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forScore - forScore, LLC Cover Art


forScore App Description

Go paperless. Get organized. Download and play something new in seconds. With forScore for iOS, iPadOS, and now even for macOS, your scores have never been better—it’s everything you can do with paper and so much more. As seen in Apple keynote addresses and retail stores worldwide! On your music stand or on the go, it's the complete PDF sheet music reading experience that has wowed musicians all over the world for years: CONNECT • Copy PDFs from other apps like Safari and Mail and sync them to all of your devices with iCloud • Import scores from popular cloud storage services and content providers like Musicnotes.com • Share scores and setlists with colleagues, whether or not they use forScore ORGANIZE • Add metadata to your scores for a perfectly browsable, instantly searchable library • Create smart bookmarks to manage longer files containing multiple parts or pieces • Group scores manually with Setlists to play through them from start to finish PLAY • View full pages in portrait orientation and crop them to better fit your device's screen • Turn your device sideways for bigger scrolling pages or view two pages side by side instead • Use Reflow on smaller screens to lay out systems of music end-to-end like a horizontal teleprompter REFINE • Enter annotation mode to draw with your finger, type text, or place common symbols onto the page • Draw at any time with Apple Pencil for an incredibly natural and responsive, always-on annotation experience • Separate your annotations into layers and show or hide them at any time SIMPLIFY • Create links and buttons to handle repeats or perform common actions with a single tap • Rearrange and duplicate pages of a score to play without jumping back and forth • Connect your Bluetooth page turner for hands-free navigation EXTEND • Access integrated utilities like our metronome, pitch pipe, tuner, and piano keyboard • Link tracks to scores to loop regions, adjust pitch, and even use them to record and play back your page turns • Connect wirelessly to nearby devices and coordinate your page turns and program changes effortlessly There's much more than those highlights, though, so be sure to visit forscore.co to learn all about forScore's incredible features and find out why so many musicians agree that forScore is simply the best! Note: forScore also offers an optional, annual auto-renewing subscription called forScore Pro that unlocks additional features and content (visit forScore.co/pro for complete details). forScore Pro is a 1-year subscription that renews automatically until canceled. Should you choose to subscribe, payment will be charged to your iTunes Account upon confirmation of purchase. Your subscription will then automatically renew unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You can manage your subscriptions in your iTunes Account Settings after purchase. Complete terms of service are available on our website at: forScore.co/terms-of-service

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FL Studio Mobile - Image Line Software Cover Art

FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio Mobile App Description

Create and save complete multi-track music projects on your iPad, iPhone or Mac. Record, sequence, edit, mix and render complete songs. FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS * Audio recording, track-length stem/wav import * Browse sample and presets with preview * Effects modules (see Included Content) * Full-screen MacBook and iMac Trackpad and Mouse support. * High quality synthesizers, sampler, drum kits & sliced-loop beats * Instrument modules (see Included Content) * Load projects in the FL STUDIO** FREE Plugin version of this App * MIDI controller support (class compliant). Automation support. * MIDI file import and Export (Single-track or Multi-track) * Mixer: Per-track mute, solo, effect bus, pan and volume adjustment * Piano roll. Edit notes or capture recorded performances. * Save and load WAV, MP3, AAC*, FLAC, MIDI * Share your songs via Wi-Fi or Cloud to other Mobile 3 installations * Step sequencer * User interface configurable with all screen resolutions and sizes. * Virtual piano-keyboard & Drumpads# * IAA App support (In/Out), Audiobus support (In/Out) * Audio recording (external and internal sources) * Share your songs via Sync to other Mobile 3 devices / installations * Load your projects in the FL STUDIO* FREE 'Plugin' Version of this App# IN APP PURCHASES & INCLUDED CONTENT FL Studio Mobile includes in-app purchases for the DirectWave sample player. You can install your own samples and don’t need to buy content. All Instrument modules are included: Drum Sampler, DirectWave Sample Player, GMS (Groove Machine Synth), Transistor Bass, MiniSynth & SuperSaw. All Effect modules are included: Analyzer (visual), Auto Ducker, Auto-Pitch (pitch correction), Chorus, Compressor, Limiter, Distortion, Parametric Equalizer, Graphic Equalizer, Flanger, Reverb, Tuner (Guitar/Vocal/Inst), High-Pass/Low-Pass/Band-Pass/Formant (Vox) Filters, Delays, Phaser and Stereoizer. Included Drum Samples: Cymbals, Hats, Kicks, Snares, Toms, Percussion, Risers, SFX Included DirectWave Instruments: Guitars, Keyboards, Orchestral, Synth, Bass, Synth Keyboards, Synth Leads, Synth Pads, Sliced, Drums, Drum Kits and Effects. Included MiniSynth Presets: Bass, Keys, Leads, Pads, SFX, Synths Included SuperSaw Presets: Arps, Bass, Bells, SFX, Leads, Pads, Sequences, Synths WANT TO TRY BEFORE YOU BUY? Install FL STUDIO 20 for macOS / Windows and you can use the FL Studio Mobile Plugin. This is identical to the App, as a plugin inside FL Studio. Get it here: http://www.image-line.com/downloads/flstudiodownload.html MANUAL / TRAINING / VIDEOS http://support.image-line.com/redirect/flstudiomobile_help http://support.image-line.com/redirect/flstudiomobile_videos SUPPORT Please help us to help you! In the App, tap 'Help > Users & Support Forums' to register FL Studio Mobile to your Image-Line account and gain access to the forum. You can then report bugs, make feature requests and access free downloadable content: http://support.image-line.com/redirect/flmobile_forum

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Aries Rotary Speaker & Amp - Yonac Inc. Cover Art

Aries Rotary Speaker & Amp

  • New Release
  • Category: Music
  • Release Date: July 17, 2024
  • Price: $6.99
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Aries Rotary Speaker & Amp App Description

Aries Rotary is a powerful, all-in-one rotary speaker and amplifier simulator designed for guitar, organ, synths, vocals, and more. Crafted using the latest modeling technology, Aries makes it easy to achieve the famously lush, warbling tones that rotary cabinets are known for. It can be used as a potent AUv3 effects plugin or as a plug-and-play standalone app. It is compatible with the iPad, iPhone as well as Apple Silicon computers. The rotary module offers six distinctive cabinet types. It comes with an extensive set of parameters that helps you tweak and control the sound in fine detail. The horn and drum each have their own dual microphones. Each mic has dedicated gain and pan. Each pair of mics also have continuously variable distance and angularity settings that alter the characteristics of the modulation effect as well as its stereo footprint. The individual fast / slow mode speed settings, as well as acceleration / deceleration parameters allow you to change the interaction between the horn and the drum, or to recreate various popular cabinet “mods.” The independent amp module presents six unique virtual-tube amplifiers to choose from. The amps can be mixed and matched with the cabinets as desired, or can be completely bypassed. The amps are specially designed to work with a wide variety of instruments, and feature an extensive set of tonal controls. While offering extensive headspace with sparkling clean tones, each amp is also capable of being pushed into warm overdrive with the characteristic definition of tube saturation. Each amp is also equipped with a built-in spring reverb module that helps conjure analog reverb tones of classic amps. A carefully tuned “Post FX” module helps you further hone the big tones generated by the Aries audio engine. These effects include a 3-band “Baxandall” inspired EQ stage, a room emulator to add extra dimension and resonance, as well as a vintage-inspired compressor for adding sparkle and attack to the sound. Professional features include a powerful preset management system that allows you to create, modify, and share banks and presets; MIDI learn complete with augmented settings at the parameter level; fluid layout that accommodates wide variety of screen and window sizes; 50+ factory presets that appeal to a variety of musical styles, and more. The standalone app also includes a built-in "tape deck" where you can record, play and share your creations. Aries Rotary is the inaugural offering in Yonac’s Zodiak series of next generation plugins. The Zodiak series aspires to provide sophisticated and powerful effects built on cutting edge audio processing technology for working musicians and the enthusiasts alike.

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iReal Pro - Technimo LLC Cover Art

iReal Pro

iReal Pro App Description

Practice makes perfect. iReal Pro offers an easy-to-use tool to help musicians of all levels master their art. It simulates a real-sounding band that can accompany you as you practice. The app also lets you create and collect chord charts of your favorite songs for reference. ~One of Time Magazine's 50 Best Inventions of 2010~ Used by thousands of music students, teachers and some of the world’s top music schools such as Berklee College of Music and Musicians Institute. “It’s the perfect technology for a practicing musician: high-quality digital audio, mixable, transposable into any key and completely mobile. Now every aspiring musician has a backup band in their pocket.” – Tim Westergren, Pandora Founder • It's a Book: Create, edit, print, share and collect chord charts of your favorite songs for reference while practicing or performing. • It's a Band: Practice with a realistic sounding piano (or guitar), bass and drum accompaniments for any downloaded or user-created chord chart. FEATURES: Have a virtual band accompany you as you practice • Choose from the included 51 different accompaniment styles (Swing, Ballad, Gypsy Jazz, Bluegrass, Country, Rock, Funk, Reggae, Bossa Nova, Latin,...) and even more styles are available as in-app purchases • Personalize each style with a variety of sounds including piano, Fender Rhodes, acoustic and electric guitars, acoustic and electric basses, drums, vibraphone, organ, and more • Record yourself playing or singing along with the accompaniment Play, edit, and download any songs you want • 1000s of songs can be downloaded from the forums in a few simple steps • Edit existing songs or create your own with the Editor • The Player will play any song that you edit or create • Create multiple editable playlists Improve your skills with the included chord diagrams • Display guitar, ukulele tabs and piano fingerings for any of your chord charts • Look up piano, guitar and ukulele fingerings for any chord • Display scale recommendations for each chord of a song to help with improvisations Practice in the way, and at the level, that you choose • Includes 50 exercises for practicing common chord progressions • Transpose any chart to any key or to number notation • Loop a selection of measures of a chart for focused practicing • Advanced practice settings (automatic tempo increase, automatic key transposition) • Global Eb, Bb, F and G transposition for horn players Share, print, and export – so your music follows you wherever you need it! • Share individual charts or whole playlists with other iReal Pro users via email and the forums • Export charts as PDF and MusicXML • Export audio as WAV, AAC and MIDI  • Support for AirTurn™ and other bluetooth page turners • Upload your songs and playlists to iCloud for safekeeping and for synchronization across any of your iCloud enabled devices such as iPhone, iPad or Mac Always backup your songs!

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Koala Sampler - Mazbox Limited Cover Art

Koala Sampler

Koala Sampler App Description

Koala is the ultimate pocket-sized sampler. Record anything with your phone's mic instantly. Use Koala to create beats with those samples, add effects and create a track! Koala’s super intuitive interface helps you make a tracks in a flash, there is no brake pedal. You can also resample the output of the app back into the input, through the effects, so the sonic possibilities are endless. Koala's design focuses totally on making the music making progress instant, keeping you in the flow and keeping it fun, not getting bogged down by pages of parameters and micro-editing. "Been putting that $4 koala sampler to good use lately. Undeniably great tool that puts some of these expensive beat boxes to shame. A must cop." -- flying lotus, twitter * Record up to 64 different samples with your mic * Transform your voice or any other sound with 16 superb built-in fx * Load your own samples * Choose from one of 250 built-in sounds * Resample the output of the app back into a new sample * Export loops or entire tracks as professional quality WAV files * Direct export to Ableton Live Set * Copy/paste or merge sequences just by dragging them * Create beats with the high-resolution sequencer * Import samples using AudioShare or just open them in Koala * Keyboard mode lets you play chromatically or one of 9 scales * Quantize, add swing to get the right feel * Normal/One-shot/Loop/Reverse playback of samples * 6 Choke groups * Attack, release and tone adjustable on each sample * Add any (or all) of the 8 effects to the entire mix * AUv3 compatible - use in GarageBand, Logic, Cubasis etc etc * AudioBus 3.0 and Inter-App Audio compatible * MIDI controllable - play your samples on a keyboard, map the effects to knobs * Jam with others over WiFi with Ableton Link * Free copy of Ableton Live Lite included * Use AI to separate samples into individual instruments (drums, bass, vocals and other) * Set your own background image and choose from a growing list of background visual FX. 8 Built-in Microphone FX: * More Bass * More Treble * Fuzz * Robot * Reverb * Octave up * Octave down * Synthesizer 16 Built-in DJ Mix FX: * Bit-crusher * Pitch-shift * Comb filter * Ring modulator * Reverb * Stutter * Gate * Resonant High/Low Pass Filters * Cutter * Reverse * Dub * Tempo Delay * Talkbox * VibroFlange * Dirty * Compressor Features included in SAMURAI In-App Purchase * Timestretch (4 modes: Modern, Retro, Beats and Re-pitch) * Piano roll editor * Auto-chop (auto, equal, and lazy chop) * 3 Band EQ * Pocket operator sync out

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TonalEnergy Tuner & Metronome - TonalEnergy, Inc Cover Art

TonalEnergy Tuner & Metronome

TonalEnergy Tuner & Metronome App Description

For musicians from pros to beginners, whether you sing, play a brass, woodwind or stringed instrument or any type of guitar, this app provides a set of feature-rich practice tools that gives fun and rewarding feedback. It’s much more than just a tuner! So what makes the TonalEnergy the best selling music practice app? • It's an all-in-one app, with a state-of-the-art tuner, an advanced metronome, dedicated orchestral strings and guitar tuning page, a piano keyboard, sound analysis pages, and audio/visual recording capabilities. • It’s easy to use. Options like the Target Tuner or Pitch Tracker are on all the main pages. TonalEnergy helps users create rewarding and attainable goals during a rehearsal or when working alone. Colorful analysis data pages and audio/video recording features enhance the experience of practice. • The metronome is cutting edge. It offers unmatched flexibility in sound choices, tempo settings, meters, subdivision patterns and visual displays. Voice count-ins, the ability to create and edit preset groups and Ableton link for syncing multiple devices make this a superior tool for performers. • Ear training possibilities are endless. The high quality multi-sampled instrument sounds for symphonic instruments are unique among all other tuning applications. Listening skills can be developed through the use of the eight-octave keyboard, chromatic wheel and tone generator. There are no other sounds like these. • Learning is a social activity. Using features unique to the TonalEnergy Tuner, data can be collected, reviewed, edited and shared with others. Feedback is essential for growing and developing great performers. It’s all about connectivity. Chris Coletti, member of The Canadian Brass, sums up TonalEnergy by saying, “TonalEnergy is a must-have for any serious musician. It's a full suite of tools in one app; the tuner, tone generator, recorder, metronome and beautiful interface make it one of the best tools for musicians out there, period.” FEATURES • Recognizes a large pitch range, extending to lower registers than many competing tuners (C0 - C8) that is highly responsive to wind instruments, as well as acoustic and electric string instruments • Adjustable A=440 Hz reference • Automatic or manual transposing options • Instantly changes between equal, just and other custom temperaments, including user-defined ones • Auto or instant pitch reference note feature using the TonalEnergy sounds • Extensive tuning list for all orchestral string and fretted string instruments including many more features than most other string-only tuner apps • An expandable eight octave piano keyboard enhancing many of the key aspects of the tuner’s functions • Chromatic wheel tone generator, with optional auto-vibrato feature • Frequency and Harmonic energy overtone graphs, along with a multi-function waveform • Dedicated metronome page that matches or exceeds the features available on all other stand alone metronome apps • Notation options including standard English, Solfege, Northern European, and Indian variants • Bluetooth output/input support • Audio and Video recording capabilities including, editing, looping, timestretch that are all exportable via iTunes sharing, AirDrop, email, AudioCopy, SoundCloud, etc • Import music from iTunes Library or email attachments • Compatible with external microphones and clip-on vibration sensor devices • Supports external video output to an external display for use in rehearsal halls • External MIDI keyboard control support • Apple Watch app acts ONLY as a remote control for the phone app • Audiobus and inter-app audio support • VoiceOver support for the blind or visually impaired INSTRUMENT SOUNDS • Piccolo, Flute • Oboe, English Horn, Bassoon • Full Clarinet Family • Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Baritone Saxophone • Trumpet • French Horn • Tenor and Bass Trombone • Euphonium and Tuba • Square, sawtooth, and sine waveforms • Organ • Bowed and Plucked Strings

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X Air Controller - Nicholas Arduini Cover Art

X Air Controller

X Air Controller App Description

Control your Behringer X Air mixer, including the XR12, XR16, and XR18. Also works with Midas M Air series. Simple and easy to use interface allows control of faders, mutes, solos, input, output, compression, eq, bus sends, channel name/color, and more for each channel.  Some additional features include: •Easily find your mixer by using the scan function or you can manually enter the IP address if it is known •Sync by sending mixer settings from app to mixer or mixer to app •Supports left and right hand mode for iPad •Option to hide channels •Live update parameters made by other devices connected to the mixer If you have a minute and enjoy X Air Controller, please leave a review. It helps a lot and I appreciate hearing your feedback. Thank you!

