/SL3/T1i/T2i/T3/T3i/T4i/T5/T5i/T6/T6i/T6s/T7/T7i/T100/XS/XSi Wi-Fi and/or Ethernet connection is supported via built-in connectivity or the optional Canon W-E1, WFT-E6/E7/E8 transmitters on: • Canon 1DC/1DX/5D3/5D4/5DS/5DSR/6D/6D2/7D2/70D/77D/80D/90D/200D/200D2/250D/800D/9000D/M6II/M50/R/Ra/RP; Kiss X9/X9i/X10; Rebel SL2/SL3/T7i Built-in Wi-Fi must be disabled when connected via USB as it blocks the USB port when enabled. Please quit all applications that might connect to your camera (e.g. Kuuvik Capture, EOS Utility, Capture One, Lightroom) before launching ShutterCount. Certified cameras (using image files): • Nikon D2H/D2X/D2Xs/D3/D3S/D3X/D4/D4S/D5/D40/D40X/D50/D60/D70/D70s/D80/D90/D200/D300/D300S/D500/D600/D610/D700/D750/D800/D800E/D810/D850/D3000/D3100/D3200/D3300/D3400/D3500/D5000/D5100/D5200/D5300/D5500/D5500/D7000/D7100/D7200/D7500/Df/Z6/Z7/Z50; 1 AW1/J1/J3/J4/J5/V1/V2/V3; Coolpix A • Pentax *istDL/*istDL2/645D/645Z/K1/K1II/K3/K3II/K5/K5II/K5IIs/K7/K10D/K20D/K30/K50/K70/K100D/K100D Super/K200D/K500/K2000/Km/KP/Kr/KS1/KS2/Kx Forecasting is not available for certain Nikon and Pentax models. For more information please see the app's Tech Specs page: The following cameras might work (using image files, see the Tech Specs page for known limitations): • Canon 1D2/1D2N/1D3/1Ds2/1Ds3 Cameras not listed here are not supported. Questions? Problems? Check out the Getting Started Guide (, the FAQ (, or contact our support! DISCLAIMER: The app displays the camera's internal counter. DIRE Studio is not responsible for how well and accurately the camera maintains that counter. The forecast is calculated based on your previous usage, and will change if you use the camera differently in the future.

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DxO OpticsPro for Photos

DxO OpticsPro for Photos Description

DxO OpticsPro for Photos is designed to provide a seamless image processing workflow for Photographers who are on a Mac, and use OS X Photos as their primary photo application. DxO image processing for supported cameras can now be accessed directly from within the editing mode of OS X Photos, with DxO OpticsPro acting as a 3rd-party extension. The extension is capable of applying optical corrections, White Balance correction, DxO Smart Lighting, PRIME denoising and DxO ClearView haze removal, in a completely new user interface that is simple, clean and intuitive. See the list of supported cameras*: *Fuji-X series camera are currently not supported *mRAW and sRAW specific format are currently not supported One-click corrections for RAW images: • Default corrections include Lens Corrections, White Balance, DxO Smart Lighting, Noise Removal • Toggle to view the before/after benefits • Choose Faster (HQ) or Better (PRIME) denoise correction • Use the magnification loupe for a preview of PRIME denoising • Restore default corrections with a click One-click DxO ClearView for RAW images: • Instantly remove haze and smog from landscape photos • Choose between varying levels of intensity with a click Customize correction level using sliders: • If One-click is not enough, feel free to adjust automatic correction with sliders

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PhotoSweeper Description

PhotoSweeper is a fast, precise & super efficient tool to eliminate similar or duplicate photos even in huge photo collections. It works with Photos, iPhoto, Aperture, Capture One and Lightroom media libraries as well as photos from your hard drives and external storages. “Swift, easy to use, thorough, analyzes specific libraries, can search according to various criteria, offers choices in photo handling” TheNextWeb "PhotoSweeper packs a powerful punch in de-cluttering any size collection. 9/10" Mac.AppStorm "PhotoSweeper is a simple and efficient utility for organizing photos. 4.5/5" Macworld "The interface is a breeze to use. 9/10" MacNews "I do like this app, it works really well and under the hood is written to utilize the abilities of your Mac." MacTricksAndTips PhotoSweeper will help you if: • You take a series of shots of the same scene trying to get the perfect one. • You edit photos with software like Photoshop, Pixelmator etc., and make backups just in case. • You have photos scattered on external hard drives and local disks, in Apple Photos, iPhoto, Aperture or Lightroom libraries. • You have a mess in your photo collection or just want to free disk space by removing junk photos. Features • Easy search of photos Just drag and drop folders from your Mac to allow PhotoSweeper to find all photos inside. Add more photos from your Photos, iPhoto, Aperture, Capture One or Lightroom library via the Media Browser window. • Flexible comparison settings Powerful multi-settings to easily find duplicates, similar photos, series of shots. The app finds duplicate photos, even those edited in external programs such Photoshop, regardless of image size or format. • “Side to Side” comparison Find duplicates between two groups of photos while ignoring those inside each group. It allow you to compare the contents of two folders with each other or find similar photos to a single image. • High speed and quality PhotoSweeper was developed as a tool for extremely fast comparison of a huge number of photos. Cutting-edge technologies and unique algorithms make searching duplicates incredibly fast and gives excellent comparison results. • Efficiency You can regroup the results without re-comparing photos by changing matching level with a slider. Using caches makes the next comparison much faster. • Marking duplicates automatically Mark photos you want to get rid of manually, or use the "Auto Mark" feature to mark duplicates automatically based on the list of rules you can adjust to your needs in the Preferences. • Comfortable viewing results PhotoSweeper provides 3 modes for reviewing results: “One by One”, ”Face-to-Face" - one or two large photos with an opportunity to mark a photo with just a click, “All in One“ - all groups of duplicates in one list. • Great photo browsing PhotoSweeper also serves as an up-to-date photo browser with a built-in search of photos by metadata, Quick Look preview, the "Info" panel with a detailed photo description, including histogram and image metadata (EXIF, IPTC etc.). A comprehensive user manual is available on our site:

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HyperDither Description

HyperDither uses an elegant color reduction (dithering) routine to turn color or grayscale images into black and white or grayscales. The visual effect produced by this technique creates rich, velvety tones, and is higher-quality than the “Diffusion Dither” method offered by Photoshop. HISTORY: In the early 1980s, while developing the graphics technology for the first Macintosh, Bill Atkinson (HyperCard, QuickDraw, MacPaint) discovered a very elegant filter to convert greyscale image data for display on the Mac's 1-bit black-and-white screen. Later, this graphics routine was implemented as an option in Apple’s HyperScan software, connecting early Macs to flatbed scanners, and nowhere else. HyperScan and the excellent Atkinson dithering routine were subsequently unavailable for many years—but not forgotten! SUPPORTS: • macOS 10.14 (Mojave) or later • Dark mode support From Tinrocket, award-winning creator of apps to inspire creativity: Waterlogue, This by Tinrocket, and Olli by Tinrocket.

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Meme Creator

Meme Creator Description

Create your own memes and share them with your friends! This app allows you to choose from a large collection of memes and enrich them with your own text. You can use your own photos and other images to make any meme you like. You can also alter the text size and change the colour! Share them with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, and Email or print them out. Features: - More than 200 high quality memes - Use your own images - Save and share memes - Adjust text colour and size - Multiple fonts to choose from - Set Text Alignment - Print - Share via Facebook, Twitter, Email If you have any question please contact us: [email protected]

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Photo Calendar Maker - Massimiliano Borrelli Cover Art

Photo Calendar Maker

Photo Calendar Maker Description

▲△▲△▲ Photo Calendar Maker ▲△▲△▲ A simple and intuitive application with which you can create your own photo calendars with a few clicks and without the need of complicated graphics and drawing programs. Drag an image in the window and the calendar is ready to be printed! You can choose to create an annual or a monthly calendar and also add some words over the chosen photo. In addition you will have many high-quality photos to create some really beautiful and unique calendars! Available in 3 languages: English, Italian and Spanish

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Export - Can Poyrazoglu Cover Art


Export Description

Export is an app that can export high-quality frames from videos. The unique standpoint for using Export (as opposed to frame-grabbing from any regular video player) is that Export supports the newer HDR video content, including increasingly popular 10-bit H.265 (HEVC) videos from various smartphones, cameras, and drones. Just drag and drop a file and start exporting frames. - Supported input formats: and format that QuickTime and ffmpeg supports (including almost all popular formats such as H.264 and H.265 in MP4 or MOV files) - Supported output formats: PNG and TIFF. Depending on the input video color depth, the output will be in 8-bit or 16-bit. - Seeking videos in slower or faster for finding the frames easily - Touch Bar support in devices with Touch Bar.

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TouchRetouch - ADVA Soft GmbH Cover Art


TouchRetouch Description

TouchRetouch allows clearing your photos from undesired objects in an instant. It also comes in handy when dealing with color correction and composition problems. In a few simple steps, you are able to efficiently eliminate the following elements from your pictures: • Unwanted objects like debris, garbage cans, street signs, shadows, etc. • Power lines, telephone wires • Scratches, surface breaks • Skin blemishes • Dust spots • Photobombers REMOVE UNDESIRED ITEMS * Easy-to-use object removal Get rid of unwanted elements from photos quickly and easily by using the advanced content removal tools the app offers. The highly intellectual algorithm implemented in the app works well for both plain and more complex backgrounds (bokeh, gradient, patterned, etc.). * Linear objects: Use a single drag Mark a line by tracing along a section of it — the smart line removal technology that lies in the app will automatically select and remove the whole line. * Spot-like objects: Use a single click Clear photos are only a click away. Single-click a blemish that you feel is spoiling your composition and sigh with relief — the flaw is immediately gone. REMOVE UNWANTED OBJECTS WITH CLONE STAMP Use Clone Stamp to remove objects that are in a complex background or close to the edge of other objects. Just copy pixels from one area within your photo and paint with them over another area. EXTRA TOOLS: COLOR CORRECTING AND CROPPING In case there is a distracting element in the background of a picture, you can easily cut off the spoiled part of the photo with the Crop tool. Make color adjustments to your photo to ensure that your final edited piece looks the way it should. Turn your Mac into an “unwanted content removal” studio by downloading TouchRetouch now. KEY FEATURES • Top-quality content removal algorithm • Color correction tools • Extension support for Photos • Support for RAW formats • Support for JPEG, TIFF, PNG, etc. • Streamlined interface

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Panorama Stitcher - Olga Kacher Cover Art

Panorama Stitcher

Panorama Stitcher Description

Automatic panorama stitching application for Mac. Perfect for making high resolution images for large prints. State of the art algorithm: - Automatic alignment of source photos. - Support for both spherical (rotated camera) and planar (scanner, microscope, maps etc.) stitching. - Handling of moving objects. Inconsistencies between images in intersections are minimized. - Automatic exposure levelling and lens shading correction. - Rectilinear and equirectangular projections for rendering. - Automatic cropping algorithm. - Accurate color handling. Output image is in the same color space as source images. - EXIF tags from source files are merged to output. - Photosphere tags support. Equirectangular panoramas are navigable on Facebook, Street View or any Photosphere-compatible viewer. Simple and clean user interface: - Just drag and drop images to start stitching. All editing controls are at hand. - Straighten and rotate panorama as needed with projection editor. Hardware accelerated preview allows to see all changes in real time. - Manual exposure correction and crop controls. - Import in all image formats supported by Mac OS X, including all formats supported by Apple RAW. - Export in JPG, TIFF and PNG formats.

© Copyright 2010-2019, Alexander Boltnev, Olga Kacher


Raw Right Away - Thomas Washburn Cover Art

Raw Right Away

Raw Right Away Description

Browse faster! Right inside MacOS Finder, preview your images instantly - complete with metadata, histograms, an exposure summary and focus point display*. Works with Nikon Raw (.NEF), Canon Raw 2 (.CR2), Sony Raw (.ARW) and JPEG files. Rendering is very fast, so you are no longer made to wait while browsing raw files. *Metadata includes shutter count for many Nikon and Sony cameras. Shutter count is not available for Canon. Focus point display currently available for Nikon DSLRs only. You can customize the appearance of previews and thumbnails (icons) in Finder with embedded captions that include timestamp, frame number, or file name. Raw Right Away also provides several utilities accessible directly from Finder's right-click Services menu: • Apply Camera Timestamp: restores file timestamp to the time of image capture. • Apply World Timestamp: same as Apply Camera Timestamp, but adjusts for time zone. • Copy Metadata: copies metadata to pasteboard so it can be pasted into an e-mail message, text document, etc. • Export Metadata to Tags: creates Mac OS file tags from the image's embedded metadata. Makes it easier to search metadata from the Finder search box. • Clear Exported Tags: clears Raw Right Away tags. Leaves other tags alone. Compatibility: Raw Right Away has been tested with raw files from the following cameras: Nikon: D1x, D2h, D2x, D2xs, D3, D3s, D3x, D4, D4s, D5, Df, D40, D50, D60, D70, D70s, D80, D90, D100, D200, D300, D300s, D500, D600, D610, D700, D750, D800, D800e, D810, D810a, D850, D3000, D3100, D3200, D3300, D3400, D3500, D5000, D5100, D5200, D5300, D5500, D5600, D7000, D7100, D7200, D7500, Z7, Nikon 1 AW1, Nikon 1 J1, Nikon 1 J2, Nikon 1 J3, Nikon 1 J4, Nikon 1 J5, Nikon 1 S1, Nikon 1 S2, Nikon 1 V1, Nikon 1 V2 and Nikon 1 V3. Canon: EOS-1D Mark II, EOS-1D Mark II N, EOS-1D Mark III, EOS-1D Mark IV, EOS-1D X, EOS-1D X Mark II, EOS-1Ds Mark II, EOS-1Ds Mark III, EOS 5D, EOS 5D Mark II, EOS 5D Mark III, EOS 5D Mark IV, EOS 5DS, EOS 5DS R, EOS 6D, EOS 6D Mark II, EOS 7D, EOS 7D Mark II, EOS 20D, EOS 30D, EOS 40D, EOS 50D, EOS 60D, EOS 70D, EOS 77D, EOS 80D, EOS 100D/Rebel SL1, EOS 200D/Rebel SL2, EOS 350D, EOS 400D, EOS 450D, EOS 500D/Rebel T1i, EOS 550D/Rebel T2i, EOS 600D/Rebel T3i, EOS 650D/Rebel T4i, EOS 700D/Rebel T5i, EOS 760D/Rebel T6s, EOS 800D/Rebel T7i, EOS 1000D/Rebel XS, EOS 1100D/Rebel T3, EOS 1200D/Rebel T5, EOS 1300D/Rebel T6, EOS M, EOS M3, EOS M5, EOS M6, EOS M100, PowerShot G1 X/G7 X/G7 X Mark II/G9/G9 X/G9X Mark II/G10/G11/G12/G15/G16, PowerShot S90/S95/S100/S110/S120, PowerShot SX1 IS and PowerShot SX50 HS. Canon .CR3 files are not currently supported. Sony: DSC-RX0, DSC-RX1, DSC-RX10, DSC-RX100, DSC-RX100M2, DSC-RX100M3, DSC-RX100M4, DSC-RX100M5, DSC-RX100M6, DSC-RX10M2, DSC-RX10M3, DSC-RX10M4, DSC-RX1R, DSC-RX1RM2, DSLR-A230, DSLR-A290, DSLR-A330, DSLR-A350, DSLR-A380, DSLR-A450, DSLR-A500, DSLR-A550, DSLR-A560, DSLR-A580, DSLR-A850, DSLR-A900, ILCA-77M2, ILCA-99M2, ILCE-3000, ILCE-5000, ILCE-5100, ILCE-6000, ILCE-6100, ILCE-6300, ILCE-6400, ILCE-6600, ILCE-6500, ILCE-7, ILCE-7M2, ILCE-7M3, ILCE-7R, ILCE-7RM2, ILCE-7RM3, ILCE-7S, ILCE-7SM2, ILCE-9, ILCE-QX1, NEX-3N, NEX-5, NEX-5N, NEX-5R, NEX-5T, NEX-6, NEX-7, NEX-C3, NEX-F3, SLT-A33, SLT-A35, SLT-A37, SLT-A55V, SLT-A57, SLT-A58, SLT-A65V, SLT-A77V, and SLT-A99V. JPEG previews: Raw Right Away supports valid JPEG files produced by all cameras, including Nikon, Canon and Sony models not listed above, as well as all other manufacturers. (JPEG previews require MacOS X 10.10 or later). General Notes: Not all metadata is available for all cameras. For more information, including the shutter count availability by model, visit the Raw Right Away website. [MacOS X 10.9 (Mavericks) users: see Raw Right Away website for additional information.]

© 2014 Thomas Washburn


CollageIt 3 Pro - PearlMountain Technology Cover Art

CollageIt 3 Pro

CollageIt 3 Pro Description

* * * 70% Off Time Limited Offer * * * * * * Cool Creations! Top recommended apps for photographers! * * * "CollageIt - Absolutely the best at what it does. Pretty wide variety of layouts for a few images or dozens - exactly what I have been looking for - keep up the good work." CollageIt 3 for Mac is an easy-to-use and automatic app that helps create eye-catching photo collages on Mac OS X. It was designed to give everyone an opportunity to brighten up one’s photo collection, and in a few seconds, a set of photos will be turned into an impressive array of collages. With CollageIt 3, collage creation is effortless. Newly added collage style of Free Mode and 60+ brand new templates in total gives you more collage-making possibilities. You can import photos directly from iPhoto now, and it will fit your photos to collage with face recognition feature when generating layout. Better than ever, stickers, frames & masks are available to make your collage gets its best look. After your masterpiece is finished, you have options to export it, print it or share it on Facebook or via E-mail, iMessage, AirDrop, Twitter, and Flickr with family and friends. Other more improvements and bug fixes are also made to give you a better user experience. ----------------------------------------------- HIGHLIGHTED FEATURES ----------------------------------------------- * Automatic, Easy to Use and Powerful • With only three steps, you’ll create photo collage automatically; easy enough for users of all experienced levels. • Supports 5 collage styles: Mosaic, Grid, Center, Pile and Free Mode. • Various collage layouts can be generated continuously. • Intelligently fit photos to collage with face recognition when generating layout. • Real-time preview with a super high speed. • Large photo capacity supports adding up to 200 photos. * Abundant Resources and Effects • 60+ brand new templates. • Apply photo effects/filters, frames & masks to beautify your collage. • Add and customize text flexibly to make your collage stand out. • Add stickers and resize, rotate, flip, etc. at will. • Choose from 50+ background patterns, or load your own image as background to suit your collage. • Apply photo border and shadow for decoration. * Personalize Photo Collage Freely • Add photos directly from iPhoto. • Arrange photos in order under Grid mode. • Switch to Free Mode to move, resize, and rotate each photo manually. • Crop/uncrop photos to meet all your needs. • Support selecting multiple objects and editing them at a time. • Set the margin of Top, Bottom, Left, and Right respectively. * Share the Collage Anywhere • Save the collage as JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, or GIF, etc. image format and print it out. • Set the collage as desktop image. • Save the collage as a PDF file. • Share the collage directly on Facebook or via E-mail, iMessage, AirDrop, Twitter, and Flickr with family and friends. • Save the collage as project and open it for further editing.

