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Deacon King Kong - James McBride Cover Art

Deacon King Kong

Deacon King Kong A Novel by James McBride

One of Barack Obama's "Favorite Books of the Year" Oprah's Book Club Pick Named one of the Top Ten Books of the Year by the New York Times, Entertainment Weekly and TIME Magazine A  Washington Post  Notable Novel From the author of the National Book Award–winning  The Good Lord Bird  and the bestselling modern classic  The Color of Water , comes one of the most celebrated novels of the year. In September 1969, a fumbling, cranky old church deacon known as Sportcoat shuffles into the courtyard of the Cause Houses housing project in south Brooklyn, pulls a .38 from his pocket, and, in front of everybody, shoots the project’s drug dealer at point-blank range. The reasons for this desperate burst of violence and the consequences that spring from it lie at the heart of Deacon King Kong , James McBride’s funny, moving novel and his first since his National Book Award–winning The Good Lord Bird . In Deacon King Kong , McBride brings to vivid life the people affected by the shooting: the victim, the African-American and Latinx residents who witnessed it, the white neighbors, the local cops assigned to investigate, the members of the Five Ends Baptist Church where Sportcoat was deacon, the neighborhood’s Italian mobsters, and Sportcoat himself. As the story deepens, it becomes clear that the lives of the characters—caught in the tumultuous swirl of 1960s New York—overlap in unexpected ways. When the truth does emerge, McBride shows us that not all secrets are meant to be hidden, that the best way to grow is to face change without fear, and that the seeds of love lie in hope and compassion. Bringing to these pages both his masterly storytelling skills and his abiding faith in humanity, James McBride has written a novel every bit as involving as The Good Lord Bird and as emotionally honest as The Color of Water . Told with insight and wit, Deacon King Kong demonstrates that love and faith live in all of us.


The Coldest Winter Ever - Sister Souljah Cover Art

The Coldest Winter Ever

The Coldest Winter Ever by Sister Souljah

Nominated as one of America’s best-loved novels by PBS’s The Great American Read . Renowned hip-hop artist, writer, and activist Sister Souljah brings the streets of New York to life in a powerful and utterly unforgettable first novel. I came busting into the world during one of New York's worst snowstorms, so my mother named me Winter. Ghetto-born, Winter is the young, wealthy daughter of a prominent Brooklyn drug-dealing family. Quick-witted, sexy, and business-minded, she knows and loves the streets like the curves of her own body. But when a cold Winter wind blows her life in a direction she doesn't want to go, her street smarts and seductive skills are put to the test of a lifetime. Unwilling to lose, this ghetto girl will do anything to stay on top. The Coldest Winter Ever marks the debut of a gifted storyteller. You will never forget this Winter's tale.


Black Buck - Mateo Askaripour Cover Art

Black Buck

Black Buck by Mateo Askaripour

A New York Times Bestseller  A Read with Jenna Today Show Book Club Pick! “Askaripour closes the deal on the first page of this mesmerizing novel, executing a high wire act full of verve and dark, comic energy.” —Colson Whitehead, author of  The Nickel Boys “A hilarious, gleaming satire as radiant as its author. Askaripour has announced himself as a major talent of the school of Ralph Ellison, Paul Beatty, Fran Ross, and Ishmael Reed. Full of quick pacing, frenetic energy, absurd—yet spot on—twists and turns, and some of the funniest similes I’ve ever read, this novel is both balm and bomb.” —Nafissa Thompson-Spires, author of Heads of the Colored People For fans of  Sorry to Bother You and The Wolf of Wall Street —a crackling, satirical debut novel about a young man given a shot at stardom as the lone Black salesman at a mysterious, cult-like, and wildly successful startup where nothing is as it seems. There’s nothing like a Black salesman on a mission. An unambitious twenty-two-year-old, Darren lives in a Bed-Stuy brownstone with his mother, who wants nothing more than to see him live up to his potential as the valedictorian of Bronx Science. But Darren is content working at Starbucks in the lobby of a Midtown office building, hanging out with his girlfriend, Soraya, and eating his mother’s home-cooked meals. All that changes when a chance encounter with Rhett Daniels, the silver-tongued CEO of Sumwun, NYC’s hottest tech startup, results in an exclusive invitation for Darren to join an elite sales team on the thirty-sixth floor. After enduring a “hell week” of training, Darren, the only Black person in the company, reimagines himself as “Buck,” a ruthless salesman unrecognizable to his friends and family. But when things turn tragic at home and Buck feels he’s hit rock bottom, he begins to hatch a plan to help young people of color infiltrate America’s sales force, setting off a chain of events that forever changes the game. Black Buck is a hilarious, razor-sharp skewering of America’s workforce; it is a propulsive, crackling debut that explores ambition and race, and makes way for a necessary new vision of the American dream.


Homegoing - Yaa Gyasi Cover Art


Homegoing A novel by Yaa Gyasi

Ghana, eighteenth century: two half sisters are born into different villages, each unaware of the other. One will marry an Englishman and lead a life of comfort in the palatial rooms of the Cape Coast Castle. The other will be captured in a raid on her village, imprisoned in the very same castle, and sold into slavery.   One of Oprah’s Best Books of the Year and a PEN/Hemingway award winner, Homegoing  follows the parallel paths of these sisters and their descendants through eight generations: from the Gold Coast to the plantations of Mississippi, from the American Civil War to Jazz Age Harlem. Yaa Gyasi’s extraordinary novel illuminates slavery’s troubled legacy both for those who were taken and those who stayed—and shows how the memory of captivity has been inscribed on the soul of our nation.   A New York Times Notable Book


Life After Death - Sister Souljah Cover Art

Life After Death

Life After Death A Novel by Sister Souljah

The long-anticipated sequel to Sister Souljah’s million copy bestseller The Coldest Winter Ever . Winter Santiaga hit time served. Still stunning, still pretty, still bold, still loves her father more than any man in the world, still got her hustle and high fashion flow. She’s eager to pay back her enemies, rebuild her father’s empire, reset his crown, and ultimately to snatch Midnight back into her life no matter which bitch had him while she was locked up. But Winter is not the only one with revenge on her mind. Simone, Winter’s young business partner and friend, is locked and loaded and Winter is her target. Will she blow Winter’s head off? Can Winter dodge the bullets? Or will at least one bullet blast Winter into another world? Either way Winter is fearless. Hell is the same as any hood and certainly the Brooklyn hood she grew up in. That’s what Winter thinks. A heart warming, heart burning, passionate, sexual, comical, and completely original adventure is about to happen in real time—raw, shocking, soulful, and shameless. True fans won’t let Winter travel alone on this amazing journey.


A Deeper Love Inside - Sister Souljah Cover Art

A Deeper Love Inside

A Deeper Love Inside The Porsche Santiaga Story by Sister Souljah

THE SEQUEL MILLIONS OF READERS HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR . . . At last, mega-bestselling author Sister Souljah delivers the stunning sequel to The Coldest Winter Ever . Fierce, raw, and filled with adventure and emotional intensity, A Deeper Love Inside is an unforgettable coming-of-age story in the words of Porsche Santiaga, Winter’s younger sister. Sharp-tongued, quick-witted Porsche worships her sister Winter. Cut from the same cloth as her father, Ricky Santiaga, Porsche is also a natural-born hustler. Passionate and loyal to the extreme, she refuses to accept her new life in group homes, foster care, and juvenile detention after her family is torn apart. Porsche—unique, young, and beautiful—cries as much as she fights and uses whatever she has to reclaim her status. Unselfish, she pushes to get back everything that ever belonged to her wealthy, loving family. In A Deeper Love Inside, readers will encounter their favorite characters from The Coldest Winter Ever, including Winter and Midnight. Sister Souljah’s soulful writing will again move your heart and open your eyes to a shocking reality.


The Water Dancer (Oprah's Book Club) - Ta-Nehisi Coates Cover Art

The Water Dancer (Oprah's Book Club)

The Water Dancer (Oprah's Book Club) A Novel by Ta-Nehisi Coates

For every Oprah’s Book Club pick sold, Apple will make a contribution to the American Library Association to support local libraries. OPRAH’S BOOK CLUB PICK •  From the National Book Award–winning author of Between the World and Me, a boldly conjured debut novel about a magical gift, a devastating loss, and an underground war for freedom. “This potent book about America’s most disgraceful sin establishes [Ta-Nehisi Coates] as a first-rate novelist.”— San Francisco Chronicle “Nearly every paragraph is laced through with dense, gorgeously evocative descriptions of a vanished world and steeped in its own vivid vocabulary.”— Entertainment Weekly Young Hiram Walker was born into bondage. When his mother was sold away, Hiram was robbed of all memory of her—but was gifted with a mysterious power. Years later, when Hiram almost drowns in a river, that same power saves his life. This brush with death births an urgency in Hiram and a daring scheme: to escape from the only home he’s ever known. So begins an unexpected journey that takes Hiram from the corrupt grandeur of Virginia’s proud plantations to desperate guerrilla cells in the wilderness, from the coffin of the Deep South to dangerously idealistic movements in the North. Even as he’s enlisted in the underground war between slavers and the enslaved, Hiram’s resolve to rescue the family he left behind endures. This is the dramatic story of an atrocity inflicted on generations of women, men, and children—the violent and capricious separation of families—and the war they waged to simply make lives with the people they loved. Written by one of today’s most exciting thinkers and writers, The Water Dancer is a propulsive, transcendent work that restores the humanity of those from whom everything was stolen. Advance praise for  The Water Dancer “In prose that sings and imagination that soars, Coates further cements himself as one of this generation’s most important writers, tackling one of America’s oldest and darkest periods with grace and inventiveness. This is bold, dazzling, and not to be missed.” — Publishers Weekly  (starred review) “Coates brings his considerable talent for racial and social analysis to his debut novel, which captures the brutality of slavery and explores the underlying truth that slaveholders could not dehumanize the enslaved without also dehumanizing themselves. Beautifully written, this is a deeply and soulfully imagined look at slavery and human aspirations.” —Booklist  (starred review)


A Hustler's Wife - Nikki Turner Cover Art

A Hustler's Wife

A Hustler's Wife by Nikki Turner

Yarni, a sweet and innocent girl from a well-to-do family, by chance meets Richmond's notorious drug kingpin, Des. The spark between them immediately blossoms into an astronomical love, which separates Yarni from her family and friends. But when Des is sentenced to life in prison, Yarni will learn that being a hustler's wife isn't all that easy with her sole provider behind bars. A decade after its original release Nikki Turner’s debut novel, A Hustler’s Wife, is back and in digital form for the very first time. Nikki Turner takes readers along for the ride as Yarni struggles to survive. At times she plays the game, at other times the game plays her. It is a journey filled with laughter and tears, failures and triumphs.