© Nicholas Arduini


AUM - Audio Mixer - Kymatica AB Cover Art

AUM - Audio Mixer

AUM - Audio Mixer App Description

AUM is the flexible audio mixer, recorder, and connection hub for your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Connect hardware inputs and outputs, Audio Unit extensions, Inter-App Audio apps, Audiobus, soundfile players, built-in signal processing and filters, in any configuration you want. Route anything to anywhere with mix-busses, effect sends, audiobus ports, and external multi-channel audio interfaces. Play hosted synths and instruments using the built-in keyboard or external MIDI controllers, or sequence them with AU MIDI plugins or from other apps using Virtual MIDI. Record mixes, individual tracks, or both, straight into the storage space of AudioShare (no copying of files needed), with synchronized start and end for perfect loops. Play back recordings, soundfiles and loops as channel sources in the mixer for backing tracks, further processing or mixing. Soundfiles can be opened from anywhere, including USB drives on iOS 13 and later. Route and filter MIDI in any way you like using the MIDI matrix. Combine and filter MIDI endpoints using MIDI buses. Synchronize everything with the transport clock and play in time with other apps or devices using Ableton Link. Connect external music machines and synchronize them with MIDI Clock. Includes built-in processing nodes for various stereo processing, Mid/Side balance and conversion, EQs and filters, limiting, clipping and saturation. Or use any 3rd party Audio Unit extension or Inter-App Audio effect. All controls in the mixer can be controlled via MIDI, including parameters of hosted and built-in plugins. "A brilliant idea that has been brilliantly executed. Top-notch technical stuff and highly recommended" - MusicAppBlog "Feature rich, powerful, intuitive, and simple to use" - DubSpot "Executes live mixing with surprising ease, with a load of extensive features under the hood, quick snappy response on the screen and audio" - AudioNewsRoom FEATURES • High quality audio up to 32-bit 96kHz • Clean and intuitive user interface with crisp vector graphics • Extremely compact and optimized code, very small app size • Unlimited number of channels • Unlimited number of effect slots • Inserts and sends are configurable pre/post-fader • Internal busses for mixing, effect sends, signal splitting • Supports multi-channel audio interfaces for both inputs and outputs • Supports built-in speaker and mic, including stereo mic on devices that has it. • Supports Audio Unit extensions, Inter-App Audio and Audiobus • Route MIDI output from Audio Unit extensions • Supports Audio Unit multiple output and input busses (for side-chaining etc) • Audiobus state saving • Highly accurate transport clock • Metronome with selectable output and optional pre-roll • Sends host sync to Audio Unit plugins and IAA apps • Play in time with Ableton Link, with Start/Stop support • Slave external hardware via MIDI Clock • FilePlayer with sync and looping with access to all your soundfiles • Records straight into AudioShare storage space • Record synchronized beat-perfect loops • Built-in nodes for stereo processing, filtering and dynamics • Latency compensation makes everything align at the outputs • Optional manual compensation using TimeOffset • Multiple Inter-App Audio / Audiobus output ports • Built-in MIDI keyboard • Fully MIDI controllable • MIDI Matrix for routing MIDI anywhere • MIDI filtering for any MIDI destination • Combine MIDI sources or destinations using MIDI buses BUILT-IN SIGNAL PROCESSING • Stereo balance • Stereo to mono • Stereo panning • Mid/Side balance • Mid/Side - Stereo convert • Invert Phase • Parametric EQ • Low-shelf filter • High-shelf filter • Low-pass resonant filter • High-pass resonant filter • LP/HP combo filter • First order All-pass filter • Second order All-pass filter • Gain • Hard clip • Saturation • Lookahead peak limiter

© 2015 Kymatica AB


Tenuto - musictheory.net Cover Art


Tenuto App Description

Tenuto is a collection of 24 highly-customizable exercises designed to enhance your musicality. From recognizing chords on a keyboard to identifying intervals by ear, it has an exercise for you. Tenuto also includes six musical calculators for accidentals, intervals, scales, chords, analysis symbols, and twelve-tone matrices. A short description of the exercises and calculators follows. For a full list of all available customizations, visit the "Developer Website" link on this page or open http://tenuto.link/features/ in your web browser. –––––– • Note Identification • Key Signature Identification • Interval Identification • Scale Identification • Chord Identification Tap the button corresponding to the written staff line. For example: if shown a C, E, and G with a sharp; tap the "Augmented Triad" button. –––––– • Note Construction • Key Signature Construction • Interval Construction • Scale Construction • Chord Construction Construct the specified label by moving notes and/or adding accidentals. For example: if shown a C and an "Augmented 4th" label, move the second note to F and add a sharp. –––––– • Keyboard Reverse Identification Tap the piano key corresponding to the written note on the staff. While similar to Note Identification, this exercise uses a piano keyboard rather than note name buttons. • Keyboard Note Identification • Keyboard Interval Identification • Keyboard Scale Identification • Keyboard Chord Identification Tap the button corresponding to the highlighted piano key(s). If the C and G keys are highlighted, tap the "P5" (Perfect 5th) button. –––––– • Fretboard Note Identification • Fretboard Interval Identification • Fretboard Scale Identification • Fretboard Chord Identification Tap the button corresponding to the marked fretboard position(s). If the 2nd fret of the D string is marked, tap the "E" button. –––––– • Keyboard Ear Training • Note Ear Training Listen to the played reference and question notes. Select the piano key or note button corresponding to the question note. • Interval Ear Training • Scale Ear Training • Chord Ear Training Tap the button corresponding to the played notes. If E and F are played, tap the "Minor 2nd" button. –––––– • Accidental Calculator Display the accidental for a note and key. • Interval Calculator Display the interval for a note, type, and key. • Chord Calculator Display the scale for a tonic and scale type. • Chord Calculator Display the chord for a note, type, and key. • Analysis Calculator Display the chord for a symbol and key. • Matrix Calculator Display the twelve-tone matrix for a specified tone row.

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Note Rush: Music Reading Game - Thomas Grayston Cover Art

Note Rush: Music Reading Game

Note Rush: Music Reading Game App Description

Learn to Read Music with Note Rush! Note Rush boosts your note reading speed and accuracy, building a strong mental model of where each written note is on your instrument. Now even better with Note Rush: 2nd Edition! How it Works --------------------------- Note Rush is like a virtual flash card deck for all ages that listens to you play each note, giving instant feedback and awarding stars based on speed and accuracy of note identification. Race against the clock to improve your performance or hide the timer to gently engage those just starting out with the staff. Includes built-in levels for piano and a range of other instruments as well as custom level design. What makes Note Rush Different? --------------------------- - Play On Your Instrument Note reading is best learnt in the context of how you identify and play each note - on your acoustic or MIDI instrument. - Designed for Teachers ...and not as a replacement for them! Create fully customizable note sets and easily send them home to students. - Fun Themes Engage with fun themes that don't get in the way of learning, or opt for traditional notation. Landmarks: The best way to learn your notes --------------------------- Note Rush fits with all teaching methods, whether you favor a purely intervallic approach or use traditional mnemonics! We promote learning key landmark notes then reading adjacent notes intervallically for the best results in learning to read piano notation. Note Rush features a unique landmarks-based hints system (optional) that highlights nearby landmark notes to read intervallically from. Over time students naturally move from reliance on landmarks to a more intrinsic staff-to-keyboard association. Preset and Custom Levels --------------------------- Use preset note ranges or create your own set of levels to suit your teaching style. Create a personalized level to target a particular student’s needs. - Individual Note Selections - Sharps and Flats - Treble, Bass or Grand Staff (alto and tenor coming soon) - Up to Six Ledger Lines - Send custom note reading drills using App Links or QR Codes

© 2016 Thomas Grayston


Ableton Note - Ableton AG Cover Art

Ableton Note

Ableton Note App Description

Note is a place to form ideas, experiment with sounds and find direction. Get your ideas out or play until inspiration hits using a selection of Ableton Live’s drum kits, synths and melodic instruments. Or create your own sound palette by recording the sounds around you into Note’s sampler instruments using your phone’s microphone. Take your ideas further by sending your projects to Live without leaving the app using Ableton Cloud. Open projects from Live’s browser and keep working – you can edit all your MIDI notes, and all your samples and sounds from Note are exactly the same. Ableton Note users will receive a free license for Ableton Live Lite – simple, intuitive software used by musicians, producers and DJs around the world to write, record, and perform. Begin with a beat: • Choose from 56 Drum Sampler kits • Tap out a beat using the 16-pad grid • Quantize your beat to fix loose timing • Nudge notes to correct mistakes • Add more layers of rhythm • Create beat repetitions with Note Repeat • Change parameters to shape your sound • Experiment with effects or apply swing for variations Start with a melody: • Choose from 261 synth sounds and 36 Melodic Sampler instruments • Play your melody or chord progression with either the 25-pad grid or piano roll • Set a key and scale to get instantly harmonic results • Overdub more layers of harmony • Change parameters to shape your sound • Add effects to experiment with sound design Sample your environment: • Create your own kits by recording percussive sounds into Note’s Drum Sampler • Record tonal sounds to create your own Melodic Sampler instruments • Manipulate your samples by cutting, filtering or repitching them • Shape or transform your sounds with effects • Import your own samples or audio directly from videos Capture improvisations: • Play something, then tap the Capture button to keep it • Play at a tempo that feels comfortable and Note will detect it • Note will recognize the length of the phrase and create a loop • Quantize it, add to it, or change the sound • Connect MIDI hardware to play keys and change the sound of your instruments Create variations: • Note features a grid-based Session View layout • Double your loops to create variation within clips • Duplicate your clips and create different versions of your ideas • Create eight tracks with up to eight clips on eight scenes • Try different clip combinations and song structures • Export your work as an audio file to listen and share

© (c) Ableton AG 2023


Gorilla - Bass Studio Suite - Aurora DSP Cover Art

Gorilla - Bass Studio Suite

  • New Release
  • Category: Music
  • Release Date: July 18, 2024
  • Price: $6.99
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Gorilla - Bass Studio Suite App Description

Meet the Gorilla Bass Studio Suite, the ultimate tool for bassists of all genres with midi control. This app is packed with everything you need to create pro-level bass tones effortlessly. Three Powerful Preamps: *Green: Clean, warm sound or fat tube distortion *Yellow: Modern rock sound *Orange: Powerful bass and punchy mids. 3-way splitter with independent compressor and saturator for detailed tone shaping. Octaver Functionality: Built-in octaver for creating a massive wall of sound, ideal for solo performances or adding depth to your band's sound. User-Friendly Interface: Quick access to essential controls with detailed customization options for advanced users. Custom IRs and Mixing Capabilities: Use built-in Aurora IRs or load your own for unparalleled sound customization. Standalone Version and AUv3 Support: Enjoy quick and easy setup with standalone and AUv3 formats for seamless integration with iOS. Preset Packs by Renowned Artists: Play within seconds using presets curated by musicians and producers like Erik Arko, Gergo Hajer, and Henning Pauly. State Recall and Tuner: Try new tones without losing previous settings and keep your bass perfectly tuned with a fast, accurate tuner.

© Aurora DSP


KORG iM1 - KORG INC. Cover Art


KORG iM1 App Description

A complete reproduction - and more - of the legendary M1 that defined an era. Mobile Digital Synthesizer for the iPad. ● Selected by Apple as "App Store Best of 2015" ● Ranked #1 on the App Store on Top Paid Music category in more than 20 countries! (15/5/27) Since it went on sale in 1988 the legendary M1 music workstation rapidly achieved record-breaking sales, becoming a mainstay of the music scene from the late 1980s and beyond. The common element of electronic instruments that have left their name in history is that they had a unique sound that was difficult if not impossible to replicate. Sounds such as the “M1 Piano” is instantly recognizable and have appeared on countless hit records over many years, and yet these are sounds that could only be produced by the M1. And that’s what you can now have on your iPad! ● A faithful reproduction of the original M1 Sound The PCM data provides the library of the original M1. For the hardware, we analyzed the circuit diagram of the original design, and completely replicated it in software down to the last detailed parameters. Engineers with an exhaustive knowledge of the M1 made careful adjustments in order to obtain the sound of the original unit, something that cannot be obtained simply by sampling the original sounds. ● A continued evolution of the M1 Not content with simply reproducing the original, iM1 provides further evolutionary developments. Synth parts now have the Filter Resonance that was requested at the time of the original. The effect parts, originally consisting of only two effects, have been powered-up to 18 effects. The user interface has also been refreshed with additions such as a KAOSS pad. iM1 is the ultimate version of the KORG M1. ● A gigantic library encompassing 3,300 sounds and 34 cards* In addition to all 19 of the ROM cards originally released for the M1, iM1 also covers the sounds of the M1EX which expanded the internal PCM of the M1, as well as the sounds of the T-series which appeared as an evolution of the M1. There’s also “BEST OF M1”, a selection of 100 great M1 programs. The new “Smart Sound Browser” makes it quick to find the desired sound. You can also view the sounds ranked by how often they are selected by iM1 users around the world. *with all the expansion card installed via in-app purchase ● KAOSS pad lets anybody perform iM1 features a KAOSS pad from the popular KAOSSILATOR, allowing you to perform intuitively just by touching the screen. By using the dual KAOSS pads to play phrases or adjust the sound, even people who are not accustomed to keyboard instruments or knowledgeable about synthesizers can enjoy performing the iM1. There’s also a conventional keyboard, as well as the “Smart Keyboard”, which lets you specify a scale setting and play phrases with a single finger. ● Use with KORG Gadget for song production iM1 can be used together with Gadget, the music production DAW app that won the App Store Best App of 2014 award in Japan. If both apps are installed, you can use iM1 as a sound module within Gadget, taking advantage of the program sounds in iM1 for music production. iM1 also supports Audiobus and Inter-App Audio, so it can also be used for GarageBand etc. ● Connect a MIDI keyboard and use as a sound module In addition to enjoying iM1 on its own, you can connect a USB MIDI keyboard* via a Lightning adaptor and play the iM1 as an external sound module. You can easily take along an even more powerful workstation sound module as part of your iPad-based compact mobile system. *microKEY, nanoKEY etc. ● Interchangeable with the KORG Legacy Collection and the original M1 Sounds that you create in iM1 can be sent from your iPad via iTunes to a Mac/PC. If you have the Legacy Collection M1, you can use those sounds in a DAW. More info at korg.com