© 2016 PearlMountain.


inPixio Photo Cutter - Avanquest Software Cover Art

inPixio Photo Cutter

inPixio Photo Cutter Description

With inPixio Photo Cutter, Cut-out any detail, person, object or landscape element from your photos. Select the shape of the object thanks to the cursor or the background to remove, Photo Cutter algorithm runs automatically! You can also use the "retention" cursor for important details to keep and get a successful clipping! Even fine details such as hair can be removed with amazing precision. Then simply paste the cut objects on any background to make collages or photomontages - in just 1-click! Edge smoothing This improved function allows you to intelligently smooth contours for a softer transition between the subject and the background, for even more successful integration into your photomontage. Create photomontages in 3 steps only: 1-Choose the photo for your photomontage 2-Easy cut-out your photo 3-Drag your photo on its new background! Select a background among the original pictures available, or upload your own background picture for unique photomontages! Main Features: - Remove Image Backgrounds - Cutout Defined Objects Easily - Compose Photo Montages - Image cropping: the software incorporates seven pre-defined formats (format 16:9, 4:3, etc.) or you can define your own

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PicSketch Description

PicSketch is the most powerful photo sketch software, with which anyone can easily turn photo to sketch in just a few mouse clicks. Not too much drawing knowledge? It is OK with this photo sketch app, you will be amazed by your picture sketch. Aiming to be a professional sketch software, PicSketch offers basis editing tools, such as rotate, adjust contrast and brightness, change photo sketch background. You can even choose a pencil sketch effects from the preset pencil drawing styles. In a word, you totally personalize your picture sketch. [AWARDS] * Featured by Apple as New & Noteworthy in App Store - Aug 2, 2013 * Featured by Apple as What's Hot in App Store - Aug 9, 2013 * Featured by TUAW as Mac App of the Week - Aug 20th, 2013 * Featured by Apple in "Apps for Photographers" - 2014-2015 [FEATURES] • Easy and quickly turn photo into sketch First, import photo you need to convert to sketch from your photo album. Second, apply sketch effect on photo. Finally, save finished photo sketch as image. Of course, you can also edit photo to sketch in your own way, like changing pen color, sketch background, adjust contrast and brightness, and more. • Be personalized to edit sketch photo - Define pen color as you like or colorize original colors on photo. - Adjust pen size according to your need. - Change picture sketch background with any color you wish. - Place a picture sketch background from well-designed wallpaper collection.. - Apply moisture effect. • Various preset sketch effects / styles In Preset board, 15 specially prepared pencil sketches styles are available. You can choose one of them and apply on your photo. Giving your photo a sense of pencil drawing can't be easer. There are the best styles and work well for any kind of photo. Plus, you can freely adjust photo sketch contrast, brightness and alpha if neccesary. It gives you every aspeck to control your photo sketch. • Save picture sketch When you finish your photo to sketch, just export it as image. PicSketch supports the three photo image formats: JPG, TIFF and PNG. Sure, you won't let such a good chance miss out to show how awesome your sketch masterpiece is. So you can share your picture sketch on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. Or set it as your avatar. Beside, to print out and frame it also is a good idea. * PicSketch support retina display.

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ShutterCheck - Konstantin Pavlikhin Cover Art


ShutterCheck Description

Get shutter actuations count of your Canon EOS camera! ShutterCheck displays a hidden information about your Canon EOS camera, so you can easily check whether or not a camera that is listed as new is really brand new or determine the value of a previously used item in order to make deals with more confidence. FEATURES Get a Quick Device Overview Important details about your camera, such as serial number, battery charge level, possible shots and firmware version, are presented as soon as you connect your camera via USB cable. Check Canon EOS Shutter Count and Get Live View Usage Detalization ShutterCheck reads and decodes shutter information directly from the internal memory of your camera. For newer Canon EOS models such as the 1D X Mark II, 5D Mark IV and 5DS the app displays an extended shutter information. Together with plain shutter count you’ll get separate values for photos taken through the viewfinder, photos taken via the Live View and a number of Live View sessions. All these values are presented visually on the detalization bar. ShutterCheck Knows Your Shutter’s Rated Lifespan What shutter count is considered too high? Turns out it depends on a camera model! Entry-level DSLRs like EOS 100D and 760D are usually rated for something about 100,000 actuations while professional-grade cameras such as EOS-1D X Mark II can go up to 400,000 guaranteed clicks! ShutterCheck displays shutter count along with a shutter’s rated lifespan so you can easily see the percent of its wear. Customize the User Settings Depending on a concrete model, Canon EOS cameras support up to three user-customizable fields that are used to populate metadata of your photos. ShutterCheck gives you a convenient way to change owner, author and copyright settings of your camera. WHY USE SHUTTERCHECK? Selling a camera online Use ShutterCheck to determine the value of your Canon EOS camera, so you can offer it for a realistic price. Your potential buyers will ask you for your shutter count anyway. Give them this valuable information ahead of time to make a quick and hassle-free deal! Buying a secondhand camera Use ShutterCheck to figure out whether or not the camera that is listed as new is really brand new or estimate/verify the value of a previously used item. Ask the seller to send you ShutterCheck Camera Report that includes a shutter count info to make sure you buying an item in a good condition. Running a camera rent shop Use ShutterCheck to track different cameras usage to predict failures and estimate costs related to shutter mechanism replacement in future. The app is available at a flat price: you purchase the app once and then free to use it with as many cameras as you need. SUPPORTED CAMERAS ShutterCheck supports shutter information retrieval from the following Canon EOS cameras: 1D Mark IV, 1D X, 1D X Mark II, 1D C, 5DS, 5DS R, 5D Mark II, 5D Mark III, 5D Mark IV, 6D, 6D Mark II, 7D, 7D Mark II, 40D, 50D, 50D RETINA, 60D, 60Da, 60D RETINA, 70D, 77D, 80D, 90D, 100D, 200D, 200D Mark II, 250D, 450D, 500D, 550D, 600D, 650D, 700D, 750D, 760D, 800D, 1000D, 1100D, 1200D, 1300D, 1500D, 2000D, 3000D, 4000D, 8000D, 9000D, R, Ra, RP, M6 Mark II, M50; Rebel SL1, SL2, SL3, XS, XSi, T1i, T2i, T3, T3i, T4i, T5, T5i, T6, T6i, T6s, T7, T7i, T100; Kiss X2, X3, X4, X5, X6i, X7, X7i, X8i, X9, X9i, X10, F, X50, X70, X80, X90, M; Consider visiting our tech specs page for a more convenient table of supported cameras with additional information related to Live View actuations: GETTING STARTED Make sure that Wi-Fi is disabled if you have a Wi-Fi capable camera (such as EOS 6D and 70D). Active Wi-Fi interface completely disables camera’s USB communication abilities. Make sure that no other application on your Mac is trying to access the camera at the same time. Look for Image Capture, Aperture, Lightroom, EOS Utility and so on. Simultaneous access has unpredictable behaviour — both applications may not work properly.

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WIFI Control for Canon Cameras - Qiang Li Cover Art

WIFI Control for Canon Cameras

WIFI Control for Canon Cameras Description

If your Canon camera is equipped with WIFI, you can use this App to view photos on your camera, wirelessly download selected photos to your Mac without remove the SDCard from camera. Support Devices: Please check your camera menu have 'Wi-Fi function' -> 'View images on DLNA devices', then your camera can be used with this App. How to connect? On your camera, you can find 'Wi-Fi function' in menu, select 'View images on DLNA devices', choose the wireless network which you want to connect. Some camera allow you operate camera (shoot photo) while the WiFi is on, you can view photo which you just shoot on camera in the App. After your camera and Mac is in the same network, the App will automatically find your cameras, and load all photo thumbnails, you can view photo or download photo. * The camera WIFI is not that powerful so you may need to put camera near network router to get better WIFI signal. * Video files are not supported right now. (This App was designed by John Li, it is not affiliated with or endorsed by Canon.)

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Focus Stacker - Olga Kacher Cover Art

Focus Stacker

Focus Stacker Description

Focus Stacker combines sharp areas from multiple images into one seamless composite image. The focus stacking is used in macro photography for subjects like flowers, insects, jewelry, in microscope image processing, in landscape photography. The app has an advanced automatic stacking algorithm and also includes manual retouch mode allowing to have full control of the final result. Main Focus Stacker features: - Automatic advanced image alignment for stacking. - Automatic detection and seamless blending of sharp image regions. - Retouch mode allows precisely select areas from source images for complex cases where automatic selection is not possible, like moving insect antennae, similarly sharp backgrounds/foregrounds and so on. - Built-in planar stitching. Especially useful for microscope images where the whole specimen does not fit into one frame. - Optional exposure leveling routine available. - All processing done in 32 bit floats, import in all image formats supported by macOS (including those in Apple Raw), export in 16 bit TIFF or 8 bit JPEG/PNG.

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Super PhotoCut - XiuXia Yang Cover Art

Super PhotoCut

Super PhotoCut Description

***On sale for a limited time. Original $29.99.*** Super PhotoCut interactive cutout tool isolates and separates a detailed foreground object from photos. With our proprietary best-in-class algorithm masking tool, you can instantly remove complex image backgrounds and make them transparent with just a few clicks. Get the dramatic stand-out images done in seconds-to-minutes instead of minutes-to-hours. Unlike those image processing software in the market, Super PhotoCut doesn't require any special technical skills. You just need mark the object with a rectangle to obtain the desired result. Super PhotoCut will automatically cut objects out for you. Super PhotoCut speeds up your design process, enhance your design time and improves the quality of your photos! It will save you hours that you usually spent on cutting out an object using Photoshop. It is time to say goodbye to the PhotoShop lasso and magic wand tool. Key Features: 1 Instantly and Accurately remove complex background from images. 2 Smart Algorithm: Cuts object out with critical precision. It enables extremely fast operation with great results on any image, minimizing the amount of work you need to put in. 3 Supports almost all image formats: JPG,BMP,PNG,GIF,Raw... 4 Separate foreground from background easily. Live preview the final effect. 5 Transparency Processing Supported. Export to Transparent PNG images. 6 20 kinds of background transition effects are for your choices: Disc Blur, Gaussian Blur, Box Blur, Motion Blur, Zoom Blur, Color Controls, Exposure Adjust, Gamma Adjust, Hue Adjust, Vibrance, Color Invert, Color Posterize, Chrome, Fade, Instant, Mono, Process, Transfer, Sepia Tone, Vignette, Vignette Effect. 7 Zoom to any level necessary allows you to inspect details while quickly navigating your image. 8 Create isolated images with colored or transparent backgrounds. Or import your favorite picture as the background image. 9 Undo / Redo: never fear that a mistake will ruin your work. 10 Configurable Auto-Brush-Size: The mark size adapts dynamically to your zoom level so that you can easily zoom in to make detailed edits. Increase conversion rates with stunning product photos that conform to eBay and Amazon requirements at a little cost. People all over the world are more productive with Super PhotoCut. Try it out today! Feedback: Any suggestion will be highly appreciated. Support email: [email protected]

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Photo Edit-Photo Image Cut Pro - ZHANG FENG Cover Art

Photo Edit-Photo Image Cut Pro

Photo Edit-Photo Image Cut Pro Description

If you want to get the image foreground elements, and let the background transparent then the app is the best choose for you. You can get people, animal, house and so on from your source photo, the background will become transparent . The app is so easy to remove background. 1. Load your photo then select the rectangle of the element that you want to get. 2. click “cut” button will get foreground elements . 3. You can add some marker let the foreground elements more precise . ##### Main Function ##### 1. Support almost all photo formats . 2. Smart get foreground elements . 3. Undo/Redo convenient for your editing . 4. Zoom in/zoom out preview make your operations more precise . 5. If the exported photo contain some unwanted or want part then you can add some markers in source photo, then smart cut . 6. Finish cutting, you can fine edit the exported photo. You can remove or restore fine part, let the elements more precise . Generally only need to use a rectangular box to select the foreground element. If the smart cut image not satisfactory, then you can add some element or non element marker . Note: If you have some problems,Please send an email to [email protected] I will solve these issues as quickly as possible.

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Starry Sky Stacker - Ralph Hill Cover Art

Starry Sky Stacker

Starry Sky Stacker Description

Starry Sky Stacker reduces noise in pictures of the night sky that are captured as a sequence of exposures using an equatorial mount or some other mechanism that ensures that stars move very little either during or between exposures. Starry Sky Stacker aligns the images to compensate for errors in tracking, assigns a quality estimate to each image, allows the user to select images based on the quality estimate, and finds the median. The resulting image has much less noise than any of the original images.

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PicGIF - PearlMountain Technology Cover Art


PicGIF Description

* * * Limited Time Offer - 70% OFF! Back to $19.90 Soon. * * * Convert photos and videos into incredible GIFs quickly. PicGIF enables you to quickly create incredible animated GIFs from photos or short videos. It’s easy to customize GIF Size, Sequence, Frame Delay, and to add text and stickers, etc. After a satisfying GIF is done, you can share the GIF with your friends via E-Mail, iMessage, Tumblr or simply save it in Finder on your computer. ----------------------------------------------- BENEFITS: ----------------------------------------------- •Turn continuous snapshots to animated GIFs. •Re-edit existing GIFs. Adjust its size, speed and add text, etc. •Create GIF photo slideshows from your life photos. •Transfer short videos to smooth and animating GIFs. ----------------------------------------------- HIGHLIGHTED FEATURES ----------------------------------------------- Support vast number of file formats •Support hundreds of image formats like JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, TGA, RAW, PIC, etc. and any image size. •Support almost all common video formats: MOV, MPEG, MP4, M4V, 3GP, AVI and more. •Support combining multiple formats - images, GIFs, and videos into a new single GIF. Editing features •With agile text editor, you can insert text and personalize its Font, Style, Size, Color, Outline and Shadow at ease. •Support trimming your favorite clip of a video/movie to create GIF. •Apply popular image effects and adjustments. •Add great stickers to refine your GIF. •Support managing overlays of stickers and text - freely set their opacity and adjust layers. •Customize frame range of stickers and text: you can decide the start and end of frames that displaying the sticker/text. GIF customization •Easily set FPS or Frame Delay to control the GIF animation speed. •Set GIF Size, Fill Mode and playing Sequence. •Easily change the frame order by dragging. •Support choosing GIF quality before exporting it. •Real-time preview enables you to preview the GIF before export. Save and share •Export the GIF to Finder. •Send via E-Mail. •Send via iMessage. •Share on Tumblr. Download PicGIF right now to see how brilliant your photos can be! If there’s any question, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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Wifi Browser for GoPro - Harald Meyer Cover Art

Wifi Browser for GoPro

Wifi Browser for GoPro Description

The Wifi Browser for GoPro Hero cameras allows you to download, stream, and delete files directly from a GoPro Hero camera over Wifi/WLAN. Alternative app "Camera Suite": # Supported models: - All Hero 4 models *NEW* - All Hero 3 models including White/Silver/Black Edition and Hero 3+ models - Hero 2 with Wifi BacPac # Demo Video: # Installation instructions - Enable Wifi ("app" or "phone+tablet" mode) on your GoPro Hero. - Connect your GoPro using Wifi to your Mac. The default GoPro Wifi password is "goprohero". - Start the Wifi Browser app. # Connection problems If reloading content from the GoPro does not work properly then completely power off the GoPro by removing both the USB cable and the GoPro battery. # Notes The app displays both low resolution preview (*.LRV) and high resolution video files (*.MP4). Streaming of high resolution video files can be stuttering due to limited Wifi bandwidth of the GoPro Hero. To delete a video file you have to select the MP4 file. Deletion requests of LRV files are ignored by the GoPro. +++ Disclaimer +++ This app is an alternative app for controlling GoPro Hero cameras. We are not affiliated with GoPro Inc. in any way.

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RAW Power - Gentlemen Coders Cover Art

RAW Power

RAW Power Description

Make your best shots even better with RAW Power™. RAW Power unlocks the hidden power of Apple's RAW engine with simple, easy-to-use controls. Use it as an editing extension inside Apple Photos, or as a standalone, non-destructive RAW photo editor with file browser. It's great with JPEGs too, with important adjustments missing from Apple's Photos application (such as Perspective and Chromatic Aberration) If you loved Aperture's advanced RAW processing adjustments, you'll feel right at home with RAW Power. Using adjustments like Boost, previously only available in Aperture, you can improve your images in ways that simply can't be done in any other application. RAW Power takes advantage of RAW processing improvements in macOS High Sierra and Mojave. MAIN FEATURES — Extends Apple's Photos app for macOS High Sierra and Mojave and runs as a standalone photo editor with file browser. — Extensive camera support via Apple's RAW Camera Updates (list at: — Control over Apple's Boost filter to achieve unparalleled highlight recovery — Real-time control of all of Apple's RAW engine, including Noise Reduction, and Black Point, RAW Sharpen, Gamut Mapping and more — If you use iCloud Photo Library, you can edit on Mac with the RAW Power extension, and continue editing on iOS using RAW Power for iOS (available as a separate purchase) — Hot Pixels Overlay with Clipping Indicators — File Browser – browse folders on your disk, establish favorite folders — Multiple Browser Windows (View different parts of your disks at once) — Multiple Editor Windows (Open and edit multiple files at once) — Full Support for Tabbed Windows — Collapsible Panels — Thumbnail Grid — Control over thumbnail sizes — “Adjusted” and "RAW" badges in the thumbnail grid — Filter to show RAWs only — Batch Processing in the background (Apply Presets, Paste of Adjustments, Revert to Original, and Export with control over size, format, profile, and file naming) — More metadata information including a map — Quick Look — Sort by Name and Date (newest and oldest) — Full Dark Look in macOS Mojave — New Metal-based image processing engine for better performance — Fully non-destructive editing, with all changes stored in a sidecar file — All sliders are real-time and GPU accelerated — Customizable Presets and Copy / Paste of adjustments — Camera Presets allow you to automatically create a starting point for each camera model ADJUSTMENTS — Advanced Curves adjustment with Auto Curves, Linear and Lab modes — Crop and Straighten — Awesome new Enhance adjustment with Definition, and Lighten and Darken (much better than typical Highlights and Shadows adjustments) — Chromatic Aberration, Perspective, Black & White, Definition, and Vignette with a controllable center point — Advanced Depth Adjustment for improving photos with the iOS Depth Effect (requires iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra) — Recovery slider for targeted control over highlights — White Balance with live sampler — Luminance-oriented Sharpen — Highlights, Shadows, Vibrancy and more AND MUCH MORE — Support for hundreds of RAW cameras — Images are displayed the same way as in Photos, Aperture, or iPhoto — Supports iPhone RAW images and other DNGs as well (DJI and a few other cameras excluded). — Also works with JPEGs, TIFFs, and other image formats — Trial version available for download at — Video Tutorials on YouTube ( Requires macOS 10.13.6 or later.

