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The Known World - Edward P. Jones Cover Art

The Known World

The Known World by Edward P. Jones

From Edward P. Jones comes one of the most acclaimed novels in recent memory—winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and the National Book Critics Circle Award for Fiction. The Known World tells the story of Henry Townsend, a black farmer and former slave who falls under the tutelage of William Robbins, the most powerful man in Manchester County, Virginia. Making certain he never circumvents the law, Townsend runs his affairs with unusual discipline. But when death takes him unexpectedly, his widow, Caldonia, can't uphold the estate's order, and chaos ensues. Edward P. Jones has woven a footnote of history into an epic that takes an unflinching look at slavery in all its moral complexities. “A masterpiece that deserves a place in the American literary canon.”—Time


It's Elementary - Elise Bryant Cover Art

It's Elementary

It's Elementary by Elise Bryant

A fast-paced, completely delightful new mystery about what happens when parents get a little too involved in their kids' schools, from NAACP Image Award nominee Elise Bryant. Mavis Miller is not a PTA mom. She has enough on her plate with her feisty seven-year-old daughter, Pearl, an exhausting job at a nonprofit, and the complexities of a multigenerational household. So no one is more surprised than Mavis when she caves to Trisha Holbrook, the long-reigning, slightly terrifying PTA president, and finds herself in charge of the school’s brand-new DEI committee. As one of the few Black parents at this California elementary school, Mavis tries to convince herself this is an opportunity for real change. But things go off the rails at the very first meeting, when the new principal's plans leave Trisha absolutely furious . Later that night, when Mavis spies Trisha in yellow rubber gloves and booties, lugging cleaning supplies and giant black trash bags to her waiting minivan, it’s only natural that her mind jumps to somewhere it surely wouldn’t in the light of day. Except Principal Smith fails to show up for work the next morning, and has been MIA since the meeting. Determined to get to the bottom of things, Mavis, along with the school psychologist with the great forearms (look, it’s worth noting), launches an investigation that will challenge her views on parenting, friendship, and elementary school politics. Brilliantly written, It's Elementary is a quick-witted, escapist romp that perfectly captures just how far parents will go to give their kids the very best, all wrapped in a mystery that will leave you guessing to the very end.


Parable of the Sower - Octavia E. Butler Cover Art

Parable of the Sower

Parable of the Sower
by Octavia E. Butler

This acclaimed post-apocalyptic novel of hope and terror from an award-winning author "pairs well with 1984 or The Handmaid's Tale " and includes a foreword by N. K. Jemisin (John Green, New York Times ). When global climate change and economic crises lead to social chaos in the early 2020s, California becomes full of dangers, from pervasive water shortage to masses of vagabonds who will do anything to live to see another day. Fifteen-year-old Lauren Olamina lives inside a gated community with her preacher father, family, and neighbors, sheltered from the surrounding anarchy. In a society where any vulnerability is a risk, she suffers from hyperempathy, a debilitating sensitivity to others' emotions. Precocious and clear-eyed, Lauren must make her voice heard in order to protect her loved ones from the imminent disasters her small community stubbornly ignores. But what begins as a fight for survival soon leads to something much more: the birth of a new faith . . . and a startling vision of human destiny.


The Personal Librarian - Marie Benedict & Victoria Christopher Murray Cover Art

The Personal Librarian

The Personal Librarian A GMA Book Club Pick (A Novel) by Marie Benedict & Victoria Christopher Murray

The Instant New York Times Bestseller! A Good Morning America * Book Club Pick! Named a Best Book of the Year by NPR! Named a Notable Book of the Year by the Washington Post ! “Historical fiction at its best!” *   A remarkable novel about J. P. Morgan’s personal librarian, Belle da Costa Greene, the Black American woman who was forced to hide her true identity and pass as white in order to leave a lasting legacy that enriched our nation, from New York Times bestselling authors Marie Benedict and Victoria Christopher Murray. In her twenties, Belle da Costa Greene is hired by J. P. Morgan to curate a collection of rare manuscripts, books, and artwork for his newly built Pierpont Morgan Library. Belle becomes a fixture in New York City society and one of the most powerful people in the art and book world, known for her impeccable taste and shrewd negotiating for critical works as she helps create a world-class collection. But Belle has a secret, one she must protect at all costs. She was born not Belle da Costa Greene but Belle Marion Greener. She is the daughter of Richard Greener, the first Black graduate of Harvard and a well-known advocate for equality. Belle’s complexion isn’t dark because of her alleged Portuguese heritage that lets her pass as white—her complexion is dark because she is African American. The Personal Librarian tells the story of an extraordinary woman, famous for her intellect, style, and wit, and shares the lengths she must go to—for the protection of her family and her legacy—to preserve her carefully crafted white identity in the racist world in which she lives.


The Coldest Winter Ever - Sister Souljah Cover Art

The Coldest Winter Ever

The Coldest Winter Ever by Sister Souljah

A New York Times and USA TODAY Bestseller “50 Most Impactful Black Books of the Last 50 Years.” — Essence Nominated as one of America’s best-loved novels by PBS’s The Great American Read The instant classic from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Life After Death brings the streets of New York to life in a powerful and utterly unforgettable novel. I came busting into the world during one of New York’s worst snowstorms, so my mother named me Winter. Ghetto-born, Winter is the young, wealthy daughter of a prominent Brooklyn drug-dealing family. Quick-witted, sexy, and business-minded, she knows and loves the streets like the curves of her own body. But when a cold Winter wind blows her life in a direction she doesn’t want to go, her street smarts and seductive skills are put to the test of a lifetime. Unwilling to lose, this ghetto girl will do anything to stay on top. Twenty-five years and over one million copies later, The Coldest Winter Ever is a bestseller and a national treasure, a classic handed down from one reading generation to the next. Whether you are reading it for the first time or have cherished it for years , you will never forget this Winter’s tale.


So Deep in My Feelings 2: A Hood Love Tale - Myss Shan Cover Art

So Deep in My Feelings 2: A Hood Love Tale

So Deep in My Feelings 2: A Hood Love Tale
by Myss Shan

With the loss of her brother and then Self being killed right in front of her, Cioni is starting to feel like she might be the one under attack. With a new baby on the way, she is ready to spark things back up with Ledge, but the only problem is, things have changed drastically for him. He is deep in the game, and no one around him wants to see him make it to the top. But as long as the two of them have love, nothing or no one will stop them right?  Madden has moved on with her new boo and ready to start her new life. Things are perfect, but her old meddling ways eventually comes back to haunt her. She is no longer letting things slide and is out to get those whom she felt has gotten her. Soon, she realizes that she might be in over her head..


A Deeper Love Inside - Sister Souljah Cover Art

A Deeper Love Inside

A Deeper Love Inside The Porsche Santiaga Story by Sister Souljah

THE SEQUEL MILLIONS OF READERS HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR . . . At last, mega-bestselling author Sister Souljah delivers the stunning sequel to The Coldest Winter Ever . Fierce, raw, and filled with adventure and emotional intensity, A Deeper Love Inside is an unforgettable coming-of-age story in the words of Porsche Santiaga, Winter’s younger sister. Sharp-tongued, quick-witted Porsche worships her sister Winter. Cut from the same cloth as her father, Ricky Santiaga, Porsche is also a natural-born hustler. Passionate and loyal to the extreme, she refuses to accept her new life in group homes, foster care, and juvenile detention after her family is torn apart. Porsche—unique, young, and beautiful—cries as much as she fights and uses whatever she has to reclaim her status. Unselfish, she pushes to get back everything that ever belonged to her wealthy, loving family. In A Deeper Love Inside, readers will encounter their favorite characters from The Coldest Winter Ever, including Winter and Midnight. Sister Souljah’s soulful writing will again move your heart and open your eyes to a shocking reality.


The Cartel 4 - Ashley & JaQuavis Cover Art

The Cartel 4

The Cartel 4 Diamonds Are Forever by Ashley & JaQuavis

You thought The Cartel was over, but Diamonds are forever. . . . The Diamond family has survived murder, deceit, and betrayal. Through it all, they're still standing tall, and a new era has begun. After surviving a failed attempt on her life, Breeze has moved into the queen's position by Zyir's side. Zyir has taken over the empire and locked down Miami's streets. He has the world in his palms, but there is always new blood ready to overthrow the throne. Young Carter has retired and moved away from the madness—that is, until he gets an unexpected visitor at his home. This person shakes up the whole family, causing chaos that threatens to bring down the Cartel for good. New York Times bestselling authors Ashley and JaQuavis deliver the highly anticipated fourth installment of the wildly popular Cartel series.


Love On The Low 5 - Mia Black Cover Art

Love On The Low 5

Love On The Low 5 by Mia Black

This should be the happiest time of their lives, but Mika and Royce’s life is full of turmoil behind the scenes. While Mika blissfully plans their wedding, Royce keeps an eye on what’s happening in the streets. With the new arrival of Trill, a new enemy working so hard to make a name for himself in the drug game, a turf war has made it almost impossible for Royce to continue with his plans to step away. And Mika has no idea how bad things have gotten. As Trill ramps up his efforts, Royce knows it’s only a matter of time before someone gets hurt. He just hopes that no one he cares about will get caught in the crossfire.


Butterfly 2 - Ashley Antoinette Cover Art

Butterfly 2

Butterfly 2
by Ashley Antoinette

“One of the biggest names in Urban-fiction, Ashley Antoinette, is back … An intense start to this new series with characters that are real and genuine. It’s a story about love, trying to put the past behind and moving on with your life” - Red Carpet Crash on Butterfly Morgan Atkins is used to losing, but losing Messiah Williams was the most tragic of them all. Surely, after Messiah, no other man could compare. Settling with Sebastian Fredrick didn't seem like such an impossible task. He treated her well enough, he accepted her children, and he offered her entrance into a well-connected world. There was only one problem: he wanted to change her into someone else. The rules that went along with his lifestyle suffocated her and when Morgan reconnected with Messiah's crew, she no longer wanted to play by Bash’s rules. When she falls in love with Messiah's best friend, Ahmeek Harris, she knows she's headed for trouble. His presence heals her in a way that no man has ever been able to do before. Their love affair is electric. Morgan is uncertain about many thing but one thing she's sure of is that she can't let this feeling go. She goes out on a limb and risks it all just to be with Meek, but when Messiah reveals that he's still alive, the battle for one girl's heart just may lead to the demise of them all. She can only be queen to one man. Which one has the true key to her heart? Can Messiah make up for his mistakes or is it too late to save what they once had? Is Ahmeek a rebound or does he offer her something more? Does Bash even stand a chance? This second installment of the Butterfly series will leave you breathless.


The Darkest Child - Delores Phillips & Tayari Jones Cover Art

The Darkest Child

The Darkest Child A Novel by Delores Phillips & Tayari Jones

A new edition of this award-winning modern classic, with an introduction by Tayari Jones ( An American Marriage ), an excerpt from the never before seen follow-up, and discussion guide.   Pakersfield, Georgia, 1958: Thirteen-year-old Tangy Mae Quinn is the sixth of ten fatherless siblings. She is the darkest-skinned among them and therefore the ugliest in her mother, Rozelle’s, estimation, but she’s also the brightest. Rozelle—beautiful, charismatic, and light-skinned—exercises a violent hold over her children. Fearing abandonment, she pulls them from school at the age of twelve and sends them to earn their keep for the household, whether in domestic service, in the fields, or at “the farmhouse” on the edge of town, where Rozelle beds local men for money.   But Tangy Mae has been selected to be part of the first integrated class at a nearby white high school. She has a chance to change her life, but can she break from Rozelle’s grasp without ruinous—even fatal—consequences?


Push - Sapphire Cover Art


Push by Sapphire

A new 25th anniversary edition of the instant classic that inspired the major motion picture and Sundance Film Festival winner Precious: Based on the Novel by Sapphire, whose power and ferocity influenced a generation of writers. Precious Jones, an illiterate sixteen-year-old, has up until now been invisible to the father who rapes her and the mother who batters her and to the authorities who dismiss her as just one more of Harlem's casualties. But when Precious, pregnant with a second child by her father, meets a determined and radical teacher, we follow her on a journey of education and enlightenment as she learns not only how to write about her life, but how to make it truly her own for the first time.


Homegoing - Yaa Gyasi Cover Art


Homegoing A novel by Yaa Gyasi

INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER • WINNER OF THE NATIONAL BOOK CRITICS CIRCLE'S JOHN LEONARD PRIZE • WINNER OF THE PEN / HEMINGWAY AWARD FOR DEBUT FICTION • Ghana, eighteenth century: two half sisters are born into different villages, each unaware of the other. One will marry an Englishman and lead a life of comfort in the palatial rooms of the Cape Coast Castle. The other will be captured in a raid on her village, imprisoned in the very same castle, and sold into slavery. One of Oprah’s Best Books of the Year, Homegoing follows the parallel paths of these sisters and their descendants through eight generations: from the Gold Coast to the plantations of Mississippi, from the American Civil War to Jazz Age Harlem. Yaa Gyasi’s extraordinary novel illuminates slavery’s troubled legacy both for those who were taken and those who stayed—and shows how the memory of captivity has been inscribed on the soul of our nation.


Midnight - Sister Souljah Cover Art


Midnight A Gangster Love Story by Sister Souljah

New York Times bestselling author Life After Death , the hip-hop generation's beloved and most compelling storyteller, delivers a powerful story about love and loyalty, strength and family. In her bestselling novel, The Coldest Winter Ever , Sister Souljah introduced the world to Midnight, a brave but humble lieutenant to a prominent underworld businessman. Now, in a highly anticipated follow-up to her million-selling masterpiece, she brings readers into the life and dangerously close to the heart of this silent, fearless young man. Raised in a wealthy, influential, Islamic African family, Midnight enjoys a life of comfort, confidence, and protection. Midnight's father provides him with a veil of privilege and deep, devoted love, but he never hides the truth about the fierce challenges of the world outside of his estate. So when Midnight's father's empire is attacked, he sends Midnight with his mother to the United States. In the streets of Brooklyn, a young Midnight uses his Islamic mind-set and African intelligence to protect the ones he loves, build a business, reclaim his wealth and status, and remain true to his beliefs. Midnight, a handsome and passionate young man, attracts many women. How he interacts and deals with them is a unique adventure. This is a highly sensual and tremendous love story about what a man is willing to risk and give to the women he loves most. Midnight will remain in your mind and beat in your heart for a lifetime. Her "raw and true voice" ( Publishers Weekly ) will both soothe and arouse you. In a beautifully written and masterfully woven story, Sister Souljah has given us Midnight , and solidified her presence as the mother of all contemporary urban literature.


