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Campaigns of The Age of Darkness – The Siege of Cthonia - Games Workshop Cover Art

Campaigns of The Age of Darkness – The Siege of Cthonia

Campaigns of The Age of Darkness – The Siege of Cthonia by Games Workshop

The Horus Heresy is civil war on a galactic scale, a conflict comprising countless bitter campaigns and doomed struggles. In the latter years of the Age of Darkness, the Loyalist forces occupying the Sons of Horus home world of Cthonia face a determined assault from overwhelming Traitor forces who seek to oust them from the ancestral home of their leader, the Warmaster Horus. The resulting war of attrition rages in the skies above and the tunnels below the surface of that embattled world, taking a terrible toll on Loyalist and Traitor alike. This expansion book for Warhammer: The Horus Heresy provides a comprehensive history of the Siege of Cthonia, detailing the Loyalist and Traitor forces involved in the campaign. It also allows you to put your army in the role of Loyalist occupiers or Traitor resistance, with rules for linking your games into Onslaught Campaigns, playing new Core Missions and narrative Apex Missions, fighting Zone Mortalis battles in cramped conditions, and fielding new units such as unstable Legiones Inductii recruits, Legiones Decurion tank commanders, the hellish Infernus Abominations, and upgrades and unique characters specifically for the Imperial Fists and Sons of Horus. Inside this 240-page ePub book, you'll find: - The Years of Darkness and Blood – An in-depth exploration of the bitter and futile wars that raged across the galaxy in the last days of the Horus Heresy, including a detailed timeline, overviews of all Loyalist and Traitor forces, the rise of the Legiones Inductii, and the full narrative of the world-shaking Siege of Cthonia. - Campaigns of The Age of Darkness: The Siege of Cthonia – A full Onslaught Campaign system, providing rules for a linked series of games between 2-6 players, where each victory or defeat builds up to a final battle. Also included are specific rules to tailor your Onslaught Campaign to the Siege of Cthonia. - Age of Darkness: Core Missions – Five new Core Missions, balanced for both campaign games and Matched Play events. Race to claim vital strongpoints in Sudden Strike, adapt to shifting tides in Strike and Fade, or battle for the central ground in The Heart of Battle. - Siege of Cthonia: Apex Missions – Two new Apex Missions, with extensive special rules intended for campaigns and narrative games. Fight through an ill-fated orbital assault of grav-mines and dropship hulks in The Pyre of Ambition, and survive an ambush from underground bunkers in The Ashes Of Victory. - Age of Darkness: Zone Mortalis – Full rules for Zone Mortalis games, smaller-scale battles of Warhammer: The Horus Heresy fought within cramped war zones such as disputed spaceports, besieged hive cities, and winding fortress tunnels. Includes extensive rules for terrain and visibility, deployment and reserves, Reactions and Objectives, and army selection.  - Zone Mortalis: Core Missions – Three new Core Missions and two new Apex Missions for Zone Mortalis games, plus specific rules for Cthonian Underworld Zone Mortalis terrain such as Subterranean Tunnels and Promethium Condenser Tanks. - Legiones Astartes: Rules Addenda – Extensive additional rules, units, and upgrades for use by the Sons of Horus, Imperial Fists, and all Legiones Astartes armies, including: – Legiones Astartes: Imperial Fists – Wargear and Warlord Traits for Imperial Fists armies, and a profile for Lord-castellan Evander Garrius, the Tyrant of Cthonia. – Legiones Astartes: Sons of Horus – Wargear and Warlord Traits for Sons of Horus armies, and a profile for Vheren Ashurhaddon, the First Reaver. – Legiones Astartes: Legiones Decurion – Legiones Decurion rules for skilled tank commanders, including two Decurions for all Legions and one each for the Imperial Fists and Sons of Horus. – Agents of the Cults Abominatio – Rules for fielding Cults Abominatio Operatives in Traitor armies, including a profile for the Infernus Abomination.  – Legiones Astartes: Inductii – Rules for fielding Inductii, the hastily-created Astartes used as reinforcements in the latter days of the Horus Heresy, with specific rules for each Legion.  - Showcase – Along with atmospheric photography and annotated artwork, the book includes a showcase of beautifully painted miniatures for the Sons of Horus, Imperial Fists, Traitor Allies, and Loyalist Allies. In order to use the contents of this book, you will require the Warhammer: The Horus Heresy – The Age of Darkness Rulebook and one of the Army Books for Warhammer: The Horus Heresy.


Crochet Amigurumi for Every Occasion - Justine Tiu Cover Art

Crochet Amigurumi for Every Occasion

Crochet Amigurumi for Every Occasion 21 Easy Projects to Celebrate Life’s Happy Moments by Justine Tiu

Fall in love with amigurumi, the art of crocheting small, stuffed yarn plushies with Crochet Amigurumi for Every Occasion. Loaded with cuteness and beginner-friendly amigurumi patterns created by The Woobles, the internet’s favorite one-stop source for easy-to-make crochet kits, you’ll be crocheting adorable projects in no time! Grouped by gift theme, make unique handmade gifts for baby showers, birthdays, housewarmings, and engagement parties, such as a Cupcake Bear for the bear-y best birthday, a Cat tray that is the purr-fect combo of cute and useful, and a smitten Otter ready to get married to its otter half. Crochet Amigurumi for Every Occasion is filled with 21 patterns for projects that are easy to make and that you’ll be proud to gift! Every detail of this book is carefully tailored to give beginners a frustration-free, start-to-finish experience, and each pattern is artfully photographed and accompanied by detailed instructions, tutorial photos, and supplementary videos. Forgot how to do a stitch? No problem. Simply flip to the beginning of the book and follow the step-by-step photo tutorial. With Crochet Amigurumi for Every Occasion, newly minted amigurumists will have everything they need to make the cutest crochet memories for themselves and loved ones. 21 GIFTABLE AMIGURUMI PROJECTS: With 21 patterns across 4 party themes, crochet the perfect gift for your next baby shower, birthday, housewarming, or engagement party GET STARTED WITH CROCHET: Includes stitch tutorials, patterns, photos, and video instructions so even beginner crocheters can create adorable projects they’ll be proud to gift EASY-TO-FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS: Each pattern has The Woobles’s signature simple and cute designs, clear instructions, and layout VIDEO TUTORIALS: Tricky stitches and techniques include video tutorials on The Woobles websites INSPIRING IMAGES: Each pattern is accompanied by photos of the finished project as well as custom step-by-step photos for anything unique to the pattern


Practical Knots: The Essential Step-By-St... - Geoffrey Budworth Cover Art

Practical Knots: The Essential Step-By-St...

Practical Knots: The Essential Step-By-St...
Over 90 Classic Knots, Bends, Hitches, Loops and Plaits, and How to Tie and Use Them, With 600 Close-Up Photographs for Guaranteed Results for Tying Knots Every Time
by Geoffrey Budworth

A comprehensive guide to simple knots and basic rope work covering 90 different knots, bends, hitches, loops and braids. Throughout the book clearly written instructions and an amazing 630 close-up photographs show every stage of every knot in perfect detail to guarantee clarity and successful results every time. There are knots for every kind of use – general purpose, angling and fishing, boating and sailing, caving and climbing, and outdoor pursuits.  Different cords and ropes are discussed, with a table charting the breaking strengths of each and information on the broad range of natural and synthetic materials available, and which are best suited for individual jobs. Helpful advice is also included on cutting and sealing ropes, the tools and materials required for each job, and how to keep your ropes in perfect condition.  The author, Geoffrey Budworth, has been closely associated with the art, craft, science and philosophy of tying knots for more than 50 years. He is a prolific writer and an influential name on the knotting scene. In 1982 he co-founded the International Guild of Knot Tyers and is a past President of the Guild, as well as a frequent contributor to its quarterly magazine, Knotting Matters.  Whether you are an eager beginner or lifelong devotee of the art of knot tying this practical book will be an indispensable guide.


Building Kitchen Cabinets Made Simple - Gregory Paolini Cover Art

Building Kitchen Cabinets Made Simple

Building Kitchen Cabinets Made Simple by Gregory Paolini

Cabinets come in many styles and finishes, but the one thing they have in common is how much they can influence the overall appearance of a kitchen. A run of new cabinets can completely transform a space — and add significantly to the value of a home. It’s no wonder they can cost so much. But now they don’t have to. Kitchen Cabinets Made Simple demystifies kitchen cabinet construction and makes it possible for the dedicated do-it-yourselfer to build new cabinets for a fraction of the cost of buying them. This illustrated book guide — visually and completely instruct woodworkers throughout the process of building sturdy face-frame cabinets with frame-and-panel doors. It’s all in here — from drawing out a plan and constructing the cabinet boxes to finishing and installation.


