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Raising the Bar - Brett Adams & Jacob Grier Cover Art

Raising the Bar

Raising the Bar A Bottle-by-Bottle Guide to Mixing Masterful Cocktails at Home by Brett Adams & Jacob Grier

An accessible guide to building a home bar one bottle at a time, this book gives readers tools for mixing fantastic cocktails without investing time and money in niche single-use ingredients.   There's a basic cocktail formula for building a bar that is anything but ordinary.   Spirit + Sugar + Acidity/Bitterness = Tasty Cocktail   Instead of drawing on esoteric bottles of liquor, complicated syrups, and obscure sodas, this book takes readers through the home bar bottle by bottle, ensuring that every ingredient is versatile enough to be used to the last drop.   Building on a very basic cocktail pantry, each chapter thoughtfully introduces a new bottle and explains how it opens new possibilities for cocktails. Each chapter builds on the one before, so readers never encounter recipes calling for unfamiliar spirits or ingredients. RAISING THE BAR allows readers to set their own pace and maximize the usefulness of the spirits they bring home.   This book will be a go-to reference for the home bartender that is practical enough for the day-to-day and special enough for a party. With handsome graphics and a smart focus on what's already in stock, it's what home mixologists can turn to when they want creative and delightful drinks without a bar cart full of single-use bottles.   Perfect for: Those new to cocktail making looking for accessible, easy-to-mix cocktails Cocktail and entertaining enthusiasts, Anyone wanting inspiration on how to set up a well-stocked bar at home


60-Second Cocktails - Joel Harrison & Neil Ridley Cover Art

60-Second Cocktails

60-Second Cocktails Amazing Drinks to Make at Home in a Minute by Joel Harrison & Neil Ridley

60 great cocktails that you can put together in the time it takes to open and pour a bottle of wine, from award-winning drinks writers and TV presenters Joe Harrison and Neil Ridley. Award-winning and internationally known drink writers Joe Harrison and Neil Ridley show you why making and mixing at-home cocktails doesn't have to be time consuming. Featuring sixty simple and delicious cocktail recipes across spirits—including tequila, gin, rum, whiskey, vodka, and more— 60-Second Cocktails is divided into three chapters: • No Shake, Sherlock: the easiest to make, using standard spirits and mixers. Includes a Simple Paloma, Sloe Gin & Soda, Douro Spritz, and the Berliner, made with wheat beer. • Shaker Maker: slightly more complex drinks requiring a quick shake or a stir. Includes a Bellini, a Firecracker Margarita, Wonder Mint Julep, and a new Classic Sour. • Dress to Impress: special cocktails requiring a little more prep or an unusual ingredient here and there. Includes the Best Ever Piña Colada, an Elderflower Gimlet, and the Sazerac.


Movie Night Menus - Tenaya Darlington, André Darlington & Turner Classic Movies Cover Art

Movie Night Menus

Movie Night Menus
Dinner and Drink Recipes Inspired by the Films We Love
by Tenaya Darlington, André Darlington & Turner Classic Movies

Looking for a great idea for date night or to entertain friends? Why not cue up Casablanca with some French 75s and a Moroccan-themed spread? Turner Classic Movies: Movie Night Menus spotlights thirty crowd-pleasing films from the 1930s through the '80s, paired with signatures drinks and dishes that appear in, or are inspired by, each film's setting and stars. Filled with entertaining tips and background on each film, dish, and cocktail, the book offers a unique culinary tour of movie history, including menus inspired by The Thin Man, The Philadelphia Story, Sunset Boulevard, Some Like It Hot, American Graffiti, Moonstruck , and many more. Fully illustrated with luscious food photography and evocative film stills, Movie Night Menus provides the perfect accompaniments and conversation pieces to round out a fun-filled evening.


The Joy of Mixology, Revised and Updated Edition - Gary Regan Cover Art

The Joy of Mixology, Revised and Updated Edition

The Joy of Mixology, Revised and Updated Edition The Consummate Guide to the Bartender's Craft by Gary Regan

A thoroughly updated edition of the 2003 classic that home and professional bartenders alike refer to as their cocktail bible. Gary Regan, the "most-read cocktail expert around" ( Imbibe ), has revised his original tome for the 15th anniversary with new material: many more cocktail recipes—including smart revisions to the originals—and fascinating information on the drink making revival that has popped up in the past decade, confirming once again that this is the only cocktail reference you need. A prolific writer on all things cocktails, Gary Regan and his books have been a huge influence on mixologists and bartenders in America. This brand-new edition fills in the gaps since the book first published, incorporating Regan's special insight on the cocktail revolution from 2000 to the present and a complete overhaul of the recipe section. With Regan's renowned system for categorizing drinks helps bartenders not only to remember drink recipes but also to invent their own, The Joy of Mixology, Revised and Updated Edition is the original drinks book for both professionals and amateurs alike.


Bourbon Empire - Reid Mitenbuler Cover Art

Bourbon Empire

Bourbon Empire The Past and Future of America's Whiskey by Reid Mitenbuler

How bourbon came to be, and why it’s experiencing such a revival today   Unraveling the many myths and misconceptions surrounding America’s most iconic spirit, Bourbon Empire traces a history that spans frontier rebellion, Gilded Age corruption, and the magic of Madison Avenue. Whiskey has profoundly influenced America’s political, economic, and cultural destiny, just as those same factors have inspired the evolution and unique flavor of the whiskey itself.   Taking readers behind the curtain of an enchanting—and sometimes exasperating—industry, the work of writer Reid Mitenbuler crackles with attitude and commentary about taste, choice, and history. Few products better embody the United States, or American business, than bourbon.   A tale of innovation, success, downfall, and resurrection, Bourbon Empire is an exploration of the spirit in all its unique forms, creating an indelible portrait of both bourbon and the people who make it.


Mezcal - Emma Janzen Cover Art


The History, Craft & Cocktails of the World's Ultimate Artisanal Spirit
by Emma Janzen

In Mezcal , 2022 James Beard Award–winning author Emma Janzen explores what sets this cousin of tequila apart from the rest of the pack. *Nominated for the 2018 James Beard Foundation Book Award in the Beverage category* Produced in Mexico for centuries but little known elsewhere until recent years, mezcal has captured the imagination of spirits enthusiasts with its astonishing complexities . And while big liquor is beginning to jump aboard the bandwagon, most mezcal is still artisanal in nature, produced using small-batch techniques handed down for generations , often with agave plants harvested in the wild. Join author Emma Janzen as she presents an engaging primer on all things mezcal that includes: Mezcal’s long and captivating history in Mexican culture The craft of distilling mezcal, from growing and harvesting the agave to roasting and grinding it, all the way to distilling and aging A thorough guide to many of the most common agaves used in production and how they shape the resulting spirit A selection of nearly 50 cocktails that accentuate mezcal’s distinguishing qualities, contributed by top mezcal bars across the United States and Mexico With lush photography , an elegant design featuring a foil-debossed cover , and authoritative yet enthralling text , Mezcal is the definitive guide to exploring and unraveling the mysteries of this extraordinary handcrafted spirit.


Mocktails - Caroline Hwang Cover Art


Mocktails by Caroline Hwang

This visually-driven cookbook features fabulous mocktails to satisfy any taste, occasion, or season. The 80+ drinks are based on fruits, herbs, spices, syrups—fresh ingredients and bright flavors like ginger, citrus, turmeric, berries, hibiscus, persimmon, coconut, mint, and matcha—and span refreshing options like coolers, spritzes, and juices to warming punches, toddies, and teas. Learn the building blocks of crafting a perfect drink, from the essential tools—including the shakers and strainers found in any home bar—and unique and customizable made-from-scratch simple syrups, shrubs, purees, sugars, and salts. A visual guide to mocktail necessities distills the key components to choose from to build a stellar drink: the base; some sweetness; fruits & vegetables; fresh herbs & flowers; acid; dried spices & flowers; teas & coffee; garnishes, and ice. Beautiful color photography showcases the ingredients and elements of each drink, along with the luscious finished concoction.


