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Stunning 3-D Quilts Simplified - Ruth Ann Berry Cover Art

Stunning 3-D Quilts Simplified

Stunning 3-D Quilts Simplified Create Dimension with Color, Value & Geometric Shapes by Ruth Ann Berry

Learn how to sew three-dimensional illusions with these twelve quilt projects. Create a stunning quilt that will have your friends asking, “How did you do that?” Believe it or not, these attention-grabbing projects come together with straight rows of simple shapes. You’ll learn how to sew twelve visually arresting quilts each in four colorways giving you dozens of dynamic options. Build your confidence in bias piecing, as you pair light, medium, and dark fabrics for heavenly hexes. Don’t be intimidated—just follow the easy assembly diagrams and watch your quilt come together one row at a time with no inset seams. These 3-D illusions are so impressive, you won’t know whether to keep them on the bed or hang them on the wall. Sew 3-D illusion quilts that have your friends asking how you did itArrange sixty-degree triangles in rows for easy piecing with no inset seamsBuild your confidence in bias piecing, mixing color values for dimensional effects


Two Simple Shapes = 26 Crocheted Cardigans, Tops & Sweaters - Salena Baca Cover Art

Two Simple Shapes = 26 Crocheted Cardigans, Tops & Sweaters

Two Simple Shapes = 26 Crocheted Cardigans, Tops & Sweaters If you can crochet a square and rectangle, you can make these easy-to-wear designs! by Salena Baca

“These easy-to-follow instructions will have you hooking up a whole new wardrobe of beautiful, creative crochet pieces you will be proud to wear.” — WeCrochet  magazine   Making crochet tops has never been so easy! Crocheted squares and rectangles can be shaped and combined to form a surprising array of pullovers, cardigans, lightweight tops, and wraps. Simple instructions will have you creating a variety of gorgeous crochet apparel. Most designs are beginner or intermediate level and build upon your knowledge of basic stitches to create textural styles that look more complex than they are. Crochet two squares to make the Diamond Crop Top, an on-trend lacy look you can whip up quickly, or crochet a rectangle, fold, and add sleeves to make the Goldenrod Cardigan, a squishy, comfy wrap to wear all year. Sumptuous yarns in gorgeous colors from Lion Brand’s vast selection of yarns were chosen for the pattern samples shown in this book, assuring that all of the yarns used are easy-to-find, affordable options. Crochet in the colors shown, or try your own color scheme. Lion Brand yarns have a large selection of colors from which to choose, so enjoy the yarn aisle!


Crochet 101 - Deborah Burger Cover Art

Crochet 101

Crochet 101
Master Basic Skills and Techniques Easily through Step-by-Step Instruction
by Deborah Burger

“Learn to crochet from a book? Yes, if it happens to be this one . . . the book thoroughly prepares readers to pursue the craft” —with online tutorials! ( Booklist ) Written with the absolute beginner in mind, this engaging book teaches all the basics for learning to crochet with step-by-step instructions and photographs. Crocheting skills are learned by working on projects, beginning with something very easy and getting progressively more difficult as the reader works through the book. New skills are explored in depth as they are introduced. The introductory section covers all the basics of crochet-selecting yarn, hook types and sizes, other tools and accessories, crochet gauge, chaining, forming the basic stitches, reading patterns-making this the most comprehensive beginner’s book available. The online video tutorials created to supplement this book are an additional learning tool demonstrating the essential techniques used in crochet.


Warhammer: The Old World Rulebook - Games Workshop Cover Art

Warhammer: The Old World Rulebook

Warhammer: The Old World Rulebook Games Workshop by Games Workshop

It is a dark age. An age where mighty armies from powerful nations clash to carve out empires on the field of battle. An age where alliances can be fleeting, and today’s friends can be tomorrow’s foes. It is an age where the Winds of Magic must be mastered, and where brave soldiers clash against endless hordes of enemies. And for those who are victorious, it can be an age of glory, no matter how fleeting. Warhammer: the Old World is a game unlike any other, in which you command mighty armies of Citadel miniatures, relying upon your own tactical ingenuity to achieve victory. This book contains all the information you need to get started in this engaging, and to become the conquering general of a fantasy army. Inside this rulebook, you will find: The World of Legend: A comprehensive history of the Warhammer world and an introduction to the many races and armies that wage eternal war for dominance over it. The Core Rules: From the general principles, through movement and manoeuvre, to unleashing hails of arrows at your foe and, finally, smashing your enemies aside in deadly close combat. The Advanced Rules: Rules for rare and potent troops such as war machines, chariots, monsters, and mighty heroes, each adding even more depth to your games. Realms of Magic: An explanation of the Winds of Magic and rules for wielding a wide range of devastating and devious spells. Armies of the Old World: A showcase of beautifully painted armies from the talented painters of the world-famous ’Eavy Metal team. Warhammer Battlefields: Rules for organising your collection of models into an army, and for setting up the battlefields on which your armies will wage war.


Tailoring - Editors of CPi Cover Art


Tailoring The Classic Guide to Sewing the Perfect Jacket by Editors of CPi

Tailoring is the complete photo guide to sewing jackets and coats. Written by sewing professionals, this book teaches the trusted, proven methods for sewing tailored jackets with impeccable details and perfect fit . Written for the intermediate sewer who wants to move on to more challenging projects, this book ensures success with detailed, step-by-step instructions , more than 400 photos, in-depth discussions about products and how to use them. Tailoring offers guidance for every aspect of tailoring a jacket: Fitting and pattern alterationFabrics and toolsInterfacingsInterliningsSeams and finishesHand stitchesCollarsPressingTopstitchingShaping shouldersSetting in sleevesSewing pocketsVents, andMaking perfect buttonholes


Crochet Stitch Dictionary - Sarah Hazell Cover Art

Crochet Stitch Dictionary

Crochet Stitch Dictionary
200 Essential Stitches with Step-by-Step Photos
by Sarah Hazell

A great gift for new and experienced crocheters alike, Crochet Stitch Dictionary offers 200 stitches with detailed written, charted, and photographed instructions. With colorful and eye-catching "candy-box" sampler pages that start every section, this essential book presents hundreds of stitches organized in 10 color-coded sections:  - Basic stitches - Fans & Shells - Bobbles & Clusters - Spike stitches - Post stitches - Mesh & Filet - Cable stitches - Tunisian stitches, and more! Each stitch pattern shows a large finished swatch in actual size, along with step-by-step photo instructions that clearly explain where the yarn goes each step of the way. Crochet Stitch Dictionary offers excellent useful instruction and inspiration for all crocheters.