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Silent Sifter - Vector15 Cover Art

Silent Sifter

Silent Sifter Description

Organize your photos and videos in minutes, no matter how many types, structures, or sources you have. With Silent Sifter, you can organize your photos and videos into different folders, filter out duplicates, rename folders, rename files, and more. It includes many options for how to organize your folders, whether it is by date, file type, size, or something else. Perfect for you if: • You aren't happy with how your photos are organized, but are dreading cleaning them up • You have a camera, smartphone, or SD card full of files and need to clear some space • You have your Photos or Videos stored in multiple places and wish they were centralized • You aren't sure which files you have copied from your camera and which you haven't • You have multiple cameras and want all of their photos organized • You are a photography enthusiast or professional and want to organize your vast library of files into a custom structure (By Camera, Date, Type, RAW vs JPG, etc) Getting Organized • Organize by year, month, camera, resolution, file type, or whatever custom structure you want • Import from multiple cameras directly to your organized structure • Filter out files you don't want • Rename files to whatever you choose • Automatically removes duplicates and prevents file collisions • Supports Photos, Videos, RAW files • iPhoto input/output support • Photo Booth input support • Easy to set up • No manual work needed to organize your files • Fast processing Staying Organized • Silent Sifter remembers your settings • Connect your camera again, and with one click import, organize, rename, filter all of your files exactly how you would like • Same files on your camera? No problem, Silent Sifter will detect the duplicates and only copy new files. FEATURES ◦ One click organization ◦ Deduplication ◦ Customized folders ◦ File renaming ◦ Photos and Videos ◦ Multiple inputs ◦ Multiple outputs ◦ Camera import ◦ RAW files ◦ File filtering ◦ Dropbox and gDrive support ◦ iPhoto and Photo Booth support ◦ Automatic monitoring and organization ◦ Filename collision prevention ◦ Fast file processing and copying TECHNICAL DETAILS ◦ Non-Destructive: Silent Sifter does not change EXIF data on copies, and does not modify the original files ◦ Photo Formats: JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, AI, PSD, JPEG2000, XCF, BMP, ICNS and a multitude of other formats. ◦ RAW Photo Formats: CR2, CRW, NEF, ERF, RAF, 3FR, DCR, RAW, DNG, MRW, NRW, ORF, RW2, PEF, MOS, ARW, SR2, X3F*, KDC*, PPM*, ARI*, SRF*, BAY*, CAP*, IIQ*, EIP*, DCS*, DRF*, K25*, FFF*, PTX*, R3D*, RWL*, RWZ*, SRW* and a multitude of other formats. ◦ Video Formats Supported: MOV, AVI, MPG, MP4, MTS*, MKV*, VOB*, M2TS* and a multitude of other formats. ◦ Date Created: When organizing or renaming files using create date, uses the EXIF/Photo Metadata if available, otherwise last modified date. ◦ Dropbox and gDrive inputs and outputs require the respective Mac clients for those services. ◦ Performance: When duplicate detection is enabled, once your files are analyzed for the first time, each subsequent sift operation will process approximately 1000 photos per minute** ◦ Device Support: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Smartphones, Digital Cameras connected via USB, SD Cards, External Hard Drives, Network file shares, local folders * Basic Support only, i.e. limited metadata available on these file types (resolution, camera, duration, etc). ** Varies based on processor speed, memory, drive location, etc, and first sift operation may take quite awhile for large photo collections SUPPORT Questions, suggestions, feedback, or having trouble? We would love to hear from you, here's where you can find us: » Support: » Twitter: » Facebook:

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PictureMe - Boudewijn Krijger Cover Art


PictureMe Description

Create Pictures of yourself or others against a green-screen (or blue or even red) and place them in another picture, replacing the original backdrop with a beautiful Picture. You can choose from the sample backgrounds or you can add your own! The persons are automatically perfectly cut out from your picture, and positioned on a predefined spot in the background you choose. Add PNG overlays that are superimposed on the PictureMe photo. Drag and drop and custom size the persons so they fit the scene to your liking. The output is automatically scaled for social media Apps. Features: - Tethers your USB connected camera (Supports almost all cameras, including Canon, Nikon and most other cameras). Photos are automatically transferred to PictureMe. - Removes the background, using a 200% faster, custom Chromakey algorithm. Use the Sliders to optimise. - Supports any picture size (JPG) and resizes them to a size fit for social media, web or email. - Add your own background images. - Custom overlays superimposed on your PictureMe picture. - Automatic positioning and scaling based on face recognition. - Generates JPG files. - Works with Blue, Green or even Red backdrops, as long as clothing is not of the same color. Buy the pro version (also available in the AppStore) for more features and higher resolution output. Not sure this App will tether your camera? First try CameraTether (available in the AppStore for free). Any questions or feature requests or you have a suggestion for a better translation? Feel free to contact us through the Support Page.

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AirMagic - Skylum Cover Art


AirMagic Description

Do you take photos with a drone? If YES - you need AirMagic. We’ve created AirMagic to fix your drone photos automatically. It is the world's first software designed exclusively for images made with a DJI, Yuneec, Parrot or any other drone. You don't need to spend time manually editing your aerial shots. Just load the images. And AirMagic will enhance as many of your photos at the same time as you want. - Boost colors - Reveal hidden details - Remove haze - Make sky look great - Fix contrast & brightness - And much more. You keep full control over the resulting look. You don't need any specialized​ knowledge to use AirMagic. After detecting the drone camera used to produce an image, AirMagic makes lens corrections and other camera-specific optimizations. The app uses smart algorithms and Artificial Intelligence to analyze each picture, then applies adjustments such as color reveal, haze removal, and sky enhancement to make each photo look its best. AirMagic supports all popular image formats, including raw files. It's creative​ and unique. Just like you!

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Photo-Resizer - iFunia Cover Art


Photo-Resizer Description

***** Holiday Sale for a Limited Time!!! Regular price: $9.99 ***** iFunia Photo-Resizer for Mac is a simple photo resizing tool that allows users to resize, rename the photos in a quick and easy batch mode. With it, users can easily adjust the size of photo by percentage, by height, and by aspect, or can even enter the custom size that wanted. When finished resize the photos, users can either save to file folder or share directly to social networks. With Photo-Resizer you can! - Can I easily resize .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .bmp, .gif, .tiff, .ico, .icns, .tga, .psd? - Can I resize 10,000's of photos at once? - Can I resize a single photo or a batch of photos to any size that want? - Can I drag to add a folder and have it magically find all the images within it? - Can I resize photos by creating my own presets for certain photo sizes? - Can I scale photos to a certain % or resize photos by width * height? - Can I see the resized photos in real-time? - Can I add photos directly from iPhoto or Photo Booth? - Can I convert images to different image formats? - Can I batch rename images at a time? - Can all my original photos are left untouched? - Can I share my photos to my Facebook or Twitter when finished the resizing just by one click? The answer to these entire questions is Yes with Photo-Resizer's help! Like iFunia on Facebook: Follow iFunia at Twitter: Share iFunia on Google+: To keep connected with us and get the latest giveaways, update news and new release.

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Photo Flipbook Studio - Solaz Dazen srl Cover Art

Photo Flipbook Studio

Photo Flipbook Studio Description

Create your own flipbooks with ease! This software takes your chosen photos and generates a beautiful HTML flipbook that you can publish online or view on your computer or mobile device. No need for programming skills or advanced configurations to make your very own flipbooks. Photo Flipbook Studio is extremely convenient and well worth the price! ≈ Features ≈ • very easy to use 3 step design. No need for programming skills. A few clicks and you have your Flipbook ready to publish. • drag & drop any photo file into the project • configurable flipbook settings • drag & drop photos to reorder them • preview created flipbook directly in Photo Flipbook Studio • ability to Open in Browser and Show in Finder once the flipbook is created • desktop and mobile-friendly flipbook HTML output. Enjoy your flipbooks anywhere. Get this software now and make your first flipbook!

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RAW HDR 101 Filters - Go2Share Cover Art

RAW HDR 101 Filters

RAW HDR 101 Filters Description

Create greate HDR photo with single JPG/RAW file. Build in 101 filters. Normally when you are creating a High Dynamic Range picture, 3 or more images that have been taken at different stops are blended to create 1 photo with all the color and light as the original 3. The effect is stunning if done properly. This instructable features a simpler way to create the effect of an HDR image, using only 1 photo. This is not a true HDR, but it creates a very similar effect. If you have been anywhere near the photography world in the past couple years, I am sure you have heard of HDR by now as there have been countless tutorials floating around on how to create HDR images using 3 bracketed exposures in programs like Photomatix and Photoshop. However what if you don’t have your tripod or if you are shooting a scene with moving subjects, yet you still want to create an HDR type shot? Well, good news, it is possible. HDR101’s powerful correction algorithms, combined with the enormous advances in sensor technology and dynamic range of newer cameras, make it possible to recover all the useful information in the different areas of one single RAW(or JPG) file so as to balance an image with drastic contrasts. While HDR photography carries a strong artistic connotation, this method of restoring the details in the darkest and brightest areas also lets you create perfectly natural-looking images. For example, when photographing a building in the foreground when the sky in the background is very bright, it is almost impossible to expose both the building and the sky correctly. HDR101 offers a number of particularly efficient tools in this regard: in addition to Exposure Compensation and Smart Lighting, the Selective tone sub-palette lets you selectively correct the shadows, the highlights, and the midtones without having to merge several images. This means you can achieve an HDR rendering from a single RAW(or JPG) file. For quite a few years now, high dynamic range photography, or simply HDR, has been an important trend in photography as it allows the photographer to create an image beyond the limits of the camera’s sensor in order to recover lost details in shadows and in highlights. The results can range from extremely subtle to almost surreal but however the HDR is done, there is one thing that a common denominator for HDR processing is to have several shots with varying exposure. But what if you have a single image, maybe one taken a while ago that has great composition but suffers from a poor dynamic range. It is possible to create a pseudo HDR image from just that one shot, we can do this in HDR101. 101 filters for whatever look you can imagine HDR 101 are an awesome tool that can help to automate your workflow and to add creativity to your photo library. Using this application, we can apply a photo style to one or many images in our photo catalogs. We can easily try out all types of presets and not change the original image file. It can be extremely useful timesavers when you find yourself performing the same steps over and over on an image. This makes it easier than ever to experiment with applying effects to your images. The HDR101 works best on RAW images as they contains most information in comparison to JPEG images. So take your photos in RAW format and enjoy this tools.

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Oil Paint - Best App Limited Cover Art

Oil Paint

Oil Paint Description

Thinking of paintings, you often start by imagining famous oil paintings. This is because most of the well known Renaissance period artists such as Rubens, Jan van Eyck, Titian, Raphael and Rembrandt worked with oil paints. This app lets you turn any of your photos into a realistic oil painting which you can print. FEATURES - Open any photo on your computer - Drag/drop any photo on the Oil Paint dock icon to open it immediately - Adjustable Oil amount - Adjustable brightness - Sepia filter - Vignette filter - Pan and zoom using your trackpad - Print your new Oil Painting - Save your Oil Painting on your computer - Highly optimized. No loading screens. Opens immediately. SUPPORT We read your support emails every single day. Send us your questions, feedback or complaints and you will receive an answer as soon as possible. Thank you!

© 2016 Solaz Dazen


Photo Slideshow-PhotoVideo DVD - DIGITAL SOFTWARE Cover Art

Photo Slideshow-PhotoVideo DVD

Photo Slideshow-PhotoVideo DVD Description

The app can showcase your story to fit any occasion-with a real film feel, effortlessly make a stylish movies using photos and music. Just drag in your photos and music, drop in a few of the array of built-in themes and your memories are transformed into wonderful movies you can share on DVD, all your iDevices and more. The app provide motion, transition and slideshow effects, you can add any background music and professional subtitles. which is cool, you can share with your parents, business partners or your friends and so on. *Export To Video - Save standard or high definition movies to Mac hard disk for editing or sharing. *Export To DVD - Burn the slideshow to DVD, the video will loop play in your DVD player. #####Photo Track##### 1. When you drag and drop your Photo into Timeline, random animation is applied automatically. 2. Provide text, transition and slideshow effects. 3. Edit photo (rotate photo, crop photo, effect photo). 4. Effect photo: 36 kinds of photo effects for you to choose. 5. Change the display time for each themes. 6. Add background color or background image for each themes. 7. Drag Photo or themes anywhere to adjust their order and position. 8. Import images directly from the Photos app. 9. Support load all video and photo format file. 10. Add border and background form every photo . #####Subtitles Track##### 1. Drag text anywhere to adjust their order and position. 2. Add animated captions to photos to help tell the story. 3. Change move in duration and move out duration for subtitles themes. 4. Preview the subtitles themes. 5. 12 kinds of subtitles effects for you to choose. #####Audio Track##### 1. Edit audio (Trim, Fade In, Fade Out, volume). 2. Loop play the imported musics. 3. Custom background music start play time and end play time at slideshow video. 4. Drag anywhere to adjust their order and position. Can save editing operations as an project document, you can open the project document when you need to go on your work. Note: If you have some problems,Please send an email to [email protected] I will solve these issues as quickly as possible.

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Photo Editor Movavi - Movavi Software Inc. Cover Art

Photo Editor Movavi

Photo Editor Movavi Description

Photo Editor Movavi is the fastest way to turn good photos into spectacular ones. Remove any unnecessary elements from your images, improve the quality, and edit photos in just a few easy steps. Get Photo Editor Movavi now if you want to: • Improve image quality with one click • Manually adjust image settings: hue, saturation, color temperature, white balance, details, and more • Edit image elements and small details separately • Extract objects from the background and replace that background • Instantly remove unwanted objects from photos • Retouch skin and teeth, erase red-eye, change eye size, reshape face, and more • Add makeup to your portraits • Apply filters, text captions, and frames on images • Restore irreplaceable vintage family photos • Remove digital noise and grain from pictures • Straighten the horizon in your images automatically or manually • Crop, flip, rotate, and resize your pictures • Process images in all popular formats – JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, RAW, and more Take image editing to the next level with Movavi: ► Rescue old photos with the smart restoration tool: get rid of scratches and creases, apply magic enhance to revive colors. ► Easily remove random bystanders, intrusive fences, or ugly power lines from your travel panoramas with a single action: just select the unwanted object and hit Start Erasing – everything else is automatic. ► Create beautiful collages and humorous photo manipulations with the Background Removal tool. Thanks to Movavi’s unique optimized algorithm, people in pictures can be selected automatically, and easy-to-use tools separate objects from the background in no time. Then replace the current background with a solid color or apply a different image – it’s that simple. ► Movavi makes it easy to fix the most common image flaws: salvage overexposed or overly dark images manually or let the smart automatic filter improve the quality of your photos, and remove digital noise. Work with image elements individually: select problem areas and adjust the settings to get the result you want. Take care of composition issues, too: crop, rotate, and flip image with one click. ► Handy retouching tools help you hide skin blemishes, remove wrinkles, reduce shine, whiten teeth, and remove red-eye. ► Give yourself a complete makeover with our new make-up kit: experiment with different shades of blusher, eyeshadow and lipstick, redefine eyebrows, add mascara and foundation. Give your eyes or hair a new color. Want more? You can even reshape your face and enlarge your eyes! ► Finally, give your shots that special touch with stylish filters, expressive text captions, elegant frames, and more! We’re always happy to hear from you and help you out if you’re stuck with something:

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Starry Landscape Stacker - Ralph Hill Cover Art

Starry Landscape Stacker

Starry Landscape Stacker Description

Starry Landscape Stacker makes it possible to produce landscape photographs taken at night that have both low noise and stars rendered as points. It does this by compositing several images taken in rapid succession, shifting the sky as needed to align the stars. A free trial version is available on the developer's website.

© 2015-2019 Ralph Hill, 2012-2015 Ralph D. Hill, LLC


Diptic - Peak Systems Cover Art


Diptic Description

Diptic helps you create and share beautiful photo collages. • Mac App Store Best of 2012 and 2013 • Apple’s Editors' Choice •Top 5 Photography App IMPORT/EXPORT OPTIONS • Import photos from iPhoto and Aperture. Use the Media section of the open dialog to browse your iPhoto and Aperture albums. Alternatively, you can drag and drop images from your favorite photo applications into the Diptic frame. • Share Sheets: Share to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and more. (10.8+). • High resolution export (max of 3072x3072), with option to choose JPG or PNG. LAYOUTS AND BORDERS • Choose from 75 layouts (one to nine photos in each layout). • Customize your layouts to better fit your pictures by sliding interior frame lines. • Create rectangular Diptics (great for printing) with the Aspect Ratio Slider. • Round the inner and outer borders, as well as modify thickness and color, and apply background textures. IMAGE ADJUSTMENTS • Choose from14 filters, as well as adjust brightness, contrast, hue and color saturation. • Personalize your Diptics with text captions. OTHER SWEET FEATURES • Save Projects. The “.dptc” file format lets you save your Diptic projects and come back to them later. • Drag and drop pictures into frames, and swap photos between frames • Multi-Touch: The UI reacts to gestures with your Magic Mouse or Trackpad. • Full screen. Because sometimes you just want things to be huge.

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PhotoSketcher - ThinkTime Creations LLC Cover Art


PhotoSketcher Description

The original and the best photo-to-sketch app in the Mac App Store. Now 50% off full price for a limited time. PhotoSketcher is a delightful app to effortlessly turn your digital photo into an artistic pencil sketch. Just drag and drop your photo on to PhotoSketcher window and be amazed by the magical result. Key features: - Intelligent algorithm produces great result out of box, no painful tweaks needed. - Works on images of all sizes, large or small. - Save sketch in original size with print quality. - Copy & Paste - Conveniently switch between original and sketch display. Or show both in a split view. - Set pen color and background color. - Colorize with original colors. - Adjust brightness and contrast. PhotoSketcher supports PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP and GIF file formats. Sample images courtesy of:

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Image Resizer - Resize Photos - Tweaking Technologies Private Limited Cover Art

Image Resizer - Resize Photos

Image Resizer - Resize Photos Description

Reduce your image size in few seconds... We capture our precious moments in the form of images and always want to share them with our family and friends. But a lot many times, we are unable to do so due to large image sizes. A perfect solution to this problem is Image Resizer. It is a useful and effective tool to resize single and multiple images, without compromising with image resolution and its quality. Using this tool, you can select photos from Photos Library, Photos or from any folder on your machine. Get the all new Image Resizer app and be assured that you have the best tool to resize, crop, rotate, flip any image to any direction or convert it to any other format. Awesome tool for photo resizing. Key functions •Resize single or batch of photos •High quality results and great speed •Easy image compression •Predefined settings option •Easily convert pictures into different formats •Resize and convert • User friendly UI •Easy selection of output resolution, rename files or compress, choose a specific destination to save resized images. • Rotate image to 90 degrees clockwise, anti-clockwise, rotate 180 degrees, Flip Horizontal and Vertical. • Custom size can be chosen and photo can be resized percentage wise • Resized images do not lose quality How to use Image Resizer: To use this app, first you need to select the location from where you wish to take the image. You can do so by selecting the option at the bottom left of the app. Then select the photo/ photos you wish to resize and perform the desired operation.

© 2019 Tweaking Technologies Private Limited


PhotoTime - Fabian Spillner Cover Art


PhotoTime Description

It's PhotoTime! You can take funny snapshots with your build-in iSight camera. There are over 30 effects and you can combine bumped/dent effect with all other effects! It gives you a realtime preview with the effect. The special feature: You can adjust some effects with your mouse in real-time! The flash color and delay time are customizable, too!

© 2011 Fabian Spillner


Passport Id Photos - Raffaele Di Marzo Cover Art

Passport Id Photos

Passport Id Photos Description

With this application you can create your passport photos directly from your Mac. Few and intuitive steps and you can print, save or share your photos for documents and passport. Do not necessary great knowledge of photography world, you can use this app if you are inexperienced or photographer. • Save time and money. • Photo formats most common in the world, 4.5x3.5 cm, 2x2 inch, 4x3 cm and many others. • Photographic paper most used, A4, A5, A6, 13x18, 3½x5¼ and many others, in centimeters or inches. • Adjust the print margins. • Set the resolution of the image (dpi). • Set the printer paper's direction (portrait or landscape). • Print, save or export only the photos you need, from single photo up to 14. • Set contrast, brightness and saturation of your images. • Check the print settings with the ruler printed on the side of the passport photos.