2023 Certified Specialist of Spirits Study Guide - Jane Nickles Cover Art

2023 Certified Specialist of Spirits Study Guide

2023 Certified Specialist of Spirits Study Guide by Jane Nickles

An educational resource published by the Society of Wine Educators. Intended for use by candidates preparing to take the 2023 Certified Specialist of Spirits (CSS) Exam. This study guide is published by the Society of Wine Educators and is, along with the accompanying workbook, the official study material published and approved by the Society of Wine Educators for its Certified Specialist of Spirits Exam.


The Search for God and Guinness - Stephen Mansfield Cover Art

The Search for God and Guinness

The Search for God and Guinness A Biography of the Beer that Changed the World by Stephen Mansfield

The history of Guinness, one of the world's most famous brands, reveals the noble heights and generosity of a great family and an innovative business. The history began in Ireland during the late 1700s when the water in Ireland as well as throughout Europe was famously undrinkable, and the gin and whiskey that took its place was devastating civil society. It was a disease ridden, starvation plagued, alcoholic age, and Christians like Arthur Guinness, as well as monks and evangelical churches, brewed beer that provided a healthier alternative to the poisonous waters and liquors of the times. This is where the Guinness tale began. Now, 246 years and 150 countries later, Guinness is a global brand and one of the most consumed beverages in the world. The tale that unfolds during those two and a half centuries has power to thrill audiences today including: the generational drama, business adventure, industrial and social reforms, deep-felt faith, and the beer itself. The Search for God and Guinness is an amazing, true story of how the Guinness family used its wealth and influence to touch millions during a dark age.


How to Make Coffee - Lani Kingston Cover Art

How to Make Coffee

How to Make Coffee
The Science Behind the Bean
by Lani Kingston

For the coffee geek in all of us: the definitive guide to all the major coffee-making methods, and which beans, roast, and grind are best for each of them.   To make any old cup of coffee, you simply need a pot, heat, ground coffee, and water. But you’re not just anyone. You are a coffee aficionado, a determined, fearless seeker of the best java. And this is the guide for you. How to Make Coffee provides an in-depth look at the art and science behind the bean. Learn the anatomy of coffee; the chemistry of caffeine; the best way to roast, grind, and brew the beans to their peak flavor; and what gadgets you really need (versus what gadgets are for mere coffee dilettantes). With illustrated, step-by-step instructions, How to Make Coffee is for the person who doesn’t want to settle for anything less than the perfect cup.


The Ultimate Bar Book - Mittie Hellmich Cover Art

The Ultimate Bar Book

The Ultimate Bar Book The Comprehensive Guide to Over 1,000 Cocktails by Mittie Hellmich

The Ultimate Bar Book — The bartender's bible and a James Beard nominee for the best Wine and Spirit book, 2008 The cocktail book for your home: The Ultimate Bar Book is an indispensable guide to classic cocktails and new drink recipes. Loaded with essential-to-know topics such as barware, tools, and mixing tips. Classic cocktails and new drinks: As the mistress of mixology, the author Mittie Hellmich has the classics down for the Martini, the Bloody Mary—and the many variations such as the Dirty Martini and the Virgin Mary. And then there are all the creative new elixirs the author brings to the table, like the Tasmanian Twister Cocktail or the Citron Sparkler. Illustrated secrets of classic cocktails and more: Illustrations show precisely what type of glass should be used for each drink. With dozens of recipes for garnishes, rims, infusions, and syrups; punches, gelatin shooters, hot drinks, and non-alcoholic beverages; and let's not forget an essential selection of hangover remedies, The Ultimate Bar Book is nothing short of top-shelf. If you liked PTD Cocktail Book, 12 Bottle Bar and The Joy of Mixology, you'll love The Ultimate Bar Book


Wine Folly: Magnum Edition - Madeline Puckette & Justin Hammack Cover Art

Wine Folly: Magnum Edition

Wine Folly: Magnum Edition The Master Guide by Madeline Puckette & Justin Hammack

JAMES BEARD AWARD WINNER The expanded wine guide from the creators of Wine Folly, packed with new information for devotees and newbies alike. Wine Folly became a sensation for its inventive, easy-to-digest approach to learning about wine. Now in a new, expanded hardcover edition, Wine Folly: Magnum Edition is the perfect guide for anyone looking to take his or her wine knowledge to the next level. Wine Folly: Magnum Edition includes: more than 100 grapes and wines color-coded by style so you can easily find new wines you'll love;a wine region explorer with detailed maps of the top wine regions, as well as up-and-coming areas such as Greece and Hungary;wine labeling and classification 101 for wine countries such as France, Italy, Spain, Germany, and Austria;an expanded food and wine pairing section;a primer on acidity and tannin--so you can taste wine like a pro;more essential tips to help you cut through the complexity of the wine world and become an expert. Wine Folly: Magnum Edition is the must-have book for the millions of fans of Wine Folly and for any budding oenophile who wants to boost his or her wine knowledge in a practical and fun way. It's the ultimate gift for any wine lover.


Bartending For Dummies - Ray Foley & Jackie Wilson Foley Cover Art

Bartending For Dummies

Bartending For Dummies by Ray Foley & Jackie Wilson Foley

Make drinks like a master mixologist with 1,000 recipes Bartenders are the life of the party—and it’s never been easier to prepare and serve drinks that keep partygoers coming back for more! Whether you want to break into professional bartending or up your ante as a home mixologist, this clear, easy-to-follow guide has you covered. With tips on stocking your bar and working with the right tools and garnishes, as well as information on the latest liquor trends and popular new cocktails, it won’t be long before you hear, “Bartender, may I have another?” Concoct the perfect timeless and modern drinks Learn how to create perfect low and no-alcohol options Replicate everyone’s favorite ready-to-drink cocktails Stock your bar with the best glasses and tools If you’re looking for fresh ideas to keep your friends or customers happy, Bartending For Dummies is the perfect how-to resource for making a splash with great drinks.


Death & Co - David Kaplan, Nick Fauchald & Alex Day Cover Art

Death & Co

Death & Co Modern Classic Cocktails, with More than 500 Recipes by David Kaplan, Nick Fauchald & Alex Day

The definitive guide to the contemporary craft cocktail movement, from one of the highest-profile, most critically lauded, and influential bars in the world.   Death & Co is the most important, influential, and oft-imitated bar to emerge from the contemporary craft cocktail movement. Since its opening in 2006, Death & Co has been a must-visit destination for serious drinkers and cocktail enthusiasts, and the winner of every major industry award—including America’s Best Cocktail Bar and Best Cocktail Menu at the Tales of the Cocktail convention. Boasting a supremely talented and creative bar staff—the best in the industry—Death & Co is also the birthplace of some of the modern era’s most iconic drinks, such as the Oaxaca Old-Fashioned, Naked and Famous, and the Conference.  Destined to become a definitive reference on craft cocktails,  Death & Co  features more than 500 of the bar’s most innovative and sought-after cocktails. But more than just a collection of recipes,  Death & Co  is also a complete cocktail education, with information on the theory and philosophy of drink making, a complete guide to buying and using spirits, and step-by-step instructions for mastering key bartending techniques. Filled with beautiful, evocative photography; illustrative charts and infographics; and colorful essays about the characters who fill the bar each night;  Death & Co —like its namesake bar—is bold, elegant, and setting the pace for mixologists around the world.


