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Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now - Jaron Lanier Cover Art

Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now

Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now by Jaron Lanier

A timely call-to-arms from a Silicon Valley pioneer. You might have trouble imagining life without your social media accounts, but virtual reality pioneer Jaron Lanier insists that we’re better off without them. In Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now , Lanier, who participates in no social media, offers powerful and personal reasons for all of us to leave these dangerous online platforms. Lanier’s reasons for freeing ourselves from social media’s poisonous grip include its tendency to bring out the worst in us, to make politics terrifying, to trick us with illusions of popularity and success, to twist our relationship with the truth, to disconnect us from other people even as we are more “connected” than ever, to rob us of our free will with relentless targeted ads. How can we remain autonomous in a world where we are under continual surveillance and are constantly being prodded by algorithms run by some of the richest corporations in history that have no way of making money other than being paid to manipulate our behavior? How could the benefits of social media possibly outweigh the catastrophic losses to our personal dignity, happiness, and freedom? Lanier remains a tech optimist, so while demonstrating the evil that rules social media business models today, he also envisions a humanistic setting for social networking that can direct us toward a richer and fuller way of living and connecting with our world.


Nine Algorithms That Changed the Future - John MacCormick Cover Art

Nine Algorithms That Changed the Future

Nine Algorithms That Changed the Future The Ingenious Ideas That Drive Today's Computers by John MacCormick

Nine revolutionary algorithms that power our computers and smartphones Every day, we use our computers to perform remarkable feats. A simple web search picks out a handful of relevant needles from the world's biggest haystack. Uploading a photo to Facebook transmits millions of pieces of information over numerous error-prone network links, yet somehow a perfect copy of the photo arrives intact. Without even knowing it, we use public-key cryptography to transmit secret information like credit card numbers, and we use digital signatures to verify the identity of the websites we visit. How do our computers perform these tasks with such ease? John MacCormick answers this question in language anyone can understand, using vivid examples to explain the fundamental tricks behind nine computer algorithms that power our PCs, tablets, and smartphones.


iOS 14 Hands-On User Guide: Everything You Need To Know To Make The Most Of The Latest Update To iOS 14 For iPhones And iPadOS 14 for iPads - Awiz Tech Cover Art

iOS 14 Hands-On User Guide: Everything You Need To Know To Make The Most Of The Latest Update To iOS 14 For iPhones And iPadOS 14 for iPads by Awiz Tech

Apple's 2020 summer release of iOS 14 for the iPhone and iPadOS 14 for the iPad brought a lot of new features and improvements. It is rightly called one of the biggest updates in years and it made a lot of changes to the way the Home screen works. Major features and new functionalities are introduced, and usability is taken to a whole new level. This concise guide takes you by the hand, walks you step by step through the new changes available on your iPhone and iPad and helps you make the most of the improvements and tweaks. The following is what to expect in the guide: New Additions In iOS 14 Improvements On Home Screen User Interface Improvements Stock Apps Updates Improvements In System Apps Enhancements To Core System New Accessibility Features New Privacy Features General Rundown Of New Features And Enhancements The Key New iPad Features In iPadOS 14 Start enjoying your greatly improved device immediately!


iPhone XR for Beginners - J. Davidson Cover Art

iPhone XR for Beginners

iPhone XR for Beginners by J. Davidson

The iPhone XR is the number 12 in what is now a long line of iPhones produced by Apple. There are many expectations that iPhone users all over the world will have when it comes to this 2018 Apple release. As most iPhone users may have come to realize by now, the release of a new iPhone does not necessarily mean that the entire idea from the last version had been overhauled. In fact, in most cases, the differences turn out to be very small. On most occasions, the most visible differences may be the size of the screen and the operating system and other such efforts at fine-tuning the upgrade.   There are, however, exciting new features that iPhone users will enjoy when using the iPhone XR. Some of the showstoppers would include the camera quality and the battery life. These are both very good improvements on the device.   Let us look at the iPhone XR in greater detail and find out why it is the bestselling model for Apple for the year 2018.


Socially Intelligent Computing - Daniel Goleman & Clay Shirky Cover Art

Socially Intelligent Computing

Socially Intelligent Computing by Daniel Goleman & Clay Shirky

High performance in groups correlates with collective Social Intelligence   Learn models to maximize group effectiveness online Avoid fragmentation and polarization in social and business networks Strengthen relationships to build online unification and consensus     The internet was built for data transfer, yet we have long been trying to use it as a substitute for face-to-face interaction – with catastrophic results. Online business and social networks have been plagued by flaming (unregulated emotional outbursts), major misunderstandings, lack of cohesion, poor decision making, and loss of functionality. This is because emotional connection is vital for effective communication. Yet the channels for sending and receiving emotion are absent from the basic framework of virtual exchanges. In this dialogue, renowned internet theorist Clay Shirky describes how online groups function best, how the internet can be utilized to improve our society, and how social intelligence is changing the face of group interaction online. 


iPad Pro Guidebook - Thomas Anthony Cover Art

iPad Pro Guidebook

iPad Pro Guidebook The Ultimate Instruction Manual for iPad Pro by Thomas Anthony

Updated 2020. With massive 12.9-inch and 11-inch displays, blazing performance and support for both Apple Pencil and the Smart Folio Keyboard, the iPad Pro enables millions of users to create and engage with content in entirely new ways. iPad Pro Guidebook is here to help you discover everything you need to know about iPad Pro. It’s packed with knowledge, in-depth tutorials and tips that uncover its apps, user interface and settings. You’ll learn about the history of the iPad, how the Apple Pencil can be used to draw and write, how to stream music via Apple Music, edit photos, troubleshoot common problems and more. With colorful screenshots, concise text and helpful tips, you’ll soon be a master of everything iPad Pro with this in-depth guidebook. Inside you'll discover: * The history of the iPad * Software & hardware features of the iPad Pro * In-depth coverage of iOS 13 * Detailed app tutorials * The secrets of mastering mobile photography * How to edit photos * Essential Settings and configurations * Troubleshooting tips


Python Crash Course, 2nd Edition - Eric Matthes Cover Art

Python Crash Course, 2nd Edition

Python Crash Course, 2nd Edition A Hands-On, Project-Based Introduction to Programming by Eric Matthes

Second edition of the best-selling Python book in the world. A fast-paced, no-nonsense guide to programming in Python. Updated and thoroughly revised to reflect the latest in Python code and practices. Python Crash Course is the world's best-selling guide to the Python programming language. This fast-paced, thorough introduction to programming with Python will have you writing programs, solving problems, and making things that work in no time. In the first half of the book, you'll learn basic programming concepts, such as variables, lists, classes, and loops, and practice writing clean code with exercises for each topic. You'll also learn how to make your programs interactive and test your code safely before adding it to a project. In the second half, you'll put your new knowledge into practice with three substantial projects: a Space Invaders-inspired arcade game, a set of data visualizations with Python's handy libraries, and a simple web app you can deploy online. As you work through the book, you'll learn how to:    •   Use powerful Python libraries and tools, including Pygame, Matplotlib, Plotly, and Django    •   Make 2D games that respond to keypresses and mouse clicks, and that increase in difficulty    •   Use data to generate interactive visualizations    •   Create and customize web apps and deploy them safely online    •   Deal with mistakes and errors so you can solve your own programming problems If you've been thinking about digging into programming, Python Crash Course will get you writing real programs fast. Why wait any longer? Start your engines and code!


iPad Air (4th Generation) User Guide - Scott Edward Cover Art

iPad Air (4th Generation) User Guide

iPad Air (4th Generation) User Guide The Complete Illustrated, Practical Guide with Tips & Tricks to Maximizing the latest iPad Air 4th Generation by Scott Edward

A Comprehensive Guide to Mastering Your 2020 iPad Air” (4th Generation) and iPadOS 14. Apple has introduced an all-new iPad Air — the most powerful, versatile, and colorful iPad Air ever. Now available in five gorgeous finishes, iPad Air features an all-screen design with a larger 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display, camera and audio upgrades, a new integrated Touch ID sensor in the top button, and the powerful A14 Bionic for a massive boost in performance, making this by far the most powerful and capable iPad Air ever made. This book is a detailed in DEPTH guide that will help you to maximize your iPad experience. It has ACTIONABLE tips, tricks and hacks. It contains specific step-by-step instructions that are well organized and easy to read. Here is a preview of what you will learn: A brief review of iPad 8th generation How to set up your iPad How to Multitask on Your iPad New iPadOS 14 Features for iPad Open Apps and Find Music and Quickly Using Spotlight Search How to identify and remove unnecessary apps   20 Apple keyboard shortcuts business users need to know Accessing the Control Center, iPadOS 14 and iPad new gestures Send and receive sms messages on iPad via Text Message Forwarding Use Apple Pencil To Take Notes on Lock Screen Use The Smart Keyboard and Master The Keyboard Shortcuts Learn to create and use Memoji in iPadOS 14 Learn the changes to notifications in iPadOS 14 Apple Pay Cash How to use Siri How to perform quick website search in Safari How to play FLAC files on an iPad Download Free Books on Your iPad How to Use iCloud Keychain on Your iPad Devices How to use Favorites in Apple Maps… and much more! Grab your copy now!  