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TouchOSC - Hexler LLC Cover Art


TouchOSC App Description

Brand-new app. Brand-new powerful editor. We've listened for the past 10 years and we've re-written the application from the ground up - with speed, features and usability in mind. A GPU-powered, fast and advanced integrated editor is part of TouchOSC on all platforms - create the most complex of control layouts with ease and precision. MIDI, OSC and more... TouchOSC supports sending and receiving any number of MIDI and OSC messages on many connections simultaneously. On top of OSC over UDP & TCP, we support every type of wired & wireless MIDI connection your device can offer, including MIDI over USB. Cross-Network. Synchronized editing. Multiple instances of TouchOSC can be connected on the network for synchronized editing. Use the precision of your desktop's mouse and keyboard for fine-grained, detailed editing - test-drive and preview in real-time on all connected touch-screen devices at the same time. Scripting and local messages. A lightweight and fast scripting engine allows deep access to all aspects of your controller and enables limitless customization and interactivity. For less complex tasks we've added local messages - simply wire up controls to transmit or display values; no need to break out the big (code) guns. Easy. This is only the beginning... We've supported and updated TouchOSC Mk1 for more than 10 years and we're planning to do the same for this new version. We've already got a whole bunch of features cooking that were just not quite ready yet. There is so much more to come... Welcome to the next generation!

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King of Digital | Hybrid Synth - AudioKit Pro Cover Art

King of Digital | Hybrid Synth

King of Digital | Hybrid Synth App Description

Epic 64-voice Virtual Analog / PCM iPad Synth Inspired by the Digital Synths of the 80s, 90s, 2000s FULLY LOADED w/ 900+ presets by Analog Matthew, Brice Beasley, DMT Cymatics, Moby Pixel, Red Sky Lullaby, Jakob Haq, Electronisounds (Dean Daughters), Sound of Izrael, Brian Funk, and more "A Perfect Synth" - App Advice "Fans of the D-50, JD-990, 01/W, Wavestation... Rejoice!" - Music Radar Includes iPhone, iPad and iOS AUv3 versions: Use as a plug-in in DAWs like GarageBand & Logic for iPad, Cubasis, AUM, and more! The Sound. Oh, the sound. You won't believe it. BONUS: This app is packed with 5 PCM banks of sounds, including the Digital D1 PCMs, and D1 Expanion bank. This is a Premium App: No iAP, No Ads, No subsciptions! One low price includes Lifetime License and all Expansions! KING OF DIGITAL • 64-voice Hybrid Digital PCM & VA Synth • 3+ Gigabyte of original samples recorded from analog & fm synths over 30+ years old • Space-saving Compression - The whole app is under 500mb! • Dual layers per voice. Keyboard splits • Vintage-style Step Sequencer that can be routed to specific layers. • 3 LFOs. Fun Routings. LFOs can modify other LFOs • iPad version has "stacked" views for maximum onscreen control! • Too many features to mention... ADDITIONAL FEATURES: • 900+ Handmade presets, lovingly crafted by human sound designers, no AI! • FX: Glorious Reverb, Phaser, Digital Delay, Distortion, Flanger, Chorus, Crush, and more. • Perfect with a MIDI Keyboard *** BONUS *** ************************************** FEATURES ALL THE SOUNDS OF DIGITAL D1: ************************************** "D1 Sounds awesome... Get this app!" - Sonic State, Featured D1 on Podcast & Live Video Stream "Digital D1 synth is pure ‘80s and ‘90s digital lushness" - Computer Music/Music Radar "Beautiful. Lush. Modern and Amazing… An Instant Classic." Easy to use. Easy to get great tone. You want great sound right away? It has tons of presets. Plus, the ability to easily manipulate sounds with filters, delays, and other FX. D1 SOUNDS, USER REVIEWS: "The Best Synth For iOS [period]" "I've been playing synths for 35 years. And, this is as good as it gets" "The Sound... Perfect!" "Breathtaking Presets, right out-of-the box" "The sound quality competes with hardware synths" • Mod Wheel can morph between layers. Start with an Electric Piano, and slowly bring in Strings with your MIDI controller. • Create beautiful live performances using a MIDI keyboard • Epic pads that will inspire you ** This app does not sample any PCM-based synths, including Roland or Korg digital keyboards. Additionally, this app does not have any business relationship with Roland, Korg, or any other 80s/90s Digital Synth manufacturers. *** All app sounds were created by pure analog synthesis and fm synthesis. We took these new sounds. Stacked them. Flipped them. And, processed the heck out of ’em. Resulting in a beautiful new sonic palette for you to enjoy.

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StaffPad - StaffPad Ltd. Cover Art


StaffPad App Description

MADE FOR COMPOSERS ------------------------- StaffPad is designed for composers who want to write music effortlessly, using music notation and audio. Write your music using Apple Pencil, and the app will transform your writing into beautifully typeset notation that can be edited, played back, printed and shared. Record or import audio directly onto your score and edit it intuitively with Apple Pencil. Magically convert your real piano playing or existing recordings into notation using advanced on-device machine learning. Add video, smart symbols and use world leading sample libraries and mix your score with a suite of studio effects. From basic idea to a full film score; StaffPad is the easiest, most powerful and most intuitive way to compose music on iPad. WRITE NATURALLY ------------------- Write your score with the fluidity of natural handwriting. Use touch and Apple Pencil to quickly edit your notation. Transpose, repeat and structure your score with intuitive gestures and tools. Customise the tempo with a unique tempo staff (or import a tempo map from a MIDI file), add chords either manually or automatically with the chord staff. You can even copy music written in StaffPad into other apps, simply using the normal copy and paste functions. HEAR YOUR MASTERPIECE ---------------------------- With a groundbreaking playback engine and over 55 included instruments, StaffPad is ready to perform your written piece instantly. Add industry-standard sample libraries, adapted and customised for StaffPad, from some of the world's leading sample developers. This is a leap forward for composers working at the highest levels. SHARE WITH SCORESYNC --------------------------- Once you're ready to perform or record your work, tap the ScoreSync button in StaffPad and your score is instantly shared across a Wi-Fi network to any device running the free StaffPad Reader app (available in the App Store). The Readers present each individual musical part beautifully formatted, update in realtime with any changes you make to your score, handle automatic page turns, and play back in perfect time with a synchronised metronome, for capturing the perfect recording every time. IMPORT AND EXPORT --------------------------- StaffPad imports and exports MusicXML and MIDI files for easily working with other music apps. You can also export your playback as WAV, AAC or MP3. You can import audio files into your score, with support for most major audio formats. WORK WITH AUDIO AND VIDEO -------------------------------- For the first time, you can seamlessly mix audio with your notated score. Record directly onto the score canvas using your device's in-built microphones, or import loops, Tempo map freeform/rubato performances using the tempo staff. Add shine to your production with a suite of studio quality DSP effects, and polish with precise automation. PIANO AND MIDI CAPTURE --------------------------- Record your real piano and convert it into notation. Don't have a real piano? Don't worry - you can connect a USB or Bluetooth MIDI keyboard and record your performance in realtime, converting to notation as you play. PRINT / PDF ------------ As well as digital parts via ScoreSync, StaffPad will automatically format and print parts or export PDFs for you. Customise the paper size, bar number styles, number of bars per line, scaling, margins, multi-bar consolidation and more. StaffPad automatically formats the score for consistent presentation.

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Mariana Bass Synthesizer - Moog Music Inc. Cover Art

Mariana Bass Synthesizer

Mariana Bass Synthesizer App Description

Mariana is a new software bass synthesizer from Moog Music capable of reaching the deepest depths of low-end tone and weight. Moog has long been a pioneer in electronic bass, from the iconic Minimoog Model D to the Taurus Bass Pedals, Sub Phatty, and Minitaur. Mariana continues this tradition in the form of a groundbreaking software synthesizer for iOS, MacOS, and Windows. Optimized for vibrant bass sounds that sit perfectly in the mix, Mariana is a powerful tool for artists and musicians across all genres and workflows. Mariana is a dual-layer synthesizer, allowing you to mix together two completely different synthesizer sounds and process each layer individually. Each layer is built around two oscillators with precise and inventive controls to dial in your bass tone to make it punch through a mix and stand out from the rest, with a sub-oscillator adding even more low-end weight. Two resonant Moog filters and a third filter specifically for the sub-oscillator let you shape your sound, adding warmth while rolling off high frequencies or pushing up the resonance for added bite. With stereo crossover functionality, Mariana is optimized for quickly dialing in stereo content while simultaneously preserving a strong mono bass foundation. Warm saturation and a tight compressor add extra punch to your bass lines while an illuminating real-time metering section lets you monitor your sounds and dial them in to a professional standard. Flexible built-in delay and chorus effects operate on separate layers and can expand the stereo image of your sounds or preserve a solid mono signal. Whether designing your own bass tones from scratch or using one of the 200 included presets as a starting point, Mariana is an accessible and versatile tool for any modern production environment. Mariana is fully equipped with three LFOs, three envelopes, and two random generators per layer and a creative and extremely deep modulation editor. Nearly every parameter of Mariana can be modulated internally, via MIDI, or via virtual CV from the Moogerfooger Effects Plug-ins, and Mariana's modulation sources can be sent to and received from the Moogerfoogers for a self-contained modular Moog ecosystem right in your DAW. With an optimized user interface and seamless integration into any DAW (digital audio workstation), Mariana is the most accessible way to add the unmistakable Moog bass sound to your productions. Features: • Modern Moog Bass: Mariana pulls from the lineage of classic Moog bass instruments to deliver a new bass synthesizer with cutting-edge features for sculpting powerful bass lines. • Dual Layers: Two separate synthesizer layers allow for complementary sound stacks or independent duophonic playing that can be mixed together. • Deep Modulation: A vast array of modulation sources, destinations, controllers, and functions with a deep mod matrix editor allow for complex modulation of nearly every parameter of Mariana. • Intuitive Interface: A beautiful, resizable, and user-friendly interface gives you effortless control over your bass sounds. • Metering and Compression: Built-in effects, compression, and metering let you add punch to your bass sounds and dial them in to a professional standard. • Interconnectivity: Mariana can interact with the Moogerfooger Effects Plug-ins via virtual CV, creating a modular Moog ecosystem right in your DAW. • Flexibility: Mariana can be used as a standalone app or a plug-in inside your favorite DAW, supporting powerful AUv3 compatibility. • Preset Library: A vast library of presets covering a wide range of musical styles and genres provides a starting point for users to dive right into musical creation - or transform stock presets into something completely unique. Supports: • AUv3 Audio Unit Extensions • MPE Controller Support • 7 and 14-Bit MIDI • MIDI Program Change Support • Share over Mail or other iOS applications

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Guitar Pro - Arobas Music Cover Art

Guitar Pro

Guitar Pro App Description

The Guitar Pro application allows all musicians to view and play sheet music and tablature created with the famous Guitar Pro tab-editing program for Windows and Mac. This mobile version is the ideal companion for you to practice your favorite songs and share them any time, anywhere! Coming up with some arpeggio, a riff, a chord sequence? You can now note and save it all on the single-track tablature NotePad. Powerful score player • Supporting GP3/4/5/6/7 (.gp) and PowerTab (.ptb) file formats,
 • Tab (with rhythmics), slash, and standard notations, • Compatible with mySongBook portal to sheet music (monthly subscription and single buying), • Switch between Dark and Light viewing modes, • Load files via WiFi and web browser, iTunes, e-mail, • Integrated sheet-music library with search, filters, and favorites, • Multitrack player with soundboard: volume / solo-mute / soundbanks, • Metronome and visual countdown,
 • 3 zooming levels, • Guitar or bass fretboard (for right- and left-handers), and virtual keyboard, • On-the-fly tempo changes,
 • On-the-fly global transposing by half-tones, • Playing any selection in loops, • Simplified navigation between sections, • E-mailing files directly from the application, • Exporting files to PDF, • Compatible with the Fretlight Wireless Guitar. NotePad tool to create a tablature • Use the NotePad to edit a single-track tablature for guitar, bass, banjo, ukulele, and mandolin, • Tablature for 4- to 8-string instruments, • 19 built-in sounds, • Customizable tuning and tempo, • Export your ideas into Guitar Pro 6 and 7 formats so as to later carry on with your composition on the Guitar Pro desktop version. ———————————————————————- The app is updated frequently, so feel free to contact our team to ask any question or give your feedback. For more info: Need help: https://support.guitar-pro.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/arobas.music Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/arobasmusic Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/guitarpro_official FAQ: Q: Can I create or edit sheet music with this app? A: Unlike Guitar Pro for Windows and Mac, this app does not let you change the notation in an existing Guitar Pro file, or create sheet music in standard notation. It is however possible to edit a single-track tablature with the NotePad tool and export your work into .gpx and .gp formats to finish your composition in Guitar Pro 6 or 7. Editing a drum track is not available with the NotePad tool.