© Raffaele Di Marzo


ImageGlitch - Krystof Vasa Cover Art


ImageGlitch Description

ImageGlitch is a way to digitally destroy images to create new works of art from your photographs or graphic designs created on the computer. Note: For best results, use JPEG or TIFF. Other file formats are hard to work with or may completely corrupt the image. Be sure to always make backups of your images with any app that makes changes to your photos. How to use: It's easy, just start removing some lines from the textfield on the left. You can add lines from external sources, remove lines, change lines, but read below for a few tips. - Command + Z (undo) is your friend. You will often see your entire image disappear, just Command + Z back to where you were. - The first 50 lines (give or take) are usually full of meta information, so editing these lines will usually result in no or little change to the image. - The text correlates to the image, towards the top you will change the top part of the image. If you change text towards the bottom, you will affect the bottom part of the image. Feedback? Let us hear it! Twitter: @charliemonroe

© 2013-18, Charlie Monroe Software


John's Browser for GoPro - Qiang Li Cover Art

John's Browser for GoPro

John's Browser for GoPro Description

How to use this App? - Turn on your GoPro camera WIFI connection, you can find WIFI user name and password on your GoPro screen or GoPro Phone App - Connect your Mac to your GoPro WIFI network - Start the App and the App will load all photo and video on your GoPro camera - You can click on photo to video to view them or download - The App can automatically keep GoPro Session wake to view/download media files. - The App will show your GoPro model, serial number and remaining storage space for better access. * Compatible with GoPro HERO 3/4/5/6/7, GoPro Hero Session 4, GoPro Hero Session 5 (GoPro HERO 4 users: You may need code pair first, just click the code pair button on the App screen to start the process.) WIFI download large media file is slow, the App also support USB cable connect to quickly sync all your media file to your Mac folder. GoPro USB file sync Steps: 1. Click 'To Folder' button to choose save Folder on Mac. 2. Click the 'USB Sync' button. 3. Connect your GoPro USB cable, and make sure the GoPro is power on. 4. The App will auto-sync all media files, you can quit the App stop stop file sync.

© 2019 John Li


AnyMP4 HEIC to JPG Converter - AnyMP4 Studio Cover Art

AnyMP4 HEIC to JPG Converter

AnyMP4 HEIC to JPG Converter Description

Want to view all HEIC format photos on your Mac? Try this HEIC to JPG PNG Converter. It will allow you to open HEIC images on your computer or phone. Key Features: 1. Convert HEIC files to JPG/JPEG/PNG at 1 click. 2. Convert more than one HEIC files at one time. 3. Adjust image quality as you like. 4. Compatible with 64 bit Mac. 5. Fast, easy, safe and no quality loss. * Convert HEIC to JPG/JPEG/PNG This is the basic function. You can choose to convert the HEIC file(s) to JPG or PNG according to your need. There is no quality loss after you change the format. * Batch conversion Before you start to load HEIC files, you can choose to load single HEIC file or a HEIC folder. The batch conversion function saves you much time. * Adjust image quality Before the conversion starts, you can set the image quality as you like.The higher the quality is, the smaller the image size will be. How to use? Very simple. Just follow these 3 steps: 1. Load HEIC file. 2. Select output format. 3. Click Convert. Done! Only 3 clicks and you will finish the conversion! Then you can view the photos on any device as you like. *** It works with OS X 10.7 or later! *** Like us? Please give us a 5 star rating. That's really important to us. Need help? Please contact us via We will try our best to fix the problem you meet and you will receive a reply within 24 hours.

© 2018 AnyMP4 Studio.


Aurora HDR 2019 - MacPhun LLC Cover Art

Aurora HDR 2019

Aurora HDR 2019 Description

TAKE YOUR HDR PHOTOS FURTHER Aurora HDR is the world’s most advanced HDR photo editor, enjoyed by millions of photographers. And is the only HDR photo software, named “Best Mac App of the Year”. Quantum HDR Engine™ (Patent Pending) Skylum’s proprietary HDR algorithm, powered by Artificial Intelligence, creates the most natural-looking images that show the full dynamic range of the scene. With Aurora HDR, you can overcome the biggest challenges faced by HDR photographers. The new HDR Smart Structure filter unlocks depth and definition in an image. Skylum’s proprietary algorithms add more detail and tone to your images. It elevates the quality of a standard structure slider in other software, and was developed specifically for High Dynamic Range photography. SUPERCHARGED. YET SIMPLE. We believe that making dramatic beautiful photos should be enjoyable, instead of being complex and time-consuming. So we built Aurora HDR to be accessible for photographers of all skill levels. A custom designed user interface has everything you need, and nothing extra. Whether you want to work with a single image or multiple exposures, whether you rely on presets, or need to have a full control over every pixel - Aurora HDR puts a beautiful creative canvas in front of you. MORE POWER TO THE PRO As you’d expect from a professional photography software, Aurora HDR gives you tools & flexibility to do things you’ve always wanted. It’s the layers with custom blending modes, adjustable masking brush, intuitive transform tools, history panel and more that make Aurora HDR a choice of millions of professional photographers around the globe. Layers & Masking Layers make it easy to combine multiple photos or images. Use blending modes to mix the two layers together and masks to add transparency. Batch Processing Save time and effort with the Batch Processing command. Let Aurora HDR assemble multiple HDR images at once and output the files. RAW Decoding. Work with the highest-quality raw and DNG files from most cameras. Skylum proprietary raw processor makes sure you get the most from every pixel on your image. Perspective & Lens Correction Straighten horizons and reframe your image to fix tripod and framing issues. Use lens correction to remove wide angle distortion and unwanted vignetting. Aurora HDR Looks + LUTs = Style With over 100 default Aurora HDR Looks and Look-up Tables (LUTs) - Aurora HDR gives you a lot to choose from. Only Aurora HDR features signature styles from the world’s top photographers, including Trey Ratcliff, Serge Ramelli & Randy Van Duinen. And of course, you can always create or import custom HDR Looks to boost your creativity and speed. A COMPLETE SOLUTION FOR HDR PHOTOGRAPHY. Great HDR photography is about creativity, power and convenience. With Aurora HDR you get all of this and much more. With powerful tone curves, filters, layers & masking you get the freedom to enhance images in all possible ways. And with the batch processing, built-in social sharing, plug-in support, non-destructive editing & other features - you can achieve even more without leaving the software. It’s all in one. And all you need. ACHIEVE MORE. WAIT LESS. The new Aurora HDR brings powerful bulk image editing, and dozens of creative presets for various photography styles: from real estate to travel. This means you’ll quickly pick the look you need and apply it to all your images at the same time. This also means you’ll have more time to take incredible photos and do more things with people that matter. Enjoy Aurora HDR.

© 2018 Skylum Software


Shutter Counter - chepil Cover Art

Shutter Counter

Shutter Counter Description

for Canon EOS DSLR (DIGIC III and later) cameras. "Shutter Counter" allows you to read a shutter counter value from a camera. Reasons to retrieve a camera's shutter count include: - confirm that a new camera is truly new (shutter count 0) - establish value of a used camera - detect shutter counter value for sale camera with detailed info You can't receive "Shutter Counter" value from Canon Utilites. For receive "Shutter Counter" value, you can use this application. Just download this application and connect your camera. You can check "Shutter Counter" value unlimited times for unlimited cameras. Before start app, please close any applications, that used cameras connection. Support Canon cameras: 5D Mark III 5D Mark II 1D Mark IV 1D X 1D C 60D 70D 7D 6D 40D 50D Rebel XS / 1000D / Kiss F Rebel XSi / 450D / Kiss X2 Rebel T1i / 500D / Kiss X3 Rebel T2i / 550D / Kiss X4 Rebel T3 / 1100D / Kiss X50 Rebel T5 / 1200D / Kiss X70 Rebel T3i / 600D / Kiss X5 Rebel T4i / 650D / Kiss X6i Rebel T5i / 700D / Kiss X7i Rebel SL1 / 100D / Kiss X7 Single-DIGIC III, all DIGIC IV, and some DIGIC V EOS cameras are supported. DIGIC II and dual DIGIC III cameras are NOT supported. Shutter count is not available for the 5D (Mark I), 1D Mark III, and the 1Ds Mark III. EOS M (mirrorless) models are not supported. Please, leave feedback with note of your camera model. Video:

© 2016, Denis Chepil


PhotoSweeper Lite - Ivan Prymak Cover Art

PhotoSweeper Lite

PhotoSweeper Lite Description

PhotoSweeper Lite (a lightweight version of PhotoSweeper) helps you to get rid of duplicate photos. It works with photos from Apple Photos, iPhoto, Aperture, Adobe Lightroom and Capture One libraries, as well as photos from your hard drives and external storages. It allows you to find and group photos that have identical or very similar content, regardless of image names. DUPLICATE photos - absolutely identical photos, created by reserve copying or using multiple photo libraries etc. If you have several Macs, external hard drives, or just multiple copies of the same photo collection, and want to remove duplicates, this application is for you. SIMILAR photos - photos that look identical to the human eye, but are different for a computer, usually created by multi-shot capturing of the same scene, or by editing with special software, like Adobe Photoshop, Pixelmator etc. PhotoSweeper Lite DOES NOT detect this kind of photos as duplicates, but the FULL version of PhotoSweeper DOES the trick. With PhotoSweeper Lite you get: • Support for Photos, iPhoto, Aperture, Lightroom and Capture One libraries. • Beautifully designed and easy-to-use interface: great photo browsing, reviewing results in different modes, automatically marking photos etc. • Extremely fast workflow: based on state-of-the-art technologies and optimized for photo comparison. This is the LITE version. The FULL version is named "PhotoSweeper" and it: • Finds SIMILAR photos providing extra comparison settings. Photos are compared regardless of their sizes or formats and are grouped by similarity. It allows you to find even edited photos and series of shots. • Moves or copies photos you want to keep with or without bulk renaming. A comprehensive user manual is available on our site:

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Duplicate Photos Cleaner - Pocket Bits LLC Cover Art

Duplicate Photos Cleaner

Duplicate Photos Cleaner Description

SALE! $19.99 -> $1.99 FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! ■ #1 Fastest duplicate scanning algorithm on the Mac App Store! ■ True SHA-1 checksum file compare for pinpoint accuracy. ■ Also scans Photos, iPhoto, and Photo Booth libraries for duplicates! “11 GIGABYTES FREED! I had no idea I had so many duplicates in my Dropbox Camera Uploads from all the automatic imports!” “Most productive 5 minutes of my day! I removed over 5GB of duplicates from iPhoto!” Free up GIGABYTES of valuable HD space using Duplicate Photos Cleaner! Just drag and drop your folders to detect and remove all of your duplicate photos. ≈ Easy and Simple ≈ ◎ EASY drag and drop! ◎ SIMPLE 1-click scan and removal of duplicate photos ◎ FASTEST scanning algorithm using SHA-1 hash checksum ◎ FREE up valuable disk space ◎ SAFE removal by sending duplicate photos to your trash for easy recovery ◎ ORGANIZED. Sort your duplicate photos by file size, type, name, etc ◎ AUTOMATICALLY select all of your duplicate photos with 1-click while keeping the original ◎ Use the search function to easily find a specific duplicate files ◎ Scans Photos, iPhoto, and Photo Booth libraries for duplicates! (*please remember to close Photos/iPhoto applications when scanning) ◎ Convenient file preview shows you the preview and location of your duplicates ◎ Advanced scan preferences can set minimum file sizes to scan for duplicate photos ◎ Beautifully optimized for your high retina display *Remember to close Photos/iPhoto app before scanning for duplicates. ≈ Other great apps in our family ≈ ◉ BitMedic AntiVirus - ◉ Adware Cleaner - ◉ Sleep Alarm Clock - For any questions, suggestions, or bugs, please email us at [email protected] We cannot respond directly to user reviews, so we encourage you to email us directly for the fastest response. We want to hear your thoughts and make improvements to future versions of this app to keep you happy. We plan to make active updates powered by your love and support! Every bit helps! :)

© 2016 Pocket Bits LLC


LiveQuartz Photo Edit - Romain Piveteau Cover Art

LiveQuartz Photo Edit

LiveQuartz Photo Edit Description

A simple and powerful photo editor for the Mac. It is based on non destructive layers and filters. The layers are at the left and the filters are at the right of the window. To edit a photo, just drag it into the window (or layers’ list) and it will be added as a new layer. LiveQuartz supports Gestures (Multi-Touch). SCREENCASTS : FAQ : TWITTER : @livequartz “As a product manager I constantly need to communicate my ideas visually but I lack the time, attention and motivation to learn something like Photoshop. I downloaded LiveQuartz Lite and was manipualting images and creating new content within minutes. I didn’t hesitate to pull the trigger on the upgrade to the Unlimited version and more than happy that I did. I’ve since encouraged my non technical friends and my kids to use it and have seen the same results.Highly recommended.” - BobKattt (2.3.2) “I enjoy Mac style Apps because they make artistic sense to me. I like to have as little math, tangent calculations, and non creative tasks involved  when I am creating artwork and graphic design projects. With LiveQuartz, pencils act like pencils, and brushes brush. Actions are smooth and simple as putting a pen to paper. The layers behave magically and the various composites and photo effects are fluid and intuitive. Each time I use this program, I find new tools and combinations that help add to the fun of creating. Great program.” - Phil Seymour (2.0.3) TOOLS • "Layer moving tool" • "Brush" • "Duplication tool" • "Drawing tools" (lines, rectangles, rounded corners rectangles, ovals) • "Gradient tools" • "Rich Text tool" • "Eraser tool" • "Background eraser and Paint Bucket tools" • "Filter effect tool" • "Color Picker tool" • "Rectangle Selection tool" • "Ellipse Selection tool" • "Lasso / Polygonal lasso tool" • "Magnifying glass" IMAGE FORMATS • Native non destructive format : rhif (RHapsoft Image Format, sqlite based) • Read / Export formats : pdf, heif, png, jpeg, jpeg2000, tiff, tga, gif, bmp, OpenEXR • Read only formats : raw, photoshop (merged layers), icns, sgi, Windows ico, Windows cursor, FlashPix, MacPaint, QuickTime Import Format, Radiance, XWindow bitmap FILTERS Standard Core Image Filters + Shadow filter + "Flip" geometry filter

© Romain Piveteau, 2020


Priime Styles - Priime, Inc. Cover Art

Priime Styles

Priime Styles Description

Apply professional photo presets created and used by the world’s best modern day photographers. Priime's key features: - Featuring over 100 photo styles: Apply professional-grade photo styles (also known as presets or filters), which are created in collaboration with the world’s top photographers in the form of their photographic styles. All styles are already bundled with the app purchase! - Full pixel resolution / max quality photo saving - Standalone: Works without requiring any other programs to add a style to one or many photos all at once. - Elegant integration into the’s editing flow, saving back non-destructive max resolution photos. Happily works with iCloud as well. - Lightroom: Total integration with Lightroom photo catalogs. Edit any type of supported photo using your existing catalog, straight from Lightroom. Priime isn't simply a preset, but a whole new powerful tool that integrates into the flow of Lightroom as an external editor, while maintaining the organization of your Lightroom catalog. - Batch editing: To create a consistent style across your photos, editing multiple photos in a batch is available to quickly apply styles to any number of different photos all at once, whether as a standalone app or by selecting multiple photos within a Lightroom catalog and using Priime as an integrated external editor. - Big picture workflow: The explore feature of the app allows you to preview your photo as a grid, already pre-edited with all the styles. This new workflow allows you to easily select the look you want, without having to tap through every single option. Supported photo formats: TIFF JPG PNG ARW - Sony CRW - Canon CR2 - Canon NEF - Nikon RAW ORF - Olympus RAW RAF - Fuji RAW MRW - Minolta RAW DCR - Kodak RAW DNG - Adobe / Leica RAW RW2 - Lumix RAW MOS, KDC, FPX/FPIX, EXR, PSD, QTI/QTIF, HDR, SGI, SRF, TARGA/TGA, CUR, XBM, PTNG, PNT, MAC, and more

© 2018 Priime, Inc.


PhotoMill: The Image Converter - Ivan Prymak Cover Art

PhotoMill: The Image Converter

PhotoMill: The Image Converter Description

*** Image Converter + Metadata Editor + Photo Browser *** PhotoMill helps you convert a bulk of images into the most popular image formats, give your files meaningful names, watermark with text and image, adjust photos (brightness/saturation/exposure/grayscale/etc.), fit geometry (scale/crop/trim/etc.), remove private metadata, add your own copyrights etc. Also, PhotoMill is a great batch metadata editor, renamer and photo browser. CONVERT Conversion to: HEIC, BMP, GIF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, PDF, PNG, TIFF Color models: RGB, Gray, CMYK Color depth: 8/16/32 bits; with or without alpha channel METADATA EDITOR Correct EXIF/IPTC metadata tags in your photos: place GPS coordinates, remove private information from your photos, correct or set capture dates, add your own copyright, keywords or rating. PHOTO BROWSER The app has a bunch of features for comfortable browsing and multi-criteria search of photos in the Browser. The Browser has 3 panels: Image Info - displays detailed information about a selected photo; Groups - splits photos into groups/subgroups based on a chosen criteria, for instance, by capture dates; Search - gives you an opportunity to search photos by different criteria. RENAME You can give meaningful names to converted photos constructing file names in the “pro” way - using text and tags: index, capture date, original name, image width, “find & replace” etc. Also, you can rename photos without any conversion. RESIZE Fit image size with a bunch of geometry actions: scale, crop, add border, trim, trim color, rotate & flip, auto rotate (by EXIF orientation), change resolution. WATERMARK • Text - you can use photo metadata information - tags: capture date, keywords, camera maker etc., as well as entered text. Font size can be either fixed or relative to an image width, height, long or short edge. Multiline text, stroke, shadow, rotation, tiling and other features. • Image - image size can be either fixed or relative to main image size. Image tiling is also available. • Rectangle - background for text; square or rounded. Fill and stroke color can be half-transparent. ADJUST COLORS Available filters: auto contrast, auto white balance, gamma, contrast, exposure, sharpness, grayscale, sepia, colorize, temperature, HSL channels (Hue/Saturation/Lightness), HSV channels (Hue/Saturation/Value,Brightness), RGB channels, curves. Working with transparency: alpha mask, color to alpha, alpha to color. Color matching: assign profile, convert to profile, proof with profile. A comprehensive user manual is available on our site: If you have questions about PhotoMill or issues about the app, drop us a line: [email protected] We are always happy to get your feedback and suggestions.

