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Excel 2019 Bible - Michael Alexander, Richard Kusleika & John Walkenbach Cover Art

Excel 2019 Bible

Excel 2019 Bible by Michael Alexander, Richard Kusleika & John Walkenbach

The complete guide to Excel 2019 Whether you are just starting out or an Excel novice, the  Excel 2019 Bible  is your comprehensive, go-to guide for all your Excel 2019 needs. Whether you use Excel at work or at home, you will be guided through the powerful new features and capabilities to take full advantage of what the updated version offers. Learn to incorporate templates, implement formulas, create pivot tables, analyze data, and much more. Navigate this powerful tool for business, home management, technical work, and much more with the only resource you need, Excel 2019 Bible. Create functional spreadsheets that  work Master formulas, formatting, pivot tables, and more Get acquainted with Excel 2019's new features and tools Whether you need a walkthrough tutorial or an easy-to-navigate desk reference, the  Excel 2019 Bible  has you covered with complete coverage and clear expert guidance.


Robert C. Martin Clean Code Collection, The - Robert C. Martin Cover Art

Robert C. Martin Clean Code Collection, The

Robert C. Martin Clean Code Collection, The by Robert C. Martin

The Robert C. Martin Clean Code Collection consists of two bestselling eBooks: Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftmanship by Robert C. Martin The Clean Coder: A Code of Conduct for Professional Programmers by Robert C. Martin In Clean Code , legendary software expert Robert C. Martin has teamed up with his colleagues from Object Mentor to distill their best agile practice of cleaning code "on the fly" into a book that will instill within you the values of a software craftsman and make you a better programmer—but only if you work at it. You will be challenged to think about what's right about that code and what's wrong with it. More important, you will be challenged to reassess your professional values and your commitment to your craft. In The Clean Coder , Martin introduces the disciplines, techniques, tools, and practices of true software craftsmanship. This book is packed with practical advice—about everything from estimating and coding to refactoring and testing. It covers much more than technique: It is about attitude. Martin shows how to approach software development with honor, self-respect, and pride; work well and work clean; communicate and estimate faithfully; face difficult decisions with clarity and honesty; and understand that deep knowledge comes with a responsibility to act. Readers of this collection will come away understanding How to tell the difference between good and bad codeHow to write good code and how to transform bad code into good codeHow to create good names, good functions, good objects, and good classesHow to format code for maximum readabilityHow to implement complete error handling without obscuring code logicHow to unit test and practice test-driven developmentWhat it means to behave as a true software craftsmanHow to deal with conflict, tight schedules, and unreasonable managersHow to get into the flow of coding and get past writer’s blockHow to handle unrelenting pressure and avoid burnoutHow to combine enduring attitudes with new development paradigmsHow to manage your time and avoid blind alleys, marshes, bogs, and swampsHow to foster environments where programmers and teams can thriveWhen to say "No"—and how to say itWhen to say "Yes"—and what yes really means


User Story Mapping - Jeff Patton & Peter Economy Cover Art

User Story Mapping

User Story Mapping Discover the Whole Story, Build the Right Product by Jeff Patton & Peter Economy

User story mapping is a valuable tool for software development, once you understand why and how to use it. This insightful book examines how this often misunderstood technique can help your team stay focused on users and their needs without getting lost in the enthusiasm for individual product features. Author Jeff Patton shows you how changeable story maps enable your team to hold better conversations about the project throughout the development process. Your team will learn to come away with a shared understanding of what you’re attempting to build and why. Get a high-level view of story mapping, with an exercise to learn key concepts quicklyUnderstand how stories really work, and how they come to life in Agile and Lean projectsDive into a story’s lifecycle, starting with opportunities and moving deeper into discoveryPrepare your stories, pay attention while they’re built, and learn from those you convert to working software


97 Things Every Data Engineer Should Know - Tobias Macey Cover Art

97 Things Every Data Engineer Should Know

97 Things Every Data Engineer Should Know by Tobias Macey

Take advantage of today's sky-high demand for data engineers. With this in-depth book, current and aspiring engineers will learn powerful real-world best practices for managing data big and small. Contributors from notable companies including Twitter, Google, Stitch Fix, Microsoft, Capital One, and LinkedIn share their experiences and lessons learned for overcoming a variety of specific and often nagging challenges. Edited by Tobias Macey, host of the popular Data Engineering Podcast, this book presents 97 concise and useful tips for cleaning, prepping, wrangling, storing, processing, and ingesting data. Data engineers, data architects, data team managers, data scientists, machine learning engineers, and software engineers will greatly benefit from the wisdom and experience of their peers. Topics include: The Importance of Data Lineage - Julien Le DemData Security for Data Engineers - Katharine JarmulThe Two Types of Data Engineering and Data Engineers - Jesse AndersonSix Dimensions for Picking an Analytical Data Warehouse - Gleb MezhanskiyThe End of ETL as We Know It - Paul SingmanBuilding a Career as a Data Engineer - Vijay KiranModern Metadata for the Modern Data Stack - Prukalpa SankarYour Data Tests Failed! Now What? - Sam Bail


Clean Code - Robert C. Martin Cover Art

Clean Code

Clean Code A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship by Robert C. Martin

Even bad code can function. But if code isn’t clean, it can bring a development organization to its knees. Every year, countless hours and significant resources are lost because of poorly written code. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Noted software expert Robert C. Martin presents a revolutionary paradigm with Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship . Martin has teamed up with his colleagues from Object Mentor to distill their best agile practice of cleaning code “on the fly” into a book that will instill within you the values of a software craftsman and make you a better programmer–but only if you work at it. What kind of work will you be doing? You’ll be reading code–lots of code. And you will be challenged to think about what’s right about that code, and what’s wrong with it. More importantly, you will be challenged to reassess your professional values and your commitment to your craft. Clean Code is divided into three parts. The first describes the principles, patterns, and practices of writing clean code. The second part consists of several case studies of increasing complexity. Each case study is an exercise in cleaning up code–of transforming a code base that has some problems into one that is sound and efficient. The third part is the payoff: a single chapter containing a list of heuristics and “smells” gathered while creating the case studies. The result is a knowledge base that describes the way we think when we write, read, and clean code. Readers will come away from this book understanding How to tell the difference between good and bad code How to write good code and how to transform bad code into good code How to create good names, good functions, good objects, and good classes How to format code for maximum readability How to implement complete error handling without obscuring code logic How to unit test and practice test-driven development This book is a must for any developer, software engineer, project manager, team lead, or systems analyst with an interest in producing better code.


QuickBooks Online For Dummies - David H. Ringstrom Cover Art

QuickBooks Online For Dummies

QuickBooks Online For Dummies by David H. Ringstrom

Get a handle on the world’s most popular cloud bookkeeping and accounting app QuickBooks Online comes second-to-none in providing simple and powerful bookkeeping and accounting features that can streamline your business, make you more profitable, and organize your company’s finances. But if you’re not quite sure how to make it all work, or if you just want to get a grip on its newest features, QuickBooks Online For Dummies is the companion you need to make the most of your favorite cloud accounting software. This book walks you through each and every step of creating an invoice or credit memo, recording a sale, paying bills, setting up and managing your inventory, and tracking your business checkbook and credit cards. It also includes: New updates on exporting data to Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets so that you can analyze your business data new ways. Stepwise walkthroughs of how to install and set up a new instance of QuickBooks Online for your business or personal accounts. Exclusive tips for bookkeepers and accountants working with clients in QuickBooks Online, including new techniques for automating monthly reports that you create in Excel from data that you export from QuickBooks. Whether you’re a small business owner, an accountant, a bookkeeper, or just someone trying to help their boss keep up with their accounting records, QuickBooks Online For Dummies is the resource you need to make the most popular cloud bookkeeping and accounting software in the world work for you!


Adobe Illustrator Visual QuickStart Guide - Lisa Fridsma Cover Art

Adobe Illustrator Visual QuickStart Guide

Adobe Illustrator Visual QuickStart Guide by Lisa Fridsma

Learn Adobe Illustrator with the Visual QuickStart Guide—the quick and easy way! Visual QuickStart Guide is an easy, visual approach to learning. Concise steps and explanations guide you through Adobe Illustrator, getting you up and running in no time. In addition, the free Web Edition of the book includes more than 40 videos, enhancing and expanding the information in the book while providing an alternative method for learning. Whether you're an experienced designer or an enthusiastic newcomer, Illustrator gives you all the tools you need to begin creating impressive vector artwork. Learn how to navigate the application and set up your documents to start drawing quickly, using a variety of tools and features. Then you'll move on to applying appearance attributes and effects for adding visual interest to your artwork. Once your artwork is complete you'll learn how to save and export it using best practices. This book provides you with: An easy visual approach that uses pictures to guide you through Adobe Illustrator features and shows you what to do. Concise steps and explanations that let you get up and running in no time. The best content and value around, page for page.


