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Forever Protected - Kathleen Brooks Cover Art

Forever Protected

Forever Protected Forever Bluegrass #18 by Kathleen Brooks

Parker Davies, former rodeo star turned U.S. Marshal, wants something he can’t have—Tilly Bradford. He had met the equestrian, fell for her, and then saw her name on a case that came across his desk. Suddenly he had to step back from the one woman he had wanted. Instead, he threw himself into the work of the task force he’d been assigned to—the one tasked with taking down the person responsible for financing the criminal underworld. Tilly Bradford wasn’t like the rest of her family. She didn’t care about the generations of old money, the glamorous galas, or being the center of attention. She cared about show jumping and investing in small businesses. And Tilly certainly didn’t ever care to see Parker Davies, the man who had completely shut her down, again. But then Parker went and kicked down her door. Handcuffs were used (and not in a fun way), bullets were flying, and criminals came out of the woodwork to take her out. Now it wasn’t just Tilly’s heart, but her life in Parker’s hands. The question was: what would he do with it, and would she even be alive to find out?


The Rising Tide: A Vera Stanhope Novel 10 - Ann Cleeves Cover Art

The Rising Tide: A Vera Stanhope Novel 10

The Rising Tide: A Vera Stanhope Novel 10 by Ann Cleeves

Vera Stanhope, star of ITV's Vera , returns in the tenth novel in number one bestseller Ann Cleeves' acclaimed series. Fifty years ago, a group of teenagers spent a weekend on Holy Island, forging a bond that has lasted a lifetime. Now, they still return every five years to celebrate their friendship, and remember the friend they lost to the rising waters of the causeway at the first reunion. Now, when one of them is found hanged, Vera is called in. Learning that the dead man had recently been fired after misconduct allegations, Vera knows she must discover what the friends are hiding, and whether the events of many years before could have led to murder then, and now . . . But with the tide rising, secrets long-hidden are finding their way to the surface, and Vera and the team may find themselves in more danger than they could have believed possible . . .


House Rules - Jodi Picoult Cover Art

House Rules

House Rules by Jodi Picoult

'Picoult writes with unassuming brilliance.' - Stephen King 'Picoult has become a master - almost a clairvoyant - at targeting hot issues and writing highly readable page-turners about them . It is impossible not to be held spellbound by the way she forces us to think, hard, about right and wrong.' - Washington Post Jacob Hunt is a teenage boy with Asperger's syndrome. He's hopeless at reading social cues or expressing himself to others, and like many children with Asperger's, Jacob has an obsessive focus on one subject - in his case, forensic analysis. He's always showing up at crime scenes, thanks to the police scanner he keeps in his room, and telling the cops what they need to do - and he's usually right. But then one day his tutor is found dead, and the police come to question him. Reluctance to make eye contact, stimulatory tics and twitches, inappropriate gestures, all these can look a lot like guilt. Suddenly, Jacob finds himself accused of murder. House Rules looks at what it means to be different in our society, and at the extremes of love and loyalty a family must call upon to help each other overcome impossible circumstances. Jodi Picoult is the author of 16 bestselling and widely - acclaimed novels. Read more about her on her website www.jodipicoult.com.au


Portrait of an Unknown Woman - Daniel Silva Cover Art

Portrait of an Unknown Woman

Portrait of an Unknown Woman by Daniel Silva

#1 New York Times bestselling author Daniel Silva delivers another stunning thriller in his latest action-packed tale of high stakes international intrigue. The hunt is on for the greatest art forger who ever lived ... Legendary spy and art restorer Gabriel Allon has at long last severed ties with Israeli intelligence and settled quietly with his beautiful wife and their young twins in Venice, the only place he has ever truly known peace. But when the eccentric London art dealer Julian Isherwood asks Gabriel to investigate the circumstances surrounding the rediscovery and lucrative sale of a centuries-old painting, he is drawn into a deadly game of cat and mouse where nothing is as it seems. Gabriel soon discovers that the work in question, a portrait of an unidentified woman attributed to Sir Anthony van Dyck, is almost certainly a fiendishly clever fake. To find the mysterious figure who painted it-and uncover a multibillion-dollar fraud at the pinnacle of the art world-Gabriel conceives one of the most elaborate deceptions of his career. If it is to succeed, he must become the very mirror image of the man he seeks: the greatest art forger the world has ever known. 'Daniel Silva is that rarity of rarities, a writer whose stories just keep getting better' Huffington Post 'Reading Daniel Silva's expertly crafted novels is to witness a master at work' Real Book Spy 'Daniel Silva has few rivals' The Age 'A world-class practitioner of spy fiction' Washington Post


Cobalt Blue - Matthew Reilly Cover Art

Cobalt Blue

Cobalt Blue by Matthew Reilly

For 35 years, the United States and Russia each had their own superhero. Three days ago, America's hero died. Today will be bad. In the face of an overwhelming attack, one young woman-unassuming and anonymous-might be America's only hope. Her codename ... COBALT BLUE


Deserving Alaska - Susan Stoker Cover Art

Deserving Alaska

Deserving Alaska by Susan Stoker

A brand new series by New York Times bestselling author, Susan Stoker The Refuge is a place to heal. Where those who have experienced traumatic events can go to heal. It’s run by seven former military men who’ve seen more than their fair share of the ugliness in the world. Friend-zoned since childhood by the most amazing man she’s ever known, that doesn’t stop Alaska Stein from doing whatever’s necessary—including lying to the military—to be by his side when Drake ends up in a German hospital after a mission gone wrong. The broken man in the bed is not the boy she once knew. Despite that, and despite years apart, when Drake turns his gaze to Alaska, he sees her. Looks beyond the plain-Jane exterior to his childhood friend beneath. He may never be anything more than a friend, but putting her needs aside to see him whole is a sacrifice she’s willing to make.  Drake “Brick” Vandine walks away from the SEALs after his recovery, building a life around helping others struggling with PTSD. But he can’t walk away from Alaska. She was there for him in his darkest moment and her spine of steel saw him through one of the biggest challenges of his career. And now, although she lives half a world away, she’s still his anchor, his daily dose of support as he and several friends build The Refuge. A place of peace, a place of healing. But, for Drake, also a place of loneliness. When the unthinkable befalls Alaska during a trip to Russia, it’s Drake’s turn to drop everything and race to her aid. Safely back at The Refuge, he just as quickly realizes what he’s failed to see for two decades—his oldest, dearest friend is the love of his life. A revelation that may be too little, too late. Because Drake’s brought the enemy right to their door. **Deserving Alaska is the 1st book in The Refuge Series. Each book is a stand-alone, with no cliffhanger endings.


Dirty Groom - Mira Lyn Kelly Cover Art

Dirty Groom

Dirty Groom A Slayers Hockey Novel by Mira Lyn Kelly

A sexy, standalone Slayers Hockey novel from USA TODAY bestselling author Mira Lyn Kelly... It seems like a solid plan… ~Get hitched, Vegas style. ~Lose each other’s numbers, permanently. ~Avoid pitfalls of real marriage forever. …Until I sober up, and my wife is already gone. It’s what we agreed to. But I don’t like it. A year later, I find her. I have another solid plan to undo our mistake. Only now, I’m not so sure the cocktail napkin with our prenup can protect me from the one thing I swore I wouldn’t do… fall in love. #BroodyHockeyHunk #VegasWedding #SlayersHockey


Where the Crawdads Sing - Delia Owens Cover Art

Where the Crawdads Sing

Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens

OVER 12 MILLION COPIES SOLD WORLDWIDE SOON TO BE A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE A NUMBER ONE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER 'Painfully beautiful' New York Times 'Unforgettable . . . as engrossing as it is moving' Daily Mail 'A rare achievement' The Times 'I can't even express how much I love this book! ' Reese Witherspoon ------------------------------------------------- For years, rumours of the 'Marsh Girl' have haunted Barkley Cove, a quiet town on the North Carolina coast. So in late 1969, when handsome Chase Andrews is found dead, the locals immediately suspect Kya Clark, the so-called Marsh Girl. But Kya is not what they say. Sensitive and intelligent, she has survived for years alone in the marsh that she calls home, finding friends in the gulls and lessons in the sand. Then the time comes when she yearns to be touched and loved. When two young men from town become intrigued by her wild beauty, Kya opens herself to a new life - until the unthinkable happens. ------------------------------------------------- '[It] will reach a huge audience though the writer's old-fashioned talents for compelling character, plotting and landscape description ' Guardian 'For sheer escapism pick up Where the Crawdads Sing . . . there is writing that takes your breath away ' The Times 'All is not as it seems in this heartbreaking coming-of-age bestseller' i newspaper


Swamp Spirits - Jana DeLeon Cover Art

Swamp Spirits

Swamp Spirits by Jana DeLeon

Ghost of a chance? Fortune is thrilled when Ben Harrison, her former CIA partner, and his fiancée, Cassidy, decide to leave DC and move to the Louisiana bayous. They’ve already secured jobs and are only lacking a place to live, so everyone is excited when they quickly find a home. There’s only one problem—the house has a reputation. It’s haunted. Fortune doesn’t believe in ghosts, but when Cassidy starts seeing a woman in white inside her house and can’t determine how she’s entering or exiting, Fortune knows she’s got to figure out what’s going on before things get worse. As Swamp Team 3 takes on the “spirited” case, they dive into a decades-old mystery of love, money, voodoo curses, and a missing woman. But can they get answers before Ben and Cassidy give up the ghost and go back to DC?


Blink of an Eye - Louisa Scarr Cover Art

Blink of an Eye

Blink of an Eye A gripping crime thriller with an unforgettable detective duo by Louisa Scarr

Five friends meet. Only four come home. On Christmas morning, DS Robin Butler has no plans to celebrate. He’ll be glad to get back to work – a wish that comes true sooner than he anticipates. A dog walker at a local beach has discovered five unresponsive people strewn across the shingle. By the time Robin arrives, one is pronounced dead, and the other four are being treated in hospital. DC Freya West is less than pleased when the romantic day with her boyfriend is scuppered, but duty calls. As she and Butler speak to those involved, it’s clear something is being left unsaid. They claim they are friends, and that they don’t know how one of the group was killed. But why are they so cagey? A cold case investigation unlocks some answers about the history between the beach-going gang, yet they’re tight-lipped about what prompted them to meet on Christmas Eve. Butler and West are getting nowhere, and their partnership is about to face another test. When Freya wants to come clean about events in her past, it’s not just her neck on the line, but Robin’s too. Can their relationship survive if their pact of silence is broken? The thrilling new instalment from policing’s most dauntless duo. Perfect for fans of Cara Hunter, Jane Casey and Susie Steiner.


I'm Glad My Mom Died - Jennette McCurdy Cover Art

I'm Glad My Mom Died

I'm Glad My Mom Died by Jennette McCurdy

A heartbreaking and hilarious memoir by iCarly and Sam & Cat star Jennette McCurdy about her struggles as a former child actor—including eating disorders, addiction, and a complicated relationship with her overbearing mother—and how she retook control of her life. Jennette McCurdy was six years old when she had her first acting audition. Her mother’s dream was for her only daughter to become a star, and Jennette would do anything to make her mother happy. So she went along with what Mom called “calorie restriction,” eating little and weighing herself five times a day. She endured extensive at-home makeovers while Mom chided, “Your eyelashes are invisible, okay? You think Dakota Fanning doesn’t tint hers?” She was even showered by Mom until age sixteen while sharing her diaries, email, and all her income. In I’m Glad My Mom Died , Jennette recounts all this in unflinching detail—just as she chronicles what happens when the dream finally comes true. Cast in a new Nickelodeon series called iCarly , she is thrust into fame. Though Mom is ecstatic, emailing fan club moderators and getting on a first-name basis with the paparazzi (“Hi Gale!”), Jennette is riddled with anxiety, shame, and self-loathing, which manifest into eating disorders, addiction, and a series of unhealthy relationships. These issues only get worse when, soon after taking the lead in the iCarly spinoff Sam & Cat alongside Ariana Grande, her mother dies of cancer. Finally, after discovering therapy and quitting acting, Jennette embarks on recovery and decides for the first time in her life what she really wants. Told with refreshing candor and dark humor, I’m Glad My Mom Died is an inspiring story of resilience, independence, and the joy of shampooing your own hair.


Scott's Summit - Dale Mayer Cover Art

Scott's Summit

Scott's Summit by Dale Mayer

Everyone has the right to make a mistake, … but the one Naira made isn’t one Scott can forgive. He wakes from a coma, sure that the ex-love of his life had been at his side, but finds no sign of her. When he does see her, he can’t get past a long-ago decision she’d made that tore them apart. Naira had hoped that Scott would protest her decision way back when, but he didn’t say anything to stop her. Heartbroken, she went ahead with the business marriage to appease her father, which ends in divorce. When Terk called, she came running to Scott’s bedside, even knowing he’d hate to see her when he woke up. But she has always loved him and can only hope he might find his way back to her. But finding his way back to the team is on his mind, with Naira second. Except that the operatives who took down his team initially are coming around and trying to pick off everyone left alive—and all the people they hold dear, … like Naira.


Verity - Colleen Hoover Cover Art


Verity The thriller that will capture your heart and blow your mind by Colleen Hoover

OVER 3 MILLION COPIES SOLD - THE NO.1 BESTSELLER AND TIKTOK SENSATION, FROM THE AUTHOR OF IT ENDS WITH US Are you ready to stay up all night? Rebecca meets Gone Girl in this shocking, unpredictable thriller with a twist that will leave you reeling . . . Lowen Ashleigh is a struggling writer on the brink of financial ruin when she accepts the job offer of a lifetime. Jeremy Crawford, husband of bestselling author Verity Crawford, has hired Lowen to complete the remaining books in a successful series his injured wife is unable to finish. Lowen arrives at the Crawford home, ready to sort through years of Verity's notes and outlines, hoping to find enough material to get her started. What Lowen doesn't expect to uncover in the chaotic office is an unfinished autobiography Verity never intended for anyone to read. Page after page of bone-chilling admissions, including Verity's recollection of the night their family was forever altered. Lowen decides to keep the manuscript hidden from Jeremy, knowing its contents would devastate the already-grieving father. But as Lowen's feelings for Jeremy begin to intensify, she recognizes all the ways she could benefit if he were to read his wife's words. After all, no matter how devoted Jeremy is to his injured wife, a truth this horrifying would make it impossible for him to continue loving her . . . If you loved Verity , don't miss the special collector's edition hardback coming this autumn, with a gold cover plus an exclusive never-before-seen epilogue and letter from Colleen. Available to order now. 500,000 READERS HAVE ALREADY GIVEN VERITY FIVE STARS 'One of the best thrillers I have ever read ' ***** ' Powerful , mind-blowing and emotional ' ***** 'The plot twists and that ending came out of nowhere' ***** 'There are no words. Bravo ' ***** ' Dark , creepy , and one hundred per cent original ' ***** ' I NEEDED to know how this was going to end' ***** 'Left me completely speechless ' ***** VERITY was a No.1 Kindle bestseller on 18.03.22


Coffin Road - Peter May Cover Art

Coffin Road

Coffin Road An utterly gripping crime thriller from the author of The China Thrillers by Peter May

THE 12 MILLION COPY BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF THE LEWIS TRILOGY, THE ENZO FILES AND THE CHINA THRILLERS AWARD WINNING AUTHOR OF THE CWA DAGGER IN THE LIBRARY 2021 ' Peter May is one of the most accomplished novelists writing today.' Undiscovered Scotland 'No one can create a more eloquently written suspense novel than Peter May.' New York Journal of Books PETER MAY MIXES MURDER, MYSTERY and MEMORY . . . AND MARKS HIS RETURN TO THE OUTER HEBRIDES A man stands bewildered on a deserted beach on the Hebridean Isle of Harris. He cannot remember who he is. The only clue to his identity is a folded map of a path named the Coffin Road. He does not know where this search will take him. A detective from Lewis sits aboard a boat, filled with doubt. DS George Gunn knows that a bludgeoned corpse has been discovered on a remote rock twenty miles offshore. He does not know if he has what it takes to uncover how and why. A teenage girl lies in her Edinburgh bedroom, desperate to discover the truth about her scientist father's suicide. Two years on, Karen Fleming still cannot accept that he would wilfully abandon her. She does not yet know his secret. Coffin Road follows three perilous journeys towards one shocking truth - and the realisation that ignorance can kill us. LOVED COFFIN ROAD ? Read the first book in Peter May's acclaimed China thrillers series, THE FIREMAKER LOVE PETER MAY? Buy his new thriller, THE NIGHT GATE


It Ends With Us - Colleen Hoover Cover Art

It Ends With Us

It Ends With Us The emotional #1 Sunday Times bestseller by Colleen Hoover

Don't miss  IT STARTS WITH US , the sequel to  IT ENDS WITH US . Coming  October 2022! Pre-order your copy now. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “A brave and heartbreaking novel that digs its claws into you and doesn’t let go, long after you’ve finished it” Anna Todd, bestselling author   From the #1 bestselling author of  All Your Perfects , a workaholic with a too-good-to-be-true romance can’t stop thinking about her first love. Lily hasn’t always had it easy, but that’s never stopped her from working hard for the life she wants. She’s come a long way from the small town where she grew up—she graduated from college, moved to Boston, and started her own business. And when she feels a spark with a gorgeous neurosurgeon named Ryle Kincaid, everything in Lily’s life seems too good to be true. Ryle is assertive, stubborn, maybe even a little arrogant. He’s also sensitive, brilliant, and has a total soft spot for Lily. And the way he looks in scrubs certainly doesn’t hurt. Lily can’t get him out of her head. But Ryle’s complete aversion to relationships is disturbing. Even as Lily finds herself becoming the exception to his “no dating” rule, she can’t help but wonder what made him that way in the first place. As questions about her new relationship overwhelm her, so do thoughts of Atlas Corrigan—her first love and a link to the past she left behind. He was her kindred spirit, her protector. When Atlas suddenly reappears, everything Lily has built with Ryle is threatened. With this bold and deeply personal novel, It Ends With Us is a heart-wrenching story and an unforgettable tale of love that comes at the ultimate price. 