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MobileSheets for iPad - Michael Zuber Cover Art

MobileSheets for iPad

MobileSheets for iPad App Description

MobileSheets is the ultimate sheet music viewer for the iPhone, iPad and Mac. It frees you from having to lug around books and binders, and gives you the ability to access any score in your library in seconds. It also comes with a number of powerful features for musicians including: - Connect to other devices running MobileSheets on any platform, and easily share songs and setlists. - Synchronize device libraries using WiFi, bluetooth or the cloud - Multiple modes of operation including two pages side-by-side, half page turns, and vertically scrolling pages. - Hands-free page turns using any bluetooth or usb devices (including two and four pedal models), through the automatic scrolling feature, or by using face gestures such as an open mouth or smile. - Annotations for marking up music including support for freeform drawing, basic shapes, text and stamps - Connect multiple tablets over WiFi or bluetooth in book mode to display two pages at once - A custom audio player for playing audio tracks with your scores. Audio player supports a-b looping and multiple sizes. - Custom page ordering, making it easy to cut out unnecessary pages, repeat pages or change the sequence of pages without affecting the original document. - A metronome with multiple display modes and sound effects - Bookmarks for quick and easy access to sections in scores - Link points for handling repeats and quickly jumping between pages - Smart buttons that can be placed on a score to activate configurable actions when pressed - Support for multiple file types including images, PDFs, text files and chord pro files. - Support for importing CSV index files to break up large PDF songbooks - Support for communicating with MIDI devices over USB, Bluetooth and WiFi to load songs or trigger actions. - The ability to transpose chords in text and chord pro files. - Manual and automatic cropping to completely eliminate unnecessary margins - Support for setlists and collections to efficiently group songs for playback. - Powerful library management features with a huge list of supported metadata fields, giving you complete control over the data in your library - A free companion application for the PC that makes it a breeze to create and edit songs Give MobileSheets a try today and experience the freedom of having all your scores just a simple tap away. NOTE: This application does not include any sheet music - you must provide your own. This application can not play back PDFs, images or text/chord pro files. It can only display those files and play back audio files. The companion app is for your PC and is not included. You can download the companion app for free here: https://www.zubersoft.com/mobilesheets/companion.php Privacy Policy: https://zubersoft.com/mobilesheets/privacy_policy_ios.html Terms of Use: https://zubersoft.com/mobilesheets/terms_and_conditions_ios.html

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NERD Synth A2x - AudioKit Pro Cover Art

NERD Synth A2x

NERD Synth A2x App Description

Inspired by the classic sounds of the Nord Lead A1** This is not a Rompler. This is a SYNTH.  "I’m impressed. The sounds are FAT, the effects are LUSH, and the interface is a JOY to use."  – Audio News Room "This is not a clone, this is BEYOND the hardware, it's a completely new, fantastic beast" – Jade Starr, How to App "An excellent release...app captures the soul of the Nord Lead A1 Synthesizer"  – Synth Anatomy "An iOS-based homage to a virtual analogue classic!" – Music Radar / Keyboard Magazine Not imitation, it's Innovation! https://audiokitpro.com/redsynth With Nerd Synth, you’ll have access to all 40+ of the classic lead A1 waveforms! Plus, we gave it some RAW MODERN POWER. FULLY LOADED w/ 450+ presets by Analog Matthew, Electronisounds, DMT Cymatics, Moby Pixel, Red Sky Lullaby, and more NOTE: This is a synth, and contains no hardware preset samples. All presets are completely original. One low price includes Lifetime License and all Features Easy to use. Easy to get great tone! NERD SYNTH A2X: • 64-voice, Retro VA-Synth • Include all 40+ of the Nord A1 waveforms • Arpeggiator! Classic Hardware-style Arp, with extra features • Vintage-style Step Sequencer that can be routed to specific layers • A proper filter envelope ADSR! • 3 LFOs. Fun Routings. LFOs can modify other LFOs • TouchPads! 2 fun assignable pads, -= Create NORD-style SUPER SAWS =- ++ Four-voice Unison with the tap of a button ++ 3 different algorithms: Regular, HYPER, and BEAST! "Astoundingly great sounding and intuitive synth app!" – The GarageBand Guide Modeled sound: It's like a time-capsule. Imagine if there were iPads in 2003? Complete with that "cold" VA sound that ruled the dance floors and stages ADDITIONAL FEATURES: • FX: Glorious Reverb, Analog Tape Delay, Distortion, Flanger, Chorus, Crush, and more. • On board "Record" button, no external hardware required • Works with a MIDI Keyboard EXCLUSIVE TO THIS APP: • "SUPER FM" wild pitch drop controls! Modeled after digital VA-Synths, complete with vintage digital aliasing for old-school vibe! • Crazy aggressive RING MODULATION distortion – It's like robots talking, or fighting? You decide! COOL: • iPad version has "stacked" views for maximum onscreen control! Tap the current Nav Button at the top to change the bottom view • This is a Premium App: No iAP, No Ads, No subscriptions! Use as a plug-in in DAWs like GarageBand & Logic for iPad, Cubasis, AUM, and more! NOTE: This is not a hardware clone, it's a completely new synth. If you're looking for a ROMpler like the "Stage" series, this app may not be for you. This is a SYNTH, not a rompler. All the presets here are new and original. Giving you fresh new sounds that are completely tweak-able This is not a 1:1 clone and will not load hardware presets. Please note that this app's sound is closer to the A1, which is a different sound from the NL1/NL2X. ** This app has no affiliation or endorsement by Clavia DMI AB. This app is not a clone of any their synths, including the Nord Lead and Nord Lead A1. While we were inspired by their wonderful and iconic work, this app is not trying to copy those synths. We created something completely new. It's a synth for synth nerds :) LEGAL STUFF: All product names and images, trademarks and artists names are the property of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with the creators of this app, including AudioKit, AudioKit Pro, LLC, and the other contributors. Product names and images are used solely for the purpose of identifying the specific products related to synthesizers, sampling, and sound design. Any use of these names and images does not imply any cooperation or endorsement by Clavia Digital Musical Instruments. Nord Lead, Nord Lead 2X, Nord, and Nord Lead A1 are Clavia trademarks and properties. We appreciate their amazing work in creating such classic and inspiring instruments.

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Cubasis 3 - DAW & Music Studio - Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH Cover Art

Cubasis 3 - DAW & Music Studio

Cubasis 3 - DAW & Music Studio App Description

Quickly and easily capture your musical ideas as soon as they arrive and turn them into professional-sounding songs with the multi-award winning Cubasis 3. Enjoy performing, recording, mixing and sharing your music in no time, wherever you are, right there on your iPhone and iPad. Meet one of the fastest, most intuitive and complete audio and MIDI DAWs available on iOS today: Cubasis 3. Computer Music Editor’s Choice Award 2020・MusicTech Choice Award 2020・NAMM TEC Award Nominee 2022 "Cubasis 3 marks a great leap to the iPhone, and maintains Cubasis’ status as the DAW to beat on the iOS platform." — Computer Music "Cubasis has always represented the best balance between features and usability in any iOS DAW/sequencer, and in Cubasis 3, Steinberg have raised a high bar even higher." — Sound On Sound "Cubasis 3 is far and away the most powerful and user-friendly mobile DAW around." — ASK Audio "Cubasis has been invaluable for me when I just need to create a quick demo before the plane lands." — Rob Swire (Pendulum, Knife Party, Deadmau5) Learn more about Cubasis at www.steinberg.net/cubasis NEW IN CUBASIS 3 • Universal app support: Run Cubasis on the iPhone and iPad • Group tracks: Easily combine individual tracks to groups • Full-screen mixer: Easily extend the size of the mixer and more • New look, same feel: Enjoy creating more efficiently • Free Cubasis 2 IAP transfer: Freely transfer previous in-app purchases to Cubasis 3 • 960 PPQN MIDI resolution: Precise audio and MIDI event editing at the highest level • 8 insert, 8 send effects: Create great-sounding tracks with flexible effects options • FX rearrangement: Quickly rearrange plug-ins and change their pre/post fader position • 75 new effects presets: Make tracks sound great with these ready-to-use presets • Undo with history list: Quickly jump back to earlier versions of your song • Redesigned instruments and effects: Modern styling with more precise operation • Audio, MIDI and automation editors revisited: File editing is much more effective • Revised MediaBay: Your all-new control center for file and project management • UI scale presets for iPhone and iPad: Quickly change the size and arrangement of Cubasis • MicroSonic instruments refill: Get creative with great-sounding new instruments HIGHLIGHTS • Unlimited number of audio and MIDI tracks • 24 assignable physical inputs and outputs • 32-bit floating-point audio engine • Audio I/O resolution of up to 24-bit/96 kHz • Real-time time-stretching and pitch-shifting featuring zplane’s élastique 3 • Micrologue virtual analog synthesizer with 126 ready-to-go presets • MicroSonic with over 120 virtual instrument sounds • MiniSampler to create your own instruments (includes 20 factory instruments) • Mixer with studio-grade channel strip per track and 17 effects processors • Sidechain support • Fully automatable DJ-like Spin FX effect plug-in • Over 550 MIDI and time-stretch-capable audio loops • Virtual keyboard with chord buttons, chord and drum pads with intuitive note repeat • Audio editor and MIDI editor with MIDI CC support • MIDI editor for programming and editing MIDI tracks quickly and efficiently • MIDI Learn, Mackie Control (MCU) and HUI protocol support • MIDI auto quantize and time-stretch • Track duplicate • Automation, MIDI CC, program change and aftertouch support • Core Audio and MIDI-compatible hardware supported • Keyboard shortcut and mouse support • MIDI over Bluetooth LE support • Audio Unit including Instrument Multi Out support, Inter-App Audio and Audiobus 3 support • Ableton Link Support • Import audio via iTunes, iCloud Drive, Files app, AirDrop or use AudioPaste • MIDI clock and MIDI thru support • Export to Cubase, iCloud Drive, external hard drives, wireless flash drives, Dropbox, AudioCopy and email Technical support http://www.steinberg.net/cubasisforum If you like Cubasis, please support us by rating this app in the App Store! Thank you!

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Blackhole Reverb - Eventide Cover Art

Blackhole Reverb

Blackhole Reverb App Description

Create out of this world ambiance with Blackhole, a reverb effect as big as the cosmos. Blackhole breaks the rules by allowing you to create virtual spaces that could never exist in reality. At large sizes, its soft attack and lingering, harmonic tails allow it to really shine on guitars, strings, vocals and pads. At small sizes those very same qualities can add an angelic sheen to vocals or turn a simple drum track into an otherworldly rhythm section. Features: - Incredibly easy to use with over 80 presets; many created by Eventide artists. - Ability to create extremely musical effects useful for highlighting key instruments. - Supernatural settings for abstract spatial effects and drones. - Subtle settings for ambient washes and track highlighting. - Unique “Gravity” control reverses the arrow of time by inverting the reverb's decay. - Innovative Ribbon and Hotswitch allow for changing any combination of parameters simultaneously. - Fully flexible mono and stereo options. Bring new realms of stereo imaging to mono instruments. - Mixlock allows for scrolling through presets or settings while keeping the wet/dry mix constant. - Available as an Audio Units AUv3 plug-in and Standalone App.

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AudioShare - Kymatica AB Cover Art


AudioShare App Description

A sound file manager with powerful import and export abilities. If you are using music-making apps, then this tool is a must-have! Organize all your soundfiles and midifiles on your device, and manage your AUM recordings. Record, trim, convert, normalize, transfer, export, import, zip, unzip. Create folders, rename and move files and folders around, put everything where you can find it. Use it to transfer files between apps and between your device and computer. For example, transfer your new track from your favorite music-making app and import into the AudioShare library, then share it on your SoundCloud account, or transfer it into other apps. Or record your live-jam from other IAA or Audiobus apps. You can record directly in the app, from microphone, external audio interfaces, Inter-App Audio, or other Audiobus compatible apps. Preview and play soundfiles with waveform display and looping, trim and normalize soundfiles, and convert to other file formats such as M4A AAC or ALAC (Apple Lossless), WAV, AIFF, CAF with options for bit rate or bit depth and sample rate. FEATURES • Organize audio and recordings in files and folders • Record external input (such as microphone) directly in app • Record the live output of other Audiobus-compatible apps • Record Inter-App Audio node apps • Plays and records in 96k, 48k, 44.1k, 22k, 11k and 8k sample rates • Plays and records 16, 24 and 32 bit files • AudioCopyPaste (General pasteboard, Retronyms ACP3) • Import/Export through iOS Document Pickers like iCloud Drive • AudioShare FileProvider extension allows direct access to your sound file library from within other apps • Built-in Dropbox client • Use "Open in" from other apps or to open a file in other apps • WiFi Drive: transfer files from/to any computer on your local network • Import songs from your on-device Music library • Easy Import/Export from/to AudioShare-compatible apps • Access files through iTunes File Sharing • Playback of almost any kind of soundfile • Add notes with the built-in text editor • Trim, apply fade ins and fade outs • Convert between sound file formats • Normalize • Send your sounds by email

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SpaceFields - Igor Vasiliev Cover Art


SpaceFields App Description

Loop-based mangler effect to create slowly changing rhythmic sound structures in deep reverb space from any external sources or samples. Great for experimenting and designing ambient and noise backgrounds with rhythmic elements. The principle of the application is quite simple. It is based on a loop recorder with two loops. When one loop is recorded, the second is played back. When the loop recording stops, there is a smooth transition between them. Three separate outputs can playback the recorded loop with different pitches (speeds), each with its own effects and two automation generators. The mix of these outputs is fed to the convolution reverb. The reverb is packed with a set of long and deep sound spaces that create a blurry and ambient sound. But the main feature of this application is its well designed parameters that make it easy to experiment with a huge number of sound options using any source material from live instruments to synthesized sound. With just two parameters you can add complex rhythmic structures based on Euclidean rhythms, and easy-to-use automation generators with a randomize option to add variations to the sound, allowing you to modify parameters like an LFO or based on a given rhythm. The convolution reverb has advanced options with which you can change and extend the original reverb spaces. Even using the randomization options, in almost every case, you will get interesting and various soundscapes and textures. With these options it is very easy to create the basis for new unique presets. It only takes a little tweaking of some parameters to get impressive results. The loop recorder can be started and stopped manually or by input signal, can use fixed length or overwrite the loop while recording, and has the option for crossfade between the end and the beginning of the loop. All this makes it convenient for live use as well as when processing recorded material. As an extended option, you can use a special mode in which the application works as a direct effect, without the loop recorder. The special mode sampler is designed for quickly load samples and easy control of the application when used it live. This panel contains the input and output controls, essential controls of the loop recorder, and a large area with a recording counter, which is also used to start/stop the recorder. You can assign up to nine samples for fast loading into the loop, as well as save a recorded loop as a sample and to an external file. SpaceFields is a universal application for iOS and macOS. It can work on iPhone and iPad as well as Mac / MacBook with M1 chip (and later). SpaceFields works on iPhone and iPad standalone, as an Audio Unit or Inter-App Audio module, with supports Audiobus host app. On MacOS, SpaceFields can works both as a standalone application and as an Audio unit (AUv3) with DAWs and other hosts that support AUv3 plugins. All application features are available on iOS and macOS, including MIDI support (with a MIDI learn option), audio unit parameters and importing samples from any directory on device. SpaceFields has a built-in detailed description of all parameters also available as PDF file on the application site. Demos and previews: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cL1Dis3u0AQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TpkWkc5I0uE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74LyfDM2dQM You can find more information on SpaceFields and other experimental audio processing apps at: https://motion-soundscape.blogspot.com