The Art of Invisibility - Kevin Mitnick Cover Art

The Art of Invisibility

The Art of Invisibility The World's Most Famous Hacker Teaches You How to Be Safe in the Age of Big Brother and Big Data by Kevin Mitnick

Real-world advice on how to be invisible online from "the FBI's most wanted hacker" ( Wired ). Be online without leaving a trace. Your every step online is being tracked and stored, and your identity literally stolen. Big companies and big governments want to know and exploit what you do, and privacy is a luxury few can afford or understand. In this explosive yet practical book, Kevin Mitnick uses true-life stories to show exactly what is happening without your knowledge, teaching you "the art of invisibility" -- online and real-world tactics to protect you and your family, using easy step-by-step instructions. Reading this book, you will learn everything from password protection and smart Wi-Fi usage to advanced techniques designed to maximize your anonymity. Kevin Mitnick knows exactly how vulnerabilities can be exploited and just what to do to prevent that from happening. The world's most famous -- and formerly the US government's most wanted -- computer hacker, he has hacked into some of the country's most powerful and seemingly impenetrable agencies and companies, and at one point was on a three-year run from the FBI. Now Mitnick is reformed and widely regarded as the expert on the subject of computer security. Invisibility isn't just for superheroes; privacy is a power you deserve and need in the age of Big Brother and Big Data. "Who better than Mitnick -- internationally wanted hacker turned Fortune 500 security consultant -- to teach you how to keep your data safe?" -- Esquire


iPhone 12 Pro Max User Manual - Scott Edward Cover Art

iPhone 12 Pro Max User Manual

iPhone 12 Pro Max User Manual A Step by Step Guide to Master Your New iPhone 12 Pro Max. Ultimate Tips and Tricks for The New iOS 14 by Scott Edward

The iPhone 12 Pro Max basically has all the latest and greatest features from Apple. Its 6.7-inch display means it's the biggest of all the new models and its camera setup, while similar to the iPhone 12 Pro, allows for more close-up zooming. Whether you like to binge-watch a lot of video on your phone or want to take the absolute best photos and video, the Pro Max will satisfy. The new iOS 14 update brings some useful tools, including the ability to display Triple-lens 3D camera for better video and gaming and more. There's also a slew of New physical design and its ability to do 5G connectivity as well as integrate two forms of 5G: That’s all great. So long as you’re jumping to the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the combination of refreshed hardware, software and accessories supplies a more significant upgrade. This book is a detailed in DEPTH guide that will help you to maximize your iPhone 12 Pro Series. It has ACTIONABLE tips, tricks and hacks. It contains specific step-by-step instructions that are well organized and easy to read. Add this book to your library now!


CompTIA A+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide, Tenth Edition (Exams 220-1001 & 220-1002) - Mike Meyers Cover Art

CompTIA A+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide, Tenth Edition (Exams 220-1001 & 220-1002) by Mike Meyers

This bestselling on-the-job reference and test preparation guide has been fully revised for the new 2019 CompTIA A+ exam objectives This fully revised and updated resource offers complete coverage of the latest release of CompTIA A+ exams 220-1001 & 220-1002. You'll find learning objectives at the beginning of each chapter, exam tips, practice exam questions, and in-depth explanations. Designed to help you pass the CompTIA A+ exams with ease, this definitive guide also serves as an essential on-the-job IT reference. Covers all exam topics, including how to: •Work with CPUs, RAM, BIOS, motherboards, power supplies, and other personal computer components•Install, configure, and maintain hard drives•Manage input devices and removable media•Set up, upgrade, and maintain all versions of Windows•Troubleshoot and fix computer problems•Install printers and other peripherals•Configure and secure mobile devices•Connect to the Internet•Set up wired and wireless networks•Protect your personal computer and your network•Implement virtualization and cloud-based technologies Online content includes: •Practice exams for 1001 & 1002•More than one hour of free video training•TotalSim simulations of performance-based questions•Mike Meyers’ favorite PC tools and utilities


iPhone SE for Seniors - Scott La Counte Cover Art

iPhone SE for Seniors

iPhone SE for Seniors A Ridiculously Simple Guide to the Second-Generation SE iPhone by Scott La Counte

New to iPhone SE? This user guide has you covered! The iPhone SE is the newest (and cheapest) iPhone on the market. So it’s got to be a lemon, right? Only if you like lemonade! The iPhone SE is already being hailed as the best budget phone on the market. True, it doesn’t have the same hardware as the high-end iPhones that cost over $1,000--but depending on the type of user you are, it may not even matter. If you are a little overwhelmed with everything the iPhone can do, this book will simplify it for you. It’s not going to cover everything--if you want to set up a private network or iMAP / POP email account, then keep walking! If you are saying: what is iMAP? Then this book is just for you! The emphasis of the book are the things you’ll want to do--like take pictures of your grandkids! Not all those little things that you would never use even if you understood it. It covers things like taking photos. And how to Use Facetime with grandkids. This book walks you through what you need to know step-by-step, and also helps you understand how it’s different from other iPhones. It covers only what most people want to know--so you don't have to comb through hundreds of pages of tech-speak just to find out how to do a common feature. Some of the many topics it covers: What's new to iOS 13 Buying, removing, rearranging, updating apps Taking, editing, organizing and sharing photos Apple Services (Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Card, iCloud) Using Siri Using pre-installed apps like Notes, Calendar, Reminders, and more Making phone calls and sending messages AirPods And much, much more! This book is based on the book "Getting Started with the iPhone SE" but includes an expanded section on accessibility (like how to make text easier to see). Are you ready to start enjoying your new iPhone? Then let's get started!


CompTIA Network+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide, Seventh Edition (Exam N10-007) - Mike Meyers Cover Art

CompTIA Network+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide, Seventh Edition (Exam N10-007)

CompTIA Network+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide, Seventh Edition (Exam N10-007) by Mike Meyers

Thoroughly revised for the new CompTIA Network+ exam, the Seventh Edition of this bestselling All-in-One Exam Guide delivers 100% coverage of the exam objectives and serves as a valuable on-the-job reference Take the latest version of the CompTIA Network+ exam with complete confidence using the fully updated information contained in this comprehensive self-study system. The book offers clear instruction and real-world examples from training expert and bestselling author Mike Meyers along with hundreds of accurate practice questions. Fulfilling the promise of the All-in-One series, this complete reference serves both as a study tool and a valuable on-the-job reference that will serve readers beyond the exam. CompTIA Network+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide , Seventh Edition (Exam N10-007) also includes access to free video training and interactive hands-on labs and simulations that prepare you for difficult performance-based questions. A valuable pre-assessment test enables readers to gauge their familiarity with the test’s objectives and tailor an effective course for study. · Contains complete coverage of every objective for the CompTIA Network+ Certification exam · Written by CompTIA training and certification guru Mike Meyers · Electronic content includes the Total Tester exam simulator with over 100 practice questions, over an hour of training videos, and a collection of Mike Meyers’ favorite shareware and freeware networking utilities


Excel 2019 Bible - Michael Alexander, Richard Kusleika & John Walkenbach Cover Art

Excel 2019 Bible

Excel 2019 Bible by Michael Alexander, Richard Kusleika & John Walkenbach

The complete guide to Excel 2019 Whether you are just starting out or an Excel novice, the  Excel 2019 Bible  is your comprehensive, go-to guide for all your Excel 2019 needs. Whether you use Excel at work or at home, you will be guided through the powerful new features and capabilities to take full advantage of what the updated version offers. Learn to incorporate templates, implement formulas, create pivot tables, analyze data, and much more. Navigate this powerful tool for business, home management, technical work, and much more with the only resource you need, Excel 2019 Bible. Create functional spreadsheets that  work Master formulas, formatting, pivot tables, and more Get acquainted with Excel 2019's new features and tools Whether you need a walkthrough tutorial or an easy-to-navigate desk reference, the  Excel 2019 Bible  has you covered with complete coverage and clear expert guidance.


