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Valentía - Kelbin Torres Cover Art


Valentía by Kelbin Torres

Este no es un libro de esos que dejas olvidados en un rincón, es un libro de esos a lo que vuelves cada vez que lo necesitas. Es de esos que logran derrumbarte, pero también hacerte brillar. Te hará llorar y reír, te acercará más a la vida.Aquí encontrarás verdades, de esas sin filtro, que te hacen reflexionar. No encontrarás utopías, pues cada palabra nace de una experiencia. Valentía es un camino, tiene sus obstáculos, sus dolores y tristezas, pero también está lleno de esperanza, de fe. Es un libro que avivará el fuego de tu corazón, pondrá tus emociones a flor de piel y, sobre todo, te recordará que en esta vida vale mucho más ser valiente que cualquier otra cosa.


The Weary Blues - Langston Hughes Cover Art

The Weary Blues

The Weary Blues by Langston Hughes

The first published poetry collection from the acclaimed Harlem Renaissance poet behind such works as “Montage of a Dream Deferred” and “Life is Fine.” Originally published in 1926, The Weary Blues is Langston Hughes’s first collection of poetry. Broken into seven thematic sections, the sixty-eight poems capture the heart of a young budding artist and the spirit of the Harlem Renaissance. The title poem, “The Weary Blues,” tells the story of a musician performing in a bar and uses a very lyrical style that flows throughout the collection. Other poems include, “The Negro Speaks of Rivers,” “Danse Africaine,” “Dream Variation,” “Mother to Son,” “Suicide’s Note,” and “Winter Moon.” The work touches on subjects like art, identity, race, class, urban life, music, and the Black experience in 1920s America.


Milk and Honey - Rupi Kaur Cover Art

Milk and Honey

Milk and Honey
by Rupi Kaur

The book is divided into four chapters, and each chapter serves a different purpose. Deals with a different pain. Heals a different heartache. milk and honey takes readers through a journey of the most bitter moments in life and finds sweetness in them because there is sweetness everywhere if you are just willing to look.


A Gentle Reminder - Bianca Sparacino Cover Art

A Gentle Reminder

A Gentle Reminder by Bianca Sparacino

A gentle reminder, for the days you feel light in this world, and for the days in which the sun rises a little slower. A gentle reminder for when your heart is full of hope, and for when you are learning how to heal it. A gentle reminder for when you finally begin to trust in the goodness, and for when you need the kind of words that hug your broken pieces back together. A gentle reminder for when growth hangs heavy in the air, for when you need to tuck your strength into your bones just to make it to tomorrow. A gentle reminder for when you are balancing the messiness, and the beauty, of what it means to be human, when you are teaching yourself that it is okay to be both happy and sad, that you are real, not perfect. A gentle reminder for when you seek the words you needed when you were younger. A gentle reminder for when you need to hear that you deserve to be loved the way you love others. A gentle reminder for when you need to recognize that you are not your past, that you are not your faults. A gentle reminder for when you need to believe in staying soft, in continuing to be the kind of person who cares. A gentle reminder for when you need to believe in loving deeply in a world that sometimes fails to do so. A gentle reminder to keep going. A gentle reminder to hope. A gentle reminder, for you. Take what you need.


All That You Deserve - Jacqueline Whitney Cover Art

All That You Deserve

All That You Deserve by Jacqueline Whitney

You deserve to wholeheartedly love yourself and your life. You deserve to break free from your past and the hurt it has held you in for too long. You deserve to find whole healing and full freedom from any darkness that tries to take your light. You deserve to finally find the peace your soul has been searching for. You deserve to see yourself as someone who is beautiful––you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t meant to be precisely the person you are. You deserve to be loved by someone who loves you with unconditional love––the kind of love you have always dreamed of. I hope you never tell yourself that you are worth nothing because you are worth everything. Sometimes life is beautiful and then unimaginably difficult, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be beautiful again. You can’t wait until life doesn’t hurt anymore to choose to believe you deserve more. You can’t wait until you feel ready to start stepping towards your dreams. You deserve to find everything you’re looking to get out of this precious life. More than anything I just hope you know that you deserve to be here, now. The world would never be the same without you.


The Complete Ralph Waldo Emerson - Ralph Waldo Emerson Cover Art

The Complete Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Complete Ralph Waldo Emerson
The Collected Works
by Ralph Waldo Emerson

The COMPLETE works of Ralph Waldo Emerson All of the Essays, All of the Poems, All of the Letters!  In one Great Collection! Ralph Waldo Emerson's genius is celebrated on several counts.  Firstly his essays have come to be revered for their astonishing perspicacity and insight, with certain essays in particular - such as "Self-Reliance" achieving near-legendary status.  This huge anthology contains all of Emerson's essays, preserved in collections as they were originally published - including many rare essays that have been left out of out of other collections, such as "Papers from the Dial". Despite the fame from his Essays and Lectures, Emerson preferred to be remembered as a poet.  He was an incredibly prolific writer, composing dozens of poems in almost every decade of his life.  This ebook contains a complete collection of all 219 of Emerson's poems, divided into 6 sections as they were originally published. Emerson is also remembered as the leader of the Transcendentalist movement, and as a champion of Individualism (as detailed in "Self-Reliance").  His thoughts and philosophies are thoroughly detailed in his Essays, but the letters of his personal correspondence with the Scottish philosopher and essayist Thomas Carlyle provide a new insight into his complex thought process. This collection contains all 191 letters taken from their correspondence, which spanned a period of 38 years. This huge and comprehensive collection has been carefully collected, formatted and edited, to create a crisp and clean text, free of errors or glitches.  There is a fully interactive table of contents, with individual links to each essay, poem and letter in the collection, for a smooth and enjoyable reading experience. The contents of this complete Anthology are as follows: Essays: - Essays - Essays, First Series - Essays, Second Series - Representative Men - English Traits - The Conduct of Life - Society and Solitude - Letters and Social Aims - Lectures and Biographical Sketches - Miscellanies - Natural History of Intellect and Other Papers - Papers From the Dial Poetry: - I. Poems - II. May-Day and Other Pieces - III. Elements and Mottoes - IV. Quatrains and Translations - V. Appendix - VI. Poems of Youth and Early Manhood 1823-1834 Letters: - The Correspondence of Carlyle and Emerson