© Igor Vasiliev


iMPC Pro 2 - Akai Professional Cover Art

iMPC Pro 2

iMPC Pro 2 App Description

iMPC Pro 2 fuses innovative song creation with the iconic MPC workflow. iMPC Pro gave us a powerful sampler and beatmaker, and now iMPC Pro 2 has evolved into a full fledged song creation tool with the addition of vocal tracks, Audio Units integration, a sleek new design and tons of new features! AUDIO TRACKS: Within the audio tracks, you can time warp, pitch shift, and rearrange your audio clips in real time. The sophistication of real time manipulation is captured in a simple workflow and sleek interface. You can choose from multiple input sources to record, including external mic channels, hardware audio interfaces, and IAA. Import existing projects from iMPC Pro and add your vocal tracks easily. AUDIO UNIT TRACKS: You can now load any Audio Units instrument into an Audio Unit Track! Control your AU instrument with a classic piano keyboard interface and an iMPC interface with note variation, Flux Link, Note Repeat, 16 Levels, and more. The app also features an improvement to the workflow for song creation. Song sequencing is faster, more powerful, and more flexible, so you have complete creative control. 100% NEW SOUND KIT AND MORE: Designed exclusively for iMPC Pro 2, these kits cover some of the most iconic and cutting-edge beat genres available, from producers including ADSR, Rawcutz, SampleTools by Cr2, Niche Audio, and Sample Magic. Each kit includes 16 Hi Quality samples featuring sounds from 808’s to melodic hits and stabs, designed for the best user experience possible. iMPC Pro 2 also comes with 5 additional Sound Packs for FREE (valued at $35). Grab these packs in the AudioCopy Content Store: Essential Club Collection, Classic Cuts, Dub 2 DnB, Melodic Collection, and The Diploma! You can use them in hundreds of AudioCopy compatible apps (including iMPC and iMPC Pro). iMPC UNIVERSITY: Unlock producer secrets and learn how to become a full fledged song creator with this tutorial series. iMPCU unlocks one course per day and gives you the tools you need to take your music to the next level. Fun for both new and experienced users, iMPC Pro 2 offers an expansive dive into the world of beatmaking and song editing through these courses. We’re excited for you to try it! FEATURES: Audio Tracks: - Record from built in mic, external mics, audio interfaces, instruments, etc. - Record from Inter App Audio Apps - Warp Tracks and Clips to match tempo - Access several quick editing features on Audio Clips (Pitch shift, Time Stretch, Amplify, Crop, Split, Duplicate) - Drag to arrange Audio Clips, snap them to an adjustable grid setting - Advanced waveform editing AudioUnit integration: - Audio Unit tweak mode with full keyboard support (including 2 dozen scale modes from Chromatic to Blues to Aeolian) --- - 100% New Sound Set, with 5 additional free Sound Packs - Sample sounds from Spotify - 64 Track Mixer with EQ and 4 FX sends (Reverb, Delay, Chorus/Flange, and one Inter App Audio Effect) - Chop-shop provides intuitive multi-touch editing, trimming, auditioning, splicing, splicing and processing samples - Tracks View shows an overview of all the tracks in your song - 16 Levels mode with attack, velocity, length, and tuning settings for quickly creating variations of sounds - Live Sequence queuing for real-time performance and playback - Time correct: 1/8 note - 1/32T with variable swing - MPC Note Repeat featuring 1/8 note - 1/32T timing with latch - IAA and Ableton Link support - Share beats and songs seamlessly to YouTube - 4 Mute Groups and custom-designed envelope filters for all pads - AudioCopy and AudioPaste support - Improved integration and support for iMPC Pro Packs and other Sound Packs from the AudioCopy Content Store - Expert MIDI support including expanded options, multiple maps, and more - Extensive undo/redo capabilities - New Song Arrangement workflow and integrated Song Mode makes song creation easier than ever - Drag entire Folders and Sound Packs directly to pads to load many sounds at once

© Akai Professional and Retronyms


SongBook Chordpro - LinkeSOFT GmbH Cover Art

SongBook Chordpro

SongBook Chordpro App Description

Great for professional and amateur musicians alike, SongBook manages your song collections with lyrics and chords. Tap on any chord name to see its variants. Comes with comprehensive, extensible chord libraries for many instruments like guitar, ukulele, banjo and piano. The original SongBook app, continuously developed since 2011. Tons of features: transpose songs, auto-zoom, auto-scrolling, metronome, external display, pedal support and much more. Manage big song collections: sort songs in categories, filter by tags, or define playlists (sets) for performances. Based on the popular chordpro format, also supports tab/crd files. Fully offline capable, no Internet connection required. Optional Dropbox/Google Drive/MS OneDrive/Nextcloud sync. Play Together feature. Please refer to our web site for the full documentation with screenshots and demo videos.

© (C) 2010-2023 LinkeSOFT GmbH


Drambo - BeepStreet Cover Art


Drambo App Description

Drambo is an innovative modular groovebox and audio processing environment. Modular components are used to build synthesized and sample based instruments or audio effects using high-quality DSP and audio-rate modulation. Tied to a powerful sequencer, it’s an optimal music creation tool for sound design, composition, performance and experimentation. At the heart of Drambo lies an entirely new concept that makes modular creations easy, fun and affordable. Modules are connected automatically, with no cables as you add or rearrange them. A dynamic interface creates modulation knobs when you need them. Modules may house other modules, so you can keep your patch well organized. Of course, automatic connections can be overridden. In Drambo you can focus on playing with sound and signal structure without getting lost in wires. Use a deep and innovative sequencer to compose patterns and whole tracks, for production or live performance. Go beyond simple looping sequences with parameter locking, conditional step components, parameters automation and powerful scene morphing. Drambo works equally well as a self-contained standalone app or audio unit plugin with audio and MIDI connectivity as an AUV3 instrument, audio effect and MIDI effect. No modular experience necessary to get started playing with preset sounds and effects. You can use Drambo as • A complete music production and performance environment • Endless modular playground, that allows you to build, modify and store custom instruments and effects. For instance: build a custom synth, sample and resample, build a Theremin using a gyroscope module, or turn your table into a playable surface, by processing microphone input with physical modelling modules. Get weird or make functional instruments and tools. • MIDI sequencer, that works with hardware and AUv3 instruments (e.g. Drambo sequences other instruments in an AU host app). Moreover Drambo can generate custom MIDI CC messages or modulation signals to control modular synths via DC coupled interfaces. • AUv3 synthesizer, effect or sequencer in other DAWs. Drambo can replace a lot of audio plugins. For instance: you may use it as a chorus, phaser, reverb, filter, equalizer, complex modular delay, decimator, frequency shifter, MIDI effect or complex modulator for other synths. You may combine, modulate and sequence them in no time. Features: • Polyphonic, stereo processing and audio-rate modulation. All signals are equal. Up to 16 voices per modular instrument rack. • Unique modular concept: cable-less, drag'n'drop, color coding dynamic interface, automatic connections, and customizable compact, rack views. • Directional flow makes Drambo routing and patching straightforward. Signal flows only left to right, so there are no instant feedback routings in Drambo. Delayed feedback is possible using certain modules. • Simple and clean interface, that scales to every size and device orientation • Custom modular racks that can be nested, with presets at the track, rack, and module level. • Clip launcher / song arrager. • 16-tracks, polyphonic sequencer with parameter locks, automation and step components. 8 dedicated step sequence editor types, piano-roll, powerful automation designer with drawing modes and cubic Bezier curves. • Audio Units hosting ( standalone app only ) • Over 130 modules available, such as: oscillators, samplers, physical modelling modules, LFOs, envelope generators, filters, audio effects, mixers, MIDI processors, sequencers and math functions. • Morph groups: you can morph many parameters using a single slider. • Available as a standalone app, AUv3 instrument, effect and MIDI effect. • MIDI, MPE and Ableton Link support With Drambo, you are in charge. Create the music from your vision to reality. "Drambo changes the face of iOS music apps." Cult of Mac Visit https://patchstorage.com/platform/drambo/ for community content.

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Patterning 3 : Drum Machine - Olympia Noise Co. Cover Art

Patterning 3 : Drum Machine

Patterning 3 : Drum Machine App Description

Patterning 3 elevates the award-winning circular drum machine experience to new heights. Building on the intuitive interface and deep feature set that made Patterning a favorite among producers, version 3 introduces groundbreaking enhancements that redefine rhythm creation. New Features Include: •AUv3 Support: Patterning 3 now operates seamlessly as an Audio Unit v3 (AUv3) plugin, integrating into DAWs like Logic, AUM, and Loopy Pro. This major upgrade opens up new realms of production possibilities, allowing Patterning 3 to be part of a broader sound design workflow. Includes multi-out and MIDI. •Parametric Swing: A revolutionary approach to musical swing, Patterning 3’s Parametric Swing allows for the creation of beats with a unique, dynamic feel—from slightly off-kilter to wildly erratic. Unlike traditional drum machine swing that only offsets every other 16th note, Parametric Swing lets you tilt and curve time in unprecedented ways. •Pattern Fills: Add a new layer of performance dynamics. With the press of a button, users can inject an alternate "fill" version of their pattern, perfect for adding dramatic flair or transitioning between sections of a song. •Modulation Sources: Expand your sonic palette with new LFOs, Randomizers, and Velocity Macros that allow parameters to pulse, evolve, and react in complex ways. •FX Track: Automate and modulate master effects, including delay, reverb, distortion, and EQ. New controls like EQ stereo spread, Distortion Res, and a master compressor have also been added. •ALT: Quickly access advanced parameters, modulation sources, and assignments, along with quick mute/solo controls, copy/paste, and more. •Nudge and Quantize: Apply timing offsets to each step or automatically when recording to create organic, off-the-grid beats. Alternatively, use Quantize to align your beats to the grid. •New Instrument Effects: The sampler now includes Ring Modulation and Distortion for each track, adding new textural possibilities. •Timeline Updates: A reworked timeline interface facilitates quicker song creation, looping of sections, and switching between multiple timelines. •Improved Workflow: Enhancements in sequencing, editing, automation access, and MIDI Learn make your workflow smoother than ever. File management using the FILES app provides easier access to your files and samples. New color themes for customizing app appearance. Patterning 3 continues to support indispensable features like quick pattern recording, parameter automation and randomization, and full song arrangement. The built-in effects, direct export to an Ableton Live Set (including a access to Ableton Live Lite), MIDI connectivity, and access to a vast library of 650+ user-created drum kits remain integral to its production environment. With Patterning 3, the future of beat-making is not just about creating rhythms; it's about discovering new musical landscapes. Praise for Patterning 1 & 2 Patterning was named Runner-Up for App Store App of the Year (iPad) by Apple in 2015. “10/10” - MusicTech.com
 “Patterning is brilliant; beautiful to look at, so very clever in terms of the programming options and, as far as I’m aware, unique as a drum/rhythm programming environment” - MusicAppBlog “Patterning is an amazingly fun and creative app …The look, feel and layout are all first rate and the sounds are excellent. Even beginners will be able to create something that sounds cool, and more experienced users will be able to put together some amazing beats complete with automation and per-drum settings the likes of which you usually need a full DAW setup for.” - AskAudio “I had thought all my iOS drum box desires were satisfied, but I was wrong. There’s room for another and this is it. Patterning has many unique strengths, and beats any hardware drum machine when it comes to polyrhythms and evolving patterns. It’s as mesmerizing to watch as it is to listen to.” - Sound on Sound

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GuitarTapp PRO - Tabs & Chords - 8:45 Tools Cover Art

GuitarTapp PRO - Tabs & Chords

GuitarTapp PRO - Tabs & Chords App Description

Throw away your song books and start jamming with GuitarTapp today! Search and view 500,000+ guitar tabs, chords, power tabs, bass tabs and drum tabs. Has autoscroll feature, large chords dictionary with diagrams and variations, save, open and edit tabs on your device, transpose songs, create setlists, find YouTube videos and watch video lessons. Free app updates included! GuitarTapp is the only tab viewer capable of adjusting tabs to fit your screen's width, using the innovative IntelliWrap technique: this eliminates the need to scroll horizontally. You'll find no other app with so many features, NO additional purchases required, FREE app updates and FREE tabs library updates. Main features: * Quickly find chords, guitar tabs, power tabs, bass tabs and drum tabs for 350,000+ songs * Predictive search suggestions * Autoscroll: play along from the screen, using the song's duration to determine scroll speed * On-board chord dictionary: view chord diagrams and fingering alternatives for hundreds of guitar and ukulele chords, includes left-handed support. * Transpose: quickly change the song key by transposing the chords up or down * IntelliWrap: eliminates horizontal scrolling by intelligently breaking up tabs and chords into screen-sized pieces * Favorites: save tabs on your device * Setlists: create and manage setlists for live performances * Power Tab support (are converted to text tabs) * ChordPro rendering engine for PDF-like scores * NEW (simple) metronome * Find songs or video lessons on YouTube * Save and load tabs to/from device, and edit them! * Open your own files * 'White on black' option available for tab viewing; reduces battery consumption * Portrait and landscape modes supported * Adjustable tabs font size * Supports iPad: very useful as teleprompter / autocue for live performances on stage * Bluetooth pedals support for handsfree scrolling, turning pages, loading next song on setlist etc * Send to e-mail feature * Export to PDF for ChordPro files Buy now and get unlimited access to the ultimate guitar tabs collection! ** IMPORTANT: Please e-mail us if you run into a bug, or would like a feature to be added. Do NOT ask questions in a review, as we are unable to reply to you! **

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BA-1 - Baby Audio - Baby Audio Inc. Cover Art

BA-1 - Baby Audio

BA-1 - Baby Audio App Description

A Synth With A Soul * Baby Audio's popular BA-1 synthesizer is now available on the App Store * Use it in standalone mode to instantly play and program lush 80s patches that are dripping with color * Or use it as an AUv3 Plugin in your favorite host – such as Logic Pro, GarageBand or Cubasis Whether you're creating synthwave, lo-fi, modern pop or dance, BA-1 will be your new go-to synth due to its authentic sonic character and user-friendly workflow. It ships with 500+ high quality presets and a Re-Gen button for instantly creating new patches on the fly. About BA-1 The Legacy: BA-1 is based on a portable 1980s synth with a toylike appearance and a gritty sound. Despite its small size, it left a big mark on music history, while still flying somewhat under the hype radar. The original has been used as a secret weapon for bubbly synth textures by some of Sweden’s most successful pop producers of the past two decades. It was also a staple of 1990s digital dancehall and beloved by the indietronica scene for its raw lo-fi quality. The original hardware has never been properly captured in software form. So for our first ever synth, we started there. The Sound: In keeping with our motto ”it’s an evolution, not an emulation”, we modeled the hardware with the greatest possible accuracy, before carefully upgrading it with new and useful features. A second analog-modeled oscillator, FM, polyphony, and more, help to vastly expand the sonic palette of the original. All while keeping its signature sound unspoiled. Additionally, BA-1 lets you drain the battery, bend the circuits, and use the built-in speaker – for an authentic lo-fi aesthetic that you could normally only get with hardware. The Effects: If you know our company, you’ll know that effects are our specialty. So we’ve treated BA-1 with an FX section worthy of its own plugin. The effects chain is inspired by budget 1980s rack hardware and captures the lo-fi charm of the home studio scene of the era. The overdrive is modeled after a guitar pedal, while the delay, reverb and chorus effects are based on cheap, but amazing, digital rack units. In BA-1, the effects are not an afterthought but an ingrained part of the sonic signature. The Simplicity: BA-1 is simple, but surprisingly tweakable. We’ve put great effort into tuning all parameters to be in the perfect sweet spot. This results in a rewarding programming workflow where tweaking BA-1 is a lot of fun and you’ll create new patches on repeat. And if a simple interface is not fast enough, you can always use the smart ‘Re-Gen’ feature. Hit Re-Gen and BA-1 will automatically create new and musically tuned patches with every click. We hope you'll enjoy this new Baby Audio release!