Excel 2019 All-in-One For Dummies - Greg Harvey Cover Art

Excel 2019 All-in-One For Dummies

Excel 2019 All-in-One For Dummies by Greg Harvey

Make Excel work for you   Excel 2019 All-In-One For Dummies offers eight books in one!! It is completely updated to reflect the major changes Microsoft is making to Office with the 2019 release. From basic Excel functions, such as creating and editing worksheets, to sharing and reviewing worksheets, to editing macros with Visual Basic, it provides you with a broad scope of the most common Excel applications and functions—including formatting worksheets, setting up formulas, protecting worksheets, importing data, charting data, and performing statistical functions.     The book covers importing data, building and editing worksheets, creating formulas, generating pivot tables, and performing financial functions, what-if scenarios, database functions, and Web queries. More advanced topics include worksheet sharing and auditing, performing error trapping, building and running macros, charting data, and using Excel in conjunction with Microsoft Power BI (Business Intelligence) to analyze, model, and visualize vast quantities of data from a variety of local and online sources.   Get familiar with Worksheet design Find out how to work with charts and graphics Use Excel for data management, analysis, modeling, and visualization Make sense of macros and VBA If you’re a new or inexperienced user looking to spend more time on your projects than trying to figure out how to make Excel work for you, this all-encompassing book makes it easy!


Continuous Delivery - Jez Humble Cover Art

Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery Reliable Software Releases through Build, Test, and Deployment Automation by Jez Humble

Winner of the 2011 Jolt Excellence Award ! Getting software released to users is often a painful, risky, and time-consuming process. This groundbreaking new book sets out the principles and technical practices that enable rapid, incremental delivery of high quality, valuable new functionality to users. Through automation of the build, deployment, and testing process, and improved collaboration between developers, testers, and operations, delivery teams can get changes released in a matter of hours— sometimes even minutes–no matter what the size of a project or the complexity of its code base. Jez Humble and David Farley begin by presenting the foundations of a rapid, reliable, low-risk delivery process. Next, they introduce the “deployment pipeline,” an automated process for managing all changes, from check-in to release. Finally, they discuss the “ecosystem” needed to support continuous delivery, from infrastructure, data and configuration management to governance. The authors introduce state-of-the-art techniques, including automated infrastructure management and data migration, and the use of virtualization. For each, they review key issues, identify best practices, and demonstrate how to mitigate risks. Coverage includes • Automating all facets of building, integrating, testing, and deploying software • Implementing deployment pipelines at team and organizational levels • Improving collaboration between developers, testers, and operations • Developing features incrementally on large and distributed teams • Implementing an effective configuration management strategy • Automating acceptance testing, from analysis to implementation • Testing capacity and other non-functional requirements • Implementing continuous deployment and zero-downtime releases • Managing infrastructure, data, components and dependencies • Navigating risk management, compliance, and auditing Whether you’re a developer, systems administrator, tester, or manager, this book will help your organization move from idea to release faster than ever—so you can deliver value to your business rapidly and reliably.


iMac (M1 2021) Complete Guide - Scott Edward Cover Art

iMac (M1 2021) Complete Guide

iMac (M1 2021) Complete Guide A Comprehensive Illustrated, Practical Guide to Maximizing the 2021 iMac & MacOS Big Sur by Scott Edward

The new 24-inch iMac is a remarkable machine; powered by Apple’s new M1 processor, it feels modern and up-to-date in a way that iMacs haven’t for a number of years. It’s now powered by the same silicon that you ‘ll find in the new MacBook Pro, iPad Pro and MacBook Air, and there are important changes both under the hood and on the surface—everything from a refreshed color scheme to a new magnetic power cord. Indeed, just one glance shows that the iMac’s profile been slenderized and modernized. The usual 21.5-inch screen has been scaled up to 24-inches without making the computer itself any larger (thank a much smaller bezel), and the iMac is now available in up to seven colors, depending upon which model you choose. This book will help you with a collection of ACTIONABLE tips and tricks. It contains specific step-by-step instructions that are well organized and easy to read. With the aid of the screenshots, even a new user of Mac can understand this book easily. Here is a Preview of what you will learn: New features on your iMac iMac Magic Keyboard iMac Magic Mouse Set up your iMac Apple Account on Mac The desktop, menu bar, and Help on your Mac The Finder on your Mac The Dock on your Mac Notification Center on your Mac Siri on your Mac Display settings for your Mac Spotlight on your Mac Use iCloud and Continuity Screen Time on Mac Use Handoff on your Mac Sidecar on your Mac Continuity Sketch and Continuity Markup on your Mac Unlock your Mac and approve tasks with Apple Watch Use AirPlay on your Mac Use AirPrint on your Mac Use AirDrop on your Mac Apps included with your iMac Keyboard shortcuts on your Mac Take a screenshot on your Mac Security features for iMac Important safety information for your MacAnd so much more! Download your copy of “iMac (M1 2020) Complete Guide”.


Smart and Gets Things Done - Avram Joel Spolsky Cover Art

Smart and Gets Things Done

Smart and Gets Things Done Joel Spolsky's Concise Guide to Finding the Best Technical Talent by Avram Joel Spolsky

This book gets to the heart of the matter: how to recognize a great developer when you see one. The author writes humorously but seriously about his methods for sorting resumes, for finding great candidates, and for interviewing, in person and by phone.


Access 2019 For Dummies - Laurie A. Ulrich & Ken Cook Cover Art

Access 2019 For Dummies

Access 2019 For Dummies by Laurie A. Ulrich & Ken Cook

Easy steps to practical databases People who really know how to build, populate, and simplify databases are few and far between. Access 2019 For Dummies is here to help you join the ranks of office heroes who possess these precious skills. This book offers clear and simple advice on how to build and operate databases as well as create simple forms, import data from outside sources, query databases for information, and share knowledge in reports. In short, it’s the book that holds all the secrets behind the mysteries of Access! Build effective databases from the ground up Simplify your data entry with forms and tables Write queries that produce answers to your data questions Simplify input with forms There’s no time like the present to get your hands on the insight that database beginners need to become Access gurus.


Outlook 2019 For Dummies - Faithe Wempen & Bill Dyszel Cover Art

Outlook 2019 For Dummies

Outlook 2019 For Dummies by Faithe Wempen & Bill Dyszel

Get up to speed with the world’s best email application — Outlook 2019   Of the millions of people who use Outlook, most only use about two percent of its features. Don’t stay in the dark! Outlook 2019 For Dummies shows you how to take advantage of often-overlooked tips and tricks to make it work even better for you.   Inside, you’ll find information on navigating the user interface; utilizing the To-Do bar; filtering junk email; smart scheduling; RSS support; using electronic business cards; accessing data with two-way sync and offline and cloud based access, and much more!  Make the most of Outlook's anti-phishing capabilities Share your calendar Integrate tasks with other Microsoft applications and services Manage email folders  If you’re upgrading to the latest version — or have never used this popular email tool — this book makes it easier than ever to get Outlook working for you.


QuickBooks 2019 For Dummies - Stephen L. Nelson Cover Art

QuickBooks 2019 For Dummies

QuickBooks 2019 For Dummies by Stephen L. Nelson

The bestselling guide to QuickBooks—now in a new edition QuickBooks 2019 For Dummies  is here to make it easier than ever to familiarize yourself with the latest version of the software. It shows you step by step how to build the perfect budget, simplify tax return preparation, manage inventory, track job costs, generate income statements and financial reports, and every other accounting-related task that crosses your desk at work.   Written by CPA Stephen L. Nelson, this perennial bestseller shows you how to get the most out of the software that helps over six million small businesses manage their finances. Removing the need to hire expensive financial professionals, it empowers you to take your small business' finances into your own hands.  Handle your financial and business management tasks more effectively Implement QuickBooks and get the most out of its features Create invoices and credit memos with ease Pay bills, prepare payroll, and record sales receipts If you're a small business owner, manager, or employee who utilizes QuickBooks at work, this bestselling guide has answers for all of your business accounting needs.


Extreme Programming Pocket Guide - Chromatic Cover Art

Extreme Programming Pocket Guide

Extreme Programming Pocket Guide Team-Based Software Development by Chromatic

Extreme Programming (XP) is a radical new approach to software development that has been accepted quickly because its core practices--the need for constant testing, programming in pairs, inviting customer input, and the communal ownership of code--resonate with developers everywhere. Although many developers feel that XP is rooted in commonsense, its vastly different approach can bring challenges, frustrations, and constant demands on your patience.Unless you've got unlimited time (and who does these days?), you can't always stop to thumb through hundreds of pages to find the piece of information you need. The Extreme Programming Pocket Guide is the answer. Concise and easy to use, this handy pocket guide to XP is a must-have quick reference for anyone implementing a test-driven development environment.The Extreme Programming Pocket Guide covers XP assumptions, principles, events, artifacts, roles, and resources, and more. It concisely explains the relationships between the XP practices. If you want to adopt XP in stages, the Extreme Programming Pocket Guide will help you choose what to apply and when. You'll be surprised at how much practical information is crammed into this slim volume.O'Reilly's Pocket Guides have become a favorite among developers everywhere. By providing a wealth of important details in a concise, well-organized format, these handy books deliver just what you need to complete the task at hand. When you've reached a sticking point in your work and need to get to a solution quickly, the new Extreme Programming Pocket Guide is the book you'll want to have beside your keyboard.


