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The Big Book of Organic Baby Food - Stephanie Middleberg MS, RD, CDN Cover Art

The Big Book of Organic Baby Food

The Big Book of Organic Baby Food Baby Purées, Finger Foods, and Toddler Meals For Every Stage by Stephanie Middleberg MS, RD, CDN

ORGANIC YUMMINESS FOR ALL YOUR BABY’S STAGES. This baby food cookbook is the one that does it all. Natural, organic, and irresistible recipes take your baby from infant to toddler and beyond. Ideas for purees, smoothies, finger foods, and meals abound. To top it off, you get nutritious, crave-worthy recipes to satisfy both your little one and your big ones. From Sweet Potato Puree to Pumpkin Smoothies to Maple-Glazed Salmon with Roasted Green Beans, The Big Book of Organic Baby Food offers over 230 healthy and wholesome recipes. This baby food cookbook will serve you for years. A baby food cookbook and more, The Big Book of Organic Baby Food contains: Ages and Stages—Each chapter covers developmental changes and FAQs to inform your nutritional decisions.Purees, Smoothies, Finger Food—Choose from more than 115 puree recipes and over 40 smoothie and finger food ideas.Family Fare—With 70+ recipes that will please all palates, this baby food cookbook goes way beyond baby food. The Big Book of Organic Baby Food is the only baby food cookbook to feed the growing needs and tastes of your entire family.


One Pan, Two Plates: Vegetarian Suppers - Carla Snyder Cover Art

One Pan, Two Plates: Vegetarian Suppers

One Pan, Two Plates: Vegetarian Suppers More Than 70 Weeknight Meals for Two by Carla Snyder

More and more people are making the shift to a vegetable-centric diet. Yet, in a two-person household it can be challenging to find quick, easy, and satisfying recipes to cook up at the end of a busy workday (especially without leftovers). This follow-up to the successful One Pan, Two Plates provides 70 perfectly sized vegetarian entrées—think Butternut Risotto, Gnocchi with Wild Mushrooms and Edamame, and Eggplant Rollatini—all requiring only one pan and one hour or less to prepare. With beverage pairings for each recipe and an "Extra hungry?" feature for heartier appetites, each dish is one that home cooks will make again and again.


Healthy Pasta - Joseph Bastianich & Tanya Bastianich Manuali Cover Art

Healthy Pasta

Healthy Pasta The Sexy, Skinny, and Smart Way to Eat Your Favorite Food: A Cookbook by Joseph Bastianich & Tanya Bastianich Manuali

From the children of bestselling Italian cookbook writer Lidia Bastianich—a wonderfully informative, easy-to-use cookbook with 100 recipes, all under 500 calories, that provide simple ways to make pasta an integral part of a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle, even if you’re gluten-free. Having grown up with Lidia Bastianich as their mother, Tanya and Joe Bastianich are no strangers to great-tasting Italian cooking. Today, the siblings both have illustrious careers in the culinary world—writing cookbooks, running restaurants, hosting television shows—and yet they are still faced with the question that many of us encounter in the kitchen every day: how can we enjoy the pasta that we crave in a healthy and satisfying way?    Here, the brother and sister have paired up to give us that answer in 100 recipes, each under 500 calories per serving, that are as good for you as they are delectable. Do not be fooled: this is not a diet book. There are no tricks and no punishing regimens—it is just a simple guide to enjoying more of the food you love in ways that are good for you.  Using ingredients and cooking methods that maximize taste but minimize fat content, Joe and Tanya will teach you what different grains mean to your diet, how to pair particular grains with sauces, why better-quality pasta is healthier for you, the health benefits of cooking pasta al dente, and how to reduce fat and calories in your sauces.  The recipes consist of regular, whole-grain, and gluten-free pastas, including classics like Spaghetti with Turkey Meatballs and Linguine with Shrimp and Lemon, as well as new combinations like Gnocchi with Lentils, Onions, and Spinach; Bucatini with Broccoli Walnut Pesto; Summer Couscous Salad with Crunchy Vegetables; Spaghetti and Onion Frittata; and many more. All under 500 calories! This book will revolutionize the way you think about pasta. Buon appetito!


Edibles - Stephanie Hua Cover Art


Edibles Small Bites for the Modern Cannabis Kitchen by Stephanie Hua

Bring a new herb into your kitchen with this tasty unique collection of recipes for bite-sized, low-dose sweet and savory cannabis edibles. This cookbook ventures boldly beyond pot brownies with delicious and unique baked confections as well as innovative savory treats. Designed for bakers and cooks of all skill levels, Edibles: Small Bites for the Modern Cannabis Kitchen includes simple recipes like spiced superfood truffles and roasted beet hummus, alongside more advanced recipes like artisanal marshmallows and Gruyére & green garlic gougéres—all brought to life with vibrant photography. Complete with instructions for creating master ingredients such as canna butters, oils, honey, and maple syrup, as well as information on dosage and portions and the science of cannabis, this cookbook slash baking book gives cannabis newbies and connoisseurs alike the info they need to create an easy, safe, and delicious edibles experience. • A DIY recipe book for beginner and advanced cannabis bakers • Contains detailed information on correct dosage and portions • Provides tips, tricks and tools of the trade Author Stephanie Hua is the founder and chief confectioner of the popular gourmet edibles line, Mellows , and co-author Coreen Carroll is a winner on the Netflix television series Cooked with Cannabis , executive chef, and cofounder a dining pop-up, Cannaisseur Series , which hosts curated cannabis and culinary experiences, events, and workshops. Those who like The Easy Cannabis Cookbook: 60+ Medical Marijuana Recipes for Sweet and Savory Edibles, Bong Appétit: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Weed , and Marijuana Edibles: 40 Easy and Delicious Cannabis-Infused Desserts and other cannabis cookbooks will want to add Edibles to their collection. • Delightful addition to any foodie's book shelf • Thoughtful gift for anyone who enjoys cooking, baking, and eating edibles • Cannabis-curious cookbook collectors will appreciate these unique recipes


The Science of Spice - Dr. Stuart Farrimond Cover Art

The Science of Spice

The Science of Spice Understand Flavor Connections and Revolutionize Your Cooking by Dr. Stuart Farrimond

Calling all spice fans, adventurers, and curious cooks: explore the world's spices, create your own spice blends, and take your cooking to the next level. Spice is a cookbook like no other--one that will help you better understand the science behind the art of cooking with spices. If you've ever wondered what to do with that unused jar of sumac, why some spices taste stronger than others, how to make your own garam masala, or simply which are the best spices for chicken, this inspirational guide has all the answers. Spice outlines the science behind the flavors and helps you choose, with greater confidence and intuition, how to use spices that perfectly complement each other. A "periodic table" of spices shows the connections between flavor compounds, and explains how spices can be grouped into distinct flavor families. Flavor maps explore the key regions of the spice world, including Southeast Asia, the Middle East, the Americas, and the Indian subcontinent, and show the spice palettes of individual countries and cuisines. Spice profiles--organized by flavor groups such as "pungent," "sweet," or "nutty"--showcase each of the world's spices and suggest food pairings, spice pairings, blend ideas, and how to cook each spice to best release its flavor and aroma. Finally, spicy recipes for blends, butters, rubs, and pastes showcase authentic spice mixes from around the world, and suggest innovative combinations that you might never have considered before. Spice is an indispensable kitchen companion that home cooks will turn to time and time again to learn and innovate.


Mark Bittman's Kitchen Matrix - Mark Bittman Cover Art

Mark Bittman's Kitchen Matrix

Mark Bittman's Kitchen Matrix More Than 700 Simple Recipes and Techniques to Mix and Match for Endless Possibilities: A Cookbook by Mark Bittman

Bestselling author Mark Bittman anthologizes his popular Matrix series in a boldly graphic new cookbook featuring 400 recipes that emphasize creativity, improvisation, and simplicity as the keys to varied cooking. For years, Mark Bittman has shared his formulas, recipes, and kitchen improvisations in his popular New York Times Eat column, in which an ingredient or essential technique is presented in different variations in a bold matrix. Accompanied by striking photographs and brief, straightforward instructions, these thematic matrices show how simple changes in preparation and ingredient swaps in a master recipe can yield dishes that are each completely different from the original, and equally delicious. In Mark Bittman’s Kitchen Matrix , Mark’s matrices come together to create a collection of over 400 flexible recipes covering vegetables, fruits, meats and chicken, and even desserts. Whether you're cooking up soup (creamy, brothy, earthy, or hearty), freezing ice pops (in fruity, savory, creamy, or boozy varieties), or preparing asparagus (steamed, roasted, stir-fried, or grilled) , following Mark’s approach to culinary improvisation will deliver stand-out results.