House Love - Patric Richardson & Karin Miller Cover Art

House Love

House Love A Joyful Guide to Cleaning, Organizing, and Loving the Home You're In by Patric Richardson & Karin Miller

Discover the joy of cleaning with this cheery and thoughtful guide to tidying up and turning your house into a home. Patric Richardson is known as “The Laundry Evangelist,” but his genuine love for household chores extends far beyond the laundry room. His philosophy is simple: tidying up is a privilege and a task you do for those you love (including yourself), and there are a million ways to infuse joy into the everyday tasks behind maintaining a home. House Love is his sunny guide to freshening up every inch of the house—from the entryway to the attic, the backyard to the bedroom. Patric shares his best design inspiration, DIY projects, and, of course, cleaning tips, so you can fall in love with your home all over again—or for the very first time! This book also grants you permission to shake things up. Keep bath salts in a cookie jar? Sure. Display a surprising mishmash of pillows? You bet. Discover your personal design style? He helps you do that too. Plus, Patric’s cleaning genius will change your life, with expert advice like: Which three cleaning tools are worth splurging onHow to create a powerful (and antibacterial) cleaning spray with lemon and thymeWhat exactly to clean when you only have 10 minutes to spare Complete with fun-to-clean-to playlists, charming recipes, and even step-by-step instructions for cleaning every type of room, House Love brightens up life’s most common chores. With this book, you’ll learn new and novel ways to transform your home, and Patric’s entertaining stories, good humor, and genuine warmth will guide you every step of the way.


Beekeeping Guide for Beginners: The Ultimate Resource for Backyard Beekeeping and Harvesting Your Own Honey - Edward Cooper Cover Art

Beekeeping Guide for Beginners: The Ultimate Resource for Backyard Beekeeping and Harvesting Your Own Honey

Beekeeping Guide for Beginners: The Ultimate Resource for Backyard Beekeeping and Harvesting Your Own Honey by Edward Cooper

Do you want to start beekeeping and harvest your own honey? Worried about getting stung? Or are you not sure how to set up and establish your hive? Then the Beekeeping Guide for Beginners is for you! From ordering your hive and the first exciting days, to maintaining a productive and efficient long-term colony, with this book you'll be able to kickstart your beekeeping hobby and start harvesting your own honey in no time at all! Inside this comprehensive guide, you'll discover: Overcoming Beginner Concerns and PitfallsEssential Beekeeper's Tools and EquipmentBee and Hive Anatomy, and How Your Colony WorksWhere, When, and How to Set up Your HiveInspecting and Maintaining Long-Term ColoniesControlling Common Pests and DiseasesHow The Seasons Impact Your BeekeepingWhen and How to Harvest HoneyAnd How to Reap the Benefits of Your New Hobby! Including detailed advice on setting up, managing, and harvesting from your hive, as well as bee behaviour, threats and hive anatomy, Beekeeping Guide for Beginners contains everything you need to know for beekeeping success! From preventing swarming and robbery to knowing how to correctly handle your hive, get over your fears and avoid costly beginner mistakes with this powerful and enlightening tool. Buy now and begin your beekeeping journey today!


The Sock Project - Summer Lee Cover Art

The Sock Project

The Sock Project Colorful, Cool Socks to Knit and Show Off by Summer Lee

Oklahoma native and proud member of the Muscogee-Creek Nation, Summer Lee shares her knitting secrets for creating all shapes and sizes of socks with dots, zigzags, stripes, and a near-neon palette of happy colors.   Sock projects are universally loved by knitters, but popular knitting creator Summer Lee has turned this favorite pastime topsy turvy with designs that feature the most electric colors and wow-patterns ever dreamt up. The Sock Project is a book for every crafter: beginners who want to learn, knitters who want to improve their sock skills, and anyone who wants to fill their knitting needles—and sock drawers—with jazzy colors and new designs.   Build your skills month-by-month with 12 levels of sock knitting. First, start with the humble-but-mighty Basic Sock, then try more complicated patterns for lace socks, cabled socks, socks with Estonian Inlay, and socks done in stranded knitting. You’ll be able to sample 18 fresh and zippy patterns, plus new variations on favorite designs! The Sock Project is a joyful Starburst-color explosion for adventurous knitters everywhere.   Includes Color Photographs


Age Of Darkness: Liber Imperium - Games Workshop Cover Art

Age Of Darkness: Liber Imperium

Age Of Darkness: Liber Imperium
Games Workshop
by Games Workshop

Outside the loyalist Space Marine Legions and the Cult Mechanicum, the Emperor wields forces which are loyal only to him. The Legio Custodes guard the Emperor's person, while the Sisters of Silence stand watch over the Black Ships.The elite spearhead of the Imperial Army, known as the Solar Auxilia, exemplifies humanity in the Emperor's name, while the Divisio Assassinorum is his culling blade, aimed at the neck of any foolish enough to imperil his great dream of unity. This book is an essential guide for anyone who wants to represent the Loyalist armies of the Imperium that exist beyond the stalwart Space Marine Legions in games of Warhammer: The Horus Heresy. It contains all the rules you need to field the varied Forces of the Emperor including the Legio Custodes, Sisters of Silence, Solar Auxilia, and the Divisio Assassinorum. Inside this 176-page ePub book, you'll find: – Rules and unit profiles covering every unit, weapon, and piece of wargear available to the Forces of the Emperor in Warhammer: The Horus Heresy – Warlord Traits for Legio Custodes, Sisters of Silence, a unique Reaction for agents of the Divisio Assassinorum, and rules for the Tercio and Cohort Doctrines of the Solar Auxilia, to let you bring the Forces of the Emperor to the tabletop – Profiles for seven different Divisio Assassinorum Clade Operatives and Constantin Valdor, the Shield of the Emperor – A visual showcase for a variety of Forces of the Emperor armies, containing heraldry markings, iconography, colour schemes for infantry and vehicles, and a small gallery of stunning photography In order to use the contents of this book, you will require a copy of the Warhammer: The Horus Heresy – Age of Darkness Rulebook.


Cuddly Crochet Plushies - Glory Shofowora Cover Art

Cuddly Crochet Plushies

Cuddly Crochet Plushies 30 Patterns for Adorable Animals You'll Love to Snuggle by Glory Shofowora

Create Huggable Plushies in Just an Afternoon Crochet the softest, coziest, most squishable stuffed animals of your dreams with this collection of easy patterns from Glory Shofowora. Explore the woodlands, jungle, farm, ocean and even mystical realms with adorable projects like Rae the Raccoon, Miso the Monkey, Callie the Cat, Opal the Octopus and Dio the Dragon! And because every project is made with super bulky chenille yarn, you can guarantee they’ll be soft and fluffy enough to be the perfect cuddle companions for you and your friends. Glory’s amigurumi designs are created with simple stitches, minimal parts to sew together and step-by-step photographs, making these sweet animals quick to make and ideal for beginners. Glory also offers some super cute notes on making your projects unique, like switching up yarn colors or embroidering the eyes, so that your plushie feels truly yours. There are so many cuties to meet in Glory’s plushie animal kingdom—the hardest part will be deciding which one to make next!