Poems for the Moon: Vol 2 - J.R. Rogue Cover Art

Poems for the Moon: Vol 2

Poems for the Moon: Vol 2 by J.R. Rogue

"you cannot know who you'll be when you will be so many different versions of yourself in this lifetime. you cannot find the road you are craving, not yet. it's waiting for you to pave it." In her Letters to the Universe Series Goodreads Choice Nominated poet J.R. Rogue shares intimate poems written lovingly for her readers. Take a journey through the eyes of author and reader as Rogue shares a glimpse into the private task of writing poetry dedicated to readers worldwide. Poems for the Moon: Vol 2 is book 2 in the Letters to the Universe series. Each poem in this collection is a custom piece written for a J.R. Rogue reader.


todo lo que necesito existe ya en mí - Rupi Kaur Cover Art

todo lo que necesito existe ya en mí

todo lo que necesito existe ya en mí by Rupi Kaur

El poemario que consagra a la poeta joven más popular del mundo y voz de su generación. Con una sensibilidad exquisita, rupi kaur aborda en todo lo que necesito existe ya en mí algunos de los temas por los que se dio a conocer con sus anteriores obras como el feminismo, el trauma, la pérdida o el amor, pero en esta ocasión da un paso más allá y revela, en un ejercicio único de generosidad y honestidad, experiencias muy personales como el modo en que ha lidiado los últimos años con la depresión, el éxito o la presión a la que se ha visto sometida. Capaz de traducir en palabras sensaciones y sentimientos complejos, exhibe además una notable sabiduría para desgranar males de nuestro tiempo como la autoexigencia, las enfermedades mentales o las relaciones tóxicas.


Poems for the Stars: Vol 1 - J.R. Rogue Cover Art

Poems for the Stars: Vol 1

Poems for the Stars: Vol 1 by J.R. Rogue

"your heart is my home & too few know that magic." In her Letters to the Universe Series Goodreads Choice Nominated poet J.R. Rogue shares intimate poems written lovingly for her readers. Take a journey through the eyes of author and reader as Rogue shares a glimpse into the private task of writing poetry dedicated to readers worldwide. Poems for the Stars: Vol 1 is book 3 in the Letters to the Universe series. Each poem in this collection is a custom piece written for a J.R. Rogue reader.


Poems for the Stars: Vol 2 - J.R. Rogue Cover Art

Poems for the Stars: Vol 2

Poems for the Stars: Vol 2
by J.R. Rogue

"how I damn those lips— the ones you lied to me with. I still remember the way they felt on my skin." In her Letters for the Universe Series Goodreads Choice Nominated poet J.R. Rogue shares intimate poems written lovingly for her readers. Take a journey through the eyes of author and reader as Rogue shares a glimpse into the private task of writing poetry dedicated to readers worldwide. Poems for the Stars: Vol 2 is book 4 in the Letters to the Universe series. Each poem in this collection is a custom piece written for a J.R. Rogue reader.


Stuff I've Been Feeling Lately - Alicia Cook Cover Art

Stuff I've Been Feeling Lately

Stuff I've Been Feeling Lately by Alicia Cook

Structured like an old-school mix-tape, Stuff I've Been Feeling Lately is Alicia Cook's lyric message to anyone who has dealt with addiction. "Side A" touches on all aspects of the human condition: life, death, love, trauma, and growth. "Side B" contains haunting black-out remixes of those poems.


Home Body - Rupi Kaur Cover Art

Home Body

Home Body by Rupi Kaur

Watch rupi kaur live now on Prime Video. From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of milk and honey and the sun and her flowers comes her greatly anticipated third collection of poetry. rupi kaur constantly embraces growth, and in home body , she walks readers through a reflective and intimate journey visiting the past, the present, and the potential of the self. home body is a collection of raw, honest conversations with oneself - reminding readers to fill up on love, acceptance, community, family, and embrace change. illustrated by the author, themes of nature and nurture, light and dark, rest here. i dive into the well of my body and end up in another world everything i need already exists in me there’s no need to look anywhere else - home


The Odyssey - Homer & Emily Wilson Cover Art

The Odyssey

The Odyssey by Homer & Emily Wilson

A New York Times Notable Book of 2018 "Wilson’s language is fresh, unpretentious and lean…It is rare to find a translation that is at once so effortlessly easy to read and so rigorously considered." —Madeline Miller, author of Circe Composed at the rosy-fingered dawn of world literature almost three millennia ago, The Odyssey is a poem about violence and the aftermath of war; about wealth, poverty and power; about marriage and family; about travelers, hospitality, and the yearning for home. This fresh, authoritative translation captures the beauty of this ancient poem as well as the drama of its narrative. Its characters are unforgettable, none more so than the “complicated” hero himself, a man of many disguises, many tricks, and many moods, who emerges in this version as a more fully rounded human being than ever before. Written in iambic pentameter verse and a vivid, contemporary idiom, Emily Wilson’s Odyssey sings with a voice that echoes Homer’s music; matching the number of lines in the Greek original, the poem sails along at Homer’s swift, smooth pace. A fascinating, informative introduction explores the Bronze Age milieu that produced the epic, the poem’s major themes, the controversies about its origins, and the unparalleled scope of its impact and influence. Maps drawn especially for this volume, a pronunciation glossary, and extensive notes and summaries of each book make this is an Odyssey that will be treasured by a new generation of readers.