How to Distill - Aaron Hyde Cover Art

How to Distill

How to Distill A Complete Guide from Still Design and Fermentation through Distilling and Aging Spirits by Aaron Hyde

Learn the surprisingly straightforward process of home distilling with detailed instructions and step-by-step photos. Whether you’re looking for accessible information on how to make your first moonshine, gin, bourbon, brandy, or other spirit or you’re a home distiller who wants to learn more and perfect your craft , How to Distill is the resource you need. In this book, certified industry expert and knowledgeable home distiller Aaron Hyde lays out the how and why of all the key processes, starting at the mash and fermentation , through distilling , and ending with additional information on aging and blending spirits . You’ll find: An Overview of Distilling and the Process: The fundamentals of distillation, concise distillation theory, still design, distilled products, and ingredients are all covered. Pre-Distillation: Move on to learn about the fermentation process, making your own wash from sugar or cereal mashing grain. Distilling: The main event! A robust section on distilling covers modern distillation techniques, the distillation process, key decisions during distillation, process control, collection, and further distillation runs. Post-Distillation: Work your way through flavor development and control, polishing spirit, the aging process, quality considerations, blending, and packaging considerations. Recipes: Whether you're interested in making bourbon whiskey, scotch whisky, gin, rum, or vodka, you’ll find an easy-to-follow recipe. With reliable, tested processes throughout , this is the new standard for distilling. By the end of the book, you’ll understand how to distill an array of different spirits and will have created something you will be proud to drink and share. 


The Sommelier's Atlas of Taste - Rajat Parr & Jordan Mackay Cover Art

The Sommelier's Atlas of Taste

The Sommelier's Atlas of Taste A Field Guide to the Great Wines of Europe by Rajat Parr & Jordan Mackay

Winner of the prestigious André Simon Drink Book Award The first definitive reference book to describe, region-by-region, how the great wines of Europe should taste. This will be the go-to guide for aspiring sommeliers, wine aficionados who want to improve their blind tasting skills, and amateur enthusiasts looking for a straightforward and visceral way to understand and describe wine. In this seminal addition to the wine canon, noted experts Rajat Parr and Jordan Mackay share everything they've learned in their decades of tasting wine. The result is the most in-depth study of the world's greatest wine regions ever published. There are books that describe the geography of wine regions. And there are books that describe the way basic wines and grapes should taste. But there are no books that describe the intricacies of the way wines from various subregions, soils, and appellations should taste. Now, for the first time ever, you can learn about the differences between wines from the 7 grand crus and 40 premier crus of Chablis, or the terroirs in Barolo, Champagne, and Bordeaux. Paying attention to styles, winemakers, soils, and the most cutting-edge of trends, this book explains how to understand the wines of the world not in the classical way, but in the modern way--appellation by appellation, soil by soil, technique by technique--making it an essential reference and instant classic.


Zero Proof - Elva Ramirez Cover Art

Zero Proof

Zero Proof 90 Non-Alcoholic Recipes for Mindful Drinking by Elva Ramirez

90 spirit-free cocktail recipes from leading and lauded mixologists across the country More than 100 years after Prohibition was enacted, bartenders are actually excited about people not drinking again. From Dry January and alcohol-free bars opening around the country to people interested in abstaining from drinking for better health, the no-proof movement is one of today's fastest-growing lifestyle choices, as consumers become more mindful and re-examine their relationship to alcohol. The no-proof drinker could be anyone, and even traditional bars have taken note with no-alcohol offerings. What do the world's most talented bartenders concoct when they can't use booze? This book answers that question with 90 lush and sophisticated recipes that take the craft to new heights. Veteran reporter Elva Ramirez interviewed the biggest names in cocktails and collected recipes for vibrant no-proof drinks from the world's top bars in Paris, London, and New York. This is the start of a new era in no-proof drinking. Find recipes from renowned bars all over the world, including Death & Co in Denver and NYC, Employees Only, The Aviary NYC, Broken Shaker in LA, Everleaf Drinks in London, Little Red Door in Paris, and many more. 


Italian Wine For Dummies ®, Mini Edition - Edward McCarthy & Mary Ewing-Mulligan Cover Art

Italian Wine For Dummies ®, Mini Edition

Italian Wine For Dummies ®, Mini Edition by Edward McCarthy & Mary Ewing-Mulligan

Includes wine picks for every region of Italy Italian wine is so much more than Chianti! Discover wonderful wine produced throughout Italy — from Barolo to Montepulciano to up-and-coming Super Tuscans — in this uniquely accessible, entertaining guide. Open the book and find: Discover the types of grapes used in popular wines Great wine bargains The differences among the major whites and the major reds How to match Italian wine with foods Open the book and find: Discover the types of grapes used in popular wines Great wine bargains The differences among the major whites and the major reds How to match Italian wine with foods


The New French Wine - Jon Bonne Cover Art

The New French Wine

The New French Wine Redefining the World's Greatest Wine Culture by Jon Bonne

The first definitive guide to contemporary French wines and producers, from a two-time James Beard Award winner   This comprehensive and authoritative resource takes readers on a tour through every wine region of France, featuring some 800 producers and more than 7,000 wines, plus evocative photography and maps, as well as the incisive narrative and compelling storytelling that has earned Jon Bonné accolades and legions of fans in the wine world. Built upon eight years of research, The New French Wine is a one-of-a-kind exploration of the world’s most popular wine region. First, examine the land through a thoroughly reported narrative overview of each region—the soil and geography, the distinctive traditions and contemporary changes. Then turn to a comprehensive reference guide to the producers and their wines, similarly detailed by region. From Burgundy to Bordeaux and everywhere in between, this is sure to be the resource on modern French wine for decades to come.


Home Winemaking For Dummies - Tim Patterson Cover Art

Home Winemaking For Dummies

Home Winemaking For Dummies by Tim Patterson

An informative, fun guide to making your own wine It's estimated that one million North Americans make their own wine. Relatively inexpensive to make (a homemade bottle costs from $2 to $4), a bottle with your own label (and grapes) is a fantasy even someone with modest aspirations can fulfill. Author Tim Patterson, an award-winning home winemaker, shows how it's possible for anyone to create a great wine. In Home Winemaking For Dummies , he discusses the art of winemaking from grape to bottle, including how to get the best grapes (and figure out how many you need); determine what equipment is required; select the right yeast and figure out if any other additives are needed; and store, age, and test wine. With detailed tips on creating many varieties -- from bold reds and demure whites to enchanting rosés and delightful sparkling wines -- this guide is your ultimate winemaking resource.


Nutribullet Recipe Book: Over 130 Delicious 5 Minute Energy Smoothie Recipes Anyone Can Do!Nutribullet Natural Healing Foods Including Smoothies for Runners, Healthy Breakfast Ideas And MORE - Gladys Perry Cover Art

Nutribullet Recipe Book: Over 130 Delicious 5 Minute Energy Smoothie Recipes Anyone Can Do!Nutribullet Natural Healing Foods Including Smoothies for Runners, Healthy Breakfast Ideas And MORE

Nutribullet Recipe Book: Over 130 Delicious 5 Minute Energy Smoothie Recipes Anyone Can Do!Nutribullet Natural Healing Foods Including Smoothies for Runners, Healthy Breakfast Ideas And MORE by Gladys Perry

Nutribullet Recipe Book: Over 130 Alphabetical 5 Minute Energy Smoothie Recipes Anyone Can Do! Nutribullet Natural Healing Foods Including Smoothies for Runners, Healthy Breakfast Ideas, Smoothies for Diabetics AND MORE All Around Recipes, Not Just for Nutribullet! In this book, is something to satisfy even the pickiest of taste buds. You are sure to find something that you will absolutely love. These recipes are perfect for athletes or those just on the go. These recipes will give you the power you need to take on your day, full steam ahead, and hopefully still have energy in reserve. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a quick healthy breakfast smoothie or a revitalizing shake to replenish you after a workout. These smoothies were especially made just for you. If you are crunched for time, this book will be all the “smoothie recipe book” you need. It has more than enough recipes to keep you interested and busy for quite some time to come! However, these recipes were designed to be quick and easy and not take up much of your time at all. You should be enjoying your luscious smoothie in under 3 minutes! I hope you enjoy these recipes as much as I do. - Recipes with a Clickable Table Of Contents. So you can get to your favorite smoothies FAST.  - Smoothies for Runners and Other Athletes - Smoothies for Busy People and Hard Workers - Includes recipes with Nutribullet Natural Healing Foods - Healthy Breakfast Smoothies to Start Your Day Off with a Blast - Quick Healthy Breakfast Ideas - Fruit Smoothie Recipes - Green Smoothie Recipes AND EVEN - Dessert Smoothie Recipes - And More!