Woodworking - DK Cover Art


Woodworking The Complete Step-by-Step Manual by DK

Get started on your woodwork practice with this ultimate guide to essential carpentry skills, techniques, tools, tips, and tricks. Complete and easy directions for key skills, from simple joinery techniques to more involved woodworking projects, with clear helpful photographs. Key carpentry skills, from simple joinery techniques to fine woodworking projects, through clear, step-by-step instructions and photographs. New carpenters will learn about the essential tools needed and the principles of basic design and practice crucial techniques like wood joints, finishing, woodturning, and furniture restoration. Experienced crafters will enjoy enhancing their skills and learning something new. We’ll make sure you choose the right wood for the job and find more than 100 hard and softwoods, plus their properties, in our handy directory. Put your skills into practice with 28 DIY woodworking projects. This carpentry book will show you how to create home accessories, furnishings, outdoor projects, workshop projects, and more. This reference book provides all the information you need to become a master carpenter and have a houseful of fine furnishings to show for the effort!  Everything You Need to Know About Woodworking Woodworking  is a complete illustrated carpentry course with comprehensive and extensive photos to show you how to become a craftsman. You’ll have all the information you need to start your projects right away with simple step-by-step instructions. It also makes a fantastic gift for hobby carpenters. Inside, you’ll discover: • Tools:  Understand how to use hand, power, and machine tools, and choose the right wood for every job. • Techniques:  Follow clear, step-by-step instructions to master all key woodworking techniques. • Projects:  Put your skills into practice to create well-crafted and practical objects, from a wine rack to a chest of drawers.


The Knitter's Book of Wool - Clara Parkes Cover Art

The Knitter's Book of Wool

The Knitter's Book of Wool The Ultimate Guide to Understanding, Using, and Loving this Most Fabulous Fiber by Clara Parkes

In this complete guide to wool - the most popular yarn around - passionate wool expert Clara Parkes translates the vast world of sheep and their wool into the language and context of knitting. What is wool? Clara starts with the fundamentals: what wool is made of, how it gets off the sheep, and how it is transformed from a jumbled mass of dirty fluff into a gorgeous yarn that so tempts us at our local yarn stores. Who makes it? Parkes conducts an inspiring tour of sheep breeds from around the world - introducing us to the animals who give us their wool - and explains how to best knit with yarns made from their fibers. Which yarn do I use? If only there were a way to read a skein to know how it would behave and what it wanted to become. Now there is! Parkes demystifies the generic (non-breed-specific) wool yarn you'll find at your local yarn shop, showing you how to best determine what every yarn longs to be. What do I knit? Parkes went to some of the most creative and inquisitive design minds of the kniting world to provide more than 20 patterns that highlight the qualities of specific types of wool. The Knitter's Book of Wool teaches you everything you need to know about wool - and its journey from pasture to pullover. The next time you pick up a skein, you won't have to wonder what to create with it. You'll just know.


Amigurumi Friends - Jade Gauthier-Boutin & All From Jade Cover Art

Amigurumi Friends

Amigurumi Friends 20 Easy Patterns to Create 100+ Adorable Custom Crochet Critters - Explore Infinite Possibilities with Shapes, Colors, Details, and Yarns by Jade Gauthier-Boutin & All From Jade

Create more than 100 adorable amigurumi animals while learning skills and techniques to stitch any crochet critter you can imagine. There’s nothing more satisfying than creating something with your hands—especially when it’s your own design and it’s cuddly and adorable. In Amigurumi Friends , popular crochet designer Jade Gauthier-Boutin shares a variety of approaches to stitching, customizing, and designing your own crochet critters .   Jade first provides detailed patterns for five basic animal poses —two standing, two sitting, and one lying down. You then choose your own crochet adventure by changing the muzzles, ears, tails, colors, and other details to create more than 100 adorable animals . With an overview of crochet techniques and amigurumi basics, even beginning crocheters will be able to stitch their chosen crochet animals. This comprehensive guide includes:   Clear instructions for the basic head and for five body shapes and poses Twenty animal types with instructions for crocheting all five variations Ideas for customizing the projects with different expressions, yarns, colors, and more Inspiration and guidance to design your own amigurumi from scratch QR codes linked to video tutorials to make creating amigurumi even easier With so many options, the hardest part will be deciding which crochet cutie to make first. Choose from animals from all around the world . . . and beyond:   At the Zoo: Take a walk on the wild side with lions, and pandas, and zebras, oh my! Woodland Friends: Sweet forest creatures like foxes, moose, and bears On the Farm: Cows, donkeys, bunnies, and other lovable barnyard pals Out of This World: Dinosaurs, dragons, and unicorns expand the amigurumi universe   Whether you’re new to crochet or amigurumi or looking for fresh ideas to make, gift, and even sell , Amigurumi Friends provides everything you need to know to stitch up your own marvelous menagerie of cuddly critters.


Couture Sewing Techniques - Claire Schaeffer Cover Art

Couture Sewing Techniques

Couture Sewing Techniques by Claire Schaeffer

The world of haute couture is a place where only a privileged few can ever hope to reside, right? Wrong. Fashion historian Claire B. Shaeffer opened the door to this exclusive realm in her authoritative guide to the techniques that define couture sewing. And now, the industry bible, Couture Sewing Techniques , has been revised and updated throughout — with new photos and a chapter on specialty fabrics. No one can unravel couture garment construction the way Schaeffer can, from the art of hand sewing to mastering edge finishes, from classic closures to shaping a garment for a perfect fit. Readers learn all the basics — and more importantly: how to apply the techniques — on skirts and sleeves, pockets and jackets, evening gowns, and more. Gorgeous photos, clear illustrations, and concise language combine to make this the most complete couture-sewing course available.


Natural Hair Recipes For Moisture and Growth: Step By Step Instructions On How To Create and Apply Conditioners, Creams, Oils, and Treatments For Dry, Curly, Kinky Afrocentric Hair - Argena Hall Cover Art

Natural Hair Recipes For Moisture and Growth: Step By Step Instructions On How To Create and Apply Conditioners, Creams, Oils, and Treatments For Dry, Curly, Kinky Afrocentric Hair

Natural Hair Recipes For Moisture and Growth: Step By Step Instructions On How To Create and Apply Conditioners, Creams, Oils, and Treatments For Dry, Curly, Kinky Afrocentric Hair by Argena Hall

Are You Struggling To Keep Your Hair Moisturized? If your answer is yes, this book is for you. It's most likely that you're natural and you've been looking for solutions that will help your hair to stay moisturized for more than two seconds. Believe me...I've been there. I myself have dry and kinky hair, and I know what it's like to search for solutions try and relieve the dryness. It can be quite annoying: trying different products, conditioning daily, and trying all types of oils that will remedy the problem for good. That's exactly why I wrote this book, for the natural black sista who has to deal with the battle of keeping her hair presentable while dealing with the other pressures and demands of life. Instead of trying to just remedy the issue, I simply wanted to give you some more information about our hair; so you'll understand more about it and what you're up against. Understanding what works best for Afrocentric hair is where it all starts.  On top of that, there are recipes, treatments, and more in the book that will help aid in your hair's health and moisture.    Here's What To Expect... Getting To Know Your HairPre Poo RecipesDeep Conditioning RecipesLeave In Conditioner RecipesHair Oil SuggestionsMoisturizer RecipesTips For Healthier Hairand Much, much more! BONUS: Get Access To Our Natural Hair Checklist and Journey Journal [FREE] Get your copy of  Natural Hair Recipes For Moisture and Growth  today and you'll be able to have access to it from any mobile device or even your desktop! Subjects In This Book: natural hair recipes, natural hair, natural hair care, natural hair products, natural hair books for black women, dry hair