The Ultimate SPAM Cookbook - The Hormel Kitchen Cover Art

The Ultimate SPAM Cookbook

The Ultimate SPAM Cookbook 100+ Quick and Delicious Recipes from Traditional to Gourmet by The Hormel Kitchen

In 1937, the first SPAM® product came off the production line. Since then, it has won the hearts of soldiers, celebrities, chefs, presidents, kids, and parents – and is now sold in 44 countries around the world. Finally, The Ultimate S PAM® Cookbook  is here, filled with more than 100 unique and elevated recipes for breakfast, appetizers, main courses, and snacks, all starring this key ingredient. From gyros and Hawaiian pizza to BBQ sliders, enchilada breakfast casseroles, pho, and so much more, each recipe is easy, quick, and delicious. Including official Hormel recipes and those contributed by  Chopped  champion Georgeann Leaming,  Food Network  guests Beth Esposito and Christian Gill, award-winning TV show host Martin Yan of  Yan Can Cook , founder of  The Candid Appetite  Jonathan Melendez, Junzi Kitchen chef Lucas Sin, publisher of  Food & Beverage Magazine  Michael Politz, head chefs, restaurant owners, and other renowned industry leaders, this cookbook presents the little blue can in a whole new light! Also included is a foreword written by executive managing editor at  Rachael Ray Every Day  magazine and founding editor-in-chief of the award-winning magazine  RVLiving , Tara Cox.


Cheese, Illustrated - Rory Stamp Cover Art

Cheese, Illustrated

Cheese, Illustrated Notes, Pairings, and Boards by Rory Stamp

A true celebration of cheese, this illustrated book features 50 cheeses from around the world, along with interesting tidbits, tips for enjoying them, and ways to create unique cheese plates for any palate. This delightful love letter to cheese is a delicious companion for any cheese lover and covers everything from favorite standbys (Brie, Cheddar, Gouda) to European delicacies (Manchego, Tallegio, and Tomme de Savoie). Each of the 50 cheeses is accompanied by a sophisticated illustration along with history, tasting notes, and pairing suggestions. Cheese, Illustrated also includes plenty of cheese plate suggestions from around the world, with helpful tips for creating delicious boards featuring a variety of cheese styles. Whether you're looking for a special cheese to savor, several options to share with friends, or just a new way to enjoy one of the world's most perfect foods, this book is just the thing – alongside a cheese knife, of course. CHEESE IS FOREVER: A perennial favorite, cheese is both a comfort food and a way to try new things. It's a favorite snack, a staple for easy meals, a treat to enjoy just for yourself, or a bite to share with others. This book celebrates all kinds of cheeses, from the well-loved to the almost unknown, and offers plenty of delicious ways to enjoy them for years to come. MAKES A STATEMENT: Whether it's displayed on a coffee table next to a candle and some comfy throws, propped up next to a cheese board shared with friends, or arranged with other cookbooks on a shelf, this beautifully illustrated book is just as fun to look at as it is to read. EVERYONE LOVES CHEESE: There's a reason cheese is one of the most popular foods in the world, and this book embraces the timeless appeal that cheese offers to everyone, from the mac and cheese lover to the cultured blue cheese enthusiast. With 50 cheeses to learn about and enjoy, plus cheese boards and pairing suggestions to try and share, there's something here for every palate. Perfect for: cheese lovers of all ages; people looking for a sweet hostess, birthday, or holiday gift for a cheese fanatic; fans of cook's illustrated-style food illustration


The Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant Cookbook - Sandy Ingber & Roy Finamore Cover Art

The Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant Cookbook

The Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant Cookbook Recipes & Tales from a Classic American Restaurant by Sandy Ingber & Roy Finamore

“A big, handsome book full of wonderful photographs, nostalgic tales and enticing recipes—some dating back to the restaurant’s opening 100 years ago.” — The Miami Herald   Situated in midtown Manhattan’s beautiful, bustling train station, Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant stands in a class by itself. From its unique position in the Terminal’s lower level, with the famous Whispering Gallery at its entrance, waiters have been serving up platters of the freshest seafood for over a century.   Here are more than 100 of the restaurant’s best-loved classic recipes—some dating back to its opening in 1913—along with behind-the-scenes stories, historical anecdotes, and a wealth of expert information on buying, cooking, and serving fish. Featured throughout are vintage images and ephemera, along with gorgeous photos of mouthwatering favorites from raw bar to buffet.   With recipes that have stood the test of time, The Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant Cookbook is a must-have for seafood lovers and fans of this famous New York City landmark.


Nutritious Delicious - America's Test Kitchen Cover Art

Nutritious Delicious

Nutritious Delicious Turbocharge Your Favorite Recipes with 50 Everyday Superfoods by America's Test Kitchen

Whip up nutrient-dense versions of your favorite dishes using 50 healthy ingredients you probably already have—like sweet potatoes, oats, salmon, and other common superfoods Who isn’t drawn to making healthier choices in the foods we eat, whether opting for dark leafy greens or whole grains? But cooking with these foods can leave us feeling like we must choose between eating healthy and eating what we want—and let’s be honest: sneaking some florets of broccoli into macaroni and cheese is not going to transform anyone’s diet.   In Nutritious Delicious , America’s Test Kitchen digs deeper into using nature’s powerhouse ingredients to update the nutritional framework of our favorite dishes, rigorously testing with an eye to getting great flavor while minimizing reliance on butter, refined flour, and sugar. The resulting collection of recipes—such as Blueberry-Oatmeal Pancakes, MLT (Mushroom, Lettuce, and Tomato) Sandwiches, Salmon Tacos with Super Slaw, and Butternut Squash Polenta—represents a new way to think about ingredients that everyone can relate to.


The Book of Cheese - Liz Thorpe Cover Art

The Book of Cheese

The Book of Cheese The Essential Guide to Discovering Cheeses You'll Love by Liz Thorpe

EXPLORE THE WORLD OF CHEESE BY ASKING YOURSELF ONE SIMPLE QUESTION: WHAT CHEESES DO I ALREADY LOVE? This is the first book of its kind to be organized not by country, milk type, or any other technical classification. The Book of Cheese maps the world of cheese using nine familiar favorites, what author Liz Thorpe calls the Gateway Cheeses. From basics like Swiss, blue, and cheddar, Liz leads the way to more adventurous types. Love Brie? Liz shows you how to find other Brie-like cheeses, from the mild Moses Sleeper to the pungent Fromage de Meaux. Her revolutionary approach allows food lovers to focus on what they really care about: finding more cheeses to enjoy. Complete with flavor and aroma wheels, charts guiding you through different intensities and availabilities, and gorgeous photography, this is the only book on cheese you will ever need.


Jacques Pépin Art Of The Chicken - Jacques Pépin Cover Art

Jacques Pépin Art Of The Chicken

Jacques Pépin Art Of The Chicken A Master Chef's Paintings, Stories, and Recipes of the Humble Bird by Jacques Pépin

From legendary chef Jacques Pepin, a book celebrating his lifelong love of chickens, featuring dozens of his celebrated paintings and more than 50 recipes, along with a treasure trove of poignant and often humorous stories. Chicken may not be an extravagant ingredient, but for master chef Jacques Pépin, it is the one he turns to most frequently—to cook and to paint. In this beautifully illustrated book, Jacques reminisces on his life through the lens of the humble bird, from his childhood in rural France, where he chased chickens and watched as his maman turned them into her poulet à la crème, to his demanding apprenticeship and long, illustrious career—cooking Chicken Chasseur for Charles de Gaulle and his family, turning down a chance to work as JFK’s White House Chef for a job at Howard Johnson’s, and appearing on television alongside food-world luminaries like Julia Child. Throughout are Jacques’ favorite chicken and egg recipes, conveyed as if he were sharing them over a dinner table. Most significantly, the book displays dozens of Jacques’ stunning paintings of chickens. “If it clucks or scratches, it’s likely that Jacques has painted it.” This unique book is the next best thing to a visit to Jacques’ home, which would include a tour of his art studio, captivating conversation as he cooks, and a toast with a glass of wine over a simple meal of perfect roast chicken.  


Blackstone Griddle Cookbook: Prepare a Feast for Your Taste Buds with 350+ Simple, Delicious, Recipes – Top Secret Cooking Tips to Effortlessly Become Your Family’s Favorite Chef - William Henry Cameron Cover Art

Blackstone Griddle Cookbook: Prepare a Feast for Your Taste Buds with 350+ Simple, Delicious, Recipes – Top Secret Cooking Tips to Effortlessly Become Your Family’s Favorite Chef

Blackstone Griddle Cookbook: Prepare a Feast for Your Taste Buds with 350+ Simple, Delicious, Recipes – Top Secret Cooking Tips to Effortlessly Become Your Family’s Favorite Chef AN AMAZON TOP 50 BESTSELLER by William Henry Cameron

#1 New York Times bestseller Grilled Deliciousness at Home: Here’s How to Prepare the Tastiest Blackstone Griddle Meals & Become a Master Chef In No Time – 350+ Recipes Included Grilled food is as delicious as it is healthy. The best part is, grilling is a relatively simple cooking technique that everyone can master, even the inexperienced, amateur chefs. But, if cooking on the griddle is so simple, why is the home-grilled meat tough, we can’t achieve the perfect finish, the fish breaks, and the vegetables are raw or burnt? Because there are a few secret techniques everyone keeps for themselves, but this book is about to lay it all out! Would you like to: Have your favorite restaurant-quality grilled meals ready in no time? Improve the quality of your food and therefore lead a healthier lifestyle? Be the life and soul of great barbecues among friends and have them wondering what your secret is? Improve your cooking skills and learn a variety of delicious recipes to put into practice? With this one-of-a-kind cookbook, you can! Why is it that we save grilling for big family celebrations or friends get-togethers – exclusively for special occasions? It’s about time that changed! With the help of this book, you’ll be able to enjoy the best grill recipes, but with a different and extraordinary flavor – any time you crave it! Through the pages of this cookbook, you’ll discover: How to set up a griddle, learning the controls, and the entire griddling process explained in layman’s terms; Great tips and tricks that are guaranteed to turn you into a master chef in almost no time; A wide selection of delicious breakfast recipes – classic steak and eggs, toad in a hole, fluffy pancakes, potato bacon hash, etc.; 25+ different burger recipes – beef burgers, croque madame, spiced lamb burger, turkey burger, ultimate griddle cheese, etc.; Over 45 vegetable and side dishes – Italian zucchini slices, easy fried rice, stir fry mushrooms, smoked tomato and mozzarella dip, etc.; The tastiest poultry, beef, and pork recipes – roast turkey orange, hoisin turkey wings, sweet and spicy pork kabobs, etc.; Healthy seafood recipes – pesto shrimp, blackened salmon, spiced crab legs, flavorful Mexican shrimp, wine brined salmon, etc.; Game recipes, appetizer and sides, desserts, snacks recipes, and much more! You don’t have to wait any longer to enjoy a good barbecue. Get ready to make the most delicious meals once you master the art of griddling, and this book will show you how to do so. It’s time to fire up the grill & savour the flavors of life! Scroll up, click on “Buy Now with 1-click”, and Get Your Copy Now!