You, Again - Lauren Layne Cover Art

You, Again

You, Again The sparkling and witty new opposites-attract rom-com! by Lauren Layne

'This book is everything. Lauren Layne at her best!' ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ reader review Such a fun read, I adore everything Lauren Layne writes and this is no exception! Mac and Thomas are EVERYTHING!!' ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ reader review 'Classic Lauren Layne . . . the story just flew, pulled me in and had me reading the whole book in one sitting. I honestly think that You, Again is one of the best works of Lauren Layne' ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ reader review 'A delight - as sweet and bubbly as a glass of champagne' BETH O'LEARY Readers give Lauren Layne ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐! 'Romantic comedy PERFECTION and if you don't read it, you really are missing out' 'The romance, writing style and wit in this book is second to none. I have nothing but praise for this book' 'The New York backdrop was classic Lauren Layne as was the banter and I loved her modern day spin on this fairy tale romance' 'I devoured this book in a single morning, and I can't wait to reread it' 'The overall feeling from reading this book is like being enveloped in a warm hug from that special someone in your life' ................................................. They have to stop meeting like this . . . Mackenzie 'Mac' Austin just wants what any modern, commitment-phobic woman in New York wants: a no-strings-attached hook-up, steamy enough to brag about over mimosas the next morning. What she doesn't want is her dating app's latest suggestion: preppy, corporate Thomas Decker. So, obviously, she rejects the guy without a second thought. There's just one snag: he's sitting next to her, so he witnessed her do it. And now he's calling her out. After the initial embarrassment, Mac is determined not to let it bother her, but Fate has other plans - and Thomas isn't going anywhere. First, he pops up as her new boss. And then he reappears as her best friend's soon-to-be brother-in-law. As the not-so meet cutes add up, Mac is sure that uptight Thomas is the last man that a free-spirit like her should want. Only the more time she spends with him, the more Mac realizes that the man she can't get away from has become the same one that she wants to keep close . . . ................................................. 'Witty banter, a "phew, that's hot" romance and the author's adept ability to bring her characters and their experiences off the page and into your life ' USA Today 'The word charm is pretty much synonymous with Lauren Layne' Hypable 'Fans of Nora Ephron will adore this' LORI NELSON SPIELMAN 'As light and refreshing as a glass of champagne . . . will have you smiling from the first swoon-worthy page to the last' JILL SHALVIS 'Lauren Layne's books are as effervescent and delicious as a brunch mimosa. As soon as you read one, you're going to want another - IMMEDIATELY!' KAREN HAWKINS 'Lauren Layne is a master at sexy banter and funny dialogue' BookPage Want more fun, fresh, flirty and very sexy rom-com? Check out all of Lauren's books! Don't miss: Made in Manhattan To Sir, With Love The Prenup The Central Park Pact series Oxford series Wedding Belles series I Do, I Don't series Love, Unexpectedly series


The Chosen - Kristina Ohlsson Cover Art

The Chosen

The Chosen by Kristina Ohlsson

The brand new thriller featuring Investigative Analyst Fredrika Bergman and Alex Recht of the Stockholm police. On a cold winter's day, a pre-school teacher is shot to death in front of parents and children at the Jewish Congregation in Stockholm. Just a few hours later two Jewish boys go missing on their way to tennis practice. A heavy snowstorm hits Stockholm and the traces of the perpetrator are few and far between. Fredrika Bergman and Alex Recht are faced with one of their toughest challenges ever as they hunt for a killer that seems as merciless as he is effective. The leads in the investigation are many and diverse but in the end they all point to the same place: Israel. Someone or something called the Paper Boy keeps popping up in the police investigation. But who was he really? And could he possibly have resurfaced in Stockholm, now claiming new victims? 'The writing is tense, dense and very atmospheric. The stories sharp and impossible to let go. Kristina Ohlsson is a true queen of scandinavian crime.' Mons Kallentoft 'Superbly crafted' Daily Mail 'Kristina Ohlsson is a rising star of Scandinavian crime fiction' Sunday Times


The Lucky Heart - Devney Perry Cover Art

The Lucky Heart

The Lucky Heart by Devney Perry

Life on his ranch could be their future. If they can overcome their past. Felicity’s life story reads like the script to a bad soap opera. Girl’s high-school boyfriend becomes a drug addict. Girl falls for boyfriend’s best friend. Girl leaves them both behind only to return home years later for murdered ex-boyfriend’s funeral. Now she’s back home in Montana, ready to start fresh. She’s got a long list of amends to make and relationships to rebuild, including one with the man who has owned her heart for sixteen years. Silas doesn’t need much. He’s got a great horse, close friends and the Lucky Heart ranch, but something has always been missing. He’s not an idiot. He knows the missing piece is Felicity. And now that she’s returned to Prescott, he’s got a second chance to win her heart. This time, the only thing standing in his way is history. Drudging up the past is going to be about as painful as playing tug of war with barbed wire. But if they can heal old wounds, he’ll get the girl he should have had all along.


Dead of Winter - Lee Weeks Cover Art

Dead of Winter

Dead of Winter by Lee Weeks

Victim, suspect, policeman. When the lines blur, who do you trust? When two bodies surface in the garden of a rented house in North London, Forensics discover fingerprints which link back to an unsolved crime that no one in the Metropolitan Police wants to remember. More than a decade ago, in an isolated holiday cottage in Sussex, a family was found brutally slaughtered. The prime suspect was Callum Carmichael, the father of the family and a police officer from the Met's own ranks. But without enough evidence to arrest him, the case was hushed up and the trail left to go cold. Now, with fresh proof that the killer is still out there, rookie DC Ebony Willis is sent to find Callum Carmichael. But Carmichael is an unknown entity and, with every piece of information she tells him, she risks leading a dangerous man closer to his prey. Gritty, atmospheric and impossible to put down - fans of Martina Cole and Jessie Keane will love Lee Weeks' gripping thriller.


The Girl Who Died - Ragnar Jónasson Cover Art

The Girl Who Died

The Girl Who Died The chilling Sunday Times Crime Book of the Year by Ragnar Jónasson

THE NAIL-BITING SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER FROM THE MILLION COPY BESTSELLING AUTHOR A TIMES AND SUNDAY TIMES CRIME BOOK OF THE YEAR 'Is this the best crime writer in the world today?' The Times 'A world-class crime writer . . . One of the most astonishing plots of modern crime fiction' Sunday Times 'It is nothing less than a landmark in modern crime fiction' The Times ________ 'TEACHER WANTED AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD . . .' After the loss of her father, Una sees a chance to escape Reykjavík to tutor two girls in the tiny village of Skálar - population just ten - on Iceland's storm-battered north coast. But city life hasn't prepared her for the unforgiving weather nor inhospitable village life. Worse, the creaky old house where she lives is playing on her already fragile mind when she's convinced she hears the ghostly sound of singing. Then, at midwinter, a young girl is found dead. And one of the villagers must have blood on their hands . . . ________ **WINNER OF THE CRIME FICTION LOVER BEST IN TRANSLATION AWARD** 'An intensely gripping mystery' The Times 'Invigorating Iceland-set slice of Nordic Noir' Daily Mail Praise for Ragnar Jónasson 'This is Icelandic noir of the highest order, with Jónasson's atmospheric sense of place, and his heroine's unerring humanity shining from every page' Daily Mail 'Triumphant conclusion. Chilling, creepy, perceptive, almost unbearably tense' Ian Rankin ' This is such a tense, gripping read' Anthony Horowitz 'Brilliantly effective. Each book enraptures us' The Times Literary Supplement 'Superb . . . chilling . . . one of the great tragic heroines of contemporary detective fiction' Sunday Times Crime Book of the Month 'A classic crime story seen through a uniquely Icelandic lens. First rate and highly recommended' Lee Child ' Chilling - a must-read' Peter James


The Dark - Emma Haughton Cover Art

The Dark

The Dark by Emma Haughton

ONE DEAD BODY. TWELVE SUSPECTS. TWENTY-FOUR-HOUR DARKNESS. 'The kind of heart-pounding, sleep-stealing read that you want to recommend to everyone you meet. An absolutely thrilling book' CASS GREEN ' Chilling and atmospheric . . . had me turning the pages late into the night' MARK EDWARDS 'Tense, thrilling and unpredictable , with one of the most unique and dangerous settings imaginable' ALLIE REYNOLDS 'Set against the dangerous sub-zero temperatures end endless night of the Antarctic... Brilliantly atmospheric and terrifying ' CATHERINE COOPER 'Tense, twisted and quite literally chilling - a locked room mystery in a unique setting where no one can be trusted' SUSI HOLLIDAY 'Atmospheric, original and full of tension ' AMANDA JENNINGS 'A real edge-of-the-seat plot. I loved it. Original and accomplished ' J.A. CORRIGAN In the most inhospitable environment - cut off from the rest of the world - there's a killer on the loose. A&E doctor Kate North has been knocked out of her orbit by a personal tragedy. So when she's offered the opportunity to be an emergency replacement at the UN research station in Antarctica, she jumps at the chance. The previous doctor, Jean-Luc, died in a tragic accident while out on the ice. The move seems an ideal solution for Kate: no one knows about her past; no one is checking up on her. But as total darkness descends for the winter, she begins to suspect that Jean-Luc's death wasn't accidental at all. And the more questions she asks, the more dangerous it becomes . . . Readers are already gripped by The Dark: 'A spin on the classic whodunnit. This book literally gave me heart palpitations' ***** 'Darkly dangerous with a keen sense of place' **** 'What a GRIPPING BOOK --- I had to remind myself to breathe at times and unclench my jaw: that is how deep I got into it' ***** 'Such a thrilling, gripping and page-turning read which I totally recommend to all who love dark thrillers!' ****


Girl, Forgotten - Karin Slaughter Cover Art

Girl, Forgotten

Girl, Forgotten by Karin Slaughter

Who killed Emily Vaughn? The stunning new standalone thriller from international No.1 bestseller Karin Slaughter. A girl with a secret ... Longbill Beach, 1982. Emily Vaughn gets ready for prom night, the highlight of any high school experience. But Emily has a secret. And by the end of the evening, she will be dead. A murder that remains a mystery ... Forty years later, Emily's murder remains unsolved. Her friends closed ranks, her family retreated inwards, the community moved on. But all that's about to change. One final chance to uncover a killer ... Andrea Oliver arrives in town with a simple assignment: to protect a judge receiving death threats. But her assignment is a cover. Because, in reality, Andrea is here to find justice for Emily - and to uncover the truth before the killer decides to silence her too ... Praise for Karin Slaughter: 'Crime fiction at its finest' Michael Connelly 'Fiction doesn't get any better than this' Jeffrey Deaver 'Simply one of the best thriller writers working today' Gillian Flynn 'In a class of her own' West Australian 'One of the best crime novelists in America' Washington Post 'Every Karin Slaughter novel is a cause for celebration' Kathy Reichs Praise for Girl, Forgotten: 'Slaughter skillfully leads readers on a thrilling journey into the past to solve the murder that a small town wants to forget, yet is still haunted by.' Library Journal, starred review 'Layer upon layer of mystery, a great cast of characters, and some genuinely startling twists. This is Slaughter at her best.' Booklist, starred review 'Slaughter reliably entertains.' Publishers Weekly


A Question of Guilt - Jørn Lier Horst & Anne Bruce Cover Art

A Question of Guilt

A Question of Guilt The heart-pounding new novel from the No. 1 bestseller by Jørn Lier Horst & Anne Bruce

A chilling letter. A wrong conviction. One last chance to find the real killer . . . The chilling and heart-pounding new novel from Norwegian superstar Jørn Lier Horst INSPIRATION FOR THE HIT BBC FOUR SHOW WISTING 'Up there with the best of the Nordic crime writers' THE TIMES _______ In 1999, seventeen-year-old Tone Vaterland was killed on her way home from work. Desperate for a conviction the police deemed the investigation an open-and-shut case and sent her spurned boyfriend, Danny Momrak, down for murder. But twenty years later William Wisting receives a puzzling letter. It suggests the wrong man was convicted for Tone's death. And the real murderer is still out there. Wisting is quickly thrown into a terrifying race against time where he must find the sender, decipher this mysterious letter and catch the real killer - before they strike again . . . _______ Praise for Jørn Lier Horst 'Horst, a former Norwegian police detective, is often compared to Sweden's Henning Mankell for his moody, sweeping crime dramas' New York Times 'Jørn Lier Horst writes some of the best Scandinavian crime fiction . . . His books are superbly plotted and addictive, the characters wonderfully realized' Yrsa Sigurdardóttir 'One of the most brilliantly understated crime novelists writing today' Sunday Times


Found - Jayne Rylon Cover Art


Found by Jayne Rylon

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jayne Rylon comes a steamy new multi-partner standalone series set in the Powertools universe. The Shields security team accepts missions in the grey area of both law and morality that no one else wants or can handle. They’re a ragtag bunch of special ops soldiers, ex-government agents, and hackers wrangled by a former construction worker who aspired to be a superhero’s sidekick when he grew up. What could go wrong when they turn their sights on a human trafficking ring that might have been the reason their coordinator’s sister disappeared nearly thirty years ago? Nolan Skalbeck is sure their assignment is a bad bet. Regardless of whether or not they find the hauntingly gorgeous woman their artist sketched or not, the horrific things he discovers about the operation they’ve infiltrated convinces him they have to shut it down for good by whatever means necessary. What he doesn’t expect is to fall for a woman who already has a partner, and is willing to share him with Nolan. Once he has, it will take every bit of his strength and training to keep from losing them both. Even if he’s successful, how will he convince them, himself included, that he’s not a horrible person—like the ones they’ve been surrounded by for most of their lives—even though he hunts and destroys evil bastards for a living?


Lessons in Chemistry - Bonnie Garmus Cover Art

Lessons in Chemistry

Lessons in Chemistry The No. 1 Sunday Times bestseller and BBC Between the Covers Book Club pick by Bonnie Garmus

THE #1 SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER and NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER SHORTLISTED FOR THE WATERSTONES DEBUT FICTION PRIZE OBSERVER'S ' TEN DEBUT NOVELISTS OF 2022' A STEVE WRIGHT BBC RADIO 2 BOOK CLUB CHOICE 'Sparky, rip-roaring, funny, with big-hearted fully formed, loveable characters' SUNDAY TIMES ' The most charming, life-enhancing novel I've read in ages. Strongly recommend' INDIA KNIGHT 'Laugh-out-loud funny and brimming with life, generosity and courage' RACHEL JOYCE 'A novel that sparks joy with every page' ELIZABETH DAY ____________ Your ability to change everything - including yourself - starts here Chemist Elizabeth Zott is not your average woman. In fact, Elizabeth Zott would be the first to point out that there is no such thing. But it's the early 1960s and her all-male team at Hastings Research Institute take a very unscientific view of equality. Except for one: Calvin Evans, the lonely, brilliant, Nobel-prize nominated grudge-holder who falls in love with - of all things - her mind. True chemistry results. Like science, life is unpredictable. Which is why a few years later, Elizabeth Zott finds herself not only a single mother, but the reluctant star of America's most beloved cooking show, Supper at Six . Elizabeth's unusual approach to cooking ('combine one tablespoon acetic acid with a pinch of sodium chloride') proves revolutionary. But as her following grows, not everyone is happy. Because as it turns out, Elizabeth Zott isn't just teaching women to cook. She's daring them to change the status quo. __________ SOON TO BE A MAJOR APPLE TV SERIAL, STARRING BRIE LARSON 'I loved Lessons in Chemistry and am devastated to have finished it!' NIGELLA LAWSON 'Elizabeth Zott is an iconic heroine - a feminist who refuses to be quashed, a mother who believes that her child is a person to behold, rather than to mould, and who will leave you, and the lens through which you see the world, quite changed' PANDORA SYKES 'It's the world versus Elizabeth Zott, and I had no trouble choosing a side. A page-turning and highly satisfying tale: zippy, zesty, and Zotty' MAGGIE SHIPSTEAD, author of GREAT CIRCLE


The Heirs of the Aristocracy: Boxed Set 1 - Linda Rae Sande Cover Art

The Heirs of the Aristocracy: Boxed Set 1

The Heirs of the Aristocracy: Boxed Set 1 by Linda Rae Sande

Three full-length sensual Victorian romances—nearly 1000 pages—make up this boxed set about six heirs. They all require wives, but not every young woman wants a husband.  George, Viscount Hexham, is quite literally thunderstruck when he meets Lady Anne in the park, and he can’t get her off his mind. Her brother, Gabe, is happy to act as a matchmaker, never once mentioning he might already be acting on behalf of the other side. Can two who are so perfectly matched end up married before Anne must endure her first Season in London? Meanwhile, when a neighbor appears to be spying on George’s twin sister through the telescope in his garden observatory, an incensed Lady Angelica is determined to give him a piece of her mind. Sir Benjamin may end up with her heart as well, as mistletoe and moonlight work their magic in THE ANGEL OF AN ASTRONOMER. In his new position as an archivist at the British Museum, Gabe Wellingham is intrigued by the prickly potter who restores Ancient Greek pottery for display. He is sure there’s more to Frances Longworth than anyone suspects.  Meanwhile, banker James Burroughs returns to London and takes a room at nearby estate, drawn by the promise of peace and quiet. His hostess, Emily Grandby, is quiet—and quietly working her way into his every thought. These two bachelors are about to learn that sometimes the perfect person is right under your nose in THE PUZZLE OF A BASTARD. When investor Tom Grandby is asked to pay a call on a potential client, he doesn't expect to find Lady Victoria training horses whilst riding astride. With her perfect bum and slight limp, he's smitten.  Meanwhile, pompous Lord Haddon bumps his head after nearly impaling Juliet Comber with his foil. When he comes to, he finds himself heels-over-head in love. She's not interested, though. He's old enough to be her father! These bachelors are about to learn they don't have much of a chance when they try to come between and a girl and her horse. Or do they, in THE CHOICE OF A CAVALIER? Artfully blending a beautiful 19th-century backdrop with all the classic charm of British aristocratic life, this set of scintillating historical romance novels by bestselling author Linda Rae Sande is a delightful read that’s perfect for anyone looking for their next emotional fix. Scroll up and grab your copy now…


Lying Ways - Rachel Lynch Cover Art

Lying Ways

Lying Ways by Rachel Lynch

When the danger is already inside, nowhere is safe… Highton prison sits nestled within the moors of western Cumbria, close to the coastal road. When two former inmates turn up dead, DI Kelly Porter is tasked with finding out why. It soon becomes obvious that she is hunting for one killer and the place where both victims were incarcerated holds the key. As Kelly delves into life at Highton she finds more questions than answers. A web of corruption and deceit emerges within the prison walls. As Kelly gets closer to unpicking the relationships between the officers and their wards, a full scale prison riot explodes – with police caught in the middle. Kelly now faces a hostage situation with a well-loved member of her team caught in the middle. An unforgettable addition to the DI Kelly Porter series from one of British crime fiction's rising stars. A must-read for fans of Carol Wyer, L. J. Ross and Angela Marsons. Readers are loving Lying Ways 'Once again Rachel Lynch has written a book where you keep turning the pages to find out what happens next. I enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it as a must read.' NetGalley Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 'This book has it all, murder, violence, prison life and military involvement. I read it in one sitting.' NetGalley Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 'I have enjoyed all the Kelly Porter novels to date and this one did not disappoint. Fast paced storyline and great team dynamics make for a great read. ' NetGalley Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Breathless - Amy McCulloch Cover Art


Breathless This year’s most gripping thriller and Sunday Times Crime Book of the Month by Amy McCulloch

