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Milk and Honey - Rupi Kaur Cover Art

Milk and Honey

Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

The book is divided into four chapters, and each chapter serves a different purpose. Deals with a different pain. Heals a different heartache. Milk and Honey takes readers through a journey of the most bitter moments in life and finds sweetness in them because there is sweetness everywhere if you are just willing to look.


Don't Tell Me Not to Ask Why - Samantha King Holmes Cover Art

Don't Tell Me Not to Ask Why

Don't Tell Me Not to Ask Why Poetry & Prose by Samantha King Holmes

Don’t Tell Me Not to Ask Why , Samantha King Holmes’s second solo poetry collection following her bestselling  Born to Love, Cursed to Feel , is a mirror that reflects our honest truths. Holmes’s poems are like little stories, hooking readers while navigating issues like body image, family relationships, loneliness, failed relationships, and finding belonging. Don’t Tell Me Not to Ask Why is a call to introspection, a demand for honesty, and an affirmation of second chances.


The Sun and Her Flowers - Rupi Kaur Cover Art

The Sun and Her Flowers

The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur

Divided into five chapters and illustrated by Kaur, the sun and her flowers is a journey of wilting, falling, rooting, rising, and blooming. A celebration of love in all its forms.   this is the recipe of life said my mother as she held me in her arms as i wept  think of those flowers you plant in the garden each year  they will teach you that people too must wilt fall root rise in order to bloom  


HER - Pierre Alex Jeanty Cover Art


HER by Pierre Alex Jeanty

"Her" is a collection of poetry and prose about women, their strengths and beauty. Every woman should know the feelings of being loved and radiating those feelings back to her mate. This is a beautiful expression of heartfelt emotion using short, gratifying sentiments. If there is a lover in you, you will not get enough of "Her."


2am Thoughts - Makenzie Campbell Cover Art

2am Thoughts

2am Thoughts by Makenzie Campbell

I met you at dusk. We loved till midnight. Then, you left me. 2am found me at my lowest. When the sun came up, I dried my tears, found my strength, and went on with my day. The poetry of 2am Thoughts condenses an entire relationship with its untamed emotions and experiences to a single day. As the long hours of the night drag on, so does the love, heartache, and loss. When the dawn breaks, the morning sun brings acceptance, healing, and recovery.


Winter Hours - Mary Oliver Cover Art

Winter Hours

Winter Hours Prose, Prose Poems, and Poems by Mary Oliver

"What good company Mary Oliver is!" the Los Angeles Times has remarked. And never more so than in this extraordinary and engaging gathering of nine essays, accompanied by a brief selection of new prose poems and poems. (One of the essays has been chosen as among the best of the year by The Best American Essays 1998, another by The Anchor Essay Annual.) With the grace and precision that have won her legions of admirers, Oliver talks here of turtle eggs and housebuilding, of her surprise at the sudden powerful flight of swans, of the "thousand unbreakable links between each of us and everything else." She talks of her own poems and of some of her favorite poets: Poe, writing of "our unescapable destiny," Frost and his ability to convey at once that "everything is all right, and everything is not all right," the "unmistakably joyful" Hopkins, and Whitman, seeking through his poetry "the replication of a miracle." And Oliver offers us a glimpse as well of her "private and natural self -- something that must in the future be taken into consideration by any who would claim to know me."


The Strength In Our Scars - Bianca Sparacino Cover Art

The Strength In Our Scars

The Strength In Our Scars by Bianca Sparacino

“The Strength In Our Scars” is Bianca Sparacino’s reminder to you: No matter what you’re going through, no matter where you are on your healing journey—you are strong. Through poetry, prose, and compassionate encouragement you would expect from someone who knows exactly what you’re working through, Sparacino is here with the words you need. “The Strength In Our Scars” tackles the gut-wrenching but relatable experiences of moving on, self-love, and ultimately learning to heal. In this book you will find peace, you will find a rock, you will find understanding, and you will find hope. Remember: Whatever is dark within you has also carved light into your soul. Whatever is lost within you has also brought you back home to yourself. Whatever is hurt within you is also healing you in ways you may not understand at that moment in time. This book hopes to show you that.


2Fish - Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo Cover Art


2Fish (a poetry book) by Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo

Grammy nominated singer/songwriter Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo has developed and refined a method of emoting through writing. 2Fish is a collection of intimate poems (and a few short stories) written by Chilombo from adolescence to adulthood, in no particular order. The book details Chilombo's thoughts in their most raw and honest form taken directly from a collection of notebooks she has kept since age 12.