The Ballad of Jacquotte Delahaye - Briony Cameron Cover Art

The Ballad of Jacquotte Delahaye

The Ballad of Jacquotte Delahaye A Novel by Briony Cameron

This epic, dazzling tale based on true events illuminates a woman of color’s rise to power as one of the few purported female pirate captains to sail the Caribbean, and the forbidden love story that will shape the course of history. In the tumultuous town of Yáquimo, Santo Domingo, Jacquotte Delahaye is an unknown but up-and-coming shipwright. Her dreams are bold but her ambitions are bound by the confines of her life with her self-seeking French father. When her way of life and the delicate balance of power in the town are threatened, she is forced to flee her home and become a woman on the run along with a motley crew of refugees, including a mysterious young woman named Teresa. Jacquotte and her band become indentured servants to the infamous Blackhand, a ruthless pirate captain who rules his ship with an iron fist. As they struggle to survive his brutality, Jacquotte finds herself unable to resist Teresa despite their differences. When Blackhand hatches a dangerous scheme to steal a Portuguese shipment of jewels, Jacquotte must rely on her wits, resourcefulness, and friends to survive. But she discovers there is a grander, darker scheme of treachery at play, and she ultimately must decide what price she is willing to pay to secure a better future for them all. An unforgettable tale told in three parts, The Ballad of Jacquotte Delahaye is a thrilling, buccaneering escapade filled with siege and battle, and is also a tender exploration of friendship, love, and the search for freedom and home.


The Secret Lives of Church Ladies - Deesha Philyaw Cover Art

The Secret Lives of Church Ladies

The Secret Lives of Church Ladies by Deesha Philyaw

*FINALIST for the 2020 National Book Award for Fiction* *WINNER of the 2021 PEN/Faulkner Award* *WINNER of the 2020 Story Prize * *WINNER of the 2020 L.A. Times Book Prize, Art Seidenbaum Award for First Fiction* “Beguiling.” — The   New Yorker “Tender, fierce, proudly black and beautiful, these stories will sneak inside you and take root.” —Kirkus Reviews (starred review) “Triumphant.” —Publishers Weekly “Cheeky, insightful, and irresistible.” —​​​​​​​ Ms. Magazine “This collection marks the emergence of a bona fide literary treasure.” —Minneapolis Star Tribune “Full of lived-in humanity, warmth, and compassion.” — Pittsburgh Current The Secret Lives of Church Ladies explores the raw and tender places where Black women and girls dare to follow their desires and pursue a momentary reprieve from being good. The nine stories in this collection feature four generations of characters grappling with who they want to be in the world, caught as they are between the church’s double standards and their own needs and passions. There is fourteen-year-old Jael, who has a crush on the preacher’s wife. At forty-two, Lyra realizes that her discomfort with her own body stands between her and a new love. As Y2K looms, Caroletta’s “same time next year” arrangement with her childhood best friend is tenuous. A serial mistress lays down the ground rules for her married lovers. In the dark shadows of a hospice parking lot, grieving strangers find comfort in each other. With their secret longings, new love, and forbidden affairs, these church ladies are as seductive as they want to be, as vulnerable as they need to be, as unfaithful and unrepentant as they care to be, and as free as they deserve to be.


A Lady & Her Sire - Charmanie Saquea Cover Art

A Lady & Her Sire

A Lady & Her Sire A Royal Love Affair by Charmanie Saquea

After moving to Virginia to start her life over, the last thing Lady was looking for was love. Things changed when she was introduced to the rude, slick talking, smart mouthed, Sire. Feelings that she never thought she would experience again came rushing back and she knew she would never be able to shake him. Sire is known as one of Richmond's richest right along with his best friend, Toine. He was every hood girls' dream man and with a failing relationship on the line, it seemed as if Lady walked into his life right on time. Or did she? When skeletons from Lady's past come back to haunt her in the worst way possible, will Sire be her knight in hood armor? Or will the deceit be too much for him to handle?


Black Girls Must Die Exhausted - Jayne Allen Cover Art

Black Girls Must Die Exhausted

Black Girls Must Die Exhausted A Novel by Jayne Allen

“It’s a good thing that this is only the first book of a trilogy, because after getting to know Tabitha, you won’t want to leave her at the end. . . . Written intimately as if you’re peering into the mind of a close friend, this book is a true testament to the stresses on women today and how great girlfriends (and grandmothers) are often the key to our sanity.”  — Good Morning America The first novel in a captivating three-book series about modern womanhood, in which a young Black woman must rely on courage, laughter, and love—and the support of her two longtime friends—to overcome an unexpected setback that threatens the most precious thing she’s ever wanted. Tabitha Walker is a black woman with a plan to “have it all.” At 33 years old, the checklist for the life of her dreams is well underway. Education? Check. Good job? Check. Down payment for a nice house? Check. Dating marriage material? Check, check, and check. With a coveted position as a local news reporter, a "paper-perfect" boyfriend, and even a standing Saturday morning appointment with a reliable hairstylist, everything seems to be falling into place. Then Tabby receives an unexpected diagnosis that brings her picture-perfect life crashing down, jeopardizing the keystone she took for granted: having children. With her dreams at risk of falling through the cracks of her checklist, suddenly she is faced with an impossible choice between her career, her dream home, and a family of her own.  With the help of her best friends, the irreverent and headstrong Laila and Alexis, the mom jeans-wearing former "Sexy Lexi," and the generational wisdom of her grandmother and the nonagenarian firebrand Ms. Gretchen, Tabby explores the reaches of modern medicine and tests the limits of her relationships, hoping to salvage the future she always dreamed of. But the fight is all consuming, demanding a steep price that forces an honest reckoning for nearly everyone in her life. As Tabby soon learns, her grandmother's age-old adage just might still be true: Black girls must die exhausted.


The First Ladies - Marie Benedict & Victoria Christopher Murray Cover Art

The First Ladies

The First Ladies by Marie Benedict & Victoria Christopher Murray

The Instant  New York Times  Bestseller!  A novel about the extraordinary partnership between First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and civil rights activist Mary McLeod Bethune—an unlikely friendship that changed the world, from the New York Times bestselling authors of the Good Morning America Book Club pick The Personal Librarian . The daughter of formerly enslaved parents, Mary McLeod Bethune refuses to back down as white supremacists attempt to thwart her work. She marches on as an activist and an educator, and as her reputation grows she becomes a celebrity, revered by titans of business and recognized by U.S. Presidents. Eleanor Roosevelt herself is awestruck and eager to make her acquaintance. Initially drawn together because of their shared belief in women’s rights and the power of education, Mary and Eleanor become fast friends confiding their secrets, hopes and dreams—and holding each other’s hands through tragedy and triumph.   When Franklin Delano Roosevelt is elected president, the two women begin to collaborate more closely, particularly as Eleanor moves toward her own agenda separate from FDR, a consequence of the devastating discovery of her husband’s secret love affair. Eleanor becomes a controversial First Lady for her outspokenness, particularly on civil rights. And when she receives threats because of her strong ties to Mary, it only fuels the women’s desire to fight together for justice and equality.   This is the story of two different, yet equally formidable, passionate, and committed women, and the way in which their singular friendship helped form the foundation for the modern civil rights movement.


Love on the Low 4 - Mia Black Cover Art

Love on the Low 4

Love on the Low 4 by Mia Black

Now that Lacresha has thrown a wrench in his plan, Royce has to own up to his responsibilities, even if that means he has lose the woman he really loves. Mika can’t believe this is happening, but isn’t the type of woman to put her life on hold for a man. Royce made his choice and now he has to live with it. Lacresha got exactly what she wanted, but for how long? Find out what happens in part four of Love On The Low!


Summer on the Bluffs - Sunny Hostin Cover Art

Summer on the Bluffs

Summer on the Bluffs A Novel by Sunny Hostin

New York Times Bestseller! The View cohost and New York Times bestselling author Sunny Hostin dazzles with this brilliant novel about a life-changing summer along the beaches of Martha's Vineyard. Welcome to Oak Bluffs, the most exclusive Black beach community in the country. Known for its gingerbread Victorian-style houses and modern architectural marvels, this picturesque town hugging the sea is a mecca for the crème de la crème of Black society—where Michelle and Barack Obama vacation and Meghan Markle has shopped for a house for her mom. Black people have lived in this pretty slip of the Vineyard since the 1600s and began buying property in the 1800s, making this posh town the embodiment of “old money.” Thirty years ago, Amelia Vaux Tanner and her husband built a house high on the bluffs, a cottage they named Chateau Laveau. For decades, “Ama” played host to American presidents, Wall Street titans, and cultural icons. But her favorite guests have always been her three “goddaughters:” Esperanza “Perry” Soto, a beautiful, talented Afro-Latina lawyer with Ama’s strong, yet guarded personality; Olivia Jones, a gifted Wall Street analyst with Ama’s brilliant, logical mind; and Billie Hayden, a gifted marine biologist and rule-breaker with Ama’s courageous free spirit. Growing up, these three goddaughters from different backgrounds came together each summer at Chateau Laveau. As adults, the cottage is a place this trio of successful yet very different women go to escape, to slow down from their hectic lives, share private time with Ama, and enjoy the gorgeous weather, cool water, and stunning views Oak Bluffs offers.  This summer on the Bluffs, however, will be different. An era is ending: Ama, now nearing seventy-one, is moving to the south of France to reunite with her college sweetheart. She has invited Perry, Olivia, and Billie to spend one last golden summer together with her the way they did when they were kids. And when fall comes, she is going to give the house to one of them. Each of the women wants the house desperately. Each is grappling with a secret she fears will hurt her and her chances. By the end of summer, old ties will fray, new bonds will be created, and these three found sisters will discover they aren’t the only ones with something to hide. Ama has a few secrets of her own. What she has to give them is far more than property. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, she will tell these surrogate daughters she fiercely loves and protects everything they never knew they needed to know.


Deacon King Kong (Oprah's Book Club) - James McBride Cover Art

Deacon King Kong (Oprah's Book Club)

Deacon King Kong (Oprah's Book Club) A Novel by James McBride

Winner of the Anisfield-Wolf Book Award for Fiction   Winner of the Gotham Book Prize One of Barack Obama's "Favorite Books of the Year" Oprah's Book Club Pick Named one of the Top Ten Books of the Year by the New York Times, Entertainment Weekly and TIME Magazine A Washington Post Notable Novel From the author of The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store , the National Book Award–winning The Good Lord Bird, and the bestselling modern classic The Color of Water , comes one of the most celebrated novels of the year. In September 1969, a fumbling, cranky old church deacon known as Sportcoat shuffles into the courtyard of the Cause Houses housing project in south Brooklyn, pulls a .38 from his pocket, and, in front of everybody, shoots the project’s drug dealer at point-blank range. The reasons for this desperate burst of violence and the consequences that spring from it lie at the heart of Deacon King Kong , James McBride’s funny, moving novel and his first since his National Book Award–winning The Good Lord Bird . In Deacon King Kong , McBride brings to vivid life the people affected by the shooting: the victim, the African-American and Latinx residents who witnessed it, the white neighbors, the local cops assigned to investigate, the members of the Five Ends Baptist Church where Sportcoat was deacon, the neighborhood’s Italian mobsters, and Sportcoat himself. As the story deepens, it becomes clear that the lives of the characters—caught in the tumultuous swirl of 1960s New York—overlap in unexpected ways. When the truth does emerge, McBride shows us that not all secrets are meant to be hidden, that the best way to grow is to face change without fear, and that the seeds of love lie in hope and compassion. Bringing to these pages both his masterly storytelling skills and his abiding faith in humanity, James McBride has written a novel every bit as involving as The Good Lord Bird and as emotionally honest as The Color of Water . Told with insight and wit, Deacon King Kong demonstrates that love and faith live in all of us.


The Queen of Sugar Hill - ReShonda Tate Cover Art

The Queen of Sugar Hill

The Queen of Sugar Hill A Novel of Hattie McDaniel by ReShonda Tate

As seen on The TODAY Show! Bestselling author ReShonda Tate presents a fascinating fictional portrait of Hattie McDaniel, one of Hollywood’s most prolific but woefully underappreciated stars—and the first Black person ever to win an Oscar for her role as Mammy in the critically acclaimed classic film Gone With the Wind. It was supposed to be the highlight of her career, the pinnacle for which she’d worked all her life. And as Hattie McDaniel took the stage in 1940 to claim an honor that would make her the first African-American woman to win an Academy Award, she tearfully took her place in history. Between personal triumphs and tragedies, heartbreaking losses, and severe setbacks, this historic night of winning best supporting actress for her role as the sassy Mammy in the controversial movie Gone With the Wind was going to be life-changing. Or so she thought. Months after winning the award, not only did the Oscar curse set in where Hattie couldn’t find work, but she found herself thrust in the middle of two worlds—Black and White—and not being welcomed in either. Whites only saw her as Mammy and Blacks detested the demeaning portrayal. As the NAACP waged an all-out war against Hattie and actors like her, the emotionally conflicted actor found herself struggling daily. Through it all, Hattie continued her fight to pave a path for other Negro actors, while focusing on war efforts, fighting housing discrimination, and navigating four failed marriages. Luckily, she had a core group of friends to help her out—from Clark Gable to Louise Beavers to Ruby Berkley Goodwin and Dorothy Dandridge. The Queen of Sugar Hill brings to life the powerful story of one woman who was driven by many passions—ambition, love, sex, family, friendship, and equality. In re-creating Hattie’s story, ReShonda Tate delivers an unforgettable novel of resilience, dedication, and determination—about what it takes to achieve your dreams—even when everything—and everyone—is against you.


Did You Hear About Kitty Karr? - Crystal Smith Paul Cover Art

Did You Hear About Kitty Karr?

Did You Hear About Kitty Karr? A Novel by Crystal Smith Paul

REESE'S BOOK CLUB MAY 2023 PICK BOOK OF THE MONTH MAY 2023 PICK A multigenerational saga that traverses the glamour of old Hollywood and the seductive draw of modern-day showbiz When Kitty Karr Tate, a White icon of the silver screen, dies and bequeaths her multimillion-dollar estate to the St. John sisters, three young, wealthy Black women, it prompts questions. Lots of questions. A celebrity in her own right, Elise St. John would rather focus on sorting out Kitty’s affairs than deal with the press. But what she discovers in one of Kitty’s journals rocks her world harder than any other brewing scandal could—and between a cheating fiancé and the fallout from a controversial social media post, there are plenty. The truth behind Kitty's ascent to stardom from her beginnings in the segregated South threatens to expose a web of unexpected family ties, debts owed, and debatable crimes that could, with one pull, unravel the all-American fabric of the St. John sisters and those closest to them. As Elise digs deeper into Kitty's past, she must also turn the lens upon herself, confronting the gifts and burdens of her own choices and the power that the secrets of the dead hold over the living. Did You Hear About Kitty Karr? is a sprawling page-turner set against the backdrop of the Hollywood machine, an insightful and nuanced look at the inheritances of family, race, and gender—and the choices some women make to break free of them.