Chetna's Healthy Indian: Vegetarian - Chetna Makan Cover Art

Chetna's Healthy Indian: Vegetarian

Chetna's Healthy Indian: Vegetarian by Chetna Makan

'Her food is a joy, and a true celebration of eating' - Nigella Lawson Healthy Indian Vegetarian is a celebration of Indian food at its best; fresh, vibrant and supremely moreish. Chetna Makan's bestselling cookbooks combine her creative flavour twists with a love of simple Indian home cooking. Taking inspiration from the eclectic mix of vegetarian and vegan dishes found in Indian cuisine, these tempting recipes celebrate plant-based food at its best - delicious, vibrant, varied and nutritious. Nothing complicated; just beautiful food for everyone - and so healthy that you can enjoy it every day. With over 80 delicious recipes that vegetarians and even the most dedicated of meat-eaters can enjoy. Chetna shows just how creative you can be with even the most humble of vegetables. This book is packed with flavour and innovative ideas whilst being easy and accessible for home cooks. Recipes include: Garlic and tamarind soup Gram flour stuffed chillies Cheese and potato chapatti sandwich Courgette kofta curry Beetroot and sweet potato korma Masala paneer


Hot Sauce Cookbook: The Book of Fiery Salsa and Hot Sauce Recipes - Rockridge Press Cover Art

Hot Sauce Cookbook: The Book of Fiery Salsa and Hot Sauce Recipes

Hot Sauce Cookbook: The Book of Fiery Salsa and Hot Sauce Recipes by Rockridge Press

Make Your Favorite Hot Sauces with The Hot Sauce Cookbook The recipes in The Hot Sauce Cookbook will have you wiping your brow, chugging water, and helping yourself to seconds. Using a variety of chiles and easy-to-find ingredients like vinegar and red pepper flakes, The Hot Sauce Cookbook shows you how to prepare your favorite sauces and pair them with authentic regional recipes. The Hot Sauce Cookbook gives you clear instructions for every step of the way, from choosing chile peppers, to stocking your kitchen, to storing the finished product. The Hot Sauce Cookbook lets you cook some of the world’s spiciest dishes, with: • 49 hot sauce recipes from around the world • 27 complementary food recipes, such as Cajun Barbecue Sauce, Puerto Rican Pique, Korean Barbecued Beef, and Grilled Chicken Satay • 10 tips for making great hot sauce • Profiles of 29 types of chiles and their heat levels With The Hot Sauce Cookbook , you won’t need to go to a restaurant or a grocery store to enjoy great spicy flavors—they’ll be waiting for you in your fridge.


Cooking with Mushrooms - Andrea Gentl Cover Art

Cooking with Mushrooms

Cooking with Mushrooms A Fungi Lover's Guide to the World's Most Versatile, Flavorful, Health-Boosting Ingredients by Andrea Gentl

In her extraordinary first cookbook, Andrea Gentl brings to her subject equal parts knowledge and technique, along with a unique passion and sensibility. From sprinkling adaptogenic powder over granola to reinventing schnitzel with king trumpets, Cooking with Mushrooms expands our ideas of how to use mushrooms as both a food and a flavor, a seasoning and the star of the plate. Here are a variety of mushroom broths to make you feel better. Breakfast recipes like Soupy Eggs with Chanterelles. Mushroom Larb or a Crispy Shiitake “Bacon” Endive Wedge Salad makes the perfect lunch. Mushroom Ragu or a Roast Chicken with Miso Mushroom Butter can change the dinner game, and a Maple Mushroom Ice Cream will transform your ideas about dessert. The dishes might sound familiar—lasagna, risotto, a bourguignon, brownies—but the ingredients and flavors are as unexpected as they are delicious. In all, Cooking with Mushrooms features nearly 100 recipes that unlock the powerful flavors and health-giving properties of the world’s most magical ingredient.


Marinades, Rubs, Brines, Cures and Glazes - Jim Tarantino Cover Art

Marinades, Rubs, Brines, Cures and Glazes

Marinades, Rubs, Brines, Cures and Glazes by Jim Tarantino

In this revised and expanded edition of his best-selling book, grilling guru Jim Tarantino explains the art and science of marinades and presents more than 400 savory, sweet, and spicy recipes. Featuring 150 brand-new recipes and sections on brines, cures, and glazes, this marinating bible is chock-full of ideas for preparing moist and flavorful beef, poultry, vegetables, and more—both indoors and out—including:Apple Cider Brine • Zesty Jalapeño Lime Glaze • Tapenade Marinade • Ancho-Espresso Dry Rub • Grilled Iberian Pork Loin with Blood Orange–Sherry Sauce • Vietnamese Grilled Lobster Salad MARINADES, RUBS, BRINES, CURES & GLAZES provides home cooks with a diverse repertoire of mouthwatering recipes and fail-safe techniques, so you can grill, steam, sauté, roast, and broil with confidence.Hundreds of marinades, rubs, brines, cures, glazes, bastes, mops, sops, dipping sauces, spice mixes, caramels, and more.Delicious dishes. Recipes for marinated main courses and sides with a tantalizing array of global flavors, from the deep South to the South Pacific.In-depth info. The know-how you need to understand how marinades react with meats and vegetables, with detailed marinating charts.Indispensable ingredients. Lists of essential foodstuffs to stock your pantry for a full repertoire of recipes and endless culinary improvisation.Tips & tricks for the kitchen & the grill. How to cure and brine seafood, smoke meat to perfection, get creative with jerky, and tons of other useful techniques. From the Trade Paperback edition.


The Brisket Chronicles - Steven Raichlen Cover Art

The Brisket Chronicles

The Brisket Chronicles How to Barbecue, Braise, Smoke, and Cure the World's Most Epic Cut of Meat by Steven Raichlen

Grill master Steven Raichlen shares more than 60 foolproof, mouthwatering recipes for preparing the tastiest, most versatile, and most beloved cut of meat in the world—outside on the grill, as well as in the kitchen. Take brisket to the next level: ’Cue it, grill it, smoke it, braise it, cure it, boil it—even bake it into chocolate chip cookies. Texas barbecued brisket is just the beginning: There’s also Jamaican Jerk Brisket and Korean Grilled Brisket to savor. Old School Pastrami and Kung Pao Pastrami, a perfect Passover Brisket with Dried Fruits and Sweet Wine, even ground brisket—Jakes Double Brisket Cheeseburgers. In dozens of unbeatable tips, Raichlen shows you just how to handle, prep, and store your meat for maximum tenderness and flavor. Plus plenty more recipes that are pure comfort food, perfect for using up leftovers: Brisket Hash, Brisket Baked Beans, Bacon-Grilled Brisket Bites—or for real mind-blowing pleasure, Kettle Corn with Burnt Ends. And side dishes that are the perfect brisket accents, including slaws, salads, and sauces.  


Healing Mushrooms - Tero Isokauppila & Four Sigmatic Cover Art

Healing Mushrooms

Healing Mushrooms A Practical and Culinary Guide to Using Mushrooms for Whole Body Health by Tero Isokauppila & Four Sigmatic

The one and only resource on using adaptogenic mushrooms to boost immunity and promote whole body health the natural way.   Adaptogenic mushrooms are one of today's buzziest superfoods, known for their ability to restore skin's youthful glow, increase energy levels, reduce brain fog, keep your hormone levels in check, and so much more. In Healing Mushrooms , you’ll learn about the ten most powerful mushrooms you can add to your daily diet to maximize your health gains. Though some of these mushrooms, like Tremella, Cordyceps, and Reishi will sound exotic, they're all easy to source online in extract form and easier to use in recipes. Even more familiar mushrooms, like Shiitake, Oyster, and Enoki, are full of seriously healing potential--you just have to know how to use them. Packed with practical information, fun illustrations, and 50 mushroom-boosted recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (and even dessert!), Healing Mushrooms unlocks the vast potential of this often-overlooked superfood category and will be the go-to resource for adding mushrooms to your health and wellness regimen.