Patty Lyons' Knitting Bag of Tricks - Patty Lyons Cover Art

Patty Lyons' Knitting Bag of Tricks

Patty Lyons' Knitting Bag of Tricks Over 70 sanity saving hacks for better knitting by Patty Lyons

Do you wish your knitting was better and that you had an expert knitter by your side to help you when it goes wrong? Then this is the book for you. Patty Lyons is an expert in all things knitting related. She will help you solve all of your knitting problems—from edges that won’t behave to adjusting your yarn tension—with the 70+ hacks in Patty Lyons’ Knitting Bag of Tricks. Featuring dozens of brand new how-tos and the most popular tricks from author Patty Lyons’ beloved advice columns, this handy guide goes far beyond your typical knitting tips. Knitters of all levels will discover both why and how various techniques work, and improve both the look of their knitting and their command of stitches. It’s sure to take any knitter’s skills up to the next level. With more than 30K followers on social media and name-checks by everyone from the Wall Street Journal to popular television show, Late Night with Seth Meyers, Patty is a well-known name in the knitting community. This isn’t like other ‘how to knit’ books with basic information about casting on and how to form stitches (although there is a handy how-to reference section at the back for when you need a refresher), this is a book about the ‘why’ of knitting. Not about ‘why we knit’ but about ‘why we knit the way we do’. By digging deeper into the ‘why’ Patty doesn’t just fix your knitting problems she helps you to truly understand why the yarn/stitches/needles/tension are acting in a certain way and how to fix any issues. She starts by looking at the basics and explores the anatomy of a stitch, examining how this affects the look, feel and shape of the finished knitted fabrics and how different knitting techniques affect the finished outcome. Patty examines the problems caused by common mistakes that many knitters make without even noticing before diving into more complex knitting issues and how to trouble shoot them. All of Patty’s techniques and tips are illustrated with detailed step-by-step artworks for absolute clarity. And, as you’d expect from a Patty Lyons book, there is a healthy scattering of humor and irreverence throughout – you might take knitting seriously but you don’t have to be serious while knitting! NOTE: This is a scalable (or reflowable) font ebook. This improves the ebook reading experience but can lead to changes in the flow and order of text and images. 


Floret Farm's A Year in Flowers - Erin Benzakein Cover Art

Floret Farm's A Year in Flowers

Floret Farm's A Year in Flowers
Designing Gorgeous Arrangements for Every Season
by Erin Benzakein

Learn how to buy, style, and present seasonal flower arrangements for every occasion. With sections on tools, flower care, and design techniques, Floret Farm's A Year in Flowers presents all the secrets to arranging garden-fresh bouquets. Featuring expert advice from Erin Benzakein, world-renowned flower farmer, floral designer, and bestselling author of Floret Farm: Cut Flower Garden, this book is a gorgeous and comprehensive guide to everything you need to make your own incredible arrangements all year long, whether harvesting flowers from the backyard or shopping for blooms at the market. • Includes an A–Z flower guide with photos and care tips for more than 200 varieties. • Simple-to-follow advice on flower care, material selection, and essential design techniques • More than 25 how-to projects, including magnificent centerpieces, infinitely giftable posies, festive wreaths, and breathtaking bridal bouquets Floret Farm's A Year in Flowers offers advice on every phase of working with cut flowers—including gardening, buying, caring for, and arranging fresh flowers. Brimming with indispensable tips and hundreds of vibrant photographs, this book is an invitation to live a flower-filled life and perfect for anyone who loves flowers. • The definitive guide to flower arranging from the biggest star in the farm-to-centerpiece movement • Perfect for flower lovers, avid and novice gardeners, floral designers, wedding planners, florists, small farmers, stylists, designers, crafters, and those passionate about the local floral movement • For those who loved Floret Farm's Cut Flower Garden by Erin Benzakein, The Flower Recipe Book by Alethea Harampolis, Seasonal Flower Arranging by Ariella Chezar, and The Flower Chef by Carly Cylinder


Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Sewing - Reader's Digest Cover Art

Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Sewing

Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Sewing by Reader's Digest

An indispensable volume for beginning and advanced sewers alike that guides readers through necessary equipment, techniques, fabrics and more. First published in 1978, Reader’s Digest’s popular  Complete Guide to Sewing  has become the standard stich-and-seam reference book for both beginner and seasoned sewers. Now, Reader’s Digest has refreshed this tried-and-true volume for the modern era, adapting it to current trends while preserving the comprehensive, practical and inspiring content within. Reader’s Digest  Complete Guide to Sewing  gives sewers of every experience and comfort level everything they need to know to create the wardrobe of their dreams and beautify their homes with original decorative accents. Clear, simple instructions written by experts in the field tell you what to do and how to do it. Plus, thousands of illustrations and diagrams throughout the book’s 384 pages illustrate each stage of the process. Key elements of the book include: • A detailed list of the basic equipment you’ll need before getting started sewing. • Tips for choosing the right fabric for your project. • A step-by-step photo guide that shows you how to take measurements. • Instructions in a variety of essential hand-stitching techniques. • 20 timeless projects— more than half of them new to this edition—to practice your skills including shirts, dresses, bags, and more. Plus, the book has received endorsements from a variety of trusted sources: “…and I always recommend the Reader’s Digest  Guide to Sewing . It’s very comprehensive and very user-friendly.”                                     —Tim Gunn “…abundant and precise line art, enticing photographs, simple-to-follow instructions and valuable information on tools, supplies, materials and techniques.”                                     —The New York Times  “A woman who takes sewing seriously, or who wants to learn to sew, won’t want to be without this book.”                         —Portland Oregon Journal  “Here is everything you always wanted to know about sewing—a veritable encyclopedia of stitching facts.”                         —The Austin American Statesman  


Tunisian Crochet Stitch Guide - Kim Guzman Cover Art

Tunisian Crochet Stitch Guide

Tunisian Crochet Stitch Guide by Kim Guzman

With this handy and portable reference guide from Kim Guzman, you can choose from 61 pattern stitches to add texture and beauty to your Tunisian Crochet projects. A complete scarf pattern is included to show how to incorporate the pattern stitches in your fashion accessories, afghans, and other projects. In the first chapter, we introduce you to 14 stitches that are the building blocks of Tunisian Crochet stitch patterns. Spend a little time learning to read the charts and getting familiar with each stitch, and then you’ll be ready to progress into more complex patterns, including color and lacework. You’ll find the Master Symbol List indispensable, as well as the photos and explanations of all the basic stitches.


Welding Operations - TSD Training Cover Art

Welding Operations

Welding Operations Includes Electrodes Classification and Intended Uses, Automotive Welding Processes, Materials, Identification Processes, Methods of Destructive and Non Destructive Testing of Welds, Types and Techniques of Joint Design and the Theory, Inert Gas Welding Principles, Equipment and Safety Precautions, Gas Metal-Welding Principles, Operations and Equipment, Nomenclature, and Procedures for Troubleshooting Welding by TSD Training

Welding Operations The purpose of this course is to introduce the basic requirements involved in metal-arc welding operations and the inert gas welding processes, and maintenance of welding equipment. The scope of this course consists of describing the classification of electrodes and their intended uses; describing automotive welding processes, materials and identification processes; describing the methods of destructive and nondestructive testing of welds and troubleshooting procedures; describing the type and techniques of joint design; and describing the theory, principles, and procedures of welding armor plate. The course also consists of the inert gas welding principles, equipment, and safety precautions; the gas metal-welding principles operations, and equipment nomenclature; and the procedures for troubleshooting and repairing welding equipment. This course is based on welding used by the military on heavy equipment. This course is part of our Welding series. Full illustrations and diagrams included. Lessons: - Electrodes Classification and Intended Uses - Automotive Welding Processes - Materials - Identification Processes - Methods of Destructive and Non Destructive Testing of Welds and Troubleshooting Procedures - Types and Techniques of Joint Design and the Theory - Inert Gas Welding Principles - Equipment and Safety Precautions - Gas Metal-Welding Principles - Operations and Equipment - Nomenclature - Procedures for Troubleshooting Welding