Adobe Premiere Pro Classroom in a Book (2020 release), 1/e - Maxim Jago Cover Art

Adobe Premiere Pro Classroom in a Book (2020 release), 1/e

Adobe Premiere Pro Classroom in a Book (2020 release), 1/e by Maxim Jago

Creative professionals seeking the fastest, easiest, most comprehensive way to learn Adobe Premiere Pro choose Adobe Premiere Pro Classroom in a Book (2020 release) from Adobe Press. The 17 project-based lessons in this book show students step-by-step the key techniques for working in Premiere Pro. Students learn skills to take a project from beginning to end, including the basics on things like organizing media, using audio, creating transitions, producing titles, and adding effects. Once they have the basics down, they'll learn how to take their projects further by sweetening and mixing audio, compositing layered footage, adjusting color, customizing motion graphics, exporting files, and much more. The companion DVD (also available as an online download) includes lesson files so students can work step-by-step along with the book. All buyers of the book also get full access to the Web Edition: a Web-based version of the complete eBook enhanced with video and multiple-choice quizzes.


Hacking With Linux 2020:A Complete Beginners Guide to the World of Hacking Using Linux - Explore the Methods and Tools of Ethical Hacking with Linux - Joseph Kenna Cover Art

Hacking With Linux 2020:A Complete Beginners Guide to the World of Hacking Using Linux - Explore the Methods and Tools of Ethical Hacking with Linux by Joseph Kenna

You too Can be a White Hat Hacking Genius If you're getting started along the exciting path of hacking, cybersecurity, and pentesting, Linux Basics for Hackers is an excellent first step. Using Kali Linux, an advanced penetration testing distribution of Linux, you'll learn the basics of using the Linux operating system and acquire the tools and techniques you'll need to take control of a Linux environment. This practical, tutorial-style book uses the Kali Linux distribution to teach Linux basics with a focus on how hackers would use them. Topics include Linux command line basics, filesystems, networking, BASH basics, package management, logging, and the Linux kernel and drivers. Hacking With Linux takes you from your very first baby steps in installing Kali all the way to learning the basics of working your way into a network and taking control of a Linux environment. Along the way you'll learn the basics of bash scripting, directory setup and all the handy tips and tricks passed down over the years by your fellow ethical hackers! You can also learn: - Cover your tracks by changing your network information and manipulating the rsyslog logging utility- Write a tool to scan for network connections, and connect and listen to wireless networks- Keep your internet activity stealthy using Tor, proxy servers, VPNs, and encrypted email- Write a bash script to scan open ports for potential targets- Use and abuse services like MySQL, Apache web server, and OpenSSH- Build your own hacking tools, s Stop trying to recreate the wheel and start from the beginning. This practical guide will help you make sense of the exciting world of ethical hacking and cyber security.


NX-OS and Cisco Nexus Switching: Next-Generation Data Center Architectures, 2/e - Ron Fuller, David Jansen & Matthew McPherson Cover Art

NX-OS and Cisco Nexus Switching: Next-Generation Data Center Architectures, 2/e

NX-OS and Cisco Nexus Switching: Next-Generation Data Center Architectures, 2/e by Ron Fuller, David Jansen & Matthew McPherson

NX-OS and Cisco Nexus Switching Next-Generation Data Center Architectures Second Edition The complete guide to planning, configuring, managing, and troubleshooting NX-OS in the enterprise—updated with new technologies and examples Using Cisco Nexus switches and the NX-OS operating system, data center professionals can build unified core networks that deliver unprecedented scalability, resilience, operational continuity, flexibility, and performance. NX-OS and Cisco Nexus Switching , Second Edition, is the definitive guide to applying these breakthrough technologies in real-world environments. This extensively updated edition contains five new chapters addressing a wide range of new technologies, including FabricPath, OTV, IPv6, QoS, VSG, Multi-Hop FCoE, LISP, MPLS, Layer 3 on Nexus 5000, and Config sync. It also presents a start-to-finish, step-by-step case study of an enterprise customer who migrated from Cisco Catalyst to a Nexus-based architecture, illuminated with insights that are applicable in virtually any enterprise data center. Drawing on decades of experience with enterprise customers, the authors cover every facet of deploying, configuring, operating, and troubleshooting NX-OS in today’s data center. You’ll find updated best practices for high availability, virtualization, security, L2/L3 protocol and network support, multicast, serviceability, provision of networking and storage services, and more. Best of all, the authors present all the proven commands, sample configurations, and tips you need to apply these best practices in your data center. Ron Fuller, CCIE No. 5851 (Routing and Switching/Storage Networking), Technical Marketing Engineer on Cisco’s Nexus 7000 team, specializes in helping customers design end-to-end data center architectures. Ron has 21 years of industry experience, including 7 at Cisco. He has spoken at Cisco Live on VDCs, NX-OS multicast, and general design. David Jansen, CCIE No. 5952 (Routing/Switching), is a Cisco Technical Solutions Architect specializing in enterprise data center architecture. He has 20 years of industry experience, 15 of them at Cisco (6 as a solution architect); and has delivered several Cisco Live presentations on NX-OS and data center solutions. Matthew McPherson , senior systems engineer and solutions architect for the Cisco Central Select Operation, specializes in data center architectures. He has 12 years of experience working with service providers and large finance and manufacturing enterprises, and possesses deep technical knowledge of routing, switching, and security. Understand the NX-OS command line, virtualization features, and file systemUtilize the NX-OS comprehensive Layer 2/Layer 3 support: vPC, Spanning Tree Protocol, Cisco FabricPath, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP, HSRP, GLBP, and VRRPConfigure IP multicast with PIM, Auto-RP, and MSDPSecure your network with CTS, SGTs, ACLs, CoPP, and DAIEstablish a trusted set of network devices with Cisco TrustSecMaximize availability with ISSU, stateful process restart/switchover, and non-stop forwardingImprove serviceability with SPAN, ERSPAN, configuration checkpoints/rollback, packet analysis, Smart Call Home, Python, and PoAPUnify storage and Ethernet fabrics with FCoE, NPV, and NPIVTake full advantage of Nexus 1000V in a virtualized environmentAchieve superior QoS with MQ CLI, queuing, and markingExtend L2 networks across L3 infrastructure with Overlay Transport Virtualization (OTV)Deliver on SLAs by integrating MPLS application components such as L3 VPNs, traffic engineering, QoS, and mVPNSupport mobility via the new Locator ID Separation Protocol (LISP)Walk step-by-step through a realistic Nexus and NX-OS data center migration


Head First C - David Griffiths & Dawn Griffiths Cover Art

Head First C

Head First C A Brain-Friendly Guide by David Griffiths & Dawn Griffiths

Ever wished you could learn C from a book? Head First C provides a complete learning experience for C and structured imperative programming. With a unique method that goes beyond syntax and how-to manuals, this guide not only teaches you the language, it helps you understand how to be a great programmer. You'll learn key areas such as language basics, pointers and pointer arithmetic, and dynamic memory management. Advanced topics include multi-threading and network programming—topics typically covered on a college-level course. This book also features labs: in-depth projects intended to stretch your abilities, test your new skills, and build confidence. Head First C mimics the style of college-level C courses, making it ideal as an accessible textbook for students. We think your time is too valuable to waste struggling with new concepts. Using the latest research in cognitive science and learning theory to craft a multi-sensory learning experience, Head First C uses a visually rich format designed for the way your brain works, not a text-heavy approach that puts you to sleep.


Ubuntu: 101 Tips & Tricks - Jonathan Moeller Cover Art

Ubuntu: 101 Tips & Tricks

Ubuntu: 101 Tips & Tricks by Jonathan Moeller

Ubuntu: 101 Tips & Tricks gives users an overview of Ubuntu, from using the Dash and the Launcher to more advanced troubleshooting techniques. In this book, you'll learn how to: -Master the Dash and the Launcher. -Get the most out of the desktop environment. -Use the power of Nautilus -Connect Ubuntu to networks. -Create and eliminate user accounts. -Back up your files. -Install powerful apps from the Ubuntu Software Center. -Employ System Monitor to tame your Ubuntu PC. -Use the Terminal command line to perform advanced and powerful tasks. -And many other tips.