The Hot Sauce Cookbook - Robb Walsh Cover Art

The Hot Sauce Cookbook

The Hot Sauce Cookbook Turn Up the Heat with 60+ Pepper Sauce Recipes by Robb Walsh

From veteran cookbook author Robb Walsh, this definitive guide to the world's most beloved condiment is a must-have for fans of dishes that can never be too spicy. Here’s a cookbook that really packs a punch. With dozens of recipes for homemade pepper sauces and salsas—including riffs on classic brands like Frank’s RedHot, Texas Pete, Crystal, and Sriracha—plus step-by-step instructions for fermenting your own pepper mash, The Hot Sauce Cookbook will leave you amazed by the fire and vibrancy of your homemade sauces. Recipes for Meso-american salsas, Indonesian sambal, and Ethiopian berbere showcase the sweeping history and range of hot sauces around the world. If your taste buds can handle it, Walsh also serves up more than fifty recipes for spice-centric dishes—including Pickapeppa Pot Roast, the Original Buffalo Wing, Mexican Micheladas, and more. Whether you’re a die-hard chilehead or just a DIY-type in search of a new pantry project, your cooking is sure to climb up the Scoville scale with The Hot Sauce Cookbook.


250 Different Fish and Sea Food Recipes - Culinary Arts Institute & Ruth Berolzheimer Cover Art

250 Different Fish and Sea Food Recipes

250 Different Fish and Sea Food Recipes by Culinary Arts Institute & Ruth Berolzheimer

Note: This edition of 250 Different Fish and Sea Food Recipes has been updated to include Metric equivalents. The American homemaker has a wealth of fish and sea food at her command. At no time during the year need she be at a loss for some variety of this succulent food for her family. Those who live along the seashore and the coastal rivers are at an advantage because they are so close to their supply, but modem refrigerated shipping facilities bring these briny morsels with their valuable nutritive iodine and other mineral salts to inlanders while the world sleeps. Fresh water fish are of course available to every country side. Lakes and streams large and small, abound in many large and all the small varieties of fish and the Great Lakes are a rich source of the particularly delicious large ones. Fish festivals are popular all over America from the Salmon Derby of the Pacific northwest and the Smelt Jamboree of the upper Great Lakes to the Fish Fries of the South and the Clambakes of New England. The traditional ways of preparing fish and sea food are as much in favor as ever. We still like them baked, broiled, boiled and fried. But we have also learned to enjoy crisp and molded salads as well as fish soufflés, rolls and rings. All these and many other new recipes will be found in this little book for homemaker and hostess to serve her family and friends. She will want to serve them often.


Riverford Farm Cook Book - Guy Watson & Jane Baxter Cover Art

Riverford Farm Cook Book

Riverford Farm Cook Book Tales from the Fields, Recipes from the Kitchen by Guy Watson & Jane Baxter

‘What we like most is to produce foods ourselves from start to finish – from farm to table, the Riverford way. Food should tell a story and, because we know what it is, we can tell you.’ Guy Watson’s ethos is simple: he wants to put fresh, flavoursome, seasonal food back onto people’s plates. In 1985, armed with a wheelbarrow and a borrowed tractor, he established his first Riverford farm in South Devon. Since then, and largely thanks to a groundbreaking home-delivery vegetable box scheme, a small network of Riverford farms has sprung up across Britain. Packed with tips on growing your own organic vegetables and brimming with hearty recipes from Riverford’s celebrated Field Kitchen, the ‘Riverford Farm Cook Book’ gives an organic farmer’s unique insight into great-tasting food grown with care and cooked with passion. Reviews ‘I like Riverford’s fruit and vegetables, I like their recipes, and I like their philosophy. This is a super book.’ Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall About the author Guy Watson began farming organically at Riverford, South Devon, in 1985. What started out as a vegetable-delivery service for local shops soon morphed into a groundbreaking home-delivery box scheme that now has sister farms in Hampshire, Cambridgeshire and Yorkshire. Riverford has now become one of the country’s largest independent growers, certified by the Soil Association. Jane Baxter has been head chef at Riverford’s Field Kitchen since 2005. She trained with Joyce Molyneux at the Carved Angel in Dartmouth before moving on to the River Cafe in London. Subsequent years of travelling and cooking her way around the Southern Hemisphere have greatly influenced her cooking style.


The Salmon Lover's Cookbook: Salmon Recipes to Satisfy Your Inner Salmon Lover - Martha Stephenson Cover Art

The Salmon Lover's Cookbook: Salmon Recipes to Satisfy Your Inner Salmon Lover

The Salmon Lover's Cookbook: Salmon Recipes to Satisfy Your Inner Salmon Lover by Martha Stephenson

If you love the taste of salmon and have always wanted to make some of the most delicious seafood recipes, then this is the perfect book for you. Inside of this book, you will discover how to make salmon from scratch. You will learn how to do so in an easy step-by-step fashion. Inside, you will learn how to cook salmon with over 25 delicious salmon recipes that will rival even the most delicious dishes from the most popular seafood restaurants near you. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a copy of this book and start making salmon today!


100 Best Kitchen-Tested Casserole Recipes - Summers , Deborah Cover Art

100 Best Kitchen-Tested Casserole Recipes

100 Best Kitchen-Tested Casserole Recipes by Summers , Deborah

100 Best Kitchen-Tested Casserole Recipes This Guide Will Help You: • Make easy and convenient one-dish meals for all occasions • Create delicious kitchen-tested casseroles that you can use for celebrations. • Learn how to make different kinds of casseroles • With over 100 kitchen-tested recipes for the beginner or advanced cook. Testimonials From My Classes: “As a working mom, I’ve tried most of the casserole recipes you’ve taught us in class. The casseroles are not only full of flavor but healthy as well. ”- Doreen Cooper . “The breakfast recipes you’ve shown at the class have always come in handy at work.” Mary Fordham A Personal Note From the Author Casseroles have always been comfort food at its best. In this book, I’ll show you how to make casserole dishes that you can make every day. They’re not only full of flavor and easy to prepare but they’re healthy as well.


Pasta - Missy Robbins & Talia Baiocchi Cover Art


Pasta The Spirit and Craft of Italy's Greatest Food, with Recipes [A Cookbook] by Missy Robbins & Talia Baiocchi

JAMES BEARD AWARD NOMINEE • A stylish, transporting pasta master class from New York City’s premier pasta chef, with recipes for 40 handmade pasta shapes and 100 Italian American, regional Italian, and modern dishes IACP AWARD FINALIST • “Missy Robbins brings her extraordinary knowledge and generous heart to teach us to prepare the pastas that made her restaurants, Lilia and Misi, two of the best in the world.”—Ina Garten, Barefoot Contessa ONE OF THE TEN BEST COOKBOOKS OF THE YEAR: San Francisco Chronicle, Boston Globe • ONE OF THE BEST COOKBOOKS OF THE YEAR: Minneapolis Star Tribune, Glamour, Food52, Epicurious Food trends come and go, but pasta holds strong year after year. Despite its humble ingredients—made of merely flour and water or flour and eggs—the magic, rituals, and art of pasta making span over five centuries. Two ingredients are turned into hundreds of stuffed, rolled, extruded, dried, stamped, and hand-cut shapes, each with its own unique provenance and enrobed in a favored sauce. New York City chef Missy Robbins fell in love with Italian food and pasta twenty-five years ago. She has been cooking, researching, and studying her way across Italy ever since, which led her to open two of America’s most renowned pasta restaurants, Lilia and Misi. With illustrated step-by-step recipes for handmaking forty of the most versatile pasta shapes and one hundred recipes for Italian American, regional Italian, and Robbins’s own best pasta dishes, plus two dozen vegetable sides, this is the hard-working manual for home cooks who aspire to master the art of pasta cooking. Whether making pasta sheets for lasagna or stamping out pasta “coins” for Corzetti with Goat Cheese and Asparagus—or even buying handmade pasta to make Tagliatelle with Porcini, Rosemary, and Garlic—Robbins provides all the inspiration, instruction, and encouragement required to make pasta exceptionally well. Evocatively photographed with nearly 100 full-color mouthwatering photos of pasta dishes and twenty images from Italy, this is a richly illustrated ode to the ingredients, recipes, and craft that have made pasta the most popular fare of a beloved cuisine.