The Odyssey - Homer & Emily Wilson Cover Art

The Odyssey

The Odyssey by Homer & Emily Wilson

A New York Times Notable Book of 2018 "Wilson’s language is fresh, unpretentious and lean…It is rare to find a translation that is at once so effortlessly easy to read and so rigorously considered." —Madeline Miller, author of Circe Composed at the rosy-fingered dawn of world literature almost three millennia ago, The Odyssey is a poem about violence and the aftermath of war; about wealth, poverty and power; about marriage and family; about travelers, hospitality, and the yearning for home. This fresh, authoritative translation captures the beauty of this ancient poem as well as the drama of its narrative. Its characters are unforgettable, none more so than the “complicated” hero himself, a man of many disguises, many tricks, and many moods, who emerges in this version as a more fully rounded human being than ever before. Written in iambic pentameter verse and a vivid, contemporary idiom, Emily Wilson’s Odyssey sings with a voice that echoes Homer’s music; matching the number of lines in the Greek original, the poem sails along at Homer’s swift, smooth pace. A fascinating, informative introduction explores the Bronze Age milieu that produced the epic, the poem’s major themes, the controversies about its origins, and the unparalleled scope of its impact and influence. Maps drawn especially for this volume, a pronunciation glossary, and extensive notes and summaries of each book make this is an Odyssey that will be treasured by a new generation of readers.


Stories of a Young Black Poet - Danielle Calhoun Cover Art

Stories of a Young Black Poet

Stories of a Young Black Poet 2-Volume Collection by Danielle Calhoun

This book tells the stories about my upbringing, my own experiences, and things my people and I endured every day in urban America.


Chicago Poems - Carl Sandburg Cover Art

Chicago Poems

Chicago Poems Unabridged by Carl Sandburg

Chicago Poems (1916) was Carl Sandburg's first-published book of verse. Written in the poet's unique, personal idiom, these poems embody a soulfulness, lyric grace, and a love of and compassion for the common man that earned Sandburg a reputation as a "poet of the people." Among the dozens of poems in this collection are such well-known verses as "Chicago," "Fog," "To a Contemporary Bunkshooter," "Who Am I?" and "Under the Harvest Moon," as well as numerous others on themes of war, immigrant life, death, love, loneliness, and the beauty of nature. These early poems reveal the simplicity of style, honesty, and vision that characterized all of Sandburg's work and earned him enormous popularity in the 1920s and '30s and a Pulitzer prize in poetry in 1951.


Cornhuskers - Carl Sandburg Cover Art


Cornhuskers by Carl Sandburg

This is an electronic edition of the complete book complemented by author biography. This book features a table of contents linked to every chapter. The book was designed for optimal navigation on the iPad, Kindle, PDA, Smartphone, and other electronic readers. It is formatted to display on all electronic devices including the Kindle, Smartphones and other Mobile Devices with a small display.


Shakespeare. Classics For Kids - Romeo and Juliet, Othello, Hamlet, Macbeth, A Midsummer Night's Dream, The Winter's Tale, As You Like It, King Lear and Other Tales Retold For Children - Charles Lamb & Mary Lamb Cover Art

Shakespeare. Classics For Kids - Romeo and Juliet, Othello, Hamlet, Macbeth, A Midsummer Night's Dream, The Winter's Tale, As You Like It, King Lear and Other Tales Retold For Children (Illustrated Edition) by Charles Lamb & Mary Lamb

In this wonderful book, Shakespeare's best tales are reduced to a simple level and retold in a more modern style that children -- and, of course, adults too -- could easily read and understand.  A great introduction to comprehend, interpret, evaluate, and appreciate Shakespeare's sonnets and plays. The collection features twenty plays: ● Romeo and Juliet ● Hamlet ● Othello ● A Midsummer Night's Dream ● Macbeth ● As You Like It ● Much Ado About Nothing ● The Winter's Tale ● The Tempest ● The Two Gentlemen of Verona ● The Merchant of Venice ● Cymbeline ● King Lear ● All's Well that Ends Well ● The Taming of the Shrew ● The Comedy of Errors ● Measure for Measure ● Twelfth Night, or What You Will ● Timon of Athens ● Pericles, Prince of Tyre A great intro!  A good summary!  The best guide to Shakespeare!


Amores - Ovid Cover Art


Amores by Ovid

Born in Sulmo outside of Rome, Ovid’s legacy is that of the greatest Roman erotic poet.   Publius Ovidius Naso (20 March 43 BC – AD 17/18) wrote 3 major collections of erotic poetry: Heroides , Amores , and Ars Amatoria . He is also well known for the Metamorphoses , a mythological hexameter poem. Ovid’s work didn’t just come to life on the page. His prose and descriptions captured the imaginations of Europeans for centuries, leading many artists to make art depicting the scenes described in the poetry. Ovid is still frequently taught in Latin courses around the world today, and his work remains influential.  Amores is Ovid's first completed book of poetry, written in Elegiac couplets. It was first published in 16 BC in 5 volumes of which 3 now survive. The book is frequently subversive and hilarious with its tropes, exaggerating common motifs and devices to the point of absurdity. The Amores are a poetic first person account of the poet's love affair with an unattainable higher class girl, Corinna. The plot is linear, with a few artistic digressions such as an elegy on the death of Tibullus.