Hand Sewing for Beginners. Learn How to Sew by Hand and Perform Basic Mending and Alterations - Florence Schultz Cover Art

Hand Sewing for Beginners. Learn How to Sew by Hand and Perform Basic Mending and Alterations

Hand Sewing for Beginners. Learn How to Sew by Hand and Perform Basic Mending and Alterations by Florence Schultz

If you have ever wanted to learn how to hand sew and make your own repairs and alterations then Hand Sewing for Beginners; Learn How to Sew by Hand and Perform Basic Mending and Alterations, by Florence Schultz is the book for you. This book is a complete reference to teach you how to sew by hand. Florence covers what supplies you should have in your sewing kit, the different types of thread and needles, and how to sew basic hand stitches and repairs. Hand Sewing for Beginners is written for anyone who has never picked up a needle and thread. Florence takes you from learning to sew your first stitch to making simple repairs and alterations on your own. Your new sewing skills are not only fun, but will save you money because you will be able to make your own repairs at home. In this comprehensive reference book you will learn the following skills: How to choose the correct thread and needle for your hand sewing projectsHow to sew basic hand sewing stitches such as the basting stitch, running, stitch, back stitch, and more…How to hem a pair of pantsHow to hem a skirt and dressHow to repair a seamHow to reinforce a seamHow to sew a French seamHow to repair a rip in knit and woven fabricHow to sew on a flat button and a shanked buttonHow to add or repair a lining in a purse or bagHow to create gathersHow to create three types of pleats Each lesson includes step by step easy to understand instructions as well as large clear images. Florence's style of teaching is very laid back and friendly. You will feel like you have your very own sewing tutor sitting next to you guiding you through each lesson. This book is written for beginners, but anyone who wants to learn hand sewing techniques will find this book a valuable resource. More experienced readers will appreciate the many finishing techniques Florence has included in this book. Don't miss out on this excellent hand sewing resource. It will be your go-to guide for hand sewing. Get your copy today!


Simple Geometric Quilting - Laura Preston Cover Art

Simple Geometric Quilting

Simple Geometric Quilting Modern, Minimalist Designs for Throws, Pillows, Wall Decor and More by Laura Preston

Bold Shapes and Clean Lines for Faster Modern Quilting Breathe some fresh air into your quilts with 20 stunning contemporary projects from designer Laura Preston. Using simple shapes and solid colors, Laura’s method streamlines the traditional quilting process for beautiful quilts in less time. Quilt tops come together quickly with large-scale cuts of fabric and as little piecing as possible, making these projects perfect for beginners. Advanced quilters can delve into modern techniques such as creating curved lines and working with negative space rather than intricate quilting blocks. From chic wall hangings to cozy crib-size and queen-size quilts, every project doubles as a work of art. Fueled by her minimalist lifestyle traveling the United States in her Airstream trailer, Laura’s designs reflect the striking landscapes of the American West. The Arches Queen Quilt showcases the dramatic curves found in Arches National Park in Utah. The Lone Pine Pillow, with its range of triangles, was inspired by the Sierra Nevada mountains, and the Sand Dollar Table Runner was sparked by a beach in Big Sur, California. Follow Laura’s insightful design tips, and soon you’ll start to see inspiration everywhere. With illustrated step-by-step instructions and in-depth tutorials, this book is an essential resource for the modern quilter.


Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Sewing - Reader's Digest Cover Art

Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Sewing

Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Sewing by Reader's Digest

An indispensable volume for beginning and advanced sewers alike that guides readers through necessary equipment, techniques, fabrics and more. First published in 1976, Reader’s Digest’s popular Complete Guide to Sewing has become the standard stich-and-seam reference book for both beginner and seasoned sewers. Now, Reader’s Digest has refreshed this tried-and-true volume for the modern era, adapting it to current trends while preserving the comprehensive, practical and inspiring content within. Reader’s Digest Complete Guide to Sewing gives sewers of every experience and comfort level everything they need to know to create the wardrobe of their dreams and beautify their homes with original decorative accents. Clear, simple instructions written by experts in the field tell you what to do and how to do it. Plus, thousands of illustrations and diagrams throughout the book’s 384 pages illustrate each stage of the process. Key elements of the book include: • A detailed list of the basic equipment you’ll need before getting started sewing. • Tips for choosing the right fabric for your project. • A step-by-step photo guide that shows you how to take measurements. • Instructions in a variety of essential hand-stitching techniques. • 20 timeless projects— more than half of them new to this edition—to practice your skills including shirts, dresses, bags, and more. Plus, the book has received endorsements from a variety of trusted sources: “…and I always recommend the Reader’s Digest Guide to Sewing . It’s very comprehensive and very user-friendly.” —Tim Gunn “…abundant and precise line art, enticing photographs, simple-to-follow instructions and valuable information on tools, supplies, materials and techniques.” —The New York Times “A woman who takes sewing seriously, or who wants to learn to sew, won’t want to be without this book.” —Portland Oregon Journal “Here is everything you always wanted to know about sewing—a veritable encyclopedia of stitching facts.” —The Austin American Statesman


Bound - Rachel Hazell Cover Art


Bound 15 beautiful bookbinding projects by Rachel Hazell

Whether you have already tried your hand at bookbinding or are a complete beginner, Rachel's knowledge and passion will inspire you to explore the many possibilities of bookart. After explaining the tools and materials needed, Rachel takes you through each project with step-by-step instructions. Different techniques for cutting and folding are demonstrated, and, once you are happy with the various techniques, you will then begin to bind your own books with stitches such as ladder, dash and chain. Projects include The Slit Book, A Concertina with Pockets and The Five-Hole Pamphlet, which can then be developed further to create unique and personal handmade notebooks, books and keepsakes that are not only fun and satisfying to make, but also make wonderful gifts.


The Furniture Bible - Christophe Pourny, Jen Renzi & Martha Stewart Cover Art

The Furniture Bible

The Furniture Bible Everything You Need to Know to Identify, Restore & Care for Furniture by Christophe Pourny, Jen Renzi & Martha Stewart

A Wall Street Journal Top 10 Crucial Home & Design Book for Beginners   A Library Journal Best Book of the Year   An Amazon Best Book of the Month Christophe Pourny learned the art of furniture restoration in his father’s atelier in the South of France. In this, his first book, he teaches readers everything they need to know about the provenance and history of furniture, as well as how to restore, update, and care for their furniture—from antiques to midcentury pieces, family heirlooms or funky flea-market finds. The heart of the book is an overview of Pourny’s favorite techniques—ceruse, vernis anglais ,and water gilding, among many others—with full-color step-by-step photographs to ensure that readers can easily replicate each refinishing technique at home. Pourny brings these techniques to life with a chapter devoted to real-world refinishing projects, from a veneered table to an ebonized desk, a gilt frame to a painted northern European hutch. Rounding out this comprehensive guide is care and maintenance information, including how to properly clean leather, polish hardware, fix a broken leg, and replace felt pads, as well as recipes to make your own wax, shellac, varnish, stain, and more.