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Theory Lessons - musictheory.net Cover Art

Theory Lessons

Theory Lessons App Description

Theory Lessons features 39 music theory lessons from musictheory.net, presented in their original animated versions. Complete lesson list: • The Staff, Clefs, and Ledger Lines • Note Duration • Measures and Time Signature • Rest Duration • Dots and Ties • Steps and Accidentals • Simple and Compound Meter • Odd Meter • The Major Scale • The Minor Scales • Scale Degrees • Key Signatures • Key Signature Calculation • Generic Intervals • Specific Intervals • Writing Intervals • Interval Inversion • Introduction to Chords • Triad Inversion • Seventh Chords • More Seventh Chords • Seventh Chord Inversion • Diatonic Triads • Roman Numeral Analysis: Triads • Diatonic Seventh Chords • Roman Numeral Analysis: Seventh Chords • Composing with Minor Scales • Voicing Chords • Analysis: O Canada • Nonharmonic Tones • Phrases and Cadences • Circle Progressions • Common Chord Progressions • Triads in First Inversion • Triads in Second Inversion • Analysis: Auld Lang Syne • Building Neapolitan Chords • Using Neapolitan Chords • Analysis: Moonlight Sonata

© 2011-2021 musictheory.net, LLC


SonoPad for Sonos - Stefan Hansel Solutions UG (haftungsbeschraenkt) Cover Art

SonoPad for Sonos

SonoPad for Sonos App Description

S1 + S2 compatible! Control all devices in just ONE App. SonoPad is the first full fledged third party alternative Sonos remote control available for your iPad. It is compatible with iOS12 to support 10 year old Apple devices and with latest iOS versions, also works with current and older Sonos firmware. Watch on YouTube: http://youtu.be/QkGSuzPP9dk Also don't miss my App "SonoPhone" for iPhone! Read below about - a new intuitive and elegant User Interface - integrated browser for fast information retrieval - less taps for common tasks - and current limitions (don't skip them ;) ) or come over to my homepage www.sonopad.com with much more information and screenshots available. This application is not endorsed by or associated with Sonos, Inc. (which is why it is not free) ◆◆◆ a new intuitiv and elegant user interface ◆◆◆ - SonoPad focusses on the main tasks in its user interface, making it less cluttered and easier to find your way around - don't hide your covers in a small area, SonoPad give big room to show show your gorgeous covers all the time - drag and drop zone management - a classic dark theme - volume + progress popups: when changing volume or progress of a song, you get popups telling you the actual values. Stop guessing your desired values today! - screensaver mode ◆◆◆ integrated browser for fast information retrieval ◆◆◆ - SonoPad knows what you are playing, the web knows even more - pregenerated links and searches based on your playlist: you are just a tap away from Wikipedia, Lyrics search, Tourdates Search, Last.FM, YouTube, AllMusic, MusicBrainz and many more. ◆◆◆ less taps for common tasks ◆◆◆ SonoPad tries to optimize most often used tasks to have the least taps needed. In the end you are able to navigate and control your players much more fluently. - Touch To Play: are you sick of always beeing asked what to do when you tap a track or album? SonoPads default is to just start to play. A long press still gives you access to all options - you can also change the tap default on the settings screen. Want to build a playlist fast? Just set the default to 'always add to end' and off you go ... - tap an album cover image and the whole album starts to play immediately - aggregated search: search results are collapsed into one view, so you see immediately in what category you have the best results, without switching back and forth - shortcuts to most used functions: on the bottom bar you have shortcut buttons for artist, albums, radio and musicservices. The Radios menu is rearranged so you are only two taps away from your radio favorites from any place. - you can control the volume of every player directly from the players popup. No need to switch players anymore. ◆◆◆ Limitations ◆◆◆ - all music services except YouTube Music are supported - No portrait mode on the main screen - No playing of music stored on iPad - No support for administrative features (adding/removing players, music service, ...). You need the official Apps for initial setup of your system, SonoPad will pick up all changes automatically. - No options to set alarms or sleep settings - No support for discontinued WD100 dock ◆◆◆ Other stuff ◆◆◆ - you can start SonoPad with the 'sonopad://' URL from other remote Apps. Its also possible to hand over a return URL and a default player to be selected. Read more about it on my blog! - SonoPad shows artist names when browsing compilations - Sonos is registered trademark of Sonos, Inc.

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LMP - Wen Hao Chong Cover Art


LMP App Description

Play local music or stream from a file/media server with LMP. ▣ Familiar, clean interface LMP has a design reminisent of a music app on your device, providing a cohesive experience across your apps. While keeping a layout that most people are familiar with, the UI provides numerous optimizations that makes it better for offline music, like reducing the number of taps to start playing music. Parts of the interface are also customizable, and you can edit them in the app's settings. ▣ Import via iTunes or folder and play local tracks LMP was designed from scratch with offline music in mind. You can store music on your device in two forms: iTunes music or audio file. The first would require syncing with iTunes on Windows, or Finder on Mac. To import as audio files, simply transfer them to the LMP Music folder on your device via any means. If you choose the latter, you will be able to enjoy additional features, such as editing of metadata via the LMP browser assistant. ▣ Connect to a cloud server and stream music from the server If you have insufficient storage on your device, you can also store your tracks on a server and stream from the server. File servers using SMB and WebDAV are supported. However, we recommend hosting a media server instead, via Plex, Emby, Navidrome or Subsonic due to faster import speeds. All tracks come together seamlessly no matter how they are imported, providing a unified experience. To hide repeated tracks across servers, you can enable the option in the settings. ▣ Manage playlists with ease LMP has its own playlist system that allows you to not only add tracks from all sources, but also artists. All tracks belonging to the artist would automatically be added to the playlist everytime you open the app or rescan, even newly added ones. With flexible artist splitting, you will be able to ensure that tracks get allocated to the right artist. When the AI playlist is enabled, LMP will also be able to generate a playlist for you based on your listening preferences. Usage data is only recorded if this feature is enabled, and all data recorded for this are stored locally, so you do not have to worry about data privacy. ▣ Supports CarPlay & Siri With support for CarPlay, you can start playing a playlist or control what's playing from your car's CarPlay console. Alternatively, you can also tell Siri to start playing a track or all tracks belonging to a particular artist, or use it to control the playback state of the current track. ▣ Support LRC lyrics LMP supports both embedded lyrics and .lrc files. Use the LRC or Enhanced LRC format and the app will be able to autoscroll lyrics as the music plays. If you do not have time to add your own lyrics, you can specify the lyrics API to use, and the app will attempt to fetch lyrics of any track that is playing. ▣ Browser Assistant Manage local files on the app using the LMP browser assistant, which you can open on your computer's browser. Import new files or move/delete existing files using the Folders tool, edit music metadata using the Metadata tool or even manage your playlists using the playlists tool.

© 2023 LogicUI


NoInputMixer - Igor Vasiliev Cover Art


NoInputMixer App Description

No-Input Mixing is an experimental technique for creating a wide range of amazing, otherworldly electronic sounds by feeding the mixer output back to the input, thereby making a feedback loop. This application models an analog mixing console and effects rack in detail, providing the ability to make a huge number of feedback configurations with additional effects. By using this technique in the creative process, the sound designer can explore many different and special ways to create sound. Unsettling soundscapes perfect for sci-fi, dystopian and horror projects, like strange noises, disrupted signals, broken communication, buzzing drones, faulty machinery, futuristic tech sounds, and glitchy elements are some results of the No-Input Mixing technique. The downside of this technique, which can scare off beginners, is extreme unpredictability and instability, when the movement of any knob on the mixer can dramatically change the sound in the most unexpected way. But at the same time, this discover an endless space of experimentation and inspiration when creating new and unique sounds or live performance. In addition, a large set of ready-to-use drone and noise presets with a parameter randomizer provide a great point for quickly getting started with this application. NoInputMixer consists of a seven-channel mixer and an effects rack with eight slots. Each effect slot can be configured as an insert effect for a mixer channel or used with two send/return buses. Effects has an option for hi-res or lo-fi sound processing. Each mixer channel has its own algorithmic generator of different types of noise, which can be added to the feedback signal or used separately. The input selector switches between multiple points in the signal path to make different types of feedback loops or can be switched to an external input for any channel to use it as an effect processor. Also this application provides several additional options not found in usual mixers, such as preamp tube type and mode selection, op-amp type selection, adjustment of overload protection circuit, and other features that greatly expand the possibilities for experimenting with sound. The user interface can be presented in the form of a classic mixer, or in the form of complete control of a single channel. NoInputMixer is a universal application for iOS and macOS. It can work on iPhone and iPad as well as Mac / MacBook with M1 chip (and later). NoInputMixer works on iPhone and iPad standalone, as an Audio Unit or Inter-App Audio module, and supports Audiobus. On MacOS, NoInputMixer can works both as a standalone application and as an Audio unit (AUv3) with DAWs and other hosts that support AUv3 plugins. All application features are available on iOS and macOS, including MIDI support (with a MIDI learn option) and audio unit parameters. NoInputMixer has a built-in detailed description of all parameters also available as PDF file on the application website. Quick start and demos: https://youtu.be/K7yh0-34Llw https://youtu.be/74LyfDM2dQM https://youtu.be/AeF3oBoXp80 https://youtu.be/95AM6OGoTdo You can find more information on NoInputMixer and other experimental audio processing apps at: https://motion-soundscape.blogspot.com

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Anytune Pro+ - Anytune Inc. Cover Art

Anytune Pro+

Anytune Pro+ App Description

Transform Your Music Journey with Anytune™! Discover a new way to learn, practice, and teach music with Anytune™ – the ultimate music practice app. Learn faster, transcribe easier, and play along at your pace to make practice more fun. A complete suite of tools to practice better. For over a decade, Anytune has been changing the lives of musical artists worldwide. With tons of user-requested features, Anytune gives you unparalleled power over your practice sessions, making it easier than ever to learn new songs, perfect challenging pieces, and enhance your musical skills. Anytune is perfect for singers, dancers, and musicians of all kinds. Adjust the tempo, choose the perfect pitch, repeat loops, and set marks to master every note. HEAR IT FROM MUSICIANS • “Anytune takes you right to the music, it is a game changer … moves everything out of your way … makes you a much better musician.” - Peter Martin • “Anytune is my priceless personal trainer, helping me practice parts, songs, or an entire setlist. It organizes my playlists, slows down tricky sections while remembering detune settings, and with LiveMix I can learn Anything, Anytime, Anywhere.” - Phil Soussan ***** “Great App - Anytune Pro is the most-used app on my iPad. It’s the best thing for learning tunes that would be too fast or too out of tune to learn easily. Saves me a lot of time. I love it!” ***** “The Best!!! - Worth absolutely every penny. Other similar apps don’t come close to the quality of this one! It will slow things down to a crawl without a loss of quality. Looping and pitch adjusting at the touch of a finger. If you’re looking for better you won’t find it!” GET STARTED FOR FREE Download Anytune today and discover why it’s a game-changer for musicians worldwide. The free version is fully functional with options for advanced Pro+ features. FEATURES Discover what makes Anytune the top-rated music practice app: • Practice at your pace by easily adjusting tempo without affecting pitch, with amazing HQ audio quality down to 0.05x • Adjust the pitch (± 24.0 semitones) of your music to your instrument or transcribe directly into a different key • Use marks and loops to break down the song and use advanced looping for focused, efficient practice • Visualize your song to find the part you want quickly and easily • Organize tracks into playlists for efficient practice sessions with Shuffle • Import your music from the Files app, Dropbox, WiFi, Paste from AudioCopy, and Open-In • Record and analyze your performance to correct mistakes before they become habits • Play songs directly from your Apple Music Library, import audio files, and extract audio from video files • Display lyrics or textual TABs that scroll to your music • Audible and Visual Count-In • Step-it-Up Loop Interval Trainer • Transcribe Mode to easily work through a song • ReFrame™ Audio Isolation to solo and mute vocals or instruments • Pinpoint your instrument in the song with FineTouch™ EQ • Feel as though you’re playing in the band with LiveMix™ • Queue up a mark for playback with Play Next • Fade-In or Fade-Out music when playing or pausing • Gain and Pan Control • Custom Skins to customize the look Need a little more? Additional EXPORT AND REMOTE CONTROL Add-ons are available. Anytune cannot play DRM-protected songs, including songs through subscription services like Apple Music. CONNECT WITH US See us on YouTube: AnytuneApp Like us on Facebook: /Anytune Follow us on X (formerly Twitter) or Instagram: @AnytuneApp Contact us with your questions and suggestions! Anytune is a Universal App. Buy it once for all your iOS devices. Anytune (Mac) is available separately from the Mac App Store. Learn new songs and perfect your technique faster and more efficiently.

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Borsta - Klevgränd produkter AB Cover Art


Borsta App Description

Borsta is a virtual drum and percussion instrument. What sets Borsta apart from similar instruments is that its audio engine supports a brushing feature that can simulate strokes and brushes with continuous changes in intensity. This makes it possible to create an endless number of very lifelike brushing phrases and rhythms, something that can’t be easily achieved with ordinary sample-based instruments. The internal sequencer allows you to determine exactly when to start a stroke, how the stroke’s pressure/speed should evolve over time and when to end it. On top of that, each instrument offers a couple of multi-sampled one-shots with advanced choking capabilities. The initial version of Borsta comes with 18 different instruments, but each instance of the plug-in emulates one single drum instrument at a time. That means the sequences can only be played one at a time. However, switching between sequences can be done seamlessly via MIDI, and additional one-shot samples can be triggered using an ordinary MIDI track. Each instrument is structured and MIDI-mapped in a uniform way, which makes it possible to use the same sequence on any instrument. For instance, a traditional swing pattern will sound musically correct no matter whether you choose a Frame Drum, Tambourine or Snare Drum - it will just sound like the musician changed instruments. Each instrument is based on more than 400 high-quality samples, recorded for playing with different velocities and round robins. Features • 18 high-quality instruments with 6 multi-sampled one shots each • Continuous intensity changes on brushes and strokes • 230 pre-made factory sequences • 60 Global presets covering different sounds and genres • Separate volume and velocity curve control of each sound type • Room simulation (9 different rooms) • Reverb with adjustable decay time (6 different algorithms) • Timbre adjustment control (harmonics) • Overall pitch • Three band equalizer Instruments • Rusty Bucket • Guira • Pancake Drum • Tambourine • Frame Drum • Pizza Box • Cardboard Pipe • Cajon • Pandeiro • Bakestone • Cymbal Chains • Snare Drum 1 • Snare Drum 2 • Snare Drum 3 • LOFI Snare Drum • Metal Spade • Djembe • Iron Sticks Borsta is available as both a standalone application and AUv3 plug-in. Its primary intended use is as an AUv3 with a DAW together with other instruments and sound sources.