THIS YEAR'S MOST GRIPPING THRILLER AND SUNDAY TIMES CRIME BOOK OF THE MONTH 'A high-altitude, high-stakes thriller. I loved it' MATT HAIG 'Had me on the edge of my seat. A must read for 2022' SARAH PEARSE 'Suffocatingly tense, highly original and exhilarating' DAILY EXPRESS 'Tense, chilling and terrifying' CLAIRE DOUGLAS 'Chilling, vivid and entirely unique' ABIGAIL DEAN SIX STRANGERS. ONE KILLER. AND NO ESCAPE . . . ________ Near the top of one of the world's tallest mountains, journalist Cecily Wong feels out of her depth. This trip was supposed to be the highlight of her career. Now, she knows that to reach the summit, she must trust her fellow climbers. But when strange accidents start to happen, the blistering conditions are the least of her worries. Because little does she know: This gruelling climb is about to become deadly . . . ________ 'Breathtaking. Totally immersive, I truly felt transported to Nepal, becoming a part of the expedition. Gripping, chilling and exhilarating' 5***** READER REVIEW 'It was so tense, the air in my bedroom felt as thin as in the mountains. A total triumph' Gillian McAllister, bestselling author of THAT NIGHT 'You can't get more claustrophobic than this! My pulse was racing. The adrenaline of the character seeps through to the reader' 5***** READER REVIEW 'Gripping. Thrilling. A visceral account of a novice's struggles with thin air and exhaustion' Sunday Times , Crime Book of the Month 'A great page-turner' HILARY DUFF 'Truly full of atmosphere. Oozes tension - you are never quite sure which direction you will be taken . . .' 5***** READER REVIEW 'An addictive, tightly plotted thriller that will leave you chilled to the bone' Lucy Clarke, bestselling author of THE CASTAWAYS 'Amy is a writer who knows how to draw the reader into the setting. It makes you feel as though you are there' 5***** READER REVIEW 'The ultimate high-altitude mountain thriller. Ice-cold, twisting, deadly' Janice Hallett, bestselling author of THE APPEAL 'A very atmospheric read. It takes you right to the edge of your seat' 5***** READER REVIEW 'Nail-biting, chilling, totally exhilarating - a true triumph' Stacey Halls, bestselling author of THE FAMILIARS 'A real page-turner. Tense, terrifying and fascinating in equal measure' Catherine Cooper, bestselling author of THE CHALET 'A truly terrifying thriller with a tense and twisty plot. Superbly executed' Allie Reynolds, bestselling author of SHIVER


The Shearer's Wife - Fleur McDonald Cover Art

The Shearer's Wife

The Shearer's Wife by Fleur McDonald

A riveting new novel of rural suspense from the bestselling Voice of the Outback. 1980: Rose and Ian Kelly arrive in the small South Australian town of Barker for supplies, before driving a further couple of hundred kilometres to begin shearing at Jacksonville Station. Rose, heavily pregnant with their first babies, worries that despite Ian's impending fatherhood he remains a drifter who dreams of the open road.  2020: When the Australian Federal Police swoop unheralded into Barker and make a shocking arrest for possession of narcotics, Detective Dave Burrows is certain there is more to the story than meets the eye.  After many months of grief over her brother's illness and death, journalist Zara Ellison is finally ready to begin a new chapter of her life and make a commitment to her boyfriend, Senior Constable Jack Higgins. But when she's assigned to investigate the Barker arrest, Jack begins to believe that Zara is working against him.  It takes a series of unconnected incidents in Zara's digging to reveal an almost forgotten thread of mystery as to how these two events, forty years apart, could be connected. Praise for Red Dirt Country 'A gripping, powerful story.' Blue Wolf Reviews  'McDonald's understanding of farming life is effortlessly drawn . . . another great book . . . McDonald leaves us on the edge of our seat.' Debbish.com 'Engaging mystery and authentic rural setting.' Book'd Out


Still Life - Louise Penny Cover Art

Still Life

Still Life (Chief Inspector Gamache Novel Book 1) by Louise Penny

'A cracking storyteller, who can create fascinating characters, a twisty plot and wonderful surprise endings' ANN CLEEVES There is more to solving a crime than following the clues. Welcome to Chief Inspector Gamache's world of facts and feelings. The discovery of a dead body in the woods on Thanksgiving Weekend brings Chief Inspector Armand Gamache and his colleagues from the Surete du Quebec to a small village in the Eastern Townships. Gamache cannot understand why anyone would want to deliberately kill well-loved artist Jane Neal, especially any of the residents of Three Pines - a place so free from crime it doesn't even have its own police force. But Gamache knows that evil is lurking somewhere behind the white picket fences and that, if he watches closely enough, Three Pines will start to give up its dark secrets... Ten million readers. Three pines One inimitable Chief Inspector Gamache 'One of the most interesting detectives in crime fiction' THE TIMES


The Bellbird River Country Choir - Sophie Green Cover Art

The Bellbird River Country Choir

The Bellbird River Country Choir by Sophie Green

A warm-hearted story of fresh beginnings, unexpected friendships and the sustaining power of love and community, from the Top Ten bestselling author of The Shelly Bay Ladies Swimming Circle and Thursdays at Orange Blossom House. Bellbird River, 1998: Teacher and single mum Alex is newly arrived in the small NSW country town of Bellbird River after escaping the city in search of a change of pace and the chance to reconnect with her young daughter. Across town, well-known matriarch Victoria and her globe-trotting, opera-singing cousin Gabrielle find themselves at a crossroads in their personal and professional lives, while local baker Janine and newcomer to the district Debbie are each secretly dealing with the consequences of painful pasts. With its dusty streets, lone pub and iron-lace verandahs, Bellbird River could just be a pit stop on the road to somewhere else. But their town holds some secrets and surprises - and it has a heart: the Bellbird River Country Choir. Amid the melodies and camaraderie of the choir, each of the women will find the courage to leave the past behind. And together, they'll discover that friends are much closer to home than they'd ever realised. Praise for Sophie Green: 'Atmospheric and incredibly descriptive, reading a Sophie Green book is the greatest escape' Who Magazine 'Sophie Green has established herself as a leading writer of warm-hearted tales about female friendship and second chances' Canberra Weekly 'A tender, heartwarming read' New Idea 'An upbeat story about suburban life and female solidarity' Spectrum 'Reading this book was like snuggling beneath a warm beach towel after a bracing dip in the ocean' JOANNA NELL 'Heartwarming, fulfilling and Australian as a lamb roast and full-bodied shiraz' The Australian Women's Weekly


Royal Romance Superbundle Boxed Set - Blair Babylon Cover Art

Royal Romance Superbundle Boxed Set

Royal Romance Superbundle Boxed Set Billionaires in Disguise by Blair Babylon

12 Books. 3 Complete series. 3 Hot-as-heck royal billionaires to knock your socks off. Do you dream about meeting a mysterious man with  singular  tastes? Or a rising star who will give you the world? How about a man who says he’s just an idle rich nobody, but his alter ego is famous? How about all three of those guys,  and their stories are interconnected, richly woven, and just  more  than your average romance novel? Together for the first time! Here’s the complete stories of Wulf von Hannover, Theo Valencia, and Alexandre Valentine, all wrapped up in a special boxed set just for you. This special boxed set includes the novels plus the short stories and epilogues for all three series, and they’re all in correct reading order.  These layered, intricate stories will have you gasping from surprise . . .   and more. "The chemistry Wulf and Raegan have is amazing  and the fact that they are both so stubborn makes their relationship funny at times. The series covers everything from finding out about the good, bad, and ugly of each other to meeting the family. There are raw emotions in these books." ~~Random Musesomy Book Blog This [Theo and Lizzy] series just takes my breath away.  Breathless!!!!  That's how this book made me feel from beginning to end. It was one of those books I just couldn't put down until some of my questions were answered.  I was constantly on the edge of my seat  anxiously hoping it would turn out the way I hoped. I had this same sense of anxious excitement from the very first book of this series and it has not left me yet.  This is not your typical cliched romance novel,  where you can tell practically from the first page what is going to happen. Oh no! This book has you waiting with bated breath to see what happens next. I cannot wait for the next book. Ms Babylon is a genius,who proves every skeptic who says all romance novels are alike, wrong! All I can say is they have never read an erotic romance Blair Babylon style. ~~Karen R. Amazon Review. “Literary GOLD.  Of the three BID books I have read thus far, this is by far my favorite. I haven’t cried this much about a book in forever! I mean I literally cried through the final 20 pages of Xan & Georgie’s book.… I mean I tear up every time just thinking about it.  Ever had a book that touches your romantic spirit? Ever had a book that breaks your heart? Ever had a book that touched your musical soul? Well this one does that.  A***DVICE: Do yourself a favor, and don’t read these books out of order. I am glad that I went back and read these books in order.”*** – Just Because, Amazon Reviewer INCLUDES: A Billionaire in Disguise -- Billionaires in Disguise: Wulf #1 A Tycoon Undercover -- Billionaires in Disguise: Wulf #2 A Prince, Incognito -- Billionaires in Disguise: Wulf #3 Billionaire Ever After -- Billionaires in Disguise: Wulf #4 (Stories and Epilogues below) Falling Hard -- Billionaires in Disguise: Lizzy #1 Playing Rough -- Billionaires in Disguise: Lizzy #2 Breaking Rules -- Billionaires in Disguise: Lizzy #3 Burning Bright -- Billionaires in Disguise: Lizzy #4 “Alwaysland” -- Billionaires in Disguise: Xan Prequel Every Breath You Take -- Billionaires in Disguise: Xan #1 Wild Thing -- Billionaires in Disguise: Xan #2 “Skiing in June” -- A Billionaires in Disguise: Wulf and Rae Epilogue “Kidnapped” -- A Billionaires in Disguise: Wulf and Rae Epilogue “Rae and Wulf: At the Hospital” -- An Epilogue to the Epilogue “Kidnapped” Lay Your Hands On Me -- Billionaires in Disguise: Xan #3 Nothing Else Matters -- Billionaires in Disguise: Xan #4 “Montreux” -- A Billionaires in Disguise: Wulf and Rae Epilogue “Dream On” -- Billionaires in Disguise: Xan Epilogue #1 “Keep Dreaming” -- Billionaires in Disguise: Georgie and Xan Epilogue #2 “Small Miracles” -- Billionaires in Disguise: Georgie and Xan Epilogue #3 Once Upon A Time  -- Billionaires in Disguise: Flicka


Lost Library Complete Series - Kate Baray Cover Art

Lost Library Complete Series

Lost Library Complete Series by Kate Baray

When a magical book shows up, Lizzie enters a world of adventure and supernatural wonders. A three book collection full of action, romance, and werewolves, including Lost Library, Spirited Legacy, Defensive Magic, and Necromancy. Lost Library **A mysterious book opens up a world of magic!** John arrives on Lizzie's doorstep looking for answers she doesn't have. She may have a magical book, but she hasn't a clue what to do with it. And John's revelation that he's werewolf doesn’t help. Take a romp through Lizzie's life as she discovers creatures that go bump in the night and maybe love. Spirited Legacy **Spectral visitations in a magical library.** Lizzie receives an offer she can't refuse: an internship working in the Lost Library, home to hundreds of spelled books. And to make the deal even sweeter, her prospective boss has offered to act as her magic mentor. What's a girl to say, but yes? Except...there are the questions of her unresolved love affair, her recently acquired arch enemy, and a haunting past. Defensive Magic **When wolves fight...** What will the neighbors think? After an adventurous trip to Europe, Lizzie and John return home hoping for a little R & R. What they find is no rest at all. Lizzie's got a death threat on her pillow, and John is faced with a pack challenge in their backyard. Soon Lizzie and John find themselves fighting for their lives. But who's masterminding the attacks? Is it Lizzie's old arch-rival Worth? Or does an even greater threat wait for the couple? Necromancy **Can a book animate the dead?** When dead bugs start flying and a ghost becomes corporeal, all signs point to yes. The effects of the book are contained within the walls of the lost library…for now. Europe’s other world policing agency, frantic for a way to stop the effects of the book’s magic before it spreads, turn to the library’s most promising spell caster Lizzie for help.


Two Nights in Lisbon - Chris Pavone Cover Art

Two Nights in Lisbon

Two Nights in Lisbon Discover the thriller John Grisham called 'smart suspense at its very best' by Chris Pavone

A woman wakes up to discover her new husband is missing and sets out on a wild race of power, politics, and revenge in this international thriller from New York Times bestselling author Chris Pavone. You think you know a person... Ariel Pryce wakes up in Lisbon, alone. Her husband is gone – no warning, no note, not answering his phone. Something is wrong. She starts with hotel security, then the police, then the US embassy, at each confronting questions she can't fully answer: What exactly is John doing in Lisbon? Why would he drag her along on his business trip? Who would want to harm him? And why does Ariel know so little about her new husband? The clock is ticking. Ariel is running out of time. But the one person in the world who can help her is the one person she doesn't want to ask... A complex, intelligent, multi-layered thriller, Two Nights in Lisbon is filled with twists, turns, husbands, wives, secrets and lies – and it will linger long after you turn the surprising final page. Two Nights in Lisbon was an instant New York Times bestseller in May 2022! Praise for Two Nights in Lisbon : 'This is smart suspense at its very best.' John Grisham 'Timely, important, layered with ticking suspense.' Lee Child 'The finest thriller I've read in a very long time... This is sophisticated, of-the-moment suspense of the highest order.' C.M. Ewan 'Intelligent, utterly compelling and deeply satisfying.' Peter James 'Pavone has become one of the most skilled creators of menace and suspense in the world.' Daily Mail 'As close to unputdownable as you can get.' Stephen King


The Registrar - Neela Janakiramanan Cover Art

The Registrar

The Registrar by Neela Janakiramanan

Sometimes in hospital people die - but not all of them should. A moving, addictive debut novel for readers of Going Under and Emotional Female . 'Emma, you'll be totally fine ... If there's ever a doctor who's going to thrive in surgical training, I'm sure it's you.' Dedicated and ambitious, Emma Swann is about to start a gruelling year as a surgical registrar at the prestigious Mount teaching hospital. She's excited to join her adored older brother Andy in pursuing the same career as their father, an eminent surgeon who made his name at The Mount.  But the pressure of living up to his distinguished reputation is nothing compared with the escalating stress Emma experiences as a registrar. It's an arduous, unremitting slog of twenty-hour days, punishing schedules, life and death decisions - and very little assistance, instruction or support from her superiors, who waste no time pointing out just how superior they are. Amidst a background culture of humiliation and bullying, being a woman just makes things worse: misogyny is rife and Emma is subjected to other, more insidious, kinds of male attention. As Emma battles overwork, exhaustion and increasing disillusion, she has less and less ability and time to care for her patients' welfare, and that of herself and those she loves. Is it possible for her to be the doctor, wife, sister and friend she aspires to be in such a broken hospital system? Can she salvage her own life while she's trying to save others? And how can she and her colleagues endure such impossible conditions without making fatal mistakes? With the frenetic pace of a psychological thriller, The Registrar offers a rare insight into the world of a surgeon-in-the-making from one who has survived it. Told with compassion, skill and emotional heart, this gripping and moving novel goes behind the headlines to reveal the human experience of being both doctor and patient in a medical system at breaking point. 'This is compelling. You won't put it down.' Dr Norman Swann 'I know this story, I've lived this story. Now the rest of Australia will know it too.' Dr Melanie Cheng 'Compelling, illuminating and utterly readable.' Jamila Rizvi 'The moving story of a woman, a family and a profession.' Kate Jenkins, Sex Discrimination Commissioner 'So beautiful. A fitting tribute to our lives and work, and to those who we have lost.' Dr Ruth Mitchell, neurosurgeon and Nobel Peace Prize laureate 'A rapid intravenous infusion of caffeine and adrenaline from start to finish.' Dr Brad McKay, doctor, broadcaster, author of Fake Medicine


Rose Gardner Mystery Box Set #1 - Denise Grover Swank Cover Art

Rose Gardner Mystery Box Set #1

Rose Gardner Mystery Box Set #1 Volume 1 by Denise Grover Swank

Box set of the first three books and novella in the USA Today bestselling Rose Gardner Mystery series. When Rose Gardner decides she's done frittering her days away at the DMV, she turns Henryetta, Arkansas upside down as she navigates life, love and the investigation of a murder every now and then.  TWENTY-EIGHT AND A HALF WISHES: When Rose sees a vision of her murder, she’s done frittering her life away and makes a list. Her sexy neighbor Joe offers to help yet refuses to cooperate with #15-- do more with a man. But time’s running out and suddenly dying a virgin in the county jail becomes the least of her worries.--winner of the Write Touch Readers' Award 2012 TWENTY-NINE AND A HALF REASONS: Rose thinks a jury summons means a morning off from work, until she sees a vision of the murderer in the men’s restroom: a huge problem since the murderer isn’t the one on trial. If that weren’t enough, Rose is caught between her sister Violet and her new boyfriend Joe. Henryetta, Arkansas just got messier. –USA Today Bestseller THIRTY AND A HALF EXCUSES: While Rose and Violet open their nursery, an elderly woman on Rose’s street dies. The police rule her death from natural causes, but Rose and her cranky neighbor Mildred disagree.—iBooks Best of 2013 FALLING TO PIECES: (novella) Rose struggles with heartbreak with the support of her new friends while Joe gets support from someone in his past. THIRTY-ONE AND A HALF REGRETS: January 9, 2014


The Black Path - Åsa Larsson & Marlaine Delargy Cover Art

The Black Path

The Black Path Rebecka Martinsson: Arctic Murders – Now a Major TV Series by Åsa Larsson & Marlaine Delargy

The novels that inspired Rebecka Martinsson: Arctic Murders - the major TV series One of The Times' " Best Crime Novels by Women since 2000" "Rebecka Martinsson: the new Scandi-noir heroine to rival Saga Noren and Sarah Lund" iNews "In a television world now awash in female coppers, there aren't many as interesting and human as Rebecka" Wall Street Journal The frozen body of a woman is found in a fishing ark on the ice near Torneträsk in northern Sweden. She has been brutally tortured, but the killing blow was clumsy, almost amateur. The body is quickly identified, raising hopes of an open-and-shut solution. But when a six-month-old suicide is disinterred, Rebecka Martinsson and Anna-Maria Mella find themselves investigating shocking corruption at the heart of one of Sweden's most successful mining companies. One that has powerful enemies of its own.