Works of Anne Bradstreet - Anne Bradstreet Cover Art

Works of Anne Bradstreet

Works of Anne Bradstreet by Anne Bradstreet

19 works of Anne Bradstreet American poet (1612-1672) This ebook presents a collection of 19 works of Anne Bradstreet. A dynamic table of contents allows you to jump directly to the work selected. Table of Contents: - A Dialogue between Old England and New - A Letter to Her Husband, Absent upon Public Employment - Another II - Another - Before the Birth of One of Her Children - By Night when Others Soundly Slept - Contemplations - Deliverance from a Fit of Fainting - For Deliverance From A Fever - In Honour of that High and Mighty Princess, Queen Elizabeth - In Memory of My Dear Grandchild Elizabeth Bradstreet, Who Deceased August, 1665 Being a Year and a Half Old - In Reference to her Children, 23 June 1659 - Of the Four Ages of Man - The Author To Her Book - The Prologue - To Her Father with Some Verses - To my Dear and Loving Husband - Upon Some Distemper of Body - Verses upon the Burning of our House


Four Quartets - T.S. Eliot Cover Art

Four Quartets

Four Quartets by T.S. Eliot

The Four Quartets is a series of four poems by T.S. Eliot, published individually from 1936 to 1942, and in book form in 1943; it was considered by Eliot himself to be his finest work. Each of the quartets has five "movements" and each is titled by a place name -- BURNT NORTON (1936), EAST COKER (1940), THE DRY SALVAGES (1941), and LITTLE GIDDING (1942). Eliot's insights into the cyclical nature of life are revealed through themes and images woven throughout the four poems. Spiritual, philosophical, and personal themes emerge through symbolic allusions and literary and religious references from both Eastern and Western thought. The work addresses the connections of the personal and historical present and past, spiritual renewal, and the very nature of experience; it is considered the poet's clearest exposition of his Christian beliefs.


When It Comes to Love - Rama Kaba Cover Art

When It Comes to Love

When It Comes to Love a collection of poems by Rama Kaba

What does it mean to love unconditionally? Or simply, to believe in love? Employing the voices of child, mother, friend, sister, and lover, When It Comes to Love unveils why loving someone is worth the risk even when at times you don’t recognize the person you’ve become. Written with passionate, heart-felt, and bittersweet poems, When It Comes to Love shows there are no limits to heartache and forgiveness as old lovers unite, and friends and families grapple with intricate emotional ties. Despite the tempestuous uncertainty in relationships, is love the ultimate prize in life? Decide for yourself in this collection of poems. When It Comes to Love sees all the sides of love…


The Strange Hours Travelers Keep - August Kleinzahler Cover Art

The Strange Hours Travelers Keep

The Strange Hours Travelers Keep Poems by August Kleinzahler

Those aren't stars, darling That's your nervous system Nanna didn't take you to planetariums like this --from "Hyper-Berceuse: 3 A.M." August Kleinzahler's new poems stretch and go places he has never gone before: they have his signature high color and rhythmic jump, but they take on a breadth of voice and achieve registers that his earlier work only hinted at. Ranging from Vegas and Mayfair to the Asian steppes and contemporary Berlin, these poems touch down at will in tableaux where Liberace unceremoniously meets with St. Kevin and Attila with Zsa Zsa Gabor. Surprise after surprise, nothing seems to lie outside Kleinzahler's purview. This is the strongest collection to date from a poet with "the vision and confident skill to make American poetry new" (Clive Wilmer, The Times [London]).


The Tell-Tale Heart - Edgar Allan Poe Cover Art

The Tell-Tale Heart

The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe

"The Tell-Tale Heart" is a short story by Edgar Allan Poe first published in 1843. It follows an unnamed narrator who insists on his sanity after murdering an old man with a "vulture eye". The murder is carefully calculated, and the murderer hides the body by cutting it into pieces and hiding it under the floorboards. Ultimately the narrator's guilt manifests itself in the hallucination that the man's heart is still beating under the floorboards. It is unclear what relationship, if any, the old man and his murderer share. It has been suggested that the old man is a father figure or, perhaps, that his vulture eye represents some sort of veiled secret. The ambiguity and lack of details about the two main characters stand in stark contrast to the specific plot details leading up to the murder. The story was first published in James Russell Lowell's The Pioneer in January 1843. "The Tell-Tale Heart" is widely considered a classic of the Gothic fiction genre and one of Poe's most famous short stories.