Welding Theory - TSD Training Cover Art

Welding Theory

Welding Theory
Includes Welding Symbols, Interpret Welding Symbols, and Describe the Use of Welding Symbols on Shop Drawings
by TSD Training

Welding Theory The purpose of this course is to increase your knowledge of welding symbols and their use on shop drawings. This course is part of our Welding series. Full illustrations and diagrams included. Lessons: - Welding Symbols - Interpret welding symbols and describe the use of welding symbols on shop drawings


100 Micro Crochet Motifs - Steffi Glaves Cover Art

100 Micro Crochet Motifs

100 Micro Crochet Motifs Patterns and charts for tiny crochet creations by Steffi Glaves

Explore the world of micro crochet with this collection of crochet patterns and charts for 100 exquisite crochet motifs. This collection of teeny, tiny crochet motifs from talented crochet designer, Steffi Glaves, explores the world of miniature in crochet form.   The step-by-step instructions show you how to create your own micro crochet makes to create a wide range of beautiful crochet pieces that can be used in so many ways. These wonderfully small motifs are beautifully detailed despite their small size and can be used for jewellery, accessories, appliques, decorations and embellishments.  You will learn the central skills needed for micro-crochet, such as how to hold the thread and hook, reading a crochet chart, special edgings, blocking and stiffening. Alongside that, you will also learn about the tools and types of threads to use, and the special techniques needed for creating the motifs in this book, such as incorporating wire, creating tiny keepsake bags and making your own jewellery.   There are simple motifs with two to four rounds of crochet and more challenging ones with more rounds, colour changes and different stitches – some of them are 3D amigurumi. Step-by-step instructions show you how to crochet intricately detailed motifs using fine cotton quilting thread and a 0.5mm crochet hook.  Choose from a wide range of motifs including flowers; leaves & plants; fruit; triangles, granny squares, Christmas and even mini amigurumi. As well as the huge choice of motifs there are 10 projects showing you how to use the motifs for small projects such as jewellery and accessories; as well as how to scale up the designs using thicker yarn and a bigger hook to make bags, bunting, accessories, wall hangings and cards.  Includes instructions for all the necessary crochet techniques and stitches, as well as specific advice for working at such as small scale. Also includes techniques for using jewellery findings and other tools to create the projects. So, if you love to crochet and fancy trying something different why not give micro crochet a go? This is the perfect guide for anyone who already has a grasp of the basic crochet stitches and techniques, and wishes to explore making jewellery, accessories, appliqués, or just tiny things for the sheer joy of it.


Sweater Workshop - Jacqueline Fee Cover Art

Sweater Workshop

Sweater Workshop by Jacqueline Fee

This book teaches creative knitting. Sweaters are knit in one piece — no seams! — to the knitter's own set of measurements, enabling knitters to use even hand-spun yarns that never seem to fit a predetermined gauge. The Sweater Workshop provides an alternative for those who wish to knit sweaters of their own designs. The rewards are well-fitting, perfectly constructed seamless sweaters knit from any yarn.


Mastering Sculpture: The Figure in Clay - Cristina Córdova Cover Art

Mastering Sculpture: The Figure in Clay

Mastering Sculpture: The Figure in Clay A Guide to Capturing the Human Form for Ceramic Artists by Cristina Córdova

Explore the human form in depth, from concept sketches and armatures to detailed instructions for constructing legs, torso, arms, hands, and head from clay. In Mastering Sculpture: The Figure in Clay , renowned sculptor and instructor Cristina Córdova teaches everything you need to know to replicate the full human figure using clay. Start by developing meaningful sketches and reference points .Then learn how to make and use an armature to create hollow forms that are safe to fire in a kiln.Using patterns and slabs , you can move on to develop a full human form, head to toe.Work along with the author to create a form about two-feet tall , or choose your own size: the patterns and instructions can work in a variety of scales. Photographic demonstrations and diagrams cover the construction and articulation of feet and legs, the hip area and upper torso, arms, hands, neck, and head. Cristina includes supplementary tips and insights throughout to support the sculpting process and enhance naturalism. You’ll also find a brief section on general anatomical concepts and modeling strategies to facilitate accuracy and expression as all the components come together. Whether you are a clay artist with limited experience in figurative sculpture or a figurative sculptor outside the world of ceramics looking for a straightforward fabrication strategy to create permanent compositions from clay, Mastering Sculpture: The Figure in Clay will expertly guide your way.


Dyeing to Spin & Knit - Felicia Lo Cover Art

Dyeing to Spin & Knit

Dyeing to Spin & Knit Techniques & Tips to Make Custom Hand-Dyed Yarns by Felicia Lo

Inspire and unleash a passion for hand-crafted color! "Unapologetic" is how Felicia Lo always describes her obsession with color and craft. In Dyeing to Spin and Knit , Felicia, founder and creative director of SweetGeorgia Yarns and highly sought after teacher and lecturer, provides clear and accessible guidance for creating gorgeous hand-dyed yarns and spinning fibers and an understanding of how dyeing affects knitted yarn and handspun yarn.   Fiber artists will learn the fundamentals of how color works, how to combine and coordinate colors, and how to control the results when dyeing wool and silk yarns and fibers. Spinners will learn how to subdue intense and bright colorways or prevent muddiness in handspun. Knitters will gain the knowledge to avoid or maximize the effects of pooling. And finally, this book will include 10 patterns that use hand-dyed and handspun yarns and fibers to their most exciting advantage in knitting projects. Complete with detailed photographs from Felicia's own dyeing studio, Dyeing to Spin and Knit offers a master class in preparing hand-dyed yarns and fibers. Ignite your love of color--unapologetically!


The Spinner's Book of Yarn Designs - Sarah Anderson & Judith MacKenzie Cover Art

The Spinner's Book of Yarn Designs

The Spinner's Book of Yarn Designs Techniques for Creating 80 Yarns by Sarah Anderson & Judith MacKenzie

Discover the satisfying fun of spinning your own yarn! This step-by-step guide shows you how to create 80 distinctive yarn types, from classics like mohair bouclé to novelties like supercoils. Covering the entire spinning process, Sarah Anderson describes the unique architecture of each type of yarn and shares expert techniques for manipulating and combining fibers. Take your crafting to a new level and ensure that you have the best yarn available by spinning it yourself.


Mosaic Crochet Workshop - Esme Crick Cover Art

Mosaic Crochet Workshop

Mosaic Crochet Workshop Modern geometric designs for throws and accessories by Esme Crick

Create sensational crochet throws and accessories with this indispensable guide to mosaic crochet.   Mosaic crochet is a cutting-edge technique that allows you to work two-colour patterns without having to change yarns in one row. You simply skip stitches in one row and connect them by filling in with the alternate colour two rows later. This produces incredible modern geometric patterns that look amazing as throws, blankets, afghans, pillows, rugs, bags and other accessories – using a much easier method than other crochet colourwork techniques. One crochet hook and two balls of yarn are all you need to get started.   While it might look complex, mosaic crochet is actually incredibly straightforward once you learn the basic techniques. If you can work a chain, a double crochet (US single crochet) and a treble crochet (US double crochet), then you can mosaic crochet (...and if you can't, don't worry, all the stitches you need are covered in the book). And what's even better is that there are minimal ends to sew in because it works on a two-row method with the yarn carried up the side of the work.  In the only book on the subject, crochet designer Esme Crick of Red Sparrow Crochet, shows you how to make 12 bold, statement throws and then how to use the same pattern to create a further 12 spin-off designs for smaller projects, showing how using different yarn colours with the same pattern can create completely different results.   In Mosaic Crochet Workshop , Esme shares her skills, passion and gentle humour with you, so that you too can create beautiful throws and stylish homewares whatever your crochet level. And it's not just about slavishly following a pattern, but about building your confidence to make these designs your own, exploring the possibilities of colour and being inspired to start your own design adventures along the way.  With full step-by-step guidance on the mosaic stitch, charts for all the mosaic crochet patterns, and 24 projects to make with full written patterns, this stylish modern crochet book will change the way you approach crochet colourwork forever and give you a wealth of beautiful throws and accessories for your home.