I Was Never Broken - Moonsoulchild Cover Art

I Was Never Broken

I Was Never Broken by Moonsoulchild

“I Was Never Broken” is a poignant compilation of pieces written by the author during their high school years, interwoven with heartfelt journal entries from the previous year. Within its pages, readers will discover a treasure trove of messages directed towards various souls who have left an indelible mark on the author's heart, even if they are no longer present in their life. This book offers a profound insight into the author's personal journey, providing a window into their growth, experiences, and emotions. As readers delve into the pages of this collection, they will be captivated by the rawness and authenticity of the author's voice. The pieces encapsulate the essence of the author's thoughts, feelings, and reflections during their formative high school years, offering a glimpse into the complexities of youth and self-discovery. The accompanying journal entries, written more recently, serve as poignant reminders of the impact that certain individuals have had on the author's life, regardless of their current presence. Through sharing their own journey, the author aspires to inspire readers. The collection serves as a source of solace, encouragement, and understanding for those who may be navigating similar paths. It reminds us of the power of human connection, the importance of cherishing relationships, and the lasting impressions that people can leave on our hearts. Whether you are seeking relatability, inspiration, or simply a deeper understanding of the human experience, this collection invites you to embark on a heartfelt journey alongside the author, offering glimpses of their soul and the potential to ignite your own."


The Sun and Her Flowers - Rupi Kaur Cover Art

The Sun and Her Flowers

The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur

Divided into five chapters and illustrated by kaur, the sun and her flowers is a journey of wilting, falling, rooting, rising, and blooming. A celebration of love in all its forms. this is the recipe of life said my mother as she held me in her arms as i wept think of those flowers you plant in the garden each year they will teach you that people too must wilt fall root rise in order to bloom


The Way Forward - Yung Pueblo Cover Art

The Way Forward

The Way Forward by Yung Pueblo

A  NEW YORK TIMES , PUBLISHERS WEEKLY , USA TODAY , SUNDAY TIMES,  AND   INDIE BESTSELLER The #1 New York Times bestselling poet returns with his most inspiring collection yet. In this third and final installment of his poetic trilogy, Yung Pueblo expands upon favorite themes while guiding readers further, toward a life lived authentically, intuitively, and in harmony with others. In these rapidly changing times, it is more important than ever to know ourselves well and fully, even and especially in the face of turmoil. The Way Forward encourages readers to connect more deeply to their intuition, using it to remain focused and grounded amidst a world in constant flux. In his latest collection of poetry and short prose, Yung Pueblo offers clear strategies for managing the unknown, inhabiting your personal power, and bringing your truest, healthiest self to relationships. Progressing naturally from both Inward and Clarity & Connection , The Way Forward is exactly that­­—an inspired beginning.


Pretty Boys Are Poisonous - Megan Fox Cover Art

Pretty Boys Are Poisonous

Pretty Boys Are Poisonous Poems by Megan Fox

THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Megan Fox showcases her wicked humor throughout a heartbreaking and dark collection of poetry. Over the course of more than seventy poems Fox chronicles all the ways in which we fit ourselves into the shape of the ones we love, even if it means losing ourselves in the process. “These poems were written in an attempt to excise the illness that had taken root in me because of my silence. I’ve spent my entire life keeping the secrets of men, my body aches from carrying the weight of their sins. My freedom lives in these pages, and I hope that my words can inspire others to take back their happiness and their identity by using their voice to illuminate what’s been buried, but not forgotten, in the darkness,” says Fox. Pretty Boys Are Poisonous marks the powerful debut from one of the most well-known women of our time. Turn the page, bite the apple, and sink your teeth into the most deliciously compelling and addictive books you’ll read all year.


The Wild Iris - Louise Gluck Cover Art

The Wild Iris

The Wild Iris by Louise Gluck

Winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature Winner of the Pulitzer Prize From Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Louise Glück, a stunningly beautiful collection of poems that encompasses the natural, human, and spiritual realms Bound together by the universal themes of time and mortality and with clarity and sureness of craft, Louise Glück's poetry questions, explores, and finally celebrates the ordeal of being alive.


HER - Pierre Alex Jeanty Cover Art


HER by Pierre Alex Jeanty

"Her" is a collection of poetry and prose about women, their strengths and beauty. Every woman should know the feelings of being loved and radiating those feelings back to her mate. This is a beautiful expression of heartfelt emotion using short, gratifying sentiments. If there is a lover in you, you will not get enough of "Her."


Glass Hearts & Broken Promises - Kayla McCullough Cover Art

Glass Hearts & Broken Promises

Glass Hearts & Broken Promises by Kayla McCullough

“You're the one who must decide that love outweighs the risk of getting hurt.” Poet Kayla McCullough’s Glass Hearts & Broken Promises is a collection of poetry and prose reflecting on heartbreak, self-love, and unfiltered emotions. Divided into two parts—The Break and The Mend—Kayla gently guides readers through the journey of heartache and reminds them to embrace the love from within. An inspired debut from a talented new voice, Glass Hearts & Broken Promises is the best friend you need when it’s time to heal the broken pieces.


poyums - Len Pennie Cover Art


poyums by Len Pennie

THE INSTANT No.2 SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER And I have done more than just simply get by So much more than escape or survive Through the galvanisation of love, time and patience I’ll take hold of my story and thrive. After life that was seldom what life ought to be Through laughter and love I’ll be whole This story is mine from the cover to spine And the narrative I will control Whether she’s writing letters to her younger self, advocating for women’s rights or adapting fairy tales to process an abusive relationship, Len’s voice is bold, unashamedly frank and unmistakably hers. The poems in this collection, both funny and fiercely feminist, announce a formidable new talent. Moving deftly between English and Scots, poyums is as approachable as it is affecting.