Outlook For Dummies - Faithe Wempen Cover Art

Outlook For Dummies

Outlook For Dummies by Faithe Wempen

Learn all about the best application for emailing, scheduling, collaborating, and just plain getting stuff done  Did you know that Microsoft Outlook can do everything, including cook your dinner? Okay, it can’t cook your dinner. But it can deliver your email, filter out the junk, help you organize your life, sync data to the cloud, integrate with iOS and Android, and about a zillion other things.  Outlook For Dummies  shows you how to work all the basic and advanced features of the Office 2021 version.  Outlook is loaded with interesting productivity tools that most people—even in business environments—don’t know about. Did you know you can create automated mail-handling rules? Translate messages into other languages? Share your calendar with other people? It’s true, and when people start wondering how you suddenly got to be so productive, you can tell them:  Outlook For Dummies .  Take a stroll around the basic interface and emailing capabilities of Outlook for Office 2021  Use Outlook to create daily and monthly schedules, manage a to-do list, organize messages into folders, and make notes for later reference  Discover advanced and little-known features that will help you get organized and stay on top of things  Sync email across your devices and access Outlook from any computer, tablet, or phone  For users who are brand-new to Outlook and those upgrading to the latest version, this book makes it simple to get going. 


TIBCO Spotfire: A Comprehensive Primer - Andrew Berridge & Michael Phillips Cover Art

TIBCO Spotfire: A Comprehensive Primer

TIBCO Spotfire: A Comprehensive Primer Building enterprise-grade data analytics and visualization solutions, 2nd Edition by Andrew Berridge & Michael Phillips

Create innovative informatics solutions with TIBCO Spotfire Key Features Get to grips with a variety of TIBCO Spotfire features to create professional applicationsUse different data and visualization techniques to build interactive analyses.Simplify BI processes and understand data analysis and visualization Book Description The need for agile business intelligence (BI) is growing daily, and TIBCO Spotfire® combines self-service features with essential enterprise governance and scaling capabilities to provide best-practice analytics solutions. Spotfire is easy and intuitive to use and is a rewarding environment for all BI users and analytics developers. Starting with data and visualization concepts, this book takes you on a journey through increasingly advanced topics to help you work toward becoming a professional analytics solution provider. Examples of analyzing real-world data are used to illustrate how to work with Spotfire. Once you've covered the AI-driven recommendations engine, you'll move on to understanding Spotfire's rich suite of visualizations and when, why and how you should use each of them. In later chapters, you'll work with location analytics, advanced analytics using TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R®, how to decide whether to use in-database or in-memory analytics, and how to work with streaming (live) data in Spotfire. You'll also explore key product integrations that significantly enhance Spotfire's capabilities.This book will enable you to exploit the advantages of the Spotfire serve topology and learn how to make practical use of scheduling and routing rules. By the end of this book, you will have learned how to build and use powerful analytics dashboards and applications, perform spatial analytics, and be able to administer your Spotfire environment efficiently What you will learn Work with Spotfire on its web, Cloud, PC, Mac and mobile clientsDeploy Spotfire's suite of visualization types effectively and intelligentlyBuild user-friendly analytics frameworks and analytics applicationsExplore Spotfire's predictive analytics capabilitiesUse Spotfire's location analytics capabilities to create interactive spatial analysesWrite IronPython scripts with the Spotfire APILearn the different ways Spotfire can be deployed and administered Who this book is for If you are a business intelligence or data professional, this book will give you a solid grounding in the use of TIBCO Spotfire. This book requires no prior knowledge of Spotfire or any basic data and visualization concepts.


The Azure Cloud Native Architecture Mapbook - Stephane Eyskens & Ed Price Cover Art

The Azure Cloud Native Architecture Mapbook

The Azure Cloud Native Architecture Mapbook Explore Microsoft Cloud's infrastructure, application, data, and security architecture by Stephane Eyskens & Ed Price

Improve your Azure architecture practice and set out on a cloud and cloud-native journey with this Azure cloud native architecture guide Key Features Discover the key drivers of successful Azure architectureImplement architecture maps as a compass to tackle any challengeUnderstand architecture maps in detail with the help of practical use cases Book Description Azure offers a wide range of services that enable a million ways to architect your solutions. Complete with original maps and expert analysis, this book will help you to explore Azure and choose the best solutions for your unique requirements. Starting with the key aspects of architecture, this book shows you how to map different architectural perspectives and covers a variety of use cases for each architectural discipline. You'll get acquainted with the basic cloud vocabulary and learn which strategic aspects to consider for a successful cloud journey. As you advance through the chapters, you'll understand technical considerations from the perspective of a solutions architect. You'll then explore infrastructure aspects, such as network, disaster recovery, and high availability, and leverage Infrastructure as Code (IaC) through ARM templates, Bicep, and Terraform. The book also guides you through cloud design patterns, distributed architecture, and ecosystem solutions, such as Dapr, from an application architect's perspective. You'll work with both traditional (ETL and OLAP) and modern data practices (big data and advanced analytics) in the cloud and finally get to grips with cloud native security. By the end of this book, you'll have picked up best practices and more rounded knowledge of the different architectural perspectives. What you will learn Gain overarching architectural knowledge of the Microsoft Azure cloud platformExplore the possibilities of building a full Azure solution by considering different architectural perspectivesImplement best practices for architecting and deploying Azure infrastructureReview different patterns for building a distributed application with ecosystem frameworks and solutionsGet to grips with cloud-native concepts using containerized workloadsWork with AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service) and use it with service mesh technologies to design a microservices hosting platform Who this book is for This book is for aspiring Azure Architects or anyone who specializes in security, infrastructure, data, and application architecture. If you are a developer or infrastructure engineer looking to enhance your Azure knowledge, you'll find this book useful.


How To Become A Software Developer: How To Write Resume & Prepare For Software Developer Interview - Jamie French Cover Art

How To Become A Software Developer: How To Write Resume & Prepare For Software Developer Interview

How To Become A Software Developer: How To Write Resume & Prepare For Software Developer Interview by Jamie French

If you are interested in software and wanna land a job in Software Development, this book is for you. You'll learn about the requirements, skills needed, what to prepare and some tips to become a software developer. In this book, you'll learn about: : Building resumes that get interviews : Leverage portfolios, GitHub and LinkedIn effectively : Interviewing tips and techniques : Salary negotiation


Fundamentals of Data Engineering - Joe Reis & Matt Housley Cover Art

Fundamentals of Data Engineering

Fundamentals of Data Engineering by Joe Reis & Matt Housley

Data engineering has grown rapidly in the past decade, leaving many software engineers, data scientists, and analysts looking for a comprehensive view of this practice. With this practical book, you'll learn how to plan and build systems to serve the needs of your organization and customers by evaluating the best technologies available through the framework of the data engineering lifecycle. Authors Joe Reis and Matt Housley walk you through the data engineering lifecycle and show you how to stitch together a variety of cloud technologies to serve the needs of downstream data consumers. You'll understand how to apply the concepts of data generation, ingestion, orchestration, transformation, storage, and governance that are critical in any data environment regardless of the underlying technology. This book will help you: Get a concise overview of the entire data engineering landscapeAssess data engineering problems using an end-to-end framework of best practicesCut through marketing hype when choosing data technologies, architecture, and processesUse the data engineering lifecycle to design and build a robust architectureIncorporate data governance and security across the data engineering lifecycle


Office 365 All-in-One For Dummies - Peter Weverka & Matt Wade Cover Art

Office 365 All-in-One For Dummies

Office 365 All-in-One For Dummies by Peter Weverka & Matt Wade

Multiply your productivity with the world's most straightforward guide to the world's most popular office software Microsoft Office 365 contains straightforward tools for virtually every office task you could possibly think of. And learning how to use this powerful software is much easier than you might expect! With the latest edition of Office 365 All-in-One For Dummies, you'll get a grip on some of the most popular and effective office software on the planet, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Publisher, and Teams. This expanded handbook walks you through the ins and outs of reviewing and composing documents with Word, hosting and joining meetings with Teams, crunching numbers with Excel, and answering emails with Outlook. And it's ideal for anyone who's brand new to Office and those who just need a quick refresher on the latest useful updates from Microsoft. In this one-stop reference, you'll find: Step-by-step instructions on the installation, maintenance, and navigation of all the critical components of Office 365 Guidance for using Office 365's built-in online and cloud functionality Complete explanations of what every part of Office 365 is used for and how to apply them to your life Office 365 All-in-One For Dummies is the last handbook you'll ever need to apply Microsoft's world-famous software suite to countless everyday tasks.


