#5 Nevermind by Nirvana

The 100 Greatest Albums of All Time

Nevermind (Album Cover) by Nirvana
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Nevermind - Nirvana

Nevermind Album Details

Released in 1991, Nevermind helped to popularize the alternative rock and grunge genres. It's a combination of very melodic tunes mixed punk and hard rock sounds and attitude.

Interesting Facts About Nevermind

  • Nevermind was produced by Butch Vig, who also produced albums for Sonic Youth, The Smashing Pumpkins, Soul Asylum, Green Day, and the Foo Fighters. He is also the drummer for the band Garbage.
  • "Polly" which was recorded for Nirvana's first album Bleach was written by Kurt about a 14 year old girl who was abducted after seeing a rock concert at the Tacoma Dome in 1987. The song was first titled "Hitchhiker" and then "Cracker".
  • "Endless, Nameless" a hidden track on the album after "Something in the Way" was left off the first 20,000 copies of the album due to a mastering mistake.
  • According to his journals, Kurt Cobain intended to have the album broken up into a boy side with songs like “Polly” and “Silver” and a girl side which contained like “In Bloom” and “Lithium”.
  • Before settling on the title Nevermind there were plans on calling the album Sheep.
  • The inspiration for the album cover came after Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl watched a documentary on water births. The record label was worried it would offend some people and an alternative cover was made, but it was rejected by the band. The rejected cover was used for the single “Come as You Are”
  • The main guitar rift for “Come as Your Are” is very similar to that of Killing Joke's 1984 song “Eighties”.

Smells Like Teen Spirit Music Video

Nevermind Track List

  1. Smells Like Teen Spirit
    • Reached #6 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart
  2. In Bloom
  3. Come As You Are
    • Reached #32 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart
  4. Breed
  5. Lithium
  6. Polly
  7. Territorial Pissings
  8. Drain You
  9. Lounge Act
  10. Stay Away
  11. On A Plain
  12. Something in the Way



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