The Flavor Bible - Andrew Dornenburg & Karen Page Cover Art

The Flavor Bible

The Flavor Bible The Essential Guide to Culinary Creativity, Based on the Wisdom of America's Most Imaginative Chefs by Andrew Dornenburg & Karen Page

The timeless guide to culinary creativity and flavor exploration, based on the wisdom of the world's most innovative chefs Eight years in the making,  The Flavor Bible  is a landmark book that will inspire the greatest creations of innovative cooks and chefs by serving as an indispensable guide to creativity and flavor affinities in today's kitchen.  Cuisine is undergoing a startling historic transformation: With the advent of the global availability of ingredients, dishes are no longer based on geography but on  flavor . This radical shift calls for a new approach to cooking -- as well as a new genre of "cookbook" that serves no to document classic dishes via recipes, but to inspire the creation of new ones based on imaginative and harmonious flavor combinations.  The Flavor Bible  is your guide to hundreds of ingredients along with the herbs, spices, and other seasonings that will allow you to coax the greatest possible flavor and pleasure from them. This astonishing reference distills the combined experience of dozens of America's most innovative culinarians, representing such celebrated restaurants as A Voce, Babbo, Blue Hill, Café Atlántico, Chanterelle, Citronelle, Gramercy Tavern, the Herbfarm, Jardinière, Jean Georges, Le Bernardin, the Modern, Moto, and the Trellis. You'll learn to: explore the individual roles played by the four basic tastes -- salty, sour, bitter, and sweet -- and how to bring them into harmony;work more intuitively and effectively with ingredients by discovering which flavors have the strongest affinities for one another;brighten flavors through the use of acids -- from vinegars to citrus juices to herbs and spices such as Makrut lime and sumac;deepen or intensify flavors through the layering of specific ingredients and techniques;and balance the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of cooking and serving an extraordinary meal.Seasoned with tips, anecdotes, and signature dishes from the country's most respected chefs and pastry chefs,  The Flavor Bible  is an essential book for every kitchen library.  For more flavor inspiration, look for The Vegetarian Flavor Bible


Jamie's 30-Minute Meals - Jamie Oliver Cover Art

Jamie's 30-Minute Meals

Jamie's 30-Minute Meals by Jamie Oliver

Whip up delicious three-course meals in no time at all with the bestselling Jamie's 30-Minute Meals Jamie Oliver will teach you how to make good food super-fast in his game-changing guide to coordinating an entire meal without any fuss. _________ With 50 exciting, seasonal meal ideas, Jamie's 30 Minute Meals provides the essential collection of dishes for putting on the ultimate three-course meal without taking up your time. Not only that, Jamie also includes refreshing, light lunch recipes that you can put together in no time at all. These mouth-watering dishes include . . . - Melt-in-the-mouth SPRING LAMB and CHIANTI GRAVY - Mushroom risotto with spinach salad - Tender DUCK SALAD - Moreish LEMON and RASPBERRY CHEESECAKE - Creamy RICE PUDDING and STEWED FRUIT Jamie offers a tasty dish for every occasion, with recipes written to help you make the most of every single minute in the kitchen. With the help of Jamie Oliver and Jamie's 30-Minute Meals , you'll be amazed by what you're able to achieve. In Jamie's extensive collection of internationally loved and trusted cookbooks, this is the one about multitasking to cook whole meals, fast. _________ 'There is only one Jamie Oliver. Great to watch. Great to cook' Delia Smith


Fridge Love - Kristen Hong Cover Art

Fridge Love

Fridge Love Organize Your Refrigerator for a Healthier, Happier Life—with 100 Recipes by Kristen Hong

A one-of-a-kind guide to organizing your fridge—including practical tips for meal prep and storage, plus more than 100 recipes—that makes it easier to eat better, save money, and get the most out of your food Practicing “fridge love” is a roadmap to eating healthier, saving money, and reducing food waste while enjoying a beautiful and harder-working fridge. This book—part organizational guide and part food-prep handbook—is your guide. Author Kristen Hong adopted a nutrient-dense, plant-based diet in an effort to lose weight and improve her health. But amidst the demands of day-to-day life and a busy family, she found it impossible to stick to. The solution? A smarter, better-organized fridge that served her real-life needs. In this invaluable resource, you will discover how a beautifully organized fridge can make your life—including healthy eating for the whole family—easier. It covers general fridge organization (for all models and configurations) as well as shopping tips, storage guidelines, the best meal-prep containers, and more than 100 easy plant-based recipes made for meal prepping.


Plenty - Yotam Ottolenghi Cover Art


Plenty Vibrant Vegetable Recipes from London's Ottolenghi by Yotam Ottolenghi

Yotam Ottolenghi is one of the most exciting new talents in the cooking world, with four fabulous, eponymous London restaurants and a weekly newspaper column that's read by foodies all over the world. Plenty is a must-have collection of 120 vegetarian recipes featuring exciting flavors and fresh combinations that will delight readers and eaters looking for a sparkling new take on vegetables. Yotam's food inspiration comes from his Mediterranean background and his unapologetic love of ingredients. Not a vegetarian himself, his approach to vegetable dishes is wholly original and innovative, based on freshness and seasonality, and drawn from the diverse food cultures represented in London. A vibrant photo accompanies every recipe in this visually stunning book. Essential for meat-eaters and vegetarians alike!


How to Taste - Becky Selengut Cover Art

How to Taste

How to Taste The Curious Cooks Handbook to Seasoning and Balance, from Umami to Acid and Beyo ndwith Recipes by Becky Selengut

This engaging and approachable (and humorous!) guide to taste and flavor will make you a more skilled and confident home cook How to Taste outlines the underlying principles of taste, and then takes a deep dive into salt, acid, bitter, sweet, fat, umami, bite (heat), aromatics, and texture. You'll find out how temperature impacts your enjoyment of the dishes you make as does color, alcohol, and more. The handbook goes beyond telling home cooks what ingredients go well together or explaining cooking ratios. You'll learn how to adjust a dish that's too salty or too acidic and how to determine when something might be lacking. It also includes recipes and simple kitchen experiments that illustrate the importance of salt in a dish, or identifies whether you're a "supertaster" or not. Each recipe and experiment highlights the chapter's main lesson. How to Taste will ultimately help you feel confident about why and how various components of a dish are used to create balance, harmony, and deliciousness.


The Complete Guide to Sausage Making - Monte Burch Cover Art

The Complete Guide to Sausage Making

The Complete Guide to Sausage Making Mastering the Art of Homemade Bratwurst, Bologna, Pepperoni, Salami, and More by Monte Burch

Now, with The Complete Guide to Making Sausages , you can impress your family and friends by making all types of sausages in the comfort of your own kitchen. In an easy to follow manner, writer-outdoorsman Monte Burch explains how to make sausages using wild game and store-bought meats like pork, chicken, and beef. Learn to make all sorts of delicious variations, including bratwurst, bologna, pepperoni, salami, liver, and smoked sausages. With his advice, you can perfect and master the art of making sausage at home and be the envy of the neighborhood.


Grains for Every Season - Joshua McFadden & Martha Holmberg Cover Art

Grains for Every Season

Grains for Every Season Rethinking Our Way with Grains by Joshua McFadden & Martha Holmberg

Named one of Amazon’s Best Books of the Year Named one of Amazon’s Holiday Gift Picks James Beard Award Finalist “[An] essential guide to cooking by ingredient. . . . Destined to become a go-to guide.” — Library Journal , The Best Cookbooks of 2021 “A gift to readers . . . For McFadden, flavor comes first.” — Booklist , STARRED REVIEW Joshua McFadden’s first book, the James Beard Award–winning and perennially bestselling  Six Seasons , transformed the way we cook with vegetables. Now he’s back with a new book that applies his maximalist approach to flavor and texture to cooking with grains. These knock-your-socks-off recipes include salads, soups, pastas, pizzas, grain bowls, breads—and even desserts. McFadden works as intuitively, as surprisingly, as deliciously with whole grains as he does with vegetables.  Grains for Every Season  will change the way we cook with barley, brown rice, buckwheat, corn, millet, oats, quinoa, rye, wheat (bulgur, farro, freekeh, spelt, wheat berries, and whole wheat flour), and wild rice.   The book’s 200 recipes are organized into chapters by grain type, unlocking information on where each one comes from, how to prepare it, and why the author—the multi-award-winning chef/owner of Ava Gene’s in Portland—can’t live without it. McFadden uses grains both whole and milled into flour. The many gluten-free recipes are clearly designated.    McFadden reveals how each grain can be used in both savory and sweet recipes, from Meat Loaf with Barley and Mushrooms to Peanut Butter–Barley Cookies; from Buckwheat, Lime and Herb Salad to Buckwheat Cream Scones. He folds quinoa into tempura batter to give veggies extra pop and takes advantage of the nutty flavor of spelt flour for Cast-Iron Skillet Spelt Cinnamon Rolls. Four special foldout sections highlight seasonal variations on grain bowls, stir-fries, pizzas, pilafs, and more, to show how flexible and satisfying cooking with grains can be.  


Mostly Plants - Tracy Pollan, Dana Pollan, Lori Pollan & Corky Pollan Cover Art

Mostly Plants

Mostly Plants 101 Delicious Flexitarian Recipes from the Pollan Family by Tracy Pollan, Dana Pollan, Lori Pollan & Corky Pollan

New York Times and USA Today Bestseller "Eat food, not too much, mostly plants." With these seven words, Michael Pollan—brother of Lori, Dana, and Tracy Pollan, and son of Corky—started a national conversation about how to eat for optimal health. Over a decade later, the idea of eating mostly plants has become ubiquitous. But what does choosing "mostly plants" look like in real life? For the Pollans, it means eating more of the things that nourish us, and less of the things that don’t. It means cutting down on the amount of animal protein we consume, rather than eliminating it completely, and focusing on vegetables as the building blocks of our meals. This approach to eating—also known as a flexitarian lifestyle—allows for flavor and pleasure as well as nutrition and sustainability. In Mostly Plants, readers will find inventive and unexpected ways to focus on cooking with vegetables—dishes such as Ratatouille Gratin with Chicken or Vegetarian Sausage; Crispy Kale and Potato Hash with Fried Eggs; Linguine with Spinach and Golden Garlic Breadcrumbs; and Roasted Tomato Soup with Gruyere Chickpea "Croutons". Like any family, the Pollans each have different needs and priorities: two are vegetarian; several are cooking for a crowd every night. In Mostly Plants, readers will find recipes that satisfy all of these dietary needs, and can also be made vegan. And the best part: many of these dishes can be on the table in 35 minutes or less! With skillet-to-oven recipes, sheet pan suppers, one pot meals and more, this is real cooking for real life: meals that are wholesome, flavorful, and mostly plant based.