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SpaceCraft Granular Synth - Mark Watt Cover Art

SpaceCraft Granular Synth

SpaceCraft Granular Synth App Description

With SpaceCraft (MIDI, MPE, AUv3, IAA) you can transform any sound into a playable musical instrument via Granular Synthesis. You can create textures, soundscapes and arpeggiated rhythms from sounds such as your voice, ambient noise or the high quality built-in audio samples. Tap the 'Input' button (top left) to record audio via your device's microphone or load a file from your device (access* to iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, Audioshare*** etc.). Experiment with turning everyday sounds into unusual instruments. Save your creations and corresponding samples via presets. Also, tap the 'rec' button (top right) to record your performance (maximum 20 minutes). This is used in standalone only as the AUv3 host can be used to record the output. Supports AUv3 and IAA (recommended to use in the effects slot to allow live input audio recording). * NOT COMPATIBLE with GarageBand as AUv3 (but can be loaded as Inter App Audio (IAA) or via an effects insert in the GarageBand sampler, with no MIDI capability) ** iOS11 and above provides equivalent folder access to the built-in iOS 'Files' app. Note that iOS10 and below has limited access to folders (no Audioshare folder access for iOS10 and below) *** Access to Audioshare files is done via the iOS files app

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Audiobus: Mixer for music apps - Audiobus Pty Ltd Cover Art

Audiobus: Mixer for music apps

Audiobus: Mixer for music apps App Description

Open up new worlds of creative music making possibilities with Audiobus, the musical hub that lets you use your compatible music apps together, just like virtual cables. Here are some of the things you can do with Audiobus: Send live audio or MIDI from one Audiobus-compatible app or AUv3 Audio Unit to another. Add effects on top of your favourite synthesizer, and use your favourite step sequencer to drive it. Or plug in your guitar, and create your own effects chain, in parallel with your mic input. Adjust the mix and balance with the mixer. And send the result to your favourite DAW, sampler or looper, or run it out through a multi-channel audio interface. Integrate your music gear with Audiobus: connect a Bluetooth or wired MIDI keyboard to play a synth or other app or Audio Unit. Or, control your whole session from a foot switch or other MIDI controller using Audiobus' MIDI Learn In-App Purchase. And sync with external hardware with Audiobus' best-in-class MIDI clock. The possibilities are endless. Audiobus has a rich community of over a thousand great compatible apps, including: - Korg Gadget - GarageBand - Launchpad - Animoog - Loopy HD - Cubasis - Auria - Amplitube ...And many, many more. See the full list at https://audiob.us/apps Find Audiobus' user manual at https://audiob.us/help What the internet is saying about Audiobus 3: "Audiobus is the most essential audio app on iOS." - Charlie Sorrell, Cult of Mac "[The| New MIDI routing and effects set to open up a whole new world of apps!" - Tim Webb, Discchord.com "Audiobus is one of the most intriguing and powerful additions to the iPad's music ecosystem." - Federico Viticci, Macstories.net "Audiobus 3 revolutionizes iOS music making again" - iDesignSound.com

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AudioTools - dB, Sound & Audio - Andrew Smith Cover Art

AudioTools - dB, Sound & Audio

AudioTools - dB, Sound & Audio App Description

AudioTools from Studio Six Digital is a suite of professional-grade audio and acoustic analysis apps. Included in the price of this app is a great collection of professional tools -- SPL, RTA, FFT, Speaker Polarity Test, Generator, Audio Scope, CLF Viewer, and Recorder, and the framework to add more powerful modules as you need them. Customize AudioTools for your needs by buying any of the additional optional modules, like Smaart Tools I, SPL Graph, or Impulse Response, at any time right from your iOS device. We test every iOS device and calibrate the microphone level and frequency response for the best results. We have the ability to turn off the Apple low frequency filters, and on many devices we can measure up to 120 dB SPL. Add iTestMic, iPrecisionMic, or iAudioInterface2 for a complete professional audio and acoustic test and measurement platform. Actual reviews: “...AudioTools is a “how did I ever live without it” app”. “I think this application is the best I EVER purchased.” “I have used many thousands of dollars of complicated test equipment that doesn’t measure up to this app suite.” ***** Included in the app price ***** * SPL Meter A faithful reproduction of a classic analog SPL meter. Includes A and C weighting, and Fast and Slow ANSI decay modes. All filters meet or exceed ANSI type 1. * RTA A 1/3 and octave band Real Time Analyzer. Includes touch-GUI range control, a cursor, max/min bars, and noise curve overlays. * FFT Detailed acoustic analysis, up to 32876 points. View full detail or smooth to 1/24, 1/6, 1/3 or octave. Includes cursor, scalable graphics, and peak tracking. * Polarity Speaker polarity checker. Route the test signal to a speaker, and read the polarity of the speaker on the screen. * CLF Viewer Show loudspeaker data, including plots for impedance, axial response, sensitivity, polar response, and 6dB coverage, and a 3D color balloon plot. * Delay Finder Measures the time it takes for a pulse to return from a speaker. * Generator Generates sine waves, square waves, white and pink noise. * Line Level Tests A line level measurement function and frequency counter. * Audio Scope A dual-channel audio oscilloscope that includes auto-triggering, variable gain and sweep rate, and storage of scope images. * Recorder A mono/stereo audio recorder with WAV and compressed formats and 8k-48k sample rate. Transfer files via WIFI. * File transfer of results via wifi to PC / Mac. * Audio Calculators ***** Optional modules available for purchase from within AudioTools ***** * Smaart® Tools - Single channel module. The power of Smaart® on a mobile platform. Includes RTA graphs to 1/48th octave and Spectrograph. Split-screen on iPad. * Transfer Function -- Requires 2-channel interface. Two-channel FFT-based measurement. Allows you to analyze sound system performance with music or pink noise as the signal source. * ETC Energy Time Curve. Plot decay of an impulse over time, and compute RT60 time. Internal or External trigger. * Impulse Response Record and analyze an impulse or sine sweep, compute octave and 1/3 octave ETC, T30, C50, C80, CT, Definition. * LARSA Fast and accurate sine-sweep measurement of loudspeakers and rooms. * SPL Pro Digital SPL meter with ANSI Slow, Fast, Peak, and Impulse mode, along with LEQ. Includes A and C weighting, and all 10 octave band filters. * SPL Graph Plot second-by-second SPL level for up to 24 hours, and optionally record the audio. Also, add the optional Octave Band Logging upgrade to elevate this tool to rival any professional logging SPL Meter. * SPL Traffic Light Monitor live sound levels SPL and Leq and see status in a simple green-yellow-red display. * STIPA Speech Intelligibility Meets the current NFPA code standards for testing evac systems and schools. * Speaker Distortion Measure THD+n of any driver. * THD+n (requires iAudioInterface) * Impedance Meter and Plot (requires iAudioInterface) * Phase Meter * Amplitude Sweep

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Tempo - Metronome with Setlist - Frozen Ape Pte. Ltd. Cover Art

Tempo - Metronome with Setlist

Tempo - Metronome with Setlist App Description

Tempo is the bestselling and most accurate metronome on the App Store. Featured as "New and Noteworthy" and "Staff Favorite" by Apple on the main iTunes landing page. If you'll like to try Tempo out before purchasing, download Tempo Lite for free now. Ever since its release, Tempo has been consistently in the top 100 of the Music category in over 30 countries, and the top paid metronome app in most countries. Tempo's engine is written from the ground up for high accuracy and stability. It keeps going even in device lock mode, making it a useful aid for live drumming. Tempo features an innovative interface that morphs between modes that each presents a different combination of functionalities optimized for the task at hand. Five modes are available on the iPhone: Basic, Preset, Setlist, Practice and Gig. On the iPad, Preset, Gig and Complete modes are available, the last providing access to all controls. Visit www.frozenape.com for demo videos. Features Summary Configuration • 35 different time signatures, including compound and complex meters: 1-13/2, 1-13/4, 3/8, 5/8(2 variations), 6/8, 7/8(3 variations), 9/8, 12/8  • 6 rhythm patterns for simple meters and 3 for compound meters  • Customize accents or turn beats off to create more complex rhythms • Tap tempo function  • Tempo ranges from 10 to 800 Display • Visual feedback in the form of pulsating LEDs • Two pendulum types, each with two animation types • Flash whole screen • Fullscreen display mode with gesture controls Setlists • Store presets in multiple setlists  • Advanced setlist management including search, overwriting, copying between setlists and multi-deletion • Quick editing • Share setlists via email • Backup via iTunes File Sharing  Tracker and Automator • Track number of bars played or time your practice • Stop playback automatically when limit reached • Up to 2 bars of voice count in • Automatic adjustment of tempo every n number of bars or n amount of time • Loop and auto advance through setlists • Coach Mode alternates between unmuted and muted bars Sound • Choose from 14 sound sets, including one optimized for live drumming click tracks  • Voice counting  • Vibration mode • Pan audio left, right or centered • Volume control and mute button Control • Control setlists, tempo and playback with AirTurn, iRig BlueBoard, PageFlip Cicada, headphones remote and other accessories • Assign action to proximity sensor trigger Miscellaneous • Classical metronome and Italian tempo markings  • Pitch pipe for playback of all 12 chromatic pitches (calibration from A = 414 to 466 Hz) • Multi-tasking support: plays in background, with audio from other apps • Four color themes • Theme Editor to create unlimited custom themes

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Piano Motifs - Fernando Morales Cover Art

Piano Motifs

Piano Motifs App Description

• Let the musical muses of Piano Motifs inspire your device to generate some original and beautiful motifs (short melodies). • Selected as the Favorite MIDI Generator App two years in a row by the iOS Music Production community! • Check out the music that Piano Motifs can generate at: https://soundcloud.com/azul-3d • For Piano Motifs demos and tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/@azul3dapps • Create original, catchy and inspiring MIDI loops at the touch of a button. • No musical knowledge or skill is necessary to create completely new and original music. Piano Motifs is the simplest way to generate your own music. • There are no preset melodies. Melodies are generated algorithmically. The melodic possibilities are endless. • Set the music tempo or select the key, scale, time signature, octave range, number of bars, melody constraints, melody note frequency and accompaniment style for your motif. • Option to generate Swing rhythm for the melody, either Shuffle or Hard Swing. • Program your own chord progressions and let Piano Motifs generate an accompaniment and melody for them. • Generation of a 3rd track with the option of it being a sustained chord per bar, sustained chord per multiple bars or a drone tone. Ideal for strings, choirs or pads. • Arrange your motifs to create longer musical pieces. • Choose from 24 different kinds of accompaniment styles. • Define your arpeggio accompaniments. • Choose from 13 different kinds of melody constraints. • Major, Minor, Lydian, Mixolydian, Dorian, Phrygian, Harmonic Minor and Phrygian Dominant scales supported. • Loop your motifs • Save your motifs as MIDI files so you can edit them or add more instrumentation to them on your favorite Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). • Many options when exporting a MIDI file or one MIDI file per track. When exporting a MIDI file, export with a third MIDI track with a sustained chord per bar, sustained chord per multiple bars or a drone tone (Ideal for synth pads, strings or chorus). • Share audio or MIDI through iMessages, e-mail, Whatsapp or AirDrop. Save audio, MIDI or .motif file to your device's file system. • AUv3 MIDI Plug-In In-App Purchase: Incorporate Piano Motifs seemlessly in your workflow by instantiating it once or multiple times in an app that can host AUv3 MIDI Plug-Ins, for example: AUM, AudioBus 3, ApeMatrix, Drambo or EG Nodes. Please note that Piano Motifs as an AUv3 MIDI Plug-In will not play any sound by itself, it generates MIDI that can be routed to other apps and effects instantiated in a host. IMPORTANT: GarageBand does not support MIDI only Plug-ins, so the AUv3 will not work in GarageBand. • AUv3 MIDI Plug-In features include: - Ability to play Piano Motifs in sync and out of sync with the host. - State saving functionality. - Independent programmable MIDI channels for melody, accompaniment, optional third track, and optional melody harmony track. - Interactive octave shifting for melody and accompaniment. - Controllable Melody and Accompaniment Velocity parameters. - Start Delay and BPM multiple with respect to the Host in Sync mode. • MIDI Out In-App Purchase:  Play the music generated by Piano Motifs on your favorite synthesizer, DAW, a connect/route/mix app like AUM, or any app that has Virtual MIDI Destination (MIDI In) capabilities. IMPORTANT: Before purchasing please be aware that Piano Motifs DOES NOT OFFER Ableton Link functionality. • MIDI Out In-App Purchase features include:  - Programmable delay for the start of a motif - Independent programmable MIDI channels for melody, accompaniment and an optional third track - MIDI Out settings are saved between Piano Motifs sessions • Piano Motifs chooses a music key from many different scales and an accompaniment from a varied set of accompaniments. Piano Motifs then uses its musical theory algorithms to overlay a melody in the chosen key and accompaniment. Piano Motifs are short, they go from around 16 seconds to around 30 seconds.

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Ridgewalk - Aqeel Aadam Cover Art


Ridgewalk App Description

Ridgewalk is a standalone app and AUv3 plug-in. Ridgewalk lets you explore sound in unique ways not possible before. Meander between microscopic moments in a sample to create an infinite soundscape, or stretch or compress audio in realtime, all while recording and reacting to new input instantly. Ridgewalk is both a looper and a granular engine. Output is generated by a set of independent microloopers that traverse a single buffer of audio. The audio buffer can be freely recorded to, overdubbed over, and reverted to a previous version, and the microloopers will transition smoothly and instantly. With control over the microloopers’ size, behavior, and movement throughout the buffer over time, you’re free to reimagine and reinterpret audio like never before - all in realtime. Ridgewalk is designed as a modular tool for flexible usage. It is equally comfortable at the heart of your composition, collaborating with you as you perform, or as a finishing touch to provide a unique complementary atmosphere to deepen your mix. Ridgewalk is fully compatible with modulators such as Ableton CV or Bitwig LFOs to broaden horizons even further. Ridgewalk has the following controls available: Recording: Record via your choice of two unique techniques. Choose between automatic recording via input volume detection and a classic latching recording technique that can record infinitely. Buffers can be up to 60 seconds or 16 bars. Overdubbing: Freely overdub on top of existing audio with two methods. Choose between a traditional feedback dub or a unique sidechain dub which compresses existing audio against new input. Playback will smoothly transition to new recordings instantly. Layers: Each overdub creates a new layer, which you can then move between smoothly and revert to previous versions of audio. Full recall: All recorded audio will be saved and reloaded when reopening a project. Sample importing: Rather than record, Ridgewalk can import samples directly. Volume controls: Independent volume trim controls for dry and wet volume. Playback: Looper playback can be played and paused independently of input and recording. Playback will instantly reflect any changes to recorded audio. Hold time: Looper playback can be automatically paused after a defined time since starting. This allows Ridgewalk to act like a strange reverb or delay. Reverse: Playback can be reversed and audio can be recorded in reverse as well. Looper size: Loopers can span from microscopic fragments of the buffer to the full size, and can be synchronized with your BPM. Looper amount: Up to 7 microloopers are available, which move together in concert with one another. Drift: Looper size and positioning can be randomly and independently desynchronized to add variations and unpredictability. Blur: A one-stop-shop for increasing ambience: this controls looper crossfading as well as introduces reverb. Repitch: Playback can be repitched from ±2 octaves. Random movement (Wander): Looper positioning can be set to randomly wander the sample over time via Brownian motion. Sequential movement: Looper position can move linearly through a sample over a time defined in seconds or synchronized to your BPM. Manual looper positioning: Loopers can be positioned manually via tap or click, turning Ridgewalk into a performative instrument. Instant playback: Ridgewalk can start playing back from recorded audio as soon as it is able, turning its granular looping algorithm into a live effect. Transport syncing: Ridgewalk can be synced with your DAW’s transport to automatically start/stop playback or recording.