The Office of Historical Corrections - Danielle Evans Cover Art

The Office of Historical Corrections

The Office of Historical Corrections A Novella and Stories by Danielle Evans

A WASHINGTON POST NOTABLE BOOK OF THE YEAR   An O, THE OPRAH MAGAZINE BEST BOOK OF 2020   FINALIST FOR THE STORY PRIZE  LONGLISTED FOR THE ASPEN WORDS LITERARY PRIZE ONE OF THE NEW YORKER BOOK CRITIC'S FAVORITE FICTION OF THE YEAR “Sublime short stories of race, grief, and belonging…an extraordinary new collection…” — The New Yorker   “Evans’s new stories present rich plots reflecting on race relations, grief and love...” — The New York Times Book Review , Editor’s Choice   “Danielle Evans demonstrates, once again, that she is the finest short story writer working today.”—Roxane Gay, New York Times -bestselling author of  Difficult Women  and  Bad Feminist The award-winning author of  Before You Suffocate Your Own Fool Self  brings her signature voice and insight to the subjects of race, grief, apology, and American history. Danielle Evans is widely acclaimed for her blisteringly smart voice and x-ray insights into complex human relationships. With  The Office of Historical Corrections , Evans zooms in on particular moments and relationships in her characters’ lives in a way that allows them to speak to larger issues of race, culture, and history. She introduces us to Black and multiracial characters who are experiencing the universal confusions of lust and love, and getting walloped by grief—all while exploring how history haunts us, personally and collectively. Ultimately, she provokes us to think about the truths of American history—about who gets to tell them, and the cost of setting the record straight. In “Boys Go to Jupiter,” a white college student tries to reinvent herself after a photo of her in a Confederate-flag bikini goes viral. In “Richard of York Gave Battle in Vain,” a photojournalist is forced to confront her own losses while attending an old friend’s unexpectedly dramatic wedding. And in the eye-opening title novella, a black scholar from Washington, DC, is drawn into a complex historical mystery that spans generations and puts her job, her love life, and her oldest friendship at risk.    


No Matter What - Shaquanda Dalton Cover Art

No Matter What

No Matter What by Shaquanda Dalton

JaylenJaylen Miller finally figured out that the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with is Jessica, who's been his best friend and mother to his two daughters. Too bad she doesn't feel the same way. After Jaylen had denied being the father of their youngest daughter, Jessica swore off men and any future romantic relationships. Will Jaylen be able to get her to remember why she fell in love with him in the first place? Or will her ex-boyfriend be able to come back into her life and take her away for good?JessicaShe's finally set and able to get her life together even if she does have to temporarily live with her baby's father until she can afford to move out. However, as the days pass by and the two of them get closer once again will see even want to leave? But that's not even her biggest problem. Jessica swears see's being stocked by an ex-lover who's out for a bit of payback of his own.Will these two make it to the end to finally get their happily-ever-after? No Matter What will take you into their home, experience every emotion they feel, and have you thinking about this book long after you've read it.  


His Dirty Secret 2 - Mia Black Cover Art

His Dirty Secret 2

His Dirty Secret 2 by Mia Black

When Jayla finds out the truth behind Darius, she finds herself between a rock and a hard place. Leaving a man is one thing, but it's easier said than done... especially when you are in love with him and everything he has to offer. Find out what happens in part two of His Dirty Secret!


Working for Her Dad's Best Friend - Alyse Zaftig Cover Art

Working for Her Dad's Best Friend

Working for Her Dad's Best Friend by Alyse Zaftig

I want to bend her over my desk and make her scream, but I shouldn’t. LINCOLN I want my secretary. Those tight skirts she wears leave little to the imagination. I can see every luscious curve. She has the face of an angel and curves that could tempt a choirboy into sinning. CAMILLA I have a crush on my boss, who happens to be best friends with my dad. He’s stern and bossy, with a handful of silver streaks in his hair. Gorgeous, yes, but also demanding as hell. Strict but fair. One day, he asks me to come in his office. And lock the door.


True to the Game Part I - Teri Woods Cover Art

True to the Game Part I

True to the Game Part I by Teri Woods

The number one, best-selling street novel of all time is undoubtedly True to the Game . Dubbed a ‘ street classic’ , True to the Game takes you on a ride like no other book of its time.  Pictured in the late 1980’s Gena, a young girl from Philadelphia’s notorious, Richard Allen Projects, meets Quadir, a millionaire drug dealer and falls madly in love. Quadir throughout the story line builds a massive empire, while fighting his rivals and enemies all alongside you, the reader. Gena faces multiple challenges of survival as both Gena and Quadir find themselves caught in a vicious yet seductive world, and learn that success in this game is no easy win. Gena and Quadir also learn that once you’re in, there’s no way out and they discover whether all the players of this game can stay forever…TRUE. 


True to the Game Part III - Teri Woods Cover Art

True to the Game Part III

True to the Game Part III by Teri Woods

It’s the groundbreaking urban saga that launched a New York Times Bestseller while chronicling a new generation’s any means-necessary struggle to conquer-and survive-the streets. Now #1 Essence bestselling author Teri Woods delivers the explosive conclusion to the story begun in True to the Game…where the last deadly hustle is trying to escape with your life.  She’s got millions of reasons to live. But Gena has just as many enemies after her because of the stash she “inherited” from Quadir. The local crooked cops are determined to silence her for good. Members of Quadir’s crew are out to get more than what’s theirs. A vicious killer is methodically targeting Gena’s family and friends in order to find her. And as she fights to stay two steps ahead, she’ll face the one enemy she never saw coming-a mysterious savior driven by betrayal…and a love that may be the most dangerous weapon of all…


The Girl at the Back of the Bus - Suzette D. Harrison Cover Art

The Girl at the Back of the Bus

The Girl at the Back of the Bus An absolutely heart-wrenching historical novel by Suzette D. Harrison

For readers of  The Help ,  Orphan Train  and  Before We Were Yours  comes a heartbreaking and inspirational novel about redemption, family secrets and the spirit of survival found at the hardest time. Montgomery, Alabama, 1955 On a cold December evening, Mattie Banks packs a suitcase and leaves her family home. Sixteen years old and pregnant, she has already made the mistake that will ruin her life and disgrace her widowed mother. Boarding the 2857 bus, she sits with her case on her lap, hoping that the driver will take her away from disaster. Instead, Mattie witnesses an act of bravery by a woman named Rosa Parks that changes everything. But as Mattie strives to turn her life around, the dangers that first led her to run are never far away. Forging a new life in a harsh world at constant risk of exposure, Mattie will need to fight to keep her baby safe. Atlanta, Georgia, present day Ashlee Turner is going home. Her relationship in ruins, her career held back by prejudice, she is returning to the family who have always been her rock. But Ashlee’s home is not the safe haven she remembers. Her beloved grandmother is dying and is determined to share her story before she leaves… When Ashlee finds a stack of yellowing letters hidden in her nana’s closet, she can’t help the curiosity that compels her to read, and she uncovers an old secret that could wreak havoc on her already grieving family. As she tries to make sense of what she has learned, Ashlee faces a devastating choice: to protect her loved ones from the revelations, or honor her grandmother’s wishes and follow the path to the truth, no matter where it may lead. What readers are saying about Suzette D. Harrison: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “ Couldn’t sleep until I finished … A  beautiful story  of betrayal, deception and genuine love.” Goodreads reviewer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Amazing!  This book was everything .” Goodreads reviewer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “An  amazing  story from beginning to end! Captivated my attention and was hard to put down!…  LOVED IT! ” Goodreads reviewer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I was  sad when it ended!! Absolutely amazing .” Goodreads reviewer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “ I honestly can’t find enough adjectives or words to convey to you how very much I enjoyed  this book…  Pure perfection .” Goodreads reviewer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “ This is one of the reasons I enjoy reading!! … This book is worthy of occupying space with Toni Morrison, Bernice McFadden, J.California Cooper and Phyllis McKinney Whetstone to name a few.” Goodreads reviewer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “ OMG OMG OMG!  First, y’all just be prepared. Prepared to laugh, to cry, to shake your head.” Goodreads reviewer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “A  truly amazing  book that  held me captive from first page to last .” Goodreads reviewer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “ Wow … I laughed, cried, and cried from laughter.” Goodreads reviewer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Man where do I start?…  From beginning to end I couldn’t put this read down .” Goodreads reviewer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “ My favorite book  to date. I might need to reread just to fall in love with the characters again!” Goodreads reviewer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “An incredible work of historical fiction and  a MUST-READ .” Goodreads reviewer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “One of the  most beautiful stories I’ve read  in a very long time. The vividness of the writing was amazing…  Absolutely stunning .” Goodreads reviewer


Midnight - Sister Souljah Cover Art


Midnight A Gangster Love Story by Sister Souljah

Sister Souljah, the hip-hop generation's number one author and most compelling storyteller, delivers a powerful story about love and loyalty, strength and family. In her bestselling novel, The Coldest Winter Ever , Sister Souljah introduced the world to Midnight, a brave but humble lieutenant to a prominent underworld businessman. Now, in a highly anticipated follow-up to her million-selling masterpiece, she brings readers into the life and dangerously close to the heart of this silent, fearless young man. Raised in a wealthy, influential, Islamic African family, Midnight enjoys a life of comfort, confidence, and protection. Midnight's father provides him with a veil of privilege and deep, devoted love, but he never hides the truth about the fierce challenges of the world outside of his estate. So when Midnight's father's empire is attacked, he sends Midnight with his mother to the United States. In the streets of Brooklyn, a young Midnight uses his Islamic mind-set and African intelligence to protect the ones he loves, build a business, reclaim his wealth and status, and remain true to his beliefs. Midnight, a handsome and passionate young man, attracts many women. How he interacts and deals with them is a unique adventure. This is a highly sensual and tremendous love story about what a man is willing to risk and give to the women he loves most. Midnight will remain in your mind and beat in your heart for a lifetime. Her "raw and true voice" ( Publishers Weekly ) will both soothe and arouse you. In a beautifully written and masterfully woven story, Sister Souljah has given us Midnight , and solidified her presence as the mother of all contemporary urban literature.


True to the Game Part II - Teri Woods Cover Art

True to the Game Part II

True to the Game Part II by Teri Woods

True to the Game II will begin where True to the Game left off, with one difference, Gena is now seeing a new guy named Jay. However, little does Gena know, but the man she has fallen in love with, so soon after Quadir’s death, is his archrival, Jerrell Jackson. Unfortunately, Jerrell is determined to get his revenge against Quadir’s crew and he’ll start with Gena. However, he isn’t the only enemy lurking. Gena has more than she bargained for in this epic sequel to an American street classic and only true love can save her or possibly destroy her. Find out if she will survive and get away with the fortune she found or if the millions she accidentally uncovered will destroy her life.


Kingpin Wifeys 5: Lani's Dilemma - K. Elliott Cover Art

Kingpin Wifeys 5: Lani's Dilemma

Kingpin Wifeys 5: Lani's Dilemma by K. Elliott

In the long awaited Part 5, Lani mourns the loss of Chris. Questions arise about Black's involvement. Was he or wasn't he involved in Chris’ death? And if he was, what is Lani going to do about it? Meanwhile Shamari’s fighting a new case and Craig threatens to cut support from Jada. Trey has more unfinished business - he has to track down the girl that was arrested with Monte, to find out what exactly she’s been telling the Feds. But he is pleasantly surprised by the beautiful woman he finds. Like the previous four stories, Part 5 is full of drama and intrigue that will have you turning the pages and gasping for air at the same time!


Taking What's Hers 7 - Mia Black Cover Art

Taking What's Hers 7

Taking What's Hers 7 by Mia Black

Now that Ty and his drug operations have been taken down, Kiyana can finally be at ease. When she agrees to accompany Darrin to dinner, sparks fly. Both see in each other what they’ve always wanted in a partner, but with complicated relationships nipping at their heels, they try their best to take things slow, but Darrin has no intention of letting Kiyana slip out of his sight! Find out what happens in part seven of Taking What’s Hers!