Microsoft Word In 30 Minutes - Angela Rose Cover Art

Microsoft Word In 30 Minutes

Microsoft Word In 30 Minutes Make a bigger impact with your documents and master the writing, formatting, and collaboration tools in Word for Microsoft 365 and Word for the Web by Angela Rose

Revised 3rd edition! How good are your Microsoft Word skills? In 30 minutes, author Angela Rose will show you how to become a power user of Word for Microsoft 365 for Windows and macOS. Even if you have used MS Word in the past, this guide will demonstrate tools and time-saving tips that will help you make a bigger impact when writing letters, reports, essays, resumes, manuscripts, and other documents. The third edition of Microsoft Word In 30 Minutes also covers Word for the Web, Microsoft's free (but limited) online alternative. Topics include: * MS Word interface basics, from Backstage View to the Ribbon * Office 365 subscriptions and OneDrive * Display options for individual documents * How to work with multiple windows in Microsoft Word * Working with .docx, .doc, .txt, PDF, and other file formats in Word for Microsoft 365 and Word for the Web * Locating recovered files * Printing documents, envelopes, and labels * How to format text using the toolbar * How to format Word documents using styles, themes, and style sets * Creating Word documents with professional-quality templates * How to create tables and charts in MS Word * Adding images, video, and hyperlinks * How to automatically create a table of contents in Word * Adding footnotes, endnotes, citations, a bibliography, and an index * Word spelling, tracking, and other reviewing tools * Collaboration tools, from comments to live collaboration * How to protect your Word document There are lots of examples, screenshots, and offbeat anecdotes. Whether you are new to Microsoft Word, or want to familiarize yourself with the new features and interface of Word for Microsoft 365 compared to older versions (Word 2019, Word 2016, Word 2013, etc.), Microsoft Word In 30 Minutes can help you become an MS Word power user.   Buy it today!


Designing Data-Intensive Applications - Martin Kleppmann Cover Art

Designing Data-Intensive Applications

Designing Data-Intensive Applications The Big Ideas Behind Reliable, Scalable, and Maintainable Systems by Martin Kleppmann

Data is at the center of many challenges in system design today. Difficult issues need to be figured out, such as scalability, consistency, reliability, efficiency, and maintainability. In addition, we have an overwhelming variety of tools, including relational databases, NoSQL datastores, stream or batch processors, and message brokers. What are the right choices for your application? How do you make sense of all these buzzwords? In this practical and comprehensive guide, author Martin Kleppmann helps you navigate this diverse landscape by examining the pros and cons of various technologies for processing and storing data. Software keeps changing, but the fundamental principles remain the same. With this book, software engineers and architects will learn how to apply those ideas in practice, and how to make full use of data in modern applications. Peer under the hood of the systems you already use, and learn how to use and operate them more effectivelyMake informed decisions by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of different toolsNavigate the trade-offs around consistency, scalability, fault tolerance, and complexityUnderstand the distributed systems research upon which modern databases are builtPeek behind the scenes of major online services, and learn from their architectures


AppleInsider iOS 15 Tip Book - William Gallagher Cover Art

AppleInsider iOS 15 Tip Book

AppleInsider iOS 15 Tip Book by William Gallagher

AppleInsider takes you through everything you need to know about using Apple’s iOS 15 in the real world. This collection of tips goes beyond the headline features and into what is really useful -- and when you’ll really need it. Tips range from mastering Safari, Notes, Maps, and Reminders, to choosing widgets, and blocking spam phone calls.


The Beginner's Guide To Git & GitHub: Simple Exercises To Become Master - SOPHIA MOTLEY Cover Art

The Beginner's Guide To Git & GitHub: Simple Exercises To Become Master

The Beginner's Guide To Git & GitHub: Simple Exercises To Become Master by SOPHIA MOTLEY

These are important tools for all developers to understand. Git and GitHub make it easier to manage different software versions and make it easier for multiple people to work on the same software project. With easy to follow step-by-step instructions you will learn how to: - Correctly install and configure Git and GitHub on Windows - Use the Git Bash console to work with Git like a pro - Track changes in a software project with Git - Showcase your work on GitHub - Understand the Git repository and Git workflows - Contribute to open source projects on GitHub


Kill It with Fire - Marianne Bellotti Cover Art

Kill It with Fire

Kill It with Fire Manage Aging Computer Systems (and Future Proof Modern Ones) by Marianne Bellotti

Kill It with Fire chronicles the challenges of dealing with aging computer systems, along with sound modernization strategies. How to survive a legacy apocalypse   “Kill it with fire,” the typical first reaction to a legacy system falling into obsolescence, is a knee-jerk approach that often burns through tons of money and time only to result in a less efficient solution. This book offers a far more forgiving modernization framework, laying out smart value-add strategies and proven techniques that work equally well for ancient systems and brand-new ones.   Renowned for restoring some of the world’s oldest, messiest computer networks to operational excellence, software engineering expert Marianne Bellotti distills key lessons and insights from her experience into practical, research-backed guidance to help you determine when and how to modernize. With witty, engaging prose, Bellotti explains why new doesn’t always mean better, weaving in illuminating case studies and anecdotes from her work in the field.   You’ll learn: Where to focus your maintenance efforts for maximum impact and valueHow to pick the right modernization solutions for your specific needs and keep your plans on trackHow to assess whether your migrations will add value before you invest in themWhat to consider before moving data to the cloudHow to determine when a project is finished  Packed with resources, exercises, and flexible frameworks for organizations of all ages and sizes, Kill It with Fire will give you a vested interest in your technology’s future.  


Microsoft Outlook 2016/2019/365 User Guide - Dave Tosh Cover Art

Microsoft Outlook 2016/2019/365 User Guide

Microsoft Outlook 2016/2019/365 User Guide by Dave Tosh

This is a book that can be used in a classroom or by an individual working at home or at their workstation. You require Microsoft Outlook 2016 or 2019 or 365 in order to work with this book. Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager from Microsoft, available as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. Often used mainly as an email application, it also includes a calendar, task manager, contact manager, note taking, journal, and web browsing. Some of the topics covered will include Favorites, Recurrence, Folders & Subfolders, Rules, Quick Parts, Search Folders, Meetings, Categories, Sharing, Signature, Quick Steps Templates, Flag, Contact Group/Distribution List, Assign a Task and Message Options. Outlook can be used as a stand-alone application, or can work with Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft SharePoint Server for multiple users in an organization, such as shared mailboxes and/or calendars, Exchange public folders, SharePoint lists, and meeting schedules. Also, Microsoft has mobile applications for most mobile platforms, including iOS (Apple) and Android. You can use this book if you have earlier versions of Outlook including versions 2013 and 2010. There will be a few differences but most features will be found in the book.


Programming Elixir ≥ 1.6 - Dave Thomas Cover Art

Programming Elixir ≥ 1.6

Programming Elixir ≥ 1.6 Functional > Concurrent > Pragmatic > Fun by Dave Thomas

This book is the introduction to Elixir for experienced programmers, completely updated for Elixir 1.6 and beyond. Explore functional programming without the academic overtones (tell me about monads just one more time). Create concurrent applications, butget them right without all the locking and consistency headaches. Meet Elixir, a modern, functional, concurrent language built on the rock-solid Erlang VM. Elixir's pragmatic syntax and built-in support for metaprogramming will make you productive and keep you interestedfor the long haul. Maybe the time is right for the Next Big Thing. Maybe it's Elixir. Functional programming techniques help you manage the complexities of today's real-world, concurrent systems; maximize uptime; and manage security. Enter Elixir, with its modern, Ruby-like, extendable syntax, compile and runtime evaluation, hygienic macro system, and more. But, just as importantly, Elixir brings a sense of enjoyment to parallel,functional programming. Your applications become fun to work with, and the language encourages you to experiment. Part 1 covers the basics of writing sequential Elixir programs. We'll look at the language, the tools, and the conventions. Part 2 uses these skills to start writing concurrent code-applications that use all the cores on your machine, or all the machines on your network! And we do it both with and without OTP. Part 3 looks at the more advanced features of the language, from DSLs and code generation to extending the syntax. This edition is fully updated with all the new features of Elixir 1.6, with a new chapter on structuring OTP applications, and new sections on the debugger, code formatter, Distillery, and protocols. What You Need: You'll need a computer, a little experience with another high-levellanguage, and a sense of adventure. No functional programmingexperience is needed.


Teach Yourself VISUALLY Office 2016 - Elaine Marmel Cover Art

Teach Yourself VISUALLY Office 2016

Teach Yourself VISUALLY Office 2016 by Elaine Marmel

Quickly and efficiently learn the latest version of Office Are you a visual learner who wants to spend more time working in Microsoft Office than trying to figure out how the programs actually work? Teach Yourself Visually Office offers you a straightforward, visual approach to making your work life more efficient and productive using the latest version of the Microsoft Office suite. Featuring visually rich tutorials and step-by-step instructions that will help you make the most of this power-packed suite of office productivity tools, it covers everything you need to compute, document, graph, chart, present, and organize your way to success in the workplace—from the most basic to the most advanced. The Microsoft Office suite can be intimidating to the uninitiated, but it doesn't have to be. Through a series of easy-to-follow, full-color two-page tutorials, you'll quickly get up and running on working in Word, excelling at Excel, powering through PowerPoint, keeping in touch on Outlook, managing data in Access, and propelling your way through Publisher like a pro! Highly visual tutorials and step-by-step screenshots make lessons easy to follow and understand Helps you grasp the basic functions of Microsoft Office—and beyond Walks you through Microsoft Office's new features Demonstrates how to use the Microsoft Office suite to make your work life more streamlined and effective Whether you're looking to discover what's new in the latest release of Microsoft Office or don't know Access from Word, this visual guide makes learning easy!