The Cartel - Ashley & JaQuavis Cover Art

The Cartel

The Cartel by Ashley & JaQuavis

The port of Miami brings in millions of dollars worth of cocaine every year, and The Cartel controls eighty percent of it. The Diamond family is a force to be reckoned with, but all hell breaks loose when they lose their leader. The most ruthless gangster Miami has ever seen, Carter Diamond leaves behind a wife, twin sons, a daughter, and a secret. The secret is his illegitimate son, Carter Jones. When Young Carter learns of his father's death, he comes to town and is introduced to the legacy of The Cartel. Miamor is a woman who uses her beauty to enhance her skill as a contract killer. She is the leader of The Murder Mamas. When her crew is hired to take down The Cartel, they get caught slipping, and Miamor loses her sister in the process. She is determined to get revenge from The Cartel. Unknowingly, she meets the son of Carter Diamond, and he immediately catches her heart. She is sleeping with the enemy, and when she finds out, she is torn between love and revenge. Young Carter and Miamor lead two different lifestyles. They are on opposing teams, and when their worlds collide, the truth will be unveiled in an unpredictable ending.


Run - Ann Patchett Cover Art


Run A Novel by Ann Patchett

"Engaging, surprising, provocative and moving...a thoroughly intelligent book, an intimate domestic drama that nonetheless deals with big issues touching us all: religion, race, class, politics and, above all else, family." -- Washington Post From New York Times bestselling author Ann Patchett comes an engrossing story of one family on one fateful night in Boston where secrets are unlocked and new bonds are formed. Since their mother's death, Tip and Teddy Doyle have been raised by their loving possessive and ambitions father. As the former mayor of Boston, Bernard Doyle wants to see is sons in politics, a dream the boys have never shared. But when an argument in a blinding New England snowstorm inadvertently causes an accident that involves a stranger and her child, all Bernard Doyle cares about is his ability to keep his children--all his children--safe. Set over a period of twenty-four hours, Run takes us from the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard to a home for retired Catholic Priests in downtown Boston. It shows us how worlds of privilege and poverty can coexist only blocks apart from each other, and how family can include people you've never even met. As an in her bestselling novel, Bel Canto, Ann Patchett illustrates the humanity that connects disparate lives, weaving several stories into one surprising and endlessly moving narrative. Suspenseful and stunningly executed, Run is ultimately a novel about secrets, duty, responsibility, and the lengths we will go to protect our children.


The Cartel 3: - Ashley & JaQuavis Cover Art

The Cartel 3:

The Cartel 3: The Last Chapter by Ashley & JaQuavis

The Cartel has come full circle with this fast-paced, groundbreaking novel, the finale to the hit series by New York Times bestsellers Ashley & JaQuavis. Miamor is fighting for her life in the belly of the beast. She's been kidnapped, and she's staring death in the eye. Is the reign over for the head of the Murda Mamas? Carter is in federal custody and leaves the Diamond Empire to Zyir and Mecca. When the past comes back to haunt Mecca and the truth finally comes to light, will The Cartel rise or fall? Breeze is in the clutches of the crazed Ma'tee, and she desperately searches for a way out. Will she escape, or die his love slave? The answers to these questions lie inside the pages of Cartel 3: The Final Chapter. Open it to discover the shocking truth, and prepare yourself for the unpredictable conclusion of one of the best street series of all time.


Only a Bad Boy Can Love Her 2 - Porscha Sterling Cover Art

Only a Bad Boy Can Love Her 2

Only a Bad Boy Can Love Her 2 The Finale by Porscha Sterling

“Love is a drug I never wanted to take. But now I have and it’s too late. I’m addicted to you.” Legend is on a mission and it happens to be one he can’t speak about. Always a man of little words, keeping things close to the heart has never been a problem. Or at least it never used to be until January began to occupy that space. Now he’s fighting a battle between his mind and his heart and, unlike any battle he’s ever fought before, this is a war that no matter how it ends, sacrifice will be required. While Legend’s battling his own demons, January’s on a mission of her own. In some ways different from his, but almost nearly the same. With trust being a vulnerability that she’s been the most reluctant to embrace, it’s the exact thing that love requires. But how can she trust the man who broke her heart? There are no shadows when you’re surrounded by darkness, but when love makes way for the light to shine through, all the things you refused to face appear. Can January and Legend conquer their darkness to enjoy the light of each other? Or will fear of fully opening up to one another stop them from experiencing love’s true bliss?


Summer on Highland Beach - Sunny Hostin Cover Art

Summer on Highland Beach

Summer on Highland Beach A Novel by Sunny Hostin

The View cohost and three-time Emmy Award winner Sunny Hostin transports readers to Highland Beach in the captivating third novel of her New York Times bestselling Summer Beach series. In this awakening, spirited novel, Sunny Hostin celebrates family, friendship, and community and reminds us of the importance of the legacies of our collective past and finding one’s way in the world. Founded in the late 1800s by the son of Frederick Douglass, Highland Beach along the Chesapeake Bay is the oldest Black resort community in America. Inside this proud and secluded beach community of about 100 private homes is Olivia Jones’s legacy. But Oliva’s legacy comes with thorns—intertwined are secrets of her aunt’s death; a controlling grandmother who is determined to crush anyone or anything that will interfere with her son’s political career; and a father who wants to rebuild the family he rejected decades ago. In the midst of tense family drama, Olivia must decide if she wants to return to the beautiful life she’s created in Sag Harbor—with the neighbors and wonderful man who’ve become central to her happiness—or finally achieve her dream of having a family and home to call her own in Highland Beach.


Miss Pearly's Girls - ReShonda Tate Billingsley Cover Art

Miss Pearly's Girls

Miss Pearly's Girls A Captivating Tale of Family Healing by ReShonda Tate Billingsley

In this captivating family drama from award-winning, bestselling author ReShonda Tate Billingsley, four estranged sisters must return to rural Arkansas when their mother is diagnosed with a terminal illness. Their mother wants them to repair their shattered relationships, but first they’ll have to face the lies and obstacles they’ve worked so hard to leave behind…   Raising four very different daughters on her own in rural Arkansas wasn't easy for Miss Pearly Bell. And she's always regretted that the sisters went their separate ways for good—and never wanted to see each other again. But when Pearly is stricken with a terminal illness, she summons them all home—determined to somehow help them get right with each other and forgive. . . But that means dealing with past secrets and lies first.    As the oldest sister, pastor's wife Maxine took her responsibility way too seriously—and never fails to judge everyone else. But a secret she can no longer keep will explode everything she stands for. Youngest sister Leslie is all about making a very different life with her new love—but she didn't expect a shattering past truth to be suddenly revealed and uproot everything she ever thought she knew. Elegant PR professional Stella and her earthy twin, Star, don’t see eye-to-eye on anything—and now a long-ago deception could wipe out their last chance at a relationship.   Soon each sister must confront the illusions they've taken refuge in for so long and deal with each other woman-to-woman. But can building an all-too-fragile trust repair the damage done—and help them come together when they are needed most?  


The Sweetness of Water (Oprah's Book Club) - Nathan Harris Cover Art

The Sweetness of Water (Oprah's Book Club)

The Sweetness of Water (Oprah's Book Club) A Novel by Nathan Harris

An Instant New York Times bestseller / An Oprah’s Book Club Pick In the spirit of The Known World and The Underground Railroad , an award-winning “miraculous debut” ( Washington Post ) about the unlikely bond between two freedmen who are brothers and the Georgia farmer whose alliance will alter their lives, and his, forever In the waning days of the Civil War, brothers Prentiss and Landry—freed by the Emancipation Proclamation—seek refuge on the homestead of George Walker and his wife, Isabelle. The Walkers, wracked by the loss of their only son to the war, hire the brothers to work their farm, hoping through an unexpected friendship to stanch their grief. Prentiss and Landry, meanwhile, plan to save money for the journey north and a chance to reunite with their mother, who was sold away when they were boys. Parallel to their story runs a forbidden romance between two Confederate soldiers. The young men, recently returned from the war to the town of Old Ox, hold their trysts in the woods. But when their secret is discovered, the resulting chaos, including a murder, unleashes convulsive repercussions on the entire community. In the aftermath of so much turmoil, it is Isabelle who emerges as an unlikely leader, proffering a healing vision for the land and for the newly free citizens of Old Ox. With candor and sympathy, debut novelist Nathan Harris creates an unforgettable cast of characters, depicting Georgia in the violent crucible of Reconstruction. Equal parts beauty and terror, as gripping as it is moving, The Sweetness of Water is an epic whose grandeur locates humanity and love amid the most harrowing circumstances. One of President Obama's Favorite Books of 2021 Winner of the Ernest J. Gaines Award for Literary Excellence Winner of the Willie Morris Award for Southern Fiction Winner of the Writers’ League of Texas Book Award for Fiction Longlisted for the Man Booker Prize Shortlisted for the Dylan Thomas Prize Shortlisted for the VCU Cabell First Novelist Award Longlisted for the 2022 Carnegie Medal for Excellence Longlisted for the Center for Fiction First Novel Prize Longlisted for the Crook’s Corner Book Prize A Best Book of the Year: Oprah Daily, NPR, Washington Post, Time, Boston Globe , Smithsonian, Chicago Public Library, BookBrowse, and the Oregonian A N ew York Times Book Review Editors' Choice A July 2021 Indie Next Pick


Rozalyn 3 - Myss Shan Cover Art

Rozalyn 3

Rozalyn 3 by Myss Shan

Rozalyn and Tamar are back but unfortunately they're not together. After Tamar damn near killed Rozalyn a little over a year ago; the couple decided to cut their losses and move on. Rozalyn does her best to become a better, independent woman being she no longer has Tamar to depend on. She goes to school, opens her own beauty shop, and is even thinking of starting her own clothing line. Everything is going good especially when she meets Messiah; he sweeps her off her feet and shows her what true love is. Tamar feels since he's gotten rid of all of his enemies he's ready to jump back in the game. With a new lady on his arm, things are looking up and of course the cash is flowing nicely. That is until Messiah comes home and looks to reclaim his spot as the King of Miami. Messiah is messing with Tamar's paper and his woman. With the two men fighting for the crown and the girl; things will get rather ugly. Who will Rozalyn choose in the end? The guy that she bared three kids with and has gone through hell and back with, or the guy that treats her better than royalty? A choice must be made, but will that choice be a deadly one?


Cashin' Out - Jai Nicole Cover Art

Cashin' Out

Cashin' Out by Jai Nicole

Chanelle is no stranger to being broke. Growing up in one of the worst projects in Raleigh, she came up with nothing while praying for a come up. When she hooks up with JaQuez, a dopeboy with deep pockets, she's finally able to leave the hood and live the life she always felt she deserved. However, when JaQuez does the unthinkable, Chanelle hatches a plan to ensure her financial security and escape her old life. Now in a new city, Chanelle hopes for a fresh start. Meeting a hustler by the name of Trap, she believes she's found a new come up. But when her heart starts to get involved, she begins second-guessing her initial plans for him. Still, Chanelle's not the only one with a trick up her sleeve and those that she s crossed are determined to bring her down. In this cautionary tale set in the dirty south, characters are Cashin' Out for every move made. No one can be trusted, love and lies are closely related, loyalty is a term used loosely, and secrets have the potential to destroy lives.


Grand Opening - Carl Weber & Eric Pete Cover Art

Grand Opening

Grand Opening A Family Business Novel by Carl Weber & Eric Pete

Before there was the family, there was just the business. From the minds of New York Times bestselling authors Carl Weber and Eric Pete comes the game-changing prequel to their blockbuster Family Business saga. Travel back to a small Southern town where, before there was Duncan Motors, there were the Duncan brothers: Louis, aka Sweet Lou, a lover of ladies and life . . . and a man you did not want to cross; Lawrence, aka Larry, a screw-up as attracted to trouble as it was to him; and Lavernius, better known as LC, the soft-spoken college boy who simply wanted to sell cars. But the Duncan brothers weren’t alone at the crossroads. There was also the mysterious and seductive Chippy, a woman who saw a way out of her circumstances and dared to take it. Witness what changed the course of their lives when ambitions intersected with opportunity that came calling one day in the form of a man named Alejandro Zuniga. Welcome to the familiar, but as you’ve never seen it before.


The Plug Next Door 2 - Sol Cover Art

The Plug Next Door 2

The Plug Next Door 2 Summer's Story by Sol

Part II of The Plug Next Door reveals all the secrets that you've all been waiting for. God has a lot to lose after keeping his wife a secret from Reese all this time. He's in love with the beautiful, charismatic, highly educated doctor but once his skeletons jump out of the closet, he might just lose her forever. However, he's not willing to let her go so easily. But with someone out to destroy him and his empire, he might have no other choice but to surrender his love. Unbeknownst to Nas, he's in the middle of it all. The key to figuring out who's on a mission to take out the Taliban Gang is with him. From the moment he stepped foot onto New York soil, a domino effect of murders, lies, and deceit began. He finds out who his brothers are, but things only get worse from there. He also manages to get Vasii, the girl of his dreams, but what happens when he finds out she's the sister of an old fling? Will he be able to keep her? In the middle of the hailstorm, Young is determined to steal Alexa's heart. He's successful in making her fall in love, but there's just one issue... he isn't like most men. When he loves, he loves hard. Young honestly can't help his possessive ways, given the circumstances, but Alexa may not be ready for it. Then again, she's just as crazy about him as he is her. They're both keeping secrets in the meantime... secrets that could get somebody hurt. Who are the DeLeneau Brothers, really? And are the women they're in love with who they claim to be? Everyone will be shocked to realize they've been dating so close to home. But more importantly, love can blind you from snakes. Who's going to mow the grass and reveal all? Find out in The Plug Next Door II...