Reckless 2 - Keisha Ervin Cover Art

Reckless 2

Reckless 2 Nobody's Girl by Keisha Ervin

After everything Farrah's been through, it's safe to say things are finally going her way. Her company, Glam Squad, has skyrocketed, and her career as a celebrity stylist has taken off faster than she can keep up. Partnering with her best friend London, she has styled and done makeup for multiple celebrities. The unstoppable duo is working hard and getting paid! On the personal side, Farrah is happier than ever. Despite everything Mills put her through, she made the right choice when she decided to give him a second chance. Mills has made up for all the lying and sneaking around he did behind her back, and he treats her like a queen. After months of bliss, he has made Farrah's dreams come true by asking her to marry him. On top of the world, Farrah is busy planning her wedding. Unbeknownst to her, however, Mills has been keeping a dark secret that will destroy everything if she finds out. Mills has been giving his ex-girlfriend Jade money to keep her quiet and take care of the baby she claims is his. He plans on taking a paternity test, but his busy schedule keeps getting in the way. In the meantime, he is doing everything in his power to keep Farrah from finding out he's cheated. Everything comes crashing down when Farrah finds out about what Mills has been up to, but she gives in to his begging and goes through with the wedding. Once they're married, things just keep getting worse as Mills keeps putting off the paternity test. He's been seeing a lot more of Jade and baby Jaysin, who looks a lot like Mills. Farrah, feeling confused and betrayed, decides to focus on her career. While on a business trip to Paris, she finds herself falling for a rapper named J.R. She still loves Mills, but after what he did to her, she's not sure their marriage will last. People always say you can't help who you love, but what happens when love gets all tangled up and no one seems to know how to set it straight? Will true love prevail, or will it break under all the lies?


Deadly Satisfaction - Trice Hickman Cover Art

Deadly Satisfaction

Deadly Satisfaction by Trice Hickman

“Hickman proves to be a master of suspense, plot twists, exhilaration and killer climaxes.”  — RT Book Reviews , 4.5 Stars Top Pick   It’s been two years since Johnny Mayfield’s murder rocked Amber, Alabama. His death, along with the illicit personal scandals that preceded it, created more drama than the town had ever seen. But now life is back to normal, at least for his widow, Geneva. Or so it seems.   Happily remarried, Geneva has to admit her life is better than ever. Her upscale salon is thriving, and she finally has the baby she always wanted. But when Vivana Jackson, Johnny’s ex-lover and the woman convicted of killing him, starts stirring up drama by claiming she’s been framed, it causes Geneva to question many things—including who really killed Johnny. Add local gossip columnist Shartell Brown and tell-it-like-it-is Donetta Pierce to the mix, and soon vicious rumors, terrifying threats, and long held secrets may add up to another shocking murder—one that will rival even Johnny Mayfield’s.   “Readers will enjoy the twist and turns in Hickman’s tale, which has a definite soap opera vibe. We know there’s aromantic train wreck ahead, but we can’t turn away from the drama.” — Library Journal  on  Secret Indiscretions


Moth to a Flame - Ashley Antoinette Cover Art

Moth to a Flame

Moth to a Flame by Ashley Antoinette

In the little city of Flint, MI, the good die young and the people left standing are the grimiest of characters. With reign over the city's drug trade, Benjamin Atkins made sure that his precious daughter, Raven, was secluded from the grit that the city had to offer. But when Raven's young heart gets claimed by Mizan, a stick-up kid in search of a come-up, there's nothing Benjamin can do about losing her to the streets. She chooses love over loyalty and runs off with Mizan, but her new role as wifey soon proves to be more than she can handle. Puppy love always feels right, but things turn stale, and she soon finds that everyone she loves has disappeared. All she has is Mizan, but when hugs and kisses turn to bloody lips and black eyes, she realizes that Mizan is not who she thought he was. Raven becomes desperate for a way out, but this time, Daddy can't save her. Every time she finds the courage to leave, fear convinces her to stay. Like a moth to a flame, Raven is drawn to Mizan, even though she knows he'll be the death of her. When the hood life she chose becomes unbearable and the only way out is in a coffin, what will she do?


Three Times A Lady - Niobia Bryant Cover Art

Three Times A Lady

Three Times A Lady by Niobia Bryant

SUCCESS IS SWEET…BUT LOVE IS SWEETER A financial analyst who thrives on the pressure and excitement of her job, Mia Gordon is far too invested in her career to be in the market for a relationship. But when she buys a house next door to quietly attractive Jordan Banks, she suddenly finds herself wondering what it would be like to forget about business, as least long enough to surrender to passion … and maybe even love. A single father with five matchmaking children, Jordan Banks doesn’t have time for a personal life. Yet when his kids plot to pair him with the new next-door neighbor, it doesn’t take long for Jordan to discover what he’s been missing. Beautiful, independent Mia awakens desires he’s forgotten he had. Now all he has to do is convince Mia to take on a new venture -one that includes a ready-made family … and a man who wants to be her one and only love.


His Dirty Secret 3 - Mia Black Cover Art

His Dirty Secret 3

His Dirty Secret 3 by Mia Black

As if Jayla’s life isn’t complicated enough, now Keon has been hurt. With him to care for in spite of their rocky relationship, it’s all Jayla can do to keep her emotions under control. Sleeping with Darius again wasn’t the brightest idea, but she can’t help herself. She loves him, and, his story is so convincing. But loving the wrong man can bring a new set of problems for Jayla, more dangerous than she can imagine! Find out what happens next in part three of His Dirty Secret!


His Dirty Secret 4 - Mia Black Cover Art

His Dirty Secret 4

His Dirty Secret 4 by Mia Black

When Jayla discovers that Darius isn’t the only one stepping outside of his marriage, she wrestles with whether or not to divulge that information or keep it in her back pocket for the time being. After all, it’s not like Darius is an innocent man. She’s more concerned with who Shenice is spending her time with. Familiar with Jamar, Shenice’s other man, Jayla knows all too well how this will turn out if Darius finds out. Can she control her anxiety and make sense of it all before tragedy strikes?


Hood Rat - K'wan Cover Art

Hood Rat

Hood Rat A Novel by K'wan

National bestselling author K’wan presents a story of four women fighting to survive in the urban jungle. Yoshi is young, fine, and larcenous. She lives her life playing on men’s hearts as well as their pockets. She learns the hard way that all that glitters isn’t gold. Billy , a former high school basketball star, has been looking for love. Then she meets someone new and her whole world is turned upside down and she will never be the same. Reese is an around-the-way chick, trying to keep up with the Joneses. There’s a revolving door on her bedroom as she tries to find the love she always felt was missing. Her promiscuity leaves her pregnant from a one-night stand and Reese is faced with the task of breaking an age-old cycle, passed down from mother to daughter in her family, and standing on her own. Rhonda is twenty-something with three kids, by three men, and riding the system all the way to the bank. To her, work is a dirty word; between the multiple checks she gets from the government, and the games she plays with men, she’s living the life of a ghetto superstar. The game soon turns ugly when one of her “sponsors” snaps and decides to get some payback. Harlem has never seen four friends as scandalous as these. The neighborhood will never be the same again.


So You Call Yourself A Man - Carl Weber Cover Art

So You Call Yourself A Man

So You Call Yourself A Man by Carl Weber

Carl Weber, the New York Times bestselling author of Up to No Good, will keep you on edge with this tale of three lifelong friends. . . James Robinson and his wife have had their rough patches. But seven years into their marriage, things are better than ever. . .until James's past comes back to haunt him--with a baby in tow. James's best friend, Brent Williams, has always had women throwing themselves at him, but it's taken Brent a while to find someone who wants him for the man he is on the inside. His plus-sized fiancée isn't his usual type, but they seem like a match made in heaven--until a sexy third party comes along. . . When Sonny Harrison's wife sends him packing, he's lonely until he reunites with his high school sweetheart. But as his feelings for her get a little too intense, Brent and James may be the only ones who can intervene. But will that mean losing their friend forever? "Captivating and heartfelt. . .a satisfying read." --The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers "Major revelations and an eye-raising twist will make even seen-it-all fans gasp." -- Publishers Weekly Includes an excerpt from Carl Weber's new novel.


His Dirty Secret 8 - Mia Black Cover Art

His Dirty Secret 8

His Dirty Secret 8 by Mia Black

Jayla finally meets what one would call the perfect man. He’s loving, sweet, and kind… but what looks like the perfect relationship has one hitch: his baby’s mama. Damiah knows what she wants and thinks she knows what stands in her way – a new woman her ex has his eye on. Will Jayla’s hopes for a brighter future come true or will she find new drama in a new town?


His Dirty Secret 9 - Mia Black Cover Art

His Dirty Secret 9

His Dirty Secret 9 by Mia Black

Jayla thinks she has a chance to finally be happy, but everywhere she turns, there’s someone there that wants to get in her way. Shane wants to be with Jayla, but first he has to control the drama going on around him. While his son’s mother, Damiah, thinks she can still stake claim to him, an old friend returns, determined to make Shane’s life very complicated. Yet, Jayla finds herself caught in the middle of all of it. Damiah knows what she wants and thinks she knows what stands in her way – a new woman her ex has his eye on. Damiah is willing to do and say anything to keep Jayla away from Shane. Will her lies cause a rift and make Jayla disappear out of his life for good?


Alibi Part II - Teri Woods Cover Art

Alibi Part II

Alibi Part II by Teri Woods

Stone-cold killer, Nard, is out for blood. After stripper, Daisy Fothergill, recanted her statements and failed to give Nard the Alibi he needed for perfect freedom, he was sent to the worst lockdown prison in the state of Pennsylvania. Now, an unexpected pardon puts him back on the streets and to take his life back, he’s going to rip apart Daisy’s piece-by-piece. The State of Pennsylvania’s Witness Protection Program got Daisy far away from Philly and into a respectable life complete with a husband and mansion in Arizona’s wealthiest suburb. But, her safe and comfortable world will mysteriously crash down around her when her dark past catches up with her. Caught in a brutal trap, she finds her worst nightmare suddenly coming all too real and faces losing everything including her life. This go round, if she survives, she just might end up being the one who needs an Alibi. 


In Love with Danger 5 - Toya Banks Cover Art

In Love with Danger 5

In Love with Danger 5 by Toya Banks

After years of being separated, the twin sisters Shayla and Kierra are finally reunited. Yet Kierra is more than what meets the eye. She holds many secrets that her sister will never know. Find out Kierra’s dark secrets in part five of In Love With Danger! 


Girls Like Me (Bluford Series #21) - Tanya Savory Cover Art

Girls Like Me (Bluford Series #21)

Girls Like Me (Bluford Series #21) by Tanya Savory

Angel McAllister's worst nightmare has come true. Her best friend, Sharice Bell, has discovered her most intimate secret.  And a new enemy, LaDonna Burns, is on the warpath.  Gossip and rumors are spreading through school like wildfire, and Angel's classmates are turning on her.  Can she bury the secret and put out the flames? Or will Angel face the truth--and it's life-changing consequences?