Fly A Plane: How To Learn To Fly A Plane - Bette Mackaman Cover Art

Fly A Plane: How To Learn To Fly A Plane

Fly A Plane: How To Learn To Fly A Plane by Bette Mackaman

Want to grasp the full scope of How To Learn To Fly A Plane and its underlying principles? If yes, then you should keep reading because you have found the right book. It's possible to fly a plane without being a pilot, but only if you know what you're doing. If you have just heard about flight, Flight Maneuvers, Flight Controls, Slow Flight, Stalls And Spins but know nothing about them, this book will teach you all you need to know to fly a plane and make your dream come true. By the time you're done with this guide, you'll be familiar with all there is to know about flying a plane from scratch. This includes the ins and outs of flying, as well as effective strategies of flying, atmosphere, Takeoff And Departure Climbs and Approaches & Landings. By reading this book you will discover: Introduction to Flying, all you need to know are about Aeroplanes, Purpose of Flying, History of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Role of The Flight Instructor, Use of Checklists so that you may confidently navigate this exciting industry. Principles of Flight, you will understand the meaning of the basic principles of flying, Air, Structure of the Atmosphere, Newton’s Laws of Motion and Force, Magnus Effect & Bernoulli’s Principle of Pressure, Magnus Effect, Airfoil Design , Low Pressure Above & High Pressure Below, Low Pressure Above, Pressure Distribution Basic Flight Maneuvers, this will guide you through The Four Fundamentals, Effect and Use of Flight Controls, Straight-and-Level Flight, Trim Control & Level Turns, Climbs and Climbing Turns, Descents and Descending Turns Slow Flight, Stalls And Spins, ranging Slow Flight, Flight At Less Than Cruise Airspeeds , Flight at Minimum Controllable Airspeed, STALLS, Intentional Spins Aeroplanes: How They Fly, In this section, you will get to learn about the anatomies of a plane, Categories of Aircraft, Flight Controls and Control Surfaces, How Aeroplanes Turn Takeoff And Departure Climbs, you will know about Prior To Takeoff , Normal Takeoff, Crosswind Takeoff & Ground Effect on Takeoff, Rejected Takeoff/Engine Failure , Noise Abatement, Airport Traffic Patterns And Operations Approaches & Landings, in this section, you will learn about Normal Approach, Landing & Communications, Estimating Height and Movement, Go-Arounds (Rejected Landings), Ground Effect, Crosswind Approach and Landing, Emergency Approaches and Landings


Shawl Crochet Pattern: The Collection Of Crochet Patterns For Your Shawl - Radhwaan Mohammed Cover Art

Shawl Crochet Pattern: The Collection Of Crochet Patterns For Your Shawl

Shawl Crochet Pattern: The Collection Of Crochet Patterns For Your Shawl by Radhwaan Mohammed

Light, vaporous pieces sewed in fine yarns flaunt the excellence of your sew lines and are a fantasy to wear! A stitch cloak is an ideal thing for each time of the year. The total sew assortment - The wrap project book - made to wrap delightfully across your body with bit-by-bit directions. There is a great assortment of cloak knit designs for novices like the request wrap stitch designs, the sew triangle wrap, and the sew infection cloak. Get your knit snare, scratchy yarns, and textures to make and pick your next stitch design


A-Z of Crewel Embroidery - Country Bumpkin Cover Art

A-Z of Crewel Embroidery

A-Z of Crewel Embroidery The Ultimate Resource for Beginners and Experienced Needleworkers by Country Bumpkin

A comprehensive guide to this versatile art form, featuring over 500 step by step photographs and forty-five stitches and techniques. The A-Z of Crewel Embroidery  is designed to encourage you to try new techniques, explore new horizons, and above all, to experiment. Whatever your status as an embroiderer, we hope this book kindles your enthusiasm, and provides you with an enriched knowledge of this timeless art. This book introduces you to the tradition that is crewel embroidery and its transformation into an art form that is still popular today. The book is a perfect introduction for beginners and a “must have” for more experienced embroiderers. This comprehensive guide to crewel embroidery contains all the embroiderer needs to know to work dozens of stitches, and includes full advice on everything from choosing wools and fabrics to what equipment is required for each piece.Comprehensive guide to crewel embroideryRevamped design of a book that has sold well over many yearsOver 500 step by step photographsForty-five stitches and techniquesFull size patterns included


The Horus Heresy: Age Of Darkness - Games Workshop Cover Art

The Horus Heresy: Age Of Darkness

The Horus Heresy: Age Of Darkness Games Workshop by Games Workshop

The Imperium stretches across countless worlds, a newborn empire on the brink of ultimate victory. Yet at the peak of this golden age of conquest, the galaxy has been plunged into an Age of Darkness. Horus Lupercal, Warmaster of the Emperor's armies, has turned against his gene-father – and the eighteen Space Marine Legions, once united in a Great Crusade to consolidate all humanity beneath the Emperor’s banner, are riven by betrayal. This is the Horus Heresy – the bloodiest conflict humanity has ever known, civil war on a galactic scale, in which superhuman soldiers clad in advanced armour turn devastating weapons upon those they called brothers. Where do your loyalties lie? Warhammer: The Horus Heresy is a miniatures wargame that pits mighty armies against each other in apocalyptic tabletop battles. Choose your favoured Loyalist or Traitor faction, from the knightly Dark Angels to the duplicitous Alpha Legion, build your own army from a range of spectacular Citadel and Forge World miniatures, and clash with fellow players in wargames of staggering tactical depth. This 336-page eBook is a treasure trove of lore, illustrations, and background information for the far-future setting of Warhammer: The Horus Heresy, with comprehensive guides to help you build and paint your collection of models. It also includes the core rules for reenacting the ferocious conflicts of the Age of Darkness with your own armies, and an explanation of different modes of play to suit any hobbyist. AGE OF DARKNESS The book opens with a full exploration of the galaxy in which the wars of the Horus Heresy are fought – from its dark past to its shining peak – and the technologies, factions, armies, and ideals that came to dominate it. – The Age of the Emperor: An overview of humanity's fall and the Imperium's rise. You’ll learn about the Age of Strife from which the Emperor arose, the Great Crusade he began to unite the galaxy under his banner, and some of the most important groups he founded or aligned himself with to support this epic undertaking.  – The Imperium of Mankind: A closer look at the structure of the Imperium at the advent of the Horus Heresy. You’ll learn about some of the most important events, people, and groups that dominated humanity's destiny. This section also explains the significance of the Warp, psykers, and the Imperial Truth – the strict, rationalist philosophy the Emperor imposed on his conquests. – The Legiones Astartes: The Space Marines are far more than just an army. They’re genetically modified, equipped with the finest wargear, and psycho-indoctrinated in a rigorous and brutal process that creates ideal weapons of war. This massive, in-depth section explains just what goes into creating a Space Marine, illustrates the various types of weapons and power armour employed by the Legions, and provides a dedicated look at each of the 18 Space Marine Legions, including information on their distinctive history, tactics, organisation, and the mighty Primarchs that lead them – as well as a visual guide to their heraldry and colour schemes. – Additional Factions: Despite being primarily a war between the Legiones Astartes, many other armies are involved in the Horus Heresy, including the Talons of the Emperor, the Solar Auxilia, and Mechanicum. This section explains the roles these groups played in the Imperium – and its downfall – including their histories, favoured tactics, and military structures. – An Age of Darkness: At the dawn of the 31st Millennium, the Emperor's favoured son plunged the galaxy into darkness. This section delves into the opening acts of the Horus Heresy, setting the stage for the most devastating war in human history. It includes a summary of the brutal events of the Isstvan Drop Site Massacre, the advances made by the Traitor war machine, and the emergence of the cosmic Ruinstorm, from which daemonic entities spill into reality. – Pivotal Events of the Horus Heresy: An in-depth timeline of major conflicts and engagements within the Horus Heresy itself, leading up to the final Siege of Terra. This section offers crucial insight into where the Legions are, who they're fighting, and what terrible grudges are being formed at various stages of the war.  PLAYING THE GAME You'll then learn how to play Warhammer: the Horus Heresy on the tabletop, with all the core rules you'll need to make full use of its supplements. – Core Rules: You’ll learn about the general principles of the game, its turns and phases, how to command your units, measure distances, shoot at enemies, and charge into melee. You’ll also learn about Reactions, which allow each player to respond to unfolding events even when it's not their turn.  – Unit Types: The Age of Darkness is dominated by mighty heroes and terrifying war machines. This section explains how to use distinct unit types, such as Characters, Vehicles, and Automata, as well as the unnatural Psychic Powers that can be wielded in battle.  – Terrain: The galaxy is littered with exotic and dangerous battlefields. This section provides rules for using different kinds of terrain on your tabletop, including Barricades, Jungles, and Ruins, as well as how to claim Fortifications and use a variety of Buildings. – Special Rules: The battles of the Horus Heresy encompass a huge variety of soldiers and equipment, each with their own unique qualities. This section offers a centralised roster of all the universal special rules that govern different units and weapons, from cunning Scouts to explosive Blast weapons. GAMING IN THE AGE OF DARKNESS  This final section provides an overview of the Warhammer: The Horus Heresy hobby, whether setting up games or building an army of your own. – Showcase: The book includes a photographic showcase of seven stunning Legiones Astartes armies from different hobbyists, including commentary on how they chose to collect, build, and paint that faction. It also offers four battlefield showcases, demonstrating the cinematic ways you can recreate the settings of the Age of Darkness. – Modes of Play: Different hobbyists enjoy different kinds of gameplay. This section breaks down the various ways to play your games, including the broad categories of Narrative Play, Matched Play, and Open Play, as well as Campaigns and even team games. – Preparing for Battle: This section explains how to start (and finish) a game, including Force Organisation Charts for assembling your army list, a guide to setting up your table and deploying your armies, a variety of victory conditions, and six missions and six deployment maps to combine for standard games. Warhammer: The Horus Heresy closes out with a reference section, with quick-and-simple rules summaries to help your games run smoothly, and a lengthy index to make looking up specific rules much easier.