The Odyssey - Homer, Robert Fagles & Bernard Knox Cover Art

The Odyssey

The Odyssey by Homer, Robert Fagles & Bernard Knox

The Odyssey is literature's grandest evocation of every man's journey through life. In the myths and legends that are retold here, renowned translator Robert Fagles has captured the energy and poetry of Homer's original in a bold, contemporary idiom and given us an edition of The Odyssey to read aloud, to savor, and to treasure for its sheer lyrical mastery. This is an edition to delight both the classicist and the general reader, and to captivate a new generation of Homer's students.


HIM - Pierre Jeanty Cover Art


HIM by Pierre Jeanty

The best-selling poet of  HER & HER Vol. 2  returns with a different voice, on a different path, but with the same mission. HIM is a collection of "he-poetry" in a world of "she-poems" that tends to only refer to him when speaking ill. Through poetry and prose, Pierre wears his heart on paper and pens a tribute to men; their undelivered feelings, unrecognized strength, their loud silence, and their neglected complaints. HIM celebrates good men, their love, their worth, and their beauty. The characteristics that often fall into the shadows are now brought to life.


She Felt Like Feeling Nothing - r.h. Sin Cover Art

She Felt Like Feeling Nothing

She Felt Like Feeling Nothing by r.h. Sin

There are moments when the heart no longer wishes to feel because everything it's felt up until then has brought it nothing but anguish. In  She Felt Like Feeling Nothing , r.h. Sin pursues themes of self-discovery and retrospection. With this book, the poet intends to create a safe space where women can rest their weary hearts and focus on themselves.


Whiskey Words & a Shovel I - r.h. Sin Cover Art

Whiskey Words & a Shovel I

Whiskey Words & a Shovel I by r.h. Sin

Originally released in 2015, this re-rerelease packs the same punch as the first version, but makes an even greater connection with the soul of the reader. Each piece has been re-seen and revamped to reflect the author’s continuing journey with his partner, Samantha King, without whom this book would not exist. Samantha is the muse, the “she” the writer speaks of; she is every woman who has felt like she wasn’t good enough, and every woman who struggles to find love.    


A propósito de tu boca - Jaime Lorente Cover Art

A propósito de tu boca

A propósito de tu boca by Jaime Lorente

Jaime Lorente nos presenta A propósito de tu boca , un poemario que lleva escribiendo desde que iba al colegio. Un texto personal y sensible sobre su visión del amor y de su forma de experimentarlo y vivirlo. En el libro conviven dos mundos muy extremos, uno muy blanco y otro más oscuro, que pertenecen a lo más íntimo del autor.


Stag's Leap - Sharon Olds Cover Art

Stag's Leap

Stag's Leap Poems by Sharon Olds

In this wise and intimate new book, Sharon Olds tells the story of a divorce, embracing strands of love, sex, sorrow, memory, and new freedom. As she carries us through the seasons when her marriage was ending, Olds opens her heart to the reader, sharing the feeling of invisibility that comes when we are no longer standing in love’s sight; the surprising physical bond that still exists between a couple during parting; the loss of everything from her husband’s smile to the set of his hip; the radical change in her sense of place in the world. Olds is naked before us, curious and brave and even generous toward the man who was her mate for thirty years and who now loves another woman. As she writes in the remarkable “Stag’s Leap,” “When anyone escapes, my heart / leaps up.  Even when it’s I who am escaped from, / I am half on the side of the leaver.” Olds’s propulsive poetic line and the magic of her imagery are as lively as ever, and there is a new range to the music—sometimes headlong, sometimes contemplative and deep. Her unsparing approach to both pain and love makes this one of the finest, most powerful books of poetry she has yet given us.


Love Her Wild - Atticus Cover Art

Love Her Wild

Love Her Wild Poems by Atticus

The first collection of poetry by Instagram sensation Atticus Love Her Wild  is a collection of new and beloved poems from Atticus, who has captured the hearts and minds of well over 300k followers on his Instagram account, @atticuspoetry, including superstars like Karlie Kloss and Shay Mitchell.  With honesty, poignancy, and romantic flare,  Love Her   Wild  captures what is both raw and relatable about the smallest and the grandest moments in life: the first glimpse of a new love, a late night drive singing along to a car radio, the irrepressible exuberance of the female spirit, the simple pleasure of a good whiskey. Atticus distills the most exhilarating highs and the heartbreaking lows of life and love into a few short lines, ensuring that his words will become etched in your mind—and will awaken your sense of adventure.