Honey and Spice - Bolu Babalola Cover Art

Honey and Spice

Honey and Spice A Novel by Bolu Babalola

INSTANT NATIONAL BESTSELLER • A REESE'S BOOK CLUB PICK • A TIKTOK BOOK CLUB PICK "Sexy, messy and wry, Honey and Spice more than delivers." — New York Times Book Review "A vibrant debut novel . . . Babalola is incisively funny, capturing the kick and sweetness of her title with her words." — Entertainment Weekly Named a Best Book of the Year by Time • Esquire • Vanity Fair • Oprah Daily • Cosmopolitan • Elle • Harper's Bazaar • Southern Living • Buzzfeed • Women's Health Magazine • AudioFile • Popsugar • and more! Introducing internationally bestselling author Bolu Babalola’s dazzling debut novel, full of passion, humor, and heart, that centers on a young Black British woman who has no interest in love and unexpectedly finds herself caught up in a fake relationship with the man she warned her girls about Sweet like plantain, hot like pepper. They taste the best when together... Sharp-tongued (and secretly soft-hearted) Kiki Banjo has just made a huge mistake. As an expert in relationship-evasion and the host of the popular student radio show Brown Sugar, she’s made it her mission to make sure the women of the African-Caribbean Society at Whitewell University do not fall into the mess of “situationships”, players, and heartbreak. But when the Queen of the Unbothered kisses Malakai Korede, the guy she just publicly denounced as “The Wastemen of Whitewell,” in front of every Blackwellian on campus, she finds her show on the brink. They’re soon embroiled in a fake relationship to try and salvage their reputations and save their futures. Kiki has never surrendered her heart before, and a player like Malakai won’t be the one to change that, no matter how charming he is or how electric their connection feels. But surprisingly entertaining study sessions and intimate, late-night talks at old-fashioned diners force Kiki to look beyond her own presumptions. Is she ready to open herself up to something deeper? A gloriously funny and sparkling debut novel, Honey and Spice is full of delicious tension and romantic intrigue that will make you weak at the knees. "A smart, sexy summer read, which hits your brain and your romance buttons in one shot." — Los Angeles Times "The ultimate summer romance . . . It’s got all the juiciest, most satisfying romance tropes, but in Babalola’s capable hands, the story feels fresh and unique." — The Cut, New York magazine “Divine summer reading. Hilarious, hot, and heartfelt. ” — Meg Cabot, #1 New York Times bestselling author


Parable of the Talents - Octavia E. Butler Cover Art

Parable of the Talents

Parable of the Talents by Octavia E. Butler

Originally published in 1998, this shockingly prescient novel's timely message of hope and resistance in the face of fanaticism is more relevant than ever. In 2032, Lauren Olamina has survived the destruction of her home and family, and realized her vision of a peaceful community in northern California based on her newly founded faith, Earthseed. The fledgling community provides refuge for outcasts facing persecution after the election of an ultra-conservative president who vows to "make America great again." In an increasingly divided and dangerous nation, Lauren's subversive colony--a minority religious faction led by a young black woman--becomes a target for President Jarret's reign of terror and oppression. Years later, Asha Vere reads the journals of a mother she never knew, Lauren Olamina. As she searches for answers about her own past, she also struggles to reconcile with the legacy of a mother caught between her duty to her chosen family and her calling to lead humankind into a better future.


Moth to a Flame - Ashley Antoinette Cover Art

Moth to a Flame

Moth to a Flame by Ashley Antoinette

In the little city of Flint, MI, the good die young and the people left standing are the grimiest of characters. With reign over the city's drug trade, Benjamin Atkins made sure that his precious daughter, Raven, was secluded from the grit that the city had to offer. But when Raven's young heart gets claimed by Mizan, a stick-up kid in search of a come-up, there's nothing Benjamin can do about losing her to the streets. She chooses love over loyalty and runs off with Mizan, but her new role as wifey soon proves to be more than she can handle. Puppy love always feels right, but things turn stale, and she soon finds that everyone she loves has disappeared. All she has is Mizan, but when hugs and kisses turn to bloody lips and black eyes, she realizes that Mizan is not who she thought he was. Raven becomes desperate for a way out, but this time, Daddy can't save her. Every time she finds the courage to leave, fear convinces her to stay. Like a moth to a flame, Raven is drawn to Mizan, even though she knows he'll be the death of her. When the hood life she chose becomes unbearable and the only way out is in a coffin, what will she do?


Thug Matrimony - Wahida Clark Cover Art

Thug Matrimony

Thug Matrimony by Wahida Clark

An uninvited guest throws a ghetto wedding into chaos in this raw urban romance by the New York Times and Essence bestselling author. Angel, Jaz, Tasha, and Kyra are living proof that hope is more than a word. The four girlfriends are pulling themselves out of the ghetto—and trying to bring their hearts up to higher ground with them. But sometimes the past ain't in no mood to let go. . . Angel has met the brother of her dreams—after living through a nightmare with Snake. Believing that pimp is dead, Angel has moved on. She's starting her own law practice and a new life with Kaylin, a drug dealer who's stepped outta the game to run a recycling business and a hot new record label. But the past is never far from Kaylin, and when an unwanted guest crashes their wedding, all the rage and bloodlust from the hood comes bustin' out—and Angel's gonna need every prayer in heaven to make it to the altar.


Butterfly 3 - Ashley Antoinette Cover Art

Butterfly 3

Butterfly 3 by Ashley Antoinette

“One of the biggest names in urban-fiction.” - Red Carpet Crash on Butterfly The hardest thing Morgan Atkins has ever done is let go of love. After losing Messiah, she never thought she’d find someone who understood her again. Until she reunited with Ahmeek Harris and their friendship quickly transformed into something deeper, but there was one problem... she was engaged to a man she didn’t love and he’s holding a deadly secret over her head. If that wasn’t enough, her long lost love Messiah returned to claim her as his own. Three men plus one woman equals inevitable heartbreak. Morgan wants to follow her heart and take the risk of a lifetime, but she risks destroying her family in the process. Will Morgan enter a loveless marriage? Or will Messiah and Ahmeek fix their brotherhood and work together to save the woman they both love?


Take My Hand - Dolen Perkins-Valdez Cover Art

Take My Hand

Take My Hand by Dolen Perkins-Valdez

Winner of the 2023 NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work - Fiction “Deeply empathetic yet unflinching in its gaze…an unforgettable exploration of responsibility and redemption.”—Celeste Ng Inspired by true events that rocked the nation, a searing and compassionate new novel about a Black nurse in post-segregation Alabama who blows the whistle on a terrible injustice done to her patients, from the New York Times bestselling author of Wench Montgomery, Alabama, 1973. Fresh out of nursing school, Civil Townsend intends to make a difference, especially in her African American community. At the Montgomery Family Planning Clinic, she hopes to help women shape their destinies, to make their own choices for their lives and bodies. But when her first week on the job takes her along a dusty country road to a worn-down one-room cabin, Civil is shocked to learn that her new patients, Erica and India, are children—just eleven and thirteen years old. Neither of the Williams sisters has even kissed a boy, but they are poor and Black, and for those handling the family’s welfare benefits, that’s reason enough to have the girls on birth control. As Civil grapples with her role, she takes India, Erica, and their family into her heart. Until one day she arrives at their door to learn the unthinkable has happened, and nothing will ever be the same for any of them. Decades later, with her daughter grown and a long career in her wake, Dr. Civil Townsend is ready to retire, to find her peace, and to leave the past behind. But there are people and stories that refuse to be forgotten. That must not be forgotten. Because history repeats what we don’t remember. Inspired by true events and brimming with hope, Take My Hand is a stirring exploration of accountability and redemption. “Highlights the horrific discrepancies in our healthcare system and illustrates their heartbreaking consequences.”—Essence


Girl, Woman, Other - Bernardine Evaristo Cover Art

Girl, Woman, Other

Girl, Woman, Other A Novel (Booker Prize Winner) by Bernardine Evaristo

NATIONAL BESTSELLER WINNER OF THE BOOKER PRIZE “A must-read about modern Britain and womanhood . . . An impressive, fierce novel about the lives of black British families, their struggles, pains, laughter, longings and loves . . . Her style is passionate, razor-sharp, brimming with energy and humor. There is never a single moment of dullness in this book and the pace does not allow you to turn away from its momentum.” —Booker Prize Judges Bernardine Evaristo is the winner of the 2019 Booker Prize and the first black woman to receive this highest literary honor in the English language. Girl, Woman, Other is a magnificent portrayal of the intersections of identity and a moving and hopeful story of an interconnected group of Black British women that paints a vivid portrait of the state of contemporary Britain and looks back to the legacy of Britain’s colonial history in Africa and the Caribbean. The twelve central characters of this multi-voiced novel lead vastly different lives: Amma is a newly acclaimed playwright whose work often explores her Black lesbian identity; her old friend Shirley is a teacher, jaded after decades of work in London’s funding-deprived schools; Carole, one of Shirley’s former students, is a successful investment banker; Carole’s mother Bummi works as a cleaner and worries about her daughter’s lack of rootedness despite her obvious achievements. From a nonbinary social media influencer to a 93-year-old woman living on a farm in Northern England, these unforgettable characters also intersect in shared aspects of their identities, from age to race to sexuality to class. Sparklingly witty and filled with emotion, centering voices we often see othered, and written in an innovative fast-moving form that borrows technique from poetry, Girl, Woman, Other is a polyphonic and richly textured social novel that shows a side of Britain we rarely see, one that reminds us of all that connects us to our neighbors, even in times when we are encouraged to be split apart.


Guilty Gucci - Ashley Antoinette Cover Art

Guilty Gucci

Guilty Gucci by Ashley Antoinette

The Red Bottom Bandits may be the world's most fashion-forward gang of masked outlaws. They're the talk of D.C. for their daring robberies and fly gear. And their latest caper is penned by Ashley Antoinette (of Ashley & JaQuavis) at her sultry, streetwise best. When the innocent, naïve Gucci recognizes ringleader Sunny Raegan during a holdup, that's her "in" with the Bandits. Knowing she's got a lot more beauty than brains, Gucci sees the gang as her meal ticket. More likely, they'll be her ticket to the morgue! The Bandits may be lawless, but they play by a few simple rules: Get in and get out. . .shoot first and ask questions later. . .never leave without the money. . .and innocent people don't get hurt. But it's only a matter of time before all these rules get broken—and that's when Gucci gets caught! If there's one thing a girl needs, it's a little help from her friends. But her "friends" have skipped town without giving her a second thought. And Sunny is distracted by her new baby and her violent ex-lover. So Gucci's on her own. She's on trial for her life, and she must decide whether to snitch on the girls—or take the fall all by herself. Whichever she chooses, it may be her death sentence.


The Dopefiend: - JaQuavis Coleman Cover Art

The Dopefiend:

The Dopefiend: Part 2 of the Dopeman's Trilogy by JaQuavis Coleman

Part 2 of the Dopeman's Trilogy, JaQuavis Coleman chillingly chronicles the life and crimes of Harlem resident Hazel Brown, as she rises to the highest highs and spirals into an inevitable, devastating downfall. Hazel has nothing and no one in her life; the only thing she "owns" is an insatiable addiction to heroin. Her addiction brings her to the slums, where she quickly learns the tricks of surviving—of hustling and getting her street smarts. She'll do anything to feed her habit, even if that means robbing and conning and selling her own body. Yet no matter how much heroin she does, the pain that's cut so deep within her never goes away in this story so intimate and compellingly written, you'll feel like you're walking in her shoes.


Love and Lies - Kimberla Lawson Roby Cover Art

Love and Lies

Love and Lies by Kimberla Lawson Roby

At long last, the Reverend Curtis Black appears to be on the straight and narrow. The all-too-human preacher is a bestselling author now, and he and his wife, Charlotte, are raising two adorable children. But the ever-suspicious Charlotte doesn't trust that Curtis has put his womanizing past behind him. While he's on the road promoting his latest book, she knows that there needs to be just one extra-devoted fan in his flock for him to stray. Charlotte is no angel herself, and she's been keeping plenty of secrets from Curtis while he's been away. Still, Charlotte believes with all her heart that things will be better once Curtis is home again, although she should be careful what she wishes for since love may not be enough to untangle the web of lies she and Curtis have woven for themselves. And in the end, she'll have some tough decisions to make if she wants to salvage her marriage.


Black Candle Women - Diane Marie Brown Cover Art

Black Candle Women

Black Candle Women A Read with Jenna Pick by Diane Marie Brown

A Read with Jenna Book Club Pick as Seen on the Today Show “If you like Practical Magic… you will love Black Candle Women.” —Jenna Bush Hager Named a Best Book of the Month by: Shondaland, MS. Magazine,, Reader’s Digest, Katie Couric Media, AARP Sisters, Goodreads, BookRiot A warm and wry family drama with a magical twist about four generations of Black women, a family love curse, and the secrets they keep for and from each other over one very complicated year Generations of Montrose women—Augusta, Victoria, Willow—have always lived together in their quaint California bungalow. They keep to themselves, never venture far from home, and their collection of tinctures and spells is an unspoken bond between them. But when young Nickie Montrose brings home a boy for the first time, their quiet lives are thrown into disarray. For the family has withheld a crucial secret from Nickie all these years: any person a Montrose woman falls in love with will die. Their surprise guest forces each woman to reckon with her own past choices and mistakes. And as new truths about the curse emerge, they're set on a collision course dating back to 1950s New Orleans’s French Quarter—where a hidden story in a mysterious book may just hold the answers they seek in life and in love… “Richly imagined and elegantly told, with plenty of satisfying secrets, heartaches, and twists.” —Sadeqa Johnson, New York Times bestselling author of The House of Eve, a Reese's Book Club Pick “Propulsive and poignant, Black Candle Women concocts an intoxicating potion of warmth, wisdom, and wonder.” —Ava DuVernay


Life After Death - Sister Souljah Cover Art

Life After Death

Life After Death A Novel by Sister Souljah

INSTANT #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER INSTANT USA TODAY BESTSELLER The long-anticipated sequel to Sister Souljah’s million copy New York Times bestseller The Coldest Winter Ever . Winter Santiaga hit time served. Still stunning, still pretty, still bold, still loves her father more than any man in the world, still got her hustle and high fashion flow. She’s eager to pay back her enemies, rebuild her father’s empire, reset his crown, and ultimately to snatch Midnight back into her life no matter which bitch had him while she was locked up. But Winter is not the only one with revenge on her mind. Simone, Winter’s young business partner and friend, is locked and loaded and Winter is her target. Will she blow Winter’s head off? Can Winter dodge the bullets? Or will at least one bullet blast Winter into another world? Either way Winter is fearless. Hell is the same as any hood and certainly the Brooklyn hood she grew up in. That’s what Winter thinks. A heartwarming, heart-burning, passionate, sexual, comical, and completely original adventure is about to happen in real time—raw, shocking, soulful, and shameless. True fans won’t let Winter travel alone on this amazing journey.