The Weaver's Idea Book - Jane Patrick Cover Art

The Weaver's Idea Book

The Weaver's Idea Book Creative Cloth on a Rigid Heddle Loom by Jane Patrick

New and experienced weavers alike are always on the lookout for new weave-structure patterns. The Weaver's Idea Book presents a wide variety of patterns for the simple rigid-heddle loom, accompanied by harness drafts for multishaft looms. The techniques include leno, Brooks bouquet, soumak, and embroidery on fabric. Each chapter contains weaving patterns along with swatches illustrating the techniques, accompanied by step-by-step photography. The book is arranged by structure or type of weave, from variations on plain weave to doubleweave. With traditional patterns from around the world, bands, and fabrics woven on two double heddles, The Weaver's Idea Book brings together a variety of ways to create exquisite cloth. Weaving tips and tricks help weavers at all levels achieve their textile dreams. In addition to pattern drafts, Jane offers project ideas that guide the reader through creating functional woven projects, from wearables to home decor. Weaving, especially on rigid-heddle looms, is enjoying a resurgence, and contemporary weavers are in need of a book to bridge the divide between basic books and complex text designed for advanced weavers with sophisticated tools. Celebrating the immense potential for creativity possible with the simplest of tools, The Weaver's Idea Book eBook opens new avenues for exploration on both the rigid-heddle and multishaft looms.


The Knit Stitch Pattern Handbook - Melissa Leapman Cover Art

The Knit Stitch Pattern Handbook

The Knit Stitch Pattern Handbook An Essential Collection of 300 Designer Stitches and Techniques by Melissa Leapman

Beloved knitwear designer Melissa Leapman offers a comprehensive stitch dictionary and guide with more than 300 original knitting patterns, including slip stitches, cables, and lace. Knitters love their stitch dictionaries. Melissa Leapman, known for her knitting references, shares 300 of her favorite stitch patterns developed over her long career. With basic step-by-step knitting instruction, information on how to most effectively use a stitch dictionary, and a wealth of original stitch patterns, this book will appeal to all levels of knitters looking for a comprehensive, yet portable volume. The book includes stitch patterns in five categories from imaginative novelty stitch patterns to traditional knit designs. Each stitch pattern includes a gorgeous photograph as well as written and charted instructions.


Complete_Metalsmith - Tim McCreight Cover Art


Complete_Metalsmith by Tim McCreight

The Complete Metalsmith by Tim McCreight has been a staple in jewelry classes and studios for three decades, known and loved for its clear descriptions, whimsy, and practical information. Few books can match it for breadth: information ranges from the science of metals to Do-It-Yourself studio furniture and includes stone lore, granulation, metal clay, and safety guidelines. When the first edition was published in 1982, it featured handwritten text in keeping with the alternative lifestyles of the era. Over the years the book has grown into three printed editions in 2004 and a smartphone app in 2010. And now this—a totally reworked edition of Complete Metalsmith that includes everything from the latest book plus videos, calculators and a hypertext glossary. This multi-touch book makes full use of the exciting features of 21st century publishing. It is among the first craft books to enter this arena and it has set the bar high.


Own Your Space - Alexandra Gater Cover Art

Own Your Space

Own Your Space Attainable Room-by-Room Decorating Tips for Renters and Homeowners by Alexandra Gater

DIY YouTuber Alexandra Gater shows you how to creatively, inexpensively, and beautifully decorate your space in this inviting and accessible definitive guide to décor ideas for renters and new homeowners alike. "Alexandra Gater represents a new generation of apartment therapists who are teaching people how to make a great home at any size with any budget. Her new book is an absolute gift that is not only beautiful and approachable, it's so comprehensive you'll read it, refer to it and keep it under your pillow at night." —Maxwell Ryan, founder of Apartment Therapy Have you ever wondered what to do about the “Renter Beige” walls in your apartment? Have you ever thought you’d wait to upgrade that sofa from your grandparents’ basement until you had a place of your own—and then found yourself spiraling with questions like, “Will I ever own a house?” Have you bought a new home—but now have little money left over to spruce it up? And how can you make those outdated appliances and cabinets in your kitchen look better without breaking your budget? Alexandra Gater is here to help. Through her online home decorating series, the YouTube star and décor expert has taught millions how to transform their spaces into the homes of their dreams. Whether struggling with the limits of living in a rental—how do you hang things without putting holes in the wall?—or living in a new home—how can you make that outdated backsplash work for you?—Alexandra has the answer. In Own Your Space, she offers tips and tricks covering everything from making your home smell better to essential kitchen utensils. And best of all, you get to know her better along the way. Gorgeously designed, full of practical advice, DIY, and fun anecdotes, and packed with approximately 300 four-color photographs, Own Your Space will help you turn your apartment or starter house into the place you want it to be .


Embroidery - DK Cover Art


Embroidery A Step-by-Step Guide to More Than 200 Stitches by DK

Embroidery is the ultimate stitch dictionary and the ideal guide to embroidery, whatever your level of expertise. The perfect reference guide to needlework, Embroidery is a comprehensive guide to inspire and inform sewers of all levels. Find advice on which thread, needles, or fabrics work with which techniques, and take a look at an incredible 200 stitches - with levels of difficulty, step-by-step instructions, and ideas on where and how to use them. This practical guide covers sewing tips for dressmaking, needlepoint, and embroidery stitches, with detailed information simply presented in illustration-rich pages. With Embroidery , it's easy to find exactly which stitch is right for your next sewing project. Whether you're already an expert, just starting out, or are looking for a new hobby at home, Embroidery is an informative resource for all crafters.