Deep Learning for Coders with fastai and PyTorch - Jeremy Howard & Sylvain Gugger Cover Art

Deep Learning for Coders with fastai and PyTorch

Deep Learning for Coders with fastai and PyTorch by Jeremy Howard & Sylvain Gugger

Deep learning is often viewed as the exclusive domain of math PhDs and big tech companies. But as this hands-on guide demonstrates, programmers comfortable with Python can achieve impressive results in deep learning with little math background, small amounts of data, and minimal code. How? With fastai, the first library to provide a consistent interface to the most frequently used deep learning applications. Authors Jeremy Howard and Sylvain Gugger, the creators of fastai, show you how to train a model on a wide range of tasks using fastai and PyTorch. You’ll also dive progressively further into deep learning theory to gain a complete understanding of the algorithms behind the scenes. Train models in computer vision, natural language processing, tabular data, and collaborative filteringLearn the latest deep learning techniques that matter most in practiceImprove accuracy, speed, and reliability by understanding how deep learning models workDiscover how to turn your models into web applicationsImplement deep learning algorithms from scratchConsider the ethical implications of your workGain insight from the foreword by PyTorch cofounder, Soumith Chintala


Technical Drawing with Engineering Graphics, 15/e - Frederick E Giesecke, Alva Mitchell, Henry C Spencer & Ivan L Hill Cover Art

Technical Drawing with Engineering Graphics, 15/e

Technical Drawing with Engineering Graphics, 15/e by Frederick E Giesecke, Alva Mitchell, Henry C Spencer & Ivan L Hill

This full-color text offers a clear, complete introduction and detailed reference for creating 3D models and 2D documentation drawings. Building on its reputation as a trusted reference, this edition expands on the role that 3D CAD databases now play in design and documentation. Superbly integrated illustrations, text, step-by-step instructions, and navigation make it easier than ever to master key skills and knowledge. Throughout, the authors demonstrate 3D and 2D drawing skills and CAD usage in real-world work practice in today’s leading disciplines. They combine strong technical detail, real-world examples, and current standards, materials, industries, and processes–all in a format that is efficient, colorful, and visual.  Features: Splash Spread: Appealing chapter opener provides context and motivation.References and Web Links: Useful weblinks and standards provided upfront in each chapter.Understanding Section: Foundational introductions, tabbed for easy navigation, outline each topic’s importance, use, visualization tips, and theory.Detail Section: Detailed, well-tested explanations of drawing techniques, variations, and examples–organized into quick-read sections, numbered for easy reference.CAD at Work Section: Breakout pages offer tips on generating drawings from 2D or 3D models.Portfolio Section: Examples of finished drawings show how techniques are applied in the real world.Key Words: Italicized on first reference, summarized after each chapter.           Chapter: Summaries and Review Questions: Efficiently reinforce learning.Exercises: Outstanding problem sets with updated exercises, including parts, assembly drawings from CAD models, sketching problems, and orthographic projections.


SQL - Ryan Turner Cover Art


SQL The Ultimate Expert Guide to Learn SQL Programming Step by Step by Ryan Turner

Have you been searching for the programming language that will provide all your needs? Have you looked at SQL and believe that it is the answer for you? Do you need a concise and straightforward guide that will teach you quickly and efficiently? If you have need of a programming language that can manage relational databases and execute numerous operations from the data in them, then SQL is likely to be the ideal one for you. And with SQL you get a book that will take you from the basic principles to an in-depth understanding in less time than you might imagine. Inside  SQL: The Ultimate Expert Guide to Learn SQL Programming Step by Step,  you will find that it is easier to learn this programming language than ever before, with chapters that explore: How to access databases using ODBC and JDBC Quick and easy mapping How to combine JSON and SQL Ways to develop procedural capabilities Simplifying advanced interface methods Tuning and compiling made easy And lots more… Even if you have no previous experience with SQL, this book will provide you with a solid platform of knowledge and comes with diagrams and visualizations to make life even easier. With it you will quickly and effortlessly be programming with SQL and building on your knowledge with every step. Scroll up and click Add to Cart for your copy now!  


SQL - Ryan Turner Cover Art


SQL The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Learn SQL Programming Step by Step by Ryan Turner

Are you looking for a dynamic and workable programming language? Have you tried a few but none seem to work to your liking? Have you considered SQL? There are literally thousands of programming languages available in today’s market, ranging from the simple to the infinitely complex. As a beginner you probably want something that is easy to use and to get your head around and  SQL, or Structured Query Language ,  could be the answer. Inside the pages of  SQL: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Learn SQL Programming Step by Step , you’ll find a comprehensive guide to get you started, including chapters on: •     Data definition language •     SQL joins and union •     Ensuring data integrity •     Database creation •     Database administration •     Modifying and controlling tables •     And much more… When searching for a programming language that is the right one for you, SQL is one of the best around for  ease of use and flexibility  for the beginner. And as this book has been written with the novice in mind, it means that you could soon be  writing your own programs quickly and efficiently , building on your new skills with each passing chapter. There really is no better way to get started with a programming language and you’ll be amazed how fast you will learn with SQL .  Don’t wait any longer and  get your copy today .


SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING FOR BUSINESS to Create a Brand and Become a Skilled Influencer - DONALD HOLDFOORD Cover Art

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING FOR BUSINESS to Create a Brand and Become a Skilled Influencer The Ultimate Mastery Workbook for Beginners to Create a Brand and Become a Skilled Influencer by DONALD HOLDFOORD

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING FOR BUSINESS 2020 Are you currently seeking for ways to grow your business faster and bigger than you ever thought possible using a comprehensive guide on how to use social media marketing? Then this book is ideal for you! Perhaps you are having a difficult time understanding social media and growing the presence of your brand as the professionals do. Do not worry, this ultimate guide on SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING FOR BUSINESS 2020: How to Create a Brand. Become a Skilled Influencer on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram: Personal Branding & Digital Networking Strategies will help you do all that and more. Inside this book, you are going to learn how you can obtain exposure through advertising, earned media, and a lot of excellent strategies, which will make your business grow this year! The question for anybody who likes to acquire mass or connect with audiences across the world is no longer IF they must utilize social media, but HOW to take advantage of the various platforms while learning the proper strategy at the same time. Don't forget that marketing games keep evolving and transforming. Your business must remain on top of its game. Allow this book to give you the necessary tools to stay on top of modern social media marketing. Here's what you'll learn: •    Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses •    How To Build Your Personal Brand?         •    Benefits Of Creating A Personal Brand      •    Prioritizing The Top Platform For Your Brand      •    Different Types Of Marketing (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram) •    Why Do People Fail At Social Media Marketing?   •    Measuring Your Marketing Success And So Much More!! Are you simply starting? Perhaps you are now ready for larger campaigns. Whatever the case, make sure you get this book today and begin your expedition to social media marketing success this 2020! 


Practical Ansible - Vincent Sesto Cover Art

Practical Ansible

Practical Ansible Configuration Management from Start to Finish by Vincent Sesto

Go from the basics of using Ansible to becoming proficient at implementing configuration management in your projects. This book uses a unique approach to teaching Ansible and configuration management while including realistic examples in its day-to-day use from server-based infrastructure to Amazon cloud-based deployments. Practical Ansible  is separated into seven chapters that allow you to build your knowledge with each chapter, developing further as we move through the examples provided. It begins with the basics of Ansible, providing you with details on how to install and configure your environment while working with different Ansible modules from the command line. Next, it introduces you to working with Ansible tasks and organizing configuration code into playbooks.  The book then shows you how to extend playbooks further, using roles and templates within the configuration code. Then, it extends your knowledge further by covering custom Ansible modules using Python and Linux shell scripts, and demonstrating how you can start to keep your secret values encrypted and secure using Ansible Vault. You’ll also extend Ansible roles with the use of Ansible Galaxy to reuse existing roles other users have created.  The second half of the book moves configuration management to the Amazon cloud providing an introduction on what Amazon Web Services are, and how you can start to work with Ansible roles in AWS. The AWS examples use EC2 and CloudFormation services with Ansible template functions, Ansible Pull, and Ansible Git code deployment.  The final part of the book includes a demonstration on how to use the numerous tools available to both Ansible and supporting libraries and modules to allow you to troubleshoot and test your configuration code before you deploy your changes to production systems.  By the end of this book, you will have the skills for managing technology configuration management. You will be ready to work on real-world projects and be able to implement Ansible in your own technology projects.   You will: Understand the basics of Ansible and how to install and configure the application on your systemMake changes to your system using Ansible directly in the command line using some of the more common Ansible modulesGroup your modules together as tasks in Ansible playbooks for more efficient deployment of configuration changesUse Ansible roles to help group and reuse configuration management changes and deploymentsSearch for community-created roles using Ansible Galaxy and how you can also host your own Ansible rolesDeploy code to Amazon Web Services and how to utilize different AWS services in your deployment projectsUse external modules and libraries such as Molecule and Ansible Lint to help test your configurations before the configuration code is deployed 