From the Oven to the Table - Diana Henry Cover Art

From the Oven to the Table

From the Oven to the Table Simple dishes that look after themselves by Diana Henry

THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER 'For bung-it-in-the-oven cooks everywhere, this is a must-have book: Diana Henry has a genius for flavour.' - Nigella Lawson Whether you're short of time or just prefer to keep things simple, From the Oven to the Table shows how the oven can do much of the work that goes into making great food. Diana Henry's favourite way to cook is to throw ingredients into a dish or roasting tin, slide them in the oven and let the heat behind that closed door transform them into golden, burnished meals. Most of the easy-going recipes in this wonderfully varied collection are cooked in one dish; some are ideas for simple accompaniments that can be cooked on another shelf at the same time. From quick after-work suppers to feasts for friends, the dishes are vibrant and modern and focus on grains, pulses and vegetables as much as meat and fish. With recipes such as Chicken Thighs with Miso, Sweet Potatoes & Spring Onions, Roast Indian-spiced Vegetables with Lime-Coriander Butter, and Roast Stone Fruit with Almond and Orange Flower Crumbs, Diana shows how the oven is the most useful bit of kit you have in your kitchen. Praise for How to Eat a Peach : 'This is an extraordinary piece of food writing, pitch perfect in every way. I couldn't love anyone who didn't love this book.' - Nigella Lawson '...her best yet...superb menus evoking place and occasion with consummate elegance' - Financial Times Food Book of the Year at the André Simon Food & Drink Book Awards 2019


American Cheese - Joe Berkowitz Cover Art

American Cheese

American Cheese An Indulgent Odyssey Through the Artisan Cheese World by Joe Berkowitz

From the author of Away with Words, a deeply hilarious and unexpectedly insightful deep-dive into a cultural and culinary phenomenon: cheese. “Who knew it was possible to enjoy reading about cheese as much as eating it? Remarkably entertaining, deeply insightful, and downright hilarious, American Cheese goes far beyond the plastic yellow slices we all know, and some love, revealing a community as quirky, passionate, and creative as the cheese they put into the world.”   — Jim Gaffigan, comedian/actor and New York Times bestselling author of Food: A Love Story Joe Berkowitz loves cheese. Or at least he thought he did. After stumbling upon an artisinal tasting at an upscale cheese shop one Valentine’s Day, he realized he’d hardly even scratched the surface. These cheeses were like nothing he had ever tasted—a visceral drug-punch that reverberated deliciousness—and they were from America. He felt like he was being let in a great cosmic secret, and instantly he was in love. This discovery inspired Joe to embark on the cheese adventure of a lifetime, spending a year exploring the subculture around cheese, from its trenches to its command centers. He dove headfirst into the world of artisan cheese; of premiere makers and mongers, cave-dwelling affineurs, dairy scientists, and restauranteurs. The journey would take him around the world, from the underground cheese caves in Paris to the mountains of Gruyere, leaving no curd unturned, all the while cultivating an appreciation for cheese and its place in society. Joe’s journey from amateur to aficionado eventually comes to mirror the rise of American cheese on the world stage. As he embeds with Team USA at an international mongering competition and makes cheese in the experimental vats at the Dairy Research Center in Wisconsin, one of the makers he meets along the way gears up to make America’s biggest splash ever at the World Cheese Awards. Through this odyssey of cheese, an unexpected culture of passionate cheesemakers is revealed, along with the extraordinary impact of one delicious dairy product.





#1 New York Times bestseller The Book Includes 5 & 1 Meal Plan, 4 & 2 & 1 Meal Plan, Beautiful Pictures, Nutritional Information, and More. Do you feel fed up with all these trendy diets that don't bring long-term results? It's time to take a look at the Lean and Green diet. And with simple, stress-free instructions that require no cooking experience, there’s no excuse not to cook The principles of Lean and Green are simple: Focus on eating real food (lean) such as vegetables, seafood, grass-fed meats, whole grains, nuts/seeds; avoid fake food (green) such as processed foods like bread/cereals with high levels of sugar or trans fats; use organic ingredients when possible; limit intake of sugary drinks like juice or sodas. The benefits have been scientifically proven in numerous studies published over the past decade. This diet is a method of weight loss and a way to prevent chronic diseases and disorders such as diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer. The Lean and Green diet is effective because it eliminates refined foods. The lean and green diet can deliver on its promise of success because of how it helps the body lose weight in a short amount of time. Seeing results quickly is not only a call to confidence, but also creates momentum and motivation to move forward and stay on track. • A beginner-friendly intro―Learn the fundamentals of the lean and green diet and what it does for the body to effectively lose weight safely and quickly Daily Food Guide―Create unique meal plans with flavorful recipes and shopping guides to keep your cuisine keto-friendly. A beginner-friendly introduction ―Learn the fundamentals of lean and green diet and what it does for the body to effectively lose weight safely and quickly. Clearly understand what the lean and green diet is and why it is so famous and follows; you will know all the benefits and dietary secrets that intrigue you a lot. Weight Loss Benefits of Lean diet and Green Intaking About 1000 calories per day in order to start fat burning ofma weightma in the body. But reducing calories by simply avoiding food is not the solution. So why the solution? Eat on a lean and green diet: The lean and green meal must have the following essential ingredients to keep it healthy and safe ● Provide 1000 Days Fueling Hacks & Lean and Green Recipes. All easy-to-make and very affordable, starting with breakfast and ending with dinner, including dishes for vegans and vegan eaters, healthy drinks also included. and the Cookbook guides you with a combination of recipes and detailed information. ● Give You 4 & 2 & 1 Meal Plan and 5 &1 Meal Plan. A simple but thorough explanation about the components and differences between 4 & 2 & 1 Meal Plan and 5 &1 Meal Plan. so, you can choose your preferred way to take on the lean and green diet. And now, with the Lean and Green Cookbook, you will be provided with all the necessary information to start the diet, so get ready for success! There is no reason to wait any longer. Click on the "Buy Now" button to start creating the life of confidence and brightness you deserve!


A Bird in the Hand - Diana Henry Cover Art

A Bird in the Hand

A Bird in the Hand Chicken recipes for every day and every mood by Diana Henry

As featured in the Daily Telegraph' s 'Best cookbooks to turn to in isolation' Diana Henry named Best Cookery Writer at Fortnum & Mason Food & Drink Awards 2015 Winner - James Beard Award: Best Book, Single Subject The Guild of Food Writers named Diana Henry as Cookery Journalist of the Year 2015 Chicken is one of the most popular foods we love to cook and eat: comforting, quick, celebratory and casual. Plundering the globe, there is no shortage of brilliant ways to cook it, whether you need a quick supper on the table after work, something for a lazy summer barbecue or a feast to nourish family and friends. From quick Vietnamese lemon grass and chilli chicken thighs and a smoky chicken salad with roast peppers and almonds, through to a complete feast with pomegranate, barley and feta stuffed roast chicken with Georgian aubergines, there is no eating or entertaining occasion that isn't covered in this book. In A Bird in the Hand , Diana Henry o­ffers a host of new, easy and not-so-very-well-known dishes, starring the bird we all love.


The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook - Robyn Griggs Lawrence, Povy Kendal Atchison & Jane West Cover Art

The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook

The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook Feel-Good Food for Home Cooks by Robyn Griggs Lawrence, Povy Kendal Atchison & Jane West

An Upscale Cookbook for Enthusiasts of All Skill Levels That Approaches Cannabis as an Ingredient to Explore Cannabis is one of the hottest ingredients to hit the culinary world, and cannabis-infused food is an evolving art and science. In The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook , chefs in the know from Amherst to Anaheim share their secrets for infusing everything from oil and agave to soups and cocktails with this once taboo ingredient. Covering every meal from brunch to late-night cocktails and snacks, The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook approaches cannabis as yet another fine ingredient to be studied and savored, like a great wine, a premium cigar, gourmet chocolate, or single malt scotch. With more than one hundred fully tested recipes from experienced professional chefs, The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook guides readers through the process of making fresh, tasty, and healthy home-cooked meals using cannabis as the main additive. The cookbook also provides step-by-step instructions on preparing cannabis for use in the kitchen as well as advice on personalizing dosage for different tastes. Tips for trimming, processing, storing, and preserving cannabis are included along with a “buyer’s guide” that sheds light on the many varieties of cannabis flavor profiles, showcasing strains based not only on feel-good levels, but more importantly, taste-good levels Contributors to this Collection include . . . Leslie Cerier • Mike DeLao • Scott Durrah • Joey Galeano • Rowan Lehrman • Andie Leon • Catjia Redfern • Herb Seidel • Donna Shields • Grace Gutierrez • Lucienne Bercow Lazarus • Emily Sloat • Rabib Rafiq • Chris Kilham Skyhorse Publishing, along with our Good Books and Arcade imprints, is proud to publish a broad range of cookbooks, including books on juicing, grilling, baking, frying, home brewing and winemaking, slow cookers, and cast iron cooking. We’ve been successful with books on gluten-free cooking, vegetarian and vegan cooking, paleo, raw foods, and more. Our list includes French cooking, Swedish cooking, Austrian and German cooking, Cajun cooking, as well as books on jerky, canning and preserving, peanut butter, meatballs, oil and vinegar, bone broth, and more. While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are committed to books on subjects that are sometimes overlooked and to authors whose work might not otherwise find a home.