The Food Lover's Guide to Wine - Andrew Dornenburg & Karen Page Cover Art

The Food Lover's Guide to Wine

The Food Lover's Guide to Wine by Andrew Dornenburg & Karen Page

A wine book unlike any other, The Food Lover's Guide to Wine offers a fresh perspective via the single aspect of wine most compelling to food lovers: flavor. At the heart of this indispensable reference, formatted like the authors' two previous bestsellers The Flavor Bible and What to Drink with What You Eat , is an encyclopedic A-to-Z guide profiling hundreds of different wines by their essential characteristics-from body and intensity to distinguishing flavors, from suggested serving temperatures and ideal food pairings to recommended producers (including many iconic examples). The book provides illuminating insights from dozens of America's best sommeliers via informative sidebars, charts and boxes, which complement the book's gorgeous four-color photography. Another groundbreaking work from two of the ultimate culinary insiders, this instant classic is the perfect gift book.


Shrubs: An Old-Fashioned Drink for Modern Times (Second Edition) - Michael Dietsch Cover Art

Shrubs: An Old-Fashioned Drink for Modern Times (Second Edition)

Shrubs: An Old-Fashioned Drink for Modern Times (Second Edition) by Michael Dietsch

A beautiful revised edition, with foreword by Paul Clarke, and 10 new recipes. "A shrub is exactly what the people who invented the phrase 'slake your thirst' had in mind.  A shrub is full of character and variety. The ingredients—fruit, sugar, and vinegar—are as simple as can be. But the variations are seemingly unlimited. It has another superpower: A strong shrub game can help you make the most of bruised or aging summer fruit." –The New York Times, in an article featuring Shrubs Michael Dietsch took the mixology community by storm when he brought back a popular drink from colonial times, the shrub. Not the green, leafy kind that grow in the ground, but a vintage drink mixer that can be spiked with alcohol or prepared as a soda. Drinkers, bartenders, and the media embraced the book. This new edition features a foreword by Paul Clarke, the Executive Editor of Imbibe magazine and author of The Cocktail Chronicles. Here is the definitive guide to making and using shrubs. 


Kevin Zraly Windows on the World Complete Wine Course - Kevin Zraly Cover Art

Kevin Zraly Windows on the World Complete Wine Course

Kevin Zraly Windows on the World Complete Wine Course Revised, Updated & Expanded Edition by Kevin Zraly

“When it comes to beginners’ wine guides, Windows on the World Complete Wine Course is one of the perennial best.” — Wall Street Journal   With more than three million copies sold, this perennial bestseller by James Beard Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Kevin Zraly is the definitive guide to understanding and appreciating wine.   Kevin Zraly, America’s ultimate wine educator, demystifies every aspect of choosing, tasting, and enjoying wine. From the renowned reds of Bordeaux and California to the trail-blazing whites of Washington State and New Zealand, this essential volume features maps of each region, lush photographs, a wealth of infographics, best value bottles for each country, hundreds of labels to help you find the right wines, and guided tastings. It also includes the latest vintages to savor, comprehensive notes on food pairings, and answers to frequently asked questions. This revised and expanded edition features new classes on South America, Australia, and New Zealand, sparkling wine, and fortified wine as well as information on cutting-edge trends (rosé, Prosecco) and emerging wine regions, including Sicily and China. The Windows on the World Complete Wine Course gives you all the tools you need to discover and enjoy the best wines for you.


The Essential Cocktail Book - Megan Krigbaum & Editors of Punch Cover Art

The Essential Cocktail Book

The Essential Cocktail Book A Complete Guide to Modern Drinks with 150 Recipes by Megan Krigbaum & Editors of Punch

An indispensable atlas of the best cocktail recipes—each fully photographed—for classic and modern drinks, whether shaken, stirred, up, or on the rocks. How do you create the perfect daiquiri? In what type of glass should you serve a whiskey sour? What exactly is an aperitif cocktail? A compendium for both home and professional bartenders, The Essential Cocktail Book answers all of these questions and more—through recipes, lore and techniques for 150 drinks, both modern and classic.


Bitters and Shrub Syrup Cocktails - Warren Bobrow Cover Art

Bitters and Shrub Syrup Cocktails

Bitters and Shrub Syrup Cocktails Restorative Vintage Cocktails, Mocktails, and Elixirs by Warren Bobrow

So simple to create at home, Bitters and Shrub Syrups will add an incredible depth of flavor to any beverage. Historically, cocktail bitters, drinking vinegars, and even infused syrups were originally used for curing sickness with high concentrations of beneficial (healing) herbs and flowers. The slight alcohol base of bitters kept the often-fragile ingredients from rotting in the age before refrigeration. Bitters in the modern cocktail bar are embraced as concentrated and sophisticated flavor agents, although they are still used in holistic healing by herbalists. Shrubs add both tart and sweet notes to a craft cocktail or mocktail. They sate your hunger and quench your thirst, while stimulating digestion and good health of the gut. The Cocktail Whisperer, Warren Bobrow, has been using bitters and shrubs in his quest for added zest in many of his craft cocktails, adding depth and mystery to a generic mixed drink. Bitters and Shrub Syrup Cocktails will send your taste buds back in time with 75 traditional and newly-created recipes for medicinally-themed drinks. Learn the fascinating history of apothecary bitters, healing herbs, flowers, fruits, vegetables, and vinegars that are making a comeback in cocktail and non-alcoholic recipes. If you love vintage cocktails, you'll surely enjoy this guide to mixing delicious elixirs.


The Coffee Dictionary - Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood Cover Art

The Coffee Dictionary

The Coffee Dictionary by Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood

An illustrated A-to-Z guide to coffee terms, techniques, beans, equipment, and more, from a champion barista. Here is the ultimate Arabica to Zambia guide to all things coffee. This informative dictionary covers everything that goes into brewing the perfect cup. There’s something new to learn on every page! More than two hundred entries, colorfully illustrated with artwork throughout, expertly explain everything from terms and techniques to beans and roasts to equipment and methods. Newbies and connoisseurs alike will while away the hours “pouring” over the amazing amount of information in this essential reference—a delicious brew for coffee lovers.


Italian Wines 2022 - AA.VV Cover Art

Italian Wines 2022

Italian Wines 2022 by AA.VV

Now in its 25th edition, Italian Wines 2022 is the English-language version of Gambero Rosso's Vini d'Italia 2022. More complete than ever, the guide reviews 2,634 wineries and a total of 25,400 wines, awarding the classic scores ranging from 0 to 3 Glasses according to the quality of the label. 476 wines received our experts' highest rating this year. This is a fundamental and essential volume for all those who work in the sector or are interested in quality Italian wines.


Juke Joints, Jazz Clubs, and Juice: A Cocktail Recipe Book - Toni Tipton-Martin Cover Art

Juke Joints, Jazz Clubs, and Juice: A Cocktail Recipe Book

Juke Joints, Jazz Clubs, and Juice: A Cocktail Recipe Book Cocktails from Two Centuries of African American Cookbooks by Toni Tipton-Martin

Discover the fascinating history of Black mixology and its enduring influence on American cocktail culture through 70 rediscovered, modernized, or celebrated recipes, by the James Beard Award–winning author of Jubilee . Juke Joints, Jazz Clubs, and Juice spotlights the creativity, hospitality, and excellence of Black drinking culture, with classic and modern recipes inspired by formulas found in two centuries’ worth of Black cookbooks. From traditional tipples, such as the Absinthe Frappe or the Clover Leaf Cocktail , to new favorites, like the Jerk-Spiced Bloody Mary and the Gin and Juice 3.0 , Toni Tipton-Martin shares a variety of recipes that shine a light on her influences, including underheralded early-twentieth-century icons, like Tom Bullock, Julian Anderson, and Atholene Peyton, and modern superstars, such as Snoop Dogg and T-Pain. Drawing on her expertise, research in historic cookbooks, and personal collection of texts and letters, Toni Tipton-Martin shows how these drinks have evolved over time and shares the stories of how Black mixology came to be—a culmination of generations of practice, skill, intelligence, and taste.