Adobe Photoshop Classroom in a Book (2020 release), 1/e - Andrew Faulkner & Conrad Chavez Cover Art

Adobe Photoshop Classroom in a Book (2020 release), 1/e

Adobe Photoshop Classroom in a Book (2020 release), 1/e by Andrew Faulkner & Conrad Chavez

Creative professionals seeking the fastest, easiest, most comprehensive way to learn Adobe Photoshop choose Adobe Photoshop Classroom in a Book (2020 release) from Adobe Press. The 15 project-based lessons show key step-by-step techniques for working in Photoshop, including how to correct, enhance, and distort digital images, create image composites, and prepare images for print and the web. In addition to learning the essential elements of the Photoshop interface, this revised edition for the 2020 release covers features like the new Object Selection tool, saving Cloud Documents for easy access from Photoshop on other devices such as the Apple iPad, removing objects with upgraded Content-Aware Fill, applying styles and objects such as gradients and shapes, instantly using redesigned Presets panels, and much more! The online companion files include all the necessary assets for readers to complete the projects featured in each chapter. All buyers of the book get full access to the Web Edition: A Web-based version of the complete ebook enhanced with video and multiple-choice quizzes


The Brand Gap: Revised Edition - Marty Neumeier Cover Art

The Brand Gap: Revised Edition

The Brand Gap: Revised Edition by Marty Neumeier

THE BRAND GAP is the first book to present a unified theory of brand-building.  Whereas most books on branding are weighted toward either a strategic or creative approach, this book shows how both ways of thinking can unite to produce a “charismatic brand”—a brand that customers feel is essential to their lives. In an entertaining two-hour read you’ll learn: • the new definition of brand • the five essential disciplines of brand-building • how branding is changing the dynamics of competition • the three most powerful questions to ask about any brand • why collaboration is the key to brand-building • how design determines a customer’s experience • how to test brand concepts quickly and cheaply • the importance of managing brands from the inside • 220-word brand glossary From the back cover: Not since McLuhan’s THE MEDIUM IS THE MESSAGE has a book compressed so many ideas into so few pages. Using the visual language of the boardroom, Neumeier presents the first unified theory of branding—a set of five disciplines to help companies bridge the gap between brand strategy and customer experience. Those with a grasp of branding will be inspired by the new perspectives they find here, and those who would like to understand it better will suddenly “get it.” This deceptively simple book offers everyone in the company access to “the most powerful business tool since the spreadsheet.”


MacBook Pro (M1 2020) User Guide - Scott Edward Cover Art

MacBook Pro (M1 2020) User Guide

MacBook Pro (M1 2020) User Guide A Comprehensive Beginner to Expert Guide to Maximizing the Latest MacBook Pro (M1 2020) by Scott Edward

The Complete Beginner to Expert Guide to Maximizing your MacBook Pro (M1 2020). Are you looking for a comprehensive user manual that will help you SETUP and MASTER your  MacBook Pro? Are you looking for a manual that will expose you to all the amazing features of your device and MacOS Big Sur? Then get your hands on this book and have an amazing time using your device. The 13-inch MacBook Pro is Apple’s most popular pro notebook. With the M1 chip and Big Sur, the 13-inch MacBook Pro becomes even more powerful and even more pro. The 8-core CPU, when paired with the MacBook Pro’s active cooling system, is up to 2.8x faster than the previous generation, delivering game-changing performance when compiling code, transcoding video, editing high-resolution photos, and more. The 8-core GPU is up to 5x faster, allowing users to enjoy super smooth graphics performance whether they are designing a graphics-intensive game or a new product. And with M1, the 13-inch MacBook Pro is up to 3x faster than the best-selling Windows laptop in its class.   ML is up to 11x faster, and for on-device ML tasks that use the Neural Engine, the new 13-inch MacBook Pro is now the world’s fastest compact pro notebook. With up to 17 hours of wireless web browsing and up to a staggering 20 hours of video playback, MacBook Pro delivers up to twice the battery life of the previous generation and the longest battery life ever on a Mac. There is a lot to love in Apple's latest MacBook Pro. This book is written in simple and clear terms, with a step-by-step approach that will help you to master your MacBook Pro with 2020 MacOS Big Sur within the shortest period of time. Here is a preview of the topics in this guide: Take a tour of your new MacBook Pro How to Get Started Use MacBook Pro with other Devices Apps included with your Mac What’s in the menu bar on Mac? How to search with Spotlight on Mac Customize the Dock See and organize your files in the Finder on Mac Use Launchpad to view and open apps on Mac How to manage windows Use apps in Split View Install and uninstall apps from the internet or disc on Mac Customize your Mac with System Preferences Use your internet accounts Use accessibility features on Mac Set up users, guests, and groups Create and work with documents Dictate your messages and documents Set a different keyboard dictation shortcut Back up your files with Time Machine Create an Apple ID on Mac Sign in to a new device or browser with two-factor authentication Use iCloud Drive to store documents on your Mac Set up Family Sharing on Mac View and download purchases made by other family members Use Continuity to work across Apple devices Use your iPad as a second display for your Mac Unlock your Mac and approve requests with Apple Watch Listen to podcasts on Mac Read books in Books on Mac Customize your Game Center account Manage passwords using keychains on Mac And so much more!Grab your copy now!


The Ridiculously Simple Guide To iPhone 12, iPhone Pro, and iPhone Pro Max - Scott La Counte Cover Art

The Ridiculously Simple Guide To iPhone 12, iPhone Pro, and iPhone Pro Max

The Ridiculously Simple Guide To iPhone 12, iPhone Pro, and iPhone Pro Max A Practical Guide To Getting Started With the Next Generation of iPhone and iOS 14 by Scott La Counte

★★★ From new iPhone user to power user! ★★★ Getting an iPhone can be thrilling and intimidating all at once! On the one hand, it's like getting a new toy-and one of the best phones money can buy. One the other hand, being arguably the best phone means it comes packed with lots of features-lots and lots of features! How do you use all of them? This guide is formatted in a way to help you use your phone (and all its powerful features) as quickly as possible. Nobody likes to spend hours with a manual! They want to use their new toy! I purposely have written this guide to be a little more casual and fun than what you expect from most iPhone manuals. The iPhone is a fun gadget, and any guide should be an equally fun read. Some of the included topics: What's new to iOS 14Using an iPhone that doesn't have a Home buttonUsing Face IDHow to use Picture in Picture for movies and TV showsHow to add widgets to your Home screenOrganizing apps with the App LibraryBuying, removing, rearranging, updating appsMagSafeTaking, editing, organizing and sharing photosApple Services (Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Card, iCloud, and Fitness+)Using SiriUsing pre-installed apps like Notes, Calendar, Reminders, and moreMaking phone calls and sending messagesCreating Animoji'sMust have appsAnd much, much more! Are you ready to start enjoying your new iPhone? Then let's get started! Note: This book is not endorsed by Apple, Inc and should be considered unofficial.


Apple iPad (8th Generation) User Guide - Scott Edward Cover Art

Apple iPad (8th Generation) User Guide

Apple iPad (8th Generation) User Guide The Complete Illustrated, Practical Guide with Tips & Tricks to Maximizing the latest 10.2” iPad & iPadOS 14 by Scott Edward

A Comprehensive Guide to Mastering Your 2020 iPad 10.2” (8th Generation) and iPadOS 14. Apple unveiled on Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2020 its latest iteration of the standard iPad, dubbed the iPad 8th generation. This iPad boasts a slew of new features and new price points for consumers and education users in order to get the device into even more hands. While the eight-generation iPad may look a lot like its predecessor, it's an entirely different beast. The iPad is Apple's middle-of-the-road tablet with the traditional screen size of 10.2", which Apple switched to years ago. The device runs Apple's iPadOS, and this 8th generation model will ship with the newest iteration of iPadOS, version 14. The iPad 8th generation will be able to take advantage of all the new features in iPadOS 14. This book is a detailed in DEPTH guide that will help you to maximize your iPad experience. It has ACTIONABLE tips, tricks and hacks. It contains specific step-by-step instructions that are well organized and easy to read. Here is a preview of what you will learn: A brief review of iPad 8th generation How to set up your iPad How to Multitask on Your iPad New iPadOS 14 Features for iPad Open Apps and Find Music and Quickly Using Spotlight Search How to identify and remove unnecessary apps   20 Apple keyboard shortcuts business users need to know Accessing the Control Center, iPadOS 14 and iPad new gestures Send and receive sms messages on iPad via Text Message Forwarding Use Apple Pencil To Take Notes on Lock Screen Use The Smart Keyboard and Master The Keyboard Shortcuts Learn to create and use Memoji in iPadOS 14 Learn the changes to notifications in iPadOS 14 Apple Pay Cash How to use Siri How to perform quick website search in Safari How to play FLAC files on an iPad Download Free Books on Your iPad How to Use iCloud Keychain on Your iPad Devices How to use Favorites in Apple Maps… and much more! Get your copy now!