Child Bride - Jennifer Smith Turner Cover Art

Child Bride

Child Bride A Novel by Jennifer Smith Turner

In the segregated South of the mid-1900s, fourteen-year-old Nell bears witness to a world that embraces the oppression of women. She is fascinated with the prospect of being an independent person—but when she turns sixteen, she is married off and brought to the city of Boston as a bride. Nell is a shy girl who must quickly learn how to be a wife and mother. She quickly discovers that she must acquire new skills to navigate the unknown territory of the North, as well as her relationship with her husband, Henry, who is controlling and emotionally abusive. After giving birth to three children, her body begins to fail her and Henry, concerned for her health, pulls away from her physically. But this void of intimacy drives Nell into the arms of another man. It’s through her encounter with Charles in the church kitchen, at the point when she is most vulnerable, that Nell finds escape from her depressed life with Henry. The cost though, is another pregnancy. When Charles finds out the baby is his, at first it appears he plans to leave Nell; ultimately, however, his love for her brings him back.


The Millionaire Mistress Part 3 - Tiphani Montgomery Cover Art

The Millionaire Mistress Part 3

The Millionaire Mistress Part 3 The Mistress Series by Tiphani Montgomery

A bad bitch never dies and neither will Chloe's deceitful ways. Ride with author, Tiphani in her third installment of the Mistress Series as she tells a riveting tale about money, lust, and revenge. Between sexin' any man who can help her achieve her over the top goals, and on a crazed path of revenge, Chloe shocks us all with her newfound tricks of the trade. She's come full circle with a new man, new ammo, a fresh mission, and her old mischievous ways. You won't believe what she's got up her sleeve. Chloe somehow regains her strength, and resumes her mission to kill Oshyn once and for all. Everything seems to be going as planned, until Chloe s new man surprises her with a secret that will destroy her forever. Buckle up... this is a ride you don't want to miss.


The Cartel 4 - Ashley & JaQuavis Cover Art

The Cartel 4

The Cartel 4 Diamonds Are Forever by Ashley & JaQuavis

You thought The Cartel was over, but Diamonds are forever. . . . The Diamond family has survived murder, deceit, and betrayal. Through it all, they're still standing tall, and a new era has begun. After surviving a failed attempt on her life, Breeze has moved into the queen's position by Zyir's side. Zyir has taken over the empire and locked down Miami's streets. He has the world in his palms, but there is always new blood ready to overthrow the throne. Young Carter has retired and moved away from the madness—that is, until he gets an unexpected visitor at his home. This person shakes up the whole family, causing chaos that threatens to bring down the Cartel for good. New York Times bestselling authors Ashley and JaQuavis deliver the highly anticipated fourth installment of the wildly popular Cartel series.


Washington Black - Esi Edugyan Cover Art

Washington Black

Washington Black A novel by Esi Edugyan

One of the TEN BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR  New York Times Book Review Eleven-year-old George Washington Black—or Wash—a field slave on a Barbados sugar plantation, is initially terrified when he is chosen as the manservant of his master’s brother. To his surprise, however, the eccentric Christopher Wilde turns out to be a naturalist, explorer, inventor, and abolitionist. Soon Wash is initiated into a world where a flying machine can carry a man across the sky, where even a boy born in chains may embrace a life of dignity and meaning, and where two people, separated by an impossible divide, can begin to see each other as human.   But when a man is killed and a bounty is placed on Wash’s head, they must abandon everything and flee together. Over the course of their travels, what brings Wash and Christopher together will tear them apart, propelling Wash ever farther across the globe in search of his true self. Spanning the Caribbean to the frozen Far North, London to Morocco, Washington Black is a story of self-invention and betrayal, of love and redemption, and of a world destroyed and made whole again. One of the Best Books of the Year The Boston Globe   ●   The Washington Post ● Time ● Entertainment Weekly ● San Francisco Chronicle ● Financial Times ● Minneapolis Star Tribune ● NPR ● The Economist ● Bustle ● The Dallas Morning News ● Slate ● Kirkus Reviews


Perfect Fit - Brenda Jackson Cover Art

Perfect Fit

Perfect Fit by Brenda Jackson

Sage Dunbar is dealt a shattering double blow when she discovers that her fiancé has depleted her bank accounts and her father has been having an affair. Reeling with shock, she accepts a job promotion that involves relocating to Anchorage, Alaska. She never expects to cross paths with a man who will challenge everything she thought she knew about love. Gabe's "sex-only" relationship policy has been working just fine, keeping him free of messy entanglements and emotional baggage. Then he meets Sage, and his no-commitment ways start to lose their appeal. But Sage isn't ready to give her heart and trust to another man any time soon. With a single-minded determination that surprises even him, Gabe resolves to convince her that true love can erase every obstacle--real or imagined--in its path. . .. Praise for Brenda Jackson's Perfect Timing "A warm reading experience." -- Booklist "One of the best." -- Romantic Times "A writer before her time." --Carl Weber


Trouble Is What I Do - Walter Mosley Cover Art

Trouble Is What I Do

Trouble Is What I Do by Walter Mosley

Morally ambiguous P.I. Leonid McGill is back -- and investigating crimes against society's most downtrodden -- in this installment of the beloved detective series from an Edgar Award-winning and bestselling crime novelist. Leonid McGill's spent a lifetime building up his reputation in the New York investigative scene. His seemingly infallible instinct and inside knowledge of the crime world make him the ideal man to help when Phillip Worry comes knocking. Phillip "Catfish" Worry is a 92-year-old Mississippi bluesman who needs Leonid's help with a simple task: deliver a letter revealing the black lineage of a wealthy heiress and her corrupt father. Unsurprisingly, the opportunity to do a simple favor while shocking the prevailing elite is too much for Leonid to resist. But when a famed and feared assassin puts a hit on Catfish, Leonid has no choice but to confront the ghost of his own felonious past. Working to protect his client and his own family, Leonid must reach the heiress on the eve of her wedding before her powerful father kills those who hold their family's secret. Joined by a team of young and tough aspiring investigators, Leonid must gain the trust of wary socialites, outsmart vengeful thugs, and, above all, serve the truth -- no matter the cost.  


Good Girls Love Thugs - Shvonne Latrice Cover Art

Good Girls Love Thugs

Good Girls Love Thugs Adult Version by Shvonne Latrice

Good Girls Love Thugs is about four young best friends, whose lives change dramatically after getting caught up with the extremely sought after “King brothers” Kendrick, Kendreeis, and Kendon. The King brothers run the biggest drug operation in Baltimore, MD where money and women are the least of their worries. Follow innocent Nic, crazy Christy, sensitive Morgan, and feisty Jessica as they deal with thirsty jump offs, vengeful exes, infidelity, and even some shady family members, in hopes of proving good girls can too be with thugs.


Blood Grove - Walter Mosley Cover Art

Blood Grove

Blood Grove by Walter Mosley

"Master of craft and narrative" Walter Mosley returns with this crowning achievement in the Easy Rawlins saga, in which the iconic  detective's loyalties are tested on the sun-soaked streets of Southern California (National Book Foundation)  It is 1969, and flames can be seen on the horizon, protest wafts like smoke though the thick air, and Easy Rawlins, the Black private detective whose small agency finally has its own office, gets a visit from a white Vietnam veteran. The young man comes to Easy with a story that makes little sense. He and his lover, a beautiful young woman, were attacked in a citrus grove at the city’s outskirts. He may have killed a man, and the woman and his dog are now missing. Inclined to turn down what sounds like nothing but trouble, Easy takes the case when he realizes how damaged the young vet is from his war experiences—the bond between veterans superseding all other considerations.   The veteran is not Easy’s only unlooked-for trouble. Easy’s adopted daughter Feather’s white uncle shows up uninvited, raising questions and unsettling the life Easy has long forged for the now young woman. Where Feather sees a family reunion, Easy suspects something else, something that will break his heart.   Blood Grove is a crackling, moody, and thrilling race through a California of hippies and tycoons, radicals and sociopaths, cops and grifters, both men and women. Easy will need the help of his friends—from the genius Jackson Blue to the dangerous Mouse Alexander, Fearless Jones, and Christmas Black—to make sense of a case that reveals the darkest impulses humans harbor.    Blood Grove is a novel of vast scope and intimate insight, and a soulful call for justice by any means necessary.  


Midnight and the Meaning of Love - Sister Souljah Cover Art

Midnight and the Meaning of Love

Midnight and the Meaning of Love by Sister Souljah

Sister Souljah, the New York Times bestselling author of The Coldest Winter Ever and Midnight, delivers her most compelling and enlightening story yet. With Midnight and The Meaning of Love, Souljah brings to her millions of fans an adventure about young, deep love, the ways in which people across the world express their love, and the lengths that they will go to have it. Powerful and sensual, Midnight is an intelligent, fierce fighter and Ninjutsu-trained ninja warrior. He attracts attention wherever he goes but remains unmoved by it and focuses on protecting his mother and sister and regaining his family’s fortunes. When Midnight, a devout Muslim, takes sixteen-year-old Akemi from Japan as his wife, they look forward to building a life together, but their tumultuous teenage marriage is interrupted when Akemi is kidnapped and taken back to Japan by her own father, even though the marriage was consummated and well underway. “There’s not one drop of inferiority in my blood,” Midnight says as he first secures his mother, Umma, and sister, Naja, before setting off on a global journey to reclaim his wife. Midnight must travel across three countries and numerous cultures in his attempt to defeat his opponent. Along this magnificent journey he meets people who change him forever, even as he changes them. He encounters temptations he never would have imagined and takes risks that many a lesser man would say no to, all for the women he loves and is sworn to protect.


So Deep in My Feelings 2: A Hood Love Tale - Myss Shan Cover Art

So Deep in My Feelings 2: A Hood Love Tale

So Deep in My Feelings 2: A Hood Love Tale by Myss Shan

With the loss of her brother and then Self being killed right in front of her, Cioni is starting to feel like she might be the one under attack. With a new baby on the way, she is ready to spark things back up with Ledge, but the only problem is, things have changed drastically for him. He is deep in the game, and no one around him wants to see him make it to the top. But as long as the two of them have love, nothing or no one will stop them right?  Madden has moved on with her new boo and ready to start her new life. Things are perfect, but her old meddling ways eventually comes back to haunt her. She is no longer letting things slide and is out to get those whom she felt has gotten her. Soon, she realizes that she might be in over her head..


I Won't Cry - Shaquanda Dalton Cover Art

I Won't Cry

I Won't Cry by Shaquanda Dalton

From Best Selling Author of "When Love Hurts" comes part 2 of the dramatic love story. Jessica has survived her abusive relationship with Chris, but now she's pregnant with his child. After being thrown out of his apartment and being left homeless, Jessica is determined to keep her independence from him. Even if it means being temporarily dependent on her two best friends Jaylen and his brother Malcolm. But Jessica has another problem. When Jessica's baby is born Chris refuses to claim he's the father and Jessica now has to prove that he is. But what happens when the paternity test come back and it's not what anyone expected? Is it possible that she could be wrong about true father of her child? Turn the pages and join Jessica as she tries to keep her life from falling into shambles all over again.


Loving The Wrong Man 4 - Mia Black Cover Art

Loving The Wrong Man 4

Loving The Wrong Man 4 by Mia Black

After all they been through, Jazmine and Evan are now faced with a life altering event, that could end their budding romance forever. Find out what happens in the final installment of Loving The Wrong Man!