The Founding Farmers Cookbook, Second Edition - Founding Farmers & Nevin Martell Cover Art

The Founding Farmers Cookbook, Second Edition

The Founding Farmers Cookbook, Second Edition 100 Recipes From the Restaurant Owned by American Family Farmers by Founding Farmers & Nevin Martell

Look at what you put on your table through the eyes of a farmer with this cookbook by one of America’s most popular  and  sustainable restaurants. Nestled in the nation’s capital, Founding Farmers offers delicious food made from scratch with ingredients sourced primarily from family farms, ranches, and fisheries across the country. Now you can use that same scratch-made philosophy at home. With more than 100 different recipes, indulge in traditional American dishes and Founding Farmers favorites, such as Yankee Pot Roast, Southern Pan-Fried Chicken and Waffles, and Seven-Cheese Mac & Cheese. Best of all, they’re easy to make using ingredients grown right here in the United States and can be found at your local farmers’ market or grocery store.   In addition to 100 accessible farm-to-fork recipes,  The Founding Farmers Cookbook  takes you straight to the source of the foods you enjoy every day, with profiles of hardworking American purveyors from Virginia and Maryland, to North Dakota and Texas, and beyond. Keeping in line with the Founding Farmers mission to support local producers, proceeds go to a collective of family farmers, ranchers, and fishermen. With its focus on people, fresh food, and local communities, this cookbook with a mission is a must-have for anyone who wants to bring true American food and drink to their home table.


How To Raise Backyard Chickens For Eggs And Meat Or, Keeping Poultry As Pets Discover 10 Quick Tips On Raising Hens And 20 Fun Facts About Chickens - Stirling De Cruz Coleridge Cover Art

How To Raise Backyard Chickens For Eggs And Meat Or, Keeping Poultry As Pets Discover 10 Quick Tips On Raising Hens And 20 Fun Facts About Chickens

How To Raise Backyard Chickens For Eggs And Meat Or, Keeping Poultry As Pets Discover 10 Quick Tips On Raising Hens And 20 Fun Facts About Chickens by Stirling De Cruz Coleridge

How To Raise Backyard Chickens For Eggs And Meat Or, Keeping Poultry As Pets Discover 10 Quick Tips On Raising Hens And 20 Fun Facts About Chickens Raising or keeping chickens has become an increasingly popular past-time in both urban and suburban areas. Find out about raising chickens for eggs, meat or simply having them as pets for the kids. Want to know the basics? We give you the low down, including pros and cons of keeping poultry. What names are often given to chickens? Find out inside. GET THIS BOOK NOW!


Simply Ribs: Easy and Delicious Recipes That Everyone Loves - Bryan Moreno Cover Art

Simply Ribs: Easy and Delicious Recipes That Everyone Loves

Simply Ribs: Easy and Delicious Recipes That Everyone Loves by Bryan Moreno

This cookbook includes over 100 delicious rib recipes. It gives you step by step instructions for preparing simple and tasty rib dishes you will enjoy.  Whether cooking for your family or preparing for a gathering, this cookbook is an indispensable part of your recipe collection. Here are some sample recipes from this cookbook:  Apple Radish BBQ Ribs Argentinean-Style Ribs Asian-Style Country Ribs BBQ Ribs and Dry Spice Rub Baby Back Ribs with Spicy Papaya Sauce Barbecued Short Ribs Braised Beef Short Ribs Caribbean-Spiced Pork Side Ribs Carrots, Potatoes, and Pork Ribs Soup Chinese Five Spice Spare Ribs Cranberry Glazed Pork Ribs Fried Beef Ribs Garlic Cajun Ribs Glazed Country Ribs Honey Barbecued Spare Ribs Italian Country Style Ribs Kansas City Style Pork Back Ribs Korean BBQ Short Ribs Lamb Ribs with Honey and Wine Maple Glazed Ribs Plum-Glazed Country Ribs Polynesian Ribs Prize Winning Baby Back Ribs Red Raspberry Glazed Onion and Ruby Red Ribs Red Wine Braised Short Ribs with Smashed Fall Vegetables Singaporean Tender Pork Spare Ribs Slow-Cooked German Short Ribs Southern Grilled Barbecued Ribs Spicy Honey-Mustard Glazed Pork Ribs Stovetop Pork Ribs Sweet Smoked Pork Ribs Sweet and Savory Ribs Tangy Spare Ribs Texas Pork Ribs Whisky Grilled Baby Back Worcestershire Ribs And many more recipes…


The Lost Ravioli Cookbook: Ravioli Recipes for the Family - Martha Stephenson Cover Art

The Lost Ravioli Cookbook: Ravioli Recipes for the Family

The Lost Ravioli Cookbook: Ravioli Recipes for the Family by Martha Stephenson

Making homemade ravioli is much easier than many people think. With the help of this Lost Ravioli cookbook, you will see how easy it is for yourself. Throughout the pages of this cookbook, you will learn how to make even the most complicated of ravioli dishes such as: • Baked Cheesy Ravioli • Roasted Red Pepper Ravioli • Deep Fried Ravioli • Apple, Bacon and Spinach Ravioli • Goat Cheese Stuffed Mint Ravioli • Tuscan Ravioli with Tomato and Basil Sauce • Ravioli Soup • Spinach Ravioli Lasagna • and even more! So, what are you waiting for? Grab a copy of this cookbook and start making homemade ravioli recipes as soon as today!


Plum Gorgeous - Romney Steele Cover Art

Plum Gorgeous

Plum Gorgeous Recipes and Memories from the Orchard by Romney Steele

Inside Plum Gorgeous , Romney "Nani" Steele follows her successful cookbook-memoir My Nepenthe with 60 seasonally inspired recipes that celebrate the "romance of fruit." Capturing the essence, beauty, and deliciousness of cooking with seasonal fruits, Steele offers simple and seductive recipes that intertwine with the seasons in which each fruit is harvested. Savory recipes like Coriander Steak with Blackberry Vinaigrette and Kumquat Couscous Salad with Fried Haloumi Cheese are presented alongside sweet treats like Passionfruit Chocolate Truffles and Plum Soup with Basil Ice Cream. Interspersed throughout Plum Gorgeous are beautiful, full-color photographs by Sara Remington and reminiscences from the year that Steele spent living in an orchard in Big Sur, along with fruit lore and select notes on handling and preserving fruit. In an accessible but imaginative way, Plum Gorgeous beautifully reveals the many layers and flavor profiles of fruit while celebrating the memories inspired by each season's beauty and bounty.


The Artisanal Kitchen: Perfect Pasta - Andrew Feinberg, Francine Stephens & Melissa Clark Cover Art

The Artisanal Kitchen: Perfect Pasta

The Artisanal Kitchen: Perfect Pasta Recipes and Secrets to Elevate the Classic Italian Meal by Andrew Feinberg, Francine Stephens & Melissa Clark

The husband and wife behind Brooklyn’s beloved restaurant Franny’s share recipes and tips for taking pasta to the next level. Many people think of pasta as a basic, last-minute meal. But in The Artisanal Kitchen: Perfect Pasta , Francine Stephens and Andrew Feinberg demonstrate how this dish can easily be elevated with surprising flavors and simple yet imaginative techniques. From Spaghetti with Artichokes and Penne with Zucchini and Mint to Bucatini Fra Diavolo and Fusilli with Pork Sausage Ragu, this curated collection of recipes will help you expand your pasta repertoire. The Artisanal Kitchen cookbook series brings together great chefs and appealing subjects to add an easy level of pleasure and expertise to home cooking. Each dish in The Artisanal Kitchen: Perfect Pasta is suitable for weeknight cooking but approached in a way that uncovers a newfound depth of flavor.


The Whole Fish Cookbook - Josh Niland Cover Art

The Whole Fish Cookbook

The Whole Fish Cookbook New ways to cook, eat and think by Josh Niland

The Whole Fish Cookbook  is the bestselling cookbook that has changed the way we think about fish.   Jamie Oliver called Josh Niland one of the most impressive chefs of a generation and Yotam Ottolenghi voted the book one of his favourites – ever. Add to that a swag of awards, including: The Australian Book Industry Association’s Illustrated Book of the Year in 2020; André Simon Food Book Award 2019; and two James Beard awards in 2020 – Restaurant and Professional and the prestigious Book of the Year. The Whole Fish Cookbook  was also shortlisted as debut cookbook of the year in the Fortnum & Mason food & drink awards in 2020 and longlisted as Booksellers’ choice in the adult non-fiction category by the Australian Booksellers’ Association. As well, photographer Rob Palmer won the National Photographic Portrait Prize in 2020 with a stunning photo of Josh from the book. 'My cookbook of the year.' – Yotam Ottolenghi, The Guardian 'A mind-blowing masterpiece from one of the most impressive chefs of a generation.' – Jamie Oliver 'Josh Niland is a genius.' – Nigella Lawson We all want to eat more fish, but who wants to bother spending the time, effort and money cooking that same old salmon fillet on repeat when you could be trying something new and utterly delicious? In The Whole Fish Cookbook , Sydney’s groundbreaking seafood chef Josh Niland reveals a completely new way to think about all aspects of fish cookery. From sourcing and butchering to dry ageing and curing, it challenges everything we thought we knew about the subject and invites readers to see fish for what it really is – an amazing, complex source of protein that can, and should, be treated with exactly the same nose-to-tail reverence as meat. Featuring more than 60 recipes for dozens of fish species ranging from Cod Liver Pate on Toast, Fish Cassoulet and Roast Fish Bone Marrow to – essentially – the Perfect Fish and Chips, The Whole Fish Cookbook  will soon have readers seeing that there is so much more to a fish than just the fillet, and that there are more than just a handful of fish in the sea.