The Ridiculously Simple Guide to iPhone 12 Mini: A Practical Guide to Getting Started With the Next Generation of iPhone and iOS 14 - Scott La Counte Cover Art

The Ridiculously Simple Guide to iPhone 12 Mini: A Practical Guide to Getting Started With the Next Generation of iPhone and iOS 14 by Scott La Counte

★★★  Good things come in small packages. ★★★ 2020 will be remembered for many things. For Apple, it may come down to this: choices. There are more phone choices than ever for Apple users. From the budget iPhone SE to the pro phone iPhone 12 Pro.  The iPhone 12 Mini comes nicely in between these choices--not nearly as expensive as the iPhone 12 Pro, and with much nicer specs than the iPhone SE. The price may make it feel like a budget phone, but there is nothing cheap about it. If you are new to iPhone--or you've used it before, but you still don't know where everything is--then this guide will help you out. I love my iPhone, and I know how excited you are to use it! So I wrote this guide to help you get up and running as quickly as possible. The book is light on advanced features, so if you're looking for something that will tell you how to set up a private network or iMAP / POP email. But if you're looking for something that tells you about shortcuts, taking pictures, and using the phone normally, then read on! Some of the included topics: What's new to iOS 14Differences between all the phonesUsing an iPhone that doesn't have a Home buttonUsing Face IDHow to add widgets to your Home screenOrganizing apps with the App LibraryBuying, removing, rearranging, updating appsTaking, editing, organizing, and sharing photosApple Services (Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Card, iCloud, and Fitness+)Using SiriCreating Animoji'sMust have appsAnd much, much more! Note: This book is not endorsed by Apple, Inc and should be considered unofficial.


New 2020 iPad Pro Manual - Daniel Richard Cover Art

New 2020 iPad Pro Manual

New 2020 iPad Pro Manual Master Your New iPad Pro 2020 4th Generation, Including Tips & Tricks to Unlock Hidden Features by Daniel Richard

If just got the 2020 iPad Pro (4th Generation) and need a guide to walk you through the essential settings, configurations and numerous handy tips, tricks, hidden features and various troubleshooting techniques, then this book is for you. It provides an insight into the basic functions of the iPad Pro such as Face ID, Airdrop, Screen Time, Apple Pay, iCar, Sidecar etc to advanced functions such as creating Siri shortcuts, advanced on-screen, magic mouse and magic trackpad gestures, setting up security and accessibility options to increase the productivity of your device. The book also provides seamless techniques to connect your iPad pro to several hardware devices such as magic mouse, magic trackpad, magic Keyboard, external monitors, Hyperdrive, Airfly, Gopro and several advanced hacks that would push your iPad pro to its maximum performance.


Technically Wrong: Sexist Apps, Biased Algorithms, and Other Threats of Toxic Tech - Sara Wachter-Boettcher Cover Art

Technically Wrong: Sexist Apps, Biased Algorithms, and Other Threats of Toxic Tech

Technically Wrong: Sexist Apps, Biased Algorithms, and Other Threats of Toxic Tech by Sara Wachter-Boettcher

“An entertaining romp that tells us where and why the tech industry, once America’s darling, went wrong, and what it might do to recover its good graces.” —Tim Wu, author of The Master Switch Buying groceries, tracking our health, finding a date: whatever we want to do, odds are that we can now do it online. But few of us realize just how many oversights, biases, and downright ethical nightmares are baked inside the tech products we use every day. It’s time we change that. In Technically Wrong, Sara Wachter-Boettcher demystifies the tech industry, leaving those of us on the other side of the screen better prepared to make informed choices about the services we use—and to demand more from the companies behind them. A Wired Top Tech Book of the Year A Fast Company Best Business and Leadership Book of the Year


iPhone: The Missing Manual - David Pogue Cover Art

iPhone: The Missing Manual

iPhone: The Missing Manual The Book That Should Have Been in the Box by David Pogue

The iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11R, and 11Max are faster than ever and have more powerful cameras. With the latest edition of this bestselling guide, you get a funny, gorgeously illustrated guide to the tips, shortcuts, and workarounds that will turn you into an iPhone master. Written by David Pogue—Missing Manual series creator, New York Times columnist, and Emmy-winning tech correspondent for CNBC, CBS, and NPR—this update shows you everything you need to know about new iPhone features and the iOS 13 user interface. Pick up this beautiful full-color book and learn how to get the most out of your iPhone.


FreeBSD Mastery: ZFS - Michael W. Lucas & Allan Jude Cover Art

FreeBSD Mastery: ZFS

FreeBSD Mastery: ZFS by Michael W. Lucas & Allan Jude

ZFS, the fast, flexible, self-healing filesystem, revolutionized data storage. Leveraging ZFS changes everything about managing FreeBSD systems. With FreeBSD Mastery: ZFS, you’ll learn to: select hardware for ZFS systems arrange your storage for optimal performance configure datasets that match your enterprise’s needs repair and monitor storage pools expand your storage use compression to enhance performance determine if deduplication is right for your data understand how copy-on-write changes everything snapshot filesystems automatically rotate snapshots clone filesystems optimize how ZFS uses and manages space customize FreeBSD ZFS installs Whether you’re a long-term FreeBSD administrator or a new user, FreeBSD Mastery: ZFS will help you simplify storage. Master ZFS with FreeBSD Mastery: ZFS


FreeBSD Mastery: Advanced ZFS - Michael W. Lucas Cover Art

FreeBSD Mastery: Advanced ZFS

FreeBSD Mastery: Advanced ZFS by Michael W. Lucas

ZFS improves everything about systems administration. Once you peek under the hood, though, ZFS’ bewildering array of knobs and tunables can overwhelm anyone. ZFS experts can make their servers zing—and now you can, too, with FreeBSD Mastery: Advanced ZFS.  This small book teaches you to:  • Use boot environments to make the riskiest sysadmin tasks boring  • Delegate filesystem privileges to users  • Containerize ZFS datasets with jails  • Quickly and efficiently replicate data between machines  • split layers off of mirrors  • optimize ZFS block storage  • handle large storage arrays  • select caching strategies to improve performance  • manage next-generation storage hardware  • identify and remove bottlenecks  • build screaming fast database storage  • dive deep into pools, metaslabs, and more!  Whether you manage a single small server or international datacenters, simplify your storage with FreeBSD Mastery: Advanced ZFS.


Ruby on Rails Tutorial: - Michael Hartl Cover Art

Ruby on Rails Tutorial:

Ruby on Rails Tutorial: Learn Web Development with Rails, 4/e by Michael Hartl

This is the eBook of the printed book and may not include any media, website access codes, or print supplements that may come packaged with the bound book. Used by sites as varied as Twitter, GitHub, Disney, and Airbnb, Ruby on Rails is one of the most popular frameworks for developing web applications, but it can be challenging to learn and use. Whether you’re new to web development or new only to Rails, Ruby on Rails™ Tutorial, Fourth Edition, is the solution. Best-selling author and leading Rails developer Michael Hartl teaches Rails by guiding you through the development of three example applications of increasing sophistication. The tutorial’s examples focus on the general principles of web development needed for virtually any kind of website. The updates to this edition include full compatibility with Rails 5, a division of the largest chapters into more manageable units, and a huge number of new exercises interspersed in each chapter for maximum reinforcement of the material. This indispensable guide provides integrated tutorials not only for Rails, but also for the essential Ruby, HTML, CSS, and SQL skills you need when developing web applications. Hartl explains how each new technique solves a real-world problem, and then he demonstrates it with bite-sized code that’s simple enough to understand, yet novel enough to be useful. Whatever your previous web development experience, this book will guide you to true Rails mastery. This book will help you Install and set up your Rails development environment, including pre-installed integrated development environment (IDE) in the cloud Go beyond generated code to truly understand how to build Rails applications from scratch Learn testing and test-driven development (TDD) Effectively use the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern Structure applications using the REST architecture Build static pages and transform them into dynamic ones Master the Ruby programming skills all Rails developers need Create high-quality site layouts and data models Implement registration and authentication systems, including validation and secure passwords Update, display, and delete users Upload images in production using a cloud storage service Implement account activation and password reset, including sending email with Rails Add social features and microblogging, including an introduction to Ajax Record version changes with Git and create a secure remote repository at Bitbucket Deploy your applications early and often with Heroku