Knife Making: Beginner + Intermediate + Advanced Guide to Bladesmithing: Knife Making for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Bladesmiths - Wes Sander Cover Art

Knife Making: Beginner + Intermediate + Advanced Guide to Bladesmithing: Knife Making for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Bladesmiths

Knife Making: Beginner + Intermediate + Advanced Guide to Bladesmithing: Knife Making for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Bladesmiths by Wes Sander

Powerful bladesmithing techniques for beginner, intermediate, and advanced knife makers Do you want to make your first knife but don't know where to start? Does your pride in your bladesmithing skills motivate you to take them to the next level? Are you constantly inspired by popular bladesmithing TV shows, and want to improve and compare to the master bladesmiths present on them? I, Wes Sander will share the secrets of creating knives and swords that are easy to make yet strong and sharp. Note: This book has 3 manuscripts in 1 book Book 1: Bladesmithing: A Definitive Guide Towards Bladesmithing Mastery (Beginner's Guide) Book 2: Intermediate Guide to Bladesmithing: Make Knives, Swords, and Forge Damascus  (Intermediate Guide) Book 3:  Advanced Guide to Bladesmithing: Forge Pattern Welded Damascus Swords, Japanese Blades, and Make Sword Scabbards (Advanced Guide) In this book you will discover: • The most cost-effective method to make your first knife • How you can make your first sword, in just 17 steps, start to finish • The 10 step method to forging a pattern welded Damascus sword • 4 techniques that will 'reveal' the end grain texture of your Damascus knife • How to forge, assemble, heat treat, and polish a Japanese sword • The secret temperature to correctly temper your Japanese blade • The #1 high-performance steel that you should use to make knives • How to build a simple but effective forge • A simple technique, used by master bladesmiths, that will prevent your blade from shattering, even if it's your first time making a knife • The #1 solution you should use while acid etching your knife • How to set up a good working shop, without breaking the bank with expensive machinery Here are the answers to some questions you might have about this book: Q: What is this book about? A: This book is a 3-in-1 guide on how to start bladesmithing with the barest of tools, then taking your skills to the next level with the intermediate guide, and then forging advanced level blades using the advanced guide. Q: What kind of techniques will I get to learn in this book? A: In Book 1, I teach how to start bladesmithing from scratch and how to make knives in just 10 steps.  In Book 2, you are taught more advanced topics like how to make a sword, how to forge Damascus knives, Japanese bladesmithing and lost wax casting.  In Book 3, you will get to learn advanced bladesmithing techniques like stainless steel forging, Japanese bladesmithing, pattern welded Damascus forging, etching Damascus steel and more. Q: Do I need to have tools before I read this book? A: Only the bare minimum are required. The rest you can make or acquire along your journey. The book even has a step-by-step guide to making your own forge, so you don't need to start out with one. The number of ideas you can realize for your knives is directly related to your understanding of various bladesmithing techniques and the characteristics of different materials. Every day that you delay is another day that you stagnate in your growth as a bladesmith. Take action and buy this book now!


Professional Stonesetting - Alan Revere Cover Art

Professional Stonesetting

Professional Stonesetting by Alan Revere

Professional Stonesetting by Alan Revere is intended for beginners, hobbyists, craftspeople, jewelry artists and professional stonesetters. Fifteen setting projects are arranged in ascending complexity, starting with simple bezels and advancing through a variety of prong settings. These are followed by detailed information on preparing a graver including four bead-setting projects and two advanced channel setting projects. Like Revere’s companion book, Professional Jewelry Making, this book uses closeup photography and clear descriptions that bring even challenging settings within the reach any committed jeweler.


The Nerf Blaster Modification Guide - Luke Goodman Cover Art

The Nerf Blaster Modification Guide

The Nerf Blaster Modification Guide The Unofficial Handbook for Making Your Foam Arsenal Even More Awesome by Luke Goodman

T he Nerf Blaster Modification Guide  has all you need to know to create a cooler-looking Nerf Blaster with increased range, projectile speed, and firing capacity. Luke Goodman — better known on YouTube as “Out of Darts”—guides readers through the basics of Nerf's two main propulsion systems and provides simple mods that kids and their parents can make to their foam blasters. Nerf Blasters, first introduced in the 1980s, are experiencing a Renaissance! Nerf Blasters are back to being one of the hottest toys on the market and have spawned a YouTube phenomenon of DIYers showing off the modifications and tweaks they've made to their blasters. With the modifications detailed in this guide, your Nerf Blaster will not only perform better, but look cooler, too. The guide includes sci-fi, history-, and steampunk-inspired paint jobs. Every project comes with easy-to-follow instructions , which are completely illustrated with step-by-step studio photography ; so you'll never get confused. So what are you waiting for? Transform your off-the-rack Nerf Blaster into something awesome!


The Ultimate Sashiko Sourcebook - Susan Briscoe Cover Art

The Ultimate Sashiko Sourcebook

The Ultimate Sashiko Sourcebook Patterns, Projects and Inspirations by Susan Briscoe

Let an expert teach you the traditional craft of Japanese country quilting, “the perfect simple, low-cost hobby to get you off your phone” ( Slate ).   Sashiko , the traditional Japanese technique of needlework quilting, uses a simple running stitch to create beautiful patterns ideal for patchwork, quilting, and embroidery. Sashiko , pronounced shash-ko, means “stab stitch” and refers to the small running stitch that is worked to build up hundreds of distinctive decorative patterns.   This book begins by exploring the origins of the technique: to strengthen clothes and to make them warmer. The “Getting Started” section describes everything you need to begin stitching, including selecting suitable fabrics and threads, marking out patterns on the fabric, as well as the stitching technique itself. Ten project chapters show how easy it is to use sashiko patterns to make beautiful items for the home. The sashiko patterns are described in step-by-step detail in the pattern library, showing you exactly how to achieve each individual pattern with ease. Finally, a gallery of work by contemporary Japanese textile artists provides extra inspiration.   “A book I would suggest anyone getting started with sashiko would benefit from having in their library . . . Susan Briscoe writes with an obvious fondness for Japanese culture.” — The Ardent Thread


Tokyo Eatrip - Yuri Nomura, TRANSIT & euphoria factory Cover Art

Tokyo Eatrip

Tokyo Eatrip by Yuri Nomura, TRANSIT & euphoria factory

A food focused guide that will make you fall in love with Tokyo. Born and raised in Tokyo, Yuri Nomura runs “restaurant eatrip” in Harajuku. This guide is a collection of restaurants she frequents in her daily life as a food specialist. From her favorite confectionary shops to Japanese soul food eateries near the Tsukiji market, the selection is as broad as it is extensive. By introducing diverse neighborhoods such as Shibuya, Ginza, Tsukiji, Roppongi, Sangenjyaya and Nishi-Ogikuo, the book highlights some of the distinct characteristics of the city as well. With informative notes on Japanese cuisine and maps with walking guides, this book is perfect for anyone wanting to delve deeper into the city’s food culture, whether they be a first time visitor or Tokyo born and bred. - Yuri Nomura’s selection of places to eat in Tokyo / 57shops - Local maps with restaurant and shopping information / 14areas, 168 spots - The ultimate beginner’s guide to Japanese cuisine / Sushi, Soba etc.


The Minimalist Woodworker - Vic Tesolin Cover Art

The Minimalist Woodworker

The Minimalist Woodworker Essential Tools and Smart Shop Ideas for Building with Less by Vic Tesolin

To enjoy woodworking, all you need is a few essential tools, a little bit of space, and the desire to make something with your own two hands. The Minimalist Woodworker is about making woodworking clean and simple—from the tools and the workspace to the easy-to-follow instructions. Woodworking is thriving in the hands-on, DIY, maker world we currently live in. Yet, for it’s increasing popularity, there are many crafters who don’t engage in woodworking because they falsely believe you need a large workshop and a full-blown collection of tools and equipment. The Minimalist Woodworker disproves this myth. It eliminates the fears and excuses as it demystifies the craft. Written by Vic Tesolin, aka the Minimalist Woodworker, a woodworker and woodworking instructor, The Minimalist Woodworker is a stress-free approach for the hobbyist that emphasizes the destination is actually the journey. Beginning with an understanding of the minimalist mindset, The Minimalist Woodworker quickly details how to make a small space productive and outlines the most efficient tools for a woodworker. Each piece of equipment is explained and instructions on how to use are provided. Techniques for keeping them sharp and maintained are also explained. Once space and tools are covered, seven projects are presented: a saw bench and matching saw horse, a Nicholson-style workbench, a shooting board/bench hook, a shop mallet, and a small hanging cabinet. Each project not only develops woodworking skills, but also outfits the minimalist woodworker’s small shop. With step-by-step instruction, photos and illustrations, and an easy-going voice, The Minimalist Woodworker offers a stress-free point of entry into the life-long craft of woodworking.


The Jewelry Repair Manual - R. Allen Hardy Cover Art

The Jewelry Repair Manual

The Jewelry Repair Manual by R. Allen Hardy

Written for the jeweler who wishes to expand his jewelry repair department, this profusely illustrated manual will help both novices and experienced crafters. It provides clear, step-by-step instructions for cleaning and repairing jewelry and setting stones, as well as complete descriptions of the tools and equipment needed, and their proper use and care. Newcomers to the trade will find detailed explanations of such basic procedures as filing, soldering, buffing, and mounting presented in full detail. Readers will also find easy-to-follow discussions of developments in ultrasonics, steaming, electroplating, and other important techniques. With this simply written guide, jewelers will be able to perform a wide range of repair jobs on premises, enabling them to offer customers faster, better service. This will not only increase repair volume but will help sales as well. For this updated edition, Mr. Hardy has added an extensive appendix reprinting questions and his answers to them from American Horologist and Jeweler, of which he was technical editor for sixteen years, along with discussions of various salient topics.