Practical Project Management with Microsoft Project 2016 - Bonnie Jaye Biafore & John Riopel Cover Art

Practical Project Management with Microsoft Project 2016

Practical Project Management with Microsoft Project 2016 by Bonnie Jaye Biafore & John Riopel

Learn how to manage projects of any size with Microsoft Project 2016. Whether you’re new to project management and Microsoft Project, or looking to expand your skills, this clear and engaging book guides you through Project’s features step by step. You can jump directly to the topics you need. Or download sample files from the book’s website to follow along to build a task list and resource team, develop and fine-tune your schedule, and monitor and correct performance. This book shows you how to make the most of Project’s tools, so you can master Project and the projects you manage with it. Learn Project 2016 basics. Follow the step-by-step instructions whether you use Project Standard or Professional. Build your schedule and team. Develop your task list and assemble your team. Assign resources to tasks to build your project schedule. Fine-tune your schedule. Make your schedule realistic and modify it to deliver on time and within budget. Track and manage progress. Enter actual values, evaluate performance, correct course, and manage changes. Communicate. Produce reports and other output to communicate project info to stakeholders and team members. Customize Project features. Make Project work the way you want. Develop your own views, tables, fields, filters, and groups. Customize the ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar. Share project info. Exchange data between programs, share customizations, and share info via SharePoint. Work with multiple projects. Use master projects to manage several projects.  Learn how Project Server or Project Online help manage project portfolios.


Microsoft Project 2016: Up To Speed - R.M. Hyttinen Cover Art

Microsoft Project 2016: Up To Speed

Microsoft Project 2016: Up To Speed by R.M. Hyttinen

The Project 2016: Up To Speed guide helps you to get up and running  quickly with the world's most popular project management application.  This handy step-by-step guide is written from scratch, starting with basic Microsoft Project and project management topics and moving on to more advanced features of application, designed to help you to become more productive more quickly.  Though comprehensive, the information in this book is presented in a clear, concise manner with screenshots providing helpful visual guidance all along the way. In no time at all you're be creating and updated project files, managing resources, linking and scheduling task, tracking project progress, updating costs, updating work performance and much more. Some of the topics include:                  Understanding Project Management A Look at the Project Environment Creating a New Project Entering Project Information Creating a Project Calendar Setting Project Options Using Tell Me to Obtain Help Entering, Editing & Rearranging Tasks Inserting & Deleting Tasks Adding a Project Summary Task Outlining Tasks Adding Recurring Tasks Understanding Task Relationships Linking Tasks Adding Lead Time & Lag Time Changing Task Dependency Splitting Tasks Setting Task Constraints Setting Task Deadlines Working in Network Diagram View Entering Resources Creating a Resource Calendar Assigning Resources to Tasks Filtering Resources Entering Resource Costs Entering Fixed Costs Using the Cost Table Working in Calendar View Formatting a Gantt Chart Using Split Views Using Task Usage & Resource Usage Views Sorting Tasks & Resources Using AutoFilters Using Tables Printing a View Identifying Slack in a Project Saving a Baseline Plan Saving an Interim Plan Overallocated Resources Leveling Overallocated Resources Updating & Tracking Projects Updating Task Progress Updating Work Performed Manually Updating Costs Rescheduling Uncompleted Tasks Filtering Tasks Importing a Task List Exporting Project Data Using the Copy Picture Command Printing a View as a Report Viewing Standard Reports Customizing a Report Modifying Report Formatting Modifying a Header and a Footer Inserting a Graphic into a Report Creating Visual Reports Work with Visual Report Templates Creating a Resource Pool Linking Projects to a Resource Pool Updating Resource Pool Information Consolidating Projects Linking Tasks between Projects Sharing Elements between Projects Creating a Project Plan Template Formatting Bar Styles Formatting Timescales Creating Custom Fields, Tables and Views Creating Custom Groups Using Drawing Tools Creating & Running a Macro ...and more


Beginning MERN Stack (MongoDB, Express, React, Node.js) - Greg Lim Cover Art

Beginning MERN Stack (MongoDB, Express, React, Node.js)

Beginning MERN Stack (MongoDB, Express, React, Node.js) by Greg Lim

In this book, we take you on a fun, hands-on and pragmatic journey to learning MERN stack development. You'll start building your first MERN stack app within minutes. Every chapter is written in a bite-sized manner and straight to the point as I don’t want to waste your time (and most certainly mine) on the content you don't need. In the end, you will have the skills to create a Movies review app and deploy it to the Internet. In the course of this book, we will cover: Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: MongoDB Overview Chapter 3: Setting Up MongoDB Atlas Cloud Database Chapter 4: Adding Sample Data Chapter 5: Setting Up Our Node.js, Express Backend Chapter 6: Creating Our Backend Server Chapter 7: Creating The Movies Data Access Object Chapter 8: Creating The Movies Controller Chapter 9: Testing Our Backend API Chapter 10: Leaving Movie Reviews Chapter 11: Testing The Reviews API Chapter 12: Route To Get A Single Movie And Its Ratings Chapter 13: Introduction To React Chapter 14: Create Navigation Header Bar Chapter 15: Defining Our Routes Chapter 16: MovieDataService: Connecting To The Backend Chapter 17: MoviesList Component Chapter 18: Movie Component Chapter 19: Listing Reviews Chapter 21: Adding And Editing Reviews Chapter 22: Deleting A Review Chapter 23: Get Next Page’s Results Chapter 24: Get Next Page’s Results – Search By Title And Rating Chapter 25: Deploying Backend On Heroku Chapter 26: Hosting And Deploying Our React Frontend The goal of this book is to teach you MERN stack development in a manageable way without overwhelming you. We focus only on the essentials and cover the material in a hands-on practice manner for you to code along. Working Through This Book This book is purposely broken down into short chapters where the development process of each chapter will center on different essential topics. The book takes a practical hands on approach to learning through practice. You learn best when you code along with the examples in the book. Requirements No previous knowledge on Node.js or React development is required, but you should have basic programming knowledge. It will be a helpful advantage if you could read through my Node, Express book and React book first which will provide you will better insight and deeper knowledge into the various technologies. But even if you have not done so, you should still be able to follow along.


Testing Elixir - Andrea Leopardi & Jeffrey Matthias Cover Art

Testing Elixir

Testing Elixir by Andrea Leopardi & Jeffrey Matthias

Elixir offers new paradigms, and challenges you to test in unconventional ways. Start with ExUnit: almost everything you need to write tests covering all levels of detail, from unit to integration, but only if you know how to use it to the fullest - we'll show you how. Explore testing Elixir-specific challenges such as OTP-based modules, asynchronous code, Ecto-based applications, and Phoenix applications. Explore new tools like Mox for mocks and StreamData for property-based testing. Armed with this knowledge, you can create test suites that add value to your production cycle and guard you from regressions. Write Elixir tests that you can be proud of. Dive into Elixir's test philosophy and gain mastery over the terminology and concepts that underlie good tests. Create and structure a comprehensive ExUnit test suite, starting from the basics, and build comprehensive test coverage that will provide safety for refactoring and confidence that your code performs as designed. Use tests to make your software more reliable and fault tolerant. Explore the basic tool set provided by ExUnit and Mix to write and organize your test suite. Test code built around different OTP functionality. Isolate your code through dependency injection and by using Mox. Write comprehensive tests for Ecto projects, covering Ecto as a database tool as well as a standalone data validation tool. Test Phoenix channels from end to end, including authentication and joining topics. Write Phoenix controller tests and understand the concepts of integration testing in Elixir. Learn property-based testing with StreamData from the author who wrote the library. Code with high confidence that you are getting the most out of your test suite, with the right tools that make testing your code a pleasure and a valuable part of your development cycle. What You Need: To get the most out of this book, you will need to have installed Elixir 1.8 or later and Erlang/OTP 21 or later. In order to complete the relevant chapters, you will also need Ecto 3.1 or later, EctoSQL 3.1 or later and Phoenix 1.3 or later.