Popular Woodworking's Arts & Crafts Furniture - Popular Woodworking Cover Art

Popular Woodworking's Arts & Crafts Furniture

Popular Woodworking's Arts & Crafts Furniture 25 Designs For Every Room In Your Home by Popular Woodworking

Discover a comprehensive collection of Arts & Crafts furniture projects that originally appeared in Popular Woodworking Magazine . The 2nd edition of Arts & Crafts Furniture Projects contains 304 pages of woodworking advice, how-to's and design inspiration. This edition contains 17 new projects suited to woodworkers of any skill level. The Arts & Crafts style allows the craftsman to build a quality piece of furniture in a reasonable amount of time, while providing a very successful and satisfying experience. The first edition of this book has been a favorite among readers for years, and this second, expanded edition is even more comprehensive including a variety of techniques, building furniture with straightforward construction, all while using readily available materials. Plus, 17 new furniture projects We've included 500 color illustrations and images, how-to articles on traditional joinery and finishing, and our editors' favorite Arts & Crafts projects. Some projects are accurate reproductions of the original furniture pieces, while others are loving adaptations of the style. Get 42 outstanding designs for every room in your home. This expertly selected collection represents some of the most visually appealing pieces of furniture ever created.


The Art of Paper Flowers - Bobby Pearce Cover Art

The Art of Paper Flowers

The Art of Paper Flowers Creating Realistic Blossoms from Ordinary Papers by Bobby Pearce

Fill your home with paper flowers! They're easy to make, lovely to look at, and best of all--they'll never wilt! Paper is pretty much the least expensive craft material you'll find. It's also one of the most versatile. With a pile of colored sheets, a pair of scissors, and The Art of Paper Flowers , you can create gorgeous bouquets to give away or keep for yourself. For anyone who's an avid home crafter or future home-decor online vendor, this book will get your creative juices flowering, err, flowing. The Art of Paper Flowers makes it easy for anyone to create beautiful roses, orchids, tulips, and more--completely out of paper. There are thirty-five flowers included in the book, and each pattern is accompanied by a complete list of materials required, step-by-step instructions for creating the flower, original paper-folding techniques from the author, full-size patterns, and color photos for reference. Additionally throughout the book, there are interesting bits of trivia, myths, or folklore for each delicate flower. The book also includes a foreword by Rosie O'Donnell. All the basic information is here in The Art of Paper Flowers for readers to make their own impressive paper flower bouquets. From mastering the skill of paper manipulation to achieving seamless gluing and coloring practices, you'll make flowers look incredibly realistic. Whether you're creating gifts, decorations for an event, or home decor, The Art of Paper Flowers will have you arranging stunning flowers in no time!


Denim Mending + Visible Mending for Beginners - Gina Harper Cover Art

Denim Mending + Visible Mending for Beginners

Denim Mending + Visible Mending for Beginners 2-in-1 Compendium for Mending Denim, Knitted Fabrics, and Other Materials by Gina Harper

If you want to save your favorite jeans or sweater from the trash pile, then keep reading... Have your favorite jeans worn down, and you're afraid that you will have to let them go? Did you accidentally ruin your favorite sweater, and are desperate not to throw it away? Are you looking to give your old denim or thrift store find a fresh breath of life? Are you tired of using the same zig-zag pattern for all mending? I, the author, present to you the solution to your problems. Inside this book, I will teach you how to mend denim, knitwear, and other fabrics using classic mending techniques. Note: This book has 2 manuscripts Book 1: Denim Mending for Beginners: Patch and Repair your Favorite Denim with Classic Japanese Stitching Book 2: Visible Mending for Beginners: How to Mend Knitted Fabrics and Other Materials with an Artistic Touch Inside this book you will discover: • A 9-step patching technique, to help you make the perfect patch and design for your denim • 1 jean repair 'pro-tip' that professional jean tailors will never reveal to you • A versatile and robust mending technique that can repair your favorite sweater • How to mend denim easily by hand, even if it is your first time, by using 3 classic Japanese stitching techniques • How to re-enforce the inner thigh of your jeans, with a simple but effective 8-step method • 1 secret tool that will make stitching easy, even if it's your first time • The secret to finding and mending thrift store clothing • How to mend your favorite denim (and avoid cutting them into shorts) using the ‘sashiko’ method • How to patch jeans while keeping the distressed look • How to hem jeans while keeping the original hem • The biggest mistake you could be making when choosing a fabric to patch your denim • 1 mending technique that blends both mending and embroidery, giving you the best of both worlds • 1 simple but crucial tip that will make patching easier for you • The #1 stitching technique you should use when repairing pillowcases • A mending technique from India, that is considered a ‘dying art’, and could be lost to the ages within our lifetime (it's also perfect for mending your socks) This book also comes with 2 free bonuses: • 10 handy ‘hacks’ to avoid small mistakes and snags while mending • 10 jean repair 'hacks' that will breathe new life into your worn jeans Mending is an opportunity to let your creativity flourish. You can even experiment with clothes that you find at thrift stores, to create some unique and interesting garments! But what if you have never done stitching before? This book has been designed to be effective for the complete beginner. Even someone who has never put a thread into a needle can start mending. Hurry before it is too late and you have to toss your favorite denim or sweater into the trash pile! Note: This book does not have any pictures Buy this book and save your favorite clothes now! P.S. Most people regret throwing out their favorite piece of clothing, after realizing that it could have been given a new life with mending. Learn before it's too late.


The New Sewing Essentials - Creative Publishing international Cover Art

The New Sewing Essentials

The New Sewing Essentials by Creative Publishing international

The popular, step-by-step guide to sewing, revised and updated for today’s sewing enthusiasts. Sewing Essentials , first published in 1984, has long been recognized as the one book every sewing enthusiast should own. This popular book has been updated, making it even more appealing for today’s sewers. Clearly written instructions and more than 450 full-color photographs lead you step-by-step through all common sewing techniques. It’s like having your own personal sewing instructor right beside you. Get professional guidance on all these topics:Sewing equipment and toolsUsing patternsSelecting and preparing fabricsAll kinds of seams and seam finishesDarts, gathers, hems, zippers and buttonholesFacings, cuffs, collars and waistbands Whether you are just learning to sew or have sewn for years, you’ll find this book a valuable reference. Singer New Sewing Essentials, Updated and Revised Edition is your guide to sewing success.


Threads Fitting for Every Figure - Threads Magazine Cover Art

Threads Fitting for Every Figure

Threads Fitting for Every Figure by Threads Magazine

Fitting is the most in-demand topic for sewers. Whether you are a home seamstress or a professional designer, knowing how to create garments that fit every figure is essential. With Threads Fitting for Every Figure , the toughest fitting challenges are solved. This comprehensive sewing reference from the editors of Threads covers the basics of pattern fitting and includes easy-to-follow sewing techniques that are the hallmark of Threads magazine, a household name in garment sewing. With material appropriate for all skill levels, this book also offers solutions to intermediate-level fitting quandaries and advanced couture-level fitting techniques. Featuring 200 color photos and 100 illustrations, these pages cover everything from assessing your figure and working with patterns to fitting the bodice, fitting for pants and skirts, as well as specialty techniques. With more women learning to sew their own clothing and accessories, Threads Fitting for Every Figure is bound to be an instant classic.