The Odyssey - Homer, Robert Fagles & Bernard Knox Cover Art

The Odyssey

The Odyssey by Homer, Robert Fagles & Bernard Knox

The great epic of Western literature, translated by the acclaimed classicist Robert Fagles A Penguin Classic   Robert Fagles, winner of the PEN/Ralph Manheim Medal for Translation and a 1996 Academy Award in Literature from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, presents us with Homer's best-loved and most accessible poem in a stunning modern-verse translation. "Sing to me of the man, Muse, the man of twists and turns driven time and again off course, once he had plundered the hallowed heights of Troy." So begins Robert Fagles' magnificent translation of the Odyssey , which Jasper Griffin in the New York Times Book Review  hails as "a distinguished achievement." If the Iliad is the world's greatest war epic, the Odyssey is literature's grandest evocation of an everyman's journey through life. Odysseus' reliance on his wit and wiliness for survival in his encounters with divine and natural forces during his ten-year voyage home to Ithaca after the Trojan War is at once a timeless human story and an individual test of moral endurance.  In the myths and legends  retold here, Fagles has captured the energy and poetry of Homer's original in a bold, contemporary idiom, and given us an Odyssey to read aloud, to savor, and to treasure for its sheer lyrical mastery. Renowned classicist Bernard Knox's superb introduction and textual commentary provide insightful background information for the general reader and scholar alike, intensifying the strength of Fagles's translation. This is an Odyssey to delight both the classicist and the general reader, to captivate a new generation of Homer's students. This Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition features French flaps and deckle-edged paper. For more than seventy years, Penguin has been the leading publisher of classic literature in the English-speaking world. With more than 1,700 titles, Penguin Classics represents a global bookshelf of the best works throughout history and across genres and disciplines. Readers trust the series to provide authoritative texts enhanced by introductions and notes by distinguished scholars and contemporary authors, as well as up-to-date translations by award-winning translators.


Letters to a Young Poet - Rainer Maria Rilke & M. D. Herter Norton Cover Art

Letters to a Young Poet

Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke & M. D. Herter Norton

Rilke's timeless letters about poetry, sensitive observation, and the complicated workings of the human heart. Born in 1875, the great German lyric poet Rainer Maria Rilke published his first collection of poems in 1898 and went on to become renowned for his delicate depiction of the workings of the human heart. Drawn by some sympathetic note in his poems, young people often wrote to Rilke with their problems and hopes. From 1903 to 1908 Rilke wrote a series of remarkable responses to a young, would-be poet on poetry and on surviving as a sensitive observer in a harsh world. Those letters, still a fresh source of inspiration and insight, are accompanied here by a chronicle of Rilke's life that shows what he was experiencing in his own relationship to life and work when he wrote them. 


Musical Tables - Billy Collins Cover Art

Musical Tables

Musical Tables Poems by Billy Collins

NATIONAL BESTSELLER • From the former United States Poet Laureate and New York Times bestselling author of Aimless Love, a collection of more than 125 small poems, all of them new, and each a thought or observation compressed to its emotional essence “Whenever I pick up a new book of poems, I flip through the pages looking for small ones. Just as I might have trust in an abstract painter more if I knew he or she could draw a credible chicken, I have faith in poets who can go short.”—Billy Collins You can spot a Billy Collins poem immediately. The amiable voice, the light touch, the sudden turn at the end. He "puts the ‘fun’  back in profundity,” says poet Alice Fulton. In his own words, his poems tend to “begin in Kansas and end in Oz.” Now “America’s favorite poet” ( The Wall Street Journal ) has found a new form for his unique poetic style: the small poem. Here Collins writes about his trademark themes of nature, animals, poetry, mortality, absurdity, and love—all in a handful of lines. Neither haiku nor limerick, the small poem pushes to an extreme poetry’s famed power to condense emotional and conceptual meaning. Inspired by the small poetry of writers as diverse as William Carlos Williams, W.S. Merwin, Kay Ryan, and Charles Simic, and written with Collins’s recognizable wit and wisdom, the poems of Musical Tables show one of our greatest poets channeling his unique voice into a new phase of his exceptional career. 3:00 AM Only my hand is asleep, but it’s a start.


This Was Meant To Find You - Charlotte Freeman Cover Art

This Was Meant To Find You

This Was Meant To Find You When You Needed It Most by Charlotte Freeman

If you are hurting, healing, feeling, letting someone go, or starting a new chapter and learning to open your heart back up again, this book was meant to find you when you needed it most. This Was Meant To Find You  (When You Needed It Most)  is Charlotte Freeman’s second book and was written to resonate deeply with the ones who seek comfort in reading the right words at the right time. It’s for the ones who are learning what it means to choose yourself a little more each day and be gentle with yourself through all phases of your journey.