A Psalm for Us - Reyna Biddy Cover Art

A Psalm for Us

A Psalm for Us by Reyna Biddy

A Psalm for Us is Reyna "Biddy" Mays's soulful collection of prose, self-affirmations, spoken word poems, and short stories exploring questions of faith and self. 


Poesía de amor. De tus caderas a tus pies quiero hacer un largo viaje (Flash Poesía) - Pablo Neruda Cover Art

Poesía de amor. De tus caderas a tus pies quiero hacer un largo viaje (Flash Poesía)

Poesía de amor. De tus caderas a tus pies quiero hacer un largo viaje (Flash Poesía) by Pablo Neruda

El volumen Poesía de amor. De tus caderas a tus pies quiero hacer un largo viaje de la colección «Poesía portátil» reúne los mejores poemas de amor de Pablo Neruda. El Premio Nobel de Literatura Pablo Neruda es uno de los poetas en lengua española más leídos por todos los públicos, un autor que consiguió grabar en la memoria de jóvenes y adultos unos versos que se transmiten de generación a generación. Reunimos en este título algunos de los poemas de amor más emblemáticos de Neruda, desde sus primeros textos en Crepusculario o Veinte poemas de amor y una canción desesperada a sus Cien sonetos de amor . ------- « Desnuda eres tan simple como una de tus manos, lisa, terrestre, mínima, redonda, transparente. » -------


She Had Some Horses: Poems - Joy Harjo Cover Art

She Had Some Horses: Poems

She Had Some Horses: Poems by Joy Harjo

A new edition of the beloved volume by Joy Harjo, one of our foremost Native American poets. First published in 1983 and now considered a classic, She Had Some Horses is a powerful exploration of womanhood's most intimate moments. Joy Harjo's poems speak of women's despair, of their imprisonment and ruin at the hands of men and society, but also of their awakenings, power, and love.


Beowulf (Bilingual Edition) - Seamus Heaney Cover Art

Beowulf (Bilingual Edition)

Beowulf (Bilingual Edition) by Seamus Heaney

New York Times bestseller and winner of the Whitbread Award. Composed toward the end of the first millennium, Beowulf is the elegiac narrative of the adventures of Beowulf, a Scandinavian hero who saves the Danes from the seemingly invincible monster Grendel and, later, from Grendel's mother. He then returns to his own country and dies in old age in a vivid fight against a dragon. The poem is about encountering the monstrous, defeating it, and then having to live on in the exhausted aftermath. In the contours of this story, at once remote and uncannily familiar at the beginning of the twenty-first century, Nobel laureate Seamus Heaney finds a resonance that summons power to the poetry from deep beneath its surface. Drawn to what he has called the "four-squareness of the utterance" in ?Beowulf? and its immense emotional credibility, Heaney gives these epic qualities new and convincing reality for the contemporary reader.


yesterday i was the moon - Noor Unnahar Cover Art

yesterday i was the moon

yesterday i was the moon by Noor Unnahar

Noor Unnahar is a young female voice with power and depth. The Pakistani poet's moving, personal work collects and makes sense of the phases of collapsing and rebuilding one's self on the treacherous modern path from teenager to adult. Tinged with the heartbreak of a broken home and the complexity of a rich cultural background, yesterday i was the moon stands out from the Insta-poetry crowd as a collection worth keeping. yesterday i was the moon centers around themes of love and emotional loss, the catharsis of creating art, and the struggle to find one's voice. Noor's poetry ranges from succinct universal truths to flowery prose exploring her heritage, what it means to find a physical and emotional home, and the intimate and painful dance of self-discovery. Her poetry and art has already inspired thousands of fans on Instagram to engage with her words through visual journal entries and posts of their own, and her fan base only continues to grow.


Date & Time - Phil Kaye Cover Art

Date & Time

Date & Time by Phil Kaye

Phil Kaye’s debut collection is a stunning tribute to growing up, and all of the challenges and celebrations of the passing of time, as jagged as it may be. Kaye takes the reader on a journey from a complex but iridescent childhood, drawing them into adolescence, and finally on to adulthood. There are first kisses, lost friendships, hair blowing in the wind while driving the vastness of an empty road, and the author positioned in the middle, trying to make sense of it all. Readers will find joy and vulnerability, in equal measure. Date & Time is a welcoming story, which freezes the calendar and allows us all to live in our best moments.


Empty Bottles Full of Stories - r.h. Sin & Robert M. Drake Cover Art

Empty Bottles Full of Stories

Empty Bottles Full of Stories by r.h. Sin & Robert M. Drake

What are you hiding behind your smile? If those empty bottles that line the walls of your room could speak, what tales would they spill? So much of your truth is buried beneath the lies you tell yourself. There’s a need to scream to the moon; there’s this urge to go out into the darkness of the night to purge. There are so many stories living inside your soul, you just want the opportunity to tell them. And when you can’t find the will to express what lives within your heart, these words will give you peace. These words will set you free.