Sunshine Sewing - Tone Finnanger Cover Art

Sunshine Sewing

Sunshine Sewing by Tone Finnanger

The Norwegian fabric designer and author of Sewing by Heart shares inspiring springtime sewing and quilting projects in this illustrated guide.   Bring some Scandinavian charm to your crafting this spring with Tilda's Sunshine Sewing . This book of original patterns by Tone Finnanger is packed with delightfully lighthearted sewing and quilting projects. Here you’ll find step-by-step instructions, complete with detailed photographs, for two full size quilts, plus pillows, soft toys and bags—all made with Tilda’s beautiful fabric ranges.   The twelve adorable projects are all inspired by summers spent along the Scandinavian coast and countryside, with motifs of lemons, fruit trees, birds, octopuses, mermaids, jellyfish, narwhals, starfish and more.


Contemporary Celtic Crochet - Bonnie Barker Cover Art

Contemporary Celtic Crochet

Contemporary Celtic Crochet 24 Cabled Designs for Sweaters, Scarves, Hats and More by Bonnie Barker

Learn to crochet cables! Have you ever wanted to create a sweater with beautiful cables, but you didn't know how to knit? Now, in Contemporary Celtic Crochet , you can learn how to use basic crochet stitches to create the same stunning effect on sweater wraps, stoles, cardigans, and more. This book features easy projects, such as hats, scarves and device covers, and more difficult projects, including sweaters, wraps and blankets. Make the Hialeah Honey Baby Blankey to swaddle a newborn or create the Inisheer Sweater Wrap to stay cozy in cool weather. The Cables Meet Lace Cape is perfect for evenings out, and the Pennywhistler's Pack will let you carry your essentials on any day trip. These Celtic-inspired stitches and projects are the perfect addition to your crochet repertoire.


Traditional Country Furniture - Popular Woodworking Cover Art

Traditional Country Furniture

Traditional Country Furniture 21 Projects in the Shaker, Appalachian and Farmhouse Styles by Popular Woodworking

Country Furniture That Says Quality! Country furniture styles convey a sense of simple comfort and the warmth of hearth and home. While some country furniture can be rustic, the pieces included in Traditional Country Furniture are of quality construction and design, drawing from the best of traditional American furniture styles. Each furniture piece includes step-by-step photos and instructions, with a variety of skill levels represented. Projects include:    • Kentucky sideboard    • Blanket chest    • Country wall shelf    • Tavern table    • Burlington Farmer's Desk    • Drop-leaf kitchen table    • Tall clock    • and more!


The Woodworker's Bible - Percy Blandford Cover Art

The Woodworker's Bible

The Woodworker's Bible A Complete Guide to Woodworking by Percy Blandford

Woodworking is Timeless Things change, to be sure, and woodworking is no exception. New tools come on the market, older tools are upgraded and a number of new, finely made hand tools are now available. Regardless of the subtle changes, the basic principles used by woodworkers have remained constant. The novice woodworker can produce satisfactory work following these unchanging woodworking traditions and using just some basic tools. Once these lessons are learned, all woodworking tasks are only a short step away. Power tools can take much of the drudgery out of woodworking, hand tools bring you closer to your work to teach you the characteristics of wood and how to make the most of the material. This book offers all the knowledge needed to get started in woodworking. All of the joints, jigs, methods, techniques and processes that have stood the test of time are included (along with a number of basic projects to practice the techniques). Woodworking offers enough variety to satisfy the widest range of tastes and inclinations. Let this book be your guide for whatever direction you want your work to take.


Sewing by Heart - Tone Finnanger Cover Art

Sewing by Heart

Sewing by Heart by Tone Finnanger

“Amazing pattern designs . . . If you love patchwork, quilting and applique, I know you will adore the 24 beautiful projects.” — Shabby Art Boutique In this glorious celebration of her passion for fabric, Norwegian designer Tone Finnanger shares over twenty sewing, patchwork, applique and quilting projects that will bring color and beauty to your home. Projects include stunning quilts, pretty pillows, sophisticated soft toys and beautiful accessories—all designed with characteristic Tilda charm. Featuring gorgeous photography, in-depth instructions and full-size templates, you’ll soon be sewing by heart. “These fresh quilts and sewing projects from Norway are ADORABLE! . . . The book features 7 full-size quilts plus smaller sewing projects such as pillows, pincushions and soft toys.” — The Literate Quilter


Hot Chocolate Sewing - Tone Finnanger Cover Art

Hot Chocolate Sewing

Hot Chocolate Sewing Cozy Autumn and Winter Sewing Projects by Tone Finnanger

Room-by-room ideas to turn your home into a crafter’s seasonal showcase with home-sewn projects by the popular Norwegian fabric designer. Get cozy with a warming drink and a new sewing project for autumn. In Tilda Hot Chocolate Sewing , bestselling author Tone Finnanger returns with a stunning new collection featuring the Tilda BirdPond fabric range. Featuring over twenty projects, you can choose from quilts and softies, bags and dolls, pillows and purses. Seasonal motifs include reindeer, mice, apples, butternut squash, ducks, birds, houses and more. This heartwarming collection will bring warmth and magic to your sewing, with beautiful lifestyle photography and step-by-step instructions and diagrams to ensure success.


Beekeeping: The Beekeepers Handbook for Learning All About Beekeeping Using the Best Strategies to Get You Started (Including How to Use the Top Bar Hive) - DSM Publishing Cover Art

Beekeeping: The Beekeepers Handbook for Learning All About Beekeeping Using the Best Strategies to Get You Started (Including How to Use the Top Bar Hive)

Beekeeping: The Beekeepers Handbook for Learning All About Beekeeping Using the Best Strategies to Get You Started (Including How to Use the Top Bar Hive) by DSM Publishing

Always Wanted to Know About Beekeeping and How To Become A Beekeeper ?! This Book Has Everything You Need to Kickstarting Your Very Own Beekeeping Journey! Bees are a very important part of nature as they help to keep the ecological balance alive. Without them, pollination wouldn't be possible, and flowers and plants wouldn't grow, and you can only imagine how the world would be if that ever happens! Also, Bees make honey, and there are lots of people who enjoy honey! There are also a lot of other things that bees can do—and  you will learn more  about them later! With the help of this book, you'd be able to start your own Beekeeping Business—and learn how to take care of bees the right way! What are you waiting for?  Read this book now and find out how! What Are You Going to Learn?: Why You Should Keep BeesBeekeeping EquipmentWhere to Get BeesWhat to Keep in MindType of HivesBuilding Your First BeehiveCollecting HoneyCommon Mistakes and How to Avoid Them...And Much More! So, Are You Ready to Become The Pro Beekeeper? Download Your Copy Now!