Meat - James Peterson Cover Art


Meat A Kitchen Education [A Cookbook] by James Peterson

Meat: A Kitchen Education is award-winning author James Peterson’s guide for carnivores, with more than 175 recipes and 550 photographs that offer a full range of meat and poultry cuts and preparation techniques, presented with Peterson’s unassuming yet authoritative style.   Instruction begins with an informative summary of meat cooking methods: sautéing, broiling, roasting, braising, poaching, frying, stir-frying, grilling, smoking, and barbecuing. Then, chapter by chapter, Peterson demonstrates classic preparations for every type of meat available from the butcher: chicken, turkey, duck, quail, pheasant, squab, goose, guinea hen, rabbit, hare, venison, pork, beef, veal, lamb, and goat. Along the way, he shares his secrets for perfect pan sauces, gravies, and jus. Peterson completes the book with a selection of homemade sausages, pâtés, terrines, and broths that are the base of so many dishes. His trademark step-by-step photographs provide incomparable visual guidance for working with the complex structure and musculature of meats and illustrate all the basic prep techniques—from trussing a whole chicken to breaking down a whole lamb.   Whether you’re planning a quick turkey cutlet dinner, Sunday pot roast supper, casual hamburger cookout, or holiday prime rib feast, you’ll find it in Meat along with:   Roast Chicken with Ricotta and Sage; Coq au Vin; Duck Confit and Warm Lentil Salad; Long-Braised Rabbit Stew; Baby Back Ribs with Hoisin and Brown Sugar; Sauerbraten; Hanger Steak with Mushrooms and Red Wine; Oxtail Stew with Grapes; Osso Buco with Fennel and Leeks; Veal Kidneys with Juniper Sauce; Lamb Tagine with Raisins, Almonds, and Saffron; Terrine of Foie Gras; and more.   No matter the level of your culinary skills or your degree of kitchen confidence, the recipes and guidance in Meat will help you create scores of satisfying meals to delight your family and friends. This comprehensive volume will inspire you to fire up the stove, oven, or grill and master the art of cooking meat. Winner – 2011 James Beard Cookbook Award – Single Subject Category


Vegetables, Revised - James Peterson Cover Art

Vegetables, Revised

Vegetables, Revised The Most Authoritative Guide to Buying, Preparing, and Cooking, with More than 300 Recipes [A Cookbook] by James Peterson

A master class on vegetables with award-winning cookbook author and renowned cooking instructor James Peterson    Have you ever purchased bundles of ingredients at the farmers’ market only to arrive home and wonder what on earth to do with your bag of fiddlehead ferns, zucchini flowers, bamboo shoots, or cactus pads? Treat yourself to an in-depth education with Vegetables , acclaimed author and teacher James Peterson’s comprehensive guide to identifying, selecting, and preparing ninety-five vegetables—from amaranth to zucchini—along with information on dozens of additional varieties and cultivars.     Peterson’s classical French training and decades of teaching experience inform his impeccable presentation of every vegetable preparation technique and cooking method. You’ll begin by stemming, seeding, peeling, chopping, slicing, dicing, mincing, crushing, and pureeing, then explore less familiar but no-less-useful skills such as turning turnips, charring chile peppers, and frenching French green beans. Once the prepping is complete, Peterson explains the intricacies of the many methods for cooking each vegetable, from the most straightforward boiling, braising, steaming, and stir-frying techniques, to the more elaborate and flavor intense grilling, glazing, roasting, sautéing, and deep-frying. The text is further enhanced with handsome full-color photography and useful extras, like time-saving workarounds, tips on seasonal purchasing, storage recommendations, and suggestions for kitchen tools you’ll really use.    Woven in with the fundamentals is Peterson’s collection of some 300 recipes that showcase the versatility of vegetables in both familiar and unexpected ways. He offers dozens of refreshing salads; plenty of soups and rich, flavorful stews; crowd-pleasing casseroles and pastas; soul-comforting gratins and risottos; and perfect, hand-crafted gnocchi. There are some surprises, as well. For instance, the hardworking cabbage is pickled, potted, steamed, stir-fried, stuffed, and slawed, but when it appears in the Cabbage Potée with Braised Duck Legs , it is transformed into a black-tie entrée. The Baked   Morels Stuffed with Foie Gras  is an unapologetically upscale variation on basic stuffed mushrooms, and in his iconic  Eggplant Parmesan , Peterson confesses to changing the recipe every time he makes it—and urges you to do the same!   So the next time you spot some salsify at the farmers’ market, don’t be daunted—buy some and give the  Artichoke, Morel, and Salisfy Salad  a chance. If tender little broccolini show up in your neighborhood grocer’s, be sure to try the savory-sweet Broccolini with Pancetta, Anchovies, and Raisins . And when your fifth backyard bumper crop of summer tomatoes has your family longing for take-out after weeks of tomato soup, tomato salads, and tomato sauces, bring them back to the table with  Twice-Baked Garlic and Tomato Soufflés . Whether you’re an iconoclastic cook looking to broaden your culinary horizons, or a tradition-minded home chef hoping to polish your prep skills while expanding your repertoire,  Vegetables  will become your essential go-to reference.


Bong Appétit - Editors of MUNCHIES Cover Art

Bong Appétit

Bong Appétit Mastering the Art of Cooking with Weed [A Cookbook] by Editors of MUNCHIES

Based on the popular Munchies and Viceland television series Bong Appétit , this cannabis cookbook features 65 "high"-end recipes for sweet and savory dishes as well as cocktails. Inspired by the popular MUNCHIES and Viceland television series , Bong Appétit is the Joy of Cooking for a new generation interested in making serious, sophisticated food--with weed. Bong Appétit breaks down the science of infusing (oils, butters, milks, alcohol, and more) with cannabis, and offers recipes ranging from weed butter-basted chicken to weed chimichurri to weed brownie sundaes. Along the way, the book hits on marijuana politics, dosage, and pairing strains and flavors, and has tips from MUNCHIES vast network of friends and experts, including "Bong Appétit" stars Ry Prichard and Vanessa Lavorato.


Pimp My Rice - Nisha Katona Cover Art

Pimp My Rice

Pimp My Rice Spice It Up, Dress It Up, Serve It Up by Nisha Katona

The chef behind the popular Mowgli Street Food cookbook shares over 100 global rice recipes to spice up your kitchen   Across continents, rice is the dramatic centerpiece of the table and at the heart of life. In Pimp My Rice , food writer and chef Nisha Katona shares recipes from her home kitchen and around the globe, from Pimped Rice Piri Piri to Beefed-Up Bibimbap and even Black Rice & Coconut Sorbet. Showcasing a rainbow of types and explaining how to cook them perfectly every time, Nisha takes the fear out of the world’s greatest cereal killer. Nisha Katona is a rice evangelist. Why? It does not need peeling, it does not need soaking, it likes to be left to cook without a watchful gaze. It has an eternally long life, waiting long in dark cupboards, bidden to warm musky life when fridges are empty and potatoes are sullenly sprouting. Far from being an understudy, rice is the most virile, muscular weapons of mass construction in the busy working kitchen. Nisha, who runs a fantastically popular Curry Clinic on Twitter, is on a mission to demystify rice and to show the enormous breadth of rice recipes that can be created simply and quickly. As a second generation Indian, she shows how to marry different cuisines together, to create vibrant, exciting dishes. In other words, this is a book of pimped-up rice recipes.


Coming Home to Eat: The Pleasures and Politics of Local Foods - Gary Nabhan Ph.D. Cover Art

Coming Home to Eat: The Pleasures and Politics of Local Foods

Coming Home to Eat: The Pleasures and Politics of Local Foods by Gary Nabhan Ph.D.

"Amazing and eloquent....Nabhan makes us understand how finding and eating local foods connects us deeply and sensually."—Alice Waters, Chez Panisse Issuing a "profound and engaging...passionate call to us to re-think our food industry" (Jim Harrison, author of The Raw and the Cooked), Gary Paul Nabhan reminds us that eating close to home is not just a matter of convenience—it is an act of deep cultural and environmental significance. Embodying "a once ecological, economic, humanistic, and spiritual" (Los Angeles Times), Nabhan has dedicated his life to raising awareness about food—as an avid gardener, as an ethnobotanist preserving seed diversity, and as an activist devoted to recovering native food traditions in the Southwest. This "inspired and eloquently detailed account" (Rick Bayless, Chefs Collaborative) tells of his year-long mission to eat only foods grown, fished, or gathered within two hundred miles of his home. "A good book for gardeners to read this winter" (The New York Times), Nabhan's work "weav[es] together the traditions of Thoreau and M. F. K. Fisher [in] a soul food treatise for our time" (Peter Hoffman, Chefs Collaborative).


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