Soft - Kiana Azizian Cover Art


Soft by Kiana Azizian

There are great awakenings that come from loving and losing. It is in these moments that we really know and understand who we are. In soft, Kiana Azizian uses the repetition of being in love and suffering through heartbreak to heal, forgive, move on, and fall in love again. Self-discovery and reflection are powerfully, yet vividly portrayed in a way that only those who have been loved will understand.


Born to Love, Cursed to Feel - Samantha King Holmes Cover Art

Born to Love, Cursed to Feel

Born to Love, Cursed to Feel by Samantha King Holmes

Born to Love, Cursed to Feel is about love—the good, the bad, and the confusing. It touches on morals and how when emotions are involved it’s not as black and white. The poetry is frequently written in a narrative manner that evocatively pulls you in and makes you feel. This book is about falling in love, bad decisions, and ultimately growth. The essence of it all is to show that no matter how far one falls all the mistakes don’t have to be what defines them.


The T.S. Eliot Collection - T.S. Eliot Cover Art

The T.S. Eliot Collection

The T.S. Eliot Collection Collected Poems and Essays by T.S. Eliot

THE COLLECTED WORKS OF T.S. ELIOT - Prufrock, The Waste Land, Gerontion, Preludes, Plus Many, Many More Poems and Essays. A Superb Collection of Eliot's Major works - In One Beautifully Formatted Volume! T.S Eliot burst onto the literary scene in 1915 with his poem 'The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock', which is widely celebrated today as a masterpiece of the modernist movement. Eliot has written some of the best know poems in the English Language - such as 'Prufrock', 'The Portrait of a Lady' and 'The Waste Land'. He was also a prolific writer of essays and criticism - many of which are included in this considerable collection of works. The texts contained within this volume are as follows: PRUFROCK AND OTHER OBSERVATIONS - The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock - Portrait of a Lady - Preludes - Rhapsody on a Windy Night - Morning at the Window - The Boston Evening Transcript - Aunt Helen - Cousin Nancy - Mr. Apollinax - Hysteria - Conversation Galante - La Figlia Che Piange POEMS - Gerontion - Burbank with a Baedeker: Bleistein with a Cigar - Sweeney Erect - A Cooking Egg - Le Directeur - Mélange Adultère de Tout - Lune de Miel - The Hippopotamus - Dans le Restaurant - Whispers of Immortality - Mr Eliot's Sunday Morning Service - Sweeney Among the Nightingales THE WASTE LAND THE SACRED WOOD (essays) - Introduction - The Perfect Critic - Imperfect Critics - Tradition and the Individual Talent - The Possibility of a Poetic Drama - Euripides and Professor Murray - "Rhetoric" and Poetic Drama - Notes on the Blank Verse of Christopher Marlowe - Hamlet and His Problems - Ben Jonson - Philip Massinger - Swinburne as Poet - Blake - Dante EZRA POUND: HIS METRIC AND POETRY EELDROP AND APPLEPLEX THE SECOND ORDER MIND


Whereas - Layli Long Soldier Cover Art


Whereas Poems by Layli Long Soldier

The astonishing, powerful debut by the winner of a 2016 Whiting Writers' Award WHEREAS her birth signaled the responsibility as mother to teach what it is to be Lakota therein the question: What did I know about being Lakota? Signaled panic, blood rush my embarrassment. What did I know of our language but pieces? Would I teach her to be pieces? Until a friend comforted, Don’t worry, you and your daughter will learn together. Today she stood sunlight on her shoulders lean and straight to share a song in Diné, her father’s language. To sing she motions simultaneously with her hands; I watch her be in multiple musics. —from “WHEREAS Statements” WHEREAS confronts the coercive language of the United States government in its responses, treaties, and apologies to Native American peoples and tribes, and reflects that language in its officiousness and duplicity back on its perpetrators. Through a virtuosic array of short lyrics, prose poems, longer narrative sequences, resolutions, and disclaimers, Layli Long Soldier has created a brilliantly innovative text to examine histories, landscapes, her own writing, and her predicament inside national affiliations. “I am,” she writes, “a citizen of the United States and an enrolled member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, meaning I am a citizen of the Oglala Lakota Nation—and in this dual citizenship I must work, I must eat, I must art, I must mother, I must friend, I must listen, I must observe, constantly I must live.” This strident, plaintive book introduces a major new voice in contemporary literature.