The Mary Brooks Picken Method of Modern Dressmaking - Mary Brooks Picken Cover Art

The Mary Brooks Picken Method of Modern Dressmaking

The Mary Brooks Picken Method of Modern Dressmaking by Mary Brooks Picken

“The Mary Brooks Picken Method Of Modern Dressmaking” is a complete guide to tailoring, originally written with the amateur in mind. With simple, step-by-step instructions and helpful illustrations and photographs, this classic handbook will be of considerable utility to modern readers with an interest in traditional dressmaking. Contents include: “Dressmaking and Tailoring”, “Modern Methods Make Dressmaking Easy”, “Threads, Needles, Sewing Tools”, “Using Your Sewing Machine”, “How to Handle Fabrics Successfully”, “How to Make Seams and Finishes”, “Essential Needle Stitches and Seams”, “Making Seams in Garments”, “The Art of Tailoring Seams”, etc. Many vintage books such as this are increasingly scarce and expensive. It is with this in mind that we are republishing this volume now in an affordable, modern, high-quality edition complete with a specially-commissioned new introduction on dressmaking and tailoring.


Modern men's tailoring - Sven Jungclaus Cover Art

Modern men's tailoring

Modern men's tailoring A Basic Guide To Pattern Drafting by Sven Jungclaus

Bespoke tailoring A good silhouette is the DNA of a garment, a kind of architecture for textile ideas. In this book, practical step-by-step instructions ensure that inexperienced cutters can work out the perfect fit, on average body shapes, for a suit, a coat, pants and more - based on individual body measurements. From many years of experience, the internationally active tailor and master of this craft Sven Jungclaus passes on his professional knowledge to those who are interested. Because: The gentleman of today is wearing custom made!


Tunisian Crochet Stitch Dictionary - Anna Nikipirowicz Cover Art

Tunisian Crochet Stitch Dictionary

Tunisian Crochet Stitch Dictionary 150 Essential Stitches with Actual-Size Swatches, Charts, and Step-by-Step Photos by Anna Nikipirowicz

The ultimate all-in-one crochet stitch guide,  Tunisian Crochet Stitch Dictionary  is an essential resource for anyone in the crochet and knitting community! Featuring 150 of the most popular and most used Tunisian crochet stitches, this reference book is filled with step-by-step instructions and coordinating photographs to help you achieve stitch after stitch, from beginner to advanced. Also provided are actual-size stitch samples, helpful charts, and hook sizes, as well as consistent yarn weight being used through the stitch guide to easy stitch comparison. A collection of both classic and new Tunisian crochet stitches, this guide is intentionally designed to keep needlecrafters of all skill levels occupied and inspired for years to come!


Paper Flower Note Cards - Emiko Yamamoto Cover Art

Paper Flower Note Cards

Paper Flower Note Cards Pop-up Cards * Greeting Cards * Gift Toppers by Emiko Yamamoto

Create your own elegant greeting cards with the beauty of lifelike paper flowers! Paper Flower Note Cards provides all the information you need. With just scissors, craft glue and a few sheets of colorful heavyweight paper, anyone can create stunning floral gift cards, gift toppers and place cards in no time at all! Emiko Yamamoto's simple step-by-step instructions explain how to cut and assemble each card for flawless results every time. Templates provided in the back of the book are reusable and allow you to reproduce the designs many times. This collection includes more than 30 dazzling designs for creative notes and floral decorations: Pop-up cards with petals that gently splay when the card is openedDecorative cards with three-dimensional flowers across the surfaceElegant & subtle floral silhouette cardsCards for specific occasions like birthdays, weddings, baby showers, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Halloween or ChristmasSeasonal cards that can be customized for any occasion year round At the heart of each design is a beautiful flower, and there are many to choose from RosePeonyCarnationHydrangeaCosmosMorning glorySunflowerPoinsettiaAnd more! You'll dazzle your friends and family with these handmade works of art!


The Beading Bible - Dorothy Wood Cover Art

The Beading Bible

The Beading Bible A Comprehensive Guide to Beading Techniques by Dorothy Wood

The Beading Bible: An indispensable guide to beads and beading techniques, presenting essential beading know-how together with a wide range of inspirational projects, tips and ideas. Beads are the oldest and most widespread art form, having been used in virtually every culture since ancient times. Over the years new materials and methods of making beads have been introduced and now bead workers have a vast array of stunning beads to work with. Beading has also developed over the years and, even though many traditional techniques are still popular, the craft is constantly evolving. With so many techniques, and such a vast array of beads and materials available for the contemporary beader, there is definitely a need for a comprehensive guide. The Beading Bible is just that – an encyclopaedia of beads and beading techniques that aims to educate and inspire anyone who loves working with beads. The Beading Bible begins by looking at beads themselves; how to choose beads from metal, modelled, gemstone, seed beads and cylinder beads to hex beads, crystals, glass and bugle beads. There are handy tables to help you to understand how beads are measured and bead quantities, as well as advice on choosing bead colours. You are then guided through the basic to more specialist tools and equipment that you will need in beadwork. You will find each beading technique explained in detail throughout the chapters. However, the book begins by giving you the basic knowledge of essential techniques, such as working from a chart and knotting. The book is divided into eight chapters that cover all the traditional techniques: bead loom weaving, off loom bead stitches, ropes and cords, fringing, netting and tassels, threading and stringing, wire work and jewellery techniques, bead embroidery and even knitting and crochet with beads. Within each chapter you are guided through the basic skills, tools and materials, before tackling more advanced techniques. Inspiration pages will give you interesting ideas using the different techniques, and there are over 30 fabulous projects, ranging from beautiful bags and jewellery to stylish scarves and accessories – perfect excuses for trying out your new skills! Easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions, clear diagrams and stunning photography combine to create the must-have resource for beaders of all abilities.  


Soap Making with Natural Ingredients - Sarah Ade Cover Art

Soap Making with Natural Ingredients

Soap Making with Natural Ingredients by Sarah Ade

A comprehensive guide to making all-natural, artisanal soaps and bath products from the director of The BareNaked Soap Company. This practical book is full of helpful advice on how to make your own luxurious and beautiful soaps at home, using only the best natural ingredients. Not only are these soaps good for you, they also look great, feel great, and make wonderful gifts! Soap-making entrepreneur Sarah Ade introduces all the simple techniques and basic kitchen equipment you'll need to create an array of gorgeous soaps. You'll learn how to choose your ingredients, understand their properties, and put them together to achieve a specific purpose. Dozens of easy-to-follow recipes range from the fun and frivolous to sensible and serious, and the text is packed with ideas for alternative soap making and homemade skin care. This is an essential guide for anyone interested in what they put onto their body as well as what goes inside.


Blocking Your Knitting - Diane Dobson Barton Cover Art

Blocking Your Knitting

Blocking Your Knitting by Diane Dobson Barton

Blocking your project makes it look professional, neat, and fix a variety of ills. I have seen the difference that blocking makes in my knitting, and I want to share this useful knowledge. Often overlooked or just not considered at all, preventing projects from being presented in their very strongest light. You will learn how to block your knitting to get a more professional appearance by performing spray, immersion, and steaming blocking techniques. It is completely worth the time required. "Blocking" is a finishing technique, but you should also do it to the gauge swatch you made before even creating your final project.