Microsoft Excel Pivot Table Data Crunching (Office 2021 and Microsoft 365) - Bill Jelen Cover Art

Microsoft Excel Pivot Table Data Crunching (Office 2021 and Microsoft 365)

Microsoft Excel Pivot Table Data Crunching (Office 2021 and Microsoft 365) by Bill Jelen

Use Microsoft 365 Excel and Excel 2021 pivot tables and pivot charts to produce powerful, dynamic reports in minutes: take control of your data and your business! Even if you’ve never created a pivot table before, this book will help you leverage all their flexibility and analytical power— including important recent improvements in Microsoft 365 Excel. Drawing on more than 30 years of cutting-edge Excel experience, MVP Bill Jelen (“MrExcel”) shares practical “recipes” for solving real business problems, expert insights for avoiding mistakes, and advanced tips and tricks you’ll find nowhere else. By reading this book, you will: Master easy, powerful ways to create, customize, change, and control pivot tables Transform huge datasets into clear summary reports Instantly highlight your most profitable customers, products, or regions Use the data model and Power Query to quickly analyze disparate data sources Create powerful crosstab reports with new dynamic arrays and Power Query Build geographical pivot tables with 3D Maps Construct and share state-of-the-art dynamic dashboards Revamp analyses on the fly by dragging and dropping fi elds Build dynamic self-service reporting systems Share your pivot tables with colleagues Create data mashups using the full Power Pivot capabilities in modern Excel versions Generate pivot tables using either VBA on the Desktop or Typescript in Excel Online Save time and avoid formatting problems by adapting reports with GetPivotData Unpivot source data so it’s easier to work with Use new Analyze Data artificial intelligence to create pivot tables


Pragmatic Programmer, The - David Thomas Cover Art

Pragmatic Programmer, The

Pragmatic Programmer, The Your journey to mastery, 20th Anniversary Edition by David Thomas

“One of the most significant books in my life.” –Obie Fernandez, Author, The Rails Way “Twenty years ago, the first edition of The Pragmatic Programmer completely changed the trajectory of my career. This new edition could do the same for yours.” –Mike Cohn, Author of Succeeding with Agile , Agile Estimating and Planning , and User Stories Applied “. . . filled with practical advice, both technical and professional, that will serve you and your projects well for years to come.” –Andrea Goulet, CEO, Corgibytes, Founder, LegacyCode.Rocks “. . . lightning does strike twice, and this book is proof.” –VM (Vicky) Brasseur, Director of Open Source Strategy, Juniper Networks The Pragmatic Programmer is one of those rare tech books you’ll read, re-read, and read again over the years. Whether you’re new to the field or an experienced practitioner, you’ll come away with fresh insights each and every time. Dave Thomas and Andy Hunt wrote the first edition of this influential book in 1999 to help their clients create better software and rediscover the joy of coding. These lessons have helped a generation of programmers examine the very essence of software development, independent of any particular language, framework, or methodology, and the Pragmatic philosophy has spawned hundreds of books, screencasts, and audio books, as well as thousands of careers and success stories. Now, twenty years later, this new edition re-examines what it means to be a modern programmer. Topics range from personal responsibility and career development to architectural techniques for keeping your code flexible and easy to adapt and reuse. Read this book, and you’ll learn how to: Fight software rot Learn continuously Avoid the trap of duplicating knowledge Write flexible, dynamic, and adaptable code Harness the power of basic tools Avoid programming by coincidence Learn real requirements Solve the underlying problems of concurrent code Guard against security vulnerabilities Build teams of Pragmatic Programmers Take responsibility for your work and career Test ruthlessly and effectively, including property-based testing Implement the Pragmatic Starter Kit Delight your users Written as a series of self-contained sections and filled with classic and fresh anecdotes, thoughtful examples, and interesting analogies, The Pragmatic Programmer illustrates the best approaches and major pitfalls of many different aspects of software development. Whether you’re a new coder, an experienced programmer, or a manager responsible for software projects, use these lessons daily, and you’ll quickly see improvements in personal productivity, accuracy, and job satisfaction. You’ll learn skills and develop habits and attitudes that form the foundation for long-term success in your career. You’ll become a Pragmatic Programmer. Register your book for convenient access to downloads, updates, and/or corrections as they become available. See inside book for details.


Excel Formulas and Functions 2020 - Adam Ramirez Cover Art

Excel Formulas and Functions 2020

Excel Formulas and Functions 2020 The Step by Step Excel Guide with Examples on How to Create Powerful Formulas (Excel Academy Book 1) by Adam Ramirez

Are you working on a project where you need to perform complex mathematical and financial operations? Did you know you could use Excel to perform such calculations using the predefined functions and formulae? Are you looking for a way to learn these functions better? If you answered yes to any of the questions, you have chosen the right book. Microsoft Excel is an application that helps you save time and analyze data easily. It has multiple predefined functions you can use to perform complex calculations and analysis and make your job easy. A lot of people struggle to understand these functions for multiple reasons, and therefore, cannot use the application well. Regardless of the industry you work in, you must understand the use of these functions so you can improve your analysis and understanding of the data. Use this book as your guide to understand different functions and formulae in Excel. In this book, you will learn about: ●What Microsoft Excel is, and its benefits ●The Formula Tab in Excel ●Types of Referencing ●Different functions in Excel ●Some tips and shortcuts To make it easy for you to learn these formulae, there are several screenshots to guide you and make the functions easy for you. If you want to learn more about how to use Excel, click on the buy now button now and grab a copy of this book today!


Software Development from A to Z - Karoly Nyisztor Cover Art

Software Development from A to Z

Software Development from A to Z Learn about OOP, UML, Agile, Kanban, SCRUM and so much more! Get insights into the software development industry. by Karoly Nyisztor

Explore the core concepts of software development using simple, easy-to-understand terms. Get insights into the life of professional coders and acquire technical skills. “Software Development from A to Z” is an easy to follow guide to the fundamentals of how software applications are created and maintained. You don’t need any prior knowledge or software development experience. In this comprehensive book, author Károly Nyisztor explores the principles and techniques of software development. He explains each concept using easy-to-understand analogies. Besides, he shares personal insights and real stories from his own professional life. Topics include: - Debunking myths about becoming a developer - Misconceptions around software development - What’s a software development methodology? - What’s the difference between Agile and Waterfall? - How is work organized in Scrum? - Just-in-Time and Kanban. What has Toyota to do with software development? - Core Object-Orientation concepts: classes, abstraction, polymorphism and more - Introduction to the Unified Modeling Language “Software Development from A to Z“ is the perfect book for you if you plan to switch careers or if you just wanted to find out more about software development. Student reviews from the companion course: “This course was easy to understand and I feel like I know the basics and where to go next.” - Kyra Morris “Abstract stuff distilled into bite-size relatable information.” - Brian McPherson “Great to Go Course! Masterpiece in info for the Software Development industry.” - Prabhakar Kumar “I really enjoyed the variety of topics and the concise style.” - Monique About the Author Károly Nyisztor is a veteran mobile developer and instructor. He has built several successful iOS apps and games—most of which were featured by Apple—and is the founder at LEAKKA, a software development, and tech consulting company. He's worked with companies such as Apple, Siemens, SAP, and Zen Studios. Currently, he spends most of his days as a professional software engineer and IT architect. In addition, he teaches object-oriented software design, iOS, Swift, Objective-C, and UML. As an instructor, his aim is to share his 20+ years of software development expertise and change the lives of students throughout the world. He's passionate about helping people reveal hidden talents, and guide them into the world of startups and programming. You can find his courses and books on all major platforms including Amazon, Lynda, LinkedIn Learning, Pluralsight, Udemy, and iTunes.


PowerPoint For Dummies, Office 2021 Edition - Doug Lowe Cover Art

PowerPoint For Dummies, Office 2021 Edition

PowerPoint For Dummies, Office 2021 Edition by Doug Lowe

Make PowerPoint the most “power”ful weapon in your Office arsenal and captivate your audience  Presentations are your opportunity to stand out from the crowd,  impress your colleagues, and be the smartest person in the room. And upping your PowerPoint game is the key to making your next talk one to remember. But where do you start? Luckily, the trusted For Dummies series is here to help you put the umph back in your PowerPoint decks, one compelling slide at a time.  Don’t worry if you’re completely new to PowerPoint, or even Microsoft Office in general.  PowerPoint For Dummies, Office 2021 Edition  quickly gets you up to speed on the basics of this world-famous presentation software, starting with understanding and using the interface. You’ll learn to create a new presentation from scratch, leverage free templates to accelerate the making of your next slide deck, and even import data from other applications.  Already know the fundamentals? Then skip straight to the sizzle with step-by-step instructions on integrating charts and graphics into your next presentation. Knock your audience’s socks off with attention-grabbing videos, special effects that make it impossible to look away, and seamless slide transitions.  Organized for easy and fast reference, this practical guide walks you through the strategies and techniques you’ll need to:  Keep your presentation audiences engaged from the first slide to the very last  Collaborate with team members and colleagues, and share your presentation with others  Take advantage of all the latest features in the newest version of PowerPoint that will help you drive your deck past the finish line  Your next presentation is your chance to deliver your best ideas with power, dynamism, and enthusiasm. Get the tools you need to engage your audience in  PowerPoint For Dummies, Office 2021 Edition.  You’ll soon discover that creating a slide deck, whether it’s your first or your fiftieth, can be fun, easy, and exciting. 