The Love Poems of Rumi - Inc. The Book Laboratory Cover Art

The Love Poems of Rumi

The Love Poems of Rumi by Inc. The Book Laboratory

The Love Poems of Rumi, as translated by Philip Dunn in this gorgeous little book, maintain the same emotional significance with readers today as they did seven centuries ago when originally composed by the Persian poet.  Samples: The heart is comforted by true words, just as a thirsty man is comforted by water. Don’t hide your heart but reveal it, so that mine might be revealed, and I might accept what I am capable of. If the heart isn’t there, how can the body speak?  If the heart doesn’t seek, how can the body seek?


When It Starts to Hurt - Rama Kaba Cover Art

When It Starts to Hurt

When It Starts to Hurt a collection of poems by Rama Kaba

When life starts to hurt, what do you do? Do you let the pain destroy you or do you become stronger and conquer it? Come take this bittersweet journey with Rama, as she examines emotions we are often told to ignore—our ability to feel, understand and deal with pain. When It Starts to Hurt is composed of three parts that explore how we talk about (or never talk about) death, addiction, mental illness, and harmful relationships. No topic is too sensitive, or taboo, as Rama challenges the idea of normality and formality, with blunt, laconic and poignant poems.


Unaccompanied - Javier Zamora Cover Art


Unaccompanied by Javier Zamora

"Every line resonates with a wind that crosses oceans."—Jamaal May "Zamora's work is real life turned into myth and myth made real life." —Glappitnova Javier Zamora was nine years old when he traveled unaccompanied 4,000 miles, across multiple borders, from El Salvador to the United States to be reunited with his parents. This dramatic and hope-filled poetry debut humanizes the highly charged and polarizing rhetoric of border-crossing; assesses borderland politics, race, and immigration on a profoundly personal level; and simultaneously remembers and imagines a birth country that's been left behind. Through an unflinching gaze, plainspoken diction, and a combination of Spanish and English, Unaccompanied crosses rugged terrain where families are lost and reunited, coyotes lead migrants astray, and "the thin white man let us drink from a hose / while pointing his shotgun." From "Let Me Try Again": He knew we weren't Mexican. He must've remembered his family coming over the border, or the border coming over them, because he drove us to the border and told us next time, rest at least five days, don't trust anyone calling themselves coyotes, bring more tortillas, sardines, Alhambra. He knew we would try again. And again—like everyone does. Javier Zamora was born in El Salvador and immigrated to the United States at the age of nine. He earned a BA at UC-Berkeley, an MFA at New York University, and is a 2016–2018 Wallace Stegner Fellow at Stanford University.


Pillow Thoughts II - Courtney Peppernell Cover Art

Pillow Thoughts II

Pillow Thoughts II Healing the Heart by Courtney Peppernell

Peppernell understands that healing is a process, and Pillow Thoughts II  eloquently captures the time and experience that one goes through on their journey to peace through restoration.  A collection of inspirational and comforting poems for anyone who is mending from a broken heart.


Dirty Pretty Things - Michael Faudet Cover Art

Dirty Pretty Things

Dirty Pretty Things by Michael Faudet

He paints vivid pictures with intricate words and explores the compelling themes of love, loss, relationships, and sex. All beautifully captured in poetry, prose, quotes, and little short stories. Michael lives in a house by the sea in New Zealand with his girlfriend, international bestselling author, Lang Leav.


The Trojan War: The Iliad, The Odyssey and The Aeneid - Homer & Virgil Cover Art

The Trojan War: The Iliad, The Odyssey and The Aeneid

The Trojan War: The Iliad, The Odyssey and The Aeneid Homer and Virgil by Homer & Virgil

Presented in this book are three of the greatest literary works of the Ancient World: 'The Iliad' and 'The Odyssey' by Homer, and 'The Aeneid' by Virgil.  ' The Iliad' tells the tale of the ten year siege of Troy by the Greeks,  the exploits of King Agamemnon and the legendary Achilles, and the infamous wooden horse invented by Odysseus. In 'The Odyssey' the cunning Odysseus is cursed by Poseidon to wander the seas for ten years before he is able to return home from Troy.  Odysseus recounts his fabled adventures and his battles at home in Ithaca to reclaim his loyal wife. Written by Virgil many centuries after Homer's works, "The Aeneid" tells the story from the other side - that of the Trojans.  Aeneas is a great Trojan warrior, forced to flee the sack of Troy with his aged father on his back.  His adventures leading the beleaguered Trojans take him first to Carthage and the tragic Queen Dido, before he continues on to Italy to become the legendary founder of Rome. These three masterpieces of epic poetry have stood the test of centuries, and have become an integral part of Western literature and culture. This book is beautifully presented with color illustrations and a detailed map of the Homeric world, and an interactive table of contents for ease of navigation.