Storytelling with Data - Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic Cover Art

Storytelling with Data

Storytelling with Data Let's Practice! by Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic

Influence action through data! This is not a book. It is a one-of-a-kind immersive learning experience through which you can become—or teach others to be—a powerful data storyteller. Let’s practice! helps you build confidence and credibility to create graphs and visualizations that make sense and weave them into action-inspiring stories. Expanding upon best seller storytelling with data ’s foundational lessons, Let’s practice! delivers fresh content, a plethora of new examples, and over 100 hands-on exercises. Author and data storytelling maven Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic guides you along the path to hone core skills and become a well-practiced data communicator. Each chapter includes: ● Practice with Cole: exercises based on real-world examples first posed for you to consider and solve, followed by detailed step-by-step illustration and explanation ● Practice on your own: thought-provoking questions and even more exercises to be assigned or worked through individually, without prescribed solutions ● Practice at work: practical guidance and hands-on exercises for applying storytelling with data lessons on the job, including instruction on when and how to solicit useful feedback and refine for greater impact The lessons and exercises found within this comprehensive guide will empower you to master—or develop in others—data storytelling skills and transition your work from acceptable to exceptional. By investing in these skills for ourselves and our teams, we can all tell inspiring and influential data stories!


Games, Design and Play - Colleen Macklin & John Sharp Cover Art

Games, Design and Play

Games, Design and Play A detailed approach to iterative game design, 1/e by Colleen Macklin & John Sharp

Games, Design and Play  completely demystifies the art of videogame design, by taking a play-focused and process-oriented approach that walks you through every step, and provides a complete toolkit for creating compelling game experiences. Colleen Macklin and John Sharp draw on their pioneering experience teaching game design at Parsons (The New School for Design). Starting from the simple premise that game designs must emphasize play, they show how a game's structure can create a wide array of successful play experiences. In Part I, Macklin and Sharp introduce the key concepts, terminology and principles of game design. They draw examples from many different forms of games, emphasizing independent and less-known games, videogames, board games, card games, sports, and even schoolyard games. Their examples are chosen to be especially relevant to readers who won't immediately have access to multi-million-dollar resources. Step by step, they lay a strong foundation for exploring the broader expressive potential of games, and helping you learn to think like a game designer. Each chapter is accompanied by play and design exercises that help you put its key concepts into action. You'll learn to wield each component of your "play machine": players, goals, rules, objects, actions, playspaces, and more. You'll also gain professional-level insights into multiple play styles and tastes, including competitive, cooperative, chance-based, whimsical, role-based simulation, performative, and expressive play. In Part II, Macklin and Sharp turn to the practice of videogame design, introducing a powerful four-step iterative process: conceptualize, prototype, playtest, evaluate. For each step, Macklin and Sharp illustrate successive loops through this iterative cycle, from idea to finished game. You'll construct the game you've designed using the open source tool "Processing" - designed specifically to help non-programmers write code. You'll also learn how to work collaboratively as a game designer in your larger game development team. This guide's unique approach bridges the gap between creative design processes and the technical side of game development, helping you craft great designs that can actually be transformed into great games!


Learn Python in 10 Minutes - Victor Ebai Cover Art

Learn Python in 10 Minutes

Learn Python in 10 Minutes by Victor Ebai

This book is written with the programming beginner in mind. The book is designed to get you up to speed with Python as quickly as possible. It covers everything you need to know to become proficient in Python. The book begins with the simplest programming concepts and builds with each chapter. Working examples have been carefully selected to demonstrate the concept being explored. There is an explanation for every line of code, so you are never left in the dark. Once you have mastered the key concepts of the language, you will be presented with some of the most important use cases for Python. For experienced programmers, you will learn how to use Python to manage files on your computer, connect to and query relational databases and how to script cloud architecture on Amazon Web services (AWS). The best way to get the most out of this book is to play around with the examples. Try to rewrite them from memory. Once you can write them, you are ready for Python in business. Remember to ignore line numbers in the examples. The line numbers were manually inserted as annotations to help describe the Python scripts.


CCNA Certification Practice Tests - Jon Buhagiar Cover Art

CCNA Certification Practice Tests

CCNA Certification Practice Tests Exam 200-301 by Jon Buhagiar

The definitive study guide for the new CCNA and CCNP certifications CCNA Certification Practice Test: Exam 200-301 is the definitive practice guide for professionals preparing for the new CCNA or CCNP certifications, and for those looking to master the latest technologies in Cisco networking fundamentals. The practice exams, written by 17-year industry professional Jon Buhagiar, explore a broad range of exam objectives essential for passing the certification exam. The CCNA exam provides the certification needed to grow your IT career. Each practice exam in this book is designed to prepare you to pass the CCNA by imparting the skills, knowledge, and practical coursework needed to master all exam topics.  This book includes access to six practice tests featuring 1,200 exam questions, as well as two full practice exams. Most importantly, the six practice tests featured in Certification Practice Tests Exam 200-301 cover a variety of topics, including: ●      Security fundamentals ●      Automation and programmability ●      IP services ●      IP connectivity ●      Network success ●      Network fundamentals In addition to a plethora of exam topics and plenty of sample questions to prepare you for the CCNA exam, readers will also have access to online test tools featuring additional practice questions and study tools to assist in reinforcing the knowledge you’ve gained with the book. Learn the foundational knowledge you need to pass the CCNA or CCNP and take your career to the next level by preparing with CCNA Certification Practice Test s.


Adopting Blockchain and Cryptocurrency - Fred Lee Brandon III & Nathan Paige Cover Art

Adopting Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Adopting Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Embracing a Digital Future by Fred Lee Brandon III & Nathan Paige

Over the last few years, you may have heard a buzz going on about cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, the most notable of all cryptocurrencies, is slowly becoming a household topic. Blockchain, on the other hand, you may not have heard of unless you're in the tech industry. But what is a blockchain? And how does it relate to cryptocurrency? In Adopting Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, we'll look at use cases for blockchain technology and explore how bitcoin and digital currencies will revolutionize the way we think about conventional banking. The world as we know it is changing. Will you be ready?


Software Design for Flexibility - Chris Hanson & Gerald Jay Sussman Cover Art

Software Design for Flexibility

Software Design for Flexibility How to Avoid Programming Yourself into a Corner by Chris Hanson & Gerald Jay Sussman

Strategies for building large systems that can be easily adapted for new situations with only minor programming modifications. Time pressures encourage programmers to write code that works well for a narrow purpose, with no room to grow. But the best systems are evolvable; they can be adapted for new situations by adding code, rather than changing the existing code. The authors describe techniques they have found effective--over their combined 100-plus years of programming experience--that will help programmers avoid programming themselves into corners. The authors explore ways to enhance flexibility by:    •   Organizing systems using combinators to compose mix-and-match parts, ranging from small functions to whole arithmetics, with standardized interfaces    •    Augmenting data with independent annotation layers, such as units of measurement or provenance    •    Combining independent pieces of partial information using unification or propagation    •    Separating control structure from problem domain with domain models, rule systems and pattern matching, propagation, and dependency-directed backtracking    •    Extending the programming language, using dynamically extensible evaluators


Advanced Deep Learning with TensorFlow 2 and Keras - Rowel Atienza Cover Art

Advanced Deep Learning with TensorFlow 2 and Keras

Advanced Deep Learning with TensorFlow 2 and Keras Apply DL, GANs, VAEs, deep RL, unsupervised learning, object detection and segmentation, and more, 2nd Edition by Rowel Atienza