Rozalyn 8 - Myss Shan Cover Art

Rozalyn 8

Rozalyn 8 by Myss Shan

Rozalyn and Tamar are back.. Tamar is faced with issues continuing to surround his home. With his boys growing up, they're more than desperate to prove to their father that they are ready to enter the family business. However crucial mistakes put them in harm's way and has Tamar scouring to find out who is responsible. Rozalyn is finding that her new budding career as a lawyer is everything that it should be and more. Things are looking up for as a lawyer and in her home until blast from the past threatens to yet again ruin the union she has with Tamar.  Cuba is still back and forth between whether she wants to stay with Khi after the infidelity he displayed. Falling in love with Rozalyn's security had never been in the plans. She finds herself stuck between doing what's right and doing what feels right when her secrets are forcefully brought to the light. 


This Great Hemisphere - Mateo Askaripour Cover Art

This Great Hemisphere

This Great Hemisphere A Novel by Mateo Askaripour

" This Great Hemisphere  is an inventive and immersive epic that follows its brave invisible protagonist as she navigates a futuristic new world that often mirrors our own. A thrilling page-turner." —Brit Bennett, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Vanishing Half From the award-winning and bestselling author of Black Buck : A speculative novel about a young woman—invisible by birth and relegated to second-class citizenship—who sets off on a mission to find her older brother, whom she had presumed dead but who is now the primary suspect in a high-profile political murder. Despite the odds, Sweetmint, a young invisible woman, has done everything right her entire life—school, university, and now a highly sought-after apprenticeship with the Northwestern Hemisphere’s premier inventor, a non-invisible man belonging to the Dominant Population who is as eccentric as he is enigmatic. But the world she has fought so hard to build after the disappearance of her older brother comes crashing down when authorities claim that not only is he well and alive, he’s also the main suspect in the murder of the Chief Executive of the Northwestern Hemisphere.  A manhunt ensues, and Sweetmint, armed with courage, intellect, and unwavering love for her brother, sets off on a mission to find him before it’s too late. With five days until the hemisphere’s big election, Sweetmint must dodge a relentless law officer who’s determined to maintain order and an ambitious politician with sights set on becoming the next Chief Executive by any means necessary. With the captivating worldbuilding of N. K. Jemisin’s novels and blazing defiance of Naomi Alderman’s work, This Great Hemisphere is a novel that brilliantly illustrates the degree to which reality can be shaped by non-truths and vicious manipulations, while shining a light on our ability to surprise ourselves when we stop giving in to the narratives others have written for us.


Wired Hard - Toby Neal Cover Art

Wired Hard

Wired Hard by Toby Neal

🔥 WIRED ROGUE, BOOK 2, ALSO FREE! Get yours NOW! And the rest of the series is O N  S A L E briefly! Paradise hides a Lahaina thief with an obsession about the buried Hawaiian palace on Maui, and SOPHIE is the one to solve this crime. If Lisbeth Salander and Jack Reacher had a Black/Thai love child…she would be SOPHIE. ✅ Brilliant hacker, MMA fighter, domestic abuse survivor, and chronic depressive, Sophie is complicated ✅ Likes kids and animals more than people ✅ Never, never gives up on a case.  What would you do to save something priceless? Security specialist Sophie Ang has a new case: someone is looting artifacts from a royal Hawaiian archaeological site in Lahaina on Maui. Things get deadly fast, and Sophie's friend, Detective Lei Texeira, takes the case. The women track a killer whose tangled motives extend high into the world of Hawaiian cultural affairs, and deep into the darkest of human motivations—and all the while, Sophie walks a tightrope between new love and heartbreak. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Finalist: Best Indie Book Contest ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "This thriller explores a little known and culturally important archeological site hidden under a baseball diamond in the center of Lahaina. Exhuming it could point a way forward to restoration of the town." ~Reviewer "Neal's female leads are strong, fierce, independent, and fabulous although rough around the edges. She writes with such exquisite detail...immersing you in the island surroundings as though you are there. Exhilarating, suspenseful, thrilling, fast-paced, action-packed, easy flow, engaging, immersive, vulnerable, and scintillating." ~F. Thorn, reviewer


Wired Dark - Toby Neal Cover Art

Wired Dark

Wired Dark by Toby Neal

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Second Book, WIRED ROGUE, is FREE! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️   If Lisbeth Salander and Jack Reacher had a Black/Thai love child…she would be SOPHIE. ✅ Brilliant hacker, MMA fighter, domestic abuse survivor, chronic depressive ✅ Likes kids and animals more than people ✅ Likes to go off the grid and hide under a fake identity ✅ Never, never gives up on a case. Never. Paradise can't contain a thirst for revenge. How would you handle a sadistic stalker? Security specialist Sophie Ang returns to Maui, working alongside dynamic partner Jake Dunn to solve a series of bizarre and escalating threats against a rocker with a beach mansion. But soon, catching a crazed stalker becomes the least of Sophie's problems: a deadly enemy is hell-bent on taking her down, along with anyone she cares about. Sophie's very identity is tested as she grapples with issues of conscience and survival in a struggle that takes her to the edge of heartbreak, and beyond. "One of the year's best books!" ~ KC, Goodreads


By What We Love - Charlene Carr Cover Art

By What We Love

By What We Love by Charlene Carr

Sometimes getting exactly what you want is the worst thing ever. Dream job? Check. Man to make every woman you know stop and turn? Check. But when having one means giving up the other, what's a girl … excuse me, woman to do? Eloise Grant, a successful and driven Public Relations Consultant, has worked her whole life to make sure she never has to depend on anyone but herself. But when she's offered a promotion she feels she can't refuse, depending on herself means leaving her friends, her family, and the man she loves behind. Whatever choice she makes, Eloise's life is about to unravel. Smart and engaging. Heart wrenching and unpredictable. By What We Love, book 3 in the A New Start stand-alone series, is the story of a woman desperate to have it all, while battling with memories of a past she'd rather forget. Here's what readers have to say about By What We Love "This book was delightful , frustrating, hilarious , sad, insightful and hopeful but most of all, it was real ." – Gem Otto " By What We Love is a book that I LOVE. It is full of things to think about, contemplate, ruminate, discuss and perhaps even dream about… if you are a workaholic or are married to, or a partner of, a workaholic, this is a MUST READ ." – Sandra, Goodreads Reviewer "Such feels! Oh the surprises! … this book may be permanently etched on my heart … you should read this book. Seriously." – Kitty's Book Spot " With every page turn, the plot thickens somehow, making it an engaging read with lots of action." – Katie Postlethwaite "Charlene Carr keeps amazing me by her life lessons. Can't wait for the next one!" – Amazon Reviewer "Any career driven woman could sympathize with Eloise… having to choose between their career and their family… you can see yourself in the main character's shoes. " – Lorrea at WhatChaReadin'? "Charlene Carr takes you on a journey of the heart ." – Amazon Reviewer "I have never written a review for a book before but felt compelled to write one for By What We Love . I was drawn into the story from page one … I really enjoyed this book!" – Yvette Hernandez "Eloise is a very likable character… She's strong willed and a go getter. I cheered for her, I laughed with her, my heart broke with hers. Great writing!" – Jolita Aubin Book Club discussion questions are available on the author's website .


A Dopegirl Needs Love Too - Myss Shan Cover Art

A Dopegirl Needs Love Too

A Dopegirl Needs Love Too by Myss Shan

After witnessing the brutal murder of her mother by the hands of her father, Mulani Gibson is sent to live with her uncle and two cousins Tyson and Dondrae. Mulani's uncle taught everyone under his roof to get it how you live and by any means necessary. Mulani and her cousins took that to heart pouring their blood, sweat, and tears into the streets.        Along with her cousins, and best friend Asim Patrick, the game wasn't ready for what they had to offer. Especially not the beautiful, tomboyish, and deadly Mulani.  A force to be reckoned with while carrying a no nonsense type attitude, ran off every man that even tried to get close to Mulani, but it didn't matter, because all she ever wanted was Asim.  Asim is everything a boss should be. His street status is undeniable and at the young age of 21, he's well on his way to having everything a man his age could ever want. The Respect, the riches...but there was only one thing missing...Mulani.  When tragedy brings them together, giving Mulani what she's always wanted, she feels like the streets now has their king and queen and Asim couldn't help but feel the same. But one mistake is all it took for Asim to walk away from Mulani  and into the arms of another woman and even down the path of matrimony.         After the hurt that Asim has caused, Mulani goes harder than ever unwilling to love again. When a problem arises, Mulani's motivation and undeniable dedication to get it handled is what leads her to meet the sexy Maddox aka Dox from the Bronx. Dox is a boss in his own right and wants to give Mulani all the love that she deserves. The time and attention Dox puts in is enough to break down Mulani's walls. She's ready to give in and ready to move on finally, but someone isn't going to allow that to happen…Asim.  There can only be one king in the streets and in Mulani's heart, but who will it be? The fight to the crown will be nothing nice. Who will be the one Mulani choose to show her that love is Unselfish.  


Black Girls Must Be Magic - Jayne Allen Cover Art

Black Girls Must Be Magic

Black Girls Must Be Magic A Novel by Jayne Allen

“Masterfully written and pitch perfect, Black Girls Must Be Magic is, simply, magic.”—Good Morning America In this highly anticipated second installment in the Black Girls Must Die Exhausted series, Tabitha Walker copes with more of life’s challenges and a happy surprise—a baby—with a little help and lots of love from friends old and new. For Tabitha Walker, her grandmother’s old adage, “Black girls must die exhausted” is becoming all too true. Discovering she’s pregnant—after she was told she may not be able to have biological children—Tabitha throws herself headfirst into the world of “single mothers by choice.” Between her job, doctor’s appointments, and preparing for the baby, she’s worn out. And that’s before her boss at the local news station starts getting complaints from viewers about Tabitha’s natural hair. When an unexpected turn of events draws Marc—her on and off-again ex-boyfriend—back into her world with surprising demands, and the situation at work begins to threaten her livelihood and her identity, Tabitha must make some tough decisions about her and her baby’s future. It takes a village to raise a child, and Tabitha turns to the women who have always been there for her. Bolstered by the fierce support of Ms. Gretchen, her grandmother’s best friend, the counsel of her closest friends Laila and Alexis, and the calming presence of her doula Andouele, Tabitha must find a way to navigate motherhood on her own terms. Will she harness the bravery, strength, and self-love she’ll need to keep “the village” together, find her voice at work, and settle things with Marc before the baby arrives? 


Lost Daughters - Mary Monroe Cover Art

Lost Daughters

Lost Daughters by Mary Monroe

“A spicy mixture of family scandal, mother-daughter betrayal, and good-for-nothing men” from the New York Times bestselling author of God Don't Like Ugly ( Publishers Weekly ). Everyone from Louisiana to Florida knows Mama Ruby—a small-town girl who became one of the South's most notorious and volatile women. Now Mary Monroe reveals how Mama Ruby's past haunts the family she's left behind . . . Mama Ruby has died, and Maureen Montgomery is finally taking charge of her own life. With her beautiful teenage daughter, Loretta, by her side, she returns to Florida and settles into a routine any other woman would consider bland. But for Maureen and her brother, Virgil, after Mama Ruby's hair-trigger temper and murderous ways, bland is good. Yet Loretta has other ideas . . . Set on becoming rich and famous, Loretta convinces Maureen to let her start a modeling career with the help of a Miami photographer. But even as they move in promising new directions, they can't escape Mama Ruby—including Virgil, who's concealed one of her most shocking acts for most of his life. To make a future that's truly hers, Maureen will have to take on a bit of Mama Ruby's strength, forge new bonds—and face down the past. Praise for Mary Monroe “An exceptional writer and phenomenal storyteller!” —Kimberla Lawson Roby, New York Times bestselling author “A remarkable talent.” — Chicago Sun-Times “Monroe is a masterful storyteller.” — Philadelphia Inquirer


Taking What's Hers 3 - Mia Black Cover Art

Taking What's Hers 3

Taking What's Hers 3 by Mia Black

The secret affair that Kiyana has indulged in has taken a life of its own, but the guilt of lying and betraying her best friend behind her back is eating at her conscious. Now Kiyana finds herself questioning her steamy relationship with Zerek, is it worth losing it all?


Falling for the Wrong One 2 - Mia Black Cover Art

Falling for the Wrong One 2

Falling for the Wrong One 2 by Mia Black

Months have passed since Charlise and Darryl called off their affair, but Darryl can’t help but think about her from time to time. As he and his wife work to save their marriage, he hopes the time that the time that’s passed will help create distance in his heart too, but a surprise proposal and a devious game will bring all the feelings he’s resisted back to the forefront. Charlise and Darryl have already crossed the line between business and pleasure, but their one sinful decision will have many consequences. Find out what happens in part two of Falling For The Wrong One!


Around the Way Girls - La Jill Hunt, Dwayne S. Joseph & Angel M. Hunter Cover Art

Around the Way Girls

Around the Way Girls 20th Anniversary Edition by La Jill Hunt, Dwayne S. Joseph & Angel M. Hunter

There’s a saying that if you come from my part of town, you're from around the way. Around the Way Girls is a fast-paced look at the lives of some street-smart women who might think they know it all but are about to get the lessons of their lives. La Jill Hunt brings us “Southern Comfort,” the tale of a Southern girl who has to learn to survive on the streets of New York after a tragedy forces her family to leave Georgia and relocate to Brooklyn.   Angel Hunter spices things up with “Busted and Disgusted,” bringing us into the world of Cream, who is dealing with an unfaithful man and trying to build a better future that doesn’t include the strip club where she’s worked for years.    In “Played,” Dwayne Joseph introduces us to Angel, a smart girl with a great career who suddenly finds herself in a dangerous situation when she meets a handsome drug dealer she can’t resist.   Twenty years ago, Urban Books debuted the Around the Way Girls series with popular urban authors bringing tales of savvy, street-smart women. Revisit this classic with the twenty-year anniversary edition of the original .  


When You Can't Let Go 2 - Mia Black Cover Art

When You Can't Let Go 2

When You Can't Let Go 2 by Mia Black

Marco knows what to say and what to do to get Jericka’s attention, but she’s not sure his intentions are real. She’s seen her fair share of guys who flash their money around like it means nothing to them. Life with Hov continues to spiral out of control. As things get worse at home, she questions her feelings about the man she’s loved for so long and the man who has piqued her curiosity. Maybe Marco is not as bad as she thought. Before she has time to absorb those thoughts, she learns that Hov has gotten himself in another situation. She does what she always does for him, but that kind gesture doesn’t protect her from what comes next. Find out what happens in part two of When You Can't Let Go!


When You Can't Let Go 3 - Mia Black Cover Art

When You Can't Let Go 3

When You Can't Let Go 3 by Mia Black

Jericka cautiously pursues a relationship with Marco, but her relationship with Hov keeps hanging over her head. Hov’s not ready to let her go, but Marco can be very persuasive. He’s everything Jericka never knew she wanted, but does he care enough to keep her out of harm’s way? Hov is desperate to get his girl back. He resorts to questionable behavior to try to win her back. His efforts, though, could jeopardize her new relationship. Find out what happens in part three of When You Can't Let Go!