Under An Italian Sky - Lisa Hobman Cover Art

Under An Italian Sky

Under An Italian Sky Escape to beautiful Italy with bestseller Lisa Hobman by Lisa Hobman

From the top 20 bestselling author of Dreaming Under An Island Skye. 'An uplifting and adventurous romance which reminds us that all that glitters is definitely not gold!' Heidi Swain 'I loved the book. It’s a captivating story with a relatable heroine and beautifully vivid settings. A perfect holiday read!' Darcie Boleyn Global box office sensation, Ruby Locke, is a long way from her Yorkshire roots. Together with her fiancé, movie heartthrob Tyler Harrison, they are Hollywood’s new glitterati. Overnight, Ruby’s life implodes when her social media accounts are hacked with a multitude of vile posts, turning her into an international pariah. Even Tyler breaks off their engagement. Confused and heartbroken, Ruby escapes to the beautiful island of Sicily to avoid the media scrutiny. With only a Yorkshire Terrier to comfort her, Ruby is befriended by a handsome, mysterious neighbour and slowly begins to heal. But are his inentions true? When her Sicilian hideaway is compromised, Ruby is once again forced to relocate, this time to the stunning Isle of Skye, off the West Coast of Scotland. Here Ruby is left to question who wants to destroy her career, and also if the celebrity lifestyle is really for her... What everyone's saying about Under a Sicilian Sky! 'Involving and intriguing!' Sue Moorcroft ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 'Ruby’s dreams come true in this heart-warming and sometimes heart-wrenching journey of discovery' Heidi Swain ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 'Straight away I was hooked... Such a fabulous book' Reader review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Praise for Lisa Hobman: 'I love it! - escape to the beautiful Isle of Skye with this feel-good, uplifting story of lost love and second chances...' Holly Martin 'Simply gorgeous. An uplifting story of two broken individuals trying to find the courage to take a chance on love again’ Jessica Redland 'A really uplifting, feel-good read about hope, love and second chances, that really did warm my heart.' Kim Nash 'A gorgeous, heart-warming romantic journey, reminds us to never give up on love...' Lucy Coleman 'You will fall in love with this story of fresh starts and mending broken hearts' Mandy Baggot 'A heart-breakingly beautiful story of love and loss set in the stunning village of Glentorrin. Be prepared to fall in love over and over again.' Nancy Barone 'What a beautiful read this was. I was rooting for Juliette from the first page. Lisa handled some tough subjects with a delicate and deft touch. I'm ready to escape to Skye!' Sarah Bennett


Fathom - Bianca D'Arc Cover Art


Fathom by Bianca D'Arc

A Navy SEAL with special powers over water joins forces with a magical thunderbird shifter to defeat an ancient evil, finding unexpected love in the middle of the tempest. Traumatized by his last mission in a far off land, Navy SEAL Jim Morrow goes to Grizzly Cove to heal and help defeat a sea monster that’s been plaguing the little town full of bear shifters, refugee mermaids, and Others. Otherworldly and evil, the leviathan has called up an army of smaller creatures from Earth’s oceans to help it get to the magical people it wants so badly to defile. It feeds on magic and the town of Grizzly Cove is a tasty treat it wants to devour. Tilly follows her heart and her shifter soul to a place on the Washington coastline she senses needs her special help. She is a thunderbird. A special kind of legendary shifter that does one job, and does it very well. Thunderbirds are harbingers of storms that can wield lightning and fight underwater evil to protect those on land. She is called to Grizzly Cove by the terrible army that has gathered just offshore, though she knows nothing of the bear shifter settlement or its troubles until she gets there. When Jim and Tilly meet, they immediately strike sparks off each other. She brings him to life when he thought the light of his spirit had been forever doused. She finds in Jim a wondrous elemental power that compliments her own native skillset. Together, they will fight the leviathan and its servants to the best of their abilities, but will it be enough? And, will they be able to find a way forward as a couple when they come from such different backgrounds?


Interstellar Brides® Program Boxed Set - Grace Goodwin Cover Art

Interstellar Brides® Program Boxed Set

Interstellar Brides® Program Boxed Set by Grace Goodwin

Interstellar Brides® Program Boxed Set – Books 9 – 12 Her Mate’s Secret Baby – Book 9 Natalie Montgomery wants a new life. While she may be rich, her life is empty. Her parents were never around, too rich and important to be bothered with a child. And when they present her with an emotionless fiancé, she's done. As a volunteer for the Interstellar Bride Program, she is thrilled to arrive on the hot, desert planet of Trion, and in the arms of a seductive warrior who makes her body burn.  Roark of Trion is not eager for a mate.  Danger and the constant threat of war dog his steps. But one look at his new bride, and his mind is changed. Natalie is everything he ever wanted in a woman...so soft, so passionate, so submissive to his every need.  An attack on their outpost leaves Roark fighting for his life. For her protection, Natalie is transported back to Earth. Roark thinks she's dead. But she's very much alive and so is his newborn son. Natalie's anger and regret grows with each passing day her mate does not keep his promise to come for her. By the time he discovers his mistake, it may be too late to win back her heart. Mating Fever – Book 10 Nyko of Atlan never hesitates to charge into battle against Hive scum. Seeing a soldier in trouble, he follows, ripping his enemies to shreds to save the human fighter. When that warrior turns out to be a beautiful and curvy female, the beast within him, and the hunger he's been fighting, suddenly breaks free and growls one simple demand... MINE. Megan Simmons is a soldier sent into space to protect Earth as a member of the Coalition Fleet. After eighteen months of ruthless fighting on an alien planet controlled by the enemy, Megan receives a secret assignment. The plan was simple, separate from her unit and sneak behind enemy lines. Her mission was on track until one hot but meddlesome Atlan Warlord thinks she needs saving and worse, declares he wants to keep her for himself. Her Viken Mates – Book 11 Isabella Martinez was always good at rebelling, against her parents, her school, her boyfriends. She had needs no one could meet, desires so dark no one could tame her. When her wild side gets her in trouble with the law, she doesn't think twice when given a choice between prison or transport to a new world as an Interstellar Bride. Alone on Earth, the decision was easy. But when she arrives on Viken, she learns she's been matched to not one fierce, alien brute, but three—and their desires, their needs, their demands are far darker and more demanding than her own. As enemies plot to destroy Viken's place in the Coalition Fleet, Bella will have to learn to trust, or lose everything. Her mates will feed the hunger inside her no others ever could. But their secrets will either break her heart...or set her free forever. Fighting For Their Mate – Book 12 Once a commander with the Intelligence Core for the Coalition Fleet, a mission gone wrong forced Chloe to return to Earth injured and dishonored. But she's seen too much and is restless in civilian life. This drives her to do whatever it takes to return to space, to where she belongs, so she volunteers as an Interstellar Bride. She's shocked to discover her mate is human, but he's like no one else she's ever met...and he's taken a second, a huge Prillon warrior equally determined to seduce her body and win her heart. Although she surrenders to their dominant touch, Chloe is no innocent. She's a commander with secrets she can't share. And when the entire Battlegroup is caught in a deadly Hive trap, she's the only one who can save them all, no matter the cost. But Chloe's mates won't let her go into battle alone. No matter the risk, they're willing to sacrifice everything...and fight for their mate.


Morgan's Bay Series Bundle: Books 1-2 - Theresa Paolo Cover Art

Morgan's Bay Series Bundle: Books 1-2

Morgan's Bay Series Bundle: Books 1-2 by Theresa Paolo

All Because of You Sometimes you have to lose everything to find your happy ending. Olivia Green had the picture-perfect life. Dating one of the most successful businessmen in New York City, living in a penthouse over Manhattan and a budding career, until one dreadful night when it was all ripped out from under her. If only she'd gone home like she was supposed to, she wouldn't have known her future fiancé was a two-timing jerk. Now with no choice she is leaving the city to move back in with her parents in the small town of Morgan's Bay. Shane McConnell believed he had no family other than his mother, but on her death bed, she revealed the father who died before he was born, came from a large wealthy family. With nothing to lose he sets out to the east end of Long Island to spend a summer with his newly discovered family. What he doesn’t expect is the secrets and lies dating back to long before his father’s death. Nor could he predict the beautiful hot mess he met on the train would find a way into his closed off heart. Both struggling with the realities of their new lives they unintentionally lean on each other. As their attraction builds and their undeniable chemistry explodes into passion, Shane holds onto his own secret that threatens his chance at love. All Because I Met You Best friends: Check. Roommates: Check. Lovers? Maybe Harper Flynn is tired. Tired of taking care of her alcoholic mom. Tired of online dating and the disastrous dates. Mostly, she's tired of her recent dry spell. After a night of taking care of herself, her best friend and roommate not only makes her aware he heard her, but also offers to help her out. Never looking at Milo as more than a friend, his suggestion opens her eyes to the possibilities, and she goes for it. Except...he had been kidding. Milo Amato has had his heart broken one too many times and now refuses to do no strings attached relationships. Ever. When he suggests it to his best friend, he never dreamed she would take it seriously. He was joking around with her. Or was he? Now that she's kissed him, and feelings he thought he squashed in high school resurface, he battles between what his heart and body want and what they need. With each scorching kiss and tender touch, deep-rooted feelings unravel, making their friends with benefits agreement complicated, and threatens their long-term friendship that has kept them both from falling apart. *** Welcome to Morgan’s Bay, a small town on the east end of Long Island, New York, where friendships are strong, neighbors are family and love is always around the corner.


Love You Dead: A Roy Grace Novel 12 - Peter James Cover Art

Love You Dead: A Roy Grace Novel 12

Love You Dead: A Roy Grace Novel 12 by Peter James

The twelfth novel in the multi-million copy bestselling Roy Grace series from #1 author Peter James, winner of the 2016 Crime Writers' Association Diamond Dagger prize. An ugly duckling as a child, Jodie Bentley had two dreams in life - to be beautiful and rich. She's achieved the first, with a little help from a plastic surgeon, and now she's working hard on the second. Her philosophy on money is simple: you can either earn it or marry it. Marrying is easy, it's getting rid of the husband afterwards that's harder, that takes real skill. But hey, practice makes perfect . . . Detective Superintendent Roy Grace is feeling the pressure from his superiors, his previous case is still giving him sleepless nights, there have been major developments with his missing wife Sandy, and an old adversary is back. But worse than all of this, he now believes a Black Widow is operating in his city. One with a venomous mind . . . and venomous skills. Soon Grace comes to the frightening realization that he may have underestimated just how dangerous this lady is. PRAISE FOR THE SERIES "Peter James is one of the best crime writers in the business" Karin Slaughter "James just gets better and better and deserves the success he has achieved with this first-class series" Independent on Sunday "One of the most consistently readable crime writers" Daily Mail


The Summer of Second Chances - Maddie Please Cover Art

The Summer of Second Chances

The Summer of Second Chances by Maddie Please

‘The Summer of Second Chances is the perfect feelgood summer read.’ Chrissie Manby, author of What I Did On My Holidays Lottie is about to discover that even when you think you’ve lost everything, hope and romance can be just around the corner . . . It takes time to build your life. To get into a long-term (OK, a bit boring) relationship. To find a job (you don’t completely hate). Lottie might not be thrilled with the life she’s put together, but it’s the one she’s got. So when, in the course of one terrible evening, it all comes crashing down around her, Lottie has a choice: give herself over to grief at being broke, single and completely lacking in prospects. Or, brick by brick, build herself a new life. And this time, with a little help from new friends, a crumbling cottage in Devon and a handsome stranger, maybe she can make it the one she always wanted. THE SUMMER OF SECOND CHANCES is an irresistibly funny read about never giving up, whatever the world throws at you. Perfect for fans of Jenny Colgan, Jane Costello and Christie Barlow.


No Pity (A Valerie Law FBI Suspense Thriller—Book 2) - Blake Pierce Cover Art

No Pity (A Valerie Law FBI Suspense Thriller—Book 2)

No Pity (A Valerie Law FBI Suspense Thriller—Book 2) by Blake Pierce

From #1 bestselling mystery and suspense author Blake Pierce comes book #2 in a gripping new series: the FBI has created an elite unit to target criminally-insane killers, and when a serial killer writes taunting letters to the press, FBI Special Agent Valerie Law and her elite team are summoned. But this killer is truly deranged, and with the trail soon cold, Valerie may just be the only who can enter his mind and crack the baffling case. “A masterpiece of thriller and mystery.” —Books and Movie Reviews, Roberto Mattos (re Once Gone ) NO PITY is book #2 in a new series by #1 bestselling mystery and suspense author Blake Pierce. Valerie, still reeling from the last case, is sure she sees a pattern when a second victim is discovered.  But when everything she thinks she knows with this killer turns out to be wrong, she questions her own judgement. Is she losing her touch? Or is her far more diabolical than she thought? After a shocking twist, then answer may just come too late. A page-turning crime thriller featuring a brilliant and haunted new female protagonist, the VALERIE LAW mystery series is packed with suspense and driven by a breakneck pace that will keep you turning pages late into the night. Books #3-#6 are also available! “An edge of your seat thriller in a new series that keeps you turning pages! ...So many twists, turns and red herrings… I can't wait to see what happens next.” —Reader review ( Her Last Wish ) “A strong, complex story about two FBI agents trying to stop a serial killer. If you want an author to capture your attention and have you guessing, yet trying to put the pieces together, Pierce is your author!” —Reader review ( Her Last Wish ) “A typical Blake Pierce twisting, turning, roller coaster ride suspense thriller. Will have you turning the pages to the last sentence of the last chapter!!!” —Reader review ( City of Prey ) “Right from the start we have an unusual protagonist that I haven't seen done in this genre before. The action is nonstop… A very atmospheric novel that will keep you turning pages well into the wee hours.” —Reader review ( City of Prey ) “Everything that I look for in a book… a great plot, interesting characters, and grabs your interest right away. The book moves along at a breakneck pace and stays that way until the end. Now on go I to book two!” —Reader review ( Girl, Alone ) “Exciting, heart pounding, edge of your seat book… a must read for mystery and suspense readers!” —Reader review ( Girl, Alone )


The Paper Palace - Miranda Cowley Heller Cover Art

The Paper Palace

The Paper Palace The No.1 New York Times Bestseller and Reese Witherspoon Bookclub Pick by Miranda Cowley Heller

THE TOP TEN BESTSELLER LONGLISTED FOR THE WOMEN'S PRIZE 2022 'A deeply emotional love story that follows one day in the life of Elle Bishop as she navigates the unravelling of secrets, lies and a very complex love triangle' REESE WITHERSPOON 'Glorious and gorgeous. I was absolutely immersed and gripped and I'm devastated to have finished it' MARIAN KEYES ---------------- A PAGE-TURNING SUMMERTIME READ FOR FANS OF WHERE THE CRAWDADS SING AND LITTLE FIRES EVERYWHERE On a perfect August morning, Elle Bishop heads out for a swim in the pond below 'The Paper Palace' - her family's holiday home in Cape Cod. As she dives beneath the water she relives the passionate encounter she had the night before, against the side of the house that knows all her darkest secrets, while her husband and mother chatted to their guests inside... So begins a story that unfolds over twenty-four hours and fifty years, as Elle's shocking betrayal leads her to a life-changing decision. ---------------- 'Here is a love triangle that keeps you turning the pages' Rachel Joyce 'Utterly addictive' Rosamund Lupton 'Dry, sharp and with devastating depths plumbed so elegantly' Pandora Sykes 'Smart, atmospheric and seriously juicy' Stylist 'Earthy, intoxicating, shimmering' Sunday Times Readers have been gripped by THE PAPER PALACE too: ***** 'I devoured this book in a couple of days' ***** 'I fell in love with the characters' ***** 'A heart-rending love story filled with so many complications, you won't want to finish it' ***** 'It pulled me in from the first page' ***** 'If you loved Where the Crawdads Sing then you will love this book as well'


The Anthology of Scottish Folk Tales - The History Press Cover Art

The Anthology of Scottish Folk Tales

The Anthology of Scottish Folk Tales by The History Press

This enchanting collection of stories gathers together legends from across Scotland in one special volume. Drawn from The History Press’ popular Folk Tales series, herein lies a treasure trove of tales from a wealth of talented storytellers. From the Spaeman’s peculiar advice and a laird who is transformed into a frog, to a fugitive hiding in a dark cave and the stoor worm battling with Assipattle, this book celebrates the distinct character of Scotland's different customs, beliefs and dialects, and is a treat for all who enjoy a well-told story.


The Darkness Knows - Arnaldur Indriðason Cover Art

The Darkness Knows

The Darkness Knows From the international bestselling author of The Shadow District by Arnaldur Indriðason

'Arnaldur Indridason is the grand old man of Icelandic noir' The Times The victim: a businessman missing for thirty years. The case: impossible to solve. Until now. A frozen body is discovered in the icy depths of Langjökull glacier, apparently that of a businessman who disappeared thirty years before. At the time, an extensive search and police investigation yielded no results-one of the missing man's business associates was briefly held in custody, but there wasn't enough evidence to charge him. Now the associate is arrested again and Konrád, the retired policeman who originally investigated the disappearance, is called back to reopen the case that has weighed on his mind for decades. When a woman approaches him with new information that she obtained from her deceased brother, progress can finally be made in solving this long-cold case. In The Darkness Knows , the master of Icelandic crime writing returns with a powerful and haunting story about the poisonous secrets and cruel truths that time eventually uncovers. *A TIMES BEST CRIME FICTION FOR JULY 2021 PICK*


Winter Prey - John Sandford Cover Art

Winter Prey

Winter Prey Lucas Davenport 5 by John Sandford

**Don't miss John Sandford's brand-new thriller Ocean Prey  – out now** A Lucas Davenport thriller by internationally bestselling novelist John Sandford The Iceman crept into the house on the edge of the lake. He killed the father first. Then the mother and child. And when his work was done, he set the house on fire.  Lucas Davenport has tracked killers in cities across America. But the woods of rural Wisconsin are as dark and primal as evil itself. While blizzards rage and temperatures sink below zero, Lucas must take down The Iceman, whose series of crimes are vicious enough to stun even Lucas with their evil intent . . . ***READERS LOVE THE PREY SERIES*** 'John Sandford knows all there is to know about detonating the gut-level shocks of a good thriller'  The New York Times Book Review  'The  best Lucas Davenport story  so far. The man has a fine touch for outlaws' Stephen King on  Golden Prey 'Sandford’s trademark blend of  rough humor and deadly action keeps  the pages turning until the smile-inducing wrap-up, which reveals the fates of a number of his quirky, memorable characters'  Publishers Weekly  on  Golden Prey 'It appears there is no limit to John Sandford’s ability to keep new breath and blood flowing into his Lucas Davenport series. This is  a series you must be reading  if you are not already' Bookreporter.com 'Sandford has always been at  the top of any list of great mystery writers . His writing and the appeal of his lead character are as fresh as ever'  The Huffington Post 'Sandford is  consistently brilliant'  Cleveland  Plain Dealer


Lying Beside You - Michael Robotham Cover Art

Lying Beside You

Lying Beside You by Michael Robotham

'The guy can't write a bad book. This is one of his best, suspenseful and hard to put down' STEPHEN KING TWO MISSING WOMEN. ONE WITNESS. SO MANY LIES . . . The brand-new thriller by the number-one bestselling and award-winning master of crime Twenty years ago, Cyrus Haven's family was murdered. Only he and his brother survived. Cyrus because he hid. Elias because he was the killer. Now Elias is being released from a secure psychiatric hospital and Cyrus, a forensic psychologist, must decide if he can forgive the man who destroyed his childhood. As he prepares for the homecoming, Cyrus is called to a crime scene in Nottingham. A man is dead and his daughter, Maya, is missing. Then a second woman is abducted . . . The only witness is Evie Cormac, a troubled teenager with an incredible gift: she can tell when you are lying. Both missing women have dark secrets that Cyrus must unravel to find them - and he and Evie know better than anybody how the past can come back to haunt you . . . This breathtaking new thriller from the #1 bestselling author will keep you guessing until the very end. Praise for Lying Beside You: 'It's hard to top Michael Robotham for his sheer criminal consistency. Want a great thriller that will keep you fixated to the page until the last word? He's your man' The Age 'Page-turning suspense. Robotham is one of our best crime writers, and he's not slowing down' Weekend Australian 'Has you hooked from the get-go. A quality read' Daily Telegraph 'A dark, compelling thriller' Canberra Times 'Another terrific thriller . . . This is a well-crafted and clever mystery that quickly draws the reader in and keeps them enthralled all the way to the startling conclusion. Recommended' Canberra Weekly 'Flawless . Further proof that Michael Robotham is one of the most accomplished thriller writers in the world. It's superbly paced, intricately plotted and packed with characters that leap off the page. Simply sensational' M.W. CRAVEN 'Compulsively readable. As always, Michael Robotham builds his nail-biter around damaged people who only want to do what's right' LINWOOD BARCLAY 'Exactly the sort of thriller that pins you to your seat until you've finished it: a proper heart-pounding mystery with unforgettable characters and compelling twists' JANE CASEY 'Masterful . . . With its intriguing characters, perfectly interwoven storylines and killer twists, Robotham's latest thriller lives up to his fans' sky-high expectations. His best yet' ROSE CARLYLE 'A fantastic read - pacy, spare and engrossing' AJAY CHOWDHURY ' Michael Robotham is such a wonderfully perceptive writer; rich, real characters who are constantly surprising . . . I could read about these two forever' ALEX MARWOOD 'Michael Robotham does not put a foot wrong. Every single book is a plotting masterclass' ANNA DOWNES Praise for Michael Robotham: 'One of crime's smartest practitioners' The Australian Women's Weekly 'Robotham renders the ordinary extraordinary' Sydney Morning Herald 'Superior writing, clever plotting and credible characters' Canberra Weekly


A Gentle Reminder - Bianca Sparacino Cover Art

A Gentle Reminder

A Gentle Reminder by Bianca Sparacino

A gentle reminder, for the days you feel light in this world, and for the days in which the sun rises a little slower. A gentle reminder for when your heart is full of hope, and for when you are learning how to heal it. A gentle reminder for when you finally begin to trust in the goodness, and for when you need the kind of words that hug your broken pieces back together. A gentle reminder for when growth hangs heavy in the air, for when you need to tuck your strength into your bones just to make it to tomorrow. A gentle reminder for when you are balancing the messiness, and the beauty, of what it means to be human, when you are teaching yourself that it is okay to be both happy and sad, that you are real, not perfect. A gentle reminder for when you seek the words you needed when you were younger. A gentle reminder for when you need to hear that you deserve to be loved the way you love others. A gentle reminder for when you need to recognize that you are not your past, that you are not your faults. A gentle reminder for when you need to believe in staying soft, in continuing to be the kind of person who cares. A gentle reminder for when you need to believe in loving deeply in a world that sometimes fails to do so. A gentle reminder to keep going. A gentle reminder to hope. A gentle reminder, for you. Take what you need.