Every Word You Cannot Say - Iain S. Thomas Cover Art

Every Word You Cannot Say

Every Word You Cannot Say by Iain S. Thomas

**I know you don’t want to talk sometimes. Sometimes because it hurts and sometimes because you’re just not supposed to talk about what you want to talk about. Sometimes it can be hard to say, “this is beautiful,” when no one else can see what you see. Or, “Here, this is where the pain is.”  But some part of you knows, the truth about the words you cannot say is that they only hurt until you say them. They only hurt until the person who needs to hear them, hears them.  Because we are human, and the closest we’ve ever come to showing each other who we really are, and how we love, is with words. So I’m going to try to say to you here, what I wish you’d say to me too. Please. Listen. We can change things.   Here.


Everything You’ll Ever Need You Can Find Within Yourself - Charlotte Freeman Cover Art

Everything You’ll Ever Need You Can Find Within Yourself

Everything You’ll Ever Need You Can Find Within Yourself by Charlotte Freeman

Everything You’ll Ever Need (You Can Find Within Yourself)  is Charlotte Freeman’s first book and was written from the most vulnerable places of the heart. The pages of this book are open and honest, written to resonate with those who need it the most. Full of messages we all sometimes need, that often come at  just  the right time, this book is your reminder that everything you’ll ever need, you can find within yourself.


Love is a Dog From Hell - Charles Bukowski Cover Art

Love is a Dog From Hell

Love is a Dog From Hell by Charles Bukowski

First published in 1977, Love Is a Dog from Hell is a collection of Bukowski's poetry from the mid-seventies. A classic in the Bukowski canon, Love Is a Dog from Hell is a raw, lyrical, exploration of the exigencies, heartbreaks, and limits of love.


La Mejor Poesia Romantica Española - Rubén Darío, Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer & Rosalía de Castro Cover Art

La Mejor Poesia Romantica Española

La Mejor Poesia Romantica Española Becquer, Rosalía de Castro, Rubén Darío by Rubén Darío, Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer & Rosalía de Castro

Más de 100 poemas escogidos entre la mejor poesía romántica española del siglo XIX, a través de Gustavo Adolfo Becquer, Rosalía de Castro y Rubén Darío. Bécquer y Rosalía de Castro inauguran la lírica moderna española. Las Rimas de Becquer y los poemas de Rosalía rescatan la poesía popular, despreciada por el afrancesamiento del siglo XIX, y la llamada «estética del sentimiento». De Rubén Darío reproducimos sus Rimas y algunos de sus más famosos poemas. La influencia de estos autores quedará patente en el siglo XX, a través de Miguel  de Unamuno, los hermanos Antonio y Manuel Machado, Juan Ramón Jiménez,  Rafael Alberti, Federico García Lorca, Luis Cernuda, Vicente Aleixandre, Dámaso  Alonso y otros.


Clarity & Connection - Yung Pueblo Cover Art

Clarity & Connection

Clarity & Connection by Yung Pueblo

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER From the celebrated author of Inward comes the second in series, a collection of poetry and short prose focused on understanding how past wounds impact our present relationships. In Clarity & Connection, Yung Pueblo describes how intense emotions accumulate in our subconscious and condition us to act and react in certain ways. In his characteristically spare, poetic style, he guides readers through the excavation and release of the past that is required for growth. To be read on its own or as a complement to  Inward , Yung Pueblo’s second work is a powerful resource for those invested in the work of personal transformation, building self-awareness, and deepening their connection with others.   


Devotions - Mary Oliver Cover Art


Devotions The Selected Poems of Mary Oliver by Mary Oliver

A New York Times Bestseller, chosen as Oprah's "Books That Help Me Through" for Oprah's Book Club “No matter where one starts reading,  Devotions  offers much to love, from Oliver's exuberant dog poems to selections from the Pulitzer Prize-winning  American Primitive , and  Dream Work , one of her exceptional collections. Perhaps more important, the luminous writing provides respite from our crazy world and demonstrates how mindfulness can define and transform a life, moment by moment, poem by poem.” — The Washington Post “It’s as if the poet herself has sidled beside the reader and pointed us to the poems she considers most worthy of deep consideration.”  — Chicago Tribune Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Mary Oliver presents a personal selection of her best work in this definitive collection spanning more than five decades of her esteemed literary career. Throughout her celebrated career, Mary Oliver has touched countless readers with her brilliantly crafted verse, expounding on her love for the physical world and the powerful bonds between all living things. Identified as "far and away, this country's best selling poet" by Dwight Garner, she now returns with a stunning and definitive collection of her writing from the last fifty years. Carefully curated, these 200 plus poems feature Oliver's work from her very first book of poetry, No Voyage and Other Poems , published in 1963 at the age of 28, through her most recent collection, Felicity , published in 2015. This timeless volume, arranged by Oliver herself, showcases the beloved poet at her edifying best. Within these pages, she provides us with an extraordinary and invaluable collection of her passionate, perceptive, and much-treasured observations of the natural world.


Chasing Daylight - Karen Criswell Cover Art

Chasing Daylight

Chasing Daylight by Karen Criswell

Through the use of poetry, prose and photography, the author invites readers on a solo journey of self-discovery through the countries of the far north - Denmark, Norway, Iceland & Scotland. Perfect for lovers of travel, and all those who yearn to explore the world on their own!