© 2011-2019 Overmacs Team


Backup to Flickr for iPhoto - Sonia Bohelay Cover Art

Backup to Flickr for iPhoto

Backup to Flickr for iPhoto Description

Backup to Flickr for iPhoto takes your iPhoto / Aperture library and backs it up to Flickr, keeping your structure intact (iphoto event is a Flickr set). Start saving in 10 seconds! 1. Authorize your Flickr account 2. Point to your iphoto/Aperture Library (iphoto version 9.x or above) 3. Start the transfer ... and read the F.A.Q located in the About menu :) List of In-App purchases options 1. Advanced Features - Export tagged faces in iPhoto/Aperture - Export Tags/Keywords - Exporter Geo-loc information - Add Modified Media Title as Description - Sort albums in Flickr (asc./desc., based on event contained photo dates) - Seamless Hi-Resolution RAW to Jpg conversion 2. Version Management / Exclusions - Transfer original or modified versions of pics - Option to not include hidden media - Option to not upload RAW type files - Option to not upload videos longer than 3mn - Option to convert videos for max. compatibility



Portrait Retouching-Face Beauty and Skin Whitening - Go2Share Cover Art

Portrait Retouching-Face Beauty and Skin Whitening

Portrait Retouching-Face Beauty and Skin Whitening Description

Professional skin retouch for portrait, keeping the details and without losing texture! All operations made automatically in seconds! ! Automatic skin smoothing, healing and enhancing effect app for retouch/makeup portrait photos. Portrait Retouching When retouching portraits, remember above all else that subtlety is key. When we photograph people, we hope to create a memory, a moment in time, and a glimpse of who they are. Because of this, you want to avoid overworking the image, but to instead enhance it just enough so that the subject’s personality and true self shine through. Finding that balance of beautiful retouching without making a person’s skin, eyes, or teeth look fake is something you can easily do with Portraiture app. Inside, you’ll find tools to adjust each of these so that your images look beautiful and realistic. Bring out the Best in Your Portraits Portrait eliminates the tedious manual labor of selective masking and pixel-by-pixel treatments to help you achieve excellence in portrait retouching. It intelligently smoothens and removes imperfections while preserving skin texture and other important portrait details such as hair, eyebrows, eyelashes etc. Facial Recognition Before you can do any portrait retouching, however, you first need to hone in on the face or faces you’re going to work on. Perfecture’s automated facial recognition makes step is easy. Portraiture features a powerful masking tool that enables selective smoothening only in the skin tone areas of the image. It helps you quickly discover most of the skin tone range of the image automatically. Skin Retouching Smooth and beautiful skin is something you will likely strive for in many of your images, and with Perfect Portrait you have the tools to create blemish-free portraits very quickly and easily. The key with skin retouching is to not overdo the effect so much that the skin looks like plastic, or that freckles are completely gone. (Freckles can be cute, especially on little kids!) Keeping that texture in a person’s face keeps the reality alive while still showing each individual at his or her best. Before/After compare After automatic enhancement has been performed, you can compare the before and after photos to evaluate the changes. For finer control, you can specify the smoothening degree for different detail sizes and adjust the sharpness, softness, warmth, brightness and contrast. Increate Eyes Reduce cheek and body thin ▪Facial Recognition ▪High resolution output ▪High speed process ▪Awesome artistic effects Graphics processor unit for Speed up System Requirements: OSX 10.9 above

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Portrait Painter - JixiPix Software Cover Art

Portrait Painter

Portrait Painter Description

Automatically turns a picture into a finely painted gallery-style portrait Portrait Painter is a professional painting tool that automatically creates a finely painted gallery- style portrait from any image or snapshot then adds color, light and texture, which harmonize intelligently. Artists, Photographers & Hobbyists will love watching their subjects transcend from the living to become immortalized in a timeless masterpiece. PORTRAIT STYLES • Portrait Paint — Classic-Style brushes in the original colors from your photo • Bright & Colorful — Modern-Style replaces brush strokes with bright and colorful ones Highlights of Portrait Painter • Choose between a natural color palette or a bright & colorful one • Make adjustments to Brush Size, Brush Length, Bristle Strength, Canvas Strength and Paint Palette Colors. • Use large photos for a high-end result! • Choose a preset for a quick start or make your own for future projects • Saves images as TIF, PNG, JPG FEATURES Smooth Skin feature beautifies freckles and wrinkles and a robust “Bright & Colorful” randomize color palette to replace brush strokes with bright colors ones for a modern style. UNIVERSAL FEATURES All JixiPix Apps come with: Superior Customer Service, Support for High-Resolution Images & Output, Undo/Redo, Randomize Button, Quick Presets and the ability to create Custom Presets, Cropping with the ability to specify aspect ratio, Quick Preview, Email, Print, and the ability to post directly to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. We also have an online art gallery and invite our user’s to display their artistic creations on it: *************** “JixiPix turns any photo into a masterpiece. All that is required of you is the appreciation — we’ll take care of the rest!” “Creative Tools for Creative People” Photography | Artistic | Graphic Apps MAC • iPad • iPhone

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PicConvert - Batch Convert and Resize Images - Day 1 Solutions SRL Cover Art

PicConvert - Batch Convert and Resize Images

PicConvert - Batch Convert and Resize Images Description

"Manipulating large collections of image files without the proper tools can be both time consuming and tedious work. PicConvert is a compact tool that enables you to convert, resize and rename the files at the same time." - Convert, resize and rename thousands of image files in batch mode. Select the images that you want to convert, choose an image format, select the folder where you want your converted images to be saved and you're done! Your images will be converted in a matter of seconds. Easy and effective. You can also resize your images to reduce their size on disk and optimise them for a specific usage like sending via email or posting on Facebook. Also, if your original image files are poorly named, you can use PicConvert to give them meaningful names so they are easier to find and identify. But here is what PicConvert has to offer: - Convert, resize and rename images in batch mode - Input formats: JPG, JPEG, JPE, JP2, JPX, PNG, TIFF, TIF, GIF, BMP - Output formats: JPG, JPEG, JPE, JP2, JPX, PNG, TIFF, TIF, GIF, BMP - Change the image quality for the JPG, JPEG, JPE, JP2 and JPX formats - Keep the EXIF info and creation date of the original images - Save the converted images in a folder of your choosing So purchase PicConvert today and tasks that used to take hours will now take seconds.

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Learn - iPhoto Edition - Swanson Digital, LLC Cover Art

Learn - iPhoto Edition

Learn - iPhoto Edition Description

Get the most out of iPhoto for Mac with our "Learn - iPhoto Edition" video training app! •2+ hours of HD video tutorials! •28 individual lessons guided by an iPhoto expert. •Simple interface that makes is easy to navigate through the videos. •The videos guide the viewer with zooms and highlights of what is being discussed. •The keyboard shortcuts associated with each lesson are listed in the sidebar. •Use the notes pane to jot down things to remember from each lesson, then output all your notes in a single PDF document! Divided into three main sections (Organize, Edit & Share) this course covers the entire process from importing photos, adding metadata, organizing, editing and finally sharing your images with friends & family. Organizational tools such as Events, Faces, Places and Smart Albums are all discussed. In the Edit section of the course learn to make a photo look great with the effects and adjust tools in iPhoto. In the output section discover all the ways to share your photos such as emailing just a couple images, sharing albums on iCloud, creating a book, calendar or slideshow! **Get this and all TheMacU Tutorials for Mac & iOS for one low price with our All Access subscription on!** Course Contents... -Introduction to iPhoto -The iPhoto Interface A. Organize 1. Import from a Camera 2. Import from a Folder 3. Import from Photo Stream 4. Sort Events 5. Manage Events 6. Faces 7. Places 8. Albums 9. Titles & Descriptions 10. Ratings & Keywords 11. Hiding & Flagging 12. Smart Albums 13. Search B. Edit 1. Quick Fixes 2. Effects 3. Adjust 4. Edit in an External Editor C. Share 1. Messages & Mail 2. iCloud 3. Share via the Web 4. Books 5. Cards & Calendars 6. Slideshows 7. Print 8. Export -Library Management & Troubleshooting -Conclusion The voice and guide behind this training App is Drew Swanson. Drew is a 20+ year Mac user and has been using Macs professionally in the graphic design and photography fields for over 15 years. Since 2007 Drew has been a member of The Apple Consultants Network, working in the Boise Idaho area to provide support and training to Mac users at their home and business. In 2009 Drew started TheMacU to provide video training courses to Mac users anywhere in the World.

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FotoJet Photo Editor - PearlMountain Technology Cover Art

FotoJet Photo Editor

FotoJet Photo Editor Description

FotoJet Photo Editor enables everyone to be a photo editing expert in no time at all. It allows you not only to edit photos and apply amazing filters easily, but also add overlays, frames, text, cliparts, etc. to touch-up your images in a simple way. Whether you are a novice or a professional, FotoJet Photo Editor meets all your photo editing needs. Simply use these handy editing tools and your photos are a few clicks away from the next level. ----------------------------------------------- HIGHLIGHTED FEATURES ----------------------------------------------- Edit a Photo Freely • Auto-enhance your photo with one simple tap. •Crop, resize and rotate your photo flexibly. • Adjust photo Exposure, Brightness, Contrast, Highlights and Shadows. • Make color adjustments such as Saturation, Temperature and Tint. • Apply Sharpness and Clarity adjustments to your photo. • Add Dehaze effect to reduce or remove haze from your photo. • Add Vignette effect to your photo. • Add Noise effect to your photo. • Add Radial Focus and Tilt Shift effect to your photo. • Apply Color Splash effect to give your photo a dramatic look. • Manage Selective Filter effect to enhance the selected part of your photo. Apply Photo Effects to Beautify Your Photo • Freely choose from50+ photo effects/filters in 7 categories to apply including B&W, Sepia, Vintage, Lomo, Old Photo, Scene, etc. • Simply click to apply any effect that you desire and flexibly adjust the intensity. Add Other Elements to Enhance Your Photo • Add new text to your photo or apply 30+ preset text styles quickly. • Adjust text opacity, font, color, size, alignment, and effect at will. • Choose from800+ preset clipart images to use or search through 93,000+ images online. • Freely customize clipart images to your satisfaction. • Choose from 70+ delicate overlays and customize by adjusting intensity, blend mode, rotating and flipping. • Apply 40+ various types of frames including Border, Shadow, Polaroid, Edge, Film, etc. • Freely move, resize, rotate and duplicate elements. More Helpful Tools for Easy Photo Editing • Undo/Redo. • Auto-snap. • Restore the original photo with one click. • Show a before/after photo comparison with one click. • Freely zoom in/out to view your photo. Save and Share • Save your photo as a JPG or PNG image. • Share it to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Tumblr.

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Photo Blur FX - Image Blur - Day 1 Solutions SRL Cover Art

Photo Blur FX - Image Blur

Photo Blur FX - Image Blur Description

Photo Blur FX is the complete solution for applying blur and focus effects to your photos. Designed to satisfy the needs of both amateur and professional photographers and featuring an impressive set of blur and focus effects, Photo Blur FX gives you unlimited creative freedom when it comes to photo blur editing. But here is what Photo Blur FX has to offer: * Apply the following blur effects to your photo: - Gaussian Blur (blurs your entire photo using the Gaussian blur algorithm) - Motion Blur (gives your photo a dynamic look) - Zoom Blur (applies a lens zoom effect in the center of your photo) - Circle Blur (blurs a certain circular area of your photo) * Apply the following focus effects to your photo: - Tilt Shift Blur (blurs the top and lower regions of your photo bringing the center into focus) - Focus Blur (blurs your entire photo except a certain area that will be brought into focus) * Resize your photo using percents or pixels * Supported image formats: JPG, JPEG, JPE, JP2, JPX, PNG, TIFF, TIF, GIF and BMP So purchase Photo Blur FX today and bring your photos into focus.

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Super Eraser Pro:Photo Inpaint - XiuXia Yang Cover Art

Super Eraser Pro:Photo Inpaint

Super Eraser Pro:Photo Inpaint Description

* On sale. Original USD$29.99. Super Eraser Pro is a powerful image processing software to erase unwanted objects, scale, denoise and remove haze for images. Super Eraser Pro magically scales an image or removes unwanted elements such as watermark, date, people, building, etc. without changing important visual content. Powered by the latest revolutionary image restoration algorithm, Super Eraser Pro only affects pixels in areas outside of the important visual content without sacrificing quality. A variety of experiments showed that Super Eraser Pro would give you better, more natural and more amazing results than any similar tool. Key Features: - Scale Images Smartly: Super Eraser Pro shrinks or enlarges images to improve a composition avoiding distortion of the important parts of the image. It also can be used to remove portion of the image in a consistent way. - Erase Unwanted Objects from Photo: Super Eraser Pro has the ability to handle complex scenes or irregular shaped hole with highly textured objects and reconstruct missing or damaged patch from pixels around the selection to create a seamless repair of an image. 1 Remove watermark, logo, signature, date stamp, text etc. 2 Delete unwanted objects, such as wires, buildings, garbage bins, etc. 3 Erase skin blemishes, acnes ... 4 Get rid of image objects, pedestrians, tourists. - Photo Noise Reduction Using the State-of-art Denoising Technology in the industry, Super Eraser Pro reduces low light and high ISO noise in digital camera shots, tablets and smartphones (iPad, iPhone, Galaxy, HTC). Perfect tool for handling grainy and underexposed digital photos. - Haze Removal: instantly remove haze from photo to achieve a clear vision. - Very Fast Speed: Get the magical images done in seconds-to-minutes instead of minutes-to-hours. - Intuitive User Interface: Simple operation. Easy to use and completely non-technical. Just select the Brush to mark unwanted objects with red color, Super Eraser Pro will do the rest for you. - Live Preview: Instantly preview effect and make necessary revisions. Redo immediately if you are dissatisfied with the result. - Supports all popular image formats: JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF ... Get the amazing software for fixing your photos NOW! Feedback: Any suggestion will be appreciated, support email: [email protected]

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Photo Meta Edit - Tranquillity Base Cover Art

Photo Meta Edit

Photo Meta Edit Description

Photo Meta Edit allows you to easily edit photo metadata, Exif, GPS, IPTC, XMP and other types, and to embed them into JPEG and TIFF files. ■ Supported Metadata Types - TIFF, Exif, GPS Not support to show and edit the Maker Note in Exif - JFIF Segment - COM Segment - XMP, IPTC - Photoshop Segment (not support to add) ■ Supported File Types - JPEG - TIFF (excluding multiple pages) ■ Key Features - Batch editing - Embed and remove thumbnails from JPEG files - Easy to edit IPTC Photo Metadata - Presets of IPTC Creator’s Contact Informations - Register words you often use into the Common Words list - About GPS coordinates Edit GPS coordinates by clicking on the Apple Map Search GPS coordinates by keywords (need to internet access) The Location List has principal airports of 98 countries and regions The Location List is customizable - Google Depth Map metadata in XMP Displaying, exporting and removing original 2D image and depth map image. Not support adding them. - Batch Functions for Date-Time metadata available on the following Tag #306: Date Time Tag #36867: Date Time Original Tag #36868: Date Time Digitized ■ NOTE! This app is NOT for editing the library of Apple's Photos. Apple's Photos makes some data files for metadata (e.g. metaSchema.db) in the Photos.photoslibrary > database while importing image files. Apple's Photos shows metadata written in the metaSchema.db, not show metadata embedded in the imported image files. Photo Meta Edit does edit embedded metadata in the image files, so Apple's Photos does not show the changes. If you want Photos to show the changes, re-import image files to remake the metaSchema.db of Photos. It would be better to edit before importing images for avoiding unexpected troubles in Photos. Photos never edit original imported image files. The data files in the Photos.photoslibrary should not be edited by 3rd party apps. It could make some troubles. Please backup your data before using this app, just in case an unexpected error occurs.

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CompareKit - Appersian Cover Art


CompareKit Description

Ever wanted to quickly compare two images WITHOUT the hassle?! Just drag and drop the images you'd like to compare and BOOM! Use the slider through as it should. You can also export your Before'n'After as JPG image or HTML web page!​

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LUCiD Skin for Photos - Athentech Imaging Cover Art

LUCiD Skin for Photos

LUCiD Skin for Photos Description

With LUCiD apps for Photos, you can quickly and easily make your pictures look their best. LUCiD Skin helps you look your best by giving you beautiful, natural-looking skin. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to perfect their portraits and selfies by smoothing skin, reducing shine and blemishes, and adding a tan complexion. It even lets you whiten your teeth and add blush to your cheeks. FAST & EASY FIXES With LUCiD Skin, it takes just one click to get the perfect photo. Choose from 16 great presets designed by professional photographers. You can use the Strength slider to dial in the perfect setting. REVEAL THE YOUTHFUL YOU Our technology is robust and realistic, ensuring that you still look like you. . PROFESSIONAL, PROVEN RESULTS BACKED BY PERFECTLY CLEAR® SCIENCE With LUCiD Skin, you tap into technology used by pro photographers and large photo labs worldwide. They depend on our science to automatically produce 11 billion amazing photos every year. We continue to innovate with our team of physicists, engineers, and photographers to make your photos look their best, effortlessly. WORKS WITH PHOTOS FOR MAC Not only can you use LUCiD as a fast standalone application, but it's a great extension that works with Photos for Mac. Use the power of LUCiD Skin directly in the Photos app for Mac. 16 PRESETS CREATED BY PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS 1. Intelligent Auto — Adds a gentle enhancement to all faces, providing the perfect fix for many skin types or group portraits. 2. Healthy Glow — Adds a healthy glow that creates a fresh look for portrait shots. 3. Strong Glow — Reduces blemishes and shine while adding depth, detail, and color 4. Clear Skin — Naturally reduces acne or blemishes while still leaving natural pores. 5. Deep Moisturizer— Reduces the intensity of pores to produce ultra-smooth skin. 6. Light Powder— Gently reduces blemishes and shine for all skin types. 7. Sheer Coverage — Applies gentle coverage to blemishes and shine while smoothing the skin. 8. Full Coverage — Takes a stronger approach when Sheer Coverage isn’t enough. 9. Male High School Portraits — Adds details, brightens teeth, and reduces blemishes and shine. 10. Female High School Portraits — Adds details, brightens teeth, and reduces blemishes and shine. 11. Teeth Whitening — Brightens the teeth for a great smile 12. Face Contouring — Shapes the face to remove distortion and give a youthful look. 13. Dating Profile— Uses our Beautify corrections with higher values to make the strongest adjustments to the skin and face. 14. Supermodel Skin — Adjusts skin so it looks fresh and flawless. Unlike High Fashion, this preset doesn't shape or contour the face. 15. Middle Age — Removes blemishes and shine, brightens the smile, and adds color and depth—an ideal preset for hiding the signs of aging. 16. Rugged Skin— Brings natural details to a man’s face by applying gentle improvements. Rugged Skin also sharpens details in eyebrows and beards to make hair look thicker and more rugged. AUTO-CORRECT PHOTOS FOR PROFESSIONAL-LOOKING RESULTS Time-saving presets developed by pro photographers Quickly refine the results using the Strength slider Use as standalone software or Photos for Mac extension Can be accessed directly within the editing mode of Photos for Mac lu·cid /'loosəd/ 1. Easy to understand 2. Bright or luminous 3. Fun, easy-to-use image enhancement Mac App, powered by Perfectly Clear® science Time to stop dreaming about better photos and harness the magic of LUCiD to make your photos look their best.

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MetaImage - Jeremy Vizzini Cover Art


MetaImage Description

MetaImage is the ultimate tool to read, write and edit images metadata. It is the first editor that allows you to edit EXIF, IPTC and XMP tags as well as MakerNotes in a beautiful and familiar interface. The application has been designed to improve your workflow. Users can create and manage presets. Moreover, a special interface is provided for geographical and thumbnail data. Besides, users can customize the displayed tags in the preferences. In this way, the application fits your personal needs. The application even includes a Photos extension. In this way, you can directly inspect your photos from Supported tags (>5000 tags): - EXIF - IPTC - XMP - ICC Profile - Canon - Leica - FujiFilm - Nikon - Olympus - Panasonic - Pentax - SigmaRaw - Sony - and much more The application is designed for professional needs. More than 90 image formats are supported (HEIC, MOS, CR2, CR3, DNG, NEF, NRW, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, RAW, and much more). MakerNotes tags may be edited but not created or deleted. This avoids many potential problems with OEM software. Additional features: - Export tags to CSV and JSON - Export embedded thumbnails - Export embedded jpeg from raw - Copy/Paste multiple tags - Support password-protected images - Support notifications and touch bar - Support folder processing This version has been optimized for macOS High Sierra and later. Moreover, the application is available in 7 languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Chinese). Feedback can be sent directly from the application. In this way, you can contact us for any suggestions and improvements in a few clicks.