Wrath - Victoria Christopher Murray Cover Art


Wrath A Novel by Victoria Christopher Murray

The award-winning author of Lust , Envy , and Greed delivers an unforgettable story of a marriage caught at the crossroads of passion and rage. Chastity Jeffries and Xavier King come from very different backgrounds, though they have one thing in common: they’re both living with family secrets. Chastity is the only child of a prominent pastor and has been raised with privilege, but her father’s testimony as a philanderer and her mom’s role as dutiful wife have tainted her view of love. Xavier never knew his father, and his mother abandoned him. His grandmother raised him in a household built on cruelty and violence instead of love and acceptance, instilling in him a fear of abandonment and an enormous sense of insecurity. Sparks fly when Chastity and Xavier meet, and their whirlwind romance feels almost too good to be true. Chastity is swept off her feet, but before long, cracks begin to show in Xavier’s perfect façade, and it is only a matter of time before that façade comes crumbling down. When Xavier’s wrath erupts at a level Chastity has never seen, who will it destroy forever?


Butterfly 3 - Ashley Antoinette Cover Art

Butterfly 3

Butterfly 3 by Ashley Antoinette

“One of the biggest names in urban-fiction.” - Red Carpet Crash on Butterfly The hardest thing Morgan Atkins has ever done is let go of love. After losing Messiah, she never thought she’d find someone who understood her again. Until she reunited with Ahmeek Harris and their friendship quickly transformed into something deeper, but there was one problem... she was engaged to a man she didn’t love and he’s holding a deadly secret over her head. If that wasn’t enough, her long lost love Messiah returned to claim her as his own. Three men plus one woman equals inevitable heartbreak. Morgan wants to follow her heart and take the risk of a lifetime, but she risks destroying her family in the process. Will Morgan enter a loveless marriage? Or will Messiah and Ahmeek fix their brotherhood and work together to save the woman they both love?


Good Girls Love Thugs 4 - Shvonne Latrice Cover Art

Good Girls Love Thugs 4

Good Girls Love Thugs 4 by Shvonne Latrice

In the final installment of the Good Girls Love Thugs series, a new connect proves to be bad news for the brothers and their ladies. This is the first time business becomes unfortunately mixed with pleasure, and threatens the relationships of every single King brother. Can the couples make it, despite everyone trying to tear them apart? Or will they be able to prove their loyalty to one another, and come out on top.


The Dopeman's Wife - JaQuavis Coleman Cover Art

The Dopeman's Wife

The Dopeman's Wife Part 1 of the Dopeman's Trilogy by JaQuavis Coleman

Once the streets pull you in, they own you. Or at least that's the way it's been for Nautica. Growing up in the ‘hood, all she's ever known is the fast life—fast money ill-gotten through scandals and relentless scheming. But when a big scam nearly finishes her off, she decides to seek more out of life than the "hustle" and tries to make a new life for herself on the East Coast. It isn't long, though, before she falls in with Manny, a drug kingpin, who sweeps her off her feet. He promises to marry her and make her "Queen of the Street." Then everything falls apart. As their relationship unravels, both of their dark secrets are uncovered, pitting them against each other in this exciting tale of love and deception.


The Cartel 5 - Ashley & JaQuavis Cover Art

The Cartel 5

The Cartel 5 La Bella Mafia by Ashley & JaQuavis

When a Boeing 747 drops out of the sky with the men of the Cartel aboard, the women of the family have to step into their own. With the federal government on their heels and the family on the brink of destruction, a female dynasty is born. After the government's case is thwarted, the ladies plan to take the family legit. They head west to establish a new endeavor, but with new territory comes new problems. The Carter family name doesn't ring as loud as it did in Miami. It's a new set of gangsters, a new set of rules, as the Cartel finds problems with an Arabic millionaire. Even as the new Cartel struggles to go legit, trouble always finds a way into the family's circle. Larceny, deceit, and murder are all in the cards. The Cartel 5 is a page-turning thriller that promises to deliver. This mafia family tries to go corporate, but the streets won't let them. This is the rise of the female Cartel . . . La Bella Mafia.


Smoke - Joe Ide Cover Art


Smoke by Joe Ide

Isaiah Quintabe—an unlicensed detective for all seasons—and his best friend and masterful sidekick, Juanell Dodson, are at a crossroads in this latest installment of the "aggressively entertaining" IQ series ( New York Times ). This time, their lives may never be the same. Isaiah Quintabe is no longer IQ, the genius of East Long Beach; instead, he’s a man on the road and on the run, hiding in a small Northern California town when his room is broken into by a desperate young man on the trail of the state’s most prolific serial killer.   His old partner, Juanell Dodson, must go straight or lose his wife and child. His devil’s bargain? An internship at an LA advertising agency, where it turns out the rules of the street have simply been dressed in business casual, but where the aging company’s fortunes may well rest on their ability to attract a younger demographic. Dodson—”the hustler’s hustler”—just may be the right man for the job.   Ide is the crime writer’s crime writer, and he’s filled his best novel yet with desperate souls, courageous outcasts, an ex-stripper who’ll do anything to protect her son, and wild half-brothers who may be the very incarnation of evil.   With deft plotting, lacerating humor, and a keen eye for the ways in which characters rise or fall based on their ties to one another, Smoke is Joe Ide’s crowning achievement.  


A Lesson Before Dying - Ernest J. Gaines Cover Art

A Lesson Before Dying

A Lesson Before Dying A Novel by Ernest J. Gaines

“This majestic, moving novel is an instant classic, a book that will be read, discussed and taught beyond the rest of our lives.”— Chicago Tribune Winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award, A Lesson Before Dying is a deep and compassionate novel about a young man who returns to 1940s Cajun country to visit a black youth on death row for a crime he didn't commit. Together they come to understand the heroism of resisting. From the critically acclaimed author of A Gathering of Old Men and The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman .


Butterfly 2 - Ashley Antoinette Cover Art

Butterfly 2

Butterfly 2 by Ashley Antoinette

“One of the biggest names in Urban-fiction, Ashley Antoinette, is back … An intense start to this new series with characters that are real and genuine. It’s a story about love, trying to put the past behind and moving on with your life” - Red Carpet Crash on Butterfly Morgan Atkins is used to losing, but losing Messiah Williams was the most tragic of them all. Surely, after Messiah, no other man could compare. Settling with Sebastian Fredrick didn't seem like such an impossible task. He treated her well enough, he accepted her children, and he offered her entrance into a well-connected world. There was only one problem: he wanted to change her into someone else. The rules that went along with his lifestyle suffocated her and when Morgan reconnected with Messiah's crew, she no longer wanted to play by Bash’s rules. When she falls in love with Messiah's best friend, Ahmeek Harris, she knows she's headed for trouble. His presence heals her in a way that no man has ever been able to do before. Their love affair is electric. Morgan is uncertain about many thing but one thing she's sure of is that she can't let this feeling go. She goes out on a limb and risks it all just to be with Meek, but when Messiah reveals that he's still alive, the battle for one girl's heart just may lead to the demise of them all. She can only be queen to one man. Which one has the true key to her heart? Can Messiah make up for his mistakes or is it too late to save what they once had? Is Ahmeek a rebound or does he offer her something more? Does Bash even stand a chance? This second installment of the Butterfly series will leave you breathless.


Before We Were Wicked - Eric Jerome Dickey Cover Art

Before We Were Wicked

Before We Were Wicked by Eric Jerome Dickey

New York Times bestselling author Eric Jerome Dickey reveals how one chance meeting can change everything in this engrossing, sexy tale of star-crossed lust. They say the love of money is the root of all evil, but for Ken Swift, it's the love of a woman. Ken is twenty-one, hurting people for cash to try to pay his way through college, when he lays eyes on Jimi Lee, the woman who will change the course of his entire life. What's meant to be a one-night stand with the Harvard-bound beauty turns into an explosion of sexual chemistry that neither can quit. And when Jimi Lee becomes pregnant, their two very different worlds collide in ways they never could have anticipated. Passion, infidelity, and raw emotion combine in Eric Jerome Dickey's poignant, erotic portrait of a relationship: the rise, the fall, and the scars⁠—and desire⁠—that never fade.


Cuffed To A Savage 3 - Mia Black Cover Art

Cuffed To A Savage 3

Cuffed To A Savage 3 by Mia Black

Tae and her partner, Officer Briggs, have just taken fire, but that’s not the worst that has happened. While Officer Briggs lays dying, she wrestles with the harsh reality of his devastating injuries and what it will do to her comrades and the horrible truth that Young, her secret lover, may be involved. Forced to choose between the man she loves and the oath she took when she joined the force, Tae faces a crisis of morality and a deeply personal crisis about her own life and how much it will change with or without Young’s freedom.


Cuffed To A Savage 4 - Mia Black Cover Art

Cuffed To A Savage 4

Cuffed To A Savage 4 by Mia Black

Tae made her choice the moment she took a fellow officer’s life. Now, she’s a fugitive on the run from the very people she swore to uphold above all else. But in this strange new world, she voluntarily became a part of, blackmail, among many other crimes, is punishable by death, especially when the target of that blackmail is someone she loves.  Can the once respected officer outrun the law and live happily-ever-after with Young or has she gotten in way over her head and sealed her fate by choosing to love a man who lives by the street code?


A Moment of Silence - Sister Souljah Cover Art

A Moment of Silence

A Moment of Silence Midnight III by Sister Souljah

In this electrifying novel, New York Times bestselling author and “an important voice in American literature” (Jada Pinkett Smith) Sister Souljah returns to the story of her beloved character, Midnight. Handsome, young, Muslim, and married to two women living in one house along with his mother, Umma, and sister, Naja: can Midnight manage all that he has on his plate? He is surrounded by Americans who don’t share or understand his faith or culture, and adults who are offended by his maturity, intelligence, and his natural ability to make his hard work turn into real money. He is calm, confident, and cool, Ninja-trained and powerful, but one moment of rage throws this Brooklyn youth into a dark world of dirty police, gangs, guns, drugs, prisons, and dangerous inmates. Everything he ever believed, every dollar he ever earned, and all of the women he ever loved—including his mother—are at risk. Will his manhood be taken, broken, or altered? Can he maintain his faith? Outnumbered, overruled, and deeply envied—how can he possibly survive? Will the streets convert him? What can he keep? What must he lose?


Taking What's Hers 5 - Mia Black Cover Art

Taking What's Hers 5

Taking What's Hers 5 by Mia Black

Kiyana has made numerous enemies and is now on the run. With her mind set on getting rid of Ty and saving Candice from making a terrible mistake, Kiyana has to reach out to the one person who she never thought she would. But can she come up with a plan before it’s too late?  Find out what happens in part five of Taking What's Hers!


His Dirty Secret 7 - Mia Black Cover Art

His Dirty Secret 7

His Dirty Secret 7 by Mia Black

After dealing with the devastating trauma in Atlanta, Jayla went to Houston in search of fresh start, far from the drama that used to plague her life. Soon after she settles in, she has an unexpected encounter with what seems to be the perfect man. Yet Jayla has been down this road before and is determined to never find herself in that position again. Unfortunately for her it is easier said than done.  Will Jayla’s hopes for a brighter future come true or will drama find her in a new town?


Secrets Of A Sugar Baby 5 - Mia Black Cover Art

Secrets Of A Sugar Baby 5

Secrets Of A Sugar Baby 5 by Mia Black

Jae’s opportunity for a happily ever after has finally arrived, but not everyone is as excited as she is.  Darryl can’t wait for the day he will make Jae his wife, but he worries that his secrets will be exposed before that happens. Blake wants to do the right thing and let Jae go, but his heart and his wounded ego won’t let him. No matter how hard he tries to stay out of her happy life with Darryl, he can’t, and neither can Darryl’s ex. With so many complicated entanglements and far too many secrets, will Jae and Darryl’s relationship survive? Find out what happens in part five of Secrets Of A Sugar Baby!