Dear Self - Ruby Dhal Cover Art

Dear Self

Dear Self by Ruby Dhal

Bestselling author Ruby Dhal releases another explorative gem as she continues to embark on her journey to heal. This 240-page bitesize self-help book uncovers love, loss, grief, healing, self-discovery and hope through pieces of prose and interactive chapters filled with truth residing at the heart of the human condition. Pieces that have been adored by millions of readers all around the world are bundled together in this tender collection that Ruby has carefully compiled to aid everyone on their healing journey. In 'Dear Self', Ruby talks about heartache, loneliness and relationships and takes it even further by diving into fear, insecurities, strength, commitments, the power of pain, what self-love/self-worth mean and self-discovery in light of one's healing journey. As someone who doesn't shy away from speaking about her personal experiences - this is Ruby's rawest book. Details about Ruby's personal life are stripped off for readers all around the world to decipher. In this book, Ruby opens up about her own mistakes, lessons, regrets and experiences of heartache and moving on to shed light on the various tools that will be beneficial for her readers. This is the most interactive and authentic book Ruby has written so far, with the anticipation that the words within this book will encourage readers to mend their hearts, understand themselves better, engage in self-care and love themselves and those around them without insecurities. This book is for everyone who wants to discover more about themselves, accept their imperfections and take pride in their vulnerabilities. This book is for everyone who wants to move on and embrace happiness. This book is for everyone who wants to make a positive change in their life but doesn't know where to begin. This book is for you, dear reader. It is for you.


All The Words I Should Have Said - Rania Naim Cover Art

All The Words I Should Have Said

All The Words I Should Have Said by Rania Naim

Rania Naim’s first poetry collection “All The Words I Should Have Said” explores the deeper struggles of love and heartbreak and the challenges of moving on and finding one’s strength again after loss. And the truth behind the words we said and the words we never did.  The book is a reflection of what we wish we could tell the ones who loved us, the ones who hurt us, the ones who made us question ourselves and the ones who never told us how they truly felt.  “All The Words I Should Have Said” is a collection of deep and heartfelt poems that we’ve all wanted to say but never knew how. Praise for “All The Words I Should Have Said”: In “All The Words I Should Have Said,” Rania takes her readers on a personal and gut-wrenching journey through love, loss, and everything in between. Naim's words are carefully crafted, and her stunning poems will leave you breathless. This book is truly a masterpiece that you won't be able to put down the second you lay your eyes on it. —Lauren Jarvis-Gibson, Writer at Thought Catalog and author of “In Regards To Forever”


Anywho, I Love You - Samantha King Holmes, r.h. Sin & Graham Holmes Cover Art

Anywho, I Love You

Anywho, I Love You by Samantha King Holmes, r.h. Sin & Graham Holmes

From bestselling poet Samantha King Holmes and  New York Times  bestselling author r.h. Sin comes a collection of poetry, prose, and photography that proves love is infinite and ever changing. This is a seven-year tapestry of love, adventure, enlightenment, and progression. A collection of moments sewn together with poetry and prose, memories and musings. Anywho, I Love You is a window into what we have seen and what we have felt throughout our journey as lovers, parents, authors, and artists.


This Day Is Dark - r.h. Sin Cover Art

This Day Is Dark

This Day Is Dark by r.h. Sin

r.h. Sin’s This Day Is Dark is a blistering case study of when red flags are mistaken for passion and love falls in the hands of the wrong people, as explored in his signature poetic voice. From  New York Times  bestselling author r.h. Sin comes  This Day Is Dark , a heartbreakingly relatable collection of poetry and prose that captures some of the darkest moments over an 18-year period.  This Day Is Dark  is an evocative exploration into what it means and how it feels when forever is temporary and once celebrated love becomes unrecognizable.


Thoughts and Feelings - Daniel Chidiac Cover Art

Thoughts and Feelings

Thoughts and Feelings Volume One by Daniel Chidiac

Daniel Chidiac, International best-selling author of Who Says You Can't? You Do and The Modern Break-Up brings his new interactive series, Thoughts and Feelings - A collection of his never released work. With a dedicated lined-page next to each piece, Daniel invites the reader to write down their own thoughts and feelings. At the end, the reader will have their own Thoughts and Feelings book written. Note from the author... “I often have these deep thoughts and feelings that I express in the only way I know how...through words. I don’t usually share them as most are a passing moment, a sudden reflection or a personal perspective of my experiences. But now, I really feel it’s time to release them for others to enjoy, connect with or to gain inspiration from. I invite you to get a pencil, co-write and express yourself in the same way within this book. You may write something in relation to what I have written or something completely different...that side of the book is yours. And in the end, you will have your own Thoughts and Feelings Volume One book written. If you do not feel ready to write anything, that is also fine. I hope you enjoy the read.” Love, Daniel Chidiac


The Inferno - Dante Alighieri, John Ciardi & Archibald T. MacAllister Cover Art

The Inferno

The Inferno by Dante Alighieri, John Ciardi & Archibald T. MacAllister

Belonging in the immortal company of the works of Homer, Virgil, Milton, and Shakespeare, Dante Alighieri’s poetic masterpiece is a visionary journey that takes readers through the torment of Hell. The first part of Dante ’ s Divine Comedy  is many things: a moving human drama, a supreme expression of the Middle Ages, a glorification of the ways of God, and a magnificent protest against the ways in which men have thwarted the divine plan. One of the few literary works that has enjoyed a fame both immediate and enduring, The Inferno remains powerful after seven centuries. It confronts the most universal values—good and evil, free will and predestination—while remaining intensely personal and ferociously political, for it was born out of the anguish of a man who saw human life blighted by the injustice and corruption of his times. Translated by John Ciardi With an Introduction by Archibald T. MacAllister and an Afterword by Edward M. Cifelli


Apologies That Never Came - Pierre Alex Jeanty Cover Art

Apologies That Never Came

Apologies That Never Came by Pierre Alex Jeanty

With massive social media followings and a loyal fan base, Jeanty is poised for great success for his sixth poetry collection entitled Apologies That Never Came . In this series of prose and poetry, both the words and sentiment are simple, uninterrupted by excess flair or complexity. Apologies That Never Came dissects the agony of heartbreak and loss through the unexpressed words and feelings; what is left over at the end. While his poems and prose delve into pain, they ultimately transcend that heartbreak, awakening everyone's preexisting strength and capacity for growth. Much like in his previous collections, Jeanty has successfully created a tool for unity and healing out of the torment of his experiences.