Bartending Basics: A Complete Beginner's ... - Thomas Morrell Cover Art

Bartending Basics: A Complete Beginner's ...

Bartending Basics: A Complete Beginner's ... by Thomas Morrell

Bartending is a great career path. You can work in resorts, casinos, cruise ships, tropical islands and many other fun and exotic places. You can go just about anywhere in the world and find a job working as a bartender and make good money. This book will help you unlock the door that leads to a rewarding and profitable future. Inside this book you will find lots of information on beer, wine, distilled spirits, mixing drinks, maximizing tips, working in bar, being a professional, responsible bartending, customer service, tools and terminology and finding a bartending job. The author has spent over thirteen years in the industry and has filled this book with relevant information and time tested tips and tricks. This book can help you start your bartending career.


Apéritif - Rebekah Peppler Cover Art


Apéritif Cocktail Hour the French Way: A Recipe Book by Rebekah Peppler

JAMES BEARD AWARD FINALIST • NAMED ONE OF THE BEST COOKBOOKS OF THE YEAR BY FOOD NETWORK Grab a light drink and a bite, and enjoy cocktail hour, the French way. For the French, the fleeting interlude between a long workday and the evening meal to come is not meant to be hectic or crazed. Instead, that time is a much needed chance to pause, take a breath, and reset with light drinks and snacks. Whether it's a quick affair before dashing out the door to your favorite Parisian bistro or a lead-up to a more lavish party,  Apéritif  is about kicking off the night, rousing the appetite, and doing so with the carefree spirit of connection and conviviality.  Apéritif  celebrates that easygoing lifestyle with simple yet stylish recipes for both classic and modern French apéritif-style cocktails, along with French-inspired bites and hors d'oeuvres.  Keeping true to the apéritif tradition, you'll find cocktail recipes that use lighter, low-alcohol spirits, fortified wines, and bitter liqueurs. The impressive drinks have influences from both Old World and New, but are always low fuss and served barely embellished—an easy feat to pull off for the relaxed host at home.  Apéritif  also offers recipes for equally breezy bites, such as Radishes with Poppy Butter, Gougères, Ratatouille Dip, and Buckwheat-Sel Gris Crackers. For evenings that are all about ease and approachability without sacrificing style or flavor,  Apéritif  makes drinking and entertaining at home as effortless, fun, and effervescent as the offerings themselves   Praise for  Apéritif “With a dram of humor, Ms. Peppler provides a primer with the history and uses of various apéritifs.” — The New York Times,  “19 Best Cookbooks of Fall 2018”   “With witty and honest prose and stunning photography, this book is one to keep out on the coffee table (or bar cart).” — Food & Wine , “Best Cocktail Books of Fall 2018” “Step aside, Italian aperitivo. This book moves over into the equally stylish and luxurious territory of the French cocktail hour, providing recipes for classic and contemporary before-dinner French cocktails, along with light bites.” — Epicurious


The Bartender's Manifesto - Toby Maloney, Emma Janzen & The Bartenders of The Violet Hour Cover Art

The Bartender's Manifesto

The Bartender's Manifesto How to Think, Drink, and Create Cocktails Like a Pro by Toby Maloney, Emma Janzen & The Bartenders of The Violet Hour

JAMES BEARD AWARD WINNER • Offering a foundational approach to cocktails, this manual from a James Beard Award-winning trailblazer will have you understanding and creating original drinks like a seasoned barkeep. Take a raucous romp through the essential stages of fashioning cocktails and learn the hows and whys of bartending with acclaimed mixologist Toby Maloney and the team from The Violet Hour. When the pioneering cocktail bar opened in Chicago in 2007, it set a high standard with an innovative training program that teaches not just how to replicate classic cocktail recipes flawlessly, but how to embrace ingenuity, make smart decisions, and create original, inspired recipes from rote. Like cooks who can peer into their pantry and whip up dinner on the fly, no recipe needed, those who follow the methods in The Bartender's Manifesto will have the technical foundation and confidence to take their cocktail skills to the next level and fabricate a drink from any ingredients at hand.   First, dive deep into the mechanics of creating cocktails with the right balance, texture, aroma, and temperature. From there, Toby goes well beyond the fine-tuned mechanics of the craft, covering how to kickstart the creative process and bring professional-level complexity and sophistication to drinks. Additional essays offer insider intel on how to offer top-notch hospitality (at the bar and at home), find comfort in the everyday rituals of the craft, and spark surprise and curiosity in the process. With detailed insights into The Violet Hour’s greatest recipes, expert tips from bar alumni, and helpful step-by-step illustrations and photographs, readers will come away with a deeper understanding of what makes the bar’s training program so legendary, plus the superpower of creating imaginative cocktails that reflect their personal style and creativity.


Magnolia Table, Volume 2 - Joanna Gaines Cover Art

Magnolia Table, Volume 2

Magnolia Table, Volume 2 A Collection of Recipes for Gathering by Joanna Gaines

From breakfast to dinner, plus breads, soups, and sides, Joanna Gaines' Magnolia Table, Volume 2 gives readers abundant reasons to gather together—an instant #1 New York Times bestseller! Following the launch of her #1 New York Times bestselling cookbook, Magnolia Table, and seeing her family’s own sacred dishes being served at other families’ tables across the country, Joanna Gaines gained a deeper commitment to the value of food being shared. This insight inspired Joanna to get back in the kitchen and start from scratch, pushing herself beyond her comfort zone to develop new recipes for her family, and yours, to gather around. Magnolia Table, Volume 2 is filled with 145 new recipes from her own home that she shares with husband Chip and their five kids, and from the couple’s restaurant, Magnolia Table; Silos Baking Co; and new coffee shop, Magnolia Press. The book is beautifully photographed and filled with dishes you’ll want to bring into your own home, including: Mushroom-Gruyére QuichePumpkin Cream Cheese BreadGrilled Bruschetta ChickenZucchini-Squash StrataChicken-Pecan-Asparagus CasseroleStuffed Pork LoinLemon-Lavender TartMagnolia Press Chocolate Cake


Adventures on the Wine Route - Kermit Lynch Cover Art

Adventures on the Wine Route

Adventures on the Wine Route A Wine Buyer's Tour of France (25th Anniversary Edition) by Kermit Lynch

When Adventures on the Wine Route was first published, Victor Hazan said, "In Kermit Lynch's small, true, delightful book there is more understanding about what wine really is than in everything else I have read." A quarter century later, this remarkable journey of wine, travel, and taste remains an essential volume for wine lovers. In 2007, Eric Asimov, in The New York Times , called it "one of the finest American books on wine," and in 2012, The Wall Street Journal pro-claimed that it "may be the best book on the wine business." Praise for Kermit Lynch and for Adventures on the Wine Route has not ceased since the book’s initial publication a quarter century ago. The Wall Street Journal proclaimed it “the best book on the wine business.” Full of vivid portraits of French vintners, memorable evocations of the French countryside, and, of course, vibrant descriptions of French wines, this new edition of Adventures on the Wine Route updates a modern classic for our times.