A Home for the Billionaire 7 - Kiera Zane Cover Art

A Home for the Billionaire 7

A Home for the Billionaire 7 by Kiera Zane

NEW RELEASE -- MUST READ FOR LOVERS OF INTERRACIAL BWWM BILLIONAIRE ROMANCE! When hard-working real estate agent, Danika Marshall, finds herself falling in love with her mysterious client, Jordan Bradshaw, will she be able to find a home for this secret billionaire before she loses her heart to his games? This book has sizzling sexual content and is meant for mature readers only. As hard working real estate agent, Danika Marshall tries again and again to match her mysterious new client Jordan Bradshaw with the perfect home, she finds herself falling for a man she knows next to nothing about. Caught between business and pleasure, Danika crosses line after line as the passion between her and Jordan grows. But is Jordan's heart true even as he keeps his identity a secret? Or is he just another high roller playing games with Danika's head and heart? Find out in this fast-paced romantic adventure, A Home for the Billionaire, Book 7 of 9 of the A Home for the Billionaire Serial. If you prefer not to read in installments, grab the whole story arc with the 9-Book Boxed Set Bundle! If You LOVE Interracial Billionaire Romance, Grab Your Copy Today.


Taking What's Hers 6 - Mia Black Cover Art

Taking What's Hers 6

Taking What's Hers 6 by Mia Black

Kiyana is tired of living in fear, but until someone stops her sadistic ex and his cohort, she’ll have to continue living that way. When her longtime friend Darrin comes up with a full-proof plan to eliminate her problem, but executing those plans becomes difficult as their attraction to each other grows. Candice is trying to trust what Zerek says, but that’s hard to do when his words tell her one thing and his actions prove he’s not entirely ready to leave the streets behind him. Little do they know that he may be in more danger than either can imagine. Find out what happens when love, betrayal, and desperation collide in this heart-racing installment of Taking What’s Hers!


The Black Mans Bible - The God 720 Cover Art

The Black Mans Bible

The Black Mans Bible by The God 720

This is the first book of it’s kind. It details a young black males struggles with the world, gangs, religions, drugs, women and love. Throughout the course of all this he reads enriched scholarly material which changes his view of the world over and over again as he gets older. He battles health after he goes through a traumatic experience with the delivery of his first child. So he delivered his second at home. The video of the home delivery is in the book. In the book he detailes how he finds himself throughout history repeatedly in different times periods. He also gives vivid description of his experiences with the secret art of Pimping. Then, after becoming an online Entrprenuer, he travels to Germany and China for free. He has struggles with trying to become a rapper and ends up being forced to do so. He has compiled a multitiude of experiences that are dissected through the abstract different types of black males. This is the book of the century and definently the guide for any black male lost in the western world.


Shawty got a Savage Heart on Lock: Kayo & Nessa - Tink Richardson Cover Art

Shawty got a Savage Heart on Lock: Kayo & Nessa

Shawty got a Savage Heart on Lock: Kayo & Nessa by Tink Richardson

They say you can't make someone love you...but then again the heart wants what it wants. Kenneth "kayo" Richardson didnt believe in the word love. Only thing he believed in was getting money and fulfilling his lustful desires with any woman he pleases. When fate come into play he crosses paths with Nessa Copeland. Nessa is dope when it comes to doing hair. She hopes one day to own her own salon, but her jealous spiteful boss just doesnt want to see her win. In the process of trying to save her parents life from none other than Kayo, Nessa is risking it all. What starts out as a hateful relationship, turns into a inseparable romance. Kayo will have to choose between his bachelor lifestyle or giving Nessa his heart and learning to love.


Nairobi Heat - Mukoma Wa Ngugi Cover Art

Nairobi Heat

Nairobi Heat Roman by Mukoma Wa Ngugi

In einem reichen, weißen Vorort von Madison/Wisconsin wird eine junge blonde Frau tot aufgefunden. Das Haus, vor dem die Tote liegt, gehört einem afrikanischen Professor, der für seine Rettungstaten während des Völkermords in Ruanda weltweit als Held verehrt wird. Der schwarze ­Detective, der in dem Fall ermittelt, fliegt aufgrund eines mysteriösen Anrufs nach Nairobi, Kenia, wo er zusammen mit seinem afrikanischen Kollegen der Vergangenheit des Professors auf die Spur kommen will. Schnell wird klar, dass es hier um viel mehr geht als den Tod eines weißen Mädchens. Es entwickelt sich eine heiße Jagd in einem Sumpf von Korruption, Intrigen und Gewalt. Gleichzeitig ist es auch die Konfrontation des Detectives aus den reichen USA mit Afrika, seiner Geschichte und Kultur, und nicht zuletzt mit der eigenen Identität…


Love on the Low 2 - Mia Black Cover Art

Love on the Low 2

Love on the Low 2 by Mia Black

Mika knows making her feelings for Royce known will change everything. All she has to do is focus on her new job and creating a new life for herself, but that’s easier said than done when the man she loves is right in front of her face…with another woman. There’s no denying that Royce wants Mika, but his life is complicated, and now that he’s added Lacresha to it, it’s even more complicated than he could have imagined. If he gives into his desires, he fears what will happen. If he ignores his feelings, he fears what he’ll do without Mika. Find out what happens in part two of Love On The Low!


Love On The Low 6 - Mia Black Cover Art

Love On The Low 6

Love On The Low 6 by Mia Black

Trill has ramped up his efforts to be the new go-to dealer in town. But as he grows his empire, he begins targeting his enemies. It just so happens, Royce and anyone he cares for will fall into that category. With a wedding in their near future, Mika worries that they’ll never get married, especially not with all that’s going on around them. The pressure is on for everyone. Royce and Mika have choices to make. In the meantime, Trill is ready to make a bold move – one that could be deadly.


Love On The Low 5 - Mia Black Cover Art

Love On The Low 5

Love On The Low 5 by Mia Black

This should be the happiest time of their lives, but Mika and Royce’s life is full of turmoil behind the scenes. While Mika blissfully plans their wedding, Royce keeps an eye on what’s happening in the streets. With the new arrival of Trill, a new enemy working so hard to make a name for himself in the drug game, a turf war has made it almost impossible for Royce to continue with his plans to step away. And Mika has no idea how bad things have gotten. As Trill ramps up his efforts, Royce knows it’s only a matter of time before someone gets hurt. He just hopes that no one he cares about will get caught in the crossfire.


The Good Lord Bird - James McBride Cover Art

The Good Lord Bird

The Good Lord Bird A Novel by James McBride

Now a Showtime limited series starring Ethan Hawke and Daveed Diggs Winner of the National Book Award for Fiction From the bestselling author of  Deacon King Kong  (an Oprah Book Club pick) and  The Color of Water  comes the story of a young boy born a slave who joins John Brown’s antislavery crusade—and who must pass as a girl to survive. Henry Shackleford is a young slave living in the Kansas Territory in 1856--a battleground between anti- and pro-slavery forces--when legendary abolitionist John Brown arrives. When an argument between Brown and Henry's master turns violent, Henry is forced to leave town--along with Brown, who believes Henry to be a girl and his good luck charm. Over the ensuing months, Henry, whom Brown nicknames Little Onion, conceals his true identity to stay alive. Eventually Brown sweeps him into the historic raid on Harpers Ferry in 1859--one of the great catalysts for the Civil War. An absorbing mixture of history and imagination, and told with McBride's meticulous eye for detail and character,  The Good Lord Bird  is both a rousing adventure and a moving exploration of identity and survival.


Luxe - Ashley Antoinette Cover Art


Luxe A Novel by Ashley Antoinette

From the New York Times bestseller Ashley Antoinette, author of the Prada Plan series comes a boldly fierce and strikingly dramatic novel, Luxe. Bleu Montclair knew as a young girl that she would one day escape the hard, unrelenting streets of Flint, Michigan, and when her desperate prayers are answered in the form of a scholarship to UCLA, Bleu knows she's struck gold. But soon after arriving, all her beautiful, bright dreams begin to fall apart. Endless temptations abound in the form of cars, clothes, booze, drugs, and Bleu cannot keep up. When her roommate gives her the opportunity to make a lot of money fast, Bleu goes all in-and heads straight down a path of violence and addiction that only her newest protector, Iman, can save her from.


Money Devils 1 - Ashley & JaQuavis Cover Art

Money Devils 1

Money Devils 1 A Cartel Novel by Ashley & JaQuavis

From the New York Times bestselling authors of The Cartel series comes a new chapter in a world that only Ashley and JaQuavis know how to bring to life. The LaCroixs are four beautiful Haitian American women bound by money and blood. On the surface, the LaCroix Group is a venture capitalist company, but underneath, it’s so much more. The four sisters run long cons, targeting wealthy, prominent business figures. They have a system: Find the perfect mark, create the problem, then present the solution. For a cost… Sutton “Sutty” LaCroix, the eldest sister and an accomplished business maven, sits on the family throne as the CEO of the LaCroix Group and is the face of their operation. No one is as good as Sutton when it comes to finding new prey. However, when Sutton meets West, a young, black oil tycoon—a man who represents a life she and her sisters vowed never to live—she breaks all the rules. The LaCroix sisters have a pact: to never settle down and leave roots in one place. But Sutton falls in love with West's good looks, charm, and old money. This means that West is a problem. When he inducts her into a high society of opulence, power, and generational wealth, Sutton finds herself torn between the love of her life and the love of her family.


Cuffed To A Savage 2 - Mia Black Cover Art

Cuffed To A Savage 2

Cuffed To A Savage 2 by Mia Black

Tae knew she shouldn’t have let it happen, but it did. Now, she has to somehow find a way to keep her relationship a secret, especially when Young is under investigation. As officers try to find enough evidence to send him away for a long time, Tae fears that her secret will be revealed. Not only will she lose her job, she’ll lose the man she can’t help but love. Will her bad decision lead to disaster?


When You Can't Let Go 2 - Mia Black Cover Art

When You Can't Let Go 2

When You Can't Let Go 2 by Mia Black

Marco knows what to say and what to do to get Jericka’s attention, but she’s not sure his intentions are real. She’s seen her fair share of guys who flash their money around like it means nothing to them. Life with Hov continues to spiral out of control. As things get worse at home, she questions her feelings about the man she’s loved for so long and the man who has piqued her curiosity. Maybe Marco is not as bad as she thought. Before she has time to absorb those thoughts, she learns that Hov has gotten himself in another situation. She does what she always does for him, but that kind gesture doesn’t protect her from what comes next. Find out what happens in part two of When You Can't Let Go!


Secrets Of A Sugar Baby 3 - Mia Black Cover Art

Secrets Of A Sugar Baby 3

Secrets Of A Sugar Baby 3 by Mia Black

Jae’s life is turned upside down when her secret relationship with Blake is exposed in the most devastating way.  Jae doesn’t know if she will ever be able to make up for what happened, but the one thing she can do is find out who revealed her shocking secret.  Find out what happens in part three of Secrets Of A Sugar Baby!