Transformations - Anne Sexton Cover Art


Transformations Poems by Anne Sexton

Pulitzer Prize–winning poet Anne Sexton morphs classic fairy tales into dark critiques of the cultural myths underpinning modern society Anne Sexton breathes new life into sixteen age-old Brothers Grimm fairy tales, reimagining them as poems infused with contemporary references, feminist ideals, and morbid humor. Grounded by nods to the ordinary—a witch’s blood “began to boil up/like Coca-Cola” and Snow White’s bodice is “as tight as an Ace bandage”—Sexton brings the stories out of the realm of the fantastical and into the everyday world. Stripping away their magical sheen, she exposes the flawed notions of family, gender, and morality within the stories that continue to pervade our collective psyche.   Sexton is especially critical of what follows these tales’ happily-ever-after endings, noting that Cinderella never has to face the mundane struggles of marriage and growing old, such as “diapers and dust,” “telling the same story twice,” or “getting a middle-aged spread,” and that after being awakened Sleeping Beauty would likely be plagued by insomnia, taking “knock-out drops” behind the prince’s back. Deconstructed into vivid, visceral, and often highly amusing poems, these fairy tales reflect themes that have long fascinated Sexton—the claustrophobic anxiety of domestic life, the limited role of women in society, and a psychological strife more dangerous than any wicked witch or poisoned apple.  


Metamorphoses - Ovid & Stephanie McCarter Cover Art


Metamorphoses by Ovid & Stephanie McCarter

The first female translator of the epic into English in over sixty years, Stephanie McCarter addresses accuracy in translation and its representation of women, gendered dynamics of power, and sexual violence in Ovid’s classic. A Penguin Classic Hardcover      Ovid’s Metamorphoses is an epic poem, but one that upturns almost every convention. There is no main hero, no central conflict, and no sustained objective. What it is about (power, defiance, art, love, abuse, grief, rape, war, beauty, and so on) is as changeable as the beings that inhabit its pages. The sustained thread is power and how it transforms us, both those of us who have it and those of us who do not. For those who are brutalized and traumatized, transformation is often the outward manifestation of their trauma. A beautiful virgin is caught in the gaze of someone more powerful who rapes or tries to rape them, and they ultimately are turned into a tree or a lake or a stone or a bird. The victim’s objectification is clear: They are first a visual object, then a sexual object, and finally simply an object. Around 50 of the epic’s tales involve rape or attempted rape of women. Past translations have obscured or mitigated Ovid’s language so that rape appears to be consensual sex. Through her translation, McCarter considers the responsibility of handling sexual and social dynamics.   Then why continue to read Ovid? McCarter proposes Ovid should be read because he gives us stories through which we can better explore ourselves and our world, and he illuminates problems that humans have been grappling with for millennia. Careful translation of rape and the body allows readers to see Ovid’s nuances clearly and to better appreciate how ideas about sexuality, beauty, and gender are constructed over time. This is especially important since so many of our own ideas about these phenomena are themselves undergoing rapid metamorphosis, and Ovid can help us see and understand this progression. The Metamorphoses holds up a kaleidoscopic lens to the modern world, one that offers us the opportunity to reflect on contemporary discussions about gender, sexuality, race, violence, art, and identity.


Beautiful Chaos - Jessica Urlichs Cover Art

Beautiful Chaos

Beautiful Chaos On Motherhood, Finding Yourself and Overwhelming Love by Jessica Urlichs

The perfect gift for mums and mums-to-be this Mother’s Day 'Beautifully heartfelt, inspiringly poignant and therapeutically validating' - Anna Mathur Motherhood is messy and beautiful, and hard and humbling. We adore our children, and sometimes we miss ourselves. Beautiful Chaos is a collection of raw, honest poems about motherhood - capturing everything from pregnancy to school age. Upon becoming a mother, poet Jessica Urlichs was reminded that the everyday ordinary is extraordinary. Beautiful Chaos is a collection that chronicles it all - the highs, the lows, the confusion, the loss of identity, the becoming, and the brutal but beautiful ways our children hold up a mirrors to ourselves. This collection inspires vulnerability and will be a cathartic, healing read for anyone who needs it. These poems will remind you of a time gone by or ground you in the current moment. Either way, they will make you feel seen and comforted amid the beautiful chaos that is motherhood. 'The words awaken the magic of life by celebrating the ordinary' - Giovanna Fletcher


Love & Misadventure - Lang Leav Cover Art

Love & Misadventure

Love & Misadventure by Lang Leav

The journey from love to heartbreak to finding love again is personal yet universal. Lang Leav's evocative love poetry speaks to the soul of anyone who is on this journey.  Leav has an unnerving ability to see inside the hearts and minds of her readers. Her talent for translating complex emotions with astonishing simplicity has won her a cult following of devoted modern poetry fans from all over the world. Forget the dainty, delicate love poems of yore; these little poems pack a mighty punch. Lang Leav is a poet and internationally exhibiting artist. Her work expresses the intricacies of love and loss. Love & Misadventure is her first poetry collection.