Speakeasy - Jason Kosmas & Dushan Zaric Cover Art


Speakeasy The Employees Only Guide to Classic Cocktails Reimagined [A Cocktail Recipe Book] by Jason Kosmas & Dushan Zaric

Time-honored cocktails like the New York Sour and the Sidecar were born during the era of Prohibition, the blessedly bygone social experiment that turned drinking into an underground adventure. In those days, hard beverage options were usually made with homemade hooch and flavorings of dubious origin and quality.       Thankfully, a cocktail renaissance has emerged in many of today’s bars, where inventive drinks showcase both the artistry and craft of bartending. At their moody and atmospheric West Village bar-restaurant Employees Only, master mixologists Jason Kosmas and Dushan Zaric can regale you with colorful tales of cocktail origins—or just pour you a mean drink. In Speakeasy , Kosmas and Zaric take their inspiration from traditional favorites, then use the finest spirits, the freshest ingredients, and a good measure of reverence for their craft to elevate the mixed drink to artisanal status.  More than 80 imaginative libations that riff on the classics are showcased in this one-of-a-kind collection. Recipes emphasize fresh fruits and herbs, homemade syrups and infusions, and a careful balancing of flavors, with a mind toward seasonality. A Ginger Smash is offered in four different versions: kumquat, pineapple, pear, or cranberry, depending on the time of year. The Millionaire becomes the Billionaire with the addition of homemade grenadine and 107-proof bourbon. And the South Side becomes the West Side by replacing the gin with sun-kissed Meyer lemon–infused vodka. With the specter of Prohibition firmly in the past, Speakeasy shares recipes for the choicest potent potables, reimagining the finest drinks of yesterday for today’s thirsty imbibers.


Drinking French - David Lebovitz Cover Art

Drinking French

Drinking French The Iconic Cocktails, Apéritifs, and Café Traditions of France, with 160 Recipes by David Lebovitz

TALES OF THE COCKTAIL SPIRITED AWARD® WINNER • IACP AWARD FINALIST • The New York Times bestselling author of My Paris Kitchen serves up more than 160 recipes for trendy cocktails, quintessential apéritifs, café favorites, complementary snacks, and more . Bestselling cookbook author, memoirist, and popular blogger David Lebovitz delves into the drinking culture of France in Drinking French . This beautifully photographed collection features 160 recipes for everything from coffee, hot chocolate, and tea to Kir and regional apéritifs, classic and modern cocktails from the hottest Paris bars, and creative infusions using fresh fruit and French liqueurs. And because the French can't imagine drinking without having something to eat alongside, David includes crispy, salty snacks to serve with your concoctions. Each recipe is accompanied by David's witty and informative stories about the ins and outs of life in France, as well as photographs taken on location in Paris and beyond. Whether you have a trip to France booked and want to know what and where to drink, or just want to infuse your next get-together with a little French flair, this rich and revealing guide will make you the toast of the town.


The Best Craft Cocktails & Bartending with Flair - Jeremy LeBlanc & Christine Dionese Cover Art

The Best Craft Cocktails & Bartending with Flair

The Best Craft Cocktails & Bartending with Flair An Incredible Collection of Extraordinary Drinks by Jeremy LeBlanc & Christine Dionese

Hand-Crafted, Delicious Cocktail Recipes From One of the Best Bartenders in the World Jeremy LeBlanc, lead bartender at a bar praised by Conde Nast as one of the top 10 roof top bars in the world, is sharing his signature techniques and one-of a kind recipes that define exceptional bartending. Now, with this bartending guide, experts and beginners alike will keep their friends and customers entertained, satisfied and always coming back for more of these meticulously created cocktails. The Best Craft Cocktails & Bartending With Flair features hand-crafted cocktail recipes like the Whiskey Pig, which features bacon-washed whiskey, the twist on a classic, the Rhubarb Mojito, and the refreshing berry cocktail, Smithey's Smash. With chapters dedicated to aperitifs, classics with a twist, exotic cocktails, refreshers and punches, there is truly a drink for every person and every occasion that features fresh ingredients and homemade, wholefood mixes and syrups. Whether you are looking to become head bartender, break into the business, or simply impress a few friends at home, this one-stop guide is all you'll need to master the craft with style and ease.


The Gentleman's Companion - Charles Henry Baker ( Cover Art

The Gentleman's Companion

The Gentleman's Companion Being an Exotic Drinking Book Or, Around the World with Jigger, Beaker and Flask by Charles Henry Baker (

ONE COMFORTABLE fact gleaned from travel in far countries was that regardless of race, creed or inner metabolisms, mankind has always created varying forms of stimulant liquid—each after his own kind. Prohibitions and nations and kings depart, but origin of such pleasant fluid finds constant source.  Fermentation and the art of distilling liquors over heat became good form about the time our hairy forefathers began sketching mastodon and sabretooth tiger on their cave foyers. Elixir of fruit juice, crushed root and golden honey date back to the dawn of time and far beyond the written word, to when the old gods were young and stalked abroad upon business with goddesses, when Pan piped the dark forest aisles and Centaurs pawed belly deep in fern.  The Phoenicians, the Pharaohs, the first agrarian Chinese, all ancient races on earth buried jars of wine or spirits with their dead alongside the money and food and weapons and wives, so the departed might find reasonable comfort and happiness in the hereafter.  Go to Africa and the poorest Kaffir cheers life with—and for all of us he can have it—warm millet beer. We just returned from Mexico and can affirm that our Yucatecan most certainly ripped the bud out of his Agave Americana and drank the fermented pulque—a fluid which tastes faintly like mildewed donkeys—centuries before Montezuma’s parents journeyed southward to the Valley of Cortez. We found additional evidence after three voyages to Zamboanga in Philippine Mindanao—where the monkeys have no tails—that the more agile Moro shinnied up his cocopalm and slashed the flower bud with his bolo; caught the saccharine drip—and an astounding menagerie of assorted squirt-ants—in a fermentation joint of bamboo, long before the Spanish Inquisition or Admiral Dewey steamed into Manila Bay.  In Samoa the loveliest tribal virgin chews the kava root for the ceremonial bowl when your yacht sails into her lagoon, and the resultant fluid furnishes a sure ticket to amiable paralysis of the lower limbs. China and Japan have for centuries had their rice wine and saki. The Russian made his vodka from cereals, the blond Saxon his honey mead, the Hawaiian his okolehao from roots or fruits. We’ve been often to the Holy Land and have flown across to Transjordania and the rose-red city of Petra, and can bear witness that those grapes Moses the Lawgiver found in the Promised Land weren’t all of a type suitable for raisins.  To any reasonable mind this past and present testimony of mankind through the ages would indicate that some sort of fluid routine will continue for many centuries to come. With adventurers like Marco Polo, Columbus, Tavernier and Magellan, there was a vast national introduction and interchange of beverages. For better or worse both conquistador and native sampled, discarded or adapted an incredible addition of liquid blends and formulae.  Through rigour or amiability of climate, through physical, racial and psychological characteristics of the individuals themselves, from the cocoon of this pristine field work there emerged an equally incredible list of drinks—mixed or otherwise—which for one reason or another have stood the test of time and taste and gradually have become set in form. They have become traditional, accepted in ethical social intercourse. And it is with the more civilized family of these that we are concerned in this volume; not the pulques and warm mealie beer or fermented Thibetan yak milk.