The Family Business 2 - Carl Weber & Treasure Hernandez Cover Art

The Family Business 2

The Family Business 2 by Carl Weber & Treasure Hernandez

In his typical jaw-dropping fashion, Carl Weber returns with part two of his New York Times bestselling Family Business series. He's brought along a friend in bestselling author Treasure Hernandez, and together they've added more drama and new family members to the mix. Welcome to the world of Duncans. By day they are upstanding citizens running one of New York's most respected car dealerships; but by night, they're criminals who control most of the East Coast drug traffic. No matter whether they're on their day or night jobs, one thing is true about the Duncans: there is never a dull moment to be found. Baby momma drama takes over the Duncan clan, as there is still uncertainty about who has fathered the Duncan sisters' new babies. Meanwhile, Orlando Duncan, the family's new CEO and a man with his own baby momma problems, has just developed a new product that may make the millionaire Duncans into billionaires. Orlando only has one obstacle in front of him, and it's not law enforcement or one of his family's many rivals. It's his mother, and she may be his most formidable opponent to date, because she's making the family take sides. Can a civil war within the Duncan family be averted before it tears them apart?


When You Can't Let Go 4 - Mia Black Cover Art

When You Can't Let Go 4

When You Can't Let Go 4 by Mia Black

The harder Hov tries to get his family back, the more difficult it is for Jericka to move forward with Marco. Complicating matters, she and Hov have a child together. It becomes increasingly impossible to shut one man out completely and embrace a new love entirely when there’s so much at stake and so much history to contend with. Hov’s showing no sign of slowing down. Now, Jericka has to wonder how much more will Marco put up with before he decides she’s not worth the struggle. Find out what happens in part four of When You Can't Let Go!


We'll Make It Through - Shaquanda Dalton Cover Art

We'll Make It Through

We'll Make It Through by Shaquanda Dalton

From Best Selling Author of "When Love Hurts" and "I Won't Cry" comes part 3 of the dramatic love story.JaylenHe was able to convince his girlfriend Angela to forgive him after having a baby with his best friend Jessica. Now, not even one month later, he finds out she's cheating on him and that the baby she's carrying might not be his after all.JessicaShe's finally gotten a grip on her life and tries her best to downplay her intense love for her best friend Jaylen. When James comes into the picture he's the perfect distraction. She can't find a thing wrong with him! But when they finally get intimate and she find out that the one thing he can't come to plate with is his sex game. After a few unsatisfying nights, Jess contemplates asking her friend Jaylen for a favor. But how important is sex in a relationship? Is it worth risking the relationship for a one time fling? But when it's time to face the consequences of their actions Jaylen and Jessica's friendship will be put through the ultimate test. Will they make through and work thing out? Or will it crumble and result to nothing more than a memory?


The Darkest Child - Delores Phillips & Tayari Jones Cover Art

The Darkest Child

The Darkest Child A Novel by Delores Phillips & Tayari Jones

Pakersfield, Georgia, 1958: Thirteen-year-old Tangy Mae Quinn is the sixth of ten fatherless siblings. She is the darkest-skinned among them and therefore the ugliest in her mother, Rozelle’s, estimation, but she’s also the brightest. Rozelle—beautiful, charismatic, and light-skinned—exercises a violent hold over her children. Fearing abandonment, she pulls them from school at the age of twelve and sends them to earn their keep for the household, whether in domestic service, in the fields, or at “the farmhouse” on the edge of town, where Rozelle beds local men for money.   But Tangy Mae has been selected to be part of the first integrated class at a nearby white high school. She has a chance to change her life, but can she break from Rozelle’s grasp without ruinous—even fatal—consequences?


Though I Stumble - Kim Cash Tate Cover Art

Though I Stumble

Though I Stumble by Kim Cash Tate

Four women, one weekend, and their lives will never be the same. Stephanie London thought she’d heard from God when she moved to Hope Springs, N.C. But a tragedy in that small town left her soul desolate. Now her husband’s inattentiveness has pushed her over the edge. Bereft of hope, she travels home to St. Louis as a women’s ministry conference kicks off. Though less than enthused to attend, new friendships offer strength and light. But what happens when the weekend ends and real life begins again? Treva Langston grieves still the loss of her husband of twenty-two years. Now, two years later, her heart is breaking again as her oldest daughter’s travails come to light. Traveling from DC to St. Louis for a women’s conference seems the last thing she should do, given the circumstances. But in St. Louis her path crosses with someone new—and her world turns upside down. Will it only lead to more heartbreak? Jillian Mason can’t wait to attend the Living Word women’s conference. She’s done their Bible studies for years and expects God to show up in an amazing way. But the weekend delivers something unexpected—a discovery about her husband. As the state of her marriage hangs in the balance, Jillian is suddenly anxious about returning home. Faith Langston has always been a girl after God’s heart. She loves Living Word studies and registered early for the conference. But at the end of her college sophomore year, she finds herself in circumstances she never imagined—with a heart that has strayed from God. She makes it to St. Louis nonetheless, with her boyfriend in tow—but how will she find her way back to God? Four women in different seasons of life converge at a women’s conference—with a theme that charges them to run “in hot pursuit” for Christ. But how do they run when challenges seem insurmountable? And can they help one another navigate the difficult terrain? “The author has a gift for bringing God’s love and light into even the darkest situation.”   — Romantic Times ( The Color of Hope )


His Dirty Secret 3: Kim's Story - Mia Black Cover Art

His Dirty Secret 3: Kim's Story

His Dirty Secret 3: Kim's Story by Mia Black

After many more passion-filled encounters with Lloyd, Kim is all in and can’t see herself with anyone but him. Yet things quickly changes when Lloyd suddenly goes ghost on her. With Kim not being able to get a hold of him and him not calling, this causes her to ponder how events have played out between the two. Did she scare him off? Or did Lloyd just reveal his true colors?  Find out what happens in part three of His Dirty Secret: Kim's Story!


Over the Fence - Mary Monroe Cover Art

Over the Fence

Over the Fence by Mary Monroe

In this page-turning novel set in the Depression-era South,  New York Times  bestselling author Mary Monroe transports readers to a small Alabama town where home is not always a sanctuary, and two neighboring families let pleasantries mask increasing resentment. . .   Bootlegging was Milton and Yvonne Hamilton’s ticket out of poverty, prison time, and plain bad luck. Now they’ve moved on—to a bigger, richer pool of clientele—right in their own respectable new middle-class backyard. And their growing friendship with seemingly-perfect couple Joyce and Odell Watson is proving golden in more ways than one . . .   As Milton soon learns, Odell is hiding an outside family and dubious business dealings. It’s the perfect recipe for a blackmail scheme that will help Milton hide his own dirty  secrets—even from Yvonne. Better yet, he can take ever more dangerous risks to ace out his  liquor-smuggling rivals—and add a lucrative temptation to his illicit services. And Yvonne, emboldened by her husband’s new gravy train, delights in tormenting Joyce about everything the snobbish matron doesn’t have—especially children.    But even a winning hand can be played too far. Pushed past their limits, Odell and Joyce will play on Milton’s careless boasting—to get him and Yvonne out of their lives for good.  And soon, a devastating frame-up will plunge one couple into a living nightmare—and set the stage for explosive retribution . . .


Block Party 3 - Al-Saadiq Banks Cover Art

Block Party 3

Block Party 3 Brick City Massacre by Al-Saadiq Banks

The trilogy to the Best Selling Block Party Series.


His Dirty Secret 5: Kim's Story - Mia Black Cover Art

His Dirty Secret 5: Kim's Story

His Dirty Secret 5: Kim's Story by Mia Black

After dealing with the drama, Kim tries to move on…but moving on is harder than she thought. Especially since Lloyd is making it his business to win her back. But just when she is about to give in and try it again with Lloyd, she meets a new man who appears to be everything she wants and more.  Find out what happens in part five of His Dirty Secret: Kim’s Story!


Love On The Low 7 - Mia Black Cover Art

Love On The Low 7

Love On The Low 7 by Mia Black

Mika and Royce have been through a lot more than either thought they could handle. Now that their wedding is off, it’s time for Mika to move on and heal her broken heart. She thinks Detroit is the perfect place to begin that journey. Her future looks brighter, but before she leaves, she meets someone new. The only problem is what looks like perfection may bring her life with Royce full-circle. Royce is consumed by rage. His sole focus is to get revenge for Keith’s murder, but he’s still pining over Mika and what they could have had together. He can’t get her out of his head and he’s not sure he’s completely ready to let her go – at least, not like this. The combination of revenge and heartache make him start to lose his grip and actively search for the man he blames for his losses.


When You Can't Let Go 3 - Mia Black Cover Art

When You Can't Let Go 3

When You Can't Let Go 3 by Mia Black

Jericka cautiously pursues a relationship with Marco, but her relationship with Hov keeps hanging over her head. Hov’s not ready to let her go, but Marco can be very persuasive. He’s everything Jericka never knew she wanted, but does he care enough to keep her out of harm’s way? Hov is desperate to get his girl back. He resorts to questionable behavior to try to win her back. His efforts, though, could jeopardize her new relationship. Find out what happens in part three of When You Can't Let Go!


The Cartel Deluxe Edition, Part 2 - Ashley & JaQuavis Cover Art

The Cartel Deluxe Edition, Part 2

The Cartel Deluxe Edition, Part 2 Books 4 and 5 by Ashley & JaQuavis

The Cartel series by street lit superstars Ashley & JaQuavis has been a consistent New York Times bestseller, full of their trademark fast-paced drama, deceit, and plot twists that leave readers shocked. Now fans can relive the story of the Diamond family in this second deluxe edition, containing books four and five. The Diamond family has survived murder, deceit, and betrayal. Through it all, they're still standing tall, and a new era has begun. After a failed attempt on her life, Breeze has moved into the queen's position by Zyir's side. Zyir has taken over the empire and locked down Miami's streets. He has the world in his palms, but there is always new blood ready to overthrow the throne. Young Carter has retired and moved away from the madness--that is, until he gets an unexpected visitor at his home. This person shakes up the whole family, causing chaos that threatens to bring down the Cartel for good. When a Boeing 747 drops out of the sky with the men of The Cartel aboard, the women of the family have to step into their own. With the federal government on their heels and the family on the brink of destruction, a female dynasty is born. After the government's case is thwarted, the ladies plan to take the family legit. They head west to establish a new endeavor, but with new territory comes new problems. The Carter family name doesn't ring as loud as it did in Miami. It's a new set of gangsters, a new set of rules, as the Cartel finds problems with an Arabic millionaire. Even as the new Cartel struggles to go legit, trouble always finds a way into the family's circle. Larceny, deceit, and murder are all in the cards.


Family Business - Book I - Vanessa Miller Cover Art

Family Business - Book I

Family Business - Book I by Vanessa Miller

When Street meets Jesus... Anything can happen. Demetrius Shepherd is the only son of Don Shepherd, a notorious gangster who ruled the streets of Ohio with an iron fist. He spent many years grooming his son in their business. Loyalty to the family was expected at all cost, but when Demetrius breaks the rules and goes against the family, only God can stop the wrath of Don Shepherd. Angel Barnes always thought she would follow in the footsteps of her beloved father and become a preacher. But after her father messed up and destroyed their family, Angel wants nothing to do with the life she once knew. By the time she meets Demetrius Shepherd, Angel resembles nothing of the child she used to be. Demetrius believes that he and Angel are cut from the same cloth and he is betting on a lifetime of love with her. But Demetrius will soon discover that while the Shepherd's family business is full of gambling, stealing and killing, the Barnes' family is in the business of saving souls. Demetrius is caught between a rock and a hard place because he wants no part of either business, but for the sake of family, he and Angel will have to choose one.  ~~~~ Angel and Demetrius were destined to be together. Not because of the unyielding love they have for one another, but because of the child who will be born with the knowledge of God and the streets. This son will proclaim the truth of God to the nations and will one day change the outlook of the Shepherd family business… but you'll have to continue reading the Family Business series to discover how this comes to be.