Metamorphoses - Ovid & David Raeburn Cover Art


Metamorphoses by Ovid & David Raeburn

'Still remarkably vivid. It is easier to read this for pure pleasure than just about any other ancient text' Nicholas Lezard, Guardian Ovid's sensuous and witty poem begins with the creation of the world and brings together a dazzling array of mythological tales, ingeniously linked by the idea of transformation - often as a result of love or lust - where men and women find themselves magically changed into extraordinary new beings. Including the well-known stories of Daedalus and Icarus, Pyramus and Thisbe, Pygmalion, Perseus and Andromeda, and the fall of Troy, the Metamorphoses has influenced writers and artists from Shakespeare and Chaucer to Picasso and Ted Hughes. This translation by David Raeburn is in hexameter verse, which brilliantly captures the energy and spontaneity of the original. Translated by DAVID RAEBURN with an Introduction by DENIS FEENEY


The Divine Comedy - Robin Kirkpatrick & Dante Alighieri Cover Art

The Divine Comedy

The Divine Comedy Inferno, Purgatorio, Paradiso by Robin Kirkpatrick & Dante Alighieri

Robin Kirkpatrick's masterful verse translation of The Divine Comedy , published in a single volume, is the ideal edition for students as well as the general reader coming to this great masterpiece of Italian literature for the first time The Divine Comedy describes Dante's descent into Hell with Virgil as a guide; his ascent of Mount Purgatory and encounter with his dead love, Beatrice; and finally, his arrival in Heaven. Examining questions of faith, desire and enlightenment, the poem is a brilliantly nuanced and moving allegory of human redemption. This volume includes a new introduction, notes, maps and diagrams 'The perfect balance of tightness and colloquialism... likely to be the best modern version of Dante' - Bernard O'Donoghue 'The most moving lines literature has achieved' - Jorge Luis Borges 'This version is the first to bring together poetry and scholarship in the very body of the translation - a deeply-informed version of Dante that is also a pleasure to read' - Professor David Wallace, University of Pennsylvania Individual editions of Robin Kirkpatrick's translation - Inferno , Purgatorio and Paradiso - are also available in Penguin Classics, and include Dante's Italian printed alongside the English text.


Master - Simon Shieh Cover Art


Master by Simon Shieh

Winner of the 2022 Kathryn A. Morton Prize in Poetry, selected by Terrance Hayes. The debut collection from Simon Shieh, Master is a stark, surreal, and imagistic reckoning with a traumatic past. Master follows the speaker's struggle with masculinity from a martial arts school in upstate New York to a boxing academy in Beijing. Language emerges in this collection not as a neutral witness to a boy’s subjugation, but as the very tool of hegemony, though one which also holds the key to its own undoing, and therefore to freedom. As much as Master is the story of pain, it is also a journey to healing, illuminating that while violence can be our patrimony, it does not have to be our destiny.


Whiskey Words & a Shovel I - r.h. Sin Cover Art

Whiskey Words & a Shovel I

Whiskey Words & a Shovel I by r.h. Sin

Originally released in 2015, this re-rerelease packs the same punch as the first version, but makes an even greater connection with the soul of the reader. Each piece has been re-seen and revamped to reflect the author’s continuing journey with his partner, Samantha King, without whom this book would not exist. Samantha is the muse, the “she” the writer speaks of; she is every woman who has felt like she wasn’t good enough, and every woman who struggles to find love.    


Essential Bukowski - Charles Bukowski Cover Art

Essential Bukowski

Essential Bukowski Poetry by Charles Bukowski

Edited by Abel Debritto, the definitive collection of poems from an influential writer whose transgressive legacy and raw, funny, and acutely observant writing has left an enduring mark on modern culture. Few writers have so brilliantly and poignantly conjured the desperation and absurdity of ordinary life as Charles Bukowski. Resonant with his powerful, perceptive voice, his visceral, hilarious, and transcendent poetry speaks to us as forcefully today as when it was written. Encompassing a wide range of subjects—from love to death and sex to writing—Bukowski’s unvarnished and self-deprecating verse illuminates the deepest and most enduring concerns of the human condition while remaining sharply aware of the day to day. With his acute eye for the ridiculous and the troubled, Bukowski speaks to the deepest longings and strangest predilections of the human experience. Gloomy yet hopeful, this is tough, unrelenting poetry touched by grace. This is Essential Bukowski.


To The Women I Once Loved - Pierre Alex Jeanty Cover Art

To The Women I Once Loved

To The Women I Once Loved by Pierre Alex Jeanty

“To The Women I Once Loved” is a reflection of a poet’s heart, his deepest inner feelings towards past relationships and how they contributed to the man he has become. Each piece brings consciousness to parts of a woman that ought to be glorified, qualities men sometimes neglect in relationships; while making both men and women aware that who they become has a direct correlation with who they’ve been with. Pierre allows readers to see where he missed it before in a way that is uplifting not only to the reader but also the women of his past. This literary piece is filled with hope and will salivate the soul of those waiting on love.


Christian Poems, Speeches & Skits for Easter and Christmas Programs - Pearl Robinson Cover Art

Christian Poems, Speeches & Skits for Easter and Christmas Programs

Christian Poems, Speeches & Skits for Easter and Christmas Programs by Pearl Robinson

God inspired me to write this collection of poems, speeches, plays and skits for children’s Christmas and Easter programs in 2005. The objective was to help people discover the reason for our Savior’s Birth, Death, and Resurrection. This book is an inspiration when read to your children and grandchildren, even if you’re not involved with planning and implementing a program. However, if you’re the Children’s Ministry leader, this book has it all (poems, speeches, and skits for children’s Christmas and Easter programs. It will touch the hearts of God’s people and those who haven’t accepted Christ’s gift of Salvation. My deepest desire and prayer is that when the unsaved hear (or read) my poems, speeches, and skits, they will want to be saved.


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