HashiCorp Infrastructure Automation Certification Guide - Ravi Mishra Cover Art

HashiCorp Infrastructure Automation Certification Guide

HashiCorp Infrastructure Automation Certification Guide Pass the Terraform Associate exam and manage IaC to scale across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud by Ravi Mishra

Leverage Terraform's capabilities to reuse code, write modules, automate deployments, and manage infrastructure state Key Features Perform complex enterprise-grade infrastructure deployments using Terraform v1.0, the latest version of TerraformLearn to scale your infrastructure without introducing added deployment complexitiesUnderstand how to overcome infrastructure deployment challenges Book Description Terraform is a highly sought-after technology for orchestrating infrastructure provisioning. This book is a complete reference guide to enhancing your infrastructure automation skills, offering up-to-date coverage of the HashiCorp infrastructure automation certification exam. This book is written in a clear and practical way with self-assessment questions and mock exams that will help you from a HashiCorp infrastructure automation certification exam perspective. This book covers end-to-end activities with Terraform, such as installation, writing its configuration file, Terraform modules, backend configurations, data sources, and infrastructure provisioning. You'll also get to grips with complex enterprise infrastructures and discover how to create thousands of resources with a single click. As you advance, you'll get a clear understanding of maintaining infrastructure as code (IaC) in Repo/GitHub, along with learning how to create, modify, and remove infrastructure resources as and when needed. Finally, you'll learn about Terraform Cloud and Enterprise and their enhanced features. By the end of this book, you'll have a handy, up-to-date desktop reference guide along with everything you need to pass the HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate exam with confidence. What you will learn Effectively maintain the life cycle of your infrastructure using Terraform 1.0Reuse Terraform code to provision any cloud infrastructureWrite Terraform modules on multiple cloud providersUse Terraform workflows with the Azure DevOps pipelineWrite Terraform configuration files for AWS, Azure, and Google CloudDiscover ways to securely store Terraform state filesUnderstand Policy as Code using Terraform SentinelGain an overview of Terraform Cloud and Terraform Enterprise Who this book is for This book is for experienced cloud engineers, DevOps engineers, system administrators, and solution architects interested in developing industry-grade skills with Terraform. You will also find this book useful if you want to pass the HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate exam. Basic command-line skills and prior knowledge of cloud environments and their services are required before getting started with this book.


QuickBooks 2022 All-in-One For Dummies - Stephen L. Nelson Cover Art

QuickBooks 2022 All-in-One For Dummies

QuickBooks 2022 All-in-One For Dummies by Stephen L. Nelson

The soup-to-nuts QuickBooks reference that will make your small business life so much simpler!  QuickBooks makes it quick to do your books, and  QuickBooks 2022 All-in-One For Dummies  makes it easy. The leading small business accounting software will become your best friend, helping you cut costs (no more expensive financial services) and save time, with all your accounting and payroll info in one place. With this value-priced, bestselling reference, you’ve got access to 8 mini-books that give you the answers you need to make running a small business that much more manageable.  Inside, you’ll discover the key features of QuickBooks, plus refresh your memory on double-entry bookkeeping and all the other basics of small business accounting. This jargon-free guide shows you, step-by-step, how to plan your perfect budget, simplify tax returns, manage inventory, create invoices, track costs, generate reports, and accurately check off every other financial task that comes across your desk!   Get the most out of QuickBooks 2022, including all the latest features and updates  Sharpen your finance and accounting know-how with a friendly rundown of the must-knows  Keep yourself in business with a solid budget, a world-class business plan, and clean payroll  Take the headache out of tax time with QuickTime’s automated tax preparation  QuickBooks All-in-One 2022 For Dummies is the trusted go-to that will save you time and allow you to focus on the business of running your small business! 


iBooks Author: The Definitive Guide - Trailer Park Inc. Cover Art

iBooks Author: The Definitive Guide

iBooks Author: The Definitive Guide by Trailer Park Inc.

Unlock the full power and potential of iBooks Author with our #1 Bestselling interactive manual! Built using iBooks Author by experienced designers and developers, our book will get you up and running in no time. Through interactive galleries, video demonstrations, and invaluable professional tips and tricks, "iBooks Author: The Definitive Guide" gives you everything needed to quickly learn and master this innovative digital publishing application. Topics Include: • Template Overview • Creating Table of Contents and Glossary • Adding Text, Images and Interactive Content • Working with HTML5 Widgets and 3D Objects • Previewing and Publishing • Professional Tips & Tricks


Excel 2010 All-in-One For Dummies - Greg Harvey Cover Art

Excel 2010 All-in-One For Dummies

Excel 2010 All-in-One For Dummies by Greg Harvey

A comprehensive, up-to-date, user-friendly guide to Excel 2010 Excel is the standard for spreadsheet applications and is used worldwide, but it's not always user-friendly. That makes it a perfect For Dummies topic, and this handy all-in-one guide covers all the essentials, the new features, how to analyze data with Excel, and much more. Eight minibooks address Excel basics, worksheet design, formulas and functions, worksheet collaboration and review, charts and graphics, data management, data analysis, and Excel and VBA. Excel is the leading spreadsheet/data analysis software and is used throughout the world; the newest revision includes upgraded tools and a redesigned interface For Dummies books are the bestselling guides to Excel, with more than three million copies sold Excel 2010 All-in-One For Dummies covers the changes in the newest version as well as familiar tasks, such as creating and editing worksheets, setting up formulas, and performing statistical functions Eight self-contained minibooks cover the basics, worksheet design, formulas and functions, worksheet collaboration, presenting data in charts and graphics, data management, data analysis, and creating macros with VBA. Newcomers to Excel as well as veterans who just want to learn the latest version will find Excel 2010 All-in-One For Dummies has everything they need to know.


Numbers for iPad (2015 Edition) (Vole Guides) - Sean Kells Cover Art

Numbers for iPad (2015 Edition) (Vole Guides)

Numbers for iPad (2015 Edition) (Vole Guides) by Sean Kells

A newer edition of this book is available: "Numbers for iPad & iPad Pro (Vole Guides)" by Sean Kells. This handy guide covers all of Numbers for iOS, Apple's chart-topping spreadsheet app tuned to work with your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. If you're coming from Numbers for Mac or Microsoft Excel, you'll find all the steps needed to transfer your spreadsheets and make a painless transition from point-and-click to tap-and-drag. • Use just your fingers to create spreadsheets with tables, charts, graphics, and media. • Create spreadsheets based on Apple's professionally designed templates or your own custom templates. • Store spreadsheets in iCloud or third-party cloud locations such as Dropbox or Google Drive. • Use Handoff to pass spreadsheets seamlessly between your Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. • Organize your spreadsheets into folders. • Restrict access to your spreadsheets by password-protecting them. • Add multiple sheets and tables to your spreadsheets. • Print spreadsheets wirelessly from an AirPrint-capable printer. • Edit and format cells and use the built-in editing tools. • Enter data with sliders, steppers, pop-up menus, checkboxes, star ratings, and intelligent keyboards. • Add comments and highlights to your work. • Cut, copy, paste, merge, fill, and sort cells. • Use forms to edit lists easily. • Enter, copy, move, and troubleshoot formulas. • Choose from more than 250 built-in functions and operators to build formulas. • Chart your data to reveal trends and relationships. • Embellish your spreadsheets with photos, videos, text boxes, arrows, lines, and shapes. • Export Numbers, Excel, PDF, or CSV files. • Import Numbers, Excel, or CSV files. • Send copies of spreadsheets via email, Messages, or AirDrop. • Transfer spreadsheets via remote server. • Use iCloud to store, share, sync, or collaborate on spreadsheets online. • Plenty of tips, tricks, and timesavers. • Fully cross-referenced, linked, and searchable. Contents 1. Getting Started with Numbers 2. Spreadsheet Basics 3. Entering Data 4. Formulas and Functions 5. Charts 6. Media, Text Boxes, and Shapes 7. Sharing and Converting Spreadsheets About the Author Sean Kells is a human-interface designer based in Seattle, Washington. When he's not pushing pixels, Sean paints foreboding seascapes, plays backgammon for blood, and takes his dog surfing. Sean has written guides to Numbers, Pages, Keynote, and iBooks.


How To Setup Find My iPhone - Mobility Cover Art

How To Setup Find My iPhone

How To Setup Find My iPhone Animated Audiobook by Mobility

How to Setup Find my iPhone animated audiobook by Mobility shows you how to setup the feature Find My iPhone through a simple and easy to follow sequence of 06 animated audio steps. You do not need to read any manual or setup guide anymore. "How to setup find my iPhone" uses JavaScript to synchronize the animation and audio to present the material in a way that is easy to learn and execute the instructions.


iPad 3 & iOS 6 - Chris Kennedy Cover Art

iPad 3 & iOS 6

iPad 3 & iOS 6 Tech 102 by Chris Kennedy

Perfect for new and experienced users, this no-fluff guide to the Apple iPad is packed with details on settings, apps, documents, and iCloud. You'll also find step-by-step instructions for dictating, networking, sharing, troubleshooting, going online, and using Siri. New features covered include Siri, Maps, Privacy, Shared Photo Streams, Do Not Disturb, Facebook integration, Clock, Guided Access, Safari and Mail improvements, and remodeled stores. • Master the Home screen and multitouch gestures. • Secure your data from thieves, snoops, and rogue apps. • Work with onscreen or wireless keyboards. • Get instant search results for documents, pictures, music, mail, apps, contacts, and more. • Ask Siri to find nearby businesses, set alarms, search the web, and more. • Dictate anywhere that you can type. • Connect to wireless networks with a couple of taps. • Set up cellular, Bluetooth, and VPN connections. • Mirror your iPad's screen to your TV wirelessly via AirPlay. • Back up your data to iCloud or iTunes. • Use iCloud to store and access the latest versions of your documents online. • Sync your documents, mail, contacts, appointments, reminders, notes, and messages wirelessly across your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and Mac. • See all your notifications in one place. • Browse the web with Safari. • Send, receive, and manage your email with Mail. • Chat with family and friends with Messages or FaceTime. • Post to Twitter or Facebook right from the app you're using. • Manage your day-to-day life with Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Reminders, and Clock. • Find your way with Maps. • Download and install apps and updates from the App Store. • Read books, magazines, and newspapers with iBooks and Newsstand. • Play games on Game Center, Apple's online multiplayer social gaming network. • Play music, movies, TV shows, and other media downloaded from the iTunes Store. • Capture, edit, and share photos and videos with Camera, Photos, and Photo Booth. • Care for your iPad and troubleshoot problems. • Plenty of tips, tricks, and workarounds. • Fully cross-referenced, linked, and searchable. Contents 1. Getting Started with Your iPad 2. Touring Your iPad 3. Securing Your iPad 4. Typing, Editing & Searching 5. Dictation & Siri 6. Wireless & Network Connections 7. iCloud, iTunes & Notifications 8. Browsing the Web 9. Email, Messaging & Video Calls 10. Organizing Your Life 11. Shopping in the App Store 12. Reading Books, Newspapers & Magazines 13. Playing Games 14. Downloading and Playing Music & Videos 15. Shooting, Viewing & Managing Photos 16. iPad Care & Troubleshooting About the Author Chris Kennedy is a technical writer based in Boulder, Colorado. When he's not planting power-user tips on blogs, Chris climbs rocks, revises his screenplays, and reads the journals of polar explorers.