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Tutorial for Affinity Photo - Arsosa Network Inc. Cover Art

Tutorial for Affinity Photo

Tutorial for Affinity Photo Description

Tutorial for Affinity Photo brings you video tutorials and basic training for new Affinity Photo Users! If you're just a beginner with this powerful image processing and photo editing tool, this is the app for you. If you're already an expert its probably not what you need. Inside you will find video tutorials including: - How to open and export files - Levels adjustment - Black and White Photos - Using Affinity Persona - White Balance - Restoring Images - Recoloring Images - HSL Adjustment - Shadows & Highlights - Adjusting Vibrance - Channel Mixers - Selective Color - Painting and Fill Tools - Noise - Lighting Filter - Lighting and ambient Color - Adding text to images - Color Filters - Exposure, brightness and contrast - Image resizing - Soft proofs - The curves tool - Inpainting to remove blemishes and objects - Red eye removal - Overlay tool - Refine - Blur and distortion And more! Get started learning how to use Affinity Photo with these easy to follow tutorials today. 5fac5fe6c7

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Pro Color Monitor - Morten Carlsen Cover Art

Pro Color Monitor

Pro Color Monitor Description

Pro Color Monitor will help you get your Color Balance right every time. - Revolutionary Technology that identifies Color Casts in Videos and Photos - False Color Cast Color Mode shows You in which Direction to move your Sliders. - Black and White Color-Shaded Clippings - Built for High Performance utilizing Apple's Metal to give You Blazing Fast Results. - Works with any Application Capable of Editing an Image - Video or Photo - Captures Source Images on Apps in Full Screen or on Secondary Displays. White Balancing / Color Balancing - A Lost Art A term most people hate or don't even pay attention to. However, getting the Color Balance right is the single most important step in Color grading. It will make your image appear 3-dimensional, sharper and increase Color Contrast. With this tool you can get your Color Balance right every time no matter the Color Space, Ambient Lighting, Eye-Fatigue or Display Color Profile. The Idea is to have a Tool which regardless of any Circumstantial Conditions will enable You to achieve a perfect Color Balance every time in the matter of seconds. This Monitor will display the image in a very special false color mode which guides You in which direction to move your Temperature Slider or Color Wheel Control to make a neutral object white. If an image has a Yellow Color Cast it will appear Blue in Pro Color Monitor, letting You know that You should move your Control Element towards blue until the blue turns white. One might have to adjust tint on the way to get there. The Idea is to mainly look at this Monitor and not the source image, during the Color Balance Process and not at the Image itself. In the beginning you will have to look back and forth to get the feel of how it works. The Product Previews will give you a Good Idea of the Concept. I wish you lots of great hours using this Application

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TLDF - TimeLapse DeFlicker - Jinsheng Xu Cover Art

TLDF - TimeLapse DeFlicker

TLDF - TimeLapse DeFlicker Description

This app helps you create beautiful flicker-free sunset, cloud, city scape, and day to night time lapse easily. Shoot in auto-exposure modes, TLDF will remove the flickers for you! Key Features: 1. Most advanced deflickering algorithm for timelapse. Non-linear adjustment of pixel brightness. 2. Noise Reduction and Blending (lighten and average). 3. Partial Noise Reduction or Blending: Choose the area where you want to apply noise reduction or blending with masking features. 4. Edit key frames and TLDF interpolates intermediate frames for smooth transition. The edit feature includes: color temperature, tint, vibrance, saturation, exposure, contrast, highlight, and shadow adjustments. 5. Set Reference Area for optimal deflickering. For most cases, it is not necessary to use this feature. Use it when large area of image is naturally flickering (e.g. shadow of clouds on ground, reflection of sky on moving ocean tide, and large artificial lights that turn on and off). Set the reference area to exclude the area where natural flickering occurs. 6. Support RAW and most of the popular image formats as input. Also support video as input. 7. Support unlimited number of files when a folder is drag and dropped. (Tested on a sequence of 10,000 images) 8. Supports Wide-Color Gamut color profiles. Outputs sRGB, Adobe RGB, DCI P3 for images, Rec.709, P3, Rec.2020 for videos. 9. Output highest quality JPEG images and lossless 8-bit or 16-bit PNG and TIFF images. The output images have the same size as the input images. 10. Output video in H.264 (up to 4K), H.265 (HEVC), ProRes 422 HQ, and ProRes 4444 with resolution up to 8K. ProRes codecs generate video with 10+ bits per pixel. 12. 16-bit Editing and Input/Output. For input that has more than 8-bit color depth including ProRes videos and 16-bit RAW or images TLDF will automatically edit them with 16-bit color depth. 13. Support for multi-core CPUs. TLDF automatically detects the number of cores in your CPU and take advantage of them by rendering in parallel. The following are a few example workflows: Option 1 (Fast): Import JPEG images -> Edit and Preview -> Render and Output JPEG and/or H.264 or HEVC videos. Option 2 (High Quality): Import RAW images -> Edit and Preview -> Render and Output 16-bit PNG,TIFF and/or high bit-depth HEVC, ProRes 422 or ProRes 4444 videos.

© Jinsheng Xu


inPixio Photo Eraser - Avanquest Software Cover Art

inPixio Photo Eraser

inPixio Photo Eraser Description

Tired of taking pictures with all those unwanted background images? Have you ever wanted to just get rid of that sign behind your or those people walking by? Well now you can erase anything in your picture that you don’t want there with inPixio Photo Eraser. All you need to do is decide which image you want to erase, select it, and click! If there are any slight marks left behind, use the clone tool to blend the colours back in for smooth, seamless appearance. No one will ever know you erased anything and you will have that perfect picture you were trying to capture in the first place. So often we spend too much time trying to get that ultimate family photo. Or, we want to take the most spectacular pictures from our trip to show our friends. It seems almost impossible to get exactly what we want out of our pictures and we end up having to just settle for what we take. With Photo Eraser there is no need to worry anymore about background images ruining our photos and waiting and waiting for people to pass so we can get only our family in the picture and not a bunch of strangers. You can now easily erase things like people, signs, wires, shadows, and numbers or dates. App features: - Simple and easy to use - Remove objects with just 1-click and replace backgrounds - Remove people, logos, signs, texts, numbers, street lights, shade, etc. - Clone tool to fix any slight colouration from removing pictures, and can also be used to touch up any skin blemishes - Advanced Background Image Reconstruction

Copyright © 2019, Avanquest


Spect - Steven Frank Cover Art


Spect Description

Spect is a very fast image browser and organizer for those folders full of miscellaneous images you keep on your Mac! • Quickly open folders containing thousands of images, even from a network drive. • Use your existing filesystem storage; no importing, no separate catalog or library files. • Browse just top-level folders, or deep scan into sub-folders. • Prune images you no longer want with marquee selection and delete. • Slideshow and shuffled slideshow. • Drag and drop images. • A fast, native Mac app built with Cocoa technologies!

© 2018-2019 Steven Frank


Phoebe for Google Photos - Laurent Hemonet Cover Art

Phoebe for Google Photos

Phoebe for Google Photos Description

Phoebe for Google Photos is the most advanced Google Photos desktop client on your Mac. It's perfect for quickly accessing, share, edit your photos without ever needing to open a web browser. Full of extra features exclusive to Phoebe for Google Photos. ONLY WITH PHOEBE FOR GOOGLE PHOTOS: • Drag & Drop images, videos, folders to Phoebe Dock icon. • Use the Share button from any app and send your images, videos, folders of medias to Phoebe. • Copy/Paste images, videos. • File Picker. • Drag & Drop images from Safari to Phoebe Dock icon. • Phoebe downloader. • You like scripting? Simply copy your videos, images files to the clipboard then use our url scheme “com.madbirdies.phoebeshare://uploadfiles” to upload automatically your photos to Google Photos. • And more. KEY FEATURES: • Instant access to Google Photos via your Mac's Dock or menu bar. • Drag & Drop files in Phoebe window to upload photos and videos. • Window opacity control. • Fullscreen support. • SplitView support. • Responsive design.
 • Slick touch gestures support. • Multiple accounts support. • Keep your window on top. 
• Built with the latest available technology for an amazing experience.
 • With Phoebe downloader select your targeted download folder. • Option to quit automatically Phoebe when the window is closing. • Resizable window. • Hotkey shortcuts.
 • And More. We've worked hard to make Phoebe for Google Photos as simple and efficient as possible for you to use. We would love to hear your thoughts via email and make any improvements to future versions of this app. We usually answer within 24h. We intend to have an active development cycle powered by your feedback, love and support! Internet connection needed. Phoebe for Google Photos is not affiliated with, associated to, nor endorsed by Google in any way, Google, Google Photos and the Google Logo are trademarks of Google Inc.

© 2016-2017 Mad Birdies


Multi Camera Control for Hero - Harald Meyer Cover Art

Multi Camera Control for Hero

Multi Camera Control for Hero Description

The Multi Camera Control for Hero app controls multiple GoPro Hero and Fusion cameras synchronously using Bluetooth. Demo video: ## Features - Supports GoPro Hero 5, Hero 5 Session, Hero 6, Hero 7, HERO (2018), GoPro Fusion (360°), Hero 8, and GoPro Max (360°) cameras. - Synchronous functions: Start/Stop, change camera mode, tag moment, power on/off cameras. - Turn WiFi on/off. - Bluetooth based communication significantly reduces energy consumption and keeps the GoPro camera cooler. The following functions work only via WiFi, meaning that only one camera at the same time can be controlled: - Live preview. - Media download. - Change camera settings. ## Notes - The app uses Bluetooth and WiFi for communication with the GoPro cameras.

© (C) Harald Meyer 2020


PhotoBulk: watermark in batch - Eltima LLC Cover Art

PhotoBulk: watermark in batch

PhotoBulk: watermark in batch Description

* New PhotoBulk 2 is released! * PhotoBulk 2 is a profound improvement of an easy-to-use bulk image editor that lets you add multiple text/image watermarks, resize, optimize, rename and convert hundreds and thousands of images in just one click. New version has a fully rebuilt interface that became much more intuitive and interactive. The live-preview functionality allows you to actually see the modifications applied to each photo in real time. And you can drag and rotate the watermarks directly on the image. The new app engine provides almost infinite basis for the future upgrades with more image editing capabilities, such as filters, red-eye removers, etc. **Bulk Watermark Options** Bulk watermark lets you easily and quickly add multiple watermarks to multiple photos, using a great variety of options. Customize your photos with tags, logos or any other personal marks. Place watermark anywhere with the precise controllers, then rotate it to that very angle you want directly in the real-time preview box! Pick one or combine several of these amazing watermark features: *Text Watermark. Apply watermark on hundreds of your photos choosing font, size, typeface, color and opacity. *Image Watermark. Change size of the image by width/height, choose the opacity level and place it wherever you want on your photos. *Script Watermark. Fill your photo with text tags. Text adjustment options are also available. *Datestamp will stamp a date your photo was taken on wherever you choose it to. Various text options and date formats are available. ** Bulk Resize ** Resize hundreds of your photos in no time. Remember: reducing image dimensions will make the file size smaller. Use the variety of resizing options: • By width and height. Fit your images to the spot, choose one of the dimensions and other will be resized proportionally. • Percentage. No need to know particular dimensions, simply resize your photo by percent. • By max size. Set the desired width and height, and all images will be resized proportionally according to the max side size. • Free size. Use the desired dimensions by simply entering them in the box. ** JPEG & PNG Optimization ** Optimize file size of your JPEG or PNG images while keeping their original resolution, quality, and format. Use it to save your disk space or to share them faster over Internet. Please note that PNG optimization is time-consuming and works slower than JPEG optimization. **Bulk Rename** Forget about those weird camera names, rename photos by giving a new filename and number sequences. You can also vary starting digit and number of zeros. **Bulk Conversion** Convert hundreds of photos for your convenience and easy sharing. Save all your images in desired format without any troubles. Bulk image conversion works with the most popular formats, like JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF and HEIC (for 10.13). ** Easy settings ** Save your favorite and most used settings to presets for even faster bulk editing. ** Real-Time Preview ** Check how your files will look like before they are processed. Experiment with watermarks and sizes to achieve the desired results. Drag and rotate the watermarks directly in the preview box. ** Supported Formats ** JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF and HEIC (macOS 10.13 only) Save your time on image processing with PhotoBulk 2 – simple app for batch/bulk resizing, optimization, and applying a watermark to photos and images.

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Photo Date Changer - Cover Art

Photo Date Changer

Photo Date Changer Description

With Photo Date Changer: • you can set the EXIF timestamp of JPEG, ORF, CR2, NEF, ARF, CRW, SR2 & CIFF photos • you can batch adjusting the EXIF timestamps of JPEG photos that you took with a camera with an incorrectly set clock • you can set the file creation dates of JPEG and RAW digital photography files so that they get sorted correctly in the Finder JPEG, CR2, NEF, ARF, CRW, SR2, ORF & CIFF EXIF TIMESTAMP MANIPULATION As an amateur or professional photographer, you know the familiar pain of having taken a whole batch of photographs with a digital camera whose clock was not set correctly. If you are a professional photographer using multiple cameras to cover the same event, this problem will be multiplied by the fact that the photos will not appear in the correct order in image editing software. As an amateur photographer you will most likely experience this problem with snapshots taken on a holiday abroad in a different time zone. Photo Date Changer allows you to easily add or remove time from the EXIF timestamp of digital photo JPEG images produced by all standard digital cameras. Alternatively you can set the date and time of the image capture manually to any value you may choose. Note that is feature is limited to JPEG files with pre-existing EXIF meta-data and is not available for RAW image formats. FILE CREATION DATE SYNCHRONIZATION FOR RAW AND JPEG EXIF PHOTOS Have you ever tried to get your photos to sort correctly in the Finder only to find that even photos with correctly set EXIF or RAW timestamp do not sort correctly? The Finder uses a file's creation date rather than the embedded EXIF or RAW meta-data that contains the shooting date for its sorting. With Photo Date Changer you can resolve the issue by synchronizing your photos' file creation dates to their shooting dates in mere seconds.

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EasySplash - jichun Gong Cover Art


EasySplash Description

*** Make any item on a photo in color while the other part in black & white quickly. *** EasySplash is the most straightforward app that lets users to manipulate photo colors in every possible way. With EasySplash, you can easily create photos that are mostly black and white but with one specific item, it's in color. EasySplash provides an easier than ever workflow to attract viewers’ attention to any item on a photo, making it in color while the other part of the photo will be made in black & white. Furthermore, you can adjust ‘Hue’, ‘Exposure’, ‘Saturation’, ‘Brightness’ and ‘Contrast’ of the colored item at ease. Key Features * Re-color any item on a photo with adjustable brush. * Undo/Redo the operation. * Adjust ‘Hue’, ‘Exposure’, ‘Saturation’, ‘Brightness’ and ‘Contrast’ of the colored item quickly with the slider. * Save photo as JPG, PGN, GIF, JPEG-2000, TIFF, PSD, PDF, etc. * Send photo directly to iPhoto. * Share photo via E-Mail. * Print photo directly. It’s pretty easy to use with just some creativity. And it requires no experience or techniques at all. You can create fabulous effects in a few clicks. Give it a try! Support and feedback: [email protected]

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Lapsodi - Timelapse Maker - Kreuz 45 Cover Art

Lapsodi - Timelapse Maker

Lapsodi - Timelapse Maker Description

Make breathtaking Time-Lapse video or stunning Stop-Motion movie with Lapsodi now. Import image files into Lapsodi and create movie file by just one click. No difficult operations needed. Sunset, Star trails, Night road time lapse... Demo movies available at: * Intuitive user interface Just drag and drop images from Finder to Lapsodi. Check the sequence of imported images, then click "Export" to generate movie file. Files can be sorted alphabetically or by date. * Filters to enhance appearance of your movie - Exposure - Brightness - Contrast - Hue - Saturation - Light Trailing (with smoothing option) - Tilt-Shift * Resolution: Up to 1920x1080 * Frames per second: 1-60 * Image scaling methods: Center / Fit / Fill. * Supported files - JPEG - PNG * Preview resolution: Draft(1/4), High(1/2), Full(1/1) * Preview auto repeat option. ---- * New in Lapsodi 1.2 Create star trails time lapse movie / night road time lapse movie instantly with new "Light Trailing" slider! If you have any questions or problems, feel free to ask: @kreuz45 on Twitter or see here:

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PictureMe Pro 3 - Boudewijn Krijger Cover Art

PictureMe Pro 3

PictureMe Pro 3 Description

PictureMe Pro 3 is the easiest yet powerful turn-key solution for green-screen event photography. This version has been updated for Catalina and offers the following features: - Tether your camera* or load JPG images manually - Automatic chromakey to remove the green-screen in seconds - Works with Green, Blue and even grey/white backdrops** - Face Detection that allows eyes and teeth to be preserved - Custom backgrounds easily added - Custom overlays easily added - Integrated email and print options - Supports Light and Dark mode for Mojave and Catalina OS - Scale and reposition the green screen picture on the backdrop picture * Please download our free Camera Tether app to check if your camera is supported. ** Avoid dark backdrops and shadows for the best results. Should you have any issues or questions, please contact us and we will gladly help.

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PicFrame - ActiveDevelopment Cover Art


PicFrame Description

PicFrame helps you combine multiple photos into amazing looking frames that you can save to your computer or share to Facebook Twitter and Flickr. With 73 adjustable frames, support for up to 9 photos in a single frame, rounded corners and plenty of border patterns, you will always have a unique look. Since PicFrame was released on the iPhone and iPad we have often been requested to create a Mac version for people to use on their desktop, well here it is! PicFrame on the Mac is just as easy to use, select a frame, drag and drop your photos in, tweak the border size, give the photos rounded corners, add a color or pattern, resize the adjustable frames and save the photo or share it to Facebook. Main Features: • 73 fully adjustable frames (drag the borders between each photo for endless customization) • Support for up to 9 photos • Save your work in progress as a PicFrame project file • Rounded corners • Change the border size • Zoom and drag the photos around • Easy color picker for border color • Multiple patterns to use for the border • Ratios 1:1, 3:2, 2:3, 4:3, 3:4, 16:9 • High resolution (Up to 3264x3264) • Share to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr • Drag and drop photos into the frame • Touch Bar support for new MacBook Pro devices Follow PicFrame on Twitter @PicFrame for updates and information.

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TurboCollage - Collage Creator - SilkenMermaid Cover Art

TurboCollage - Collage Creator

TurboCollage - Collage Creator Description

== SALE - 20% OFF FOR TODAY ONLY == A newer version of TurboCollage is now available. Search TurboCollage 6 on Mac App Store to get the latest version. Create stunning picture collages on your Mac. Setup a collage with a prominent center picture, arrange pictures in a regular grid, or create a random picture pile. Let your imagination fly and arrange pictures like a beehive. Tie fond memories together into gorgeous picture mosaics. With an intuitive interface, TurboCollage gives you complete control over your collage design. Simply start by dragging a few pictures into TurboCollage. Choose a collage style from seven exciting variants. Select from a range of default picture sizes and aspect ratios or create your own custom size for your collage. Select Landscape or Portrait orientation and use a color or a custom picture as collage background. You can even use a transparent background for your collage. Add shadows to pictures to give your collage a real paper collage feel. Exchange pictures by dragging one picture on another. Add text to your collage. Shuffle the collage to get another exciting layout. TurboCollage even lets you pan and zoom individual pictures within their frames so that they are positioned just as you wish. COLLAGE STYLES • Regular Pile • Circle Pile • Picture Grid • Mosaic • Center Frame • Zig Mosaic • Photohive FEATURES • Add unlimited number of pictures to collage • Add text to collage • Create collage in any custom size • Wide range of default sizes and aspect ratios • Customize picture shadows • Drag a picture on another picture to exchange them • Shuffle collage to get a completely new layout • Pan and zoom pictures within their frames • Drag, scale, or rotate pile pictures • Change pile order to bring more prominent pictures on top • Customize picture borders • Select background picture or color • Tile background picture • Use transparent background • Set rounded corners on pictures in Grid, Mosaic, Center Frame, and Zig Mosaic collages • Customize number of rows and columns in grid • Create Landscape or Portrait collages • Customize text color, text background opacity and color, shadows, and alignment • Resize, rotate, or move text • Use Instant Camera or Postage Stamp border styles in Regular Pile collage • Create symmetric Center Frame collages • Upload collage directly to Facebook • Post collage to Twitter • Save collage design to edit later FEEDBACK & SUGGESTIONS We love to hear from our users. You might have a suggestion for a feature or you might like to report an issue you faced. Please email us at [email protected]

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External Editors For Photos - Karsten Bruns Cover Art

External Editors For Photos

External Editors For Photos Description

External Editors For Photos adds an extension to the OS X Photos application that allows you to edit your photos with any image editor on your Mac. To see how it works watch the screencast on my website. Features: - Edited images are saved back to Photos immediately and your original photos are updated in place. - All metadata will be preserved. - Open your imported RAW files with your favorite RAW-Converter and replace it with your edited version. - No data lost: You can always revert back to your original files. - Works even in your book-projects. - Edited Photos will sync across all your devices. Usage: - To use the extension find a picture in Photos and double-click - Click the Edit button in the upper right window corner - Select the Extensions from the icon bar on the right. Tipp: - Pressing Enter in the photo overview is a shortcut to switch directly into Photos edit mode. - Also, you can paste or drag any image into the picture frame within the extension. Have Fun!