Love Poems for Married People - John Kenney Cover Art

Love Poems for Married People

Love Poems for Married People by John Kenney

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Based on his wildly popular New Yorker piece, Thurber Prize-winner John Kenney presents a hilarious collection of love poems for, well, married people. Full of brilliant wit, dynamic energy, and a heavy dose of reality, Love Poems for Married People takes the poetic form, turns it upside down and leaves it in the dishwasher to dry. Inspired by one of the most shared New Yorker pieces of all time, this collection captures the reality of life once the spark of a relationship has settled--and hilariously so. With brand new pieces that cover all areas of married life, from parental gripes to dwindling sex lives, Kenney's wry observations and sharp humor remind us exactly what it's like to spend the rest of your life with the person you love. I was almost feeling fondness for you As you gave me a shoulder massage at the sink-- What a small, lovely surprise. And then you grabbed my boobs and made a "wha-wha" noise. In an instant, I felt disgust and sadness and regret.


I Used to Be the Sun - Valeria Eden Cover Art

I Used to Be the Sun

I Used to Be the Sun by Valeria Eden

I Used to Be the Sun is Valeria Eden’s debut collection of poetry and prose. It is a summation of her experiences with love, loss, hope, and her journey through brokenness and the healing that came from it. I Used to Be the Sun takes readers through a roller coaster of emotions that leave you on the other platform with the message that despite the ups and downs, we have survived it all.


Looking for The Gulf Motel - Richard Blanco Cover Art

Looking for The Gulf Motel

Looking for The Gulf Motel by Richard Blanco

Family continues to be a wellspring of inspiration and learning for Blanco. His third book of poetry, Looking for The Gulf Motel, is a genealogy of the heart, exploring how his family’s emotion legacy has shaped—and continues shaping—his perspectives. The collection is presented in three movements, each one chronicling his understanding of a particular facet of life from childhood into adulthood. As a child born into the milieu of his Cuban exiled familia, the first movement delves into early questions of cultural identity and their evolution into his unrelenting sense of displacement and quest for the elusive meaning of home. The second, begins with poems peering back into family again, examining the blurred lines of gender, the frailty of his father-son relationship, and the intersection of his cultural and sexual identities as a Cuban-American gay man living in rural Maine. In the last movement, poems focused on his mother’s life shaped by exile, his father’s death, and the passing of a generation of relatives, all provide lessons about his own impermanence in the world and the permanence of loss. Looking for the Gulf Motel is looking for the beauty of that which we cannot hold onto, be it country, family, or love.


B - Sarah Kay Cover Art


B by Sarah Kay

A whimsical love letter, a shared promise, a thank you note, and a whispered secret to mothers and daughters everywhere. The perfect gift, B celebrates the bond that exists between a parent and a child. Short, touching, and lovingly illustrated, it is a family tradition waiting to begin.


Slow Dance with Sasquatch - Jeremy Radin Cover Art

Slow Dance with Sasquatch

Slow Dance with Sasquatch by Jeremy Radin

Slow Dance with Sasquatch is an invitation into a private ballroom, a banquet hall in the middle of the woods. Here, you will sit and feast and waltz with your monsters. Here, you will harvest imagination from loneliness and longing. Here, you will coax laughter from the beasts’ mouths. Here, the table is always fully loaded. Here, the cake is always warm, and no matter how much of it you eat, you will never stop being beautiful.


The Poetry of St. Thérèse of Lisieux - Thérèse of Lisieux (Little Flower) Martin Cover Art

The Poetry of St. Thérèse of Lisieux

The Poetry of St. Thérèse of Lisieux by Thérèse of Lisieux (Little Flower) Martin

Here for the first time in English is the complete collection of Thérèse’s poetry, faithfully translated from the French critical edition by Donald Kinney, OCD. Both French and English texts are provided, with 6 photos. Ebook contains a fully linked Index. Despite their importance, the poems of St. Thérèse of Lisieux are among the least known of her writings, previously available only in highly edited selections. Here for the first time in English is the complete collection of Thérèse's poetry, faithfully translated from the French critical edition by Donald Kinney, OCD. Also included are a preface by Jean Guitton, a general introduction to Thérèse's spiritual and poetic development, 6 photos, and individual introductions to each of the poems, indicating its background and significance. The volume closes with the French text of the poems and an index to their major themes and images. Together with the ICS Publications editions of Thérèse of Lisieux's Story of a Soul, Last Conversations, Letters, Plays , and Prayers , this is an indispensible work for all those who love the life and spiritual message of "the greatest saint of modern times." 


Bi-Polar Poems - Tom Sebell Cover Art

Bi-Polar Poems

Bi-Polar Poems by Tom Sebell

Bi-Polar Poems by: Tom Sebell  Dog Concept by: Robin Sebell  Silhouette Concept: Jim "Kaz" Kazanecki  Cover Design by: Susan Winnington

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