The Upper Room - Mary Monroe Cover Art

The Upper Room

The Upper Room by Mary Monroe

The “magnificent, funny, and terrifying” debut novel from the New York Times bestselling author of God Don’t Like Ugly ( The San Francisco Chronicle ).   Mama Ruby’s known for taking things that aren’t rightfully hers, like her best friend’s stillborn infant, who she brought back to life and christened Maureen. She’s also rumored to have done away with her husband. Some fear her, others try their best to avoid her. But Mama Ruby doesn’t pay them any mind. Not when she’s got the one gift God gave her—her precious baby girl.   But growing up with a mama like Ruby is enough to make any half-sane girl wish for something—anything—else. And when Maureen gets the chance to explore the “real” world, you can bet she’s going to take it . . . and run like hell.   “[An] engaging debut novel . . . The dialogue and setting are reminiscent of Zora Neale Hurston, but the story has a bizarre, violent edge la Stephen King . . . a candid portrayal of the cold-blooded yet fascinating Mama Ruby.” — Publishers Weekly   “A chilling story that is bound to astound Monroe’s fans.” — Booklist   Praise for Mary Monroe   “An exceptional writer and phenomenal storyteller!” —Kimberla Lawson Roby, New York Times bestselling author   “A remarkable talent.” — Chicago Sun-Times   “Monroe is a masterful storyteller.” — Philadelphia Inquirer


Mafioso - Part 1 - Nisa Santiago Cover Art

Mafioso - Part 1

Mafioso - Part 1 by Nisa Santiago

Ambitions as a Mobster Scott West and his wife Layla have an infatuation with the Mafioso way of life. Armed with what they've learned, they assemble their own family based on the careers of the most successful mobsters and are now in charge of a powerful crime family. Their six children--Meyer, Bugsy, Lucky, Bonnie, Clyde, and Gotti--are all being groomed to manage the family business. Al Capone's legacy taught Scott to run his drug empire upon fear, helping him prosper as a daunting opponent. When challenged by Deuce, the daring Baltimore crime boss, Scott has to play the game for real as they clash in a mob-style power struggle. When the smoke clears, only one will have a seat at the head of the table.


Deus X - Stephen Mack Jones Cover Art

Deus X

Deus X by Stephen Mack Jones

Detroit ex-cop August Snow puts his life on the line to protect a friend from modern-day Templars sworn to protect the name of the Catholic church at all costs. Father Michael Grabowski, a Franciscan priest who has tended the spiritual needs of Detroit’s Mexicantown for forty years, has suddenly retired. August Snow, who has known the priest his whole life, finds the circumstances troubling—especially in light of the recent suspicious suicide of another local priest. What dark history is Father Grabowski hiding? The situation takes a turn for the deadly with the appearance at the Detroit diocese of a mysterious priest and combat vet calling himself Francis Dominioni Petra. The man comes from the Vatican, and as his armored guard circles closer and closer to Father Grabowski and his friends, August wants to know why. A terrible crime has been committed in the name of faith—but who is seeking justice, and who is trying to bury the truth and any of its witnesses? August grapples with his own ideas about his faith and his chosen family in this action-packed fourth installment in the Hammett Prize–winning series.


Brooklyn - Tracy Brown Cover Art


Brooklyn by Tracy Brown

Tracy Brown crafts a tale about a master manipulator and serial survivor, who will scorch earth to get what she wants. The question isn’t who murdered her; the question is who wouldn’t? Brooklyn Melody James has finally gotten the punishment she deserves after leaving a web of lies, heartache, and betrayal behind her. As her life slips away, Brooklyn remembers the events that shaped her into the cold, calculating creature she became. Brooklyn learned the art of hustling from her parents who used the church to get money. Idolizing her father and despising her mother, Brooklyn’s determined to be the type of woman who makes her own rules. When her back’s up against the wall, she sacrifices her family, takes the burnt offering that remains, and runs away. In NYC, young Brooklyn charms her way into the inner circle of hustlers and stick-up kids, learning tricks along the way. She catches the eye of a major player in the drug game, Hassan, and they have a breathless love affair. Brooklyn becomes integrated into his operation, earning the trust of Hassan and his associates. But when she gets the keys to the kingdom, driven by unfettered ambition and a ruthless desire to survive, Brooklyn snatches the pot of gold, leaving bitter retribution promises behind her. From DC to Maryland, Brooklyn burns bridges and breaks hearts. What she doesn't realize is that someone is prepared to end her reign of terror. As she faces her killer and her fate, Brooklyn’s stunned that justice comes from the least likely place.


On Rotation - Shirlene Obuobi Cover Art

On Rotation

On Rotation A Novel by Shirlene Obuobi

AS SEEN ON GOOD MORNING AMERICA! ONE OF TEEN VOGUE'S 25 BOOKS BY BLACK AUTHORS THEY CAN'T WAIT TO READ THIS YEAR ONE OF BETCHES' "22 BOOKS YOU NEED TO READ THIS YEAR" "As a fan of Grey’s Anatomy (and Chicago Med!), I couldn’t put down On Rotation, and you won’t be able to, either. Shirlene Obuobi makes you feel as if you’re actually right there with the lovable Angie, and I personally couldn’t get enough."—Meg Cabot, New York Times bestselling author For fans of Grey’s Anatomy and Seven Days in June, this dazzling debut novel by Shirlene Obuobi explores that time in your life when you must decide what you want, how to get it, & who you are, all while navigating love, friendship, and the realization that the path you’re traveling is going to be a bumpy ride. Ghanaian-American Angela Appiah has checked off all the boxes for the “Perfect Immigrant Daughter.” Enroll in an elite medical schoolSnag a suitable lawyer/doctor/engineer boyfriendSurround self with a gaggle of successful and/or loyal friends But then it quickly all falls apart: her boyfriend dumps her, she bombs the most important exam of her medical career, and her best friend pulls away. And her parents, whose approval seems to hinge on how closely she follows the path they chose, are a lot less proud of their daughter. It’s a quarter life crisis of epic proportions. Angie, who has always faced her problems by working “twice as hard to get half as far,” is at a loss. Suddenly, she begins to question everything: her career choice, her friendships, even why she's attracted to men who don't love her as much as she loves them. And just when things couldn’t get more complicated, enter Ricky Gutierrez—brilliant, thoughtful, sexy, and most importantly, seems to see Angie for who she is instead of what she can represent. Unfortunately, he’s also got “wasteman” practically tattooed across his forehead, and Angie’s done chasing mirages of men. Or so she thinks. For someone who’s always been in control, Angie realizes that there’s one thing she can’t plan on: matters of her heart.


Natural Born Hustler - Nikki Turner Cover Art

Natural Born Hustler

Natural Born Hustler by Nikki Turner

BONUS: This edition contains an excerpt from Nikki Turner's  Heartbreak of a Hustler's Wife. The reigning Queen of Hip-Hop Lit, Nikki Turner returns with a fresh and fierce tale sure to satisfy longtime fans and create new ones.   Desember Day is beautiful, confident, and smart. She has more game in the streets than a basketball player does on the court, and her boyfriend, Fame, loves every single inch of her. But unlike her mother, who has been in one bad relationship after another, Desember is not going to wait on a knight in shining armor to save her, and even her love for Fame can’t stand in the way of Desember selling anything and everything—legal or illegal—that can turn a profit, so that she never has to depend on a man. The only thing Desember feels she’s lacking is a father to call her own. And her mother refuses to tell Desember who he is. When Fame finds himself at the wrong end of a gun, fighting for his life, Desember wants nothing more than to stand by her man, but Fame warns her from his hospital bed that she isn’t safe. Desember wonders if she was the real target. Her mother, concerned for Desember’s safety, arranges for her daughter to travel to Richmond, Virginia, to live with Desember’s father and his wife.And when her father’s identity is finally revealed, Desember learns that she is a Natural Born Hustler. But are her troubles really over? Or is the worst yet to come?


God Don't Like Ugly - Mary Monroe Cover Art

God Don't Like Ugly

God Don't Like Ugly by Mary Monroe

The captivating first book in the acclaimed, award-winning and New York Times bestselling God series sweeps readers back to the streets, porches, and parlors of civil rights-era Ohio to bring to life the beginning of an enduring friendship between two girls from opposite sides of the track. "Reminiscent of Zora Neale Hurston." — Publishers Weekly Annette Goode is a shy, awkward, overweight child with a terrible secret. Frightened and ashamed, Annette withdraws into a world of books and food. But the summer she turns thirteen, something incredible happens: Rhoda Nelson chooses her as a friend. Dazzling, generous Rhoda, who is everything Annette is not—gorgeous, slim, and worldly—welcomes Annette into the heart of her eccentric family, which includes her handsome and dignified father; her lovely, fragile “Muh’Dear;” her brooding, dangerous brother Jock; and her colorful white relatives—half-crazy Uncle Johnny, sultry Aunt Lola, and scary, surly Granny Goose. With Rhoda’s help, Annette survives adolescence and blossoms as a woman. But when her beautiful best friend makes a stunning confession about a horrific childhood crime, Annette’s world will never be the same.


Nothing Better Than This Hood Love - Porscha Sterling Cover Art

Nothing Better Than This Hood Love

Nothing Better Than This Hood Love by Porscha Sterling

While only in middle school, Chellise & Kendrik formed a bond under the most unlikely circumstances. With a mother addicted to crack, Kendrik's parents argued constantly, leading him to sneak off to Chellise's house and seek refuge sleeping on her bedroom floor. Although Chellise's parents forbid her to spend time with Kendrik, in her bedroom in the middle of the night, they secretly built a strong friendship. When Kendrik's mother is murdered by his father, he pleads guilty to the crime in an effort to save his father, and Chellise loses her friend. Fifteen years later, Chellise is living a dream. She is engaged to one of the sexiest businessmen in the area, and life with him can’t get any better. But her fiancé is a cheater. When his secret affair comes to the surface, Chellise has more than one reason to want to leave him alone. After serving time for a crime he didn't commit, Kendrik has taken to the streets to make his way through life in light of his troubled past. When a plan gone wrong leads to him running into Chellise, he is reminded just how much he loved the girl who considered him only a friend. The only thing standing in the way of pursuing her is Gianna: his crazy, pregnant girlfriend who has shown she is not above slashing a tire, setting things on fire or even fighting it out in the streets to keep him bound to her. This was previously titled 'All I Want is Hood Love' by Porscha Sterling


Across the Way - Mary Monroe Cover Art

Across the Way

Across the Way by Mary Monroe

In this captivating Depression-era set novel by New York Times bestselling author Mary Monroe, two couples find their grudges endangering more than their Alabama small town’s deceptive peace . . .   When good-time couple Milton and Yvonne Hamilton moved one house over from the respectable-but-restless Odell and Joyce Watson, it was a fast friendship of shared secrets—and secret jealousies and betrayals. Their alliance was bound to crash and burn, but the Hamiltons won’t quite let the flame die out, even after scandalous accusations get them arrested . . .   Odell would do anything to be free of his bootlegging, blackmailing, money extorting neighbors and recover the peaceful—and financially prosperous—life he and Joyce once had. But Milton and Yvonne seem to always bounce back from bad luck, and this time they’ve returned angrier, and greedier, than ever. Determined to get what Odell “owes” them, the Hamiltons have a big surprise for Joyce too, one that shows how far they will go to get revenge . . .   Now pushed past his breaking point, Odell is sure he’s got a foolproof plan to end the scheming once and for all. But it soon spirals into lies, shattering violence, and permanent damage that will roil their tranquil community, and alter his and Joyce’s world forever . . .   PRAISE FOR THE NEIGHBORS SERIES   “ Monroe brings the Deep South Prohibition-era world to life.” — Booklist   “Monroe convincingly portrays a time and place where desperation is the norm.” — Library Journal  


Juug Gods - Jordan Henderson Cover Art

Juug Gods

Juug Gods by Jordan Henderson

Juug Gods is a tale of three goons who put their head together to form a trio brotherhood deeply entrenched in the culture of New Orleans, La. By any means necessary mentality they accomplish the highs and lows by juuging as they rob, scam, and fitness their way to the top. However, when Major a known member of Juug Gods was dragged into a criminal case the Juug Gods had to make desperate decisions as they continued to Juug numerous illegal businesses and dope boys. More or Less juuging have its consequences in the streets so will Juug Gods survive the wars, conflict, losses or reap the benefits or perish in this fast pace urban thriller.


Rozalyn 4 - Myss Shan Cover Art

Rozalyn 4

Rozalyn 4 by Myss Shan

Picks up right where Rozalyn 3 left off!! Rozalyn and Tamar are back! After dealing with her mentally distraught boyfriend and damn near being paralyzed, Rozalyn is determined to make things work with her husband Tamar. She is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that this time they make it without fault. Tamar on the other hand is knee deep in the game, further than ever before. With a set of new demands; he is forced to recruit a new team that pushes him to prove why he is and will always be the boss. Taron and Journey are deeply in love and looking forward to becoming one. They thought they had everything a couple could ever want until another woman-Latoya, shows the both of them exactly what they're missing. New couple Jamir and Erica will show you just how Justice is served. Will these couples overcome what's being thrown their way or will they let it destroy everything they've built? Find out in this drama-filled 4th installment of Rozalyn.


Honor Thy Boss 2 - Charmanie Saquea Cover Art

Honor Thy Boss 2

Honor Thy Boss 2 Love Ain't Easy by Charmanie Saquea

After being left with the decision of whose life he was going to save, Boss finds himself suddenly stuck between his past and his future. Making the wrong choice could leave his life in shambles and in a complete whirlwind. Not resting until his brother Hendrix is six feet under for all the turmoil he’s caused, Boss turns into the very person he vowed not to be ever again. While trying to keep his right-hand man on track, Han is faced with his own problems. The biggest one of them all being Boss’s sister, Freedom. Just when he thought he was over her, Freedom stepped back on the scene, leaving him shook and confused. Old demons come back to haunt Han, taking him back to a dark place, and if he’s not careful, he may never be able to escape it. Turk is back on the scene, and suddenly, he has a new walk and talk. Realizing what he’s been missing in his life, he wants nothing more than to have his family back and will stop at nothing to make that happen. Even if it means going head up with the man the streets know as Boss. In the second installment, everything that these couples were trying to build, could possibly crumble and fall to pieces. One wrong decision and they could lose it all.


What's Done In The Dark: Part 2 - Solaé Dehvine Cover Art

What's Done In The Dark: Part 2

What's Done In The Dark: Part 2 by Solaé Dehvine

Terry and his family continue to desperately keep secrets from each other. Old habits die hard as the family struggles to stay together as everything around them begins to unravel.  They have all yet to learn that What's Done in The Dark will come to light, one way or another.  Read Part 2 of 5 in the Best Selling Series What's Done in the Dark. 