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Image Viewer - Abacus Industries Inc. Cover Art

Image Viewer

Image Viewer Description

Image Viewer is a simple and fast way to view images and photos. Quickly view all images for an entire folder and subfolders. View in windowed or full screen modes and enjoy full screen slide shows. Users can navigate using mouse, trackpad, and keyboard.  Features: - Open an image file or an entire folder - Drag an image file or folder into Image Viewer - View single images or thumbnails - Adjustable thumbnail size - Search sub folders for images - Zoom to fit, actual size, zoom in, zoom out - Scrolls zoomed images and large images in actual size  - Full screen mode - Slideshow with preferences for customization - Supports retina display - Supports trackpad swipe - Supports mouse scroll wheel - Mouse scroll wheel to advance images - Mouse scroll wheel zoom when shift key is pressed  - Keyboard shortcuts for most functions - Open in Finder and with Preview - Open from and share to Photos  - Set image as desktop picture - Move to trash to delete images - Image Info window with EXIF data - Safe sharing removes metadata before sharing - Plays animated gif files Preferences: - Upsizing images - Loop through - Showing file names in thumbnail view - Searching subfolders - Size app to first opened image - Size app to each image - Reverse scroll wheel advance - Launch app in Full Screen - Dark gray or black background - Full Screen - Dark gray or black background - Windowed - Fade during slideshow - Random order slideshow - Don’t sleep during slideshow - Slideshow delay time Supported Image Formats:  jpg, jpeg, tif, tiff, gif, png, psd, bmp Supported RAW Image Formats: nef, cr2, arw, raf  Image Viewer is a great way to look at your photos and images. Just give it a try! We'd like to know how to improve Image Viewer, Contact us at Abacus Industries

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Photo Effect Studio Pro – Graphic design & Art frame - Chengdu Everimaging Science and Technology Co., Ltd Cover Art

Photo Effect Studio Pro – Graphic design & Art frame

Photo Effect Studio Pro – Graphic design & Art frame Description

Let your inner Artist run free, create unlimited photo effects and share your vision with the world! 1. Huge amount of powerful photo effects carefully developed with professional photographers and graphics designers for all of your image editing needs -- simplifying common tasks and providing some of the most exciting filters available today. Some Effect categories include: •Lomo •Analog •Old Picture •B&W •Vintage •Art •Monochromatic •Neon 2. Catch the viewer's eye with over 20 custom frames. 3. More than 30 powerful textures to choose from 4. Huge number of highly controllable combinations of Effects, Vignettes, and Frames, using an overlapping layered structure. ----Selecting an FX photo effect from the palette of over 80 base palettes, allows further choices with textures and frames. 5. The GUI uses a split panel approach, with powerful tools allowing additional fine tuning on top of the photo effects, including Exposure, Brightness, Saturation, Rotate, Curve adjustment, Color Balance, Color Temperature and Tint adjustment, Lens Correction, Highlight/Shadow adjustment, White and Black point adjustment, just to name a few, many levels of fine tuning are available. 6. Supports image resolution up to 40 megapixels. 7. Supports importing and exporting a wide range of image formats, including TIFF, JPEG, and PNG, plus conversion functionality for RAW files. 8. Superior Color management including sRBG, AdobeRGB, and ProPhoto color space 9. We make it easy to save, share or print your edited photos with only a couple of clicks. Choose the quality of your photo send to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, all from within Photo Effect Studio Pro. Then print your masterpiece to really bring it to life. This app has been beta tested by leading photographers, graphics designer and Mac users all around the world to ensure that it includes everything that any photo enthusiast would ever need Photo Effect Studio is compatible with Mac OS 10.6.6 or later. Photo Effect Studio is fully optimized for Mac OS X Lion and retina displays.

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Camera Control for GoPro - Harald Meyer Cover Art

Camera Control for GoPro

Camera Control for GoPro Description

The Camera Control for GoPro Hero cameras allows you to control GoPro Hero cameras over Wifi/WLAN and displays live video preview. !!! !!! Please use the alternative app "Camera Remote for GoPro": !!! +++ Supported models +++ - Hero 5 models - Hero 4 models (including Hero 4 Session) - All Hero 3 models including White/Silver/Black Edition and Hero 3+ models - Hero 2 with Wifi BacPac +++ Features +++ - Live preview - Change GoPro Hero settings (for example resolution, ProTune, white balance, frame rate, sound, LED, etc.) - Start/stop recording - Switch modes - Use shortcut keys to power on/off and start/stop recording - Hero 4/5: Tag moments - Support for new Hero 4 pairing mode - Streaming enabler for 3rd party apps (like ffplay, VLC, etc.) +++ Live preview with Hero 4 and 5 cameras +++ If you cannot see the live preview then make sure that the macOS firewall does not block the UDP port 8554 (details: +++ Installation instructions +++ - Enable Wifi ("app" or "phone+tablet" mode) on your GoPro Hero. - Connect your GoPro using Wifi to your Mac. The default GoPro Wifi password is "goprohero". +++ Connection problems +++ If the GoPro cannot be controlled with the app or the preview does not work then completely power off the GoPro by removing both the USB cable and the battery. +++ Disclaimer +++ This app is an alternative app for controlling GoPro Hero cameras. We are not affiliated with GoPro Inc. in any way.

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CollageIt Pro - PearlMountain Technology Cover Art

CollageIt Pro

CollageIt Pro Description

* * * THIS IS THE OLD VERSION. Search "CollageIt 3 Pro" on App Store for the latest version now! * * * * * * 70% Off Time Limited Offer * * * CollageIt Pro is an easy-to-use and automatic software that helps you create eye-catching photo collages on Mac OS X. It was designed to give everyone an opportunity to brighten up one’s photo collection, and in a few seconds, a set of photos will be turned into an impressive array of collages. With CollageIt Pro, collage creation is effortless. Choose a collage template from 4 collage styles (Mosaic, Grid, Center, Pile ), including 30+ templates, which have been professionally designed, add photos, the photo collage can be generated automatically. Click Random Layout to generate different collage layouts until you get the most stunning collage layout as you wish. What’s more, you are able to personalize the photo collage at your convenience. After you make your favorite collage, you can export it and share with your friends and families. "CollageIt - Absolutely the best at what it does. Pretty wide variety of layouts for a few images or dozens - exactly what I have been looking for - keep up the good work." ----------------------------------------------- HIGHLIGHTED FEATURES ----------------------------------------------- * Automatic, Easy to Use and Powerful • Only three steps you’ll create photo collage automatically. Easy enough for all users of all experienced levels. • Realtime preview with a super speed and create the collage in a few seconds. • The large photo capacity allows you to create collages from just a handful of photos or using up to 200 photos. • Supports large scale collage and the collage size can be reached A1 size and even larger. * Various Templates to Choose • Supports 4 collage styles including Mosaic, Grid, Center and Pile. • Includes 30+ templates in total. • The templates cover almost all kinds of collage styles, letting the user select a style and add their photos. * Customize Photo Collages Freely • Customize the page size and collage background to suit your needs. • Easily customize the collage layout with variable parameters like photo count, photo space, page margin, rotation and sparse. • Photo border and shadow added for decoration. • Crop photo is available so that the photos in the collage can fit well into the chosen collage space. • Various collage layouts can be continuously generated using the Random Layout function. • Add text to collage. * Share the Collage Anywhere • Save the collages as JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, GIF, etc. image formats and print it out. • Send the collage to family members and friends via Email. • Easily set your photo collage as your desktop wallpaper. • Save the collage as a PDF file. • Save your collage as project and open it for further editing. ----------------------------------------------- HELP & SUPPORT ----------------------------------------------- We love to hear from our users. You might face some problems or have a suggestion for a feature you want to report. Please feel free to email us at [email protected] or [email protected] Send us your comments! We'd love to hear your voice.

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Collage Maker - SOFTEASE TECH CO., LIMITED Cover Art

Collage Maker

Collage Maker Description

** The New generation Collage Maker 3 (PicCollage) is released! Get it at Collage Maker is an easy-to-use app to make photo collages. Making photo collage can't be easier! You just need to choose a collage style, drag your photos. Only seconds, a cool photo collage is done! Collage Maker provides 6 different collage styles to make your own collage at wish. Sure, you can make a more beautiful collage - rotate the photos, zoom in / zoom out photo, customize a nice background, and more. • KEY FEATURES: - 6 collage layouts: Classic, Grid, Focus, Free Style, Circular and heart - Customize collage background - Customize photo border & shadow - Add text to collage - Zoom in / Zoom out photo to fit the collage - Rotate photo (Free Style mode) - Save collage project for further editing - Export to images in JPEG, TIFF, PNG format - Print collage & Send via email - Share on Facebook, Flickr • SUPPORT: Any feedback or problem, please contact [email protected]

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Great Photo Pro – Best all-in-one photo editor - Chengdu Everimaging Science and Technology Co., Ltd Cover Art

Great Photo Pro – Best all-in-one photo editor

Great Photo Pro – Best all-in-one photo editor Description

Great Photo Pro is the best all-in-one photo editing application! Produce amazing results with the one application that gives you all the tools you need! With brilliant editing and Visual Effects, Realistic HDR, Big Aperture, 1-Click Enhance, RAW Converter, Color Splash, Collage, Text, and a comprehensive toolbox of editing tools (rotate, crop, straighten, re-size, plus many, many more), you will be amazed by how user-friendly and addictively fun your experience with Great Photo Pro will be. Wrapping it all up is the most addictive user experience you've ever had making great images. Features: • 1-Click Enhance 1-Click Enhance is perhaps one of our most powerful features. “Picasa's 'I feel Lucky' and other image editing tools look shabby in comparison” (user review). Instantly transform “dull,” “bad,” or “iffy” photos with our pixel-by-pixel enhancement that optimizes the brightness, contrast, saturation and exposure values. With a single click your original photo will be transformed into something you will definitely want to keep and share! • Visual Effects & Frames Stretch your creativity further with a huge palette of effects and frames that were designed with input from experienced graphic designers and photographers. Simply select a source image, and give free reign to your creativity and imagination. • Realistic HDR Everimaging's award-wining HDR Technology captures the real beauty you’ve seen, and rapidly restores every detail in both the shadows and the highlights of the scene. Using three or more bracketed photos (normal, over and under exposed), our HDR module systematically combines the images to produce a final photo with the best tone and light, and with top-notch speed and ease. The “anti-ghosting” and “alignment” features take your image to the next level, allowing for the best possible results with the least amount of effort. • Raw Converter RAW converter with tone mapping supports over 100 camera RAW formats. Import the RAW files and Great Photo Pro 2 will take care of the rest, producing great images. • Big Aperture Big Aperture module gives your images effects normally only seen with professional grade DSLR cameras. Unleash your creative inspiration with a mix of sharp and blurred areas, controlling both sharp focus and selective blurring. Further simplify the process with presets for portraits, natural scenes, architecture and macro photography. • Color Splash Color Splash makes you the master of color control! Choose any color you want to stand out in your image, while transforming the rest of the photo into black and white. Artistically use your mouse as a “brush” to paint while using adjustable parameters to further control the effects you want (size, radius, transparency). • Collage Enjoy the flexibility to arrange your pictures however you want with three different modes of collage: Template Collage, Photo Stitching and Free Collage • Add Text Personalize your photos by adding your own commentary, thoughts and messages for others to see, or just add notes to help you remember. Define the color and font of the text however you want. • Sharing via Social Media Our 1-Click Share feature lets you upload your edited photos to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and other social media platforms.

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Photo Edit Studio - Kejian Jin Cover Art

Photo Edit Studio

Photo Edit Studio Description

Photo Edit Studio allows you edit your photo and design your artwork with multiple layers. It includes 60+ photo special effects to make your life easier. It comes with the powerful edit functions such as cut, copy, scale, paste, duplicate, pencil, brush with size, etc. It has many tools similar to Photoshop such as color sampling, gradient fill, move, erase, crop, fill bucket, clone, smudge, swap, texture fill, magic wand selection, lasso, polygon, elliptical, rectangular selection. It also provides layer boundaries, rulers, guide, point information for precise graphics design. It also includes the color effects tools which allow you adjust the color of your photo. Finally you can export your work to BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, etc. List of Special Effects: Gaussian Blur, brightness and contract, gamma, hue, saturation and value, White Point, Color Ramp, CMYK, Greyscale, Invert, Monochrome, Posterize, Sepia, Threshold, Sharpen, Exposure, Median, Noise Reduction, Random, Halftone, Dot Screen, Hatched Screen, Line Screen, Bloom, Edges, Crystallize, Displacement Distortion, Glass Distortion, Gloom, Pixellate, Pointillize. Glass Lozenge, Hole, Pinch, Torus Len, Twirl, Vortex, Checkerboard, Halo, Stripes, Spotlight, Starshine, Sunbeams, Circular Screen, Kaleidoscope, Parallelogram, Perspective, Tile, Squares. List of Supported Image Format: BMP, GIF, JPEG, PDF, PICT, PNG, SVG, TIFF, XBM, XCF

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Picture Collage Maker - PearlMountain Technology Cover Art

Picture Collage Maker

Picture Collage Maker Description

* * * 75% Off Time-Limited Offer * * * Picture Collage Maker is a powerful and easy-to-use photo collage creator on Mac OS X to create photo collages, scrapbooks, greeting cards, photo calendars, and posters quickly. You are able to immortalize your special moments by sharing these self-made collages with your friends and families. With its 130+ delicate templates, you can make magnificent artworks for any occasion and holiday such as birthday, wedding, anniversary, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. in your life. What’s more, you can apply decorations like clipart, frames, masks, backgrounds and texts with stunning effects. Whether you have extensive experience or no experience in photography, you can make extraordinary photo collages quickly and easily. "Really Professional - This app is really good and is HD quality and provides many awesome things such as different borders, text and it makes it look so professional and personal…" ----------------------------------------------- BENEFITS ----------------------------------------------- * Share self-created collages and scrapbooks with families and friends. * Create marvelous cards as special gifts. * Record special memories eternally by elaborated albums. * Make custom posters for decorating, advertising and drumbeating, etc. ----------------------------------------------- QUICK START GUIDE ----------------------------------------------- Step 1: Choose one template to start your work. Step 2: Import photos and personalize your collage. Step 3: Export and share your collage. ----------------------------------------------- HIGHLIGHTED FEATURES ----------------------------------------------- * New Features in 2.0 • Numerous photo effects/filters to get the best out of your photos. • Abundant text effects including Stroke, Glow, and Background, etc. • Three types of text Fill: Solid Color, Gradient Color, Pattern. • Rounded corners for photos to look more unique. • Share collage on Facebook directly from the app. * 130+ professional templates to choose • 130+ templates provided. • Various templates help you extend your creativity by designing creative photo collages, greeting cards, scrapbooks, posters, photo calendars, and photo albums, etc. • Templates are suitable for any occasion - Birthday, Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Wedding and so on. * Create personalized collage with your photos • Drag and drop your photos into collage. • Move, rotate, and resize photos with a few mouse clicks. • Crop photos to make them fit well in chosen frame. • Apply photo effects/filters to beautify your photos. * Decorate collage with embellishments • Use various background patterns to produce good looking collages. • Add artistic effects to your collage by applying frames, masks, and clipart, etc. • Make collage looks even better by resizing, dragging and positioning clipart. • Add texts – resize; rotate; apply shadow & abundant text effects such as Stroke, Glow, and Background to make your text stand out. • Add calendar to create personalized photo calendars. * Export and share collage • Save collage as image formats. • Save collage as PDF file. • Set collage as desktop wallpaper. • Share collage with friends and families via Facebook and E-mail. • Print collage directly. ----------------------------------------------- HELP & SUPPORT ----------------------------------------------- We love to hear from our users. You might face some problems or have a suggestion for the feature you want to report. Please feel free to email us at [email protected] or [email protected] Send us your comments! We'd love to hear your voice.

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Beautune - Chengdu Everimaging Science and Technology Co., Ltd Cover Art


Beautune Description

Beautune -- Bring out the best you! • From the makers of Fotor, the #1 free photo app in over 50 countries within the the Mac App Store. You can’t always look your best in every photo... When you do need a touch-up, you don’t need to pay a makeup artist or learn Photoshop. Do it yourself, quickly and easily, with Beautune and our complete makeover kit. Our app has the best interface that will quickly let you share the best of you with the world. • Use the foundation brush for a perfect, even look. • Add some blush to highlight your beautiful cheekbones! • Smooth skin: Roll back the years, get rid of those lines and dark circles, and achieve that perfect glow. • Blemish removal: Remove those zits and imperfections quickly and easily. • The eyes are the window to the soul! Want bigger eyes? Brighter? Different color? We have all the tools for you, from mascara to eye-shadow. • Boost or change your lip color and whiten those teeth! • Use the reshape tool to gently sculpt your features or fix bad camera angles. • Focus on what’s important, you! Use our defocus tool to blur out the rest and make the viewer see what matters. • Finish your masterpiece off with great-looking filters and frames, then email it out or share it on your favorite social network. Fully Optimized for Retina Displays Beautune is fully optimized for retina displays, allowing you to view and edit your high-resolution photos in all their glory. • Save, Share & Print Send your photos to iPhoto, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Email, all from within the app. Then print your masterpiece to really bring it to life. All these features and more, together with a beautiful, incredibly easy interface, will have you fixing and sharing your portraits and selfies in seconds. Download Beautune now and create awesome portraits in no time!

© Everimaging,. Ltd


Watermark Plus - PearlMountain Technology Cover Art

Watermark Plus

Watermark Plus Description

* * * 70% Off Time Limited Offer * * * * * * Cool Creations! Top recommended apps for photographers! * * * Watermark Plus is an easy and intuitive bulk photo converter that lets you add text/image watermarks, resize and rename a bunch of photos at a time. It’s the most effective way to protect photo copyright from unauthorized using. Watermark Plus lets you add text, image, script, symbol or other info stamps to multiple photos, and it will auto-adjust your watermark for each photo to best fit its size. You are free to choose any one of the 17 built-in profiles as watermark or save your own commonly used watermark for repeated use. What’s even better is that every step of the process can be previewed in real time with high speed. ----------------------------------------------- Key Features ----------------------------------------------- General •Support importing all common image formats like JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, etc. •Support zooming in and out to view the photos. •WYSIWYG - Adjust your watermark with real-time preview before converting. •17 built-in watermark profiles. Watermark Editing •Apply image and text watermark to hundreds of your photos in batches. •Support saving text/image watermark as Profile for easy and quick use later. •Script watermark - Fill your photos with text tags. Text adjustment options are also available. •Support inserting info stamp as watermark, such as created date, EXIF info, etc. •Support adding several text/image watermarks at once. Group/Ungroup them as a whole for easy operation. •Freely adjust watermark’s layer and opacity. Position and rotate it anywhere you want. •Single Mode - Watermark on each photo can be separately adjusted with different position. •Auto snap watermark to photo/objects. •Quickly place watermark with the relative controller. •Automatically fit watermarks to different size of the photos. •Free to customize text font, style, color, alignment, etc. •Set Stroke, Glow/Shadow Effect for text watermark. Bulk Conversion •Batch resize the photos by Width, Height, Percentage, or Fit Size. •Batch convert your photos to JPEG, PNG, BMP and TIFF. •Flexibly rename photos at a time. Add wildcard characters such as Numbers, Date Created and Date Modified to fit your needs.