Samurai - Jamila Jasper Cover Art


Samurai by Jamila Jasper

★ BOOK I in a smokin' hot Asian Man & Black Woman interracial romance novella series. Each filthy hot, delightfully romantic novella will keep you turning the page until you get to the end. Kenji & Hassana have an epic story that every interracial romance reader is guaranteed to love. Read today before the discount ends...★ There are 3 high ranking positions in the Miyamoto family mafia. To gain rank, you must complete ritual assassinations from "The List" — a list of Miyamoto Mafia Enemies The life in the Miyamoto Mafia runs by stringent rules.  You must be branded. You must remain celibate. No eating meat. No drinking liquor. No smoking. No interracial relationships. Purity is everything. 純度がすべてです  BOOK ONE Never, ever fall for a dangerous killer. Hassana broke her own rules the moment she laid eyes on Kenji Miyamoto. He's a single father, a hottie covered in tatts who knows how to work a 3-piece-suit... And the most dangerous man in Tokyo. When Kenji looks at Hassana for the first time, he sees the real her. He sees beyond her modest scarf, her bashful gaze, and her school teacher's shyness. Kenji unlocks the bad girl buried within the Nigerian-American school teacher so many miles away from home. When she finds out the truth about him, their lives change forever. ⚠ A tale of two hearts joined together despite cultural and emotional barriers. Kenji is a super-alpha determined to protect his innocent black princess, the queen of his heart. Dive into their journey, the debut AMBW romance novella by Jamila Jasper. 


Benita Renee Jenkins - Lorisa Bates Cover Art

Benita Renee Jenkins

Benita Renee Jenkins Diva Secret Agent by Lorisa Bates

This first edition of the action-packed urban series centers on a young Brooklyn hairstylist who finds herself in the wrong place at the right time. Growing up in "Do or Die Bed Stuy" Brooklyn, Benita Renee Jenkins has everything going for her--a great job, loving family, loads of friends, and the hope of one day becoming a crime scene investigator. However, things change when she unknowingly crosses paths with Miguel Perkins, a hot secret agent working for a clandestine agency created to throw the book at the most untouchable of bad guys. He is hell-bent on recruiting Benita to infiltrate the life of an ex-gang banger who has built his music empire on corruption. When Benita is set up for a crime she didn't commit, Perkins gives her a choice: go to jail or come work for him. She knows she must give up her old life to keep the ones she loves safe. With combat training and a full-fledged makeover, this former hairstylist turned secret agent plans to take down the bad guys one thug at a time.


Can't Get Enough - Yahrah St. John Cover Art

Can't Get Enough

Can't Get Enough by Yahrah St. John

Whoever said finding love was easy was lying because Layla James and her friends Reese, Chanel and Skye can't catch a break. If it's not old loves being resurrected, they're encountering exciting new conquests and forbidden one-night stands. These four Atlanta natives are finding that the quest to find Mr. Right is as treacherous as walking a tight rope. At times insightful and at times hilarious, you'll cheer their navigation of the road called Love while maintaining the enduring bond of friendship. Will they make it to the other side and find a lasting, enduring love or will their dreams go up in flames? You'll have to read the book to find out, but one thing is for sure, you won't be able to get enough of the fabulous lives and loves of these remarkable women.


The Ways of White Folks - Langston Hughes Cover Art

The Ways of White Folks

The Ways of White Folks Stories by Langston Hughes

A collection of vibrant and incisive short stories depicting the sometimes humorous, but more often tragic interactions between Black people and white people in America in the 1920s and ‘30s. One of the most important writers to emerge from the Harlem Renaissance, Langston Hughes is best known as a poet, but these stories showcase his talent as a lively storyteller. His work blends elements of blues and jazz, speech and song, into a triumphant and wholly original idiom. Stories included in this collection: "Cora Unashamed" "Slave on the Block" "Home" "Passing" "A Good Job Gone" "Rejuvenation Through Joy" "The Blues I'm Playing" "Red-Headed Baby" "Poor Little Black Fellow" "Little Dog" "Berry" "Mother and Child" "One Christmas Eve" "Father and Son"


Exiled - Jessica Cage Cover Art


Exiled by Jessica Cage

A forbidden love, a crazed Alpha wolf, and a man on the run!  Alpha's word is law. Malcom lived by the creed. He put his life on the line for it countless times. That was until he met Serene. His love for the human woman was against pack law. When forced to choose between her and the pack, he chose love. Once his closest friend, the Alpha Vincent, showed him no mercy. Serene was taken away and Malcom was exiled from his home. Left to live a life on the run, Malcom lost faith in the people he once considered family. Years later Stephanie, the Alpha's sister, finds Malcom living a life of solitude. Her brother has gone mad and seeks vengeance against those he believes has betrayed him and Malcom's name is at the top of the list. Against her better judgment, she asks Malcom to return home and help save their people from the Alpha who threatens to bring war to their home.  Will Malcom decide to help save the people who turned their backs on him, or will he let them suffer at the hands of a mad man? Exiled is the first book of The Alpha Series by USA Today-Best Selling Author, Jessica Cage.  If you enjoy shifters, stories of betrayal, and a fight for survival, Download your copy today! 


Lust - Victoria Christopher Murray Cover Art


Lust A Seven Deadly Sins Novel by Victoria Christopher Murray

From the NAACP Image award winner and national bestselling author Victoria Christopher Murray, a novel inspired by the seven deadly sins about a woman caught between an entertainment mogul with a shady past and his childhood friend who is out for revenge. Is lust a sin? Tiffanie has lived a sheltered life in a very strict household with her pastor grandfather and her grandmother in Washington, D.C. But when she meets Damon, she falls for the successful entertainment businessman despite his history as a drug dealer. Everyone sees a bright future for the couple—yet when Tiffanie meets Trey, her lustful feelings leave her confused just days before her wedding. Trey is Damon’s childhood best friend with whom he built a successful drug business. But when the game got hot and Damon decided to leave, Trey stayed and continued to sell drugs until he was arrested and spent seven years in prison. Now he’s out and able to attend the wedding. While Damon is thrilled to have Trey back and hopes to bring his best friend into his business, Trey has other plans. And in the end, there will only be one man standing... Includes a reading group guide with an author Q&A and discussion questions for book clubs.


Taking What's Hers 8 - Mia Black Cover Art

Taking What's Hers 8

Taking What's Hers 8 by Mia Black

Kiyana can’t believe how quickly things turned around. Just when she thought the pieces of her life were falling back into place, she finds herself on the wrong end of a deadly battle. With no viable options and everything, including love and friendship, stacked against her, any decision she makes could change the course of her life. Find out what happens in the final installment of Taking What’s Hers!


His Dirty Secret 6: Kim's Story - Mia Black Cover Art

His Dirty Secret 6: Kim's Story

His Dirty Secret 6: Kim's Story by Mia Black

Kim has done the unthinkable! Just when she took one step forward, she finds herself taking two steps backward. One wild night drastically changes her life, and brings her a whole new level of drama.  Find out what happens in part six of His Dirty Secret: Kim’s Story!


Reckless - Keisha Ervin Cover Art


Reckless by Keisha Ervin

For four years, Farrah has been Khalil's lover, friend, confidant, and more. In return, he's lied, cheated, and disregarded her feelings. Despite the disapproval of her family and friends, Farrah has stayed true to this self-destructive, irresponsible alcoholic. But as her career as a celebrity stylist begins to skyrocket, Khalil's is faltering, and he uses this as an excuse to treat her even worse. Farrah finally faces the fact that Khalil will never change. Struggling to come to grips with their broken relationship, Farrah finds herself turning to his friend, Mills. He's everything Khalil isn't. Despite his feelings for Farrah, Mills can't give in to temptation because he already has a girlfriend. Little does Mills know that while he fights temptation, his girlfriend, Jade, is filling the void of their lackluster relationship by sleeping with NBA superstar Rock. Based on a true story, Reckless is an emotional, scandalous roller coaster ride. Everyone is seeking happiness, but at what cost?


His Dirty Secret 7: Kim's Story - Mia Black Cover Art

His Dirty Secret 7: Kim's Story

His Dirty Secret 7: Kim's Story by Mia Black

Things have gone from bad to worse for Kim. Just as she’s decided that Santana is the man she wants, she has a new problem – one that she must keep secret from everyone. But that’s hard to do when the man she knew better than to waste her time with is following her every move. As things continue to heat up with Santana, life for Kim becomes more complicated. It’s only a matter of time before her secret is out, but first she has to figure out which man she’ll end up tied to for the next eighteen years. Find out what happens when steamy nights with Mr. Wrong and Mr. Might Be Right leads to them down a winding path. Someone’s life is about to change in a very big way. Find out what happens in His Dirty Secret: Kim’s Story!


His Dirty Secret 8: Kim's Story - Mia Black Cover Art

His Dirty Secret 8: Kim's Story

His Dirty Secret 8: Kim's Story by Mia Black

With a baby on the way, Kim couldn’t be more thrilled about moving to L.A. to start a new life with Santana, but first, she’ll have to find a way to convince her family and friends that the move is the best thing for her and their child. Can Kim finally have the strong, loving relationship she’s always craved or will the naysayers ruin her chances?


His Dirty Secret 9: Kim's Story - Mia Black Cover Art

His Dirty Secret 9: Kim's Story

His Dirty Secret 9: Kim's Story by Mia Black

With her wedding plans in full swings, it’s hard for Kim to keep a smile on her face. Her family is stressing her. Santana’s new director is meddling and making it perfectly clear that she has eyes for him. On top of that, Kim should be focusing on having a healthy baby. Will the madness around her ever subside so she can begin a lifetime of new memories with the love of her life?


The Candidate Coroner - Paul Austin Ardoin Cover Art

The Candidate Coroner

The Candidate Coroner by Paul Austin Ardoin

Two contentious elections. One dead philanderer. A monumental conspiracy. In the midst of Acting Coroner Fenway Stevenson's reelection campaign, the body of a successful business owner is found in a pedestrian underpass—and she discovers that her young, hated stepmother is the prime suspect. As if that's not bad enough, further digging only exposes a money-laundering scheme that could implicate dozens of residents in the coastal town she calls home. Each clue she uncovers puts her in more danger. After an attempt on her life, and with more bodies piling up, how will Fenway solve the mystery, win the election—or simply save her own life?


Kingpin Wifeys Season 2 Part 4 The Black Widow - K. Elliott Cover Art

Kingpin Wifeys Season 2 Part 4 The Black Widow

Kingpin Wifeys Season 2 Part 4 The Black Widow by K. Elliott

Jada, Starr and TeTe show the world and their men that they are definitely in charge. Starr and Q’s relationship, already fragile to begin with, is further tested and Starr will not let history repeat itself. Jada has moved on from Shamari but he is still in love with her. How far will he go to make sure she stays loyal to him? TeTe has Black wrapped around her fingers but will a big misunderstand lead to his final downfall?