A Lime and a Shaker - Tad Carducci & Paul Tanguay Cover Art

A Lime and a Shaker

A Lime and a Shaker Discovering Mexican-Inspired Cocktails by Tad Carducci & Paul Tanguay

A delicious collection of vibrant mezcal- and tequila-based recipes from renowned drinks experts The Tippling Bros.   With over fifty years of combined experience in the beverage industry, the authors of this book have put together 72 exciting recipes that go way beyond the classic margarita to celebrate Mexico’s cocktail culture.   Included are traditional, craft, and spicy drinks such as the Blood-Orange-Cinnamon Margarita, San Fresa Frizz, and Smokey Pablo. The authors also cover the history of tequila, explain the difference between different tequilas, and offer bonus recipes for aguas frescas, syrups, salts, and some of their favorite Mexican dishes. With color photos throughout, this is the must-have book on the subject, perfect for home cooks, bartenders, and those who just want to know more about tequila and mezcal.   “ A Lime and a Shaker showcases the full spectrum of flavors you can achieve when mixing with agave spirits.” —Jim Meehan, author of The PDT Cocktail Book


Cure - Neal Bodenheimer, Emily Timberlake & Denny Culbert Cover Art


Cure New Orleans Drinks and How to Mix 'Em from the Award-Winning Bar by Neal Bodenheimer, Emily Timberlake & Denny Culbert

From the foremost figure on the New Orleans' drinking scene and the owner of renowned bar Cure, a cocktail book that celebrates the vibrant city New Orleans is known for its spirit(s)-driven festivities. Neal Bodenheimer and coauthor Emily Timberlake tell the city’s story through 100 cocktails, each chosen to represent New Orleans’ past, present, and future. A love letter to New Orleans and the cast of characters that have had a hand in making the city so singular, Cure: New Orleans Drinks and How to Mix 'Em  features interviews with local figures such as Ian Neville, musician and New Orleans funk royalty, plus a few tips on how to survive your first Mardi Gras. Along the way, the reader is taken on a journey that highlights the rich history and complexity of the city and the drinks it inspired, as well as the techniques and practices that Cure has perfected in their mission to build forward rather than just looking back. Of course, this includes the classics every self-respecting drinker should know, especially if you’re a New Orleanian: the Sazerac, Julep, Vieux Carré, Ramos Gin Fizz, Cocktail à la Louisiane, and French 75. Famous local chefs have contributed easy recipes for snacks with local flavor, perfect for pairing with these libations.  Cure: New Orleans Drinks and How to Mix 'Em​ is a beautiful keepsake for anyone who has fallen under New Orleans’s spell and a must-have souvenir for the millions of people who visit the city each year.   


Cocktail Codex - Alex Day, Nick Fauchald & David Kaplan Cover Art

Cocktail Codex

Cocktail Codex Fundamentals, Formulas, Evolutions [A Cocktail Recipe Book] by Alex Day, Nick Fauchald & David Kaplan

From the authors of the bestselling and genre-defining cocktail book  Death & Co ,  Cocktail Codex  is a comprehensive primer on the craft of mixing drinks that employs the authors’ unique “root cocktails” approach to give drink-makers of every level the tools to understand, execute, and improvise both classic and original cocktails. JAMES BEARD AWARD WINNER • WINNER OF THE TALES OF THE COCKTAIL SPIRITED AWARD® FOR BEST NEW COCKTAIL OR BARTENDING BOOK • NAMED ONE OF THE BEST COOKBOOKS OF THE YEAR BY CHICAGO TRIBUNE “There are only six cocktails.” So say Alex Day, Nick Fauchald, and David Kaplan, the visionaries behind the seminal craft cocktail bar Death & Co. In  Cocktail Codex , these experts reveal for the first time their surprisingly simple approach to mastering cocktails: the “root recipes,” six easily identifiable (and memorizable!) templates that encompass  all  cocktails: the old-fashioned, martini, daiquiri, sidecar, whisky highball, and flip. Once you understand the hows and whys of each “family,” you'll understand why some cocktails work and others don't, when to shake and when to stir, what you can omit and what you can substitute when you're missing ingredients, why you like the drinks you do, and what sorts of drinks you should turn to—or invent—if you want to try something new.   Praise for Cocktail Codex   “Learn the template, and any cocktail you can think of is within reach.” — Food & Wine “Too bad all college textbooks weren’t this much fun.” — Garden & Gun “A must for amateur and pro mixologists alike.” — Chicago Tribune   “If Dora the Explorer turned twenty-one, split herself into three people, and decided to write the Magna Carta of booze books, this would be the result. And, unlike every other book you’ll read this year, Cocktail Codex is packed with actual knowledge you can use in the real world. Please, please, can Cinema Codex be next?” —Steven Soderbergh, filmmaker


Wine For Dummies ®, Mini Edition - Edward McCarthy & Mary Ewing-Mulligan Cover Art

Wine For Dummies ®, Mini Edition

Wine For Dummies ®, Mini Edition by Edward McCarthy & Mary Ewing-Mulligan

An overview on tasting wine and understanding the lingo This friendly guide cuts through the snobbery sometimes associated with wine and tells you what you need to know in down-to-earch language. With straightforward information on grape varieties and wines they produce, you'll be sipping and serving wine like a pro! Open the book and find: When to serve red, white, or both How to remove a cork without making a mess Advice on the proper way to sniff wine like an expert Words to describe how wine tastes


The Craft of the Cocktail - Dale DeGroff Cover Art

The Craft of the Cocktail

The Craft of the Cocktail Everything You Need to Know to Be a Master Bartender, with 500 Recipes by Dale DeGroff

The first real cookbook for cocktails, featuring 500 recipes from the world's premier mixologist, Dale DeGroff. Covering the entire breadth of this rich subject, The Craft of the Cocktail provides much more than merely the same old recipes: it delves into history, personalities, and anecdotes; it shows you how to set up a bar, master important techniques, and use tools correctly; and it delivers unique concoctions, many featuring DeGroff’s signature use of fresh juices, as well as all the classics. It begins with the history of spirits, how they’re made (but without too much boring science), the development of the mixed drink, and the culture it created, all drawn from DeGroff’s vast library of vintage cocktail books. Then on to stocking the essential bar, choosing the right tools and ingredients, and mastering key techniques—the same information that DeGroff shares with the bartenders he trains in seminars and through his videos. And then the meat of the matter: 500 recipes, including everything from tried-and-true classics to of-the-moment originals. Throughout are rich stories, vintage recipes, fast facts, and other entertaining asides. Beautiful color photographs and a striking design round out the cookbook approach to this subject, highlighting the difference between an under-the-bar handbook and a stylish, full-blown treatment. The Craft of the Cocktail is that treatment, destined to become the bible of the bar.


How to make the best coffee at home - James Hoffmann Cover Art

How to make the best coffee at home

How to make the best coffee at home The Sunday Times bestseller by James Hoffmann

We all expect to be able to buy an excellent cup of coffee from the many brilliant coffee shops available. But what about the coffee we make at home? Shouldn't that be just as good? Coffee guru James Hoffmann runs Square Mile Coffee, as well as creating extremely informative, and popular, kit and coffee reviews for his YouTube and Instagram channels. In his latest book he demonstrates everything you need to know to make consistently excellent coffee at home, including: what kit is worth buying, and what isn't; how to grind coffee; the basics of brewing for all major equipment (cafetiere, aeropress, stovetop etc); understanding coffee drinks, from the cortado to latte; the perfect espresso; and taking it to the next level - home roasting.


The Complete Book of Mixed Drinks - Anthony Dias Blue Cover Art

The Complete Book of Mixed Drinks

The Complete Book of Mixed Drinks Over 1,000 Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Cocktails by Anthony Dias Blue

With more than 100 new recipes for cocktails, mixed drinks, and nonalcoholic beverages, this revised edition of Anthony Dias Blue's classic guide fills us in on what we need to know: How to stock a bar, listing alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages by probable frequency of use.Bar and cocktail definitions -- learn the difference between a julep and a smash, a toddy and a flip.Calorie charts, mixology tips, and illustrated descriptions of glasses. Organized by spirit, each chapter is introduced by an accessible and eloquent essay. Discover more than 1,000 recipes for cocktails, categorized by Classics, Creative Concoctions, Signature Drinks, and Tropical Drinks -- everything from the popular Martini and the Coco Loco to Trader Vic's West Indies Punch, a Midori Sour, and a Velvet Hammer. Whether entertaining, bartending, or simply relaxing with a favorite drink, this is the must-have bar book.