Quilting with Curves - Daisy Aschehoug Cover Art

Quilting with Curves

Quilting with Curves 20 Geometric Projects by Daisy Aschehoug

Quilted curves come your way! You'll learn how exciting (and easy) it is to sew curves in your patchwork projects. Quilting with Curves has 20 geometric-patterned quilt projects, from basic curves to complex combinations. Award-winning quilt designer Daisy Aschehoug shares a unique style of pattern writing, allowing you to combine curves of different sizes with other geometric elements. Beginners who have never quilted curves can easily follow along with the projects, and all quilters can take away valuable tips on creating original designs. Advanced quilters can challenge themselves by combining several curved techniques. • An essential book for those who wish to experiment with both curved piecing and modern quilt design. • Projects range in difficulty level and are doable for quilters of all skill levels. • Take away essential skills and techniques to make your own beautifully patterned curved quilts.


Easy Rugs to Crochet - Anne Halliday Cover Art

Easy Rugs to Crochet

Easy Rugs to Crochet 8 Projects to Spruce Up The Floors in Your Home by Anne Halliday

Easy Rugs To Crochet Book- The rug pattern is worked holding three strands of yarn together and crocheting with a US size N crochet hook. Finished sizes range from approximately 23"x 36" to 26"x 38" for the rectangle patterns. Round rug measures approximately 41" in diameter when worked to gauge. 16 pages in a softcover.


Modern Ladies' Tailoring - Sven Jungclaus Cover Art

Modern Ladies' Tailoring

Modern Ladies' Tailoring A basic guide to pattern drafting by Sven Jungclaus

Finally fitting wardrobe! Only perfectly fitting garments are looking great. From now on, you no longer have to worry about badly fitting pieces with industry-standard sizes. Simply create the patterns for skirts, dresses, blouses, coats, blazers, and pants according to your measurements. Whether you are a professional tailor or sewing is your favorite hobby - this book supports you with practical step-by-step instructions in creating suitable sewing patterns. Get valuable professional tips from master tailor Sven Jungclaus and start sewing!


Lil' Hipsters - Kristi Simpson Cover Art

Lil' Hipsters

Lil' Hipsters 16 Fashion Favorites to Keep Your Baby Looking Stylish by Kristi Simpson

Lil’ Hipsters: 16 Fashion Favorites to Keep Your Baby Looking Stylish ALL the coolest babies will be sporting crocheted cuteness from this Lil’ Hipsters book this season! We’re sure of it. Thanks to designer Kristi Simpson and her love for yarn and style and All Things Baby, your little person can be totally hip too. Here’s what adorable awesomeness you’ll find inside: • Cowl Jacket • Sweater Cocoon • Side Poncho • Slouchy Hat • Hooded Vest • Shoulder Tie Dress You’ll uncover 16 projects in all, each even trendier than the last. And because every last one of these crocheted cuties is rated Easy, there’s really no reason you can’t whip them up in no time! All 16 of them. So what are you waiting for? Crochet that kid some coolness!


A Gansey Crochet Home - Lena Skvagerson Cover Art

A Gansey Crochet Home

A Gansey Crochet Home by Lena Skvagerson

Gansey is typically associated with knitting, but now you can crochet Gansey designs that mimic the look of knit designs! The Gansey look originated from the Island of Guernsey over 400 years ago. Gansey sweaters were designed for fishermen who spent their days at sea, so they were knitted with tight textured stitches to ensure that the sweater was not only warm but water- and wind-resistant too. In A Gansey Crochet Home, you will find that each design is filled with texture and makes a perfect addition to any home. The book includes 10 fresh designs and includes both written instructions and charts.


Hip to Crochet - Judith L. Swartz Cover Art

Hip to Crochet

Hip to Crochet by Judith L. Swartz

A broad range of garment patterns and home accessory projects that transform traditional crochet projects into today's trendiest clothing are provided in this collection of fashionable crochet designs. Presented with easy, step-by-step instructions, illustrations, and photos, these 23 projects include a bohemian coat sweater, a mohair hat, retro bed slippers, and an assortment of trendsetting bags. Projects are included for baskets, pillows, and a throw to add a stylish twist to a crocheter's home decor. In addition to introducing basic crochet techniques, this guide tackles more advanced projects using a variety of yarns, including mohair, merino, angora blends, and linen.


Homespun® Comfort Afghans - Lion Brand Cover Art

Homespun® Comfort Afghans

Homespun® Comfort Afghans by Lion Brand

Share the coziness and beauty of Lion Brand® Homespun® yarn using any of the seven cuddly throws in Homespun® Comfort Afghans from Leisure Arts. From ripples and braids to hexagons and strips, each works up quickly using our clear instructions. All for Bulky weight yarn using Easy or Easy-Plus skill levels, designs include Downy Dream by Carole Prior, Pretty Chevron by Maggie Weldon, Braided Miles by Diana B. Husband, Snuggly Wrap by Jennine DeMoss, Lacy Hexagons by Carole Rutter Tippett, Big On Ripples (made holding two strands of yarn together) by Sue Galucki, and Stunning Stripes by Mary Jane Protus. This attractive collection of afghans will make great gifts for those you love!


My Crocheted Closet - Salena Baca Cover Art

My Crocheted Closet

My Crocheted Closet 22 Styles for Every Day of the Week by Salena Baca

Showcase your crochet style every day of the week, every month of the year! Designed to be go-to items in your wardrobe, every piece in this collection was created to be a classic that you will reach for again and again.


Simply Soft Baby Brites - Caron International Cover Art

Simply Soft Baby Brites

Simply Soft Baby Brites by Caron International

From booties and blankets to sweaters, toys, and a diaper bag, this collection of designs is all about softness and fun colors for Baby. Each item is crocheted using one or two strands of Caron International's Simply Soft® Brites, a 4-ply acrylic light worsted weight yarn. 8 designs: Zip Front Hooded Jacket (sizes 0-3, 6-12, and 18-24 months); Swirls Diaper Bag and Changing Table Blanket; Octopus Rattle; His and Hers Booties (size 0-3 months); Rainbow Pullover (sizes 3-6, 12, and 18-24 months); Baby Bugs and Happy Flowers Mobile; Baby Blanket Quilt; and Baby’s Flowers Blanket.


How to Make Lampshades - Ruth Collins Allen Cover Art

How to Make Lampshades

How to Make Lampshades by Ruth Collins Allen

To those who appreciate the value of artistic lighting both as a means of making a house more homelike and beautiful and for the practical purposes of getting the best possible light in which to read or sew or entertain one's friends, this book is dedicated. It is concerned with the business of making lamp shades, but also attempts to give such general principles of colour, design, and lighting as will aid the reader in the best selection of the lamp which will suit his particular need. Contents Include: Planning your Illumination; General Principles of Design; Colour; Materials for Shades; How to Make Silk Shades; How to Make Parchment Shades; How to Decorate Parchment Shades; How to Prepare and Lacquer Papers; Motifs, and Suggestions for their Application. This book contains classic material dating back to the 1900s and before. The content has been carefully selected for its interest and relevance to a modern audience.


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