Wrong Place Wrong Time - Gillian McAllister Cover Art

Wrong Place Wrong Time

Wrong Place Wrong Time Can you stop a murder after it's already happened? THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER AND REESE’S BOOK CLUB PICK by Gillian McAllister

A REESE'S BOOK CLUB PICK * THE INSTANT SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER * RADIO 2 BOOK OF THE MONTH * OBSERVER THRILLER OF THE MONTH * GUARDIAN '50 HOTTEST NEW BOOKS' 'Perfection, every word, every moment. One of the best books I've ever read' LISA JEWELL ' Wow. Amazing! Loved every page . . . If you are looking for a summer read, I've found it!' HOLLY WILLOUGHBY 'Page-turning time-loop thriller . . . An intelligent puzzle full of heart and good sense' GUARDIAN 'SUMMER READING HOTTEST NEW BOOKS' 'A m ind-bending page-turning thriller. Non-stop thrills right from the start. A rare gem' STEVE WRIGHT, RADIO 2 BOOK OF THE MONTH 'A spellbinding "whydunnit". A novel with a difference' SUNDAY TIMES 'Skilful, satisfying. Couldn't put it down. Don't miss it!' OBSERVER, 'THRILLER OF THE MONTH' 'Masterfully plotted and ingenious. One of the best books I've read this year' SUNDAY EXPRESS CAN YOU STOP A MURDER AFTER IT'S ALREADY HAPPENED? . . . THE BOOK THAT EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT _________ It's every parent's nightmare. Your happy, funny, innocent son commits a terrible crime: murdering a complete stranger. You don't know who. You don't know why. You only know your teenage boy is in custody - and his future lost. Somewhere in the past lie the answers, and you don't have a choice but to find them . . . _________ 'This is bravura novel-writing' IAN RANKIN 'Ingeniously plotted . . . A tour de force' GUARDIAN ' A phenomenally clever brain teaser with a lot of heart' IAN RANKIN 'Extraordinary' HARRIET TYCE 'I was gripped' JANE CORRY 'So riveting' CELIA WALDEN 'Ingenious. A book to blow your mind and break your heart' ERIN KELLY 'Wrong Place Wrong Time will be your crime novel of the year' JANICE HALLETT 'Brilliantly plotted, perfectly paced. Genius. Simply genius' ADELE PARKS 'I am totally in awe. This is one story I will not forget' HEIDI PERKS 'Epic and so so clever' BRYONY GORDON 'Genre-bending and totally original. A tour de force!' CLAIRE DOUGLAS 'This will be the best thriller you read all year' RED 'Mindblowingly good. I'm in awe' JANE FALLON 'Smart, addictive and ingeniously plotted' T.M. LOGAN 'Fiendishly clever and flawlessly executed' ROSIE WALSH 'Brilliantly original, so tense and so moving' LUCY CLARKE 'A genre-defining masterpiece. An instant classic' HOLLY SEDDON PRAISE FOR GILLIAN MCALLISTER: 'Gillian McAllister just gets better and better' CLAIRE MACKINTOSH 'Like watching a gripping, claustrophobic box set' CLAIRE DOUGLAS 'The queen of the moral dilemma' HOLLY SEDDON 'If Jodi Picoult wrote thrillers, they would look like this' ROSMUND LUPTON 'Any writer can keep you turning the pages - few can make you care this much' ERIN KELLY


Shattered - James Patterson Cover Art


Shattered (Michael Bennett 14) by James Patterson

The new novel in the globally bestselling Michael Bennett series. __________________________________ After returning from his honeymoon, Detective Michael Bennett is greeted with the shocking news that FBI agent Emily Parker is missing. Determined to track down his former partner, Bennett follows Emily's investigation into an anarchist group that led her between Los Angeles, New York and Washington, DC. Lurid rumours begin to surface about Emily's disappearance, but Bennett will never give up hope of finding her. After everything they've been through together, he owes her that much. __________________________________ Praise for James Patterson 'Nobody does it better.' Jeffrey Deaver 'One of the greatest storytellers of all time.' Patricia Cornwell 'James Patterson is The Boss. End of.' Ian Rankin 'No one gets this big without amazing natural storytelling talent - which is what Jim has, in spades.' Lee Child


Danger On Our Doorstep - Jim Molan Cover Art

Danger On Our Doorstep

Danger On Our Doorstep by Jim Molan

An unsettling assessment of how - and when - war with China might break out and the consequences for the world, from bestselling author, ex-major general Jim Molan What are Australia's options in confronting a rising and belligerent China? For the first time in nearly 80 years, war on our doorstop is not just possible, it is likely. Former army major general and Liberal Party senator Jim Molan has fought wars, reviewed intelligence, participated in government and conducted business in hotspots across the world, making him an expert in evaluating risk and reward in perilous military situations. In this sober assessment, Molan examines the present and growing danger of China's rise, not just to Taiwan, Japan and other countries in the immediate region, but also to the geopolitical balance of power as it has existed since the end of World War II. He suggests what China's endgame is, how war might start, what war with China would look like and, importantly, what Australia's best interests and options are. Acknowledging the increasing awareness of possible conflict, he stresses how important it is to prepare for the right war, not the war we would prefer to fight, or the one we think might never happen. PRAISE 'The Prime Minister should read Molan's book. It is chilling but a necessary statement of the truth that the region is heading to conflict and Australia is not well prepared to defend itself' Peter Jennings, The Australian


Don’t Remember (A Taylor Sage FBI Suspense Thriller—Book 5) - Molly Black Cover Art

Don’t Remember (A Taylor Sage FBI Suspense Thriller—Book 5)

Don’t Remember (A Taylor Sage FBI Suspense Thriller—Book 5) by Molly Black

The survivor of a new serial killer remembers but one harrowing detail: his eerie voice. With only this strange clue—and an equally perplexing lead from the tarot reader—FBI agent Taylor Sage must race to stop this murderer before he leaves another body in his wake. “Molly Black has written a taut thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat… I absolutely loved this book and can’t wait to read the next book in the series!” —Reader review for Girl One: Murder DON’T REMEMBER is book #5 of a brand-new series by critically acclaimed and #1 bestselling mystery and suspense author Molly Black. When her most promising lead turns out to be a dead end, Taylor knows she must think outside of the box, must think how he thinks. But the killer always seems to be two steps ahead, and time is running out—fast. Will Taylor manage to stop him before the next victim is killed? A page-turning and harrowing crime thriller featuring a brilliant and tortured FBI agent, the TAYLOR SAGE series is a riveting mystery, packed with non-stop action, suspense, twists and turns, revelations, and driven by a breakneck pace that will keep you flipping pages late into the night. Fans of Rachel Caine, Teresa Driscoll and Robert Dugoni are sure to fall in love. Book #6 in the series—DON’T TELL—is now also available! “I binge read this book. It hooked me in and didn't stop till the last few pages… I look forward to reading more!” —Reader review for Found You “I loved this book! Fast-paced plot, great characters and interesting insights into investigating cold cases. I can't wait to read the next book!” —Reader review for Girl One: Murder “Very good book… You will feel like you are right there looking for the kidnapper! I know I will be reading more in this series!” —Reader review for Girl One: Murder “This is a very well written book and holds your interest from page 1… Definitely looking forward to reading the next one in the series, and hopefully others as well!” —Reader review for Girl One: Murder “Wow, I cannot wait for the next in this series. Starts with a bang and just keeps going.” —Reader review for Girl One: Murder “Well written book with a great plot, one that will keep you up at night. A page turner!” —Reader review for Girl One: Murder “A great suspense that keeps you reading… can't wait for the next in this series!” —Reader review for Found You “Sooo soo good! There are a few unforeseen twists… I binge read this like I binge watch Netflix. It just sucks you in.” —Reader review for Found You


Her Darkest Nightmare - Brenda Novak Cover Art

Her Darkest Nightmare

Her Darkest Nightmare He wanted her dead then. He wants her dead now. (Evelyn Talbot series, Book 1) by Brenda Novak

This is SILENCE OF THE LAMBS meets Karen Rose... New York Times bestseller Brenda Novak's first novel in the in the Evelyn Talbot series, Her Darkest Nightmare , has been described by Karen Rose as 'gut-gripping suspense'. Psychiatrist Dr Evelyn Talbot thought she had experienced her darkest nightmare when she was targeted as a teenager by a killer, but she's about to find out that some nightmares return again and again... Dr Evelyn Talbot has learnt to live with fear. As a teenager she was targeted by her boyfriend, Jasper Moore, and survived days of torture. She escaped with her life, but Jasper disappeared before he could be caught. Now Evelyn Talbot lives in a world of psychopaths. As the pioneering head of the Hanover House institute in Alaska, she engages daily with killers who have no conscience, no remorse and an ever-increasing desire to murder her. Her only desire is to try and figure out why they do what they do and stop them. But when a mutilated body is found in her sleepy Alaskan town Evelyn is forced to question herself, her inmates and whether her darkest nightmare has come back to haunt her... Look for the other gripping novels in the Evelyn Talbot series - Hello Again, Face Off and the prequel novella, Hanover House , available now.


Perfect Girls - Alison James Cover Art

Perfect Girls

Perfect Girls An absolutely gripping crime thriller by Alison James

Phoebe. Tiffany. Melissa. They all made one little mistake... When twenty-five-year-old Phoebe Stiles  opens the door to her perfect apartment she doesn’t realise it’s the mistake that will kill her… The body of the beautiful English girl is discovered months later - dumped behind the back of a department store.  But who was the stranger she let into the safety of her home? As  Detective Rachel Prince  pieces together the mystery surrounding Phoebe’s death, another young, blonde girl is found brutally murdered and abandoned in the grounds of an old theatre. In the most dangerous case of her career, Rachel must track down the faceless individual to stop the body count rising. But to uncover the shocking truth, Rachel has to put herself at risk… can she catch the twisted killer, before they catch her? A gripping page-turner that will have you completely hooked until the utterly jaw-dropping twist. Fans of Angela Marsons, Peter James and Karin Slaughter will love this crime series, featuring unforgettable Detective Rachel Prince.  Why readers are gripped by Perfect Girls: ‘Hands down  one of the best thrillers I’ve read all year!  It was so full of mystery and suspense!!  Lots of twists and turns! I loved it!!’  Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars ‘ Full of suspense,  it was  gritty  and you didn’t know what was coming next…  had a hard time putting it down  and  read late into the night  and  finished it in a day … you really don’t want to miss this one it’s  one of my favourites so far of 2018!’  Bonnie’s Book Talk , 5 stars ‘ A gripping page-turner that will have you hooked  until the twist at the end.  I stayed up late just to be able to finish it….  I found myself on the  edge of my seat  from start to finish. It was just that good! Goodreads reviewer ‘Gripping and entertaining…   pulls you in from the very beginning …  fast paced…  The author  has you in her grip and won't let you go…’  Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars ‘So gripping you forget about everything else around you .’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars ‘ Fast-paced and gritty thriller …  the pages pretty much turned themselves ...  An excellent thriller .’ Goodreads reviewer ‘ Jam packed with twists and turns . It  kept me hooked … Equal parts police procedural, crime drama and suspenseful thriller… What more can you want from a book of this genre??...  LOVED it.’  Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars ‘WOW... a brilliant book …  an excellent read ...  gripping ...’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars ‘ Chilling …  kept me glued to the pages … highly recommend the series to any fans of this genre .’  The Book Nurse , 5 stars ‘ Brilliant… I was gripped  from the start….  a heart-stopping conclusion…   captivating and enthralling .’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars ‘Cracking crime drama ,  tantalising suspense thriller and engrossing  police procedural novel… The story is  full on  all the way through,  keeping you turning the pages  again and again. There are  twists and turns, red herrings and blind alleyways to keep you guessing …  a jaw dropping twist .’ Goodreads reviewer ‘So good! ... I loved this book… I was on the edge of my seat… Rachel is still one of my favourite detectives… fast-paced, unnerving and very addictive . There are twists and turns throughout, left me breathless … within the first few pages I’m hooked and I know I’m settled down for the night…. will have your heart beating and your mouth dry .’ Katie’s Book Cave ‘Fast paced… I honestly didn’t work out who the killer was until it was revealed and loved the twist with it … I literally cheered at one certain point (if you’ve read it, you’ll know exactly when I did!!) as it was so unexpected…’ Stardust Book Reviews ‘ My fav detective in a series , I love her attitude and the way she tackles cases ‘head on’ and never lets anything stop her until the case is solved…  an exciting tense story…’  Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars ‘What a fast-paced and thrilling read! ... I was kept on the edge of my seat while reading this book!... This is an excellent series. Alison James is a stunning writer.’ Robin Loves Reading , 5 stars ‘ Gripping and addictive . I was up reading way past my bedtime …’ Star Crossed Reviews , 5 stars ‘A gripping crime thriller … I did wonder how this book would end and it was a real edge of your seat situation!’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars ‘ Sure to keep you enthralled from the first page until the last … plenty of twists and turns to keep you wanting more. I read this one until 2 am before I finally stopped for bed. I highly recommend this book… I give 5 stars out of 5 .’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars


The Pride - Tony Park Cover Art

The Pride

The Pride by Tony Park

Ex-mercenary Sonja Kurtz is out for revenge after her daughter Emma is assaulted by an abalone poacher while on a beachside holiday near Cape Town. When the poacher is murdered, Sonja is targeted by a violent local gangster and must flee the country. As Sonja leaves a trail of destruction in her wake - from the threatened wilderness of Zimbabwe to the treacherous beaches of northern Mozambique - a concerned Emma must find the courage to rescue her mother. But is Sonja a cold-blooded killer? Or is there a darker conspiracy taking place in southern Africa's underworld - one that will change their lives forever? Praise for Tony Park: 'A master storyteller. I love his work.' - Deon Meyer 'Tony Park is Australia's premier adventure writer.' - Canberra Weekly


Dirt Town - Hayley Scrivenor Cover Art

Dirt Town

Dirt Town by Hayley Scrivenor

'A heart-wrenching mystery . . . A stellar debut.' Jane Harper My best friend wore her name, Esther, like a queen wearing her crown at a jaunty angle. We were twelve years old when she went missing. On a sweltering Friday afternoon in Durton, best friends Ronnie and Esther leave school together. Esther never makes it home. Ronnie's going to find her, she has a plan. Lewis will help. Their friend can't be gone, Ronnie won't believe it. Detective Sergeant Sarah Michaels can believe it, she has seen what people are capable of. She knows more than anyone how, in a moment of weakness, a person can be driven to do something they never thought possible. Lewis can believe it too. But he can't reveal what he saw that afternoon at the creek without exposing his own secret. Five days later, Esther's buried body is discovered. What do we owe the girl who isn't there? Character-rich and propulsive, with a breathtakingly original use of voice and revolving points of view, Hayley Scrivenor delves under the surface, where no one can hide. With emotional depth and sensitivity, this stunning debut shows us how much each person matters in a community that is at once falling apart and coming together. Esther will always be a Dirt Town child, as we are its children, still. 'You will not be able to put it down.' Hannah Kent 'Masterful. Australian crime has a new star.' Chris Hammer Praise for Dirt Town : 'A heart-wrenching mystery, Hayley Scrivenor's remarkable sense of place brings Dirt Town to life. A stellar debut.' - Jane Harper ' Dirt Town is a remarkable debut, Hayley Scrivenor masterful in her deft handling of the tensions underpinning a small, regional town, and the complex characters that populate it. You will not be able to put it down.' - Hannah Kent 'I loved this. What wonderful writing. Scarily good! . . . Masterful. Australian crime has a new star. The characters of Dirt Town are rich, raw and beautifully realised. One of the crime books of the year. Intelligent, nuanced and compassionate.' - Chris Hammer 'Beautifully written, compassionate, with an entirely credible but heart-breaking ending. A stunning debut.' - Ann Cleeves


Purple Hearts - Tess Wakefield Cover Art

Purple Hearts

Purple Hearts A Novel by Tess Wakefield

NOW A NETFLIX ORIGINAL FILM! When a soldier with a troubled past and a struggling songwriter agree to a marriage of convenience for the military benefits, neither expects much after saying “I do.” Then tragedy strikes, and the line between what’s real and what’s pretend begins to blur in this smart and surprising romance perfect for fans of Nicholas Sparks and Jojo Moyes. Cassie Salazar and Luke Morrow couldn’t be more different. Sharp-witted Cassie works nights at a bar in Austin, Texas to make ends meet while pursuing her dream of becoming a singer/songwriter. Luke is an Army trainee, about to ship out for duty, who finds comfort in the unswerving discipline of service. But a chance encounter at Cassie’s bar changes the course of both their lives. Cassie is drowning in medical bills after being diagnosed with diabetes. When she runs into her old friend Frankie, now enlisted in the Army, she proposes a deal: she’ll marry him in exchange for better medical insurance and they can split the increased paycheck that comes with having a “family.” When Frankie declines, his attractive but frustratingly intense friend Luke volunteers to marry Cassie instead. What she doesn’t know is that he has desperate reasons of his own to get married. In this unforgettable love story, Cassie and Luke must set aside their differences to make it look like a real marriage...unless, somewhere along the way, it becomes one...