Woodwork Step by Step - DK Cover Art

Woodwork Step by Step

Woodwork Step by Step Carpentry Techniques Made Easy by DK

Master key carpentry skills, from simple joinery techniques to fine woodworking. Includes clear, step-by-step instructions and photographs, this introduction for beginners starts with outlining safety and common equipment before leading on to basic woodworking techniques and more than 20 different types of wood joints, finishing, woodturning, and furniture restoration. Discover how to get the best out of your woodworking tools by learning how to use and maintain them; find out how to prepare the wood, and follow different construction methods and techniques. Then put your skills into practice with eight projects to make at home, including a mirror frame, a laundry hamper, and a bookcase, that are complete with detailed plans and instructions. Woodwork Step by Step is the illustrated woodworking course you need to master your carpentry skills.


Sew Step by Step - DK Cover Art

Sew Step by Step

Sew Step by Step How to use your sewing machine to make, mend, and customize by DK

Make, mend, and customize your own wardrobe with this highly photographic beginner's guide to machine sewing. Discover how to read a pattern, use a sewing machine, and sew basic stitches, seams, and hems. Explore how to put those skills to use to create, personalize, upcycle, and repurpose clothes and soft furnishings. Fully illustrated and easy to use, Sew Step by Step covers all the essential skills and techniques for successful machine sewing.


Simply Built Cabinets - Danny Proulx Cover Art

Simply Built Cabinets

Simply Built Cabinets by Danny Proulx

Yes, cabinets are those things that make up the storage in a kitchen. And they are the built-in storage spaces in your bathroom, den and other rooms. But cabinets are also free-standing storage units like bookcases. Building cabinets is really building boxes and there are simple techniques to create solid, quality cabinets that look great. Learn easy steps for making doors and drawers for your cabinets; how to make counter tops, install hardware and more.


The Mary Frances Sewing Book / Adventures Among the Thimble People - Jane Eayre Fryer Cover Art

The Mary Frances Sewing Book / Adventures Among the Thimble People

The Mary Frances Sewing Book / Adventures Among the Thimble People by Jane Eayre Fryer

This delightful book is a unique treasure for its endearing story, charming illustrations, comical characters, abundance of nostalgia, and practical instruction that introduces children to the world of sewing in a gentle and encouraging way while preserving a valuable collection of doll clothing patterns from the Edwardian and Titanic fashion era. Join Mary Frances as each item in the sewing basket comes to life, ready and eager to teach her how to sew. You will meet Sewing Bird, Tommy Pin Cushion, Scissors Shears and their friends as they lead you through a series of lessons, and a great adventure to Thimble Land, in a book that’s at its best when read aloud. Children will love the quaint language and captivating storyline alone, and by following along with the projects, they will be rewarded with hand-sewing skills and a lovely wardrobe of doll clothing. The author’s unique quarter-fold cutting method provides fewer pattern pieces, less seaming, and an easy learning curve for beginners. The projects are simple, fast, and fun. Adults and experienced seamstresses will appreciate the authentic early 1900’s patterns, and can easily adapt the instructions for machine stitchery. Modern girls can make the vintage styles look fresh through the use of up-to-date fabrics and colors. Vintage clothing pieces combined with trendy accessories will give any 21st century doll a fashionable style that is retro chic! The twenty-nine full-size doll clothing patterns include nightwear, daywear, swimwear, playwear, outerwear, fancywear, and a wedding dress. The Mary Frances Sewing Book 100th Anniversary Edition also serves as a valuable ongoing reference for fifteen basic hand-sewing and embroidery stitches that are showcased on a 20th century sampler. Black and white illustrations are included on every page, and color illustrations on the front and back covers. Woven through the sewing lessons are moral lessons that teach the importance of practice, perseverance, courtesy, sharing, and kindness while the quirky cast of characters offers plenty of comic relief.


Filet Valentine Doily Vintage Crochet Pattern - Vintage Crochet Cover Art

Filet Valentine Doily Vintage Crochet Pattern

Filet Valentine Doily Vintage Crochet Pattern by Vintage Crochet

This pattern will allow you to recreate the Filet Valentine Doily, taken from the 1960 "Lily Design Book No.201" by the Lily Mills Company Enjoy VintageCrochet


Stryker Interim Combat Vehicle - David Grummitt Cover Art

Stryker Interim Combat Vehicle

Stryker Interim Combat Vehicle The Stryker and LAV III in US and Canadian Service, 1999–2020 by David Grummitt

This illustrated modeling guide reviews the full range of kits and accessories available to model the Stryker and LAV III in all the major scales. The Stryker interim combat vehicle was a stop-gap measure, designed to help the United States project its military force in hotspots around the world. First deployed in Iraq in 2003, it has since proved itself an integral part of the US’s warfighting capability. Today the Stryker has been adapted to face the new threat of a resurgent Russia. This volume in the LandCraft series of modeling guides examines the Stryker and LAV III in US, Canadian and New Zealand service. In addition to describing the design, development, and operational history of the Stryker and LAV III, David Grummitt gives a full account of available modeling kits and accessories. Six builds are featured, covering the most important variants. Detailed color profiles provide both reference and inspiration for modelers and military enthusiasts alike.


My Pretty Brown Doll - Yolonda Jordan Cover Art

My Pretty Brown Doll

My Pretty Brown Doll Crochet Patterns for a Doll That Looks Like You by Yolonda Jordan

The first pattern book for making unique, customizable African American crochet dolls From American Girl Dolls to Barbie, there's something special about having your own doll, and even more so, having a doll that looks like you. And it’s not just about clothing; having a doll that has eyes, skin tone, and even a hairstyle to match your own is a thrill. For African American girls, this isn't the norm nor is it easy to find. Created by Yolanda Jordan,  My Pretty Brown Doll offers patterns and crochet techniques to create this charming crochet doll, with skin tone, hairstyle, eyes, and outfits that are customizable to match the young person this gift is for. Jordan’s unique aesthetic will appeal to a wide variety of crocheters, and there are endless possibilities to make this doll unique. The book covers a basic wardrobe, including pants, shirts, shoes, coats, a hat, and a scarf. But then Jordan dives into specific adventures like going to school and playing soccer, dancing ballet and traveling to Paris. There's even a mermaid and a scientist outfit, complete with lab coat. Offering African American girls the chance to have their own doll, who looks like them and can be outfitted exactly the way they want, is a gift unlike any other. It's a wonderful opportunity to deliver something special to an underserved market.


Skydyes - Mickey Lawler Cover Art


Skydyes A Visual Guide to Fabric Painting by Mickey Lawler

A veteran fiber artist shares the basics of fabric painting, including step-by-step instructions to master techniques, and a list of necessary supplies. For Mickey Lawler, the sky is never the limit! Mickey’s SKYDYES fabric is well known among quilters and fiber artists as the finest individually hand-painted cotton available. • Perfect for beginning fabric painters, as well as those who have dabbled with fabric paints • Straightforward instructions explain Mickey’s painting techniques • Easy-to-follow exercises show how to create skies, earth, seas, and gardens • Learn how to choose appropriate fabrics, paints, and applicators • Handy “Paint Color and Mixing Chart” • Includes an easy quilt project that uses fabrics you create in the exercises Praise for Skydyes “ Skydyes takes an easygoing tutorial approach to teach quilters new aspects of their craft. Known for her beautiful hand-painted cotton fabrics, Lawler here teaches the art of fabric painting to those who would rather paint their own than buy custom-painted fabric. . . . An excellent choice.” — Library Journal


Bargello - Nerrisa Pratt Cover Art


Bargello 17 Modern Needlepoint Projects for You and Your Home by Nerrisa Pratt

Master the colourful bargello stitch with 17 projects and learn how to incorporate it into your home. Starting with the basics, Nerrisa Pratt introduces you to this iconic stitch, explores its historical roots and shows you how to grow in confidence so you can build up to creating your own designs. From cushions and lampshades to plant pot covers and bags, this craft is extremely versatile and can add instant colour and texture to any interior thanks to its graphic style. Rediscover your love for needlepoint with Bargello: 17 Modern Needlepoint Projects for You and Your Home .