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Learn - iPhoto '11 Edition - Swanson Digital, LLC Cover Art

Learn - iPhoto '11 Edition

Learn - iPhoto '11 Edition Description

** For tutorials on the new Photos App for Mac and iOS go to! ** •2 hours of HD video tutorials! •28 individual video lessons guided by an iPhoto expert •Simple interface that makes is easy to navigate through the videos. •The videos guide the viewer with zooms, pans and highlights of what is being discussed. •The keyboard shortcuts associated with each lesson are listed in the sidebar. •Use the notes pane to jot down things to remember from each lesson, then output all your notes in a single PDF document! Get the most out of iPhoto '11 with our "Learn - iPhoto Edition" video training app! Divided into three main sections (1.Organize, 2.Edit, 3.Output) this course covers the entire process from importing photos, adding metadata, editing it and finally sharing it with friends or family. Organizational tools such as Events, Faces, Places and Smart Albums are all discussed. In the Edit section of the course learn to make a photo look its absolute best with the effects and adjust tools in iPhoto. In the output section discover all the ways to share your photos, from emailing just a couple images, adding entire albums to Facebook or creating a calendar. ** For tutorials on the new Photos App for Mac and iOS go to! ** The voice and guide behind this training App is Drew Swanson. Drew is a 20+ year Mac user and has been using Macs professionally in the graphic design and photography fields for over 10 years. SInce 2007 Drew has been a member of The Apple Consultants Network, working in the Boise Idaho area to provide support and training to Mac users at their home and business. In 2009 Drew started TheMacU to provide video training courses to Mac users anywhere in the World. Course Contents... A. Organize (Approx 50 Minutes) 1. The Purpose of iPhoto 2. Import from a Camera 3. Import from a Disc or Folder 4. The iPhoto Interface 5. Sort Events 6. Manage Events 7. Faces 8. Places 9. Albums 10. Titles & Descriptions 11. Ratings & Keywords 12. Hiding & Flagging 13. Smart Albums 14. Search 15. Photo Stream B. Edit (Approx 20 Minutes) 1. Quick Fixes 2. Effects 3. Adjust 4. Edit in an External Editor C. Output (Approx 40 Minutes) 1. Email 2. Facebook 3. MobileMe 4. Print 5. Slideshows 6. Books 7. Cards & Calendars 8. Share Menu D. Full Screen (2:25) E. Conclusion (0:57)

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Image Tricks Pro - Belight Software, ltd Cover Art

Image Tricks Pro

Image Tricks Pro Description

Image Tricks Pro lets you apply macOS Core Image filters and Quartz Compositions to your photos to achieve amazing effects. In addition to photo effects, Image Tricks Pro has embedded image generator for creating random images, and a collection of photo frames and borders to decorate your images even further. Share photos with effects applied to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and more. The Pro Edition includes: • 160 image filters; • 192 frames; • 74 vector borders; • 225 unique masks; • 41 Quartz compositions; • 20 image generators. Tricks with Filters and Compositions: • Adjust colors (Saturation, Brightness, Contrast, Sepia, etc.) • Blur images (Motion Blur, Sharpen Luminance, Unsharp Mask, etc.) • Distort faces and more (Bump, Pinch, Twirl, etc.) • Turn a photo into art (Mosaic, Color Pencil, Halftone, etc.) • Blend two pictures together (Page Curl, Checkerboard, etc.) • Tile an image, create a kaleidoscope out of it, crop it, and much more! Picture Frames and Borders • 114 photo frames and 65 vector borders for your photos. • Zoom in and position your photo inside. • Flip frames and apply shadows to them. Image Generators: • Random images created using mathematical algorithms. • Control all of the parameters with easy-to-use controls. • Set the core colors of the generated image.

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Sync for iPhoto - Oktoid Cover Art

Sync for iPhoto

Sync for iPhoto Description

iPhoto is without a doubt the best tool to organize all your photos. And now with Sync for iPhoto you can synchronize all your photos on multiple computers, external disks, network drives, etc. Sync for iPhoto is very easy to set up, simply drag the folder in which you want to create a copy of your library and your done. You can create exact copies of your libraries if you want to access it from another Mac. Or, you can choose to organize all your photos and videos neatly in folders for easy access from any device. Pressing the big START button will start the synchronization. After adding more photos to your iPhoto library, simply run Sync for iPhoto and in a few minutes, the new photos will be copied to where ever you want. You can also setup scheduled synchronizations weekly or repeatedly every x minutes. Key features: ▪ Create backups on 14 preconfigured folders. ▪ Organize all your photos and videos in folders for easy access from media players, Windows, PlayStation, XBOX, etc. ▪ Define exactly how to organize your events and albums using tags. (Check the screenshot to see the available tags) ▪ Create exact copies of your iPhoto Library and access it from other computers. ▪ Combine photos from several iPhoto Libraries by selecting "Organize files” and turning off “Verify on Destination" ▪ Synchronization is fast and efficient. ▪ Scheduled synchronizations. ▪ Filters can be added to choose exactly what to synchronize. ▪ Easily queue slots to be synchronized one after another. ▪ Option to delete files on the destination that no longer exist on the source folder. ▪ Option to start copying as soon as Sync for iPhoto is executed. (useful for creating schedules to run this tool from iCal for example). ▪ Option to write on log files all the operations perform during the synchronizations. ▪ Safely cancel synchronization at any time. You have the option to continue next time you synchronize. ▪ Perform multiple synchronizations simultaneously. ▪ Follow folders in case the name or location has changed. ▪ Scriptable, all actions can be automated using Apple Script. ▪ Resize images to fit your preferred width and height in pixels. ▪ Add metadata to images, such as comments, faces and ratings. (Exif and IPTC, can be viewed using the inspector in for example) ▪ Option to copy only videos, or only images. (Ex. You may want to set up a slot to copy only the videos to a different drive) ▪ Option to copy the original images instead of the modified ones. ▪ Lots of options and yet extremely simple to use. FAQ: • What exactly does the option "Organize files” do? If you want to have a copy of all your photos and videos on a NAS drive, to easily browse from any device, then you should definitely try turning this on. You can define exactly how to organize your events and albums. There are several tags that you can use to specify the path according to your needs. • Should I always use the option "Verify on Destination" ? No. For very large backups it is recommended to switch it OFF, and possibly turn it ON once a month to clean older files. Also if you want to mix libraries this should be OFF. • Is it safe to cancel an ongoing synchronization? Yes. You can cancel at any time. The operation will only terminate after the current file. You have the option to continue from where you canceled the next time you synchronize. (In this case, Sync for iPhoto will not verify previously copied files, so make sure nothing has changed before continuing) Quitting the application will immediately stop all processes. This may cause files to be incomplete on the destination folder. All files will be completed on the next synchronization. • Will the window's close button cancel the synchronization? No. It is always safe to close the window. The application will only quit if there are no ongoing synchronizations.

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BeFunky Express - BeFunky Inc Cover Art

BeFunky Express

BeFunky Express Description

Photo Editing. Simplified. BeFunky Express Photo Editor offers 6 essential tools for quickly and easily editing selfies, fixing family photos, livening up landscapes, and more! Based off our popular online photo editor and developed specifically for macOS, BeFunky Express pairs perfectly with your Photos App for an unparalleled photo editing experience. Power Features: Auto Fix - Tired of all these Auto features not giving you the results you want? That’s not an issue with BeFunky. With a single click, you can instantly enhance the quality of ANY image with amazing results. Skin Smoothing - Step up your selfie game. Easily smooth away blemishes and imperfections without losing the natural beauty and texture of your skin. HDR - Foreground too dark? Sky too bright? No problem, you can adjust highlights and shadows independently to create a beautiful, perfectly lit photo. This feature is a game changer. Teeth Whiten - You’ll never worry about whether your smile is its brightest. Slide your mouse across your smile to instantly whiten teeth and make your smile stand out as it should! Photos Extension: All of our Power Features and then some are at your fingertips right in your Photos App. We built BeFunky Express specifically for Photos, giving you a seamless photo editing experience with the most powerful photo editing tools available.

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Mosaik - Meanterm Inc. Cover Art


Mosaik Description

Easy powerful photo mosaic generator. Make beautiful photo mosaics from your own photos. It's just easy, light and powerful. • Active area selection • Adjustable mix level (0~100%) • Material scattering, material management • Supports exporting mosaic data to csv file • JPG, PNG, BMP export (up to 15,000 x 15,000 px) • Supports weighted mode which divides the cells depending on delicacy. [Notice!] Twitter integration is temporarily not working. It will be fixed soon.

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iFunia Photo Slideshow - iFunia Cover Art

iFunia Photo Slideshow

iFunia Photo Slideshow Description

***** Holiday Discount for a Limited Time!!! Regular Price: $19.99 **** Get it to make cool photo slideshows with your holiday party photos. iFunia Photo Slideshow is the slideshow maker that can create instant shows on your desktop with unlimited photos and audios. It is a great tool for individuals looking for fresh ways to preserve their photos from holiday memories, family vacation, birthday celebration, or special anytime moments. Create dynamic slideshows from your photos quickly & easily Just import your photo collections with any image format of jpg, jpeg, png, gif, bmp, tiff, psd, etc. arrange the display sequence, personalize your shows with titles, captions and transitional effects, insert audios or your own voice narration as background music, and export to vivid DVD slideshow which you can watch on TV with DVD player, or to HD/SD video slideshows which are easily to share and playable on many portable devices. Key Features: * Support as many as 16 images formats imported to make perfect photo slideshows: jpeg, jpg, bmp, png, gif, tiff, tif, icns, ico, pic, tga, psd, sgi, xbm, cur, dng. * Easily to load photos and music from cameras, drives, iPhoto and iTunes with built-in media manager. * Personalize with photo editing: rotate photo, crop photo, enhance photos with special effects, add text. * Effect photo: kinds of photo effects to choose, and dozens of transition effects to perfectly deal with one clip from another. * Storytelling: add animated captions to your photo movie to help tell the story, and making the story more interesting by many.different text fonts, colors. * Take total control with unique timeline and storyboard mode. * Add multiple songs as slideshow background music, or add your own voiceovers to the presentation. * Can save editing operations as an project document, you can open the project document when you need to go on your work. * Easily manage your resources of pictures and musics for next slideshow presentation making. * OS X Yosemite(10.10) compatible! Share Slideshows Anywhere * Burn slideshows to DVD with interactive DVD Menus and watch on your TV: a wide selection of stylish free DVD templates featured in Nature, Holiday, Cartoon, etc to suit any mood and any occasion supplied for DVD burning. * Fully support HD: export to slideshow movies with high resolution of 1920 x 1080. * Share your story on YouTube, Facebook in a quick-and-easy way. * Create video for all popular portable devices. Like iFunia on Facebook: Follow iFunia at Twitter: Share iFunia on Google+: To keep connected with us and get the latest giveaways, update news and new release.

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JPEGmini - Beamr Imaging Ltd. Cover Art


JPEGmini Description

*** JPEGmini is a robust image optimization tool, trusted by tens of thousands of photographers, that reduces photo file size by up to 80% without compromising quality. To try JPEGmini for free go to*** What’s New: • Improved User Experience and a refreshed look • More Resizing Options • Bug fixes JPEGmini has been reviewed and praised by dozens of photography publications and bloggers, among them are: DPReview, Forbes, Fstoppers, Petapixel, Macworld, Photography Life, Phoblographer, Shotkit, Noupe, SLR Lounge and many more. “Frankly, it blows me away.” Kishore Sawh, SLR Lounge "As far as ease of use, it is hard to make a simpler piece of software. When you are using the desktop software, you simply drag your JPEG files onto the program and then the JPEGmini Algorithm does its magic, compressing your images and saving you tons of space." Anthony Thurston, Phoblographer "JPEGmini is without a doubt the most amazing piece of software I’ve come across since I first used Photoshop 10 years ago. In my opinion, it is essential” Mark Condon, Shotkit “I found it hard to believe that the software would result in that much space savings, so I opened up the JPEG image on my computer and analyzed the file pixel by pixel. Going back and forth a number of times, I could not see ANY differences in quality” Nasim Mansurov, Photography life JPEGmini benefits: • Optimize photos up to 28MP (for larger resolution photos, check out JPEGmini Pro) • Send Hi-Res photos faster • Use smaller USB drives to deliver photos to customers • Faster loading websites and thus improve Google search rank and customer satisfaction • Save tons of hard drive space Watch how photographers use it: Watch JPEGmini being tested under the Loupe: For More JPEGmini videos: It’s as simple as Drag, Drop, Done. Press the “Choose” button to select individual photos, or drag a folder or group of photos onto the app. During the optimization process, you will see a preview of your photos, and a rolling counter with the amount of disk space you are saving. Don’t compromise on quality! JPEGmini is a tool intended for professional photographers who are constantly challenged by the bloated file sizes of photos and the constraints it puts on them. FAQ: JPEGmini Help: JPEGmini technology:

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Simply HDR - JixiPix Software Cover Art

Simply HDR

Simply HDR Description

Turn your Photo in a Vibrant HDR with an Extended Range of Dynamic Light and Detail Top Selling App in All Countries Simply HDR is a powerful HDR tool that instantly creates stunning and mesmerizing imagery from otherwise bland subjects and compositions. Have you ever looked at a well-executed HDR photo with a dramatic sky and wish you could take a shot like that? Now you can! With Simply HDR you can produce an outstanding picture with an extended range of dynamic light and detail. Gone are the days of combining multiple images, we do it for you! With Simply HDR you can create your own stunning imagery using our advanced built-in True HDR camera or choose a single picture from your photo library, the end result will be an outstanding picture that’s captivating, mesmerizing, revealing and beautifully detailed. It is also user-friendly for both professional and amateur photographers. Simply HDR also provides a built-in “brush", for times when your subjects are people or pets, that will gently smooth areas with too much detail; or corrects a halo where the sky meets the trees (Mac Version Only). HDR STYLES • High Dynamic Range (HDR) • Black and White HDR • Contrasted HDR • Shadows and Lights • Contrasted Light FEATURES A “Smoothing Brush” for easy corrections to noisy skies and halos (Mac Version Only). Fully adjustable control on all aspects of the process: HDR Controls, Tint Color Filters, Gradient Filters, Vignette, and Grain. HDR also has the ability to open RAW images. INCLUDES Tint Color and Gradient Filters UNIVERSAL FEATURES All JixiPix Apps come with: Superior Customer Service, Support for High-Resolution Images & Output, Undo/Redo, Randomize Button, Quick Presets, the ability to create Custom Presets and Quick Preview. Our mobile version can Email, Print, and post directly to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. ‘Like us on facebook’ for tips & tricks, quick announcements and interaction with the Jixi team! *************** “JixiPix turns any photo into a masterpiece. The only requirement is art appreciation — we’ll take care of the rest!” “Creative Tools for Creative People” Photography | Artistic | Graphic Apps Mac • iPad • iPhone

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Photo Eraser - effectmatrix Cover Art

Photo Eraser

Photo Eraser Description

* Get the upgraded version "Super Eraser Pro" with better photo eraser result. 70% OFF! ** Don't forget to download "Super PhotoCut" - A great photo background eraser. 50% OFF! Get it Now! Photo Eraser for Mac is an easy-to-use image editor to remove unwanted objects from your photo, such as date stamps, watermarks, text, building or anything else. Easy to get use & started. You only need mark unwanted area by red color, Photo Eraser for Mac will make your photo much better in a minute. Photo Eraser for Mac features highlights: - Remove watermarks, date stamps, and so on. - Delete unwanted people from photo. - Erase text, signatures, etc. - Make skin imperfections vanish. - Completely non-technical. Photo Eraser for Mac Feedback: Any suggestion regarding Photo Eraser will be appreciated, support email: [email protected]

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Camera Suite for GoPro Hero - Harald Meyer Cover Art

Camera Suite for GoPro Hero

Camera Suite for GoPro Hero Description

Camera Suite allows you to control GoPro Hero 2, 3, 3+, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 cameras over Wifi on a Mac. It supports audio and video live streaming, media browsing, and a powerful scripting language to control the camera. ++ Features: - Connect GoPro Hero 2 (with Wifi bacpac), 3, 3+, 4 (including Hero 4 Session), Hero 5, Hero 6, HERO 2018, Hero 7, Hero 8* cameras over Wifi with your Mac. - Support for GoPro Hero 4/5/6/7 pairing. - Control all important camera settings (including resolution, frame rate, camera mode, Protune, ...). - Live video preview. - Live audio and video UDP streaming server (for instance for streaming to VLC, ffmpeg, or other media players). - View, stream, download, and delete media files directly over Wifi. - Control the camera with a powerful Javascript based scripting language (for instance for time-lapse or re-occuring capturing events). - HTTP Command server to remotely control the camera via HTTP using a simple REST API. * Hero 8 cameras need a special connection procedure: More information and help: Demo video: Do you miss a feature or do you have a problem? Just contact us here: +++ Live preview with Hero 4 and 5+ cameras +++ If you cannot see the live preview then make sure that the macOS firewall does not block the UDP port 8554 (details: +++ Disclaimer +++ This app is an alternative app for controlling GoPro Hero cameras. We are not affiliated with GoPro Inc. in any way.

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Photo Effects - qcMagic LLC Cover Art

Photo Effects

Photo Effects Description

Share to Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and Twitter. Or save your photo as video effect. Over 660 visual effects. Full version on sale for limited time only: 80% Off ($1.99 USD). Easy to use. Just drag and drop your photo and select the effect. Also work with your built in camera. It's the perfect companion program for iPhoto and PhotoShop. Or, for adding special effects to your pictures before uploading them to the your favorite social network site. Effects by Zugakousaku used with permission. Special thanks to Matthias Gansrigler and Futurismo Zugakousaku. Thanks and Credit to "destroythingsbeautiful" Sharing with Twitter requires 10.8 or greater. Sharing with Flickr requires 10.9 or lesser.

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Plastic Surgery Simulator - Kaeria Cover Art

Plastic Surgery Simulator

Plastic Surgery Simulator Description

This is a simple but powerful photo distortion App. You can use it to simulate realistic plastic surgeries, improve your appearance on social networks, or have fun warping people. All you need to do is drag, grow or shrink the body parts you want distorted. Find out how you would look like with a different nose, chin, buttock, less weight.... ************************ WHAT CAN THE APP DO? ************************ Used by over half a million users worldwide and by real plastic surgeons, this photo distortion app can transform any body part to simulate various plastic surgeries: • Nose Job ( rhinoplasty ) • Lips augmentation • Chin and face contouring • Weight loss, liposuction • Muscle augmentation • anything you can reshape, grow or shrink ! Warping people in the most hilarious way for fun, improving someone's appearance or for serious plastic surgery decision process, this app will help you. ************************ HOW TO USE THE APP? ************************ Using the app is very easy: • Import a head-shot or full body picture from your camera or computer image library. Preferably the subject should be photographed on a unified color background and well lit, so the contours are clearly visible. • Drag, grow or shrink the body parts that you want distorted. For example you can crush this bump on your nose, or even make you slimmer. • Undo latest changes if you are not satified with latest modifications. • Switch from single to dual view, to easily compare the before / after images on same screen. • Launch a morphing animation between the original photo and the modified one to see the old you transforming into the new you ! • Save your image, or share it on, our own social network where you can rate and comment other users' pictures. Download Plastic Surgery Simulator now. Then see how those changes you’ve been wanting to make might really look. Beauty is a right.

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