Honor Thy Boss - Charmanie Saquea Cover Art

Honor Thy Boss

Honor Thy Boss Love Ain't Easy by Charmanie Saquea

Trust and loyalty are two key factors that Boss, the king of the mean Detroit streets, live by. When the only woman to ever steal his heart goes against him, leaving him to become a single father, Boss puts all his emotions, time, and focus on his daughter and his empire. That was until he just so happens to run across the young, sexy, and ambitious Choyce. Sharing a similar story, Choyce was also forced to become a single mother at a young age when the father of her child switched up on her. She had no interest in finding love and just wanted to accomplish the goals she had set for herself. Falling for the sexy, dominant, and sometimes callous Boss, was nowhere in her plans, but you can't help who you fall for. Will these two broken and guarded people be able to put their pasts behind them and form a love that no one will be able to penetrate? Or will the pain from previous betrayal cause them to push one another away? Take a journey through the streets of Detroit as Boss and Choyce show us that dealing with love is not as easy as some may think.


My Ratchet Secret 4 - Midnite Love Cover Art

My Ratchet Secret 4

My Ratchet Secret 4 by Midnite Love

Same book new look! Join Pebbles on her journey as she tries to elude the law while raising her child. What will the final outcome be to this ratchet thrill ride?


Flipping Boxcars - Cedric the Entertainer Cover Art

Flipping Boxcars

Flipping Boxcars A Novel by Cedric the Entertainer

The first novel from one of the original Kings of Comedy, Cedric “The Entertainer,” an engaging and entertaining crime caper that is a valentine to close-knit black families and tightly woven communities struggling to get by during the Depression and World War II. Babe is a charismatic and widely loved man, a gambler with a gift for gab that often gets him out of tricky situations. He’s also a dreamer, something he shares with his patient and loving wife, Rosie. They both yearn for financial stability and see the land they own as insurance for future generations. But when Babe and a few comrades enlist in a scheme that improbably falls apart, he endangers the little security the family has.  On the verge of losing everything, what’s a family man to do? If you’re a gambler like Babe, you double down and risk it all for one big score—this time, a plan involving railroad boxcars. Will Babe succeed? Will Rosie continue to support her husband? Are the Feds on to his make-or-break scheme? Flipping Boxcars is Cedric “The Entertainer” at his most engaging best—a charming, fast-paced novel that pays homage to his beloved grandfather and a generation past, anchored by rich, multi-dimensional characters and oozing with irresistible charm.


Just Make Him Beautiful - Mike Warren Cover Art

Just Make Him Beautiful

Just Make Him Beautiful by Mike Warren

In the last book of the Private Affair Series, Mike Warren shuts it down with Just make him Beautiful! Nothing ever came easy for Cameron Jenkins. Growing up on the mean city streets, he knew was different from most boys his age after having to deal with the abuse from his step-father, and then from his secret, unlikely boyfriend. One catastrophic incident after another leads Cameron down a road that most people can't even imagine. Unfortunately, the murder of his older brother takes a toll on him. Soon, Cameron and his mentally ill mother develop a plan to revenge all those who abused him as well as payback the man who killed his brother. With the motto "A life for a life" in mind, Cameron is torn between finding love and peace, while settling the score.


Caught in a Hot Boy's Flame - Teshera Cooper Cover Art

Caught in a Hot Boy's Flame

Caught in a Hot Boy's Flame The Baptist Brothers by Teshera Cooper

The Baptist brothers are every woman’s dream and their enemies’ most terrifying nightmare. Known in their hood for owning Smokin’ Kutz, the most popular shop in town, their successful business only represents a small part of who Iggy, Smoke, Kiyan and Flame really are. As the leader and the oldest, Ignitus “Iggy” Baptist is the most dangerous of the Baptist clan. He moves stealthy and goes under the radar as the quiet one, valuing his time as priceless and keeping his focus on his money. He has no interest in love until one day leads to a reunion with a stranger from his past… the one girl that he always wanted but could never have. The coolest and collected of them all, Shameer “Smoke” Baptist, struggles with his demons in private. When a beautiful woman waltzes into his life with her own baggage, Smoke feels that she’s exactly who he needs in his life. What he doesn’t know is that she has a past of her own and the secrets that she’s holding may lead to the end of his life. Kiyan Baptist is on his way to becoming a successful surgeon, but while his career is flourishing, his marriage seems to be plummeting. After finding solace outside of his marriage, Kiyan’s life quickly spirals out of control. By the time he realizes the mistake he’s made, it may be too late, and he is left to pick up the pieces of his once perfect life on his own. Like moths to a flame, women are drawn to Kindal ‘Flame’ Baptist, the most sought-after brother, in the same way. He’s the cockiest of them all but also the most skilled when using his ‘talents’. With one nagging baby mother in his ear and another who pays him no mind, Pia seems to be the breath of fresh air that he needs in his life. When Flame realizes that she’s the female version of him—wanting no parts of a relationship, just relations—it becomes clear that he’s finally met his match. In this steaming tale of brotherhood and love, four women must decide whether they have what it takes to hold a Baptist brother down. The question is, can they handle the fast and furious lifestyle or will the secrets of the past that were meant to be forever buried, leave them all burned?


Free Falling - G.G. Wynter Cover Art

Free Falling

Free Falling by G.G. Wynter

First love, second chances, and secrets that come back to haunt. After seven years away, twenty-four-year-old Free Spalding is back in Pointe Hill, Georgia, on a mission to save her late father's restaurant from a real estate deal that could destroy everything he spent his life working for. When it turns out her ex is the one behind the deal, Free is determined to fight him, for the sake of her family and the community she abandoned so many years ago. But just as Free begins to feel at home again, a shocking secret comes to light, challenging everything she thinks she knows about love, family, and forgiveness. FREE FALLING is a Georgia Romance Writers' Maggie Award finalist. It is the first full-length, stand-alone novel in the Pointe Hill Series. What readers are saying about FREE FALLING "Wynter's debut is sure-footed and compelling. There's wonderful wit and a setting that feels real and evocative. This is an author to watch." "A touching story of the strength of a tested mother and daughter relationship and an enduring friendship played out against the backdrop of the vividly painted town of Pointe Hill." "Wynter vividly describes the small town atmosphere, its hive of gossip and the trials of running a family-owned restaurant against seemingly insurmountable odds, while juggling the regret of lost love and hopes for the future." "A neighborhood I want to live in full of people I want to hang out with and businesses I want to spend my money at—the people and places felt very real."


The Thicker the Berry, the Sweeter the Juice - Kendra Rainey Cover Art

The Thicker the Berry, the Sweeter the Juice

The Thicker the Berry, the Sweeter the Juice by Kendra Rainey

Sometimes our very wants are not exactly what we need. Cherish Denise learns from every trial and tribulation in the most horrible way. Not only does this young teen change from the nerdy plus side girl next door to the thick, busty and voluptuous woman. She becomes exactly what she never wanted to be after secretly falling in love with her handsome, chocolate neighbor Khalil. Cherish finds herself the subject of ridicule as she is turned down and placed in the “best friend” zone. Until she meets Caine, a thug from Georgia who literally knocks the socks right off her feet. They hit it off instantly, not knowing he was about to Inflict the worst pain on her. Caine seemed like the perfect guy at first with just a little street and thugness. Until he shakes up Cherish’s world, shows his true colors and motives, which sends Cherish up a valley of “no self-esteem and desperation.” There are so many hurdles to climb in her life. Will Cherish embrace her flaws? Love herself unconditionally? Will Cherish and Khalil make it through the hurdles meant to tear them apart? Or will Caine take her on a complete whirlwind. Who knows, but this chick needs more than time to figure out her life as college approaches and these men can’t stop wanting to sample her like a sweet Georgia peach. Stay tuned and find out....Why it’s the thicker the Berry, the Sweeter the Juice…..


The Thicker the Berry, the Sweeter the Juice 2 - Kendra Rainey Cover Art

The Thicker the Berry, the Sweeter the Juice 2

The Thicker the Berry, the Sweeter the Juice 2 by Kendra Rainey

Loyalty. Consistency. Love. Monogamy. It's only right that a person gets through life to find this pure bliss and happiness. One heart. One mind. One soul. Cherish is on the move as her career as a Celebrity News Reporter takes off in places she never thought would happen after she returns to Dallas from college. Her strength and determination built in college keeps her on her toes. Until, those old feelings for Khalil come scorching back, landing her right where she left off; in a world of hurt. Caine also makes his appearance back home after he is let go early from prison, demanding to know where his child with Cherish is and doesn't want to give up that sweet nectarine that Cherish possesses. He's back to wreak pure havoc. New love surfaces for both Cherish and Khalil, as they go on a whirlwind. New careers for both are on the rise, but their chemistry can't keep them away from each other for long. They say if it's meant to be, let it go and it will come back to you. But, how many times can Cherish hurt? How long can she wait? Khalil's engagement is still on. Will he let it all go for Cherish? Will Cherish finally move on and let go of Khalil as her new boo, shows her another lifestyle she isn't accustomed to? Secrets, lies, infidelity and murders all come together in this finale. Cherish has more than she can handle on her plate right now. Some decisions Cherish makes, could cost her life.... Buckle up your seat belts and stay tuned and find out why it's still The Thicker the Berry, The sweeter the Juice. The Finale.Loyalty. Consistency. Love. Monogamy. It's only right that a person gets through life to find this pure bliss and happiness. One heart. One mind. One soul. Cherish is on the move as her career as a Celebrity News Reporter takes off in places she never thought would happen after she returns to Dallas from college. Her strength and determination built in college keeps her on her toes. Until, those old feelings for Khalil come scorching back, landing her right where she left off; in a world of hurt. Caine also makes his appearance back home after he is let go early from prison, demanding to know where his child with Cherish is and doesn't want to give up that sweet nectarine that Cherish possesses. He's back to wreak pure havoc. New love surfaces for both Cherish and Khalil, as they go on a whirlwind. New careers for both are on the rise, but their chemistry can't keep them away from each other for long. They say if it's meant to be, let it go and it will come back to you. But, how many times can Cherish hurt? How long can she wait? Khalil's engagement is still on. Will he let it all go for Cherish? Will Cherish finally move on and let go of Khalil as her new boo, shows her another lifestyle she isn't accustomed to? Secrets, lies, infidelity and murders all come together in this finale. Cherish has more than she can handle on her plate right now. Some decisions Cherish makes, could cost her life.... Buckle up your seat belts and stay tuned and find out why it's still The Thicker the Berry, The sweeter the Juice. The Finale.


Moment of Truth - Michelle D. Rayford Cover Art

Moment of Truth

Moment of Truth by Michelle D. Rayford

When the cradle breaks the vows… all hell breaks loose. Adrienne is obsessed with the new man in her life–the bouncing baby boy she's always dreamed of having… over her husband, Logan's staunch objections. Motherhood. Wealth. Power. On the surface, the joyful mother has it all–but beneath the bliss, a scandal is brewing that will rip her contentment to shreds. Logan's professional aspirations leave little room for marriage, family… or guarding his secrets. He's laser focused on surpassing his father's success in the family law firm, and when an affluent new client breezes into town, Logan has one shot to overtake his father… if his wife will get out of his way. When the past collides with the present, will the truth set Adrienne free?


Mamma - Nikki Turner Cover Art


Mamma by Nikki Turner

Beautiful, resourceful, witty - and eight months pregnant - a former drug addict with 154 days, 7 hours, and 32 minutes of sobriety to her name will do anything to ensure the safe arrival and survival of her unborn child. Broke and desperate, she hit rock bottom hard but came up swinging. Buckle your seatbelt and a shotgun view as Bonnie navigates her flight from hell on a fast-moving, emotional roller coaster.


Black Cake - Charmaine Wilkerson Cover Art

Black Cake

Black Cake A Novel by Charmaine Wilkerson

NOW A HULU STREAMING SERIES • NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • READ WITH JENNA BOOK CLUB PICK AS FEATURED ON TODAY • Two estranged siblings delve into their mother’s hidden past—and how it all connects to her traditional Caribbean black cake—in this immersive family saga, “a character-driven, multigenerational story that’s meant to be savored” ( Time ).   “Wilkerson transports you across the decades and around the globe accompanied by complex, wonderfully drawn characters.”—Taylor Jenkins Reid, New York Times bestselling author of The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, Daisy Jones & The Six, and Malibu Rising ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR: Oprah Daily, NPR, BuzzFeed, Glamour, PopSugar, Book Riot, She Reads We can’t choose what we inherit. But can we choose who we become? In present-day California, Eleanor Bennett’s death leaves behind a puzzling inheritance for her two children, Byron and Benny: a black cake, made from a family recipe with a long history, and a voice recording. In her message, Eleanor shares a tumultuous story about a headstrong young swimmer who escapes her island home under suspicion of murder. The heartbreaking tale Eleanor unfolds, the secrets she still holds back, and the mystery of a long-lost child challenge everything the siblings thought they knew about their lineage and themselves. Can Byron and Benny reclaim their once-close relationship, piece together Eleanor’s true history, and fulfill her final request to “share the black cake when the time is right”? Will their mother’s revelations bring them back together or leave them feeling more lost than ever? Charmaine Wilkerson’s debut novel is a story of how the inheritance of betrayals, secrets, memories, and even names can shape relationships and history. Deeply evocative and beautifully written, Black Cake is an extraordinary journey through the life of a family changed forever by the choices of its matriarch.


The Emperor of Ocean Park - Stephen L. Carter Cover Art

The Emperor of Ocean Park

The Emperor of Ocean Park by Stephen L. Carter

NATIONAL BESTSELLER • INSPIRATION FOR THE MGM+ ORIGINAL SERIES • ONE OF TIME MAGAZINE 'S 100 BEST MYSTERY AND THRILLER BOOKS OF ALL TIME • In his triumphant fictional debut, Stephen Carter combines a large-scale, riveting novel of suspense with the saga of a unique family. The Emperor of Ocean Park is set in two privileged worlds: the upper crust African American society of the Eastern seabord—families who summer at Martha’s Vineyard—and the inner circle of an Ivy League law school. “Beautifully written and cleverly plotted. A rich, complex family saga, one deftly woven through a fine legal thriller.” —John Grisham Talcott Garland is a successful law professor, devoted father, and husband of a beautiful and ambitious woman, whose future desires may threaten the family he holds so dear. When Talcott’s father, Judge Oliver Garland, a disgraced former Supreme Court nominee, is found dead under suspicioius circumstances, Talcott wonders if he may have been murdered. Guided by the elements of a mysterious puzzle that his father left, Talcott must risk his marriage, his career and even his life in his quest for justice. Superbly written and filled with memorable characters, The Emperor of Ocean Park is both a stunning literary achievement and a grand literary entertainment.