Updated and revised second edition of the bestselling guide to advanced deep learning with TensorFlow 2 and Keras Key Features Explore the most advanced deep learning techniques that drive modern AI results New coverage of unsupervised deep learning using mutual information, object detection, and semantic segmentation Completely updated for TensorFlow 2.x Book Description Advanced Deep Learning with TensorFlow 2 and Keras, Second Edition is a completely updated edition of the bestselling guide to the advanced deep learning techniques available today. Revised for TensorFlow 2.x, this edition introduces you to the practical side of deep learning with new chapters on unsupervised learning using mutual information, object detection (SSD), and semantic segmentation (FCN and PSPNet), further allowing you to create your own cutting-edge AI projects. Using Keras as an open-source deep learning library, the book features hands-on projects that show you how to create more effective AI with the most up-to-date techniques. Starting with an overview of multi-layer perceptrons (MLPs), convolutional neural networks (CNNs), and recurrent neural networks (RNNs), the book then introduces more cutting-edge techniques as you explore deep neural network architectures, including ResNet and DenseNet, and how to create autoencoders. You will then learn about GANs, and how they can unlock new levels of AI performance. Next, you'll discover how a variational autoencoder (VAE) is implemented, and how GANs and VAEs have the generative power to synthesize data that can be extremely convincing to humans. You'll also learn to implement DRL such as Deep Q-Learning and Policy Gradient Methods, which are critical to many modern results in AI. What you will learn Use mutual information maximization techniques to perform unsupervised learning Use segmentation to identify the pixel-wise class of each object in an image Identify both the bounding box and class of objects in an image using object detection Learn the building blocks for advanced techniques - MLPss, CNN, and RNNs Understand deep neural networks - including ResNet and DenseNet Understand and build autoregressive models – autoencoders, VAEs, and GANs Discover and implement deep reinforcement learning methods Who this book is for This is not an introductory book, so fluency with Python is required. The reader should also be familiar with some machine learning approaches, and practical experience with DL will also be helpful. Knowledge of Keras or TensorFlow 2.0 is not required but is recommended.


My iPhone for Seniors, 7/e - Brad Miser Cover Art

My iPhone for Seniors, 7/e

My iPhone for Seniors, 7/e by Brad Miser

Easy, clear, readable, and focused on what you want to do. Step-by-step instructions for the tasks you care about most. Large, full-color, close-up photos with callouts to iPhone photos that show you exactly what to do. Common-sense help when you run into iPhone problems or limitations. Tips and notes to help you get the most from your iPhone. Full-color, step-by-step tasks walk you through getting and keeping your iPhone working just the way you want. The tasks include how to: Connect to the Internet, Bluetooth devices, Wi-Fi networks, and other iPhones and iPads; take advantage of AirDrop to instantly share with iPhone, iPad and Mac users Use Siri to get information, write texts and emails, set reminders/appointments, and morejust by speaking to your iPhone Customize your iPhone with folders, widgets, wallpaper, ringtones, and much more Use iCloud, Google, and other cloud services to have consistent calendar, contact, and other information on all your devices Communicate via phone calls, FaceTime videoconferences, conference calls, text, email, and more Take advantage of the Messages app to instantly communicate with just about anyone, anywhere; send and receive photos and videos with a few simple taps Get the most out of Safari to browse the Web and Mail to manage all your email from one Inbox Use the Wallet app to manage boarding passes and loyalty cards; pay for purchases safely and securely with Apple Pay; and use other great iPhone apps Capture and edit photos and video; use great camera features such as telephoto zoom, portrait mode, burst photos, time-lapse and slow-motion video, and Live Photos View your photos in Memories and use them for wallpaper and for your contacts or share them via email, AirDrop, or texts; use iCloud to automatically save your photos Find, download, install, and use iPhone apps to help you travel, get information, keep in touch, have fun, and more


Machine Learning Design Patterns - Valliappa Lakshmanan, Sara Robinson & Michael Munn Cover Art

Machine Learning Design Patterns

Machine Learning Design Patterns by Valliappa Lakshmanan, Sara Robinson & Michael Munn

The design patterns in this book capture best practices and solutions to recurring problems in machine learning. The authors, three Google engineers, catalog proven methods to help data scientists tackle common problems throughout the ML process. These design patterns codify the experience of hundreds of experts into straightforward, approachable advice. In this book, you will find detailed explanations of 30 patterns for data and problem representation, operationalization, repeatability, reproducibility, flexibility, explainability, and fairness. Each pattern includes a description of the problem, a variety of potential solutions, and recommendations for choosing the best technique for your situation. You'll learn how to: Identify and mitigate common challenges when training, evaluating, and deploying ML modelsRepresent data for different ML model types, including embeddings, feature crosses, and moreChoose the right model type for specific problemsBuild a robust training loop that uses checkpoints, distribution strategy, and hyperparameter tuningDeploy scalable ML systems that you can retrain and update to reflect new dataInterpret model predictions for stakeholders and ensure models are treating users fairly


Guide to Computer Network Security - Joseph Migga Kizza Cover Art

Guide to Computer Network Security

Guide to Computer Network Security by Joseph Migga Kizza

This timely textbook presents a comprehensive guide to the core topics in cybersecurity, covering issues of security that extend beyond traditional computer networks to the ubiquitous mobile communications and online social networks that have become part of our daily lives. In the context of our growing dependence on an ever-changing digital ecosystem, this book stresses the importance of security awareness, whether in our homes, our businesses, or our public spaces. This fully updated new edition features new material on the security issues raised by blockchain technology, and its use in logistics, digital ledgers, payments systems, and digital contracts. Topics and features: Explores the full range of security risks and vulnerabilities in all connected digital systemsInspires debate over future developments and improvements necessary to enhance the security of personal, public, and private enterprise systemsRaises thought-provoking questions regarding legislative, legal, social, technical, and ethical challenges, such as the tension between privacy and securityDescribes the fundamentals of traditional computer network security, and common threats to securityReviews the current landscape of tools, algorithms, and professional best practices in use to maintain security of digital systemsDiscusses the security issues introduced by the latest generation of network technologies, including mobile systems, cloud computing, and blockchainPresents exercises of varying levels of difficulty at the end of each chapter, and concludes with a diverse selection of practical projectsOffers supplementary material for students and instructors at an associated website, including slides, additional projects, and syllabus suggestions This important textbook/reference is an invaluable resource for students of computer science, engineering, and information management, as well as for practitioners working in data- and information-intensive industries.


BDD CONFUSION: Using Behaviour driven development for acceptance criteria - Chris Lewis Cover Art

BDD CONFUSION: Using Behaviour driven development for acceptance criteria

BDD CONFUSION: Using Behaviour driven development for acceptance criteria by Chris Lewis

This is the fourth semi-fictional story from the Carnsa Development series. It focuses on Behaviour Driven Development, also known as BDD. It explores how BDD can be used to write effective acceptance criteria and support requirements. The story also includes a brief look at Test Driven Development (TDD) and Continuous Integration to support test automation. This book might be able to help you or your team with some of the following: Difficulty writing effective acceptance tests to support requirements?Not sure about the link between BDD and automated testing?Want to understand the ideal mindset to use and prepare gherkins?Not sure how TDD and its relation to BDD?Not sure how continuous integration relates to testing? The story is set the life of the quirky Carnsa family, whose family projects are led by the mother and business analyst, Claudia. Granny has no problem voicing her opinion when she encounters some of the initial concepts that she does not agree with. Why not join the family in an exploration of the subjects, with scenario's you can relate to and a quiz, if you wish, to test your knowledge?


Selenium WebDriver Recipes in C# - Zhimin Zhan Cover Art

Selenium WebDriver Recipes in C#

Selenium WebDriver Recipes in C# Second Edition by Zhimin Zhan

Selenium WebDriver Recipes in C#, Second Edition is a quick practical problem-solving guide to automated testing web applications with Selenium WebDriver in C#.  This book contains hundreds of solutions to real-world problems, with clear explanations and ready-to-run Selenium test scripts that you can use in your own projects. What You'll LearnHow to locate web elements and test functions for hyperlinks, buttons, TestFields and TextAreas, Radio Buttons, CheckBox, and more How to use Selenium WebDriver for select lists, navigation, assertions, frames, file upload and pop-up dialogs How to debug test scripts and test data How to manage and deal with browser profiles and capabilities How to manage tests for advanced User Interactions and Experiences (UX) How to work with and manage tests and testing using the Selenium Remote Control Server and more


Data Visualization: a successful design process - Andy Kirk Cover Art

Data Visualization: a successful design process

Data Visualization: a successful design process by Andy Kirk

A comprehensive yet quick guide to the best approaches to designing data visualizations, with real examples and illustrative diagrams. Whatever the desired outcome ensure success by following this expert design process. This book is for anyone who has responsibility for, or is interested in trying to find innovative and effective ways to visually analyze and communicate data. There is no skill, no knowledge and no role-based pre-requisites or expectations of anyone reading this book.


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