Excel 2013 All-in-One For Dummies - Greg Harvey Cover Art

Excel 2013 All-in-One For Dummies

Excel 2013 All-in-One For Dummies by Greg Harvey

The comprehensive reference, now completely up-to-date for Excel 2013! As the standard for spreadsheet applications, Excel is used worldwide - but it's not always user-friendly. However, in the hands of veteran bestselling author Greg Harvey, Excel gets a whole lot easier to understand! This handy all-in-one guide covers all the essentials, the new features, how to analyze data with Excel, and much more. The featured minibooks address Excel basics, worksheet design, formulas and functions, worksheet collaboration and review, charts and graphics, data management, data analysis, and Excel and VBA. Covers the changes in the newest version as well as familiar tasks, such as creating and editing worksheets, setting up formulas, and performing statistical functions Walks you through the new analysis tools that help make it easier to visualize data with the click of a mouse Details new ways to explore your data more intuitively and then analyze and display your results with a single click Whether you're an Excel newbie or a veteran user to wants to get familiar with the latest version, Excel 2013 All-in-One For Dummies has everything you need to know.


FileMaker Pro 11: The Missing Manual - Susan Prosser & Stuart Gripman Cover Art

FileMaker Pro 11: The Missing Manual

FileMaker Pro 11: The Missing Manual by Susan Prosser & Stuart Gripman

This hands-on, friendly guide shows you how to harness FileMaker's power to make your information work for you. With a few mouse clicks, the FileMaker Pro 11 database helps you create and print corporate reports, manage a mailing list, or run your entire business. FileMaker Pro 11: The Missing Manual helps you get started, build your database, and produce results, whether you're running a business, pursuing a hobby, or planning your retirement. It's a thorough, accessible guide for new, non-technical users, as well as those with more experience. Start up: Get your first database up and running in minutes Catalog your data: Organize contacts, to-do items, and product information with speedy data-entry and sorting tools Create professional documents: Publish reports, invoices, and more, with ease Add visual power and clarity: Create colorful charts to illustrate and summarize your data Harness processing power: Crunch numbers and search text with dozens of built-in formulas Learn advanced topics: Explore the high-level features of FileMaker Pro Advanced and FileMaker Server


iBooks for iPad (2015 Edition) (Vole Guides) - Sean Kells Cover Art

iBooks for iPad (2015 Edition) (Vole Guides)

iBooks for iPad (2015 Edition) (Vole Guides) by Sean Kells

A newer edition of this book is available: "iBooks for iPad & iPad Pro (Vole Guides)" by Sean Kells. This handy guide covers all of iBooks, Apple's chart-topping ebook reader tuned to work with your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and Mac. If you're coming from the Amazon Kindle or Barnes & Noble Nook, you'll find the steps needed to make a smooth transition to iBooks. • Use just your fingers to page through books, read PDF files, interact with multimedia textbooks, create bookmarks, and highlight and annotate passages. • Use built-in search and navigation features to find words or phrases anywhere in a book and quickly jump to specific pages. • Share quotes from books via Mail, Messages, Twitter, or Facebook. • Adjust screen brightness for ambient light and change a book's text size, font, and layout to suit your eyesight and reading speed. • Stock and organize your library by buying books from the iBooks Store, downloading free (and DRM-free) books from the internet, and converting books to EPUB format. • Sync your library across all your iOS devices automatically. • Subscribe to magazines and newspapers or buy single issues. • Plenty of tips, tricks, and timesavers. • Fully cross-referenced, linked, and searchable. Contents 1. Getting Started with iBooks 2. Stocking Your Library 3. Organizing Your Library 4. Reading Books 5. Reading PDFs 6. Newsstand 7. Interactive Textbooks About the Author Sean Kells is a human-interface designer based in Seattle, Washington. When he's not pushing pixels, Sean paints foreboding seascapes, plays backgammon for blood, and takes his dog surfing. Sean has written guides to Numbers, Pages, Keynote, and iBooks.


Pages for iPad (2015 Edition) (Vole Guides) - Sean Kells Cover Art

Pages for iPad (2015 Edition) (Vole Guides)

Pages for iPad (2015 Edition) (Vole Guides) by Sean Kells

A newer edition of this book is available: "Pages for iPad & iPad Pro (Vole Guides)" by Sean Kells. This handy guide covers all of Pages for iOS, Apple's chart-topping word processor tuned to work with your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. If you're coming from Pages for Mac or Microsoft Word, you'll find all the steps needed to transfer your documents and make a painless transition from point-and-click to tap-and-drag. • Use just your fingers to create documents with text, lists, footnotes, tables, charts, graphics, and media. • Create documents based on Apple's professionally designed templates or your own custom templates. • Store documents in iCloud or third-party cloud locations such as Dropbox or Google Drive. • Use Handoff to pass documents seamlessly between your Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. • Organize your documents into folders. • Restrict access to your documents by password-protecting them. • Set the paper size and adjust page margins. • Insert repeating headers and footers. • Number pages automatically. • Use watermarks to stamp your documents with a logo or mark them as confidential. • Print documents wirelessly from an AirPrint-capable printer. • Edit and format text and use the built-in editing tools. • Add comments and highlights to your work. • Track changes in your documents. • Use paragraph and character styles to maintain a consistent look. • Create bulleted, lettered, or numbered lists. • Flow text into multiple columns. • Change the line spacing and alignment of paragraphs. • Set paragraph margins and first-line indents. • Use tab stops to align columns of text or numbers. • Insert manual page, column, or line breaks. • Insert footnotes or endnotes. • Embellish your documents with photos, videos, text boxes, arrows, lines, and shapes. • Wrap text around objects. • Organize, format, and sort text or numbers in tables. • Chart your data to show trends and relationships. • Export Pages, Word, PDF, or ePub files. • Import Pages, Word, or text files. • Send copies of documents via email, Messages, or AirDrop. • Transfer documents via remote server. • Use iCloud to store, share, sync, or collaborate on documents online. • Plenty of tips, tricks, and timesavers. • Fully cross-referenced, linked, and searchable. Contents 1. Getting Started with Pages 2. Document Basics 3. Editing Text 4. Formatting Text 5. Media, Text Boxes, and Shapes 6. Tables 7. Charts 8. Sharing and Converting Documents About the Author Sean Kells is a human-interface designer based in Seattle, Washington. When he's not pushing pixels, Sean paints foreboding seascapes, plays backgammon for blood, and takes his dog surfing. Sean has written guides to Numbers, Pages, Keynote, and iBooks.


ZAG - Marty Neumeier Cover Art


ZAG The #1 Strategy of High-Performance Brands by Marty Neumeier

"When everybody zigs, zag," says Marty Neumeier in this fresh view of brand strategy. ZAG follows the ultra-clear "whiteboard overview" style of the author’s first book, THE BRAND GAP, but drills deeper into the question of how brands can harness the power of differentiation. The author argues that in an extremely cluttered marketplace, traditional differentiation is no longer enough—today companies need “radical differentiation” to create lasting value for their shareholders and customers. In an entertaining 3-hour read you’ll learn: - why me-too brands are doomed to fail - how to "read" customer feedback on new products and messages - the 17 steps for designing “difference” into your brand - how to turn your brand’s “onliness” into a “trueline” to drive synergy - the secrets of naming products, services, and companies - the four deadly dangers faced by brand portfolios - how to “stretch” your brand without breaking it - how to succeed at all three stages of the competition cycle From the back cover: In an age of me-too products and instant communications, keeping up with the competition is no longer a winning strategy. Today you have to out-position, out-maneuver, and out-design the competition. The new rule? When everybody zigs, zag. In his first book, THE BRAND GAP, Neumeier showed companies how to bridge the distance between business strategy and design. In ZAG, he illustrates the number-one strategy of high-performance brands—radical differentiation. ZAG is an AIGA Design Press book, published under Peachpit's New Riders imprint in partnership with AIGA. For a quick peek inside ZAG, go to


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