Ugly Love - Colleen Hoover Cover Art

Ugly Love

Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover

  From Colleen Hoover, the #1  Sunday Times  bestselling author of  It Ends with Us,  a heart-wrenching love story that proves attraction at first sight can be messy. When Tate Collins meets airline pilot Miles Archer, she doesn't think it's love at first sight. They wouldn’t even go so far as to consider themselves friends. The only thing Tate and Miles have in common is an undeniable mutual attraction. Once their desires are out in the open, they realise they have the perfect set-up. He doesn’t want love, she doesn’t have time for love, so that just leaves the sex. Their arrangement could be surprisingly seamless, as long as Tate can stick to the only two rules Miles has for her. Never ask about the past. Don’t expect a future. They think they can handle it, but realise almost immediately they can’t handle it at all. Hearts get infiltrated. Promises get broken. Rules get shattered. Love gets ugly.  


Gild - Raven Kennedy Cover Art


Gild The TikTok fantasy sensation that’s sold over half a million copies by Raven Kennedy

THE TIKTOK FANTASY SENSATION THAT'S SOLD OVER HALF A MILLION COPIES, PERFECT FOR FANS OF SARAH J. MAAS AND JENNIFER L. ARMENTROUT 'Read this series NOW! I felt like I was in the story watching and holding my breath the entire time' 5***** Reader Review 'Sexy and touching all at the same time . . . and that plot twist, OMG' 5***** Reader Review _______ Locked away in King Midas' kingdom, I have never known freedom. They say it's for my own safety, but now I'm not so sure. Because when political upheaval sees me sent to travel across kingdoms, everything I thought I knew about King Midas is shattered . . . The world has only ever heard his story. Now it's time to hear mine. _______ 'A spectacularly written, engaging, imaginative retelling of the ancient myth of King Midas' 5***** Reader Review 'I literally devoured this book in one sitting' 5***** Reader Review **Content warning: sexual violence**


Paper Princess - Erin Watt Cover Art

Paper Princess

Paper Princess A Novel by Erin Watt

“This generation’s Cruel Intentions.” Jennifer L. Armentrout, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author From strip clubs and truck stops to southern coast mansions and prep schools, one girl tries to stay true to herself. These Royals will ruin you… Ella Harper is a survivor—a pragmatic optimist. She’s spent her whole life moving from town to town with her flighty mother, struggling to make ends meet and believing that someday she’ll climb out of the gutter. After her mother’s death, Ella is truly alone.  Until Callum Royal appears, plucking Ella out of poverty and tossing her into his posh mansion among his five sons who all hate her. Each Royal boy is more magnetic than the last, but none as captivating as Reed Royal, the boy who is determined to send her back to the slums she came from. Reed doesn’t want her. He says she doesn’t belong with the Royals. He might be right. Wealth. Excess. Deception. It’s like nothing Ella has ever experienced, and if she’s going to survive her time in the Royal palace, she’ll need to learn to issue her own Royal decrees.  QUESTIONS ABOUT THE BOOK Q: Is this really a YA?  We recommend this for young adult readers, age 17 and up. We think it’s a book that will appeal to older teens and those adults who are in touch with their inner teen, like us. Q: Is there a cliffhanger? I’ve heard there’s an awful cliffhanger! Why’d you write a cliffhanger? We promise that we didn’t set out to write a cliffhanger, but Paper Princess does end in one. The good news is that the next book is up for pre-sale and it will be released July 25, 2016.  ABOUT THE AUTHOR Erin Watt is the brainchild of two bestselling authors linked together through their love of great books and an addiction to writing. They share one creative imagination. Their greatest love (after their families and pets, of course)? Coming up with fun—and sometimes crazy—ideas. Their greatest fear? Breaking up. You can contact them at their shared inbox: [email protected] MORE PRAISE: "Intense, haunting & hot—I can't stop thinking about Paper Princess!! The intriguing sexy characters draw you in and don't let go. A true must read!"—Emma Chase, New York Times bestselling author of the Tangled and Legal Briefs series  “Wickedly clever writing, deliciously provocative characters, & chilling final pages made Paper Princess impossible to put down! Confidently a 2016 Top Read!”— ROCKSTARS OF ROMANCE “Gritty, angsty, steamy, and rife with scandal and secrecy, Paper Princess is the kind of book you hope EVERY book will be when you open it. The kind you can't put down, can't forget about. This book consumed me and thanks to that crazy ending, I won't be moving on from this book for a good long while.”— Jessica, Angie & Jessica’s Dreamy Reads "What a heady, indulgent and ADDICTIVE  read..." - Totally Booked Blog "If you want a book that is all consuming and a soul sucking dementor (in the best way possible, of course) then is it!" - New Chicks on the Blog "If you want a movie like experience that'll give you so much and leave you hankering for more, you've got to read this!!" - Suzanne, Tied Up In Romance "This book had it all. Great writing, awesome characters, high school drama, sexual tension of the charts, angst all wrapped up into an addictive package." - Schmexy Girl Book Blog "... a dynamic story that was full of hilarious moments, gut wrenching events, provocative moments and a deviously angsty story line." - Miranda, Red Cheek Reads "This book was cracktastic and totally addicting." - Kimberlyfaye Reads "...this is one book that will have you turning the page with fervour and relishing every second." - Kelly, Perusing Princesses "If you're looking for a book with a deliciously cruel and interesting cast of character, look no further. This is for you." - Rowena, Book Binge


Prodigal Son - Susan Mallery Cover Art

Prodigal Son

Prodigal Son by Susan Mallery

Jack Hanson knew what he wanted, and it wasn't a media empire. After his father died suddenly, Jack was forced to leave his law practice and take over his father's company. And, oh, yeah, pull it back from the brink of catastrophe. The one bright spot in the whole mess was his new hire–an old business–school friend, Samantha Edwards. Samantha was just as smart, fun and vibrant as she'd been in school, but now…she was a hell of a lot sexier. Samantha Edwards knew what she wanted, and it wasn't love. She'd already made a mess out of her life once. She wasn't about to jeopardise the best job she'd ever had by breaking the cardinal rule of business–falling for the boss. And yet, Jack needed her. And she needed him…because if he could put the company back together, perhaps he could heal her, too.


The Unbelieved - Vikki Petraitis Cover Art

The Unbelieved

The Unbelieved by Vikki Petraitis

Winner of the inaugural Allen & Unwin Crime Prize. 'So you believed the alleged rapists over the alleged victim?' Jane's voice took on an indignant pitch. 'Girls lie sometimes.' I nodded. 'And rapists lie all the time.' When Senior Detective Antigone Pollard moves to the coastal town of Deception Bay, she is still in shock and grief. Back in Melbourne, one of her cases had gone catastrophically wrong, and to escape the guilt and the haunting memories, she'd requested a transfer to the quiet town she'd grown up in. But there are some things you can't run from. A month into her new life, she is targeted by a would-be rapist at the pub, and realises why there have been no convictions following a spate of similar sexual attacks in the surrounding district. The male witnesses in the pub back her attacker and even her boss doesn't believe her.  Hers is the first reported case in Deception Bay, but soon there are more. As Antigone searches for answers, she encounters a wall of silence in the town built of secrets and denial and fear. The women of Deception Bay are scared and the law is not on their side. The nightmare has followed her home. Chilling, timely and gripping, The Unbelieved takes us behind the headlines to a small-town world that is all too real - and introduces us to a brilliant new voice in crime fiction.


Glint - Raven Kennedy Cover Art


Glint The TikTok fantasy sensation that’s sold over half a million copies by Raven Kennedy

THE TIKTOK FANTASY SENSATION THAT'S SOLD OVER HALF A MILLION COPIES, PERFECT FOR FANS OF SARAH J. MAAS AND JENNIFER L. ARMENTROUT 'Read this series NOW! I felt like I was in the story watching and holding my breath the entire time' 5***** Reader Review 'Sexy and touching all at the same time . . . and that plot twist, OMG' 5***** Reader Review _______ For ten years, I lived in a gilded cage inside King Midas's golden castle. Now I'm the prisoner of the Fourth Kingdom's army, with no hope for escape. And behind all of my worries, there is Commander Rip: the renowned brutal warrior of Orea. When he turns those black eyes on me, I fall captive for an entirely different reason. I may be out of my cage, but I'm not free. Not even close . . . _______ 'A spectacularly written, engaging, imaginative retelling of the ancient myth of King Midas' 5***** Reader Review 'I literally devoured this book in one sitting' 5***** Reader Review


The Boy from Boomerang Crescent - Eddie Betts Cover Art

The Boy from Boomerang Crescent

The Boy from Boomerang Crescent by Eddie Betts

It’s a long, hard road from the Nullarbor to the MCG. How does a self-described ‘skinny Aboriginal kid’ overcome a legacy of family tragedy to become an AFL legend? One thing’s for sure: it’s not easy. But then, there’s always been something special about Eddie Betts. Betts grew up in Port Lincoln and Kalgoorlie, in environments where the destructive legacies of colonialism – racism, police targeting of Aboriginal people, drug and alcohol misuse, family violence – were sadly normalised. His childhood was defined by family closeness as well as family strife, plus a wonderful freedom that he and his cousins exploited to the full – for better and for worse. When he made the decision to take his talents across the Nullarbor to Melbourne to chase his footballing dreams – homesickness be damned – everything changed. Over the ensuing years, Betts became a true giant of the sport: 350-plus games, 600-plus goals, multiple All-Australian nods and Goal of the Year awards, and a league-wide popularity rarely seen in the hyper-tribal AFL. Along the way, he battled his demons before his turbulent youth settled into responsible maturity. Today, the man the Melbourne tabloids once dubbed ‘bad boy Betts’ is a dedicated husband and father, a respected community leader and an increasingly outspoken social activist. Sometimes funny, sometimes tragic and always honest – often laceratingly so – The Boy from Boomerang Crescent is the inspirational life story of a champion, in his own words. Whether he’s narrating one of his trademark gravity-defying goals from the pocket, the discrimination he’s faced as an Aboriginal person or the birth of his first child, Betts’s voice – intelligent, soulful, unpretentious – rings through on every page. The very human story behind the plaudits is one that will surprise, move and inspire. Cover image © Kristina Wild


Now She's Gone - Alison James Cover Art

Now She's Gone

Now She's Gone An absolutely gripping crime thriller by Alison James

She took a mouthful of the sweet liquid and started to feel a pounding in her head. Arms went around her waist and she was half lifted and half pulled. The last thing she was aware of was her head hitting a step… Sixteen-year-old Emily  had everything to live for. A bright, beautiful teenager with a promising future ahead of her. But in one night her life is cut short.  The police say it’s an accident. But her parents think she was murdered. When  Detective Rachel Prince  is called in to investigate the shocking death at the height of the Edinburgh festival, her instincts tell her that things are not as they first appear.  Something is very wrong. As the case takes an unexpected turn, Rachel discovers a chilling link with the suspicious death of another international student, who stayed in the same house as Emily two years before. Just as Rachel finds herself on the hunt for a serial killer, a painful relationship from her own past catches up with her. And Rachel must decide what is more important – catching the killer or keeping her own secrets? A breath-taking, tense roller-coaster crime thriller featuring unforgettable series detective Rachel Prince.  Now She’s Gone  is perfect for fans of Angela Marsons, Peter James and Karin Slaughter. What readers are saying about  Now She’s Gone : ‘ One of those books you just can’t put down… stayed up until 2 am… a whirlwind of action  which  keep you glued to the book ...’ Goodreads Reviewer  ‘ Absolutely fantastic… had me hooked from page one  and  I tore through it as fast as I could … LOTS of red herrings and cliff-hangers. Just when I thought I’d worked it out, it turned and I had to start all over again. Rachel is a great female lead… such  a fantastic book I would have no hesitation in recommending it .’  Stardust Book Reviews , 5 stars ‘ Wow! ...  I loved it … Rachel is  gritty  and determined…  gripping… Couldn't put it down  and really look forward to further books in this series.’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars ‘ Wow!  This series is shaping up to be  one of my absolute favourites! Plenty of twists…  this author takes us on  a thrilling journey  with this  stunning  story.  LOVED it! ’ Renita D’Silva, 5 stars ‘ Intense and gripping … From the very first page  the pace was electric ; the tension palpable and the plot brilliantly done… Alison James is  a thriller writer to watch… Highly recommended .’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars ‘ An intense read! I was hooked  from the very first page and I can honestly say this was  a wild ride … I love Rachel’s character, she’s  a strong female voice  and she doesn’t mess about… I strongly recommend this one!’  The Crime Time   ‘ Alison James has done it again , another  super good read!... keeps you hooked… Would give more than 5 stars if I could .’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars ‘The  twists and turns  and the who dunnit approach  kept you wanting to stay up to the early hours  to get the answers… DI Rachel Prince is a strong character…  hooked on this new series .’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars ‘ The plotting and pacing are excellent  with… There are reveals in almost every chapter so it gets very  compulsive as you just have to keep turning the pages  to see where it's going next…’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars ‘My  new favourite detective  DI Rachel Prince…  fast paced  and the storyline  had me hooked  from the first page…  I heartily recommend this book .’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars


Under One Roof - Ali Hazelwood Cover Art

Under One Roof

Under One Roof From the bestselling author of The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood

From the New York Times and Sunday Times bestselling author of The Love Hypothesis comes a new steamy, STEMinist novella... A scientist should never cohabitate with her annoyingly hot nemesis - it leads to combustion. Mara, Sadie, and Hannah are friends first, scientists always. Though their fields of study might take them to different corners of the world, they can all agree on this universal truth: when it comes to love and science, opposites attract and rivals make you burn... As an environmental engineer, Mara knows all about the delicate nature of ecosystems. They require balance. And leaving the thermostat alone. And not stealing someone else's food. And other rules Liam, her detestable big-oil lawyer of a roommate, knows nothing about. Okay, sure, technically she's the interloper. Liam was already entrenched in his aunt's house like some glowering grumpy giant when Mara moved in, with his big muscles and kissable mouth just sitting there on the couch tempting respectable scientists to the dark side...but Helena was her mentor and Mara's not about to move out and give up her inheritance without a fight. The problem is, living with someone means getting to know them. And the more Mara finds out about Liam, the harder it is to loathe him...and the easier it is to love him. To read Sadie and Hannah's stories look for the novellas Stuck with You and Below Zero . You can pre-order Ali Hazelwood's next novel, Love on the Brain now.


Tell No One - Harlan Coben Cover Art

Tell No One

Tell No One by Harlan Coben

David Beck has just received an email from his dead wife... The thriller which made SUNDAY TIMES No.1 bestselling author Harlan Coben a household name. Eight years ago David Beck was knocked unconscious and left for dead, and his wife Elizabeth was kidnapped and murdered. Dr Beck re-lived the horror of what happened that day every day of his life. Then one afternoon, he receives an anonymous email telling him to log on to a certain website. The screen opens on to a web cam - and it is Elizabeth's image he sees. As Beck tries to find out if Elizabeth is truly alive, and what really happened the night she disappeared, the FBI are trying to pin Elizabeth's murder on him. And everyone he turns to seems to end up dead...


Misfit - Elle Kennedy Cover Art


Misfit by Elle Kennedy

A brand-new, binge-worthy New Adult romance from New York Times bestselling author Elle Kennedy! Welcome to Sandover Prep, where the delinquents roam…and you can’t trust a soul. Finding out your mom is marrying some rich dude you’ve never met is enough to make any eighteen-year-old guy’s head spin. But for RJ SHAW, it only gets worse: he’s being sent to Sandover Prep for senior year. If there’s one place a misfit hacker like RJ doesn’t belong, it’s an ivy-covered all-boys boarding school for rich delinquents.   RJ knows his stay at Sandover will be temporary. Which means there’s no point making friends or trying to fit in. But the plan to remain antisocial goes awry when he meets a gorgeous girl in the woods on campus. SLOANE TRESSCOTT is pure temptation, with a sharp tongue and an ice princess attitude RJ’s determined to crack. Except there’s a catch. Sloane is the one girl he is forbidden from touching.   The headmaster’s daughter.   Good thing RJ doesn’t believe in rules. Sure, Sloane insists she’s swearing off guys this year, but their connection is impossible to deny. He wants her bad, and he’s going to win her over if it kills him.   Unless her ex-boyfriend kills him first.   The ruling king of Sandover will stop at nothing to get rid of his competition. Luckily, RJ’s unwittingly made some friends—his new stepbrother FENN, a pretty boy with a self-destructive streak; LAWSON, self-proclaimed agent of chaos; and SILAS, the All-American Good Guy who can’t actually be as nice as he seems.    If RJ wants to survive prep school and win Sloane’s heart, he’ll need to adapt—and fast.


The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo - Taylor Jenkins Reid Cover Art

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid

The entrancing story of a reclusive Hollywood starlet as she reflects on her relentless rise to the top and the long-held secrets the public could never imagine – from the bestselling author of Daisy Jones & The Six . Reclusive Hollywood movie icon Evelyn Hugo is finally ready to tell the truth about her glamorous and scandalous life. But when she chooses unknown magazine reporter Monique Grant for the job, no one is more astounded than Monique herself. Why her? Why now? Summoned to Evelyn’s luxurious apartment, Monique listens in fascination as the actress tells her story. From making her way to Los Angeles in the 1950s to her decision to leave show business in the ‘80s, and, of course, the seven husbands along the way, Evelyn unspools a tale of ruthless ambition, unexpected friendship and a great forbidden love. Monique begins to feel a very real connection to the legendary star, but as Evelyn’s story nears its conclusion, it becomes clear that her life intersects with Monique’s own in tragic and irreversible ways. ‘Riveting, heart-wrenching, and full of Old Hollywood glamour, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo is one of the most captivating reads of 2017.’ Buzzfeed  


So You Want To Live Younger Longer? - Dr Norman Swan Cover Art

So You Want To Live Younger Longer?

So You Want To Live Younger Longer? The ultimate guide to longevity from Australia’s most trusted doctor by Dr Norman Swan

Many of us dream of staying as young as possible as long as possible whether we're in our 30s, 40s, 70s or even 80s, and there's a growing Conga line of products and people offering you just that dream. The dilemma is, which of the pills, mental and physical exercise programs, diets and superfoods actually work? Some of them do help to keep us young, healthy and living longer, others may work when the researchers get the potions right and some are a downright waste of money. So how do you know what and who to trust? That's the journey that Dr Norman Swan is going to take you on in So You Want to Live Younger Longer? Deeply researched and written with his trademark wit, common sense and accessibility, Norman brings together what's known, not known, hopeful but not harmful and harmful and not hopeful, summarised with quick takeaway messages backed up by the science and evidence. No matter what your age, So You Want to Live Younger Longer? gives you the information you need to make your own choices without wasting your time and money or even missing a nice dinner because you might be on a diet that is getting you nowhere. Norman disentangles our 'Book of Life' - the genes we're born with and what we subject them to later on - and shows that in the search for youth, genes matter much less than you'd think for most of us. In other words, we can overwrite our personal Book of Life and Norman's book will help you do it. We can live younger, longer - at any age - we've just got to know what to do.