House of Cotton - Monica Brashears Cover Art

House of Cotton

House of Cotton A Novel by Monica Brashears

FINALIST for the 2024 NYPL Young Lions Fiction Award • NPR BEST BOOK OF 2023 • An enchanting Black Southern gothic debut, perfect for readers of Mexican Gothic ... "Fresh, haunting...In her roller-coaster ride of a gothic debut novel, Monica Brashears upends expectations at every turn." — The New York Times “Every page, every scene, every sentence of Monica Brashears’s debut novel House of Cotton dazzles and surprises. An intense, enthralling, and deeply satisfying read!” —Deesha Philyaw, author of The Secret Lives of Church Ladies "A new, dazzling, and essential American voice." —George Saunders, author of Lincoln in the Bardo One night, while working at her dead-end gas station job, Magnolia Brown encounters a mysterious, slick stranger named Cotton. He offers to turn her luck around with a lucrative “modeling” job at his family’s funeral home—where she will pose as clients’ dead loved ones. She accepts. Despite earning more than she’s ever made, Magnolia finds that her problems are fattening along with her wallet. And when Cotton’s requests become increasingly strange, Magnolia discovers there’s a lot more at stake than just her rent. This roller-coaster ride of a novel upends expectations at every turn. A bold new talent in the gothic tradition but with a style all her own, “Brashears offers a fresh new perspective on Appalachia and the American South, and Magnolia’s rich voice will echo with readers long after the pages are closed” ( Shelf Awareness ).


Love On The Low 6 - Mia Black Cover Art

Love On The Low 6

Love On The Low 6 by Mia Black

Trill has ramped up his efforts to be the new go-to dealer in town. But as he grows his empire, he begins targeting his enemies. It just so happens, Royce and anyone he cares for will fall into that category. With a wedding in their near future, Mika worries that they’ll never get married, especially not with all that’s going on around them. The pressure is on for everyone. Royce and Mika have choices to make. In the meantime, Trill is ready to make a bold move – one that could be deadly.


When Love Hurts - Shaquanda Dalton Cover Art

When Love Hurts

When Love Hurts by Shaquanda Dalton

I've lost my grandmother to a heart attack, the house to foreclosure, and now I'm living in Chicago with a man I swear is cheating on me. I thought he was my soul mate but I was wrong, and now I feel…I just feel….  "I love this book…I couldn't put this book down!"  -honesty (reader/reviewer)  "This book was a good read that I did not want to end! This book had my heart racing!"  -Cecilia (reader/reviewer)  When that man put his hands on me I can't take living with him anymore. I deice to move in with my best friend Jaylen for a while. He's a business owner with bills and problems of his own I need him. I just can't go back to my apartment with that man who i thought loved me. One look at my bruises tells me that love was wrong.  "Omg this book was a pleasant surprise."  -reader/reviewer 


Butterfly - Ashley Antoinette Cover Art


Butterfly by Ashley Antoinette

Butterfly is the first novel in an all new series by New York Times bestselling author Ashley Antoinette and an instant USA Today bestseller! “Run away from the boy that gives you butterflies, he's going to break your heart.” Morgan Atkins had been told that phrase ever since she was a little girl and still she allowed herself to fall for the boy that made her heart flutter. After losing her first love, Morgan is terrified to love again. She's settled for a comfortable life with a respectable man. She has everything. She's living in the lap of luxury and although she's comfortable, she's bored out of her mind. When a ghost from her past blows into town, she finds herself entangled in an illicit affair. It's wrong, but she can't fight the butterflies he gives her and honestly, she doesn't want to. She can't hide the natural attraction she feels and soon, she's so deep involved that she can no longer tell where the boundary between right and wrong lies. Her heart is telling her one thing, but her head is saying another. Morgan Atkins has always been a spoiled girl and she tries to have it all, but when she's forced to choose between a good man and a bad boy, someone will end up hurt. Someone just may end up dead. Morgan Atkins has been through more tragedy than one girl can bear. Will she weather this storm? Or will the ultimate heartbreak ruin her for good?


The Cartel 2 - Ashley & JaQuavis Cover Art

The Cartel 2

The Cartel 2 Tale of the Murda Mamas by Ashley & JaQuavis

Diamonds are forever . . . or are they? The Cartel runs Miami, and loyalty to their organization runs deep, but when someone breaks the rules, things may be beyond repair. A snitch in the crew has dismantled the notorious Cartel, and now disloyalty threatens to tear the family apart. Young Carter is in the fight for his life, as he faces drug kingpin charges due to the treachery of his best friend, Ace. Kidnapping, murder, deception, and seduction fill this highly anticipated sequel. Will Zyir find out that Breeze is still alive? Will Mecca be exposed as his brother's killer? Is Miamor dead or alive? Ashley and JaQuavis are back with The Cartel 2. Their twisted tale of deceit will have you on the edge of your seat, trying to figure out what happens next.


Torn Between A Thug & A Boss 2 - Mia Black Cover Art

Torn Between A Thug & A Boss 2

Torn Between A Thug & A Boss 2 by Mia Black

Alivia never imagined she’d be a kept woman. It’s a lot to get used to and so out of her element. Following Dylan’s strict rules and behaving by a code of conduct isn’t something she’s ever had to do, but it just might be worth it to have the life she’s always wanted. Yet, a vacation to the Bahamas might make their agreement null and void when a meeting with a mysterious man threatens Alivia's new-found lifestyle. Will she choose to remain true to her word or has she found a new path to follow?


Love on the Low 3 - Mia Black Cover Art

Love on the Low 3

Love on the Low 3 by Mia Black

Mika knew things would get complicated when she decided to sleep with Royce, but she never realized how difficult things would become for them. Royce is used to bad situations, but he didn’t think sneaking around with Mika behind Lacresha’s back cause as much trouble as it has. Now, they have a big decision to make. Their secret relationship isn’t the only problem they’ll face if they reveal their relationship. Lacresha has a secret of her own.


Loving The Wrong Man 4 - Mia Black Cover Art

Loving The Wrong Man 4

Loving The Wrong Man 4 by Mia Black

After all they been through, Jazmine and Evan are now faced with a life altering event, that could end their budding romance forever. Find out what happens in the final installment of Loving The Wrong Man!


Queenie - Candice Carty-Williams Cover Art


Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams

*NOW A HULU ORIGINAL SERIES* *ONE of NPR’s and TIME ’s BEST BOOKS of the YEAR * NAMED A MOST ANTICIPATED BOOK of the YEAR by WOMAN’S DAY , NEWSDAY , PUBLISHERS WEEKLY , BUSTLE , and BOOK RIOT !* “A book that sneaks up on you...I am hooked.” —Roxane Gay, New York Times bestselling author This acclaimed and “welcome debut from a seriously talented author” ( New York Post ) is a disarmingly honest, unapologetically black, and undeniably witty novel that will speak to those who have gone looking for love and found something very different in its place. Queenie Jenkins is a twenty-five-year-old Jamaican British woman living in London, straddling two cultures and slotting neatly into neither. She works at a national newspaper, where she’s constantly forced to compare herself to her white middle class peers. After a messy break up from her long-term white boyfriend, Queenie seeks comfort in all the wrong places…including several hazardous men who do a good job of occupying brain space and a bad job of affirming self-worth. As Queenie careens from one questionable decision to another, she finds herself wondering, “What are you doing? Why are you doing it? Who do you want to be?”—all of the questions today’s woman must face in a world trying to answer them for her. “A must-read novel about sex, selfhood, and the best friendships that get us through it all” (Candace Bushnell, New York Times bestselling author), Queenie is a remarkably relatable exploration of what it means to be a modern woman searching for meaning in today’s world.


Their Eyes Were Watching God - Zora Neale Hurston Cover Art

Their Eyes Were Watching God

Their Eyes Were Watching God A Novel by Zora Neale Hurston

A PBS Great American Read Top 100 Pick “A deeply soulful novel that comprehends love and cruelty, and separates the big people from the small of heart, without ever losing sympathy for those unfortunates who don’t know how to live properly.” —Zadie Smith One of the most important and enduring books of the twentieth century, Their Eyes Were Watching God brings to life a Southern love story with the wit and pathos found only in the writing of Zora Neale Hurston. Out of print for almost thirty years—due largely to initial audiences’ rejection of its strong black female protagonist—Hurston’s classic has since its 1978 reissue become perhaps the most widely read and highly acclaimed novel in the canon of African-American literature.


The Family Business - Carl Weber & Eric Pete Cover Art

The Family Business

The Family Business by Carl Weber & Eric Pete

Meet the Duncans, a prominent family from Jamaica, Queens. They may be known for their big house, fancy cars, and lavish lifestyle, but that doesn't make them immune from some over-the-top drama. L.C. Duncan has run his successful car dealership in Jamaica, Queens for more than thirty years, but when the recession hits and the competition gets a little rough, some say it's time for him to retire. Palm trees and golf sound like fun, but L.C. still has a few tricks up his sleeve. Which one of his kids can he trust to run the family business? Paris could give any supermodel a run for her money. When she walks in the room, all heads turn, but it's her anger issues and knack for getting into trouble that most people remember. She's much more dangerous than anyone gives her credit for—except, perhaps, her father. Orlando is the most obvious choice to lead the Duncans into the future. He has proven himself to be quite the businessman over the years; but sometimes, the most obvious choice isn't always the best choice. Harris Grant is married to L.C.'s oldest daughter. In Harris's opinion, he's the most qualified to run the family business. Now he just needs to convince L.C. . . . and make sure no one discovers the secret he's been keeping. Harris isn't the only one with skeletons in the closet. The Duncan family has been keeping a secret of their own—a deep, dark secret that, if revealed, will shock the entire community.


Everything's Fine - Cecilia Rabess Cover Art

Everything's Fine

Everything's Fine by Cecilia Rabess

“Does love conquer all? Does it now? Did it ever? These are questions Cecilia Rabess asks in her nimble, discerning debut…The ending of Everything’s Fine is one of the best I’ve read in years.” — The New York Times A painfully funny, painfully real love story for our time that doesn’t just ask will they, but…should they? Jess is a senior in college, ambitious but aimless, when she meets Josh. He’s a privileged preppy in chinos, ready to inherit the world. She’s not expecting to inherit anything. A year later, they’re both working at the same investment bank. And when Jess finds herself the sole Black woman on the floor, overlooked and underestimated, Josh shows up for her in surprising—if imperfect—ways. Before long, an unlikely friendship forms, tinged with undeniable chemistry. It gradually, and then suddenly, turns into an electrifying romance that shocks them both. Despite their differences, the force of their attraction propels the relationship forward. But as the cultural and political landscape shifts underneath them, Jess is forced to consider if their disagreements run deeper than she can bear, what she’s willing to compromise for love, and whether, in fact, everything’s fine. A stunning debut about “a love affair that turns inferno” ( People ), that is “extraordinarily brave…funny as hell,” (Zakiya Dalilah Harris) Cecilia Rabess’s Everything’s Fine is an incisive and moving portrait of a young woman who is just beginning to discover who she is and who she has the right to be. It is also a “subtle, ironic, wise, state-of-the-nation novel” (Nick Hornby) that asks big questions about the way we live now and “whether our choices stop and end with us” ( The New York Times ).


The Plug Next Door 3 - Sol Cover Art

The Plug Next Door 3

The Plug Next Door 3 by Sol

In The Plug Next Door 3 all the secrets are revealed. Last time God spoke to Reese, he ended up fainting at Sloan's house. It sounded like his girlfriend was going to tell him that his daughter had died, but there's no telling. One things for sure, if God loses his child, there will be hell to pay. That said, will he and Reese be able to weather the storm of his darkest hour? Alexa's stripping ways have finally caught up to her. Now that Young knows the truth, what's going to happen between them? Are the two going to be able to get past this or have too many lines been crossed? Nas and Vasii seem to be the only two who can get it right. They're a picture perfect couple until a mysterious voicemail pops up, threatening to shatter their happiness. What happens when you find out that the person you love isn't who you thought they were? Find out the answers to all of your questions in The Plug Next Door 3.


They Don't Know About Us - Vivian Blue Cover Art

They Don't Know About Us

They Don't Know About Us A Love Story by Vivian Blue

People will always try to come between two people who are destined to be together. Riley Andrews is an only child who went a way to college to find herself. After graduation, she became a social worker at a local shelter and got stuck in a relationship that she didn’t want to be in with a man her mother had selected for her. She was people pleaser, and never wanted to go against her parent’s because she was always seeking their approval, even if it made her very unhappy and sometimes miserable. Rowdy Fitzpatrick had graduated from college in hopes to change his life. He no longer wanted to be out in the streets like he was forced to do as kid, and the only thing he cared about was securing a place to live for him and his daughter. However, when he ran into his old college tutor and friend Riley Andrews in the grocery store. It would be destiny that put the two of them back in touch so that they could finally get a chance to see where things may lead for the two of them. There are many people who would hate to see Rowdy and Riley get together. Both have people with their own agendas and working against the two of them. Cretia. Rowdy’s baby mama and his cousin Tricky are only concerned about controlling Rowdy. While Riley has to deal with her overbearing mother, who keeps trying to push her on a man she doesn’t want. Also, she has to worry about her mother trying to sleep with her love interest. It’s going to be difficult to build a relationship with all of the chaos, but what’s meant to be will be


Summer on Sag Harbor - Sunny Hostin Cover Art

Summer on Sag Harbor

Summer on Sag Harbor A Novel by Sunny Hostin

INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER The View cohost and three-time Emmy Award winner Sunny Hostin spirits readers away to the warm beaches of Sag Harbor in the second novel of her bestselling Summer series. Olivia Jones, hard-working and accomplished, has, against the odds, blazed an enviable career path in the finance world. But behind the veneer of her success, she is mourning several devastating losses and betrayals. Untethered from her life in New York City, Olivia moves to a summer home in The Hamptons. Here, Olivia finds a close-knit community of African American elites who escape New York City for the beautiful beaches of the Hamptons. Since the 1930s, very few have known about this Historically Black Beachfront Community, and the residents like it that way. That is, until real estate developers discover the hidden gem. And now, the residents must fight for the soul of this HBBC. As the summer stretches on, Olivia teams up with her new friends to protect their community and, in doing so, discovers who she really is. Though not without cost, Olivia’s search for her authentic identity and her fight to preserve her new Black utopia, will lead her to redefine the meaning of love, friendship, community, and family—and restore her faith in herself and her chosen path.