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Steel Guitar PRO - Yonac Inc. Cover Art

Steel Guitar PRO

Steel Guitar PRO App Description

Steel Guitar PRO is a highly advanced guitar processor that combines cutting-edge realtime audio generation with a truly expressive control interface. It provides many unique guitar models, built-in amps & FX processing, MIDI control, AUv3, and wide-ranging customizability. :: Control Surface :: Steel Guitar PRO features a powerful yet familiar control interface. Simply touch the strings to “pick,” and drag the slide bar to modulate pitch. By enabling enhanced slide control, you can even use multiple touches to tilt the slide bar, or dampen the strings. Fretboard dimension, string spacing, and pick guard size are all configurable. A high level of resolution enables minute pitch control and realistic vibrato. Settings let you vary guitar tone, sustain and release times, touch behavior, slide bar auxiliary control, handedness, and more. :: Guitars :: Steel Guitar PRO provides you with an arsenal of guitars to choose from: unique examples of humbuckers, single coils, P90s, and more. Instruments include many 6 string guitars, as well as 8- and 10-string steel guitar variants. Each family of instruments comes with many tuning to choose from, but you can also create and save your own. In addition, you have up to seven virtual “pedals” to bend individual or collections of string — much like a pedal steel. The pedals can be actuated by slightly tilting the device, or via MIDI, or even with the fretting touch. All of this is configurable by the user. :: Built-In FX Processing :: Steel Guitar PRO incorporates a virtual signal chain where you can put amps and FX in any combination. The included dozen amps and 20 FX are all custom tuned to evoke the best tones from the guitar processor. Each amp or effect features multiple parameters to precisely modify its tone and feel. These parameters are MIDI-mappable, so that you can control them via an external device. The amp collection covers a broad spectrum from bell-like cleans to thick overdrive. The FX include many analog inspired “pedals” that range from overdrives, distortions, mods, delays, reverbs, to beyond. :: AUv3 & MIDI :: Steel Guitar PRO can also be used as an AUv3 MIDI plugin. We developed a custom MIDI sub-protocol so that Steel Guitar PRO and its powerful control interface can run seamlessly inside an AUv3 host. You can also use a traditional MIDI keyboard or device to play Steel Guitar PRO, which readily accommodates MIDI pitch & mod wheels, and key velocity as well. :: Useful Features :: Steel Guitar PRO includes a comprehensive preset management system that allows you to save, modify, and share any number of your “rigs.” The standalone app also includes a handy “tape deck” where you can record, play, loop and import/export audio. MIDI learn feature is easy and intuitive to use, but also offers deeper customization. All audio processing is done in the highest resolution, natively and without resampling at rates up to 96kHz. The fluid user interface integrates readily with many different AUv3 hosts.

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Reels - LoFi Tape - AudioThing Ltd. Cover Art

Reels - LoFi Tape

Reels - LoFi Tape App Description

Reels is a tape emulation plugin with built-in echo section and tape start and tape stop effect, available as AUv3 and Standalone. It's based on an old Japanese portable tape recorder with a very distinct Lo-Fi analog sound. Reels emulates all the imperfections of consumer reel-to-reel recorders.

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SoundScaper - Igor Vasiliev Cover Art


SoundScaper App Description

SoundScaper is an experimental sound mini lab for creating unusual soundscapes, atmospheric textures, drones, glitches and noises based on circuit bending principles. With this application you can easily experiment with creating new and unusual sounds from ordinary samples. For sound designers and those interested in creating ambient or experimental electronic music, with filtering and mixing of up to three oscillators, you can create excellent soundscapes, textures and drones for your music or for movie soundtrack or entertainment apps and games. With complete MIDI control this application is very comfortable and powerful instrument to use for real-time sound creation and live improvisation. The oscillators, based on simulating schematics of actual 8 bit lofi sound playback chips, have circuit bending like controls that are ideal for making glitches, noises, crackles and granular sounds. Combined with the filtering and spatial mixing options, you can expand these sounds to deep and atmospheric textures. Finally you can add motion and continuous changes to your sounds via low frequency oscillators which can control the filter and mixer parameters. The "Morphing scene" option gives you ability of smooth switching between scenes, applying multifunctional filters and changing oscillators parameters during morphing process. Using these features you can add a new dimension to the existing scenes varying them in the real time. What's inside: - Three sample-based oscillators with control based on circuit bending principles. - Three Low / High / Band - pass filters and two range delay for each oscillator. - Spatial mixer / reverb with side and distance for each sound source. - Three low frequency oscillators for automation mixer and filters. - Possibility of generating parameters for each oscillator automatically. - Scenes for storing all parameters of oscillators, filters and mixer. - Morphing with smooth switching between scenes and additional effects in real-time. - Built-in library of natural samples grouped by categories. - Set of ready-to-use presets for oscillators. Additional features: - Advanced control panel for all faders and rotary knobs with large controls. - Individual equalizer and reverb options for each sound source in the spatial mixer. - Complete MIDI control for all faders, knobs and most other elements. - Uploading samples through Dropbox, Web access, clipboard and from other apps. - Different color schemes available for the user interface. - Detailed application description (also in signle PDF on application site). - Supports Audiobus 3 with "State Saving" and MIDI features. - Inter-App audio compatible. Video demo: http://youtu.be/6rxHhtF2eSU http://youtu.be/O29XyzeVMYs https://youtu.be/HRXdiH-zbqU Requirements: Fourth generation of iPad and higher is recommended (especially with Inter-app audio and Audiobus). You can find more details about SoundScaper on application site: http://motion-soundscape.blogspot.com

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KORG Module Pro - KORG INC. Cover Art

KORG Module Pro

KORG Module Pro App Description

The best sounds, available to everyone. Announcing a new high-quality mobile sound module app for iOS! • Achieved the #1 position*on the App Store* in the Top Paid Music App category *USA, UK, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Canada and much more! Ideal for performance and music production, KORG Module is a high-quality sound module app for iOS that contains a professional sound library. With just your iPad/iPhone and a MIDI keyboard such as the new microKEY, you can play studio-quality keyboard and grand piano sounds anywhere. You can also use the sounds of KORG Module for the KORG Gadget music production app. Maintaining its position at the forefront of mobile music apps, KORG now offers you a new style of performance and production with KORG Module for iOS. FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS ● Stunningly high-quality piano and a full range of keyboard sound engines ● Six dedicated sound engines : Acoustic Piano/Electric Piano/Clav/Organ/Multi/Hybrid ● Ultra-low latency sound engine ● AUv3 support ● With just an iPad/iPhone and the new microKEY, you can enjoy great sound anywhere ● Mobile music production in tandem with KORG Gadget ● Convenient set list function with a PDF/image score viewer and music player ● Power-up even more with expansion sound libraries: TRITON Best Selection / Ivory Mobile Grand and more! ● Easily record your performances, and share song sketches on SoundCloud ● Integrating iOS technology that's indispensable for the mobile environment *** Stunningly high-quality piano and a full range of keyboard sound engines *** KORG Module has five dedicated sound engines, providing a number of high-quality sounds that can be played back on your iOS using the "NATIVE ENGINE”. These engines feature technology that was developed for KORG's historic line of workstations and synthesizers including: Acoustic Piano, Electric Piano, Clav, Organ, Multi, and Hybrid. Each display has carefully selected parameters, making it convenient and easy to adjust the sounds. We’ve also carefully ensured ideal playability and designed the system for ultra-low latency. Once you experience the quality of the sounds being produced from the slim body of your iPad, you'll agree that Module is radically different than anything else currently on the market. *** With just an iPad/iPhone and the new microKEY, you can enjoy great sound anywhere *** KORG Module and the microKEY are the best possible combination for a mobile performance environment. With the new microKEY which supports a damper, or the microKEY Air which provides a wireless connection via Bluetooth MIDI, your iPad can transform into a high-quality sound module. In your room, in a practice studio, or performing on stage,, it's easy to set up and immerse yourself in a superb playing experience wherever you are. Of course you can also use any MIDI keyboard that can connect to your iPad via Apple Lightning - USB camera adapter. The velocity curve function conforms the sound to your playing dynamics, so you'll be able to perform comfortably using any MIDI keyboard. Even if you don't have a MIDI keyboard, you can use the apps on-screen keyboard, phrase function, or MIDI player to play the sounds. The MIDI player can load and play standard MIDI files for your listening enjoyment. *** Mobile music production in tandem with KORG Gadget *** You can also use the high-quality KORG Module sounds inside KORG Gadget, the mobile music production app. If you have Module and Gadget, the five tools Salzburg, Montreal, Alexandria, Firenze, and Glasgow are added inside, allowing access the same way as Gadget. These five powerful gadgets will add even more variety to your music productions, raising your music to the next level. Whether for performance or for production, both of these apps deliver ultimate sound. More info at korg.com

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Relic Waves - Alexander Zolotov Cover Art

Relic Waves

Relic Waves App Description

Relic Waves is a generator of Lo-Fi noises, pads and effects based on unique synthesis algorithms from NightRadio. More than 4 billion samples from the depths of the Mathematical Universe! Features: * search for new sounds with three buttons: next random set, edit code, previous set; each set of 12 sounds corresponds to a code of 8 characters; * three types of keyboards for live performing: on-screen buttons, PC keyboard, MIDI input; * several processing parameters + control via MIDI; * real-time audio recording to WAV (32-bit); * export to: WAV (one file or a set), SunVox (samples + effects in one file), text clipboard; * the LCK button freezes individual samples - they will not change during the search for new sets; * iOS Audio Unit Extension (AUv3). Double clicking on a parameter opens a window for setting the exact value. If you enable the Hold option, the notes will play endlessly, without reacting to key release (noteOff) events; turning the note on again works like turning it off; there are two ways to enable this option: 1) using the Hold parameter in the "MIDI Mapping" window; 2) by pressing the HOLD button, which appears in place of LCK while playing the musical keyboard: press HOLD, release the desired notes - then the released notes will continue to play.

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Rhino - Guitar Amp Sim - Aurora DSP Cover Art

Rhino - Guitar Amp Sim

Rhino - Guitar Amp Sim App Description

- INPUT - 
noise gate, 
3 signal characteristics, 
low-pass filtering ——— - PREAMP - 
6 preamp models, 
4 pedal boosters with separate blending, 
3-band tone stack
2-band filtering - PREAMP EFFECTS - 
4 pedal boosters,
separate blending ——— - EQ with Tone Matching - 
4-band graphic equalizer
Tone matching with 3 different tone types - MOD FX - 
phaser - TIME FX -
3 delays, 
algorithm reverb,
convolution reverb, - CAB - 
4-file impulse response mixer
Power Amp module with 3 characteristics - OUTPUT - 
low-end dynamics controller 
limiter - TUNER - 
Accurate, fast tuning

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Noises - Creative Textures - AudioThing Ltd. Cover Art

Noises - Creative Textures

Noises - Creative Textures App Description

Noises is an experimental instrument with a playful and inspiring interface, designed to bring a vast world of noise into your music and audio production. Available as AUv3 and Standalone. Noises is the fourth plugin we developed together with German composer and “that guy with the sweaters” Hainbach. He crafted hundreds of recordings of rare vintage measurement and tape equipment, analog synths, strange field recordings, electro-acoustic and magnetic field experiments, and more in his lab to create this creative noise instrument with us. It is designed to be fast and inspiring to use, with a big dial at its center inviting you to search for sounds and a sequencer to make them music. This results in a minimum of clicks for a maximum of sound.

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KORG Gadget 3 - KORG INC. Cover Art

KORG Gadget 3

KORG Gadget 3 App Description

More Powerful Than Ever, Quickly Turn Your Ideas Into Music KORG Gadget 3 - A Complete, Seamlessly Integrated Music Production Ecosystem KORG Gadget has received numerous awards from around the world: • Apple: "App Store Best of 2014" in Japan • #1 in the Top Paid Music iPad App category* • TECH AWARD 2015 "Best Music Production App" • MusicTech's "Gear of the Year: Best App" Gold Award • “Musikmesse international press award 2016” Mobile Music App * USA, UK, Japan, Germany, France, Italy and much more! KORG Gadget is the ideal all-in-one music production software and plug-in suite featuring over 40 small synthesizers/drum machines (“gadgets”), which can be freely combined to create music driven by a powerful yet intuitive user interface. The range of products includes the award-winning iOS version, a Mac version that includes all functions and plug-ins, and a plug-in version that can be used with your favorite DAW on Mac/PC. Now in its third generation, more powerful than ever, the workflow is now more intuitive and easier to use than ever before and there are plenty of new features and new gadgets. KORG Gadget 3 offers an expanded variety of even more features to quickly turn your ideas into music, including two new gadgets, five insert effects (IFX), a new genre select system, and AUv3 support. In addition, the user interface has been brushed up to make the Gadget Browser, IFX page, and Play page even more intuitive. KORG Gadget 3 is the perfect tool to quickly turn your ideas into music. What's New in KORG Gadget 3 • Gadget Instrument Collection with a total over 6,000 sound programs • New gadgets: Santa Ana (Guitar) and Sydney (Sampler) • Improved user interface, making the workflow more intuitive than ever • A genre select function that allows you to create songs from your favorite patterns • 5 new IFX including an 8-Band EQ, Transient Shaper, Stereo Image, Auto Pumper, Pitch Shifter • The Play page: easy arpeggiator use and chord entry • A whole new sound browser that lets you select gadgets by the timbre you want • AUv3 support on iOS, allowing gadgets to be used in other music apps like Garageband, Logic Pro • A huge collection of over 40 gadget instruments Overwhelming sound. Immersive, intuitive and powerful user interface. Unprecedented and innovative quality. KORG Gadget 3 is a collection of over 40 gadget instruments, including compact synthesizers, drum machines, samplers, and audio and MIDI utilities. It has sophisticated parameters that make it easy for you to get to the sound they want, so you can create your own sounds instantly. The new Sound Browser allows you to get to your favorite sounds in the quickest time possible. It is perfectly suited for dance music as well as rock, pop, jazz, and other music sounds and genres. You are sure to find the sound you want among the numerous gadgets. • Get your songwriting ideas with Genre Select The new "Genre Select" feature allows you to select your favorite genre and sound, and then start songwriting by freely combining patterns. 5 x 5 pads are all assigned with phrases created by gadgets, so you can start songwriting by freely combining your favorite patterns. You can start creating a song from a project in which each track's gadgets and scenes have been developed. Choose from the standard genre packs and enjoy a different approach to music production. • Tons of sounds readily available with the New Browser To make it easier than ever to find the desired gadget instrument, we have revised the Gadget Browser and added various functions. New features include displaying gadgets by instrument category, a Favourites function that allows you to group your favorite gadgets, and a search function that allows you to freely search for sounds in each gadget. Using the program search function, it is now possible to quickly and easily preview and search for the sound you wanted from a vast array of sounds. More info at korg.com

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