The Book of Cocktail Ratios - Michael Ruhlman & Marcella Kriebel Cover Art

The Book of Cocktail Ratios

The Book of Cocktail Ratios The Surprising Simplicity of Classic Cocktails by Michael Ruhlman & Marcella Kriebel

New York Times bestselling author Michael Ruhlman applies the principles of his innovative book Ratio— about the relationships of ingredients to each other—in this delightful back-to-basics cocktail book, sharing the simple recipes and fundamental techniques that make for delicious and satisfying libations. Did you know that a Gimlet, a Daiquiri, and a Bee’s Knees are the same cocktail? As are a Cosmopolitan, a Margarita, and a Sidecar. When hosting a party wouldn’t you enjoy saying to your guests, “Would you care for a Boulevardier, perhaps, or a Negroni?” These, too, are the same cocktail, substituting one ingredient for another. Or if you’d like to be able to shake up a batch of whiskey sours for a party of eight in fewer than two minutes, then read on. As Michael Ruhlman explains, our most popular cocktails are really ratios—proportions of one ingredient relative to the others. Organized around five of our best-known, beloved, classic families of cocktails, each category follows a simple ratio from which myriad variations can be built: The Manhattan, The Gimlet, The Margarita, The Negroni, and the most debated cocktail ever, The Martini. A practical reference of cocktail classics, a source of inspiration for putting a new spin on the usual gin and tonic, and an affable tribute to the pleasures of the cocktail hour, The Book of Cocktail Ratios shows you how to serve up delectable drinks in no time. Cheers!


The Concise Guide to Wine and Blind Tasting: Volume 1 - Neel Burton Cover Art

The Concise Guide to Wine and Blind Tasting: Volume 1

The Concise Guide to Wine and Blind Tasting: Volume 1 by Neel Burton

Winner of a Best in the World Gourmand Award This title, now in two volumes, and fully updated, is for all those seeking to acquire a deep and systematic appreciation and understanding of wine, whether for exams, work, or pleasure. It outlines a simple yet robust framework for analyzing wine as objectively as possible, and provides all the background knowledge that you need to interpret your findings, covering everything from grape varieties and vineyard management to winemaking techniques and the world's most important wine styles. It seeks throughout to examine in what ways a particular wine is unique and different from other, similar wines. For example, why and in what ways is Pauillac, in Bordeaux, different from Pomerol, also in Bordeaux? Why and in what ways is Mosel Riesling different from Riesling from the Rheingau, or the Nahe, or Alsace, Austria, or Australia? This book is dedicated to all wine lovers, and should prove particularly useful to amateur and competitive blind tasters, students on higher-level wine courses, sommeliers, and anyone else who buys, sells, or recommends wine. Praise for previous editions A comprehensive education in wine.   —The Times Literary Supplement A rigorous, highly focused, well-honed bootcamp manual (Bible might be a better word) for the likes of WSET diploma students, MW students, Master Sommelier students, and anyone else who thinks that blind tasting competitions are a riot.   —Tamlyn Currin for A book that will be of benefit to anyone taking a Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) course in the coming years.  —Paul O'Doherty for Splendid, concise, up-to-date, comprehensive and accurate.   —Clive Coates MW, author of The Wines of Burgundy Delightful yet sophisticated.   —Konstantinos Lazarakis MW, author of The Wines of Greece About the author Dr Neel Burton FRSA is a psychiatrist, philosopher, and wine-lover who lives and teaches in Oxford, England. He is a Fellow of Green-Templeton College in the University of Oxford, and the winner of several book prizes including, the feather in his cap, a Best in the World Gourmand Award. When he is not reading or writing, or imbibing, he enjoys cooking, gardening, learning languages, visiting museums and gardens, and travelling, most of all to sunny wine regions. Contents, Volume 1 Part I: Foundations and Blind Tasting 1. The philosophy of wine 2. The history of wine 3. Principles of viticulture 4. Principles of winemaking 5. The art and science of blind tasting Part II: France and Sparkling Wines 6. Alsace 7. Burgundy 8. The Rhône 9. Bordeaux 10. The Loire 11. Other notable French regions and appellations 12. Champagne and sparkling wine


Milkshakes Recipes: The Greatest Milkshakes Recipes That Fit Your Lifestyle And Diet - Alexander Hockema Cover Art

Milkshakes Recipes: The Greatest Milkshakes Recipes That Fit Your Lifestyle And Diet

Milkshakes Recipes: The Greatest Milkshakes Recipes That Fit Your Lifestyle And Diet by Alexander Hockema

The book shares customary and further developed milkshake sharing plans. In this book, the writer acquaints you with a few better forms of the exemplary milkshakes, yet additionally a few extremely conventional and rich, delightful, tasty milkshakes. . Through this book, you can pick the milkshakes that best suit your way of life and diet.


Whole 30 Smoothies Recipe Book: A Beginners Guide to Whole 30 for Weight Loss - Dr. Emma Tyler Cover Art

Whole 30 Smoothies Recipe Book: A Beginners Guide to Whole 30 for Weight Loss

Whole 30 Smoothies Recipe Book: A Beginners Guide to Whole 30 for Weight Loss by Dr. Emma Tyler

In her new Whole 30 cookbook, Whole 30 Smoothies Recipe Book: A Beginners Guide to Whole 30 Smoothies for Weight Loss, Dr. Emma Tyler provides a wealth of information on how making and drinking, nutritious, Whole 30 friendly smoothies can help anyone lose additional body weight and improve their overall health and fitness.   Inside her new Whole 30 smoothie recipe book, Emma will teach you about the following:   The Basics of the Whole 30 Diet. What is a Whole 30 Smoothie? The Difference Between Smoothies, Shakes and Juices. Different Types of Smoothies. Types of Blenders for Making Whole 30 Smoothies. The Health Benefits of Drinking Whole 30 Smoothies. How to Create Homemade Whole 30 Smoothies. A Selection of Simple & Delicious Whole 30 Smoothie Recipes.   Plus so much more...   Let Emma help you take control of your weight and show you how simply consuming just one, delicious homemade, nutritious Whole 30 smoothie a day can help you to lose excess body fat, including stubborn belly-fat in as little as just 2 weeks.


World Atlas of Wine 8th Edition - Hugh Johnson & Jancis Robinson Cover Art

World Atlas of Wine 8th Edition

World Atlas of Wine 8th Edition by Hugh Johnson & Jancis Robinson

"The most useful single volume on wine ever published... If I owned only one wine book, it would be this one." - Andrew Jefford, Decanter Few wine books can be called classic, but the first edition of The World Atlas of Wine made publishing history when it appeared in 1971. It is recognized by critics as the essential and most authoritative wine reference work available. This eighth edition will bring readers, both old and new, up to date with the world of wine. To reflect all the changes in the global wine scene over the past six years, the Atlas has grown in size to include over 300 pages and 200 superb maps. The text has been given a complete overhaul to address the topics of most vital interest to today's wine-growers and drinkers. With beautiful photography throughout, Hugh Johnson and Jancis Robinson, the world's most respected wine-writing duo, have once again joined forces to create a classic that no wine lover can afford to be without. Contents Includes... Introduction The Ancient World and Middle Ages The Evolution of Modern Wine Grape Varieties Temperature and Sunlight The Changing Climate Terroir Creating a Vineyard How to Make Wine Oak and its uses Stoppering Wine Labels Tasting and Discussing Wine The World of Wine France Italy Spain Portugal Germany Austria Hungary Greece North America South America Australia New Zealand South Africa Asia And Much More! "The World Atlas of Wine is the single most important reference book on the shelf of any wine student." - Eric Asimov, New York Times 'Simply superb work... buy it if you like wine at all.' - Victoria Moore, Telegraph "Like a good bottle of wine, you'll find yourself going back to it again and again... Perfect for anyone who has a thirst for greater wine knowledge." - Edward Deitch, NBC/ "The World Atlas of Wine belongs on your shelf... The essential rootstock of any true wine lover's library. A multi-layered snapshot of wine and how it has evolved." - Dave McIntyre, Washington Post


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