Advanced Jewellery CAD Modelling in Rhino - Jack Meyer Cover Art

Advanced Jewellery CAD Modelling in Rhino

Advanced Jewellery CAD Modelling in Rhino by Jack Meyer

This detailed guide is written for intermediate and experienced Rhino 3D CAD users who wish to improve their understanding of NURBS and subdivision modelling methods in Rhino 3D. It explains how 3D modelling applies to jewellery and manufacturing through a combination of step-by-step tutorials, analysis of the software techniques and demonstrations of real world case studies. Packed with essential techniques and strategies, it can be used as a self-learning tool or a classroom text to take your use of Rhino's 3D NURBS and subdivision modelling tools to a higher level. This new book gives a comprehensive and fluid strategic approach to modelling solids, surfaces and subdivision objects in Rhino. The application of jewellery manufacturing tolerances across a range of different jewellery types is covered. The essential tools and holistic strategy of Rhino's SubD organic modelling suite, and how it fits within the greater scheme of Rhino modelling is discussed. Finally, there is an overview of useful practices for creating good CAD renders using Rhino Cycles.


Beautiful Knitting Patterns for Babies - Daisy Hill Cover Art

Beautiful Knitting Patterns for Babies

Beautiful Knitting Patterns for Babies by Daisy Hill

This wonderful book features 14 vintage patterns. There are sweaters, blazers, sacques, and other brilliant patterns. All of the clothes are well-crafted, fashionable, and comfortable to wear. The instructions are easy-to-follow and they're accompanied by pictures.


Shodo - Rie Takeda Cover Art


Shodo The practice of mindfulness through the ancient art of Japanese calligraphy by Rie Takeda

This is a beautiful guide to harmonize the body and mind connection through elegant Japanese calligraphy for fans of Ikigai and Wabi Sabi. SHO 書: to write, writing, calligraphy. DO 道: the path, the way or the Tao, the path of life The ancient Japanese art of calligraphy is more than just a decorative skill; it is a revolutionary approach to mindfulness . This book is a beautiful introduction to Shodo, which shows how the movement of a brush channels energy through the body and mind, uniting both in harmony. What results on the paper is a true depiction of the present moment, a movement towards a more peaceful mindfulness. Shodo expert and professional calligrapher Rie Takeda shares the history, philosophy and craft of Shodo. Decorated throughout with her stunning art, Takeda begins with the basic brushstrokes, and builds up to drawing complete kanji, beautifully nuanced in both appearance and meaning. Introductory sections include practical information on what sort of ink, pens and brushes to use, how to prepare your space, how to sit and breathing exercises. This is alongside spiritual guidance, including the concept of Mushin (an undisturbed mind), Qi energy, and how to discover your unique inner quality. A final troubleshooting section allows you to identify what wobbles and imperfections in your lines can tell you about the various tensions and stresses in your body and mind.


How To Start Sewing - Assembil Cover Art

How To Start Sewing

How To Start Sewing The How and Why of Sewing for Fashion Design: Sewing Techniques with Matching Patterns by Assembil

Introducing the ePub version of our popular sewing book How To Start Sewing. This edition features all the content from our print edition including 630 pages of content and over 1000 images. This is a sewing book designed to suit different types of sewers who are at various stages of learning and who like to learn new skills in different ways for professional results. If you are an absolute beginner, or fashion design student preparing to go into the industry, this is like a sewing course in a book. Work your way through the exercises and learn about the how and why of sewing for garment construction with step-by-step exercises that have matching patterns. Visit the Assembil website to access the patterns that you can print at home. If you are a more experienced sewer then this is designed to be your ultimate reference book for versatile sewing techniques. Refresh your memory on a technique you haven’t used in a while, troubleshoot problems with sewing machines and overlockers, or adapt the pattern of a sewing technique from the book to create your own spin on tried and tested garment details.


Amigurumi Crochet Book : Start Crocheting Cute, Beautiful, And Adorable Animal Patterns - SHANA MAXWELL Cover Art

Amigurumi Crochet Book : Start Crocheting Cute, Beautiful, And Adorable Animal Patterns

Amigurumi Crochet Book : Start Crocheting Cute, Beautiful, And Adorable Animal Patterns by SHANA MAXWELL

Animals are so cute. Looking for an animal to crochet. Who wouldn’t love a toy made from crochet animal patterns? An animal crochet pattern would be great for an animal-themed nursery, or anyone who loves animals. Try all of the different cute versions. There are lots of different amigurumi crocheted animal patterns to choose from. Read the book and get ready to start your next project, a cute animal toy crochet pattern. This book will include: Step-by-step guide Clear picture illustrations 33 Amigurumi Animal Patterns Huge Size Amigurumi Patterns Detailed Pattern Requirements


The Martha Manual - Martha Stewart Cover Art

The Martha Manual

The Martha Manual How to Do (Almost) Everything by Martha Stewart

Essential life skills from America's most trusted lifestyle expert—together in one beautiful and practical handbook, with hundreds of ideas, instructions, and inspirations Martha Stewart is America’s go-to source for the best answers to nearly every question. As an authority on the many worlds upon which she’s built her domestic empire, she can advise on everything from creating a cutting garden and setting the table to playing classic lawn games or building a campfire. Whether it’s organizing, celebrating, cleaning, decorating, or any number of other life skills, these are the time-tested, Martha-approved strategies for frequent challenges and basic how-to knowledge that everyone should have at the ready. Also included are plenty of solutions for the not-so-common conundrums, such as how to transport a decorated cake, bathe a cat, or fold an American flag. With hundreds of expert tips and useful insights in an easy-to-follow format, this is the manual you need to learn how to do everything—the Martha way.


Aquascaping: Aquarium Landscaping Like a Pro - Moe Martin Cover Art

Aquascaping: Aquarium Landscaping Like a Pro

Aquascaping: Aquarium Landscaping Like a Pro by Moe Martin

Aquascaping is a fascinating hobby that has evolved over centuries. The idea of making an environment that supports life and is aesthetically appealing is an exciting quest for many people. Technology has evolved to support more species, in cleaner and longer lasting environments. This book will give you the facts to start your own aquarium and learn aquascaping freshwater and salt water tanks, from styles and design to set up with planting, lighting, substrate, coral, and ornaments, including live rock. You will also gain the knowledge of the nitrogen cycle and water testing for aquarium maintenance.


The Everything Soapmaking Book - Alicia Grosso Cover Art

The Everything Soapmaking Book

The Everything Soapmaking Book Learn How to Make Soap at Home with Recipes, Techniques, and Step-by-Step Instructions - Purchase the right equipment and safety gear, Master recipes for bar, facial, and liquid soaps, and Package and sell your creations by Alicia Grosso

Create beautiful, natural soaps without leaving home! Ever wonder what's really in your store-bought soap? Once you start making your own soap, you'll never have to wonder again! The Everything Soapmaking Book, 3rd Edition is a comprehensive guide to making all kinds of soap, whether you want to decorate your home or pamper your or your family's skin. Homemade soap is not only an easy project for any level craft lover, but it's beautiful, too! Completely revised and updated with information on natural and organic ingredients, this easy-to-use guide shows you how to: • Choose the right soapmaking equipment • Blend colors and aromatic scents • Create all kinds of soap, from bath soap to facial cleanser • Make soaps for holidays and special occasions You'll also learn how to beautifully package your soaps and sell them at farmers' markets, local retail outlets, and online craft sites. With these simple-to-follow recipes, stunning photographs, and expert tips and advice, you'll be a soapmaking expert in no time!


Complete Starter Guide to Whittling - Editors of Woodcarving Illustrated Cover Art

Complete Starter Guide to Whittling

Complete Starter Guide to Whittling 24 Easy Projects You Can Make in a Weekend by Editors of Woodcarving Illustrated

Start whittling today with this complete starter guide! Twelve leading woodcarvers present 24 easy whittling projects for beginners that you can make in just a weekend, complete with step-by-step instructions, how-to photographs, ready-to-carve patterns, and helpful tips. From a simple flying propeller and a 5-minute owl to more complex designs like the classic ball-in-a-cage, every project is laid out in easy, approachable steps so you can build confidence and learn how to whittle using all of the fundamental carving techniques.


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