Below Zero - Ali Hazelwood Cover Art

Below Zero

Below Zero From the bestselling author of The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood

From the New York Times and Sunday Times bestselling author of The Love Hypothesis comes a new steamy, STEMinist novella... It will take the frosty terrain of the Arctic to show these rival scientists that their chemistry burns hot. Mara, Sadie, and Hannah are friends first, scientists always. Though their fields of study might take them to different corners of the world, they can all agree on this universal truth: when it comes to love and science, opposites attract and rivals make you burn... Hannah's got a bad feeling about this. Not only has the NASA aerospace engineer found herself injured and stranded at a remote Arctic research station-but the one person willing to undertake the hazardous rescue mission is her longtime rival. Ian has been many things to Hannah: the villain who tried to veto her expedition and ruin her career, the man who stars in her most deliciously lurid dreams... but he's never played the hero. So why is he risking everything to be here? And why does his presence seem just as dangerous to her heart as the coming snowstorm? To read Mara and Sadie's stories look for the novellas Under One Roof and Stuck with You. You can pre-order Ali Hazelwood's next novel, Love on the Brain now.


Twisted Love - Ana Huang Cover Art

Twisted Love

Twisted Love the TikTok sensation! Fall into a world of addictive romance... by Ana Huang

Discover the addictive world of the Twisted series from TikTok sensation, Ana Huang! Read Twisted Love now for a brother's best friend romance. He has a heart of ice . . . but for her, he'd burn the world. Alex Volkov is a devil blessed with the face of an angel and cursed with a past he can't escape. Driven by a tragedy that has haunted him for most of his life, his ruthless pursuits for success and vengeance leave little room for matters of the heart. But when he's forced to look after his best friend's sister, he starts to feel something in his chest: A crack. A melt. A fire that could end his world as he knew it. *** Ava Chen is a free spirit trapped by nightmares of a childhood she can't remember. But despite her broken past, she's never stopped seeing the beauty in the world . . . including the heart beneath the icy exterior of a man she shouldn't want. Her brother's best friend. Her neighbour. Her saviour and her downfall. Theirs is a love that was never supposed to happen - but when it does, it unleashes secrets that could destroy them both . . . and everything they hold dear. Twisted Love is a brother's best friend/opposites attract romance with a hint of suspense. It's book one in the Twisted series but can be read as a standalone. WARNING: This book contains a jealous/possessive antihero, explicit sexual content and profanity. Recommended for 18+.


The Next 365 Days - Blanka Lipińska Cover Art

The Next 365 Days

The Next 365 Days by Blanka Lipińska

The global phenomenon and bestselling inspiration behind the Netflix film of the same name – the 365 Days series – continues as it follows the sizzling story of Laura and Massimo. As the wife of Don Massimo Torricelli, one of the most dangerous Mafia bosses in Sicily, Laura’s life is a roller coaster. She is often at risk, the potential target of Massimo’s unscrupulous enemies who will stop at nothing to destroy the powerful man. And when Laura is seriously injured in an attack, pregnant and fighting to survive, Massimo faces the toughest decision of his life. What will his life be without Laura? Will he be able to raise their child alone? What will the fate of his family be, and whose 365 days may come to a close?


Small Great Things - Jodi Picoult Cover Art

Small Great Things

Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult

#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING BOOK. SOON TO BE A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE STARRING JULIA ROBERTS AND VIOLA DAVIS. With richly layered characters and a gripping moral dilemma that will lead readers to question everything they know about privilege, power, and race, Small Great Things is the latest stunning page-turner from Jodi Picoult . ' Small Great Things is the most important novel Jodi Picoult has ever written ... It will challenge her readers ... [and] expand our cultural conversation about race and prejudice.' - The Washington Post When a newborn baby dies after a routine hospital procedure, there is no doubt about who will be held responsible: the nurse who had been banned from looking after him by his father. What the nurse, her lawyer and the father of the child cannot know is how this death will irrevocably change all of their lives , in ways both expected and not. Small Great Things is about that which divides and unites us . It is about opening your eyes. ' A gripping courtroom drama ... Given the current political climate it is quite prescient ... This is a writer who understands her characters inside and out.' - Roxane Gay, The New York Times Book Review Readers say : Prolific Jodi Picoult is destined to return to the bestsellers' list with this tale...This is Picoult's best book in a long time . - Gold Coast Weekend Bulletin A new Jodi Picoult novel is always cause for celebration...this one is a cracker of a story with all her trademark elements: medical dilemma, courtroom drama and a hot-button talking point . - Marie Claire You can rely on this prolific novelist to deliver thought-provoking suspense on a hot-button topic - no matter how incendiary... There are echoes of To Kill a Mockingbird in this challenging work. - Who Weekly A gripping story of social injustice issues that ...[will]... stay with you long after the last page has been turned . - Book Muster Down Under Most definitely worth the hype it's receiving. - Debbish This page-turner from the prolific Jodi Picoult has a really heart-stopping dilemma as its setup... - The Age Jodi Picoult is back with another heart-wrenching tale...the story of a young nurse who is charged with negligent homicide after trying to save a newborn suffering cardiac arrest. What happens next will stay with you long after you close the back cover . - Over Sixty Jodi Picoult never fails to take me on an emotional roller coaster . Each of her novels, famous for their complex moral dilemmas, has forced me to question my beliefs and Small Great Things is no exception. - The Unfinished Bookshelf Prolific Jodi Picoult is destined to return to the bestsellers' list with this tale of racism that will see emotions run high for readers of all races. - Herald Sun Small Great Things is such a pageturner . It's the kind of book you can easily stay up until 2am to finish. - Goodreads reviewer I have read every book by Jodi Picoult and they all make me think. But I feel like this book is the one that hit me hardest . I learned so much and from the moment I started reading it, it has been on my mind . - Goodreads reviewer I felt like Jodi Picoult had crawled inside my head and answered every single burning question I had while reading this book. - Goodreads reviewer Exquisitely written.....filled with grief - gets under your skin and leaves you changed!!!! - Goodreads reviewer You may not come away the same person you were before this read. - Goodreads reviewer I saw myself in this story . I am awed and will recommend this book to anyone I know. - Amazon reviewer Small Great Things makes you think , step outside of yourself, take another's perspective, and re-think your beliefs...It is both disturbing, heartbreaking and enlightening . - Amazon reviewer Couldn't put it down . Uncomfortable reading at times about a sensitive topic but a real thought provoker. Can't recommend it highly enough.. - Booktopia review


Royal - Rebel Shaw Cover Art


Royal by Rebel Shaw

Finn Falling for the nanny isn’t my style...but neither was becoming a single dad overnight. When my three-year-old niece, Hadley, needs a guardian, I fill the role and need a nanny. Stat. What I get instead is London Ashford—an infuriating redhead who tempts me at every turn. The harder I push, the more she pushes back. I’m someone used to calling the shots, and her insubordination should irritate me; instead, it turns me on. My nightclub isn’t going to run itself, so I have to harness my desire for her and let her do her job—so I can do mine. London Finnegan Royal is charming, gorgeous, and an insufferable a*****e. Not exactly my type...not that it matters. He’s my new boss. But watching a powerful businessman like Finn be brought to his knees by his toddler niece makes me feel all kinds of things I shouldn’t. Named one of Chicago’s most eligible bachelors, he owns the hottest club in town and can have any woman he wants, but he has his sights set on me. The nanny. The beautiful little girl has stolen my heart, but I have no doubt her arrogant uncle would break it if given the chance. So why can’t I stay away?


Forever Paired - Kathleen Brooks Cover Art

Forever Paired

Forever Paired Forever Bluegrass#19 by Kathleen Brooks

Landon Davies had worked hard to start his own restaurant. It was a very different path than most of his family had taken. He was one of the few family members that were not military or law enforcement. But his hard work had given him a restaurant that was beginning to take off when a woman’s scream in the alley outside his kitchen changed everything. Kate Ellington had scratched, clawed, and outright fought for where she was in life. She was the first female passing game coordinator in professional football. Some people thought that made her the team’s weak link and a perfect target for exploitation. But Kate refused to cheat, even if it put her life in danger. When Landon saved Kate in the alley, it didn’t just earn him a kiss. It earned him a target on his back. Now Landon isn’t just taking on restaurant critics, but the crime families who run the sports betting world. As Landon and Kate take the mafia on, they find their reputations, their lives, and their hearts are on the line.


Quarter to Midnight - Karen Rose Cover Art

Quarter to Midnight

Quarter to Midnight the thrilling first book in a brand new series from the bestselling author by Karen Rose

The truth of what happened that night lies with a secret witness. Quarter to Midnight is the first thrilling novel in a brand new series by Sunday Times bestselling author Karen Rose, set in New Orleans. Rocky Hebert walks into his death at quarter to midnight one New Orleans night. His son Gabe cannot accept the official verdict of suicide and enlists the help of the Burke Broussard Private Investigation Agency to discover the real cause of death. PI Molly Sutton knows what it's like to lose a father in tragic circumstances and will go to any lengths to crack the investigation, as she tries to fight off her growing feelings for Gabe. They soon realise Rocky was working on an investigation of his own; one that threatened to expose the deep corruption going all the way to the top of the police department. And that the key to the puzzle lies with a young witness to a murder that happened years earlier: Xavier Morrow. Just what did Rocky know? And who might have shut him up? As they get closer and closer to the truth, they realise that the killer is not going to stop at Rocky. And that Xavier is in very real danger. Someone will go to any lengths to protect what he witnessed that night coming out... 'High-wire suspense that keeps you riveted' Lisa Gardner 'Intense, complex and unforgettable' James Patterson 'Fast and furious' Sun


November 9 - Colleen Hoover Cover Art

November 9

November 9 by Colleen Hoover

Beloved #1  Sunday Times  bestselling author of  It Ends with Us  returns with an unforgettable love story between a writer and his unexpected muse. Fallon meets Ben, an aspiring novelist, the day before her scheduled cross-country move. Their untimely attraction leads them to spend Fallon’s last day in Los Angeles together, and her eventful life becomes the creative inspiration Ben has always sought for his novel. Over time and amidst the various relationships and tribulations of their own separate lives, they continue to meet on the same date every year. Until one day Fallon becomes unsure if Ben has been telling her the truth or fabricating a perfect reality for the sake of the ultimate plot twist. Can Ben’s relationship with Fallon—and simultaneously his novel—be considered a love story if it ends in heartbreak?


Ruthless - Gena Showalter Cover Art


Ruthless A Paranormal Romance by Gena Showalter

"One of the premier authors of paranormal romance. Gena Showalter delivers an utterly spellbinding story!"—Kresley Cole, #1 New York Times bestselling author Don't miss the second book in New York Times bestselling author Gena Showalter's captivating and unforgettable Immortal Enemies series… Forbidden. Powerful. Ruthless.  Micah the Unwilling, fae King of the Forgotten, can tame even the most violent of beasts. Forged on the battlefield, this iron-willed warrior considers his soldiers his family, and he will stop at nothing to reclaim their dispossessed land. Gearing for war with a sadistic enemy, he is disciplined and focused—until a feral beauty he encountered long ago wanders into his camp.  Viori de Aoibheall wields a terrifying ability to sing monsters to life. Having spent her childhood in a forest, raising herself and her frightening creations—the only friends she’s ever known—she’s ill prepared for the scarred royal and his fearsome brutality. Not to mention the ferocity of their connection and the carnality of his touch. But the real problem? Her brother is Micah’s greatest foe. And though the sensual king makes her burn, she must stop him, whatever the cost. Immortal Enemies Book 1: Heartless Book 2: Ruthless  


Fix Her Up - Tessa Bailey Cover Art

Fix Her Up

Fix Her Up A Novel by Tessa Bailey

“Fix Her Up ticks all my romance boxes. Not only is it hilarious, it’s sweet, endearing, heartwarming and downright sexy. It’s a recipe for the perfect love story.” – Helena Hunting, New York Times bestselling author of Meet Cute A steamy, hilarious new romantic comedy from New York Times bestselling author Tessa Bailey, perfect for fans of Christina Lauren and Sally Thorne! Georgette Castle’s family runs the best home renovation business in town, but she picked balloons instead of blueprints and they haven’t taken her seriously since. Frankly, she’s over it. Georgie loves planning children’s birthday parties and making people laugh, just not at her own expense. She’s determined to fix herself up into a Woman of the World... whatever that means. Phase one: new framework for her business (a website from this decade, perhaps?) Phase two: a gut-reno on her wardrobe (fyi, leggings are pants.) Phase three: updates to her exterior (do people still wax?) Phase four: put herself on the market (and stop crushing on Travis Ford!) Living her best life means facing the truth: Georgie hasn’t been on a date since, well, ever. Nobody’s asking the town clown out for a night of hot sex, that’s for sure. Maybe if people think she’s having a steamy love affair, they’ll acknowledge she’s not just the “little sister” who paints faces for a living. And who better to help demolish that image than the resident sports star and tabloid favorite. Travis Ford was major league baseball’s hottest rookie when an injury ended his career. Now he’s flipping houses to keep busy and trying to forget his glory days. But he can’t even cross the street without someone recapping his greatest hits. Or making a joke about his… bat. And then there's Georgie, his best friend’s sister, who is not a kid anymore. When she proposes a wild scheme—that they pretend to date, to shock her family and help him land a new job—he agrees. What’s the harm? It’s not like it’s real. But the girl Travis used to tease is now a funny, full-of-life woman and there’s nothing fake about how much he wants her...


The Thursday Murder Club - Richard Osman Cover Art

The Thursday Murder Club

The Thursday Murder Club (The Thursday Murder Club 1) by Richard Osman

'Smart, compassionate, warm, moving and so VERY funny' Marian Keyes 'So smart and funny. Deplorably good' Ian Rankin 'Thrilling, moving, laugh-out-loud funny' Mark Billingham 'A gripping read' Sunday Times THE FIRST BOOK IN THE #1 BESTSELLING, MULTI MILLION COPY SELLING SERIES BY TV PRESENTER RICHARD OSMAN ---------------------------------------------- In a peaceful retirement village, four unlikely friends meet up once a week to investigate unsolved murders. But when a brutal killing takes place on their very doorstep, the Thursday Murder Club find themselves in the middle of their first live case. Elizabeth, Joyce, Ibrahim and Ron might be pushing eighty but they still have a few tricks up their sleeves. Can our unorthodox but brilliant gang catch the killer before it's too late? The Times Crime Book of the Month Guardian Best Crime and Thrillers ---------------------------------------------- 'A great read, I really enjoyed it' Graham Norton, Home Stretch 'As the bodies pile up, and more is revealed of the lives and loves of Joyce, Ibrahim, Ron and Elizabeth, you can't help cheering them on - and hoping to meet them again soon' The Times, Crime Book of the Month 'Mystery fans are going to be enthralled' Harlan Coban, Win 'Pure escapism' Guardian, Best Crime and Thrillers 'One of the most enjoyable books of the year' Daily Express 'A beacon of pleasure' Kate Atkinson, Behind The Scenes At The Museum 'As gripping as it is funny' Evening Standard 'Funny, clever and achingly British' Adam Kay, This Is Going to Hurt 'An exciting new talent in crime fiction' Daily Mail 'A warm, wise and witty warning never to underestimate the elderly' Val McDermid, 1979 'Delight after delight from first page to last' Red Magazine 'I completely fell in love with it' Shari Lapena, Not a Happy Family 'This is properly brilliant. The pages fly and I can't stop smiling' Steve Cavanagh, The Devil's Advocate 'Charming, clever debut' Stylist 'I laughed my arse off' Belinda Bauer, Exit 'A witty and poignant tale' Daily Telegraph 'Clever, clever plot' Fiona Barton, Local Gone Missing 'An absolutely delightful read' Prima Magazine 'Utterly charming' Sarah Pinborough, Insomnia 'Funny and original' Sun 'Properly funny and totally charming... steeped in Agatha Christie joy' Araminta Hall, Hidden Depths 'This is one of the most delightful novels of the year' Daily Mirror 'A bundle of joy' Jane Fallon, Worst Idea Ever


Horse - Geraldine Brooks Cover Art


Horse by Geraldine Brooks

'He tilted his desk lamp so that the light fell on the image. The head of a bright bay colt gazed out of the canvas, the expression in the eyes unusual and haunting.' A discarded painting in a roadside clean-up, forgotten bones in a research archive, and Lexington, the greatest racehorse in US history. From these strands of fact, Geraldine Brooks weaves a sweeping story of spirit, obsession and injustice across American history. Kentucky, 1850. An enslaved groom named Jarret and a bay foal forge a bond of understanding that will carry the horse to record-setting victories across the South, even as the nation reels towards war. An itinerant young artist who makes his name from paintings of the horse takes up arms for the Union and reconnects with the stallion and his groom on a perilous night far from the glamour of any racetrack. New York City, 1954. Martha Jackson, a gallery owner celebrated for taking risks on edgy contemporary painters, becomes obsessed with a nineteenth-century equestrian oil painting of mysterious provenance. Washington, DC, 2019. Jess, a Smithsonian scientist from Australia, and Theo, a Nigerian-American art historian, find themselves unexpectedly connected through their shared interest in the horse - one studying the stallion's bones for clues to his power and endurance, the other uncovering the lost history of the unsung Black horsemen who were critical to his racing success. With the moral complexity of March and a multi-stranded narrative reminiscent of People of the Book , this enthralling novel is a gripping reckoning with the legacy of enslavement and racism in America. Horse is the latest masterpiece from a writer with a prodigious talent for bringing the past to life. 'I love this book so much' ANN PATCHETT 'With exceptional characterisations Brooks tells an emotionally impactful tale' Booklist starred review 'Brooks probes our understanding of history to reveal the power structures that create both the facts and the fiction ... [She] has penned a clever and richly detailed novel' Library Journal starred review 'A fascinating saga based on the true story of a famous 19th-century racehorse ... Brooks's multiple narratives and strong character development captivate' Publishers Weekly 'Brooks' deep empathy as a novelist and her ability to make the past feel as tangible as yesterday make Horse more than the story of a remarkable thoroughbred ... Brooks' new novel is a promise fulfilled' Books+Publishing 'Strong storytelling in service of a stinging moral message' Kirkus Reviews starred review 'Astonishing ... This is a huge book, with enormous themes, beautifully and engagingly written. Expect it on all the prize lists this year. Brilliant!' Readings 'Historically rich and morally insistent, Horse is a novel of America's inescapable legacies' The Guardian 'Intelligent and absorbing historical fiction' Brisbane Times Praise for Geraldine Brooks: 'What Brooks does ... is set her reader on a great search by opening up a compelling vista of humanity and leaving you hankering after more' Australian Book Review 'Powerful storytelling, its landscape and time evoked in lyrical prose ... a compelling read, contemporary in its relevance' The Guardian Australia 'There's something bordering on the supernatural about Geraldine Brooks. She seems able to transport herself back to earlier time periods, to time travel' The Boston Globe 'A master at bringing the past alive ... in her skilful hands the issues of the past echo our own deepest concerns' The Washington Post


Stone Town - Margaret Hickey Cover Art

Stone Town

Stone Town by Margaret Hickey

With its gold-rush history long in the past, Stone Town has seen better days. And it’s now in the headlines for all the wrong reasons . . . When three teenagers stumble upon a body in dense bushland one rainy Friday night, Senior Sergeant Mark Ariti’s hopes for a quiet posting in his old home town are shattered. The victim is Aidan Sleeth, a property developer, whose controversial plan to buy up local land means few are surprised he ended up dead. However, his gruesome murder is overshadowed by a mystery consuming the entire nation: the disappearance of Detective Sergeant Natalie Whitsed. Natalie had been investigating the celebrity wife of crime boss Tony ‘The Hook’ Scopelliti when she vanished. What did she uncover? Has it cost her her life? And why are the two Homicide detectives, sent from the city to run the Sleeth case, so obsessed with Natalie’s fate? Following a late-night call from his former boss, Mark is sure of one thing: he’s now in the middle of a deadly game . . . 'Astonishingly assured crime debut. A pitch perfect outback noir, set against a vivid and atmospheric desert landscape . . . The book's explosive finale with linger with your for days.' Weekend Australian on Cutters End 'Past and the present collide to create a gripping tale of murder and intrigue.' Chris Hammer, author of Scrublands on Cutters End 'This smart, affecting tale owes more to Scandi noir fiction with its sinister twists and aching characters . . . a tour de force.' Australian Women's Weekly on Cutters End


My Best Chance - Lea Coll Cover Art

My Best Chance

My Best Chance by Lea Coll

I’ve turned the page on my past and I’m starting over – but will I ever be good enough for the one woman I can’t resist? I’ve put my rebellious years behind me and I’m finally doing something I can be proud of. Opening a garage with my best friend has given me a fresh start. One that came with an unexpected attraction to my best friend’s sister. Hailey’s turned into a beautiful and independent business owner. Her success and determination attract me just as much as her smile and her sweet personality captivates me. Her brother warned her against guys like me, but the more time I spend with her, the more I want her. My son’s become the rebel I used to be. He needs my guidance, but I don’t know how to be a role model. I thought I was looking to the future, but now I’m haunted by my bad boy past. How can I stop my son from repeating my mistakes or be the man Hailey deserves? Can I step up and be the man I need to be, or will I fail them both?


Revenge - Tom Bower Cover Art


Revenge Meghan, Harry and the war between the Windsors. The Sunday Times no 1 bestseller by Tom Bower

THE SUNDAY TIMES NO. 1 BESTSELLER 'Explosive' The Sun 'Accounts from insiders who have never spoken before' The Times 'Bombshell' The Mirror The British Royal Family believed that the dizzy success of the Sussex wedding, watched and celebrated around the world, was the beginning of a new era for the Windsors. Yet, within one tumultuous year, the dream became a nightmare. In the aftermath of the infamous Megxit split and the Oprah Winfrey interview, the Royal Family's fate seems persistently threatened. The public remains puzzled. Meghan's success has alternatively won praise, bewildered and outraged. Confused by the Sussexes' slick publicity, few understand the real Meghan Markle. What lies ahead for Meghan? And what has happened to the family she married into? Can the Windsors restore their reputation? With extensive research, expert sourcing and interviews from insiders who have never spoken before, Tom Bower, Britain's leading investigative biographer, unpicks the tangled web of courtroom drama, courtier politics and thwarted childhood dreams to uncover an astonishing story of love, betrayal, secrets and revenge.


Wreck & Ruin - Emma Slate Cover Art

Wreck & Ruin

Wreck & Ruin An Age Gap Romance by Emma Slate

My life is boring. Monotonous. And then tall, dark, and dangerous walks into the bar where I work. Before I know it, I’m in his arms asking him to rescue me. He’s Colt Weston, President of the Blue Angels MC. Colt makes me feel alive…and wanted. The Blue Angels embrace me as one of their own, and when a violent rival threatens to tear us apart, I learn what loyalty truly means. Family. Sacrifice. Revenge. There’s nothing Colt won’t do to protect me.


Broken Prince - Erin Watt Cover Art

Broken Prince

Broken Prince A Novel by Erin Watt

“This generation’s Cruel Intentions.” Jennifer L. Armentrout, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author These Royals will ruin you…   From wharf fights and school brawls to crumbling lives inside glittery mansions, one guy tries to save himself.   Reed Royal has it all—looks, status, money. The girls at his elite prep school line up to date him, the guys want to be him, but Reed never gave a damn about anyone but his family until Ella Harper walked into his life.   What started off as burning resentment and the need to make his father’s new ward suffer turned into something else entirely—keep Ella close. Keep Ella safe. But when one foolish mistake drives her out of Reed’s arms and brings chaos to the Royal household, Reed’s entire world begins to fall apart around him.   Ella doesn’t want him anymore. She says they’ll only destroy each other.   She might be right.   Secrets. Betrayal. Enemies. It’s like nothing Reed has ever dealt with before, and if he’s going to win back his princess, he’ll need to prove himself Royally worthy. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Erin Watt is the brainchild of two bestselling authors linked together through their love of great books and an addiction to writing. They share one creative imagination. Their greatest love (after their families and pets, of course)? Coming up with fun--and sometimes crazy--ideas. Their greatest fear? Breaking up. You can contact them at their shared inbox: [email protected] Praise for Paper Princess, a #1 NYTimes bestselling novel: "Intense, haunting & hot—I can't stop thinking about Paper Princess!! The intriguing sexy characters draw you in and don't let go. A true must read!"Emma Chase, New York Times bestselling author of the Tangled and Legal Briefs series  “Wickedly clever writing, deliciously provocative characters, & chilling final pages made Paper Princess impossible to put down! Confidently a 2016 Top Read!”—ROCKSTARS OF ROMANCE “Gritty, angsty, steamy, and rife with scandal and secrecy, Paper Princess is the kind of book you hope EVERY book will be when you open it. The kind you can't put down, can't forget about. This book consumed me and thanks to that crazy ending, I won't be moving on from this book for a good long while.” Jessica from Angie & Jessica’s Dreamy Reads


One True Loves - Taylor Jenkins Reid Cover Art

One True Loves

One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid

A moving love story about a woman unexpectedly forced to choose between the husband she has long thought dead and the fiancé who has finally brought her back to life – from the bestselling author of  The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo.  SOON TO BE A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE In her twenties, Emma marries her high school sweetheart, Jesse. They build a life for themselves, living life to the fullest and seizing every opportunity for adventure. On their first wedding anniversary, Jesse is on a helicopter over the Pacific when it goes missing. Just like that, Jesse is gone forever.   Years later, now in her thirties, Emma runs into an old friend, Sam, and finds herself falling in love again. When Emma and Sam get engaged, it feels like Emma’s second chance at happiness.   That is, until Jesse is found. He’s alive, and all these years he’s been trying to come home to her. With a husband and a fiancé, Emma has to now figure out who she is and what she wants.   Who is her one true love? Emma knows she has to listen to her heart. She’s just not sure what it’s saying. 'Earth-shaking romance…you will flip for this epic love story.'  Cosmopolitan


The Furies - John Connolly Cover Art

The Furies

The Furies Private Investigator Charlie Parker hunts evil in the twentieth book in the globally bestselling series by John Connolly

EVIL TAKES MANY FORMS. PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR CHARLIE PARKER HUNTS THEM ALL. 'John Connolly is the creator of a unique blend of thriller and horror who receives rave reviews every time' Sunday Telegraph The Furies : mythological snake-haired goddesses of vengeance, pursuers of those who have committed unavenged crimes. Now, private investigator Charlie Parker is drawn into a world of modern furies in two linked stories. In The Sisters Strange , the return of the criminal Raum Buker to Portland, Maine brings with it chaos and murder, as an act of theft threatens not only to tear apart his own existence but also that of Raum's former lovers, the enigmatic sisters Dolors and Ambar Strange. And in The Furies Parker finds himself fighting to protect two more women as the city of Portland shuts down in the face of a global pandemic, but it may be that his clients are more capable of taking care of themselves than anyone could have imagined . . . From the number one Sunday Times and multi-million-copy bestselling author John Connolly comes two linked stories in one novel and the most compelling and unsettling Charlie Parker case yet. The Charlie Parker novels can be read and enjoyed in any order. The Furies is the landmark twentieth book in this globally bestselling series.


After the Flood - Dave Warner Cover Art

After the Flood

After the Flood by Dave Warner

A violent death by crucifixion near a remote north-west station has Detective Inspector Dan Clement and his Broome police officers disturbed and baffled. Other local incidents—the theft of explosives from a Halls Creek mine site, social justice protests at an abattoir, a break-in at a childhealth care clinic—seem mundane by comparison. But as Clement starts to make troubling connections between each crime, he finds himself caught in a terrifying race. In a landmass larger than Western Europe, he must identify and protect an unknown target before it is blown to bits by an invisible enemy.


Stuck With You - Ali Hazelwood Cover Art

Stuck With You

Stuck With You From the bestselling author of The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood

From the New York Times and Sunday Times bestselling author of The Love Hypothesis comes a new steamy, STEMinist novella... Nothing like a little rivalry between scientists to take love to the next level. Mara, Sadie, and Hannah are friends first, scientists always. Though their fields of study might take them to different corners of the world, they can all agree on this universal truth: when it comes to love and science, opposites attract and rivals make you burn... Logically, Sadie knows that civil engineers are supposed to build bridges. However, as a woman of STEM she also understands that variables can change, and when you are stuck for hours in a tiny New York elevator with the man who broke your heart, you earn the right to burn that brawny, blond bridge to the ground. Erik can apologize all he wants, but to quote her rebel leader - she'd just as soon kiss a Wookiee. Not even the most sophisticated of Sadie's superstitious rituals could have predicted such a disastrous reunion. But while she refuses to acknowledge the siren call of Erik's steely forearms or the way his voice softens when he offers her his sweater, Sadie can't help but wonder if there might be more layers to her cold-hearted nemesis than meet the eye. Maybe, possibly, even burned bridges can still be crossed... To read Mara and Hannah's stories look for the novellas Under One Roof and Below Zero . You can pre-order Ali Hazelwood's next novel, Love on the Brain now.


Book Lovers - Emily Henry Cover Art

Book Lovers

Book Lovers The newest laugh-out-loud summer romcom from Sunday Times bestselling author Emily Henry by Emily Henry

One summer. Two rivals. A plot twist they didn't see coming... -------- 'Her best yet' Taylor Jenkins Reid, Malibu Rising 'One of my favourite authors' Colleen Hoover, It Ends With Us ' Magical, delightful, and utterly one of a kind' Ali Hazelwood, The Love Hypothesis Nora is a cut-throat literary agent at the top of her game. Her whole life is books. Charlie is an editor with a gift for creating bestsellers. And he's Nora's work nemesis. Nora has been through enough break-ups to know she's the one men date before finding their happy-ever-after. To prevent another dating dud, Nora's sister has persuaded her to swap her city desk for a month's holiday in Sunshine Falls. It's a small town straight out of a romance novel, but instead of meeting sexy lumberjacks, handsome doctors or cute bartenders, Nora keeps bumping into...Charlie. She's no heroine. He's no hero. So can they take a page out of an entirely different book? Brimming with witty banter, characters you can't help but fall for and off-the-charts chemistry, BOOK LOVERS is Emily Henry's best novel yet. -------- 'Emily Henry's books are a gift, the perfect balance between steamy and sweet' V. E Schwab, Gallant 'So smart, so funny, so sexy' Beth O'Leary, The No-Show 'Emily Henry has another hit on her hands' Sophie Cousens, Just Haven't Met You Yet 'A thoroughly modern yet classic romance' Sunday Times 'Heartfelt, funny, and full of joy. (Also, three cheers for Nora's super-relatable bangs journey!)' Tia Williams, Seven Days in June 'The master of witty repartee' Daily Mail 'Super fun, sassy, smart, sexy... Emily Henry is now an auto-buy author for me' Red Magazine ' Book Lovers is Schitt's Creek for book nerds' Casey Mcquiston, One Last Stop 'The most phenomenal portrayal of enemies to lovers I have ever read. . .' Laura Jane Williams, Our Stop


The Prenup - Lauren Layne Cover Art

The Prenup

The Prenup The 'sweet, sassy, sparkling' smash-hit rom-com, guaranteed to make you smile! by Lauren Layne

The feel-good romantic comedy hit! Perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella, Lindsey Kelk and Sophie Ranald . Readers can't stop raving about The Prenup ! ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 'Sweet, sassy, sparkling!' 'My absolute favourite' 'A perfect easy-reading, cheer-you-up, read' 'Lauren's books take you on a journey of love, laughter and unexpected twists' 'The sweetest and most amazing book' 'There are books that make you want to stay curled up until you finish them, and this is one of those' .................................................................... LOVE WASN'T PART OF THE DEAL FOR THIS MARRIAGE... My name is Charlotte Spencer and, ten years ago, I married my brother's best friend. I haven't seen him since. Charlotte Spencer grew up on the blue-blooded Upper East Side of Manhattan but she never wanted the sit-still-look-pretty future her parents dictated for her. Enter Colin Walsh, her brother's quiet, brooding, man-bun-sporting best friend, and with him a chance to escape. He's far from Charlotte's dream guy but they need each other for one thing: marriage. One courthouse wedding later, Charlotte's inheritance is hers to start a business in San Francisco and Irish-born Colin has a Green Card. Ten years later, Colin drops a bombshell: the terms of their prenup state that before either can file for divorce, they have to live under the same roof for three months. Suddenly this match made in practicality is about to take on whole new meaning... .................................................................... More raves for The Prenup ! 'Layne does it again with this sexy, sassy romantic comedy with all the feels !' JENNIFER PROBST 'Utterly charming. With non-stop wit, this feel-good romance pays homage to the old-school rom-coms we all loved so much' RS GREY 'Layne's best work yet ' RACHEL VAN DYKEN 'One beautifully written bundle of fun wit and real emotion ' NOELLE ADAMS 'Lauren Layne's voice sparkles in The Prenup . With its sharp humor, easy banter and toe-curling sexual tension, it's the ultimate LL experience' JESSICA LEMMON Want more fun, fresh, flirty and very sexy rom-com? Check out all of Lauren's books! Don't miss: You, Again Made In Manhattan To Sir, With Love The Central Park Pact series Oxford series Wedding Belles series I Do, I Don't series Love, Unexpectedly series


The 6:20 Man - David Baldacci Cover Art

The 6:20 Man

The 6:20 Man by David Baldacci

The 6:20 Man is a heart-racing thriller set in the world of high finance in New York, from the number one bestselling author David Baldacci. A journey that took him to hell . . . Having survived combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq and been decorated with medals, Travis Devine mysteriously leaves the Army under a cloud of suspicion. And at thirty-two years old, he’s swapping fighting the Taliban and Al Qaeda for a different kind of danger in the cut-throat world of high finance. His daily commute on the 6.20 a.m. train into New York’s financial district, to his new job as an analyst at the minted powerhouse investment bank Cowl and Comely, takes him into a world where greed, power, jealousy and ambition result in the financial abuse of the masses and the enrichment of an elite few. But it is on this daily journey that he passes a house where he sees something that sounds alarm signals he cannot ignore. A close friend of Devine’s, Sarah Ewes, is the first victim and the mysterious circumstances surrounding her death at Cowl and Comely compel him to investigate further. As he digs deeper, he discovers strange coincidences and unnerving truths. As the deaths pile up, and the major players show their hands, he must question who he can trust and who he must fight.


Hook, Line, and Sinker - Tessa Bailey Cover Art

Hook, Line, and Sinker

Hook, Line, and Sinker A Novel by Tessa Bailey

AN INSTANT #1 NEW YORK TIMES AND #1 USA TODAY BESTSELLER In the follow-up to It Happened One Summer, Tessa Bailey delivers another deliciously fun rom-com about a former player who accidentally falls for his best friend while trying to help her land a different man… King crab fisherman Fox Thornton has a reputation as a sexy, carefree flirt. Everyone knows he’s a guaranteed good time—in bed and out—and that’s exactly how he prefers it. Until he meets Hannah Bellinger. She’s immune to his charm and looks, but she seems to enjoy his… personality? And wants to be friends? Bizarre. But he likes her too much to risk a fling, so platonic pals it is. Now, Hannah's in town for work, crashing in Fox’s spare bedroom. She knows he’s a notorious ladies’ man, but they’re definitely just friends. In fact, she's nursing a hopeless crush on a colleague and Fox is just the person to help with her lackluster love life. Armed with a few tips from Westport’s resident Casanova, Hannah sets out to catch her coworker’s eye… yet the more time she spends with Fox, the more she wants him instead. As the line between friendship and flirtation begins to blur, Hannah can't deny she loves everything about Fox, but she refuses to be another notch on his bedpost.  Living with his best friend should have been easy. Except now she’s walking around in a towel, sleeping right across the hall, and Fox is fantasizing about waking up next to her for the rest of his life and… and… man overboard! He’s fallen for her, hook, line, and sinker. Helping her flirt with another guy is pure torture, but maybe if Fox can tackle his inner demons and show Hannah he’s all in, she'll choose him instead?


A Court of Wings and Ruin - Sarah J. Maas Cover Art

A Court of Wings and Ruin

A Court of Wings and Ruin The #1 bestselling series by Sarah J. Maas

THE THIRD BOOK IN THE #1 BESTSELLING SERIES 'With bits of Buffy, Game Of Thrones and Outlander, this is a glorious series of total joy' STYLIST ______________________________ Feyre has returned to the Spring Court, determined to gather information on Tamlin's manoeuvrings and the invading king threatening to bring her land to its knees. But to do so she must play a deadly game of deceit – and one slip may spell doom not only for Feyre, but for her world as well. As war bears down upon them all, Feyre must decide who to trust amongst the dazzling and lethal High Lords and hunt for allies in unexpected places. And her heart will face the ultimate test as she and her mate are forced to question whether they can truly trust each other. ______________________________ Sarah J. Maas's books have sold millions of copies and have been translated into 37 languages. Discover the sweeping romantic fantasy that everyone's talking about for yourself.


Why Men Love Bitches - Sherry Argov Cover Art

Why Men Love Bitches

Why Men Love Bitches From Doormat to Dreamgirl—A Woman's Guide to Holding Her Own in a Relationship by Sherry Argov

Discover why men are attracted to strong, independent women with this straight-forward, accessible dating guide from New York Times bestselling author Sherry Argov. Do you feel like you are too nice? Sherry Argov’s Why Men Love Bitches delivers a unique perspective as to why men are attracted to a strong woman who stands up for herself. With saucy detail on every page, this no-nonsense guide reveals why a strong woman is much more desirable than a “yes woman” who routinely sacrifices herself. The author provides compelling answers to the tough questions women often ask: -Why are men so romantic in the beginning and why do they change? -Why do men take nice girls for granted? -Why does a man respect a woman when she stands up for herself? Full of advice, hilarious real-life relationship scenarios, “she says/he thinks” tables, and the author’s unique “Attraction Principles,” Why Men Love Bitches gives you bottom-line answers. It helps you know who you are, stand your ground, and relate to men on a whole new level. Once you’ve discovered the feisty attitude men find so magnetic, you’ll not only increase the romantic chemistry—you’​ll gain your man's love and respect with far less effort.


On Target - Mark Greaney Cover Art

On Target

On Target by Mark Greaney

The killer second Gray Man thriller by number one New York Times- bestseller Mark Greaney sees the past catching up with Court Gentry with fatal results. Four years ago, Court Gentry was betrayed by his handlers in the CIA. To survive, he has to eliminate his own brothers in arms. Now, as a master assassin known as the Gray Man, he makes his living killing other people. But when an old comrade he thought dead returns to haunt him, his own life is put in the crosshairs. The man wants Court to complete a mission - but instead of an assassination, the job will entail a nearly impossible kidnapping - and Court must return his quarry to the very CIA team that turned on him... Soon to be a major Netflix series, On Target takes the Gray Man into the